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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 27, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: a fox news alert, republicans demanding that attorney general merrick garland launch an investigation into whistleblower allegations of a scheme to suppress negative information about hunter biden inside the fbi. you're watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. credible sources came together to shut down the probe into the president's son. the information involves concerns about the fbi receipt and united states00 of
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derogatory information related to hunter biden and the fbi required evidence as disinformation. brooke singman has the details. good morning. >> brooke: good morning, senator ron johnson says the whistleblower -- trying to oversee the hunter biden investigation. he says the potential cover-up could warrant appointment of a special counsel. listen to this. >> we are finding out the fbi had, i don't know what you call it, individuals taking derogatory information about hunter biden and downgrading it to end the investigation. this is dirty and corrupt. we made need a special counsel on this one. >> brooke: ranking senate judiciary member grassley wrote to merrick garland and christopher wray revealing
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allegations officials labeled information on hunter biden as misinformation. the evidence against hunter biden proves there is bias within the fbi. listen. >> the people of the united states ought to have really good feelings about the fbi. they aught to know they are a credible organization and there should be no party or power involved in this decision-making. it should be fair, follow the facts and the fbi have not met the test of fairness in this particular case. >> carley: johnson says the agency's actions -- >> carley: concern about the
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crime in the united states, he stopped shorts of calling it a crisis. >> i think violent crime is a matter of considerable concern, the country and justice department as it should be. communities have to trust us law enforcement and we have a joint effort to battle violent crime together. >> carley: in new york city violent crime was up from the same time lasts year. >> todd: a teen seen fighting a cop went home free from a robbery just days earlier. he is accused of attacking and robbing an elderly man. mayor adams says something has to change. >> as soon as we catch them, the system releases them and they repeat the action.
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when i say we're the laughing stock of the country, this is what i'm talking about. re-examine the bail law in area of violent offenders. >> todd: in new york city and other, heather mcdonald says blame goes to democrats in addition to the criminals. >> i don't want to remove responsibility, his behavior is foreseeable consequence of anti-cop rhetoric from the establishment. bragg said he will not prosecute resisting arrest. the reason this thug was on the streets after recent arrests for illegal gun possession and robbery is incarcerating criminals for violent crime has disparate impact on minorities.
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>> todd: vice president kamala harris being mocked for focusing on pronouns. >> i'm kamala harris, she, her, i'm a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit. >> carley: other members of the democratic party struggle to define the word woman. >> people with capacity for pregnancy, would that be women? >> there are also trans men and nonbinary people. protect black birthing people. >> carley: sean duffy is coming up next. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction.
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>> todd: a vulnerable democrat senators and other candidates refusing to respond to questions on whether men can can't pregnant or to define the word woman. >> carley: sean duffy, former congressman joins us now. the candidate you just saw were asked to define the word woman and radio silence, they didn't
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respond. what is your response? >> sean: i am not a woman, todd is not a woman, you are, carley issue easy stuff. democratic party is lying to the american people, they will lie about the definition of inflation, about definition of recession, that the border is secure. lie after lie, blm riots, they are mostly peaceful. they can't define what a woman is. the american people are so sick of the lack of truths that come from the democratic party, they can't stand it. we don't want to offend them, we will offend half the population, which is women, to say we can't define what the term is. >> todd: i took notes when you said todd is not a woman.
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seems to be confusion on capitol hill when it comes to this stuff, listen. >> you refer to peep welcapacity of pregnancy, would that be women? >> trans men are capable of pregnancy and nonbinary people are capable of pregnancy. >> i want to protect black mothers, black babies and black birthing people. >> todd: the definition of woman, whether a birthing parent can give birth, a man giving birth, how has it gone from something so ridiculous, if you said it a few years ago, you would be committed. this is normal, this is mainstream now. >> sean: it is, they happening the american people will buy into it. my wife has had nine children, there are people incredibly
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offended by the term birthing person. just to take note, i saw you dancing with flo rida, that is a man, carley danced like a woman. a man can get low, you had your hands out grinding, beautiful man dance. >> todd: don't use the word grinding with me again. >> carley: move to this, congressman swalwell is taking heat for his campaign, he spend on a lavish trip to miami. he cannot use campaign funds to pay a babysitter but can use them to travel for his own campaign, what are your thoughts on all this? >> sean: your campaign funds are
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used to get re-elected, you can use money to do events, raise money, sometimes your family can travel with you. you see members of congress who use campaign funds as personal piggy bank, they will stay in elaborate hotels that have nothing to do with the campaign or raising money and they get in trouble. the problem is, swalwell hangs out with a lot of rich liberals and they love him, and eric eric swalwell, who is a poor liberal, wants to precontinued he's a rich liberal and spend like a rich liberal. everyone sees the expenses and you have a target on your back and histories full of members of congress who have misused these funds and then get attacked for it and lose their seat and go into the sunset because it is violation of the law and ethics
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to misuse funds and it looks like eric swalwell is walking up to the line. it is rare members of congress use funds for overseas travel. can i do a political event in paris, france or asia and pass the smell test with funding and stay at a fancy hotel with fancy meals, this is dangerous activity that i think eric swalwell will wish he had better council before he used that cash. >> todd: got to get the paris swing district. thank you for calling me a man. >> sean: and you know how to swing on the dance floor, not grind. >> todd: move on from flo rida splitting my pants.
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>> sean: double stitch them when you get low, they will break or split. >> todd: the white house was wrong when it said inflation was going to be temporary and now saying this about recession. >> the president's economic advisors are saying there is not going to be a recession, are you sure? >> you don't have to take our word on this. >> carley: "washington post" said make america great again refers to return to the 1950s, what about a return before biden-flation. joe concha is next. only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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faces famine. >> the white house is continuing to define what recession is ahead of tomorrow's expected falling gdp numbers arguing now we're better off than starving african nations. >> obviously high prices are hitting americans very hard in way that is different from some places facing famine, for example. >> griff: republicans slamming democrats and the administration for ignoring reality. >> how fast it got this bad and the ridiculous things the democrats say, they can't define what recession is, if it is not going to happen, why do you define it or care about the definition or change the accepted definition? >> griff: whether you call it recession or not, fox news digital finds that americans are feeling the pain.
2:21 am
>> have you checked gas prices lately or interest rates? absolutely we're in a recession. >> the economy isn't growing, don't seem to be, we can't keep up with anything. >> griff: 51% of americans have little to no emergency funds and many are uncomfortable with the amount they have saved, meanwhile, latest consumer confidence index falling for the third straight month to lowest point sentence biden took office and gas prices have fallen, the administration announced it selling oil from the strategic reserve adding to the 125 billion sold so far and something we're watching today, todd and carley, fed chairman jerome powell will see how high the next interest rate hike will be, fear it could be another three quarters of a point. >> carley: three major economic
2:22 am
announcements coming out later today. thank you so much. turning to this, an article in the "washington post" argues slogan "make america great again" carries flaw of bringing america back to the 1950s. in reality, the 1950s were great for some americans, in places where they wield political power would hurt almost everyone else. >> todd: joe concha joins us now, joe, what is your take on this? >> joe: it appears hyperbole rules the day once again, i don't think people want a return to the '50s. what would we do without our iphone? i don't think "fox and friends first" was on at that point, it would be tough in america. most of us would return to 2019,
2:23 am
inflation down, violent crime not causing exodus out of cities like new york, chicago, san francisco, a border that was actually secure. i think we take that, the '50s, nice time, but i think maybe three years ago is pre-pandemic is something we all could embrace. >> carley: joe, this clip went viral because of the way kamala harris introduced herself, watch this. >> vice president harris: very important assess mentz about pressing issues of our time. i am kamala harris, pronouns, she and her, woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit. >> carley: everybody described what they were wearing to help the visually impaired, she also used her gender pronouns and republicans had a field day with
2:24 am
that. >> joe: the vice president can only talk about pronouns because she will not talk about progress on her number one job, securing the u.s. border, finding the root cause behind mass migration. somehow this vice president is polling lower than joe biden. campaigning and complaining is so easy, like we heard throughout 2020. governoring on solutions, executing on them is extremely harder and this vice president is not interested in doing hard work nor equipped to fix problems even when she is engaged. i did like the suit, big on blue, good choice by the vice president's people. >> carley: it was a good suit. >> todd: i will feel better when i hear president biden and xi
2:25 am
goes and describes themselves like this. the latest staffer to leave the white house, communication team head for the door, is this why the white house can't get messaging right or is this just normal churn? >> joe: this guy, michael larosa, probably signed off on the hispanics are tacos thing, perhaps it is a good time to excuse one's self. there is normal churn in white houses, particularly when it comes to those on the communication team. to do it now and have that be part of the news cycle when you have midterms 100 days away, we see folks leaving, it's just a bad look. if you were committed to your job, wait until after midterm and finish things out. many staffers in the white house know it is coming, red tsunami
2:26 am
november and they don't want to be around when it happens. i don't want to be here, you got to keep the trains runs on time. i'm taking a four-day weekend down to the jersey shore. >> todd: avoid the sharks, enjoy your time, but avoid the sharks. >> joe: and wear looser pants, you don't want things ripping at an unfortunate time. >> todd: again, noted. senator ted cruz capturing disturbing footage from the boarderce, one of the most underreported cartel crime operations and it involves kids next. >> carley: flow of fentanyl is a major concern for all americans, next guest is idaho sheriff who says his county is feeling the impact thousands of miles from
2:27 am
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order now on and kick off the new year right! nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure demands a lotion this pure. gold bond pure moisture lotion 24-hour hydration no parabens, dyes, or fragrances gold bond champion your skin >> todd: we're back with a fox news alert, a major road reopening after crews gain some control against california's largest wildfire of the season. >> carley: the massive flames already charring nearly 19,000 acres, but the oak fire is 26% contained, which is a good sign
2:31 am
according to fire officials, but they are not out of the woods yet, there is much work to be done will. senior meteorologist janice dean has the fox weather forecast as we look at terrifying images. >> janice: absolutely, this historic fire continues to burn. 26% containment, we don't have strong winds we get in california, we are not getting any moisture into the atmosphere and the temperatures remain warm and look at the smoke tracker. this is central california and we're getting wildfire smoke toward the northwest and toward the northern plains, impacting california and the surrounding states. rain still to come, not getting any in california, we are seeing relief for the southwest, we have a dozen fires burning and flood alerts, too much of a good thing bring potential for heavy rain and flash flooding.
2:32 am
you see the thunderstorms with this rainfall and this is the monsoon season, we have the shift in winds bringing rain to portions of the southwest and i want to mention, we had historic rain in st. louis area yesterday, last rain that brought seven inches of rain was from a hurricane, that gives you an idea and 12 inches in and around the area, this is another big story we'll focus on, because more rain is in the forecast for st. louis. fox, has you covered. >> carley: senator ted cruz crisis at the border has a new video calling it the narco slave trade. >> these children come in, in vicious cartels, thousands and thousands of dollars and the
2:33 am
teenage boys work for the gangs in every city in america and the teenage girls experience hell worse than that. joe biden and kamala harris are responsible for the worst plague of slavery in america since the civil war. >> carley: crews detailing the cartel's control of the border last night. >> virtually every illegal immigrant is wearing a color-coded plastic wrist bracelet, the color corresponds to how many thousands of dollars they owe the cartel and you pay the cartel. if you cross the border on your own, the cartel will kill you. >> carley: the senator accused biden administration of being the last mile of the trafficking network by flying migrants further into the united states. mayorkas is set to meet with the
2:34 am
president of honduras about the impact of the southern border and it comes as drugs and criminals coming across the border are overwhelming their towns. sheriff from idaho joins me now, you are 2000 miles away from the southern border, how bad is the fentanyl crisis in your community? >> we're at a crisis stage, quite frankly. we've never seen the number of seizures and the amounts of any drug, including methamphetamine like we see in fentanyl and reeling with the methamphetamine crisis we've been in for years and every bit of this substance, illegal narcotics dm from the world without question, they're coming to us and ravaging our communities. i've had numerous deputies hospitalized because fentanyl exposure at my jail, we had to hospitalize deputies because
2:35 am
they came in contact with it. >> carley: if you even touch it, it can affect you. are members of the mexican drug cartel driving fentanyl up themselves from the southern border up to idaho? >> without question and have been for literally for decades and there is a very established cartel membership in every community and state in the united states and we're not exception. they're assigned here, deployed here, operate here from safe houses, drop houses, it is intersecting with our local gangs and other nefarious criminals and they distribute the dope, it is all run by the cartel, not day or night comes by we are not seeing someone associated with mex can cartel. >> carley: you are in a war with the mexican drug cartels, what
2:36 am
is that like, have you ever arrested any of them? >> absolutely. before i became sheriff i spent six years assigned to -- i personally my family has been by the gangs and cartel membership, they tried to kid nap my daughter years ago, she was 16 years old. that case got unravelled before it happened, this is how serious it is to law enforcement and citizens and again issue the amount of overdoses unprecedented in our state and communities here where i'm at. we have never seen the numbers and i've stated and when i travel to the border we are at war with the cartel, that is our number one front, our number one battle in the united states and people who don't believe that are hiding from the truth,
2:37 am
including the director who is traveling to honduras, absolutely ridiculous to think that we're this border is secure and safe in our communities. we're not, on the cusp of complete collapse. >> carley: talking about police officers affected by touching fentanyl, kidnappings, overdose deaths, so when you hear dhs secretary mayorkas say that the border is closed, things are under control, what do you say to that? >> he's idiotic to say those and if he believes that, he's an idiot in my opinion. there is no question, it is unsecure, not safe and for him to say it is safe, it is not safe, it is secure, those are synonymous terms, we can't have one without the other. we are not safe because of our
2:38 am
battle with the mexican cartel. they control the border and are controlling the city and towns across the country. >> carley: sheriff, keep fighting the good fight, we appreciate you. >> we will. >> carley: turning to this, my goodness joe rogan is taking on tiktok. >> it ends with china having all of your data. >> todd: if you or your family uses the app, you will want to learn more about the privacy policy, we have that info next.
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>> todd: frightening stuff, senate reports detailing china attempt to target the u.s. federal reserve, china bribed fed officials for confidential information about the u.s. economy. >> carley: lauren is here with more, good morning. >> the report from the homeland security and government affairs committee it alleges china used
2:43 am
variety of tactics to recruit economyistss to provide china with knowledge in exchange for monetary gain. the federal reserve was unable to counter this threat effectively and this report dates back to 2013. it gives examples like one fed economist detained four times during a 2019 trip to shanghai and coerced into giving china sensitive information. jay powell responding, he said the bank is deeply troubled by the urn verified insinuation. special agent says this has gone on for far too long. >> this has been an issue and the issue is not going to go away, especially when china can look at joe biden and look at the crisis, he's been in office,
2:44 am
which has been horrible. >> president biden will speak with chinese president, xi jinping, the first call since march. >> todd: they are not our friend. along those lines, joe rogan dropping a truth bomb when it comes to tiktok. >> bite dance is required to share data about you with the chinese government. >> this is tiktok privacy policy, we collect certain information about the device you use to access the platform, app and file names and types, so all your appss and file names filed on your phone, they have access to that. key stroke rhythms, it understands with china having all your data. >> and monitoring your audio, 94 million monthly active users are
2:45 am
in the u.s., by monitoring, beijing is able to know pretty much everything about you, it is scary stuff and over and over again we know this. we've done little about it. >> carley: it is scary stuff, i'm happy i lead a very boring life. thank you. turning to this, nbc turning a blind eye to the hunter biden investigation and focuses on january 6 hearings. attorney general merrick garland, watch this. >> we intend to hold anyone, everyone criminally responsible for the events surrounding january 6th. >> if donald trump was to become a candidate -- >> we will hold accountable anyone criminally responsible. >> todd: matthew whitaker joins
2:46 am
us now. start with the trump part of this, you nrp this job and can read between the lines. does merrick garland ultimately charge donald j. trump? >> ultimately, i don't think he does, this is well timed to raise questions. the department of justice appears to be actively not only paying attention to what the house committee is doing, but also taking cues from it. i'm really concerned that the separation between the two branches is almost invisible as it relates to the january 6 investigation. so many things they could be doing with their time, when you take resources and put on one investigation, you have to take them off of and not do other investigations, so his interview, i was very concerned about several things he said. >> carley: the top republican, moving on to the hunter biden
2:47 am
investigation, chuck grassley is accusing the fbi of downplaying some shady business dealings by hunter biden, while elevating the investigation into donald trump and a whistleblower told grassley there was widespread effort to label negative information about hunter biden as disinformation ahead of the 2020 presidential election. >> when it comes to hunter biden with plenty of concrete information, it was should the down. >> the fbi had, i don't know what you call it, individuals specifically taking derogatory information against hunter biden, downgrading it to end the investigations. >> carley: chuck grassley and -- current investigation into hunter biden?
2:48 am
>> yeah, this is interesting information and chuck grassley is my home-state senator in iowa and he's not one to rattle the partisan sabre very often, so this is concerning. he names two individuals, one with the fbi and one at the department of justice criminal division that did this. the information we have, probably when the laptop was discovered that folks went to the doj to say is there a real investigation and while there appears to have been a real investigation, individuals told the news media off the record that either this was disinformation or there wasn't an investigation and obviously that affects reporting when reporters are told what is not true. i think chuck grassley is on to something big here and hopefully he is given the documents, he's asking for and the information will be provided to do a full
2:49 am
investigation. that is the senate's job is oversight. >> matt, this feels reminiscent to when you were in the administration when donald trump was in office and it seems like the fbi was going after him. the fbi actively not going after hunter biden. how compromised is the fbi bureau? >> i've said several times chris wray needs to get this partisan nature and any political bias out of the fbi. this example we were just talking about, this fbi agent chuck grassley is asking questions about had derogatory social media postings. again, makes no sense why an fbi agent is on social media doing politics. this is the type of things that
2:50 am
raise questions and chuck grassley is absolutely right and my point, as well, the fbi and doj need to be above politics and right now, especially this january 6 investigation and the hunter biden investigation appear to have a partisan tint to it and it is not good for the rule of law and long-term success of the department of justice. >> todd: they all think they have misguided higher calling and this is the crap that results. always great to have you. thank you, sir. stick around we're talking to congressman byron donalds and kat cammack next. >> carley: check in with -- having breakfast with friends at the long street. good morning, brian. >> brian: don't touch my stuff, i'm in gainesville away. we're in the peach state, one of
2:51 am
most closely wauvened races, they need herschel walker to win. warnock called him out yesterday. herschel walker will be here live and we'll spend the day with him. we told you on tuesday, we had a wild video of a teen beating up a police officer on a subway platform in new york city after that teen and his girlfriend jumped the turnstyle. now outrage after learning the young suspect is out again and what he did last week that includes an assault, it is causing the mayor of new york city to call his own city a laughing stock. and the president and first lady of ukraine are opening up an interview with piers morgan how russia war is taking a toll on their lives and building up their relationship. we continue, the left attempt to fund the -- the anti-cop rhetoric is not stopping them
2:52 am
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learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. high prices are hitting americans very hard in a way that is different from some places that are facing famine, for example. >> one day out from the release of an economic report that will likely reveal a recession in america. you heard the white house say at least we are not facing famine. >> carley: byron donald and cat cam rick house agriculture committee. good morning to both of you. there is a poll that shows
2:57 am
americans have less emergency savings now than a year ago which is interesting because we -- at love americans just had the most savings because of the pandemic stimulus checks but it looks like all that money is drying up because of inflation. what are your thoughts on this issue that's affecting so many americans? >> >> well, look, i will just say this: the number one issue is they don't have enough money to make ends meet. when gas is up and food is up it cripples working family and seniors on fixed income. this is disaster for their own personal budget. makes it incredibly difficult to do the normal everyday things. that's what i hear everyday from constituents. it's a serious problem. it didn't have to be this way if congressional democrats had done the right thing and not just used the code vaccine crisis to spend lots of money recklessly.
2:58 am
>> todd: congressman, i want to focus on that statement bye bye ron diaz at least we are not facing famine. >> is that the standard for our great country for america under this white house? hey, at least we are not 1980's ethiopia? >> just when you think the left and this administration can't get any lower, they manage to set that bar just a little bit higher or in this case lower. you know, if you are an individual making $50,000 annually, just to break even under the biden administration, you now need to be bringing home over $62,000 a year compared to the $50,000 salary that you may have had under president trump. that just goes it show how much of an impact these inflationary policies are having on everyday americans. and, let us be clear, when it comes to food security, that is national security. and when we see rising prices of fuel, that's impacting our food
2:59 am
prices. input costs like fertilizer and labor nowhere to be found because the government keeps telling people to stay home also contributing to the fact that food prices are going up. we already see that baby formula is hard to come by, and you would never think in america that would be the case but here we are. america in 2022 under biden and food supplies are getting scarce. >> carley: sorry congresswoman and congressman, what is republicans' plan to tackle inflation? what needs to be done here? >> number one, you have got to pull out the excess covid money. get the government back to precovid spending levels. last quick point, we have to do something about the federal reserve. make sure they have one mandate of sound money. that is it. >> carley: there you go. todd, i think we are ending the show here. todd dancing in the corner there. congressman byron donalds and congresswoman kat cammack, thank
3:00 am
you both for joining us. we appreciate it very important topic as we await this g.d.p. number that is set to come out tomorrow as the white house tryredefine the word recession. todd, it's great to be with you this morning. >> todd: likewise my friend. we need to get kat cammack in. have to fly to florida. >> carley: continue to get well "fox & friends" starts now. >> is rising crime a crisis? >> violent crime is a matter of considerable concern. >> the nation's top law enforcement official says crime, quote, is a matter of concern, not a crisis. >> this claim coming as we learn that a teen seeing in a wild video freed without bail days earlier. >> get stronger with challenge. >> ukraine's president and his wife talking with piers morgan about their relationship. >> this challenge can make us more united. >> texas senator ted cruz releasing a graphic video from the southern border


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