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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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kamala harris, played that tape again and again and again and ask yourself should the democratic party be required to nominate her in 2024? have a great night with the ones you love coming here sean hannity taking over. at >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity," extremely graphic new video that reveals the very real horrors of human trafficking and it is happening everything with a at our southern border. this is a true nightmare that the biden administration is doing nothing to resolve. real lives being destroyed. senator cruz will be here with us. he will show us the video and we will respond to that, plus a bombshell new claim from a government whistle-blower. oh, i thought that the democrats loved whistle-blowers detailing how few high-ranking officials now attempted to cover up and down play possible crimes committed by the president's son hunter biden. we have that full report tonight and also a major announcement from the vice president, take a
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look. here is ats. >> i am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue blouse. >> sean: we will play the full cringeworthy remarks coming up. but first we begin with what top economists are calling a perfect storm and it is one for you of pain and suffering. today that consumer confidence index declined for the third straight month that the drop was larger than expected, driving these numbers 91 million of your fellow americans adults were now unable to afford everyday household expenses because of joe biden's inflation and his energy prices. all told 40% of americans are having difficulty just paying their bills including half of all senior citizens that cannot afford essential expenses meanwhile foreclosures are on the rise, new home sales have dropped to a 24 month low, motor vehicles, well, the repo man is back and repossessed at an alarming rate and in the peak of summer, this is sad for kids.
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i used 11 ice cream truck came by, mr. softy, good humor, even ice cream trucks are now being forced off the streets. they can afford the insane price of diesel to run their truck. even retail giant walmart just warned investors the prophets are drying up in the slow down is imminent. we are in the middle of it. sadly it is only going to get worse from here. buckle up. the fed is expected to announce another major retail hike that should take place tomorrow. we expect 7-5 basis points, three quarters of a full point. interest rate increase, may be a full basis point and on thursday, the second quarter of gdp, two days from now it will reveal whether or not officially the u.s. is and. the atlanta fed is predicting that contraction in the second quarter of 1.6%. now keep in mind, this is important, should not be important, but it is important, only because of the biden administration lying, the historic barometer for or
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definition of a recession is two straight quarters of negative growth. the last quarter of the u.s. reported 1.6% minus 1.6% growth. negative growth. this quarter the economy also expected to be in the red. now instead of correct -- making a course correction, facing the truth and reality that we are in a recession and focusing on changing failed policies to revive our economy and, look this burden of inflation out of a 40 one-year high, the record high gas prices we are paying. the biden administration is more interested in parsing words in playing games. now for two weeks the white house has been trying to rewrite the official definition of a recession into something very obscure and nebulous and simply if you are a charitable coming will say that they are spinning you. if you are realistic like i am coming will say that they are outright lying to us. and then to make matters worse, they are now vowing that the u.s. is definitely not headed towards a recession, joe biden said this week, god willing,
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whatever that means. today peter doocy was on his a-game asking joe biden's very nervous looking economic abides about this a very shady approach to redefine what is a standard definition of a recession. is it a recession? can you define what a woman is? these are the questions society is asking every day. take a look. to speak of the president's economic advisors, we are telling last year that inflation was going to be temporary. that is not true. now the president's economic advisors are saying there is not going to be a recession. are you sure? >> let me just say this. we look at a range of data. we assess that data, and we lay it out for ourselves and for the president. but you don't have to take our word on this. >> sean: you know what, i will stick with that part. we won't take your word on this
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or anything else. after the inflation is near transitory after that lie after joe biden announced in december oh, we have now reached the peak of inflation, that was 7%. and i went 9.1. the consumer price index. why would we trust anything that they are saying? here is cold hard truth the administration won't tell you, but you and your families need to know so that you can prepare for where we are. we are in a time of stagnation barreling towards a full-blown recession that will probably be deep. there will not be any type of soft landing as they call it. americans are now struggling to pay their bills, fill up their gas tanks and even put food on the table. inflation is at a 41 year high. the biden administration is doing nothing to produce more energy, oil, gas, coal, reopen refineries or curtail government spending. nearly every single thing that caused inflation to spike in the first place is still in place. the administration can call this economic suffering pretty much
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whatever they want, but it won't change the dire reality as one top economists told bloomberg, any prediction of a shallow downturn is totally delusional. take a look. >> the consensus is becoming that it is likely as the soft landing, but people are saying it will be short, shallow, mild, plain-vanilla, and the variety, i disagree, there are many reasons why we will have a severe recession and a severe international crisis. so it will be short and shocking. it's totally delusional. >> sean: by the way, predicting the collapse in '08 and the bride and white house totally delusional right now, according to them the environment has been saved on this one now importing oil from what? russia, iran, saudi arabia, opec, instead of producing right here at home. according to them, trillions and trillions of dollars in new spending and printing had nothing to do with inflation according to joe biden, he created a record number of jobs
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when in reality we have yet to fully recover all of the lost jobs from the covid shut down. even joe biden's persona as middle-class joe is completely delusional. because under joe biden's radical climate colt inspired agenda, poor and middle-class people on fixed incomes, especially those on fixed incomes are getting squeezed to the most. they are suffering under these policies. these economic policies, these energy policies. they are the ones that are struggling to buy the gas. they are the ones having a hard time buying food. never mind food that they like. they have artie made that adjustment. and now biden's only solution, let them eat cake, the 65 grand electric vehicle, where will you get the 65 grand? the release prosperity stephen moore along with jim jordan, the only surprise to me, jim jordan is how quickly it happened. i predicted it would all happen, but it is how fast things have
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literally spiraled downward and i don't see that they are making any move to make any course correction at all. >> how fast it got this bad in all the ridiculous things that the democrats say. you said it best, first democrats can't define what a woman is, now whatever session is, and here's the point, if it is not going to happen, why do you have to redefine it? if we are not going to have a recession, why do you care about the definition or changing the accepted definition, but the american people get it and know that they have less gas in their call to let my, less money in their wallet, less freedom. and that's why we talk about it many times they are fixing to make a big change come this november. >> sean: big change meaning the american people, you work with president trump and independent for the first time in 75 years are now paying double the price for a gallon of gasoline. just think of it, rather than make countries that hate our
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guts, because every country i've mentioned that we are trying to do deals with on energy, they don't really like us. they are hostile regimes, most of them. instead of putting our national security at risk with them, why don't we reduce all of it domestically? why don't we create high paying career jobs with it? why do we lower the price at the pump, that will have a great impact on lowering inflation. and then maybe we can even produce enough natural gas of which we have hundreds of years worth of known supplies in ohio and pennsylvania, and ship it out to our friends in nato and western europe, and they don't have to be reliant on flattery are prudent and we can make him bankrupt in the process, why don't we do that? >> sean, what you just described is what the trump energy strategy was. if we produce all of our oil and gas and nuclear power, then we could be energy independent. any use to say, i want to be energy dominant, and we became
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the energy dominant country, you have said this many times on your show, but it is worth repeating come of the month that lit the lament donald trump left office in 2021, we were the net exporter. and now it is embarrassing and pitiful that our president has to go to saudi arabia and russia and other countries and bake them to produce more oil and gas. and incidentally, even if you are a climate change fanatic as many other democrats are, look at, when we produce more natural gas, we are actually reducing carbon emissions and cleaning up the environment. you think that president xi jinping from one minute cares about climate change? right now there is an article in the financial times that ran this weekend that china is in the midst of building 30 new coal plants that one of them is the largest in the world while we are shutting down our coal plants in west virginia, pennsylvania. it makes no sense for the american worker. >> sean: so not going to change course and cling to the
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climate alarmist religion they embraced so tightly, jim jordan. we would be pretty foolish to expect things to turn around on its own, right? so this is only going to go on longer and be deeper than ever? >> well, hopefully when we win back the majority we can put some of this in check, but we won't get the kind of change that we need until we get president trump back in office and do the things that he did that steve just talked about. even if joe biden had an epiphany and wanted to do the right thing, the left that controls his won't let him. remember that he stood in front of our troops and said that to the climate crisis is the biggest thing we face. that's how crazy these people are. and that's why i think the country and the people of this great country get it. there's a reason why 9 out of 10 of our fellow citizens think that we are on the wrong track. they think that because we are and they are going to make a change in my judgment. >> sean: i would argue that general milley dealing with the threat of china. they are threatening the fact that nancy pelosi is going to taiwan. they are flying their fighter jets all over taiwan airspace, i
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think what general milley is dealing with is a little bit more imperative than what joe biden is talking about with climate change. all right, so, if you don't make the change, which the base of their party which is 90% of the property, steve, they are not going to go for the change. what is the predictable result for the economy? how long does this last? how much longer will americans suffer because of the rigid climate colts religion? >> well, it is hard to say, but i think that we are in a softer session right now. there is no question about it. when will we know, thursday? >> sean: what we know thursday for sure? >> we will know, but in terms of how long this is going to last. that is the real question. will this be a soft plateau or will we have a crash landing as we had in the '70s? and incidentally joe biden's numbers on the economy are worse than jimmy carter's work on the car enemy, so don't have a trust
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or any trust that he has the right plan, we could turn the economy around. if i sound frustrated, i am, because of donald trump or president today, we were not be talking about a recession, we will be talking about a boom in the economy. we would not be shutting down american -- >> sean: we would be energy dominant. first of all i don't think putin would've invaded ukraine and secondly if you did, we will be providing western europe with all of their energy needs and we would be getting rich, not prudent and he ran and saudi arabia. >> that's why when you remember that trump used to say that our adversaries are laughing behind your backs. the two biggest winners of the bite and agenda are vladimir putin and russia and president xi in china. i have to tell you this, sean, i guarantee this when you watch what china is doing and whether energy policy and the pollution levels, i guarantee you the level of communist china don't care about climate change, the
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only person who believes that is john kerry. >> sean: john kerry flying around in his private jet, which i am not against, i'm not lecturing people on their suvs. anyway. and meaning they are really committed to climate change, maybe they get rid of there are nearly 1,000 fleet of jets and helicopters that all these cabinet officials fly around in. congressman jordan, thank you. steve moore, thank you. now we turn to a deeply disturbing report from the southern border tonight, texas senator ted cruz is shining a light on what he is calling the narco slave trade. now view or warning, what you are about to see, if you have kids in the room, it is incredibly graphic. three, two, one. ♪ ♪ speak of these children come in in a vicious cartel, thousands and thousands of dollars in the teenage boys work for the gangs and every city in america. in the teenage girls experience
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a than that. with far too many of them human traffic into slavery. joe biden and kamala harris are responsible for the worst flag of slavery in america since the civil war. >> senator ted cruz, a while back on the radio show, i interviewed somebody that secure the border, one of the agents and for 15 years he followed the industry. and that literally comes across the southern border. you have been chronicling this in real time happening at a much -- much more accelerated pace than in prior years. >> it is horrific in a human tragedy across the southern border. so two weeks ago i brought seven senators down the southern border and have been there many, many times. it is the worst that i've ever
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seen it. we have had over 3 million people crossing illegally since joe biden became president. and arrived thursday night and the first thing was go on with the border patrol and you don't have to hunt for illegal aliens. within minutes you find them. literally within minutes, the first group we found was three teenagers within about 4 minutes of being out there. about 5 minutes later we found the second group. second group was about a dozen people and was almost all women and children. there were two little girls, both seven years old. both of them are unaccompanied minors. they did not have a parent or a family member. they were not sisters, unrelated in the group of adults. the border patrol agents we were with, showed us a patch of grass about 300 yards from where we were where two weeks earlier they had found two girls ages five and six, both of whom had been brutally raped right there by the drug cartels and provided medical care to these girls who are horribly injured by these
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violent criminals. this is happening every minute of every day. you cannot watch it. so on the banks of the rio grande, you see these plastic wrist belay slits, virtually every illegal immigrant across the border is wearing a color-code plastic wrist bracelet. and it corresponds to how many thousands of dollars they owe the cartel. so you have to pay them between 3,000 and for chinese illegal immigrants they are paying as much as 50 or $70,000 to come in illegally. any have to pay the cartel. there is 100% operational control of the border. he would try to cross the border on your own, the cartel will kill you. and what happens when you cross over, the border patrol is not catching these people, they go look for the border patrol and turn themselves in voluntarily. they have a name and address of someone in the united states. and joe biden and kamala harris are the last mile of the human
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trafficking network, so every city in america, you might think i don't live in texas, i'm not in the border state. i promise you whatever city you are in, whatever state you are in, you are in a border state because joe biden is flying illegal immigrants to your state and the teenage boys, they show up and have thousands of dollars come the way they paid off as they work for the drug cartels in the criminal cartels and the girls have it worse. they horribly, many of them are trapped in sex slavery. you're looking north and imagining life in america, life and freedom. and you end up coming her parents agreed to pay the cartels and you end up six months later working in a brothel trapped where every day you are in sex slavery trying to
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pay off your debts, it's like an old plantation, they pay them to them and charge them $30 to cut up an ankle bracelet, and every day whatever money they make, they charge them again, and they are just trapped in hell. this is what joe biden and the democrats are doing, you can't defend it. it's not humane, it's not compassionate. it is horrific and in humane. >> sean: and any adult traveling in a caravan that sees this happening with the cartels, their hands are tied. if they attempt to stop a rape, they will be murdered on the spot? >> yes, and i will tell you something that the border patrol agents told me this time. they described a phenomenon they are seeing now which they call rape trieves. which they take girls or women and they violently rape them here and then they hang the
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girls or the women's underwear entries, so there are trees where they have dozens of women's underwear hanging in them and is designed to be a trophy, but also taunting law enforcement, you can't stop me, and the maddening thing is we can stop them, we know how to stop this. this was not happening under donald trump. the reason this is happening is joe biden and kamala harris care more about the radicals in the open border left than they do about protecting the immigrants who are being murdered. look, we saw in san antonio a tractor-trailer with 54 people who died of heat exposure, children as young as 13. 54 murdered. the body bags under joe biden are building up over and over again. we sat down, with ranchers and land owners, they showed me a picture after picture of the illegal aliens that they find on their property, pregnant women that the cartel abandoned and
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has died. and it is over and over and over again. last year 100,000 come over 100,000 drug overdoses, fentanyl flowing across the border. and the maddening thing is, joe biden and kamala harris and schumer and pelosi could stop this, but they don't want to because it is not in their political interests. >> sean: they won't even show up or go down and spend time to see themselves. they have not been there. i have been down on the border 15, 14, 15 times whatever. it is sad what you are describing, senator. and i hope that people here, because americans are dying and those that are being told to come here are dying. and they are being raped and then sold into sex slavery and this can be prevented just by controlling the border. senator, thank you for that. >> it is worth focusing on a second on why joe biden and harris won't go to the border,
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because if joe biden went down to the border, the tv cameras would follow, what they are counting on is that corrupt corporate media refusing to tell people, look, your viewers know about the crisis in the border. if you watch cnn and are one of the six people in the country that watches cnn, if you watch msnbc or the network, you don't know this is happening. they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to disappear it and that's why they won't go, because they want to hide this. this is indefensible if you see what they are doing. >> sean: senator, thank you for that report. i hope that people hear what you are saying, that evil is happening in our time. when we come back, breaking, kamala harris, we found out today she is a woman. how do we know? she told us. it discussing the most recent odd remarks. next as we continue. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: vice president harris at the center mockery yet again after this bizarre moment during a white house meeting earlier today with this disability activists where they went through their pronouns and described what they were wearing. take a look. >> good afternoon and thank you for, and to have this very important discussion about some of the most pressing issues of our time. i'm kamala harris, i am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit. >> sean: okay, and of course the day would not be complete without yet another rambling word salad from your ever so articulate vice president. at least she is let not ambling.
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>> the court to take away a constitutional rights that had been recognized from the people of america will impact a lot of people indifferently in some situations and then we need to be responsive to these issues and also look up to all people who will be impacted in the way that they will be impacted. >> sean: but bizarre verbal blunders are the least of the troubles as a report lays out the one which is that democrats are not even impressed with the vice president according to a new poll of a possible 2024 democratic primary, harris polls in sixth place behind joe biden, potholed mayor pete, gavin newsom and others. as i laid out on the program last night, you watch, mark my words, here's a prediction edge it in stone, it's going to be gavin newsom will be anointed the new anointed one. and the next democratic party,
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media mob darling. here with reaction, attorney general pam bondi with lara trump. i don't even know where to begin, so laura, the first time this was brought to my attention, i am a woman, i am wearing a blue suit. okay. is friends of mine had a child go to brown university five years ago and it is orientation day and then they walked around the courtyard and would ask how do you like to be addressed? and as like what? never quite heard about that before. i don't care if people feel they need that they want to be described a certain way. i will respect their wishes, but to doing it this way with all the problems this country has seems a little frivolous to me. >> yes, just when you think we have hit rock bottom, kamala harris comes out and shows you that you can actually go lower. there is a lower rung to all of this. and i think a lot of people have
6:30 pm
asked themselves are we regressing as a society in america? here's a big answer to that question. it feels like yes, if you watch the video of kamala harris, and i think it is just totally insane and a lot of people look at this and totally roll their eyes, because material points, sean, this is what the people in the white house are focusing on. pandering and pronouns. i mean, my goodness, he just had senator cruz on talking about their horrific crisis at the southern border. there is the borders are right there. we have people dying every day at the southern border. people being sold like cattle into human trafficking is a horrific situation. how about the fentanyl epidemic that is killing the youth in america. kamala harris is supposed to be heading up the charge for all of that. obviously went down to the border one time. forget about the fact that we have 40 year high inflation.
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forget about the high gas prices. forget about the embarrassment on the world stage and the failure they are. this is where our government is putting the effort and it is really sad. and i will tell you one thing, if i am xi jinping of china and looking to overtake america as the superpower of the world that i see a video like this as absurd as this is from the vice president in the united states, man, i am pretty sure that i am on the fast track to overtaking america and sadly sooner rather than later. >> sean: i guess this will pan out in the election, we have a midterm coming up in november. the first indication whether people are happy with their policies and i don't see how they possibly could. i can't think of a single subject where they have been successful. but now there is another level of this and that is that they want to teach kids all of this. you know, sometimes doctors, they make a gas whether abb is a boy or a girl. that is the type of thing that we have been reading that
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schools want to teach kids and even first grade, for crying out loud. but they can't do reading, writing, math, and science and they don't own computers very well. and we spend more per capita than any industrialized company, how does that make sense? >> it doesn't. and look at what they are putting in our textbooks. in florida we found that they were putting in our textbooks elementary school math, critical race theory, gender orientation questions. it was unbelievable. and math books in my own state. so's books were removed from the state of florida. and what was said about what is going on, and by the way, not going on in just one or two universities, it is in almost every major liberal university in this country. and i think kamala harris is just pandering to the left as far left as she can go. instead of focusing on the important things that laura just talked about. you know, as with donald trump all afternoon when he gave his policy speech at america first policy institute. you know what she should be
6:33 pm
worried about, what is happening right here. i am in d.c., in her own backyard, driving here tonight in the studio, there are kids sitting everywhere. d.c. is a different place than it was two years ago. she should be worried about homeless people, regardless of what their pronoun is. it is really unbelievable that this is happening in our world right now. our republican party, our slate of candidates for 2022, they are some of the most diverse we've ever had in this country. we are not talking about that. what we are talking about is uniting our country and because they are qualified and bringing people together, not having to identify what color blazer you are wearing. that is absurd to me. >> sean: we have the worst educational system as i mentioned, laura and we pay more than any other industrialized country. crime out of control in every big blue states and in every town in every city in this country. defund, no bail is not working,
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wide open borders as you mention ted cruz, gas prices at record high, 41 year inflation high and we will find out thursday if it is official if we are in a recession although they want to change the definition of a recession. you would think that they would work on literally salvaging the mess that they have made rather than focusing on pronouns. >> i think a lot of people would heed that advice, sean, but perhaps they have just given up at this point. because as you just laid out, what have the democrats contributed in any way to american sent that have been positive? they have completely destroyed this country on every front and by every metric possible. so maybe this is all a distraction technique. hold these cozy little functions at the white house and talk about pronouns in an effort to distract americans from the reality of their everyday situation which is dire for most people at this point. but i do want to remind people
6:35 pm
of one thing. as bad as the democrats have been and as confident as republicans are heading into these midterms, we can never take anything for granted. we have to make sure that people get out and vote and make sure that you are voting for the right people. no who you are voting for all the way down the ticket. we can leave nothing to chance. >> sean: the last 30 seconds, pam. >> laura is exactly right, and this down race that we talk about all the time. the district attorney, the mayors, all of these races are the ones that are going to change our country as well as our congressional and senate slate. and that is what is so important for a country right now. the democrats are not focusing on it. they are trying to become as the left and progressive as they possibly can be. and we are going to unite to this country. and i think that everyone should listen to donald trump's speech today from america first policy institute about the future of our country. >> sean: ra, pam, thank you.
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straight ahead tonight, senator grassley saying whistle-blowers come forward alleging that the fbi is trying to downplay any negative information about zero experience. hunter biden, senator ron johnson is demanding accountability. he will tell us all about it straight ahead. ♪ ♪ new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro, almost nothing can slow you down. because astepro starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours. and astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free allergy spray. now without a prescription. astepro and go.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight a hannity investigation as more developments have come surrounding mr. zero experience hunter biden as credible whistle-blowers, democrats love whistle-blowers, right? have come forward to iowa senator chuck grassley detailing what they say is an effort from inside the fbi to discredit information about hunter biden and his nefarious foreign dealings. according to grassley's letter
6:41 pm
to the fbi "to the allegations provided to my office severe have indicated that there was a scheme in place among certain fbi officials to undermine derogatory information connected to hunter biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation." now it was just the latest evidence of a two-tier justice system inside the fbi and this politicized department of justice and how these institutions are both politicized, and that's not at all. according to a new report from the "washington examiner," delaware police considered hunter biden the victim back in 2018 when his handgun was tossed near a grocery store by his sister-in-law halle by then, no charges ever filed and the incident no connection lying on the gun application and tonight wisconsin senator ron johnson has sent a letter to the fbi director pressing the bureau for more transparency and laying oue
6:42 pm
evidence to their efforts to undermine the investigation into hunter biden and the biden family syndicate. here with reaction wisconsin senator ron johnson. by the way, i have noticed many are taking note that tens of millions of dollars from outside wisconsin was flowing into your state to try to take you out. got to become the number one target for democrats in this election cycle. i don't know if that is an honor or a distinction, but it is happening, is that true? >> it is over 44 million in dallas so far, so ron johnson, if you want to continue my investigations. >> sean: ensuring that everyone told them who to vote for it. this is important, because if you go back to 2016, there was a big lie perpetrated the bought and paid for dirty russian dossier then becomes the basis of a fisa application that is unverifiable and has been debunked. four separate warrants and never verified or verifiable.
6:43 pm
then in the lead up to the 2020 election, weeks before we get this laptop from hell now verified. and still fbi and the democratic party and all these intel officials past and present, looks like russian disinformation. so they use russia into elections in two different ways to impact our elections. how many more times are the democrats going to play that game and get away with it? >> it is their playbook. let me first thank the whistle-blowers were coming forward. we need a lot more whistle-blowers inside that fbi for health agencies. bringing others sort of credibility to the agencies where we need to know the truth and that will require whistle-blowers. unfortunately i don't find this revelation shocking. it is outrageous, but there is so many things, and we received briefings we did not request
6:44 pm
from the fbi where they had a leak to "the washington post" to smear us and discredit our investigation. i will never forget peter strzok's text to lisa page said that our sisters are leaking like mad, feeling scorned and political kicking into overdrive. and now we are finding out from these whistle-blowers that the fbi actually had, i don't know what you would call it, but individuals specifically taking derogatory information against hunter biden downgrading it to end the investigations. were they responsible talking to their intelligence sisters of the 51 intelligence officials that came forward? and engaged in their own information operation when they said that hunter biden's laptop had all the earmarks of a russian information operation. this is dirty. this is corrupt. we need answers and christopher wray, attorney general merrick garland, these people
6:45 pm
have to come clean. we just may need a special counsel on this one. >> sean: i would agree with you, but why would we have any confidence in that? as you mention, over the list of other people, nobody has ever held accountable. and then time passes and they move on. christopher wray has not cleaned up the fbi, he has not lifted a finger to take on the abuse of power that took place with the russian lie or the lies to the fisa court on four separate occasions. he has not taken on any other people that said hunter biden's laptop was disinformation. he has not done anything to clean anything up. and as far as the department of justice, okay, what happen on january 6th was wrong and i said it in real time. i said it that night on that show and i will say it again tonight. but so were the 574 riots in the summer of 2020 that if i am not mistaken kamala harris defended and said to be aware, take note, they won't stop, they should not
6:46 pm
stop and we are not going to stop. and then promoted a bail fund for the rioters, how come that is not important? how come the people on videotape rioting and burning down businesses and police precincts, how come those people have not been held accountable? >> because we have highly partisan political actors inside these federal agencies. and that's why we need to get to the bottom of this. that's why we need more whistle-blowers coming forward, patriots that actually appreciate their agencies. and want to see credibility and integrity, the only way we don't restore that credibility, i don't trust christopher wray, the fbi with the senate intel committee in march of 2018 that the steele dossier had integrity even though the fbi knew it was disinformation. he was the one that was there while this operation was apparently set up. the one that potentially directed the three things that senator grassley and i was leaked and to use to smear us. i don't trust him, but he is the
6:47 pm
one we have to call on to answer some questions. >> sean: thank you, senator ron johnson. watching the reelection hopefully over the campaign season up next crime across america spiraling way out of control. have americans finally hit a breaking point? we will check in with gregg jarrett next. i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy.
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6:52 pm
thankfully failed to fire. and that's not all, because out in chicago, what a shock, chicago, they never have crime. a man wearing an ankle monitor filmed stealing wine and food from a target story in just the latest active theft in many cities across the country. and lastly to customers are now suing a dallas at taco bell after surveillance video appears to show a store manager pouring boiling hot water on them back in june. why? because a customer allegedly complained that the order was not prepared correctly. prompting chaos inside the store. you are the reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with the president and the national officer committee trey penning is with us, i look at this and here's what happens. nobody gets held accountable. next to nobody. so why would we ever expect crime to go down when we don't prosecute people even on video
6:53 pm
committing crime? >> there is no credibility and our justice system anymore unfortunately. this is -- the criminals know that they are going to get away with these crimes which is one of the reasons why i spent today lobbying that senate judiciary to help us transfer certain crimes over to the federal jurisdiction. so we can get certain people off of the street. and we can't let these people run around and victimize our communities, we have to do something about it. and by all accounts i know that we in the name of all this crime, they have been leaving everything, saying the black criminals get away with xyz, that looks like a hate crime you just showed me, a young man that attacked an older gentleman because he was white and tried to kill him. instead of holding that in a state court, why don't we get that to the federal court for a hate crime so we can keep him locked up. >> sean: when you look at the law, as long as there are no bail laws, look at this case
6:54 pm
where this guy tried to assassinate lee zeldin the other day and immediately let out on his own recognizance, gregg jarrett. if you have no bail laws and defund the police, it is not only going to get worse, it is going to get much worse. you can seal up to $1,000 of stuff and we won't bug you. we won't arrest you. we won't even take it you. no store can stay in business with those rules. >> no, well, of course the pass along the cost of theft to the consumer in the form of higher prices. this is the new normal, tragically. so get use to it. too many prosecutors no longer believe that things like armed robbery and attempted murder or crimes that merit incarceration. soft on crime policies incentivize more crime. is it any wonder that every major category of crime across america in major cities has skyrocketed, because when you treat criminals as victims and
6:55 pm
victims as criminals, you will get more crime and more innocent victims. at some point in crime limited time, americans will reach out threshold level where they say enough. enough of this kumbaya woke social justice defund police abolish prisons insanity. and they have not reached that threshold level, but when they do they will get rid of the liberal politicians in places like albany and sacramento that have ended cash bail and they will get rid of the progressive d.a.s that don't care about crime and criminals only about helping them. >> sean: if you care about education and law and order and care about borders and lowering inflation and energy independence, you have an opportunity to change things in november, trey thank you, greg thank you. more "hannity" to straight ahead.
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>> sean: unfortunately that is
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all the time we have left this evening, as always thank you for being with us, thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never, ever ever miss an episode of hannity. for news anytime, in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, not getting a compliment for the rest of the week, that's it. they're over. they're done. laura ingraham ready to take you home the rest of the way. >> laura: no. well, well, wait a second. yeah, you're right. no more compliments. just kidding. >> sean: i don't care. go ahead. >> laura: no, i am going to offer a compliment to president trump. did you see that speech today? i think you played a clip or two from it. >> sean: it was great. >> laura: people are like he's not substantive. he as not substantive? what other politician in america can keep a crowd in wrath attention for 90 minutes straight? it was great. >> sean: from my perspective, when he's on issues and he's standing for the