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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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. i've seen the cover tumblr. i know but no one else on the cover. i'm going to shareng it tomorrow only here and can raymond. thank you. thankk you. and i can't wait to see if of here. all right. that's it for us tonight. don't forget to set your dvr tov always stay connectedr with us. thank you for watching. remember, it's america better off that country's quote, facing famine. boy, we've lowered expectations in our country and we should be celebrating, according to the white house, because we're not detailed here in the 1980s . you're watching fox friends first here on a wednesday morning here in america, 90% coalition guests, democrats aren't happy about the state of the economy either.
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leaving former obama adviser david axelrod to take this warning. but you do have to link to where people live. and right now people are at the gas prices are coming down. they're still high . they're going to grocery stores. they watch those numbers climb. he needs improvement on inflation. he needs public attitudes to improve and he needs to be careful about not.
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or in reality, how fast it got this bad and all the ridiculous things that the democrats say now, they can't define what a recession is . and here's the point, john . if it's not going to happen, why you have to redefine it if we're not really going to have a recession. why do you care about the definition or changing the accepted definition and whether you call it a recession or not? fox news digital found that americans are feeling the pain. we checked gas prices lately. have you checked the interest rates? absolutely. we're in a recession. economy isn't growing. don't seem to be growing anyway. we can't keep up with anything
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. this is a new bankrate poll finds. 51% of americans have little to no emergency funds and 58 percent are very or extremely uncomfortable with the amount they have saved. and while gas prices have fallen from the administration announcing yesterday it's selling an additional 20 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve, adding to the hundred and twenty five million sold so far . meanwhile, the latest consumer confidence index fell yesterday for the third straight month to the lowest point since president biden took office. this is we're watching the fed chairman today to see how high the next interest rates will be with fears it could be another three quarters of a point hike totin and markets probably aren't going to like that unless it's baked in. griff, thank you. ironically enough, last we spoke to national black farmers association president john boyd jr. about food insecurity here in america. and he had this warning.
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listen, read more and more farmers, but not we're heading for a food shortage in this country where you have different regions of the world such as ukraine and won't be producing enough of america's excuse. enough commodities such as corn, soybeans, all of these things are going to affect us here at home and we're going to see empty food shelves in the coming months. things get worse than they already are. >> carley: the way she introduced herself in a roundtable discussion yesterday on the roe vs. wade's effect on disabled american. >> i am kamala harris, my pronouns are she/her. >> carley: this scathing response to that because this is what the people in the
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white house are focusing on, pandering and pronouns. forget about the fact that we have 40 year high inflation. forget about the high gas prices, forget about the embarrassment on the world's food and the failure to. this is what our government is putting the effort and it is really sad and i'll tell you one thing to go if xi jinping of china and i'm looking to overtake america as the superpower of the world and i see a video like this as absurd as this is from the vice president of the united states, man, i am pretty sure that i'm on the fast track overtaking america and sadly, sooner rather than later. coming just a day after "the new york times" published an op-ed saying the vice president has failed to become the face of any major issue, calling her a week and her to the president. says harris has brought the criticism on a cell. >> at the prime of your life. you are vice president of the
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united states. you should be out there every day doing something. i don't care if they give you the body to deal with. you should be out there getting women together, getting businesses together, whatever it is. you get out there and you be heard. do not control joe biden. you can do what you wanted to. don't give me this garbage joe biden isn't giving her chance. she is lazy and she's not interested. that's why she is a failure. >> todd: meantime, the white house revolving door keeps spinning. first lady jill biden's press secretary is going to step down this week feeling more speculation about carbon that the white house because in president biden took office, more than a dozen white house staffers have left the position is. that incident was the president's press secretary jen psaki who left for an on-air role at msnbc. in addition to these staffers, transferring to the energy department shortly after psaki
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left. the u.s. federal reserve. released yesterday. several economists were bribed or threaten to provide sensitive and confidential information about the u.s. economy. the report written by ohio senator also raises several concerns over the u.s. and china's shared research. "china entered exploits a market research, intellectual property and open collaboration. off in u.s. taxpayer funded for its own economic and military gain." president biden -- top white house officials warn of china's continued threat to national security worldwide. >> the single most consequential talent in the indo pacific from a security perspective stems from the people's republic of china. it is only a matter of time before there is a major incident or accident in the region.
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>> carley: justice william is a former fbi special agent and former navy seal, joins us now. good morning to you. tensions with china at an all-time high on all fronts back when i have this if on the verge of releasing at only a matter of time until something bad happens. how do you view the state of things as president biden is set to hold a phone call with chinese president xi jinping. take a while, if anybody thinks that this is new news, the janata suddenly became a threat, they've been living in a cave for at least 20, 30, 40 years. china has been a problem. i don't think that there anymore of a volatile issue than they were when trump is in office. the only difference was the trump really did lay the groundwork that we were not to be messed with volume was in office. i think when you look at the type of echo chamber that is coming out from the white house. it is the same type of propaganda from the biden
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administration has always been a part of who joe biden is. i'm not trying to downplay the issue with china. i'm just trying to say that this has been an issue, and the issue is not going to go away, especially when china can look at joe biden and look at his record for how we handle crises when he's been in office, which has been absolutely horrible. >> todd: that does not sound like a very confident that joe biden is going to stand up to xi jinping during the stock. i want to focus on the statement from the state department spokesperson about a major incident. howard are you about a major incident and in your experience what does that look like? what is a major incident look like? >> that a good question. i'll tell you why it's such an interesting term that the use because what they can deem a major incident could actually be a planned movement by china. the way they make it sound is that china is going to come in
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there and just unprovoked or just because china wants to do something, they just all of a sudden we did with. we have to go back to the reality that all the things that china has been shown by joe biden and his administration while he's been in office is that china, if they choose to flex their muscles could actually injure that region or enter the united states. i want you to think about this record is not just that we didn't. if china wanted to flex their muscles, they could sanction the u.s. the same way the world is trying to sanction russia, because almost everything we have that we need quickly in this country is made in china, including protective equipment in cases of another virus, drugs for all the people who have issues. china is where all these things are manufactured. to me, that is the major incident. is that occurred, it would be a real problem. >> carley: what you're describing is a full on cold war
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with china. our economies are so intertwined, something like that certainly could happen as tensions continue to increase. as you talk about the cold war, there is also the looming threat of a potential hot water. china has the biggest navy in the world. they're wrapping up military spending. it's part of the gap between the u.s. and chinese military closing. how concerned at the about that, especially given the threat that china has now placed in the united states as nancy pelosi could be making this trip to taiwan? the guy keep going back to this issue is that if china looked at the way the administration has handled issues, than them more likely to flex their muscles militarily as well. yes, china has been planning for war by our military has been concentrating on, even the marine corps, and political correctness and making sure that they recognize the lgbtq
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community, which is absolutely ridiculous. china is taking advantage of all of these things and there setting themselves up for a position in hopes that if they do go out and actually carry out any type of attack in that region, that the united states will just not be ready for it. i do believe though, that china is smart enough to realize that if they went head-to-head with our military regardless of whether joe biden is in charge are not, that it's going to be a very destructive campaign for china and i'm thinking that the problem smart enough not to go down that road completely. >> todd: a report by "the washington times" claims police are struggling to solve homicide cases thanks to the d.a.'s. haven't thought about this but it makes a lot of sense because the report reading "law enforcement sources in the criminal justice reform movement combined with liberal policies
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of liberal prosecutors leads to fewer cooperating witnesses who they need to crack homicide and other serious criminal cases." as a former fbi agent, how vital is that love it when you're trying to crack a case, jonathan? >> it is tremendously vital. will tell you something about us like we were talking but with china before, they do something, we can't just create an aircraft carrier out of thin air. it's the same thing with the source. given sources do a tremendous amount of work for the fbi and for law enforcement, and they actually not only give us insight to work rights maybe occurring and criminal elements, but also, they can help us prevent things from occurring. here is an important thing for you to realize, there is basically three reasons why someone would become a source. they love their neighborhood or the country, they want revenge on somebody, or they want money or they got jammed up in which case that's more of a self-centred reason.
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people are arrested for real crimes and relief, they're less likely to strike a deal with law enforcement and say i have information on someone, a cooperative with you. as we look deeper, kind of not talk about types of ramifications of this, and it goes a tremendously long way. almost every single case i worked in the fbi that had to do with us trying to figure out what was going on, we used to source and typically, it was something -- >> carley: what the future of the study looked like when it comes to buy. do you think that will ever get back to the giuliani style crime prevention, prosecutors more crimes in the big ones don't happen? i guess another would be too progressive to ever get back to something like that. >> i'm going to use kamala harris again for an example here. i know detectives which used to be a prosecutor and they said when she was there, she was a
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mediator. she was after criminals. it was surprising to them to see this flip-flop of the person that he's become. it is approached in liberal cities around the country. to answer your question, wherever the democrats rule, the progressive breakdown of law enforcement is going to occur, where conservatives rule, the reality is that they're more likely to crack down on crime, but overall, this is the way the left works. they don't just count on the leaders like mayors, they also go after d.a.'s, they also got a few. you could have a conservative governor like ron desantis, for instance, you could have somebody that is in a city or county or a judge that is going to cause real problems and that's where i foresee happening. i foresee a spoil as we go forward in time and space in this country where progressives, law-enforcement degradation has
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a foothold even where conservatives are trying to do with the best for this country. >> carley: police prosecutors, judges, elected local leaders. jonathan, thank you so much for joining us this morning. as always, we appreciate. >> thank you. >> carley: you're very welcome. now demanding the doj open an internal investigation into whistle-blower allegations of a scheme to conceal negative information on hunter biden. >> what's going on here? hey, broke. >> hey, good morning. senator ron johnson is the whistle-blower allegations strongly suggest the mpi was weaponized against members of the sun at work trying to oversee the hunter biden and investigation. this it could want the appointment of a special couple. what is because because the people of the united states ought to have really good
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feelings about the fbi. no that they're credible organization, there should be no party or power involved in this decision-making. it should be simply facts. the fbi has not met the test of fairness in this particular case. >> you just heard from senate judiciary committee member who worked with attorney general merrick garland and fbi director about the whistle-blower concern saying "the allegations provided -- there was a scheme in place among certain fbi officials to undermine derogatory information connected to hunter biden by falsely subjecting disinformation." concrete evidence and a lack of progress. listen to this. >> now are fanning out from these whistle-blowers that the
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fbi actually had, i don't know what you'd call it, but individuals specifically taking the rocket or information against hunter biden, downgrading it to end the investigation speck of this is dirty, this is corrupt. we need answers. we need a special counsel on this one. >> in his letter to the fbi, johnson that the agency's actions are the greatest abuse of executive at corruption in american history. >> todd: it's shocking, but at the same time, to tracking your question concerning, regardless thank you. in case you missed it, the host of "the view" trying to walk back this allegation against turning point usa. >> in front of the conference with anti-semitic slurs. the swastika. >> you knew what they were.
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>> turning points out that half-hearted clarification isn't good enough and are ready to take legal action. will tell you about it next. the one that is just part of the jam-packed show we have a deck. congresswoman kat cammack, matt whitaker, byron donalds all your life on this point the addition of ""fox & friends" first." ♪ ♪ dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers.
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and it's never too late to join them. get unlimited data with 5g included for just $30 a line per month when you get 4 lines. switch to xfinity mobile today. ♪ ♪ >> carley: "abc news" a cease and desist order over defamatory statements made about the view. the show's host on monday claimed neo-nazi protesters are turning point was that event last week were associated with the organization and then tried to backtrack on that claim. take a look. >> neo-nazis were out there in front of the conference with anti-semitic slurs. and the swastika. >> you knew what they were.
1:25 am
they were outside protesters. my point was more metaphorical. you embrace them at your thing. >> carley: that attempt to backtrack not satisfying. turning point what in the letter "the view was intentionally associated turning point usa when you're at the protesters outside the event. negatively impacting its public perception. this action will not be tolerated. >> todd: seems like the host of the view need the biden administration to change the definition of the wood backtrack, but i digress. trained staff members to carry firearms on school once. requires that local school districts establish policies as it relates to weapons on campus. for mississippi high school student, they're here to react. great to have your.
1:26 am
.com or you live in the county because they do have the option of whether or not to allow to carry. what do you want them to do? >> i hope they make a decision that these teachers in these faculty members can actually carry after they complete the enhanced carry class that we have here. i would love to see faculty members, coaches, teachers be able to carry inside the classroom is. >> todd: you have an enhanced carry permit at work in this district. if allowed, would you carry at school? >> yes, i would like to have that option, so i believe i would. >> todd: why? >> it kind of -- you hope that you don't have to use it, but you have the option if needed. school shootings are, just a world we live in, i'm afraid, now.
1:27 am
i would love to have the option to be able to protect myself and my students if that happens. >> todd: todd, a lot of the noise that comes out on issues like this is from people who live on the coast. oftentimes, people will live on the coast live in very tightly dense communities, where you live in a state like i do, connecticut, where there is 169 police departments. quite frankly, if there's an emergency, there is somebody that the body very quickly. it doesn't really account for people like you that live in a rural community where, i read the notes, you are 30 minutes away from your closest sheriff or police officer. how vital is a rule like this in case something, god forbid, happens in your community? >> it's extremely important. it's just like you said, i graduated from high school in mississippi and we had a town
1:28 am
marshal, we were 25-30 minutes away from the columbus police department, same from the sheriff's department. if an active shooter were to go into that school even now, you got one or two sros to deal with an end then if they get them, a lot can be done by evil motivated person in 35 minutes. before it takes a lot for them it was one. at the end of the day, this is a crime of opportunity and if you got schools out there that have 15-20 teachers that are carrying concealed in the classrooms and stuff like that, these guys with guns are always going to be deterred by guys with guns. make it harder target and this kind of stuff won't happen because we've tried everything else. we have locked the doors, we've installed security cameras. now have sros in the public school system. none of that is working up to this point. you are teachers your that get
1:29 am
up, go to war, deal with your children every single day, they love your kids and why not? why not try this? i've got several bodies that are veterans that are coaches and teachers that would absolutely stand in between an active shooter and your child if the case called for eight. >> todd: todd and kendra spears, thank you so much for coming on the program. certainly hope your district listens to what follows what you're asking them to do. we appreciate it. turns out that in attacking an nypd officer and there is absolutely shocking video, look at it on your screen, was released without bail for another crime just days earlier, even with the certain cases like this happening all across the country, attorney general merrick garland does not think there is a crime crisis. >> i think violent crime, as a matter of considerable concern
1:30 am
for our country. >> carley: our next guest does think there is a crime crisis in equity blames democrat policies for fueling the sheriff of spokane county, washington. joins us next. flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at
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to be 1 of 4.4% decrease in the amount of -- joint win a pair, share, good money to pick up what is happening in your community when it comes to >> it's the same thing you just
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heard your guest talk about. we arrest them, they get out immediately. the judges don't hold them accountable and it truly is time for american people to look at who they are letting and stop electing these democratic, socialist ideas that we keep bringing forward in the very fabric of our communities be a costly when you say that state lawmakers in washington are partly to blame for this crime problem. why is that? >> that the one that passed a law that made it almost impossible for law enforcement to make contact with criminals. once we arrest them, they continue to make laws that they get out very quickly. >> carley: isn't it essentially -- >> across the united states because we want isn't it essentially legal in washington to possess drugs? and what has not done to the
1:39 am
crime rate? >> it is legal to possess drugs in the state of washington. our state supreme court wiped out our drug laws, our legislator failed to fix that, and now, you have found no that is being spread all over our communities that are killing our children. again, it is these laws that are passed by a democratic-controlled legislature that is causing the damage to the state of washington. >> carley: and then all the 325 murders in washington state in 2021, the highest level since 1980, which is unbelievable. sheriff, how do you feel about governor jay and. last year, he signed about a dozen police accountability built into latte call it a moral mandate. just last week, take a listen to what is hard to say about police. watch this this. >> this deep at the police
1:40 am
moment, i would agree with that you're quite don't think it's the right approach. we need to have an approach that will give us an adequate degree of well-trained, accountable police officers, and we are going to do that in washington state. >> carley: did he do is 180 there? aren't you how do you feel about that? >> it was amazing to watch. this is an individual to talk about defunding the police. he talked about his reforms that he passed that amounted to a depended state for criminals and this is an individual that has the backing of his democratic-controlled legislature really, severely damage the state of washington, and i hope that the people of washington remember what is individual is sad when they passed those laws. if the people of washington don't like the laws, they can and electricity back at some elect them, and i hope that we remember that come election day. >> carley: it clear that the political appetite when it comes
1:41 am
to defunding the police has gained nationwide, it's clearly reflected in the governor's comments there. now that he's saying that he doesn't support defunding the police, does that give you hope for the future? >> no, it's just political rhetoric. were involved in an election. here in the state of washington. many of the legislators that passed those laws are up for election. this is all grandstanding. this is political grandstanding and you can't have it both ways because you can't say that you support the police and sign laws into effect that actually hurt the ability to keep our communities safe. total politics. >> carley: before we let you go, attorney general merrick garland, stopped short yesterday falling crime a crisis in this country. what your message to him? >> it's time to wake up. is more than a crisis because
1:42 am
you have young kids dying in the street are on a daily basis. if you're really serious about gun violence, start holding people accountable. it's not the gun, to the people pulling the trigger. start putting them in prison and you'll end this problem. >> carley: yeah, great message there. were like set, 325 murders in washington state, the highest in 1980. are going backwards because that's not the direction that we want to be going on. sheriff ozzie, thank you so much returning of this such an important topic. we appreciate you speak in our because they keep your costly when you're very welcome. >> todd: another important topic you're. senator ted cruz highlighting "barbaric seethes from the crisis at the border." in a new video, calling it the trade. narcio-slave >> these children come in from cartels for thousands of thousands of dollars. teenage boys were for the gangs in every city in america.
1:43 am
the teenage girls experience a. hers and joe biden are responsible for the worst plague of slavery in america. since the civil war. >> todd: that is killing. he's saying the cartels of the body. >> virtually every person who crosses the border is wearing a colour-coded brisley. the color corresponds to how many thousands of dollars though the cartel. you have to pay the cartel. there is 100% control of the body. if you try to cross the border on your own, the cartel will kill you. >> todd: accusing the biden administration of being the last mile of the trafficking network by flying migrants further into the u.s. from the body. they say this is supposed to be humane, where is the humanity in this? >> joe rogan taking on tick tock in wanting millions of americans to read the fine print.
1:44 am
>> all your apps and all your file names, all things filed away in your phone, their access to. it out with china having all of your data. >> todd: so if you or your family uses the app, you're going to want to hear more about the revolution and its privacy policy. >> carley: this is also half of elderly americans can't afford basic essentials to quote the cost of living continues to rise. byron donalds and congresswoman speeforty and i were to tell us how republicans plan to turn that around and provide much needed relief inflation. ♪ ♪
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available to more homes than anyone else. and with xfi complete, get 10x faster upload speeds. tech upgrades for your changing wifi needs. and advanced security at home and on the go to block millions of threats. only from us... xfinity. ♪ ♪ >> carley: city council agreed unanimously to not influence los angeles county's enormous mandate. the mayor saying i feel it is our job to lead and i support the power of choice. the mandate is reportedly set to go into effect on friday, amid protests and chop criticism across the country. they say they will make a final decision tomorrow. walmart's market value falling
1:50 am
by $36 billion after its stock price tagged 10% yesterday. there is a dramatic drop following the retailer's second quarter earnings announcement yesterday, which is that profits well with surging food and fuel prices. forecasting and 11 to make 13% decline in full year profits. walmart is it going to discount items like homegoods and electronics to keep inventory moving, and also plans and cutting for clothing and other high profit margin items. >> todd: 36 billion, that's what i could. a shocking new report revealing nearly half of our country's elderly cannot afford basic necessities and essentials. look at this. it shows a whopping 54% of older women are classified as poor, 45% of older men in that same category. that is sad. robert blethen retired in 2018
1:51 am
joined mean up. always quick to talk to a fellow nutmeg, sir. wanted to hop back in your rig had hit the road? >> i get a phone call last october asking me if i could take nine horses from oklahoma city to maine with the team driver and i said yes. and then, as things happen, a few drivers left the company and i asked the owner of the company, john hudson, if he could use my help. he gladly accepted my help, and that's why are back in the truck. >> todd: as i read in the notes about your segment, i got the sense that you did not necessarily need this money to survive, and that puts you in the unique category compared to the individual that i highlighted in the intro there. one major concern for our elders is the expense of health care. take a look at the study. a new study conducted by boston college for nearly 36% of
1:52 am
americans ages 65 to 69 cannot cover one year of minimal care without exhausting the resources. robert, does our government in our society do enough for our seniors? >> i don't think that they do. i can understand, myself, why we don't have health care for every american. this bothers me. i'm in a good situation myself. i'm well able to afford the health care that i have with medicare and a supplemental, and i'm also a veteran, so i have va health care as well. >> thank you for your service. don't want to let that slip. obviously, the focus right now for everybody in our economy, young, old alike as the invasion. in a current inflation rate, 9.1%. that the highest in our country
1:53 am
since 1981. this is how people survive. you need food to survive. you cannot survive without it. cost of groceries nearly tripling. in milk up 60%, butter, 26%, the list goes on in order not. if inflation continues at this pace, what is the future look like for senior citizens, and or quite frankly thought they were done working. they thought i have put in my time, not to permit to to enjoy retirement. what happened to those people, robert? >> i really don't know. even me, buying gasoline for my pickup to do my long commute is very expensive. it's more than double what it was just a short time ago. groceries are more expensive. it doesn't give me pause and spending the money, but still, i do think about the people and how they are surviving. >> todd: understood. for those younger generation to
1:54 am
think social security is going to cover all my expenses in retirement, not so. robert blethen, you don't look elderly. your look like a young, spry guy that the great state of connecticut. hope to see you out some day, my friend. >> thank you, sir. by buying. >> carley: joe rogan says he is deeply trouble, trouble by tiktok's chinese owner which by law is required to share data with the chinese government and is wanting millions of americans to read the fine print in the app's privacy policy. >> this is from tiktok's privacy policy. it said we collect certain information about the device you use to access the platform. >> app and file names and types. all your apps and all your file names, all the things that are far lower than your phone have access to that. keystroke patterns of them, so the monitoring your keys dropped the accordance with china having all of your data.
1:55 am
>> carley: tiktok has 94 million monthly u.s. users, and by monitoring your keystrokes and audio, it's able to know pretty much everything about you. that will make you. also, this new whistle-blower allegation accuses the duty of trying to pin negative stories about hunter biden is disinformation. republicans want an internal investigation at the country's top judicial agency. >> todd: attorney general's people reacting to. all your life. do not miss a moment. ♪ ♪ [sfx: ding] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man. hey!
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>> todd: a fox news alert, republicans demanding that attorney general merrick garland launch an investigation into whistleblower allegations of a scheme to suppress negative information about hunter biden inside the fbi. you're watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. credible sources came together to shut down the probe into the president's son. the information involves concerns about the fbi receipt and united states00 of


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