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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  July 26, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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unbelievable. >> but nonetheless has i'm going to share that tomorrow. >> laura: okay, okay. raymond thank you. thank you and i can't wait. >> see you tomorrow. >> laura: that's it for us. don't forget set your dvr to stay connected with us and thanks for watching it's america for now and you bet forever. gutfeld takes it from here. ♪♪ >> greg: i just came from the spa. my nails look amazing. amazing. happy wonderful tuesday everyone. but first, just some somber news tonight. a good pal of the show, paul sorvino passed away yesterday. he was an amazing actor and one of our first guests on this very
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show. you might know him from the legendary movie good fellas and here's one of my favorite scenes. >> hey pauly. >> i'm telling you i could tell anybody my son could be anybody. you don't mess around with that garbage okay. >> what garbage pauly. >> don't make a jerk out of me. don't do it. >> i won't. >> don't do it. >> okay. i wouldn't. >> you only understand you're on the air because i got you a job right. >> yeah. >> you see anybody messing with your show you're going to tell me right? >> i swear pauly. i swear. >> go do your show. >> thanks pauly. >> get in there. he ain't a bad kid. needs another couple smacks, though. [cheers and applause] >> greg: i will, i will never wash my face again. luckily he didn't slap me on the
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ass. [laughter] >> greg: on to the news. it's fun to see what happens when so-called compassionate libs gets a taste of their own no cost compassion, you know, the kind they prescribe for other people because they don't have to pay the price but you do. take immigration where everything is free for anyone who comes in because it's in your state but not theirs. sorry texas you're screwed it's your fault for bordering mexico and inventing dr. pepper. it's true. might be how my parents felt when they went away for the weekend and i had half the chess club over to drink their booze. there were only two people in the club. it was just me. now you get the idea, i drink alone. sorry. but forever, border states complained about the burdens placed on their service was the influx of illegal immigrants. they aren't complaining about the people, but the policies.
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they know without an actual process everything falls apart. it's like when edward scissorhands entered that bouncy castle. as we know, republicans are fans of law just like strict parents but democrats are fans of stuff minus the means to get them like strict parents' children. so when border states complain, the left calls itstein phobic. oh, you just don't like the brown folks. and they'll even say it to brown folks. the definition of racism is anyone hop disagrees with a democrat. and when the border patrol tries to do their job you get whip gate which president biden embraced. how do you get dems to understand the process? you get them to experience the process. what's good for the goose is good for the slanderer. let's see what happens when the democrat far away from the
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border state gets to play border state for a year. that's way of saying let's see how you a holes like it. hmm i wonder if our system was inundated. >> our system was inundated with, you know, those who were seeking shelter because of the callousness of those other states that pushed them out. our schools are going to be impacted. our healthcare system is going to be impacted. our infrastructure's going to be impacted. >> greg: sounds like my dentist. everything's going to be impacted. which is what should happen when you call yourself a sanctuary state. see, the virtue signal just became real. the cost of lawlessness sort of how a drug king pin gets killed by another drug king pin those are the rules. so i'm for migrants coming to new york city, and it's nothing to do with having to replace my ma sueses.
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all right, p, marco, klem and stew, you're never going to find them. i want them to understand their obsession with cheap labor but i like immigrants especially compared to what's home grown here. have you ever met a woke migrant. i haven't. they think latinx are the movies i maded in tijuana in the 90s, and they're right. it's how i met ricky martin. [cheers and applause] >> greg: true there are burdens to the system when lots of illegal immigrants show up. they put more stress on the infrastructure than joy behar on a toilet seat. [laughter] >> greg: but they aren't even close to what some americans have done to this country. illegals didn't upend the criminal justice system. they didn't create critical race theory. if they did they'd be rich.
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they didn't destroy sports. unlike megan rapinoe you could argue they make sports better. as for the two years of rioting i do not remember seeing anybody running back into a burning building because they dropped a breakfast taco. >> a racist would say. >> greg: that was a shout-out to dr. jill. anyway, there are horrible exceptions. their drug dealers and gang members and soccer fans. and we could debate crime statistics all you want but it's hard when we don't call it crime anymore. which is what the woke did not mexicans. and illegals have incentives to keep their nose clean but be honest you would trade 100 woke sisters for one hard working dude named julio keeps to himself has strong faith and isn't afraid of a hard day's work. i'll take the trade. i'll lose a hundred liberal arts
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grads for one great shortstop. [cheers and applause] >> greg: now i'm not sugar coating illegal immigration that would be stupid to do not to mention fattening and bad for your teeth. i'm saying what's happening to mayor adams right now is needed spread out the resource burden and see how these captains of compassion handle it. because in a real crisis words alone are not enough. you have to actually do something. ♪♪ >> hey, buddy, watch out. >> oh, hey, kat. >> joe, is that a fax machine? that is so awful. please let me know if there's anything i can do. >> yeah, you could help me get this fax machine off my chest. >> of course. i'm sure if you need to get anything off your chest. my heart goes out to you. >> yeah, well, my heart's getting crushed by this fax machine. >> i'm starting a hashtag on twitter right now, okay? justice for joe, we're starting
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a movement. >> wow. and ironically i'm unable to move because of this fax machine. >> i hear you. you're in my thoughts. >> here's a thought. can you push this fax machine off of me? >> i've got to go. i'm going to be late for the rally. we already have suppliers. don't worry, i got you. >> hello xerox? yes, i can hold. [cheers and applause] >> greg: so this works with immigration, how about politicians who just dismiss crime. they have private security, gated homes. they never see what you see. they're safe and sound while you suffer. and the worse things get the more their gated homes are worth and the cheaper the landscaping labor. how do you make them see that besides placing ads in modern wine snob magazine? that's not real. thugs can make crimes and are quickly released and our
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governors don't do squat. next time drive the perps to the streets where the governors live and drop them off like dong dunning on pelosi's front step and watch her panic like she joined found out her plastic surgeon was run over by her mexican maid. lastly it's tough seeing politicians ignore violent crime while focusing on a show trial because it hasn't touched their lives. they have taxpayer funded security. to many january 6th seems more peaceful than getting home after dark. think about those who got away with crime while january 6th protesters are in jail. maybe this time we should have been getting violent street felons to walk through a door at an open capitol. then they would have cared. >> period. >> greg: let's welcome tonight's guests! she's bright and sharp, like a glow in the dark dart.
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strategy bp and former press communications for president trump's campaign, erin perrine! [cheers and applause] >> greg: his pet peeves are communists and rust, retired marine corps johnny joey jones. that was nice. the difference between him and a deer in the headlights is that people actually have heard of deer. actor, comedian and writer jamie lissow! [cheers and applause] >> greg: and she's so thin her pajamas only have one stripe. fox news contributor kat timpf! [cheers and applause] >> greg: jamie obviously we talked about the fact that you live in alaska, one of the great things there is nobody imgrates, right? >> that's true. >> greg: except for seals and bears. >> that's true, seals and polar bears. it's been a good place honestly
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to ride all this stuff out. watching the videos is starting to upset me all the violent videos. i always feel bad they're always beating up that same guy with the blurry face. >> greg: that is true. >> jamie: there's got to be a better way to handle the border thing, there has to be. biden and giving out ids. i did just hear it's actually faster to fly to tijuana cross the border and get an id. the line is shorter than at the dmv. >> greg: it's true. >> jamie: i love mexicans too big fan. my writing partner's from mexico city, my brother-in-law is mexican. they told me something interesting they said you can tell what mood someone from mexican's in by the way they're holding their gun if they have a gun. sideways, run. up in the air, time to party. [cheers and applause]. >> i like it. >> greg: i was worried about
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where that was going. >> erin: so was i. >> greg: all right joey do you think this was a good strategy? i'm still unclear whether texas or florida sent anybody to new york. i think they came on their own but i don't know. this is wonderfully ironic i guess. >> johnny: i guess i don't understand because before greg abbott did it the biden administration did it and we reported. so it's good when the federal government does it but not when a state does it and adams is not the communicator to get a salient point across so it comes out like it's going to be bad, it's going to involve us losing seats in our schools and all this but you know what? we're going to want it to be bad because that's the just thing to do. on giving them ids it's the dumbest thing i ever heard. not because i'm for or against giving them ids i come from a town that's 78% hispanic they get one that says illegal immigrant and throw it away and go down to the river and get one
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to circumvent taxes and anything punitive and things that dry up every few months. i've seen it happen over and over again, my friends parents that were here illegally and my friends were not. you change your id when the situation needs you to you changed your identity. you may go back to work in the exact same facility a year later under a completely different identity for tax purposes and everything else. this is where even business owners are complicit in this but there is a decades old industry for this type of fraud and their id is not going to change that. >> greg: this is how kilmeade has managed to be at fox. >> that's it. >> greg: he's been fired almost, i don't know, half a dozen times but he goes down to this van, i guess by the river. >> down by the river. >> greg: and he gets another job. he's been on like so many fox and friends show, they're just terrible but it's like, you know -- anyway. i don't know what that means erin. you're in dc you have the same issue with your mayor bowser, still a funny name if you ask
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me. is she dealing with this or not? >> erin: no, no one's dealing with it especially not democrats but all of a sudden they're surprised now that hey play stupid games win stupid prizes you want to have an open border and they do these late nights to joey's point they are moving illegal into testimony interior of the united states, pennsylvania and other places and they're all of a sudden shocked that there are illegal immigrants in their communities and it's a strain on their system. i don't know what they expected to happen but all of a sudden now they need to face the reality that open border policies will lead to more people coming into the country. it seems common sense but they don't seem to have that. >> greg: yeah, and they're totally against any kind of process that would actually streamline this because i, i mean, i believe in the -- i believe that, you know, america's made up of risk takers kat. you know about taking risks >> kat: yes. >> greg: yes. i happen to like risk takers, people that come here to defy all odds like my parents did when they moved from san jose
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california to saint-tropez california. they went on the 101 it was 30, 40 minutes probably mid to light traffic but they did it anyway, u-haul >> kat: that's like a laura ingles wilder situation. >> jamie: they moved from a trailer park to a trailer park. little land little more room to grow. that was moving on up, you know. >> greg: what's your take on all this? >> kat: i think that anybody who wants to come contribute to our economy that's not violent should be encouraged and welcome to do so. and so many times we talk about the problems with immigration, it's not really the problems with immigration or with immigrants at all it's the problem with our welfare state. so it's not like there is a strain on the system, it's that the system is a strain on everyone and all of us. and i think we need to start looking at it that way. >> greg: that's a great point >> kat: thanks. >> greg: there you go. all right. yes, you can applaud, i'll give
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you that. all right, that's enough. all right. up next, certain names for hounds mean they'll spend more time at the pound? docertain nam hounds mean they'll spend more time at the pound? certain name hounds mean they'll spend more time at the pound? only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> kat: thanks.
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>> everything is racist! >> greg: does showing up for work make you a racist jerk? and the race obsession won't let up even when it comes to naming pups. welcome back to everything is racist episode 6,844 i'm your host susan summers. here's the study from social psychology quarterly. wow, it comes out four times a year, just like my belly button. it's a medical thing. claims, this thing claims that
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dogs with typically white sounding names get adopted from shelters faster than dogs with black sounding names. which is terrible news for my poodle jay-z. he's got 99 problems but testicles ain't one. or two. anyway, i'm proud of that. researchers say it happens among pit bulls which they call that a breed that's dangerous and racial lived as black. of course they applauded this research one woman called it fascinating research that supports the resiliency of racial iced names and the pervasiveness of anti blackness. well throw in a fat phobic reference and she wins a free ice cream sun day. meanwhile another race take professor at yale which is a school for people who couldn't get into devry.
8:22 pm
complained president biden working its white supremacy. she said it shows he cannot west and works through it. so working is a white thing and if you disagree you're a racist. at least we know now that pete buttigieg is definitely not a white supremacist. sue's comments came after biden's announcement that he was getting a lot of work done with covid which came after his announcement that he got cancer from his windshield, oil on his windshield despite getting a stem cell infusion over at jiffy lube. joe how's that go? >> no, no, lady from yale i'm fine. i'm not working hard, i'm hardly working. getting a few things done in in the office. i'm a little tired but that's okay. this covid thing's not going to get me.
8:23 pm
i'm like quadruple boosted or something. and, look, i'm tough, man. i grew up in delaware. i woke up every morning covered in oil. me and my friends walked to school, i looked like the creature from the black lagoon. true story. that's a fact, jack. >> greg: also a great movie. [cheers and applause] >> greg: erin, is it me or is it the people that point this stuff out actually the racist? would it cross anybody's mind that there are black and white names for dogs unless you were looking for it. >> erin: yeah, it just goes to the point that everything is stupid now when they say everything is racist. my dog's name is lincoln so for sure they're going to cancel me. that was his name when i got him. i didn't name him that that's what he came with in my defense. this is ridiculous. and joe biden all of a sudden be mr. vry hard working president.
8:24 pm
i've never seen him put on a show. this is the most work he's done since he's been at the white house not to mention the fact he has covid. we should be applauding we have someone who wants to do the job from a president who hasn't done anything so far. >> greg: fair point. kat, carl, is that a black or a white name? >> kat: my dog's name is carl, for those of you that didn't know that. otherwise it didn't make much sense. >> greg: yes. i assumed every -- >> kat: don't worry, i'm here for you. carl, i don't know, cam wanted to name the dog carl so i said okay because then i always got to say carl good to see you, which wouldn't make sense to anyone who hasn't seen billy madison a hundred times like i have. >> greg: that's where it's from >> kat: yeah. >> greg: well that went nowhere >> kat: i'm just following your lead. >> greg: would you care to add a comment about anything other
8:25 pm
than your dog carl? i was just curious? >> kat: yeah, sure. about anything? >> greg: yeah >> kat: wells i also have a cat named sheen. this stuff, if it weren't for us talking about it, i don't think anyone would. i'm starting to think it is it only exists so fox and friends and us have things to talk about. >> greg: you're right >> kat: i don't think any real person is like, oh, wow, okay. it's other academics congratulating themselves and then us mocking them. >> greg: exactly. it's almost like we're all working for each other >> kat: exactly >> greg: joey the beauty of the racist filter is you never run out of stuff you just pick new things >> johnny: this story, the word you were looking for is [bleep] >> kat: i'm a lady so i would never talk that way. >> johnny: you are absolutely a lady. on the topic of joe overwork, what they've done is said we're at a disadvantage as a class of
8:26 pm
americans, there aren't many fathers in the home there isn't as much education opportunities, there's e bon i cans as a form of lin quiz particulars these put us at a disadvantage so we're going to reclassify everything as white american so rather than fixing our own disadvantage we can say your advantage is white supremacy. it's everyone raising -- and i get to talk about this a little bit more because i'm from the jeff foxworthy version of southern not the rent butler version. do you know what discriminated looks like, roll up to a drive through in california and say hay do you have any more hamburgers i would like to have a hotdog. what did you say? do you need money? you talk about white dogs and black dogs, i [bleep] you not. our names were get down, danger ranger, fart, no lie, and the last one was [bleep].
8:27 pm
i reached the limit on bleeps so i'll move on. we couldn't get our dogs adopted my dad took my you canle's blood haunt to the top of the mountain to rehome him and some red nick bear hunting recognized him and brought him back. we couldn't get rid of our dogs. so this idea that -- no. it's all bull. >> greg: as a racist jamie who also owns dogs, this story is in your wheel house. care to comment on any facet of this? >> jamie: really uncomfortable. first of all i love how joey's dog's names are all commands. >> johnny: my dad was smart that way. >> jamie: get down get down, fart farted. i worry about joe trying to work through covid because remember what a terrible job he did when he had no covid?
8:28 pm
[laughter]. >> jamie: gop joe does anything. i feel like they said joe take a break for a week he would go exactly what is it that you want me to stop doing? [laughter]. >> jamie: and to your point, i couldn't agree with you more about it seems racist to point out the dogs. and plus we love dogs. you know, like to call it whatever kind of name i would think is somebody you love. >> greg: yeah. >> jamie: i'm a huge fan of dogs. we had to put a dog to sleep not that long ago, our dog and i was trying to put a positive spin on it so i remember i said to my friend, you know what? he already sleeps 20 hours a day, what's four more. >> greg: that's beautiful. there you go. what an upbeat -- up next,
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>> greg: hello. now at the greatest place on earth you can find out what a knuckle sandwich is worth. through every day great battles are fought at universal disney and epcot. theme park fighting is apparently a thing this summer. florida massive brawl broke out last week at disney world after a woman tried to cut in line. two families were waiting to attend mickey's fill who are magic when a woman stepped out to find her home when she came back and tried to rejoin her family all hell broke loose. the police, fire department and paramedics all had to be called
8:34 pm
in and cell phone lady's family has reportedly been banned from the park for life. i've been there. meanwhile over the weekend at universal orlando resort, police had to evacuate a parking garage because brian stelter farted. i kid, i kid. it's because several kids were slugging it out probably trying to earn money for parking. but numerous mass violence incidents have been reported at parks across the country. at least everyone's using the right pronouns, am i right? all right. but thankfully this isn't the kind of thing i worry about because i don't even qualify to go on rides. the safety bar won't fit over my pecks. but if this is the new normal maybe it's time for a new theme park ride. >> can't wait for this ride i heard it's the scariest one in the park. >> me, too, let's go. >> all right make sure you're
8:35 pm
secure. ready to ride? >> what's the name again? >> it's called slugfest. thanks for riding. welcome to orlando. [cheers and applause] >> greg: joey what's going on with this world? did we just lose the ability to -- we amplify aggression instead of deamplify >> joey: no, we don't allow it on school yards and places where, growing up you had the opportunity to go out get in a fight with your buddy and become buddies. we talk about toxic masculinity to the point where toxic masculinity is all that exists because we labeled any other type of masculinity male or female is toxic so the worst version is all we have left. >> greg: interesting. >> joey: when i first heard this story i thought it was outside peter plan who was a guy that does go to disney world, i married into that situation, i will let you know right now, it's worth the fight.
8:36 pm
that ride is a 2.5 hour wait and it's the most boring ride in the world. but if you have a 3 year old you're going to wait two and a half hours and it's worth a fight. if somebody tried to get back in line that's worth a fight. >> greg: i think cutting in line is one of the few places where violence is okay. >> joey: what happens is you have one person standing in line next thing you know 12 people are coming in. that's not happening. i'm telling you i'm in my wheelchairly run over every ankle and achilles heel from here to the front of the line. [cheers and applause] >> greg: i don't think it's right that you're weaponizing your wheelchair. >> joey: wild savage greg. >> greg: kat do you think these brawls and things always existed and we are he adjust filming it now or are we legitimately having more of them? >> kat: i guess i forgot to do a case study on that. >> greg: i asked you a serious question >> kat: who knows. i think that disney at least is partially to blame for the way
8:37 pm
that it brands itself as the happiest place on earth. >> greg: right >> kat: because i don't think that's true. because you go there and you're not having the happiest time. you're like, oh, i don't know if i want to be alive anymore. this is the happiest it ever gets for me. they set the expectations so high and it's the most mediocre place on earth at best and it costs a lot more than that. >> greg: yeah. you definitely have more fun with like 300 bucks just down the road >> kat: yes. that's what i did when i was a kid >> greg: and i don't even know what i'm -- >> joey: you've been in orlando. you know -- >> greg: yes. i've been in orlando. the city. pervert. jamie i hesitated bringing up this segment with you because i thought it might bring up bitter memories of going to the amusement parks with your wife and now she's with her boyfriend the body builder the
8:38 pm
professional billionaire body builder. >> jamie: yeah, just bringing it up is more of an abusement park. >> greg: what do you make of this whole -- is it a trend or are we hoping it's a trend. >> jamie: i think it's a trend and i don't like it. watching these videos is exactly why i don't want to take my kids to disney world anymore. that and i can't afford it and i just don't want to. but this doesn't affect me. in alaska, we just got a super wal-mart a couple years ago and that's our disneyland. >> greg: yeah, there are no amusement parks -- you don't need them you have the wildlife. >> jamie: yeah, everything is already there for you honestly we got a super wal-mart and people freaked out. we got it two years ago. they camped out outside the wal-mart. they camped out like it was black friday. i wanted to go down there and go hey you guys, it's going to also be open tomorrow. and then, and then forever. >> greg: you got your own like
8:39 pm
real jug band there with bears. >> jamie: yeah, because joey asked me about the hunting license and i get embarrassed because i'm not the alaska man. one time when i was married i was at a coffee shop writing and my ex-wife called me and said can you come home i have a job for a man and on the way home i picked up a man. i picked up my center city philadelphia can your and go i got that guy we snead erin is there any way we can blame this on joe biden? because that would really help with my ratings. >> erin: i'm sure there is a way bus just like joe biden everybody forgot how to behavior in public. covid brain washed the ability. i went to a high school we didn't have wrestling we had boxing because the priest decided instead of letting kids get in fights they would do it to make money for the mission. so if disney wants to make profits open up a fight ring. >> greg: yeah, put your kids in
8:40 pm
there. >> erin: first rule of disney fight club, don't talk about disney fight club. >> greg: yeah, a special club underground. i like that. >> erin: uh-huh. >> greg: we have to move on. a presidential pick that's abysmal from a thirsty bill crystal.
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>> greg: he's gone frp influential right winger to sucking up to a singer. celebs make him thirsty and his opinions are still the worsty. introducing greg's thirstyest person of the week. >> greg: half anti trump, 100% attention speaker bill kristol has announced he would love to see john legend run in 2024 saying in a tweet, quote, i've been saying for a while -- i always like that. i've been saying for a while that we need as our next president our version of the admiralable volodymyr zelenskyy.
8:45 pm
today i got another personal message ie e-mail from john legend on behalf of democrats which leads me to think that when biden steps aside john legend in 2024. so if you want him to run because you get a lot of mass e-mails you don't see me pushing for walgreens. hang in there bill i think he likes you. check your other e-mails, a nigerian prince has money for you if you pay the transfer fee. also not sure legend and zelenskyy makes much sense but it's embarrassing. i haven't seen this kind of fan worship since i dressed as wonder woman for comic con. so kat, do you think -- why did he do this? >> kat: i'm really surprised that bill kristol likes john legend so much because john legend's music has always been this combination of r&b and soul and bill kristol's music has
8:46 pm
always been the beating drums of war. >> greg: erin why is that it social media reveals the thirstiness in people you never suspected. this guy's got to be near 80, right? what's he doing? >> erin: well, i don't know how you go from advising like george w -- hw bush and ronald reagan to all of a sudden deciding john legend is the person you're going to kowtow to because these older people who are thirsty for relevance get this immediately on twitter and i can't tell you how many politicians i work for that send a tweet and say see all the likes see how many i get. he's saying the quiet part out loud. they don't want joe biden again they want anybody else but they want a candidate nobody's ever seen before because they know the only way they can win democrats in 2024 by having some out of the box celebrity candidate that's why you hear michelle obama and oprah and now john legend because they don't
8:47 pm
have any good politicians that could run for president. >> greg: that's true, that's true. you are a deer in the headlights whenever i look at you. is there any singer or celebrity you see as a potential democrat candidate? >> jamie: oh, man, i wish i had more time to think about it. this guy's predictions suck i went back and looked at his twitter, he predicted obama wouldn't have any luck at all and he predicted my marriage would last. did you know john legend by the way not his real name. >> greg: oh, really. >> jamie: yeah, his real name is like bill stevenson or something but everybody kept saying you're a legend so he changed his name to john legend. that's why my first ten years of comedy i was jamie alcoholic. switched over to freddy no gigs
8:48 pm
for a while. >> joey: see if anybody can make it as johnny no legs. >> greg: yeah, i think he beat you on that one. is this just another example of long tds. like long covid but it's trump derangement syndrome. they need somehow to get -- there are people like him kinzinger cheyney that are seeking some kind of relevance as they become more you are rely gent small class of people, he started this which is extra publication of a grieved public. they're really good at standing for nothing but really good at the people he used to get along with. he has the lincoln project on one side they fully own it they go full board hold their nose and [bleep]. on the other side you have david french who is like the
8:49 pm
embodiment of byity he has all the christian on his side so he has that to fall back on. what does bill kristol to fall back on a few failed wars? that's it. so there isn't this spring board for him so he has to hit it with the subtly passive aggressive tweets. one of my favorite things to do is dunk on him because it's so easy. but he doesn't block me which tells me he sees it which tells me he's in this self imposed torture chamber of twitter to put himself out there to get the dunks so people will know who he is. >> greg: sad. i'll never be like that but if i do just like my tweets, like my tweets. that's all i ask. all right. up next would you tattoo their logo on your chest for a lifetime of eating fresh? ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work
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♪ >> a story in five words. ♪ >> greg: a story in five words. free sandwiches for a foot-long tattoo. six. all right. jamie subway's offering free sandwiches for life for the first person that gets a foot long tattoo on their torso. i said torso. what do you think about this? >> jamie: well, this would save me at least $20. [laughter]. >> jamie: i say a woman wins the competition. >> greg: why? >> jamie: because a guy goes i
8:54 pm
got the 12-inch tattoo and they're like, that's only five inches. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> greg: joey, i have to go to you because you are covered with ink. would you consider a foot long? >> joey: yeah, i didn't get as much food for all the tattoos i'd get. i got this tattoo so i would get a fox nation show so that's how much i'm willing to pitch out my body if the guys are paying attention i'll take another show. i think it's great. i read you can get the shoulder the forearm or cast i'm just going to be like i got it on my calf. >> greg: there you go. i thought it was sternum. i don't even know what that is. do you have any tattoos? >> erin: i have four. >> greg: you do? >> erin: i know. >> greg: i didn't see that coming at all. i like the fact that you don't look like you have tattoos but you've got tattoos. >> erin: i do. in this case i would not get the foot long tattoo because i don't like subway that much but if you could get a tattoo and have
8:55 pm
something the rest of your life i would get a josh allen tattoo if i could get bills tickets. i'm a diehard. i would even get jim kelly or you would tattoo wide right on me which if you're a bills fan that's not what you say just to get bills tickets. >> greg: i don't even know any -- >> kat: i don't understand any of that. >> greg: yeah >> kat: i know what a sandwich is. >> greg: i would probably do jersey mike's. but at the same time i can't think of anything. anything. >> kat: no. >> greg: well you were going to get your cat tattooed on you >> kat: i'm going to get him tattooed in me when he dies. i'm not kidding. i think it's bad because definitely there's probably somebody out there who already did this and is sitting there reading this like [bleep]. >> greg: you know what that is? that's the analogy. i paid my college tuition and
8:56 pm
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9:00 pm
>> greg: we are out of time. thank you, studio audience! and the evil gillian turner next. i'm grit god filled and i love you america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, i'm gillian turner in washington night and for shannon bream. breaking tonight, the police releasing surveillance video showing what happened when a woman fired several gunshots at dallas airport monday. you can see the woman raising a weapon, people dropping to the floor before the officer then pointed a gun at her.


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