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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 27, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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we appreciate it very important topic as we await this g.d.p. number that is set to come out tomorrow as the white house tryredefine the word recession. todd, it's great to be with you this morning. >> todd: likewise my friend. we need to get kat cammack in. have to fly to florida. >> carley: continue to get well "fox & friends" starts now. >> is rising crime a crisis? >> violent crime is a matter of considerable concern. >> the nation's top law enforcement official says crime, quote, is a matter of concern, not a crisis. >> this claim coming as we learn that a teen seeing in a wild video freed without bail days earlier. >> get stronger with challenge. >> ukraine's president and his wife talking with piers morgan about their relationship. >> this challenge can make us more united. >> texas senator ted cruz releasing a graphic video from the southern border highlighting
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what he calls a narcoslave trade. >> joe biden and kamala harris responsible for the worst plague of slavery in america since the civil war. >> bret: lottery fever. no one has won since april 15th. your chances of winning 103 million. there is stale chance. >> change change a lot of people's lives. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: welcome to georgia. beautiful georgia. it's going to be one of the battle grounds in this midterm election. one of the most intriguing senate seats and governor races in the country. and when it comes to the senate race, it could actually decide the balance of power in this country. that is outside. and that is where i flew in. but now i have gone to beautiful gainesville, georgia, the
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poultry capital of the country. long street cafe where i will be hosting, unless something goes terribly wrong for my segment of the show, for the next three hours. close with an interview with herschel walker, erick erickson in a little while. more importantly the people behind me already starting to file in. they are hungry. they are hungry for fox news and "fox & friends." and this place is 25 years old. they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. full history, guys, we will be talking to the people that make up america and georgia throughout the show. >> steve: i would imagine, brian, if that town is the poultry capital of the world because of the all the processing plants they have got there, you are going to have eggs for breakfast. >> brian: well, i will see. this is a working. >> steve: you can't leave without something some eggs. come on. >> brian: come on. but we have to see. gainesville actually named after general edward gaines as you
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know ainsley one of the heroes of 1812 and one of the local heroes here is herschel walker and trace adkins lives right down the block. >> ainsley: really? >> brian: shooting a movie here. tall with a deep voice. >> ainsley: how tall is he? like 65, 6'7", something like that. big guy. you know brian's rule. brian never eats on camera because he can't talk and chew at the same time. >> steve: there are commercials. >> ainsley: your mother taught you well. >> brian: i made a decision in 1953 and i'm going to stick with it one thing pretty hot among the diners here today. the people we met with last night wherever you go is crime. one thing is pretty clear. whatever city, big or small, there are big crime issues. we are not shy about the number of how much crime criminal activities in and around 48th and 6th in midtown, manhattan, we saw some horrendous vehicle from over the weekend of this 16-year-old who decided not to pay his fare. a develop walks up to him along
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with a female cop walked up to him and female companion go out. you are not under arrest. just leave. he said no, and this fight ensues. we don't know this kid's flame because we are worried about his identity and this type of incident trailing him for the rest of his life. buff we do know now there is even more of a track record than we even managed. guys, in april, he was caught in a car at the age of 15 with a loaded gun and a cross bow in brooklyn. then he gets released last week he was caught on wednesday, he jumped a 49-year-old man along with a few of his friends and stole his phone. he goes to court and he gets out under the -- on his own recognizance. and we see what happened over the weekend. this is emblematic, in my humble been about what is going on with these d.a.s and crime doesn't matter in this country anymore. >> steve: we know his name. we are not releasing it because he is a minor. that's wife that is brian, you
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know you have named three of the things we know of for sure. but then on june 21st, he and three others punched a man in the head, stole his phone. the victim cut his head and hands and just the fact that he was found in april in a car with a loaded gun, that should be something where you would wind up with bail. but in the case where, you know whereby he jumped that 49-year-old man that you talked about. the d.a. could have required bail because he was robbed. but the office asked that he be released intensive community monitoring. yeah, that's really working out great. and, yesterday, this guy was actually in court and they asked to send him to st. john's, which is a nonsecure detention facility with a 6:00 p.m. curfew because it sounds like this case is moving to family court. what is curious. and this tells you a lot about this 16-year-old kid. at the end of his court session, he asked the judge, hey, am i
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allowed to press charges? and the judge said against who? and the kid never answered. but you got to figure because he has got all of these cases, he is thinking about this case right here and he is thinking is he going to press charges against the cop if i had to guess. >> ainsley: it's ridiculous under the raise the age law in new york. it's meant to keep the young people who commit crimes out of the adult system. and this guy is 16 years 089d. so under the law, 16 and 17-year-old suspects are sent to family court as long as they don't involve felony with a deadly weapon. sex crime or significant physical injury to their victims. look what he is doing to this police officer. how about the guy in midtown where he allegedly punched the guy in the head and stole his cell phone and then he is caught with this loaded gun in a cross bow inside his car. they don't think this is
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significant physical injury? so they put him in this detention facility, a nonsecure detention facility in queens. he is allowed to go out. he just has to be back by 6:00 p.m. that's his curfew. >> steve: nothing could go wrong there. people are furious about this. we have police officers who say look we don't want to touch the suspects anymore because it doesn't matter. they are right back out o. we have to do the paperwork by the time we finish the paperwork they are back out on the streets. the using 16-year-old child for. >> catch, release, repeat. this person was arrested for robbery a few days ago. now he is back. as soon as we catch them, the system releases them and they repeat the action. that is just -- you know, when i say we are the laughingstock of the country. this is what i am talking about.
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>> brian: let's add to that so we know the mayor has been pretty consistent. one of the first things he did he went up to albany and said listen you have got do something reforming these bail laws. my people, my cops on the street don't have the power to arrest. they are totally dispritted. they are not going to go and take some personal risk if they know these men and maybe in some cases women are going to be out the same bay commit another crime. governor hochul doesn't do anything. listeners, doesn't do anything. even though they endorsed each other and governor hochul has his support he is basically saying i'm not getting anywhere. if this is an opportunity for lee zeldin say i will change that i will listen to the democratic mayor and people will pay for their crime. and i want a list of all these democratic lawmakers that think it's a great idea to have zero cash bail that would put some pressure on them to go into their districts and then say
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these are the victims of crime who keep getting out perpetrating more criminal acts and you allow them to come out and make them personally response sick for death and destruction of people's property. merrick garland was asked about this yesterday he sees a problem but not a crisis. >> they are concerned about their safety, make sure that law enforcement is up to the task. is rising crime a crisis in this country? >> look, i think violent crime, as a matter of considerable concern for the country and to the justice department as it should be. communities have to trust us. they have to trust law enforcement. for that reason we are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into police departments and into communities in a joint effort to battle violent crime together. >> steve: so les ter holt asked is it a crisis? he said it is a concern. if did you go out on the streets of any big american city it is a crisis. we have seen the pattern with
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this administration, is this a crisis at the southern border? >> no. it's secure. we have got a concern about that. is there a crisis with crime? no, it's a concern. you know,. >> ainsley: the people of chicago. >> steve: tell it to the people of new york. remember, so much of this is the result of the defund the police movement over the last couple of years. but it was just three years ago where it seemed like every other morning we would report about how in this city, people were just throwing water on cops. buckets of water. hitting cops in the head with home depot buckets. i remember one actually had a bucket of milk thrown on him. the cops couldn't do anything because their hands were handcuffed. they were being humiliated and now here we are to this stage in life. last night on the channel, a former dallas police sergeant said, you know what? the problem is with the system watch. >> there's no credibility in our justice system anymore,
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unfortunately. this is -- the criminals know that they're going to get away with these crimes, which is one of the reasons why i spent today lobbying the senate judiciary to, you know, help us transfer certain crimes over to the federal jurisdiction. so we could get certain people off of the streets. we can't keep letting these people run around and victimizing our communities we have to do something about it. >> steve: that's right. >> ainsley: the d.a.'s office was asked about it and they said these charges for the 16-year-old that they're age-appropriate intervention. is he only 16 years old. he has been caught allegedly with a loaded gun, with a cross bow, beating up a guy in midtown and stealing his cell phone and beating up a cop, after he jumped the turnstile, meaning he is trying to get on the subway without paying the fare, which is stealing. this is already on his record. and he is only 16 years old, brian. >> brian: it's all out there. think about it emblematic of a bigger story. we will talk about it throughout
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these next three hours. straight ahead on this show, ukraine's president zelenskyy and his wife opening up an exclusive interview with piers morgan on fox nation. >> this is why i wish that this challenge can make us more united. >> brian: the cost of war and their relationship and how it relates to ukraine and beating russia. >> steve: did you get the number? let me give you a hint. mega millions now becoming a mega billion jackpot overnight. nobody hit yesterday's record setting amount ahead of the next drawing on "fox & friends." live on new york city and down in georgia ♪ alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need...
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>> carley: we are back with some headlines, police in california going on a wild chase after a man is accused of stealing a construction truck. officers chase the truck on i 10 just outside of los angeles. the truck was pulling a trailer causing sparks to fly off the road. the driver decided to flee on foot on the freeway after police pinned the truck against a barrier. he was caught and taken to the hospital. it is unclear how serious his injuries are. new reports say the department of justice is investigating the actions of former president donald trump on january 6th. the doj's investigation is separate from the probe currently underway from the house select committee. the justice department investigation is reportedly focusing on claims that trump intended to submit fake electors to overturn the results of the election. joe rogan is sounding the alarm on data collected by popular act
3:18 am
tiktok that he says goes right into the hands of the chinese government. >> so all your apps and all your file names. all the things you have filed away on your phone, they have access to that. it ends with cline having all of your data. >> carley: meanwhile instagram being called out by two of the most popular users kylie jenner and kim kardashian by attempting to by switching from photo based content to video a transition which the head of instagram is has admitted is not good yet. the mega millions jackpot surpassing $1 billion after no one won yesterday's 830-million-dollar grand prize the cash option expected to be $602 million when the grand prizes redrawn on friday night. mega millions said there were 62 million attempts to reach its
3:19 am
website over a 24-hour span around tuesday's drawing. no one won, guys. >> so i shouldn't even look at the ticket in my pocket; however, i understand that five people did get apparently five of the numbers. not the mega number at the end and they win, i think a million dollars. >> ainsley: look at your ticket. >> steve: i will in the next commercial. >> ainsley: ever reached a billion before. >> steve: in like the power ball. >> ainsley: whoever wins, i hope it's a group of people. >> steve: like the people from cane's chicken. >> carley: they didn't win. >> steve: they bought 50,000 tickets, too. >> carley: 15ings. >> steve: the cover of the "new york post" this morning, it turns out there is the president of ukraine and the first lady and they sat down in those clarifies for a three-part interview with piers morgan that drops today on fox nation.
3:20 am
it's really interesting -- one of the things he says is that joe biden needs to come to ukraine to see with his own two eyes what putin is doing to his nation where 5,000 civilians have been murdered. >> ainsley: piers is asking him about their relationship, has this taken a toll on your relationship? this is what they said. >> these kind of situations they can make or break a marriage. had are is your marriage stronger because of what have you gone through. >> i agree with the theory that marriage gets stronger with challenges. i think in our case it would be the same. we have become more interested in each other. i think in our case it will be the same story. we have got something else to say to each other. that is why i wish that this challenge can make us more united. what do you think about it? >> my answer wouldn't be different. >> you should have your own
3:21 am
opinion about it. >> when you are next to me, your opinion has priority. what i would say i don't have any other experience. i have got only one wife and i am happy. >> steve: good answer. >> ainsley: she went on to say -- both of them said they are unhappy when they're not together. she is living at undisclosed location with his children. he is living in the city an office building, maybe. this was one of the first times -- they rarely get to see each other. >> steve: first international interview. >> ainsley: yeah, first one ever. he said he missed his children. he missed his wife. it was impossible to get used to but obviously as you say it made them stronger. clearly they are in love. holding hands. rare live get to see each other. she said made them even stronger as a couple. when they got engaged, brian, he and his friends all proposed to their giferldz girlfriends at the same time. they all three said yes and got married in three consecutive
3:22 am
weekends. look how love they are. they are still flirting with each other. married 19 years and known each other 26. >> brian: right. in a war zone bring people together or fracture them. mom, dad, i met a comedian he is going to be perfect a life of entertainment and have gay at this and all types of fun one thing to the next. >> ainsley: little did she know. >> brian: guy want to get in politics. now he wears nothing but fatigues and i like him more. comedian turned war-time general. they have continued to astound me by keeping ukraine in the news. so important for the world to not lose attention because he is needs their support. he is taking on almighty russia run by evil vladimir putin. if the rest of the world, the free world starts losing interest, they start losing weapons and money. what he does brilliantly talks to universities, nations,
3:23 am
parliaments, he does interviews with people like piers morgan who did an unbelievable job as -- with doing a town hall with various celebrities over the weekend. is he making sure ukraine doesn't leave the minds of this a.d.d. world. and for the president of the united states, himars work. the weapon system is effective. you are thinking about f 15s and f-16s. you will eventually do it. here's the problem, while you delay and deliberate. people are dying. the himars are changing the battlefield but every day that you delay and think about it, it's changing the shape of a war for the negative. make the decision. get all in. vladimir putin can't handle ukraine. they're not going to start bombing us. lastly keep your eye on kherson the first major city to fall and zelenskyy's forces are beginning to take it back. that's the momentum needed. urge your local lawmaker to support the f-15s and 16s to
3:24 am
get into theater guys. this war matters. piers morgan does a great interview. it's on a show "uncensored" on fox nation every weekday at 4:30 and extremely important interview. meanwhile, i'm in -- go ahead. >> ainsley: he announced live on tv he was going to run for president. didn't ask his wife, tell his wife that's how she found out. >> steve: surprise, like i'm bringing the boss home from work. >> ainsley: honey, i'm going to run for president. brian, you are at the cafe talking to voters. >> brian: right. i know, when couples therapy they can work that out, ashley. >> ainsley: they don't need us. >> brian: running for president next thing you know. long street cafe legendary 25 years old. this is historic city. so let's go meet the people of georgia who know the focus is on them like it used to be on ohio and it used to be on florida. i want you to meet the two guys that arrived here first in gainesville, georgia. and it is -- i want you to meet
3:25 am
this is alley, and this is doug. alley, first off, who convinced you to get up this early? >> doug. [ laughter ] >> he is a braves fan but i don't dislike him i just happen to be a mets fan as long as you are used to playing in a wild cards game we will have a good relationship. >> alley, what's the most important issue for you right now? >> right now it's the economy. it's really the worst i have seen in 40 years. >> they said it's not a recession. don't get caught up in two quarters of negative growth. is it a recession to you. >> yes, it is. >> brian: in what respect? >> like i said, in the last four years this is the worst that i have seen it. >> what do you do. >> i build furniture. >> brian: do you have customers. >> yes, i do. >> you have have to up your prices. >> yes, i did. >> have to wait for supplies. >> yes. waited for supplies are kwame what they cost before. >> brian: that is the real economy. i don't think we need brian deese to define it. so, doug, what about what should people know about gainesville
3:26 am
and how the economy is affecting you guys. >> well, for me, i'm on a fixed income. and so, therefore, with inflation like it is, my check hasn't gone up and it will never go up. and so with the gas prices i know it's come down a little bit. >> brian: 50 cents. it's 4.50. >> right. that is what you have to go have gas to go to the grocery store. >> brian: has your life changed because of the gas prices, do you drive less? do you do less? >> 100 percent. i have to keep it to where if it's not a church function or the grocery store, i'm not leaving the house. and i drive a car that doesn't gets a lot of mileage but i guarantee you, i drive half the time that i used to a year -- two years ago.
3:27 am
>> brian: people talk about the gross numbers. i talk about the everyday numbers. how people's lives are affected. that 9% is real. it affects your lifestyle. the last question is the hardest. you watch fox news. we appreciate it. how do you watch? how do you fox news? >> fox nation, fox news. >> brian: do you watch on tv, phone, ipad? >> i'm an addict. i do all of those things. >> brian: wherever you go. what about you? >> i start every morning with fox news. and my morning wouldn't be the same without fox news. >> brian: do you watch on your phone or ipad. >> watch tv laying in my bed at 6:00 in the morning. >> brian: not today though you here. he has his best hat and coke got your coffee and he needs a refill. that's the latest from here. talking to all the diners. make some noise if you are actually here today. [laughter] [cheers] >> brian: sold out crowd at 6:00 a.m. in gainesville. herschel walkner a couple hours. erick erickson just got here so it's going to be an exciting
3:28 am
morning, guys. >> steve: indeed they all fox news live and in person today. >> ainsley: i love that they all got up. looks like a big crowd behind you, brian. >> brian: yes. because everyone said you were going to be here. we lied. they are disappointed in me. >> ainsley: happy to see you. tell some jokes during the commercial breaks. entertain them. >> i will write some. >> ainsley: everyone is feeling the pain. senator ted cruz is exposing the danger of biden's border crisis. his terrifying new video showing the horrors of human trafficking. >> these children come n death, vicious cartels, thousands and thousands of dollars. and the teenage boys work for the gangs in every city of america and teenage girls experience a hell worst than that.
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>> steve: senator ted cruz sowming the alarm on the biden administration for the growth of the narcoslave trade. watch the senator. >> these children come in in debt to vicious cartels, thousands and thousands of dollars and the teenage boys work for the gangs in every city in america and the teenage girls experience a hell worst than
3:33 am
that with far too many of them human trafficked into sex slavery. joe biden and kamala harris are responsible for the worst plague of slavery in america since the civil war. >> steve: that's right. smuggling operation once the rise according to u.s. border patrol and the "new york times" reports these trafficking enterprises have grown into a $13 billion industry. that's a billion dollars a month, which is way up from 500 million in 2018. joining us right now is the former deputy special agent in charge of homeland security investigations for laredo texas. tim joins us from texas. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve of course i appreciate you having me on today. >> we heard from the administration that our southern border is secure, but clearly it's just secure for making sure
3:34 am
that the cartels can make billions of dollars. >> it is and senator ted cruz is a great representative of the state of texas and understands security and how it affect our national security. it he continues to shine a light on which we need to. security on our border is the worst i have seen it in the 27 years experience i have had working on border enforcement agency. specifically between our ports of entry. illicit movement of narcotics and people human smuggling and trafficking, weapons smug divling to mexico and back to the u.s. >> steve: i see on your biography you retired from federal service and homeland security in january. when it comes to how this administration handled the border. did that have anything to do with you retiring and you saying i have got to call it quits. this just ain't right? >> absolutely. i never had a bad day at work. working for my agency. i enjoyed everything that i did. the current policies of the
3:35 am
administration tying the hands of what we are able to do on the border. put me to a decision where i was ready to retire going to the civil practice. and i continue to see the frustration that our current agents have on the border. how they are not able to use our laws and our policies greatly affect our national security. >> steve: right. in adiggs to the narcoslavery that we have seen that ted cruz was talking about, there was cbp announced a gigantic fentanyl bust in nogales, arizona. i think it was 300,000 tablets easily could kill a person. and, i just don't get why the administration allows, you know, the people to come across because so many of them are got-aways and so many of them have drugs. and each one of those packages could kill a bunch of people. when they catch somebody involved in this, they should wind up with the death penalty, some have said, because those
3:36 am
pills are killing so many americans. >> they're, if you look at fentanyl and the amount of fentanyl now coming from precursors from china to mexico and being produced in mexico and smuggled to the u.s., it's higher than we have ever seen it two thirds of the overdoses related to fuentas. almost 200 deaths a day. in 2021, biggest increases of overdoses we have had in the last 50 years. that's all based on border security policy and enforcement efforts under this administration. we need to increase better efforts and to raise our borderr security like we have had in the past. >> steve: 200 deaths a day somebody needs to be held response sick because the drugs are flowing across our southern border even though the administration says it is secure. of course, last year they said it was seasonal, it's neither. timothy tubbs, thank you very much for your service and thank you for joining us today from texas. >> thank you. >> steve: you bet.
3:37 am
all right. meanwhile 24 minutes before the top of the hour. brian is having breakfast with friends at a diner in gainesville, georgia. brian, the place is filling up. they are excited to be on "fox & friends" today. >> brian: oh, yeah. this place is already packed. 25 years of history here. hear that story and why it's so popular. erick erickson is going to be on. he is the voice and mind -- political mind of what is happening in georgia. he will tell us the inside tore. guys, the mayor -- do you like the mayor? [cheers and applause] >> brian: this place is packed with celebrities and everyday people. they can't get enough of "fox & friends" and i can't blame them. the music is going to get wider. we will take a live shot and go to break. back in a moment ♪ ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal.
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♪ >> brian: one of the nation's most closely watched midterm races. i'm talking about georgia's gubernatorial hopeful stacey abrams having a rematch with brian kemp. and, get this: she is pretty sure she is going to win. far left candidate posting this flashback photo captioned as little miss future governor of georgia? remember, she never admits she lost. critics mocking the theme including our next guest reminds him of the infamous hillary clinton wishing herself a happy birthday to the future president. nationally syndicated radio host erick erickson. he drove two hours to be here. eric, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> one stop shopping if i want to get the story on the georgia politics. governor's race, this rematch. if you are kemp. do you feel good right now? >> oh, you do. if you go back a decade, this is the first time a republican gubernatorial candidate in
3:43 am
georgia has been ahead in every public poll. usually the democrats this time of year are ahead. he is ahead in his five points public polling ahead by seven to eight points. >> brian: you mocked what stacey abrams put up there. she never admitted she lost last time. but she won't say that anymore. is it because of the trump protest in georgia and she doesn't want to be linked to that? >> i think there t. is. there has been a lot of pushback on her campaign for never really admitting she lost. even hillary clinton said that stacey abrams won. she didn't. people forget she didn't come close to winning. she came close to getting into a run off where she would have lost. >> brian: on top of that, too. you talk about the money that is coming into her. she is a celebrity candidate. is georgia money pouring in or outside money. >> this is the other weakness to her campaign. 18% of brian kemp's money from georgia. 14% of stacy abrams. california and have given her more money than georgians. >> brian: run off elections both
3:44 am
go to democrat. the balance of power switches in the senate. titanic results because the republicans took it for granted. on the runoff. with senator warnock now taking on herschel walker, the big news today he is calling on herschel walker to debate in october. this is basically a one to three point race. how do you see it? >> look, walker can absolutely win this thing. georgia is less of a swing state than people think. it had a lot to do with donald trump in 2020. the fact is that walker is polling really close right now in the summer when democrats tend to outperform georgia in the polls. can he pull this race off. in fact, when you go back to 1980, carter on the ballot. georgia's former governor. matt became an accidental senator for one term. revolted. same thing can happen here walker can win. >> brian: first things you want to do reform the election laws. rein them in, not limit it got mislabeled in my view jim crow 2.0.
3:45 am
how did that play with the people of georgia being labeled like that. how did it play that the primaries had record showing that had you this horrible election change, why did everyone come out in the primaries? >> the law was completely misrepresented by stacey abrams so much so the major league baseball pulled the all-star game. $10 million loss to georgia because of that mostly nonwhite communities. 50% hispanic, 20% black men under 35 voting for kemp. that's the economic impact. >> brian: stacey abrams changed her editorial in "u.s.a. today" because she called for that pullout. she called for corporates. >> "u.s.a. today" allowed her change the op-ed to get rid of her call for a boycott tells us everything you need to know. >> brian: i will talk to herschel in two hours. do you guys mind if herschel walker is going to be here? two hours be down here. raphael warnock running away from president biden whose approval rating 30% here. can he effectively do that when he votes for them 95% of the
3:46 am
time? >> no. if you actually watch warnock's ads holding puppies say he loves puppy. if you look at his voting record he hates georgia. >> >> brian: what respect. >> economically taxes crime, immigration. is he voting so much for joe biden's policies that are deeply opposed by the people of georgia. biden is polling 30%. voting with biden not with georgia. >> brian: what's going to be the hardest thing for georgia to overcome as a rookie politician campaigning against a formidable foe. >> warnock spending a million dollars a week on advertising from streaming services to tv to radio. and walk everywhere is just getting into the advertising game. warnock is building up very high favorables for himself but, again, you got an economy here that georgians don't like and walker can play to that. >> brian: i have had the privilege of going to ohio and florida over the last few elections. they just get beat up with constant ads. you guys are the new florida and ohio. how is georgians handling being
3:47 am
besieged like this. >> for those of us in the media buying lamborghinis with all the ads. my kids go on youtube. they begged me to buy the subscription without ads. they are tired. i don't know who this warnock guy is but i'm tired of seeing him. >> brian: you see him everywhere. >> everywhere. >> brian: pollsters everywhere. get eric's newsletter go e.w. erickson >> yep. >> brian: fantastic. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: he drove two hours got here midnight wrong hotel and drove another half hour. you look great. >> great. >> brian: you might be able to host a morning show. >> interthat venus coffee. >> brian: somebody who always gets applause on the streets of new york janice dean you have the fox weather forecast. just know it's 100 percent humidity, am i correct? >> janice: okay, he are done. >> brian: very humid.
3:48 am
>> janice: tell hi to everybody in georgia. >> brian: we will. >> janice: i love it when we go to the diners, we are dealing with temperatures pretty nice and the humidity has cut back across the northeast not so much for the south and the northwest where they are going to set some records today. let's take a look the a where we had some heavy rainfall across the midwest, st. louis over # inches of rain in just a matter of hours yesterday. you know you saw that story on "fox & friends." we have the flash flood threat once again for the ohio river valley with some these areas really getting two to three nimpletion a short period of time. flash flooding is going to be a concern. fox for latest details and there are the heat watches across the country, i think i'm seconding it back to brian. brian my friend or steve. there you are. hi. >> brian: thanks for giving it back to me reluctantly, janice. i will take the toss. >> janice: all the best. >> brian: appreciate it from new york back to georgia and now to a break. record inflation impacting americans very differently. we will talk to a farmer who says those in his line of work
3:49 am
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3:53 am
>> ainsley: well, prices are rising all across the country. but inflation isn't hitting everyone equally. a new study finds rural americans are feeling the pain of inflation more than the rest of the country. in 2020 about 82% of rural incomes went towards expenses. now, expenses consume # 1% of rural take-home pay. here with more is iowa farmer. good morning, jim. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. that doesn't leave you an allot of extra money to save or for emergencies. expenses that you are not anticipating. how are you handling this? >> well, ainsley, we're doing what we can. it report that came out of iowa state by dr. peters highlights what we are experiencing in rural iowa.
3:54 am
our expenses have increased dramatically. our incomes have not kept pace with it the and the frustrating thing is this is all created by the biden administration, by their attack or war against the energy industry. most of our expenses -- you look at. >> ainsley: -- >> yes. he has made a lot of promises. supply chain issues. and we haven't seen any results yet. in fact, we are seeing the opposite. >> ainsley: when you look at what has gone up. fertilizers are really through the roof right now. we have three different types of fertilizers on the screen and look how much they have gone up. in addition to that you have to buy diesel fuel, 5.38 a gal loan. a year ago, jim, it was 3.27 a gallon. that's a dollars of $2.11. does this mean fewer crops? >> it could, yes. when we look at the prices of -- we call them inputs.
3:55 am
so it's the cost of goods to grow our crop. to grow food. not only for the united states but for a big percentage of the world. but when we see those costs double and sometimes triple, it effects our bottom line we as farmers have to make a decision are we going to lose money this year or are we going to cut back production and try to maintain some of the equity that we have in our operation. >> ainsley: jim, what's your biggest expense? >> right now it's probably fuel i have booked fuel for this fall. and fall is a time that we use a lot of fuel because we are taking the crop out of the field. that's going to cost my 27,000
3:56 am
more than we did last year. that's the cost we don't have the opportunity to pass that cost on. if you look at retailer be box store or transportation cost cost to get their goods to the consumer increases by 100 percent. they have the opportunity to pass that cost on. those of us involved in agriculture, we don't have that opportunity to pass that on. >> ainsley: well, jim, thank you for sharing your story with us. we wish all the best. hopefully this will be fixed soon. god bless you. four minutes until the top of the hour. >> thank you. >> ainsley: thank you, jim. coming up, president biden is set to speak with china's leader as the communist country doubles down on its claim over taiwan. the new warning that china poses the greatest threat to our national security. the less they'll miss.
3:57 am
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♪ >> not the technical definition. >> the white house continues to redefine what a recession is. economic adviser brian deese is arguing well we are better off than some starving nations. >> high prices are hitting americans very hard but in a way that is different from some places that are facing famine, for example. >> that's my expectation. >> president biden reportedly speak l. speak with president xi and other leaders tomorrow as top white house officials warn of china's continued threat to national security. >> the issue is not going to go away and look at his record for how he has handled crisis which
4:01 am
has been absolutely horrible. >> is rising crime a crisis? >> violent crime is a matter of considerable concern. >> the nation's top law enforcement official says crime is, quote, a matter of concern. not a crisis. >> the claim come as we learn that a teen seen in a wild video fighting a cop is actually freed without bail days earlier. >> little credibility in our justice system. >> mega million jackpot surpassing $1 billion after no one won yesterday's cash option for the massive pot expected to be $602 million. >> whole lives could change. a lot of people's lives. ♪ life is a highway ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ ♪ if you're going my way >> ainsley: beautiful sunrise in gainesville, georgia, right there on the water. it's 75 degrees now. it's going to be 93 degrees today. a beautiful day. it is known as the queen city of the mountains and the paltry capital.
4:02 am
it is also the hospital capital of the world. >> steve: sounds like a beautiful day. brian is hosting today from gainesville, a diner near the river and the noise level has come up, brian. and i have been reading about the men you there the menu sounds delicious. a lot of the meals they you serve buffet style. but you have got have -- apparently they have made-from-scratch biscuits according to website they sell for 41 cents for you but for you probably free. >> ainsley: bet they have gone up because of inflation. >> brian: the owner for 25 years. walk through buffet line in a matter of moment. gainesville 82,000. the main high school, the nickname is the red elephants. that was important to sean desh. >> ainsley: are they republican?
4:03 am
>> brian: trace adkins shooting a series here. >> brian: they seem to be here. >> ainsley: seem to be red elephants. >> i'm not sure that it's directly politically oriented but i will say this. it's not a surprise to anybody. friday night high school football an extremely big deal here to know that herschel walker is going to be here in an hour and 10 minutes. not only is he running for the senate, but they can't wait to see him, university of georgia fans are everywhere. maybe new jersey general fans, too. >> ainsley: is he a legend at that school. >> brian: all about the economy. >> ainsley: july consumer confidence report reveals depressing decline for the third month in a row and jacqui heinrich joins us from the white house with the latest. jacqui? >> good morning to you, ainsley. the white house clearly has a sore spot when it comes to the economy. especially ahead of thursday's g.d.p. report. they are trying to tell anyone who will listen to them that even if there is a second consecutive quarter of negative growth, it does not mean that the u.s. is in a recession.
4:04 am
but, convincing people of that is another story. >> obviously the high prices are hitting americans very hard. but in a way that is different from some places that are facing famine, for example. >> have you checked gas prices lately and interest snrats absolutely we are in a recession. >> the economy isn't growing. don't seem to be growing anyways. we can't keep up with anything. >> a nationwide bank rate poll 61% of americans say they have little to no emergency savings lined up and 43% are expected to fall deeper into debt over rise be inflation. in july the consumer confidence index slipped for the third straight month 95.7% the lowest point since biden took office. the white house has been arguing that even though two consecutive quarters of negative growth technically would constitute a recession under the common definition of the world. it's the not the way that economists look at it officials outline exactly what factors
4:05 am
would constitute a recession this administration, remember, does not have the best track record on predictions, either. >> the president's economic advisers were telling us last year that inflation was going to be temporary. that's not true. now the president's economic advisers are saying there is not going to be a recession. are you sure? >> we look at a range of data. we assess that data. but, you don't have to take our word on this. >> so the president said on monday that he does not believe the u.s. is going to find itself in a recession and, of course, we expect to hear that from the president. no administration wants, you know, the r-word on their, you know, -- on this their account of history. prophecy. don't want to spook people into making that outcome happen. the second quarter of negative growth numbers are due out tomorrow. the president still has covid but could test negative today
4:06 am
which means it's possible we might see him resume his ordinary schedule, guys. >> brian: all right, jacqui, thank you so much. appreciate it five minutes now after the hour. let's expand on what is happening with the economy. everybody i talk to here in the diner will talk to shortly says the economy matters most, including most political experts and guess what? the president of the united states is releasing, get, this another 20 million barrels of oil from our strategic oil reserve. guys, if this continues, we've will be out of emergency oil in about a year and a half. i thought that was supposed to be for an actual emergency not just to get the prices down. i'm pretty sure. >> ainsley: -- around the corner. >> brian: i will add one other thing. it looks like 9 housing real respite for people who want to know making money. they could drop by 20%. economists think that is something to do with the fact that prices are so high. people are going to stop buying and mortgage rates are going to go up.
4:07 am
we will find out how much this week and that could hurt the housing market. so hold on tight. >> steve: that's right. and, you know, what's impacting so many people across the board is the price of gas. we're going to talk about a tweet that eric swalwell has taken some heat over in a moment. but yesterday i told a story how i heard from a friend who said that she was watching a guy he could only afford to put one gallon of gas in his car and she weighs worried does he have a family? does he have enough money to buy food? she was going to fill him up pay for a whole tank but then he drove off and that was it. after i told that story i got an email from a woman helen down in cape coral, florida and she wrote me and said this, steve steve the electric bills in some florida homes have almost doubled due to the cost of natural gas. there are people on pensions that have not increased.
4:08 am
gas to drive bad enough but electric bills are hurting they want you to buy an electric car when you can't afford to buy air conditioning for your house. it's one of those sophie's choice things. do i put gas in the car or do i cool my house? in florida it is very hot right now or do i put gas in my car or do i not buy groceries. it's across the board. >> ainsley: steve, the stories are really hard to hear. especially the elderly on these fixed incomes. >> steve: exactly. >> ainsley: their paychecks aren't going up. the checks coming in the mail or their direct deposits, that's not changing. but inflation has gone up to 9.1%. when you hear jacqui's report that only a fourth of our country they don't even have savings. how are you supposed to afford these more expensive bills. it's hard to wrap your head around it and this is a president who promised to unify us and fix all these problems and actually many of them were caused by joe biden on day one.
4:09 am
eric swalwell, the congressman, he is trying to spin this and saying gas prices are so low now, keep in mind they are about $2 more than they were when joe biden took office. and he put something on twitter, he said gas prices are so low that ted cruz canceled his flight and drove cancun and then he is encouraging you to post your best hashtag gas prices are so low. >> steve: he is taking a lot of heat for that. >> brian: the president of the united states look how low the gas prices are. they dropped 50 cents but still way too high almost double from a year ago. jim boyer an iowa farmer sees what is happening inhold. inholdholland. sees the impact and worries about what is happening to him in america. watch. >> it highlights what we are it experiencing in rural iowa our
4:10 am
expenses have increased dramatically. our incomes have not kept pace with it and the frustrating thing is this is all created by the biden administration, by their attack or war against the energy industry. >> steve: yeah. the number of people having trouble paying their bills, it's not just your boy or the farmer in iowa. the number of people having trouble paying their bills has actually passed the high point during the pandemic in 2020. they say that 40% of adults say somewhat or very difficult to cover usual household expenses. that implies 90 million american families are struggling. it was 60 million a year ago. >> ainsley: how do you think they feel about eric swalwell's tweet? >> steve: they are completely insulted. in the meantime, the president, you know, he -- they hope he will be out of covid isolation tomorrow. it sounds like he is going to be speaking to the president of
4:11 am
china xi. and u.s. officials have will warning to china poses the greatest long-term threat to u.s. national security but at the same time, you know, joe rogan, the podcaster, was talking yesterday about tiktok, which is owned by a chinese company. the chinese company is called bite dance. and you know what? you might not have the app. on your phone but your kids do or somebody on your family cloud might have it. and he had a warning about how this company by law in china has got to share their data with the chinese government, which means china's government can get right into your phone. listen. >> this is from tiktok's privacy policy. >> all right. >> it said we collect certain information about the device you use to access the platform. >> um. >>um such as your ip address.
4:12 am
user regent, app. and file names and types. so all your apps and all your file names. all the things you have filed away on your phone they have access to that file names and types. key stroke patterns or rhythms, so they are monitoring your key stroke so they know every [bleep] thing you type. battery state, audio setting and connected audio devices. where you log in from multiple devices. >> do you think they did that, they created tiktok on purpose to have all of that. >> 100 percent. >> just tell me how it ends, man. >> it ends with china having all of your data. >> ainsley: there's the problem. all these teenagers they love tiktok. and they are passing around all these cute little dance videos. i'm sure your kids love it i know all the 20-year-olds love it. not just teenagers. it's the popular app. right now. that is scary when you hear. we all just sign up. we don't read the fine print because it's so long and joe, reading the fine print is telling us they have -- imagine
4:13 am
if, brian, they have access to everything on your phone. a lot of people store their passwords on their phone. a lot of people have their credit card numbers on their phone. a lot of people have their personal information, maybe your passport number or maybe your driver's license, a picture of your driver's license. that's really really scary. and u.s. officials are warning that china poses the greatest learn threat to u.s. national security. one more thought, brian. congressman michael waltz he says if the g.o.p. takes over the house they will investigate china buying all of this u.s. farmland. he says it could damage our economy and help spread their influence here in the u.s. >> brian: especially by the military base. got to be kidding. this is another thing where president trump was way ahead of the curb. he said we have got to stop with the tiktok that my only my mime time my daughters said do you think tiktok is going to be taking off our phones? yeah next thing heading. next thing you know we just accept it meta is so panicked by
4:14 am
the success of tiktok the new facebook and trying to emulate the app. and trying to find out what it is about tiktok. we have to do the mature thing. everything to do with china we have to divorce ourselves from. if the american companies won't do it we have to divorce ourselves from the american companies including sports leagues. i will add something else nancy pelosi has to go to taiwan. the speaker of the house made the courageous decision to go there. she cannot back off now. i don't care what the defense department says it shows total weakness to china. they have cannot dictate our foreign policy. speaker newt gingrich went bipartisan. speaker pelosi should go. grab a republican. stai down china. let them know that taiwan matters. meanwhile, i want you to know that people in gainesville, georgia matter. i want you to see more about long street, cafe. steve, you mentioned what they are famous more for. go up and personal find out from the guy let me grab the microphone, bailey, from the guy who runs this place for the last 25 years tim bunch.
4:15 am
tim, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> yes, sir. >> great to see you. 25 years. what's the mag magic to keepings place open? >> hard work. hard work. good help. >> brian: all right. powerful tri capital of the country? >> yes, sir. >> brian: kathy, turn around and give away the secret. that is your rotisserie chicken gutted early and ready to be eaten. let's go down. instead of waiting for a waiter or waitress to come up to you. buffet style. not necessarily all you can eat,. >> exactly right. get just a plain biscuit. homemade biscuits make them fresh about 1500 a day. >> what time. >> 10 people here at 4:30 in the morning. >> brian: 10 people here. are you here that early. >> i usually get here 6:00, 7:00. country fried steak. >> brian: put it and fry tnchts actually cook it on the grill. put oil on it to give the bread some flavor. >> brian: great way to start
4:16 am
your day. >> tender lion, fried chicken, grilled chicken, sausage, hormel bacon and fresh eggs. >> brian: this place is known for. >> known for the chicken. >> brian: is there a secret to the fried chicken? >> the secret is have it fresh, not frozen, we hand bread it and fry it fresh. >> brian: not all you can eat, right? >> not all you can eat. >> brian: don't just jam it on your plate. >> if you want fruit, we have got fruit up here. >> brian: and you have got fruit up here. how much more does it cost me now? >> it's about 50 to 60% more than it's been in the last six to eight months. >> brian: you got put it on your customer because you are paying more. >> you pass it fountain are going to stay in business. i'm afraid a lot of independent operators are going to go broke because they don't keep up with their pricing daily. >> brian: i think people understand it sadly. real quick, thank you so much for having us today, tim. turn around, if you can. this is terry. terry, where do you work?
4:17 am
>> me and my wife own barbecue in gwinnett county. >> what does this say? >> best butts in town. >> which means? >> best pulled pork in the state of georgia. >> brian: how are you guys doing in this inflationary cycle? >> we are doing okay. we have had to raise our -- like tim was saying, we have had to raise our prices because everything that we buy, ribs, chicken, brisket, pork, everything has gone up. we are doing okay. >> brian: right now people are coming out and you came out with us this morning thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: get charged for everything, not all can you eat. >> absolutely. >> brian: back to you guys in the studio. more from gainesville. a lot of pride in long street remember, named after a hero the war of 1812. everywhere you see there is a lot of pride in gainesville, georgia. including football. herschel walker coming up shortly and we will talk to some more diners, guys.
4:18 am
>> steve: fantastic. brian, a commercial come up after the news. so go ahead, go back to the beginning of the line, grab a plate, go through. don't take too much bacon and enjoy it. >> ainsley: brian, i hear there is going to be a buffet, a dance floor and of course jesus when we get to heaven and no scales, right? wouldn't that be wonderful? >> steve: that's right. anyway, lots going on down in georgia. lots going on in new york city. carley shimkus joins us with the news. >> carley: we will start with a fox news alert. an american citizen has been released from iranian prison on bail. a british national who citizenship been charged by iran for income contact with u.s. which iran considers a hostile state. he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. he has been fitted with electronic bracelet upon release that baz also reportedly in remission from cancer and reportedly been denied adequate medical treatment. good news there. the nypd arrests two teenage
4:19 am
girls accused of antiwhite attack on public bus earlier this month. of the suspects who are 5 and 16 years old are facing assault and aggravated harassment charges for trike ising a 5'-year-old woman. she needed three staples to close the cut on her head. the arrests come more than three weeks after the assault and a third suspect is still at large. the beverly hills city council agrees unanimously to not enlors los angeles county proposed indoor mask mandate. the mayor of beverly hills saying, quote: i feel it is our job to lead and i support the power of choice. how about that? the mandate is reportedly set to go into effect on friday amid protests and sharp criticism across the country. county.the county says it will e final decision tomorrow. check this out green bay packers quarterback nfl mvp aaron rodgers arriving to training camp in style by channeling
4:20 am
inner nick cage. >> i said put the bunny back in the box. >> rogers dressing up as nicholas cage's character cammeron and con air ahead of his 18th nfl season with the packers. fans praising the accuracy saying rogers nailed the look from the white tank top all the way down to the chest hair. guys. >> ainsley: hilarious. >> it's halloween in july. >> ainsley: right up there with gronk. seem like fun people. >> carley: indeed. >> carleying welcome. that new york city teenager caught on camera beating up a cop on a subway platform was freed without bail in a separate robbery just a couple of days before that happened. the impact of soft on crime policies on your public safety coming up next.
4:21 am
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>> steve: new york city teenager caught on camera assaulting cops on a subway platform turns out to be a repeat offender being freed without bail in separate robbery instants just days earlier. plus, there was something with a gun in the car and another robbery and he is only 16 and he has quite a record. here to react is new york city detectives paul digiacomo. paul, good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. >> steve: okay. so, this kid jumps a turnstile. the cop talks to him for a couple of minutes and the kid gets agitated and just hauls off and punches the cop and the cop returns the punch. but, you say there is so much more he could have done to protect himself, the officer, and restrain the young man, but he couldn't because of the laws of new york city.
4:26 am
>> that's correct. you know, recently there was a law enacted by the new york city council that ties the hands of the police. and it's called the diaphragm compression bill. now, while apprehending an individual that's not compliant, like this individual, you are not allowed to sit kneel, or put any pressure on the top of the chest virtually impossible to arrest a noncompliant individual. doesn't make common sense. >> steve: absolutely not. the cop should be able to do their job but the cops are literally handcuffed. but, paul, this kid was in court yesterday on a different charge and at the end of the proceedings, he asked the judge, he said "am i allowed to press charges?" and the judge said against who?
4:27 am
i have a feeling he was thinking about this case on the subway platform. i have a feeling -- i don't know this for sure, but i think he is thinking about trying to sue the cop. >> well, that wouldn't surprise me at all. you know, the -- many of our politicians and many of our district attorneys not all of them, but many of them have emboldened the criminal element. they feel empowered and they know there are no consequences when you violate the law or assault a police officer or detective. >> steve: right. the mayor, eric adams said yesterday this kid is a poster child for everything that is wrong in the criminal justice system. okay, he can talk the talk but is he walking the walk? >> well, we are trying but you need cooperation from all bean, we are getting no cooperation from the governor, the assembly, the senate, or the city council and without this support this city is going to sink and it is going to sink fast. >> it's on the way and heart
4:28 am
breaking. because some people. do your family members feel safe when they walk the streets of new york city, paul? >> absolutely not. i don't feel safe walking the cities of new york. i have 40 years on in police department and i have never seen it as bad as it is now. the criminal element is empowered, emboldened. they feel they can do whatever they want to do with no consequence. >> steve: absolutely. we just saw the video of it. paul digiacomo, thank you very much for your service and thanks for joining us today. >> my pleasure, thank you, sir. >> steve: you bet. thank you, sir. all right. coming up on this wednesday, republicans demanding an investigation into an alleged scheme by the federal government to suppress hunter biden's, wait, what? we have got to talk to katie pavlich she is here coming up next.
4:29 am
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4:33 am
we need answers. we may need a special counsel on this one. >> steve: there you have got senator ron johnson demanding the department of justice launch an investigation into whistleblower allegations of a, quote: scheme to suppress negative information about hunter biden apparently inside the department of justice. >> ainsley: fox news contributor katie pavlich is here to react. we are hearing these are highly credible whistleblowers within the doj saying that the doj and fbi suppressed all this information in the media or said anybody could find out about hunter biden. but then wanted to investigate trump. >> katie: well, the history of chuck grassley, first of all, he was a senate judiciary committee chairman. he has had a lot of history investigating and working with whistleblowers. real whistleblowers and protecting them to get information from them about what is going on at the department of justice. when it comes to this specific issue, it's so interesting to look at the timeline here because, you remember that -- the 51 intelligence officers who came out and said that the
4:34 am
hunter biden laptop was russian disinformation. >> steve: right. >> katie: the fbi received the laptop and the information on the laptop privately before it was out in the press. and instead of using that information to investigate what is on the laptop, which there is plenty of information as we know, they then turned around to the public and to the press to say it's russian disinformation, which is meddling in the 2020 presidential election as people say. if they knew more about what was in hunter biden's laptop they may have changed their vote and let's not forget that twitter censored the "new york post" or anybody including officials in the trump administration for even sharing information about this. so, the fbi was in on the big lie that the laptop was just russian disinformation when clearly it was not. at the same time, they are going after the trump administration, endless investigations, so, the corruption on the partnership between the fbi and the media to push this right before an election and to bury the truth really is the news here in this
4:35 am
scandal. >> steve: well, you know, as is the case with the department of justice, we don't know what they are investigating. however, we do know they have got the laptop. and we have seen a cloned copy of it. and had, katie, the "new york post" and the daily mail not cracked the code and gotten in and taken a look at all that stuff, we wouldn't know about this stuff. but now that we do, you hope the department of justice is looking to see if there was -- were any laws broken. >> and the computer shop owners, the one who turned it over to the fbi after seeing what was on it. and for the fbi to then take it and not investigate properly or to take it seriously and immediately use it as a political tool when the fbi had a history especially in 2016 in weaponizing the law enforcement agency for political means really, again, shows that needs to be vast reforms at the fbi, which i think republicans, if they were to take over the senate, and the house they certainly will be asking questions and trying to get
4:36 am
answers about whether these politically motivated people at the fbi are still working on very high profile cases that involve political ambitions or narratives. >> ainsley: katie, you have this new special on fox nation. >> katie: i do. got away from the politics for a little while and was able to get out to a couple different lodges went to louisiana as well and had some fun a great crew. met a bunch of different owners who invested a lot of their personal time and mean into conservation on these properties. it was a tough job but somebody had to do it. >> steve: a clip where you go ice fishing. >> this is ranch on the border of colorado and wyoming. walk across the two just outside of steam boat springs. that's where we went. had to take some convincing to get me ice fishing. i was a little nervous and it was cold. we will see if i was successful. >> steve: all right. let's see. here is katie.
4:37 am
>> katie: yippee at this point i might be less worried about the fish and the holes i'm standing on. michael assured me the two and a half foot sheet of ice is perfectly safe when the drillings began. >> hold on. don't let it rotate in your hands. >> drilling the holes took a little more muscle than i thought. [laughter] >> katie: wait, how do i get it out? but we got there. two and a half feet down, we struck water. >> ainsley: were you terrified that the ice. >> katie: i was running away this wall comes up. drills through you don't want your feet to get wet so cold 6:00 in the morning. >> steve: you drilled the hole, you skipped it out. you went fishing did you catch anything. >> katie: you have to watch the
4:38 am
show. >> steve: hunting lodges of american right now on fox a whole bunch of places. >> katie: really fun. >> ainsley: tricked out. really pretty lodges. >> katie: what i love about it the conservation element we were able to bring to the viewers. check it out. it was fun. >> steve: thank you, katie. >> katie: you see you soon. thanks. >> steve: meanwhile, coming up brian is live in the peach state on this wednesday morning. >> ainsley: is he having breakfast with our friends down at the long street cafe in gainesville. hello, brian. >> brian: absolutely. gainesville, georgia is a place where we could find the long street cafe. are you guys happy to be here this morning? [cheers] >> brian: brand new atlanta journal constitution poll just came out to tell you who is winning the governor's race and senate race. very intriguing numbers that will make maybe the next senator herschel walker to feel very, very happy. he will be here in about 25 minutes. do you guys want to see herschel? he played at the university of georgia. back in a moment. we are talking to them, the
4:39 am
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>> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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4:43 am
♪ ♪ >> brian: hey, welcome back, everybody. long street cafe in beautiful gainesville, georgia. in a matter of moments speaking in a half hour herschel walker should be here as he starts his quest to be the next senator from georgia and unseat senator warnock. in the meantime time to meet the people that make up gainesville, georgia and start here with kelly and jim. welcome to both of you. thanks for having me. >> thank you for being here. >> brian: what's the number one issue as you discuss the things that matter most to the people here. >> economy and inflation. >> brian: so for you personally, you have to make a career decision, don't you? >> reretired last year, and we have seen our 401(k) go down 15% since biden has been in office. >> brian: that makes you rethink what? >> whether we need to go back to work or not.
4:44 am
>> brian: what's going to really hinge on that decision? how much worse it gets? >> yeah. absolutely. >> brian: with the governor's race and senate race, where do you stand? >> well, obviously. >> brian: turn that around. >> run herschel run. >> brian: look at the back. the back, 34 for 22. so, the senate seat turning over was a shock to you? >> yeah. absolutely. >> brian: what about for you, kelly? you looking for forward to a life in retirement? >> yes, i am. really enjoying it so i don't want to go back to work. >> brian: i'm glad to see you here and up early this morning. appreciate it let's take another demographic here. this is karen and walker. welcome to both of you guys. >> thank you. >> walker, you are 18, right? >> yes, sir. >> you go to ole miss. >> yes, sir. >> brian: your number one issue in mississippi when you are there and georgia when you are here? >> mississippi, probably student debt out of state tuition is not fun and then when i'm here,
4:45 am
probably gun control. >> brian: you are concerned you are going to lose some of your gun control? >> yes. >> brian: how do you feel about the new legislation? >> i think it should be repealed. >> brian: don't like it. what about for you, karen? senator warnock is saying i want to get rid of school debt. >> i think we should -- i think school debt should be less. i don't think we should have to pay as much. >> brian: all right. but the school loans? >> i pay a lot of out of state tuition for him and i think we should be forgiven a little bit. i think the tuition should be less. >> brian: the number one issue for you overall? >> oh, gosh, there is so many. gun control is a big one because we are big gun enthusiasts at our home. i'm afraid we are going to lose some of our gun rights. brian they say georgia is changing, is it. >> i don't know. that's tough, what do you think? >> i think it is. >> i think it is. >> especially in abrams gets in power. >> we got to stop that. >> brian: what's it like on your campus? >> well, gun-free zone. >> brian: there you go.
4:46 am
>> brian: i have to do one more visit and like going home. i found two massapequa people sitting here in the middle of georgia. what's your name. >> doug glidden. >> brian: and? >> jane. >> brian: what moved you from the northeast to long island how did you end up in gainesville, georgia. >> well, after i got out of the service, we moved to florida to go back to school. and then the company i was working for at the time moved me up here. tell me the biggest adjustment you have made as you go from the northeast to the south? >> it was a much slower pace when we moved down here but it's getting faster and faster all the time. >> brian: right. for the longest time i used to think as georgia as a place from solid red. has georgia changed since you have lived here. >> yes. >> brian: in what way? >> in my opinion to the better. >> brian: in what respect? >> they. >> well, i'm not good at this.
4:47 am
you have taxes, you have inflation. you have gas prices. and you just have quality of life. >> quality of life is much better. >> brian: right. did you know the baldwins, seinfeld, anybody? >> yes. my sister graduated with seinfeld. and we know there is a whole bunch of them from -- you know that from being in massapequa. >> brian: mr. baldwin was a great teacher. >> and he was a coach and we played against him. >> brian: he was a football coach. massapequa was once two high schools that is the latest from long street cafe. this whole area is pumped up. this is the way florida and ohio used to be. the place where everyone is focused. that's what it is all about in 2022 and i imagine 2024 the governor's race and senate race. herschel walker in about 30 minutes and have more diner interviews. guys, are you happy to be here in the morning? [cheers] >> brian: the buffet line is full. biscuits are left. back to you guys in the studio
4:48 am
to take it away. in fact, janice dean, i think you are going to take it away. >> janice: here i am. and i have some fans here brian kilmeade. what's your name. >> amelia. >> janice: where are you from. >> mcdonough, georgia. >> natalie. >> michael. >> janice: thank you, dad. and you guys? >> larry. >> larry. >> janice: i love new york where are you from. >> michigan. >> janice: i know you have a joke but first the weather. we have the potential for heavy rain in the st. louis again today. over 9 inches yesterday. still more rain to come in this area because we have this frontal boundary sticking around for days and unfortunately flash flooding is going to be a concern. the oak fire covering this story in california. many acres burned and it looks like the smoke is going to reach up towards the northwest where we have heat advisories in effect. that's going to be difficult with people who have heat related illness. so we will definitely keep an eye on. that was real quick, what's the joke? >> janice, did you hear about the weather forecast in mexico city? >> no it's going to be chilly today and hot tamale.
4:49 am
>> janice: oh my gosh, you guys amazing. don't quit your day job. brian kilmeade, over to you. [laughter] >> brian: all right. we don't have the jokes rolling but we have a lot of news. come up straight ahead, president biden could leave isolation today after five days of covid treatment at the white house. dr. marc siegel has been summoned. going to talk about the president's recovery. that story next. undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions, post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression.
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4:53 am
♪ >> ainsley: white house doctor confirming that president biden's cody symptoms almost resolved as he is waiting for a negative test to come out of quarantine. >> i'm so close to you but because i'm in the last day of having been diagnosed with covid, i'm feeling great, i hope it comes across that way as well. i hope i look as great as i feel here. >> ainsley: comes as a new report claims that most people have been infected with the virus even if they don't realize it dr. marc siegel joins us now. exercising today. if he tests negative today then can he come out of quarantine. >> correct. you heard there he sounds still congested chances are he won't test negative and continue to have people test positive for days afterward. the dilemma. there, ainsley we don't know if it's really a live virus or not. that's what he is going to be
4:54 am
faced with. one thing is for sure. a little consistency here would help. rules for thee but not for me? i mean, we have seen that all along from this white house. i would like whatever he does to be something that we do. not differently. >> ainsley: what percentage of people have had it two, three times and what percentage have never had it at all. >> the institute of health metrics and evaluation from the university of washington just determined that 82% of americans have had it at least once. do you know what's fascinating? in new york, if you have never had it, the chances are five times greater that you will get it than get reinfected it some of that immunity that we have is actually building up in our snls and protecting us. which is why it's time to live with this. it's time to get back towards normal thinking is that there is immunity. variant is new infecting people very high rate. most are not getting that sick most can live with it and we have treatments. >> ainsley: that's good. if you get one variant can you get another variant immediately
4:55 am
after you are better after that first variant. >> no. usually after you get sick, it's at least a month or more before you could even get another one. they are not flying around. >> the ba 5 variant is here. over 80% of cases. so, if you get it, you are not going to get sick again for something else for at least another month or two. it provide with you protection. >> ainsley: we have a new campaign and asking our viewers how do you fox news. we wanted to ask you, how do you do it. >> i watch you because before i go to work seeing patients, i watch you. and i love your interviewing skills and your information. i also go fox digital, porter berry is in charge of that that's phenomenal. he knows how to you draw you in. get there and will. >> ainsley: addicting. >> when there is not a tv in the bathroom i take my cell phone and go on watch it live. >> exactly what i do. video clips and also the stories. >> ainsley: absolutely. i do love porter and doing a great job on >> and so are you.
4:56 am
>> ainsley: so you are, dr. siegel. thank you for coming in this early before you see your patients. mega millions to mega billion no one. no one. not anybody won the lottery jackpot but 8 lucky people will still be millionaires because they got a lot of numbers. and we are going to tell you about it coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm a billionaire ♪ whoa, oh ♪ and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
4:57 am
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. . . #
4:59 am
will will will will will will will will will will will will will will
5:00 am
matter of considerable concern. stopping short of calling crime u.s. crisis says we learned team fighting cop actually freelied without bail days earlier. >> you know there are no consequence when you violate the law. ten sore ted cruise blaming bidened a partnership station for growth norco sleigh trade. biden and harris responsible for the worst leg of slavery in america since the civil war. >> and his wife talking to pierce morgan about their relationship. this challenge can make us more united. green base quarterback arriving in style. and fans praising actors saying rogers may have ♪
5:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ you talk about south some people refer to as the capital of the american south. there you see atlanta georgia right now. air temperature is 77 they are going for daytime high of 95 with relative humidity at 80% today atlanta is hot. and up the road a bit from there you travel to gainesville and long street cafe in heart of the city we find that guy with no tie. brian, they love you there. we are watching you during the breaks. you are going able to table they are all taking pictures with you and telling you how much they love fox news. >> yes. and they are telling all of different ways they watch us. i am here for a reason for the first time since hershell who got 68% of the primaries has
5:02 am
donists views so yesterday i was able to go to hills house and talk to him and then we went for a little work out and then today he is going to be going to few stops. getting sense of campaign what's it like for him as first-time politician. doing what trump has been urging him to do is that is getting into political game. from here we will go out and the about i will back in studio later. in about ten minutes i will meet more diners but it is packed in the morning. unbelievable reputation and, in april of this year they marked 25th year in next inter tense on this historic road it is long street cafe. in gainesville. long street named after confederate general. the gainesville named after a war of 182 hero so lot of history here in georgia. but there is a lot of attention with this election and in ten minutes i will relay constitution just did first poll since pry mere rees with done i
5:03 am
will give you result of what's happening so far in the race. so spokes down there in gainesville and george george talking about politics. and brian going table to table. lot of people have talked about inflation. people are concerned about the bordor. they also concerned about personal security we showed you video yesterday. where 16 year old turn style jumper new york city over the weekend cops stp stopped him and then the kid listened to cop for three minutes and then the kid starts punching the cops. it is a wild scene caught on video which has gone viral. turns out, after he was eventually restrained, and he was hold down town, they were released him meetly and then we found out that apparently, this guy had been charged with felony robbery just a couple of days
5:04 am
earlier and then june 21st he and he three others punched man be in head. stole his phone. he was arrested and of course released. and then in april he was arrested found in a car with a loaded gun. and holded gun here new york city. that's one those things if there a gun you go to jail. you don't get to just say don't qualify for bail. you go to jail except it is 16 year old kid gloves. literally. on this particular guy. and ainslie what we have learned so far is that and we heard mayor refer to this guy as poster child foreign everything that's wrong were the which is system. but this reason people are not coming to new york city this summer because it is scary. >> yes so in april that case has been sealed. because he is young -- only 16 year old that's what he was allegedly caught with a loaded gun and cross boy insides of a car. then last wednesday with robbery
5:05 am
case where he was three other people jumped 49 kwler man midtown manhattan punched him in head and then stole his cell phone and then he was released then saturday few days later they caught him doing this subway and then he goes to release had the on sunday without bail and then on tuesday goes to court he judges send him to non secure detention facility in queens. and he he will have a 6:00 pm curfew and subject to monitoring. >> that will take care of it. exactly. ty age ear asked judge can am i allowed to press charges? we is assume on this miss officer. after he tried to jump turn style after the police questioned become then attack police officers he wants to press charges judge said press charges against who young man did not answer. here is the mayor and he has a great line. catch release repeat.
5:06 am
>> catch, release, repeat. this american was arrested for robbery few days ago. and now he is back. as soon as we catch him had the system releases them, and they repeat the action. that's just -- you know when with i say we are laughing stock of the country. this is what i am talking about. >> lynns it was democratic policy. democratic pay p policies that related you here. keep in mind that transit officer could have arrested this guy for beating the along with girl he was. he said get out just don't do it and that's what he got for being not having wanting to deal turn style jumper that no one wants to prosecute with old broke object went i do. because those people perpetrating small crimes usually do big crimes.
5:07 am
repeat owe fests ders are doing everything and is over and over again. comes disempowered they are moral is in toilet. and they don't want to do anything that's going to get them personally in trouble while they have sacrifice their livelihood the question is why is there 0 cash bail? why they are this he so permissive. the governor refuses to list hen to the mayor who says, i have shared numerous discussions with governor regarding the public safety and efforts that have been put forth to keep garpingous individuals off of the street. these is a dial tone. the question you have to ask yourself in your city, in your state, regardless of had your party, how much is security of your family worth? are you going stick with your failed policies or you are you mayor trying to do responsible thing can can't get governor to list hen to him and state legislatures to do the right thing. the mayor going to amming of up and get up in front of people
5:08 am
tell everybody and lift all of the state senators both 0. and this per pressive and then put their names out there is and let them deal with it. because right now they are hiding behind their party. here is attorney general. he was asked is crime a problem in this country? he struggles with the answer. i am concerned about their safety they want to make sure enforcement is up to task. is rising crime a crisis in this country? >> look, i think violent crime as matter of considerable concern for country and just department as it should under communities have trust us. they have trust law enforcement. we are pumping money into police departments and communities and joint effort to battle violent crime together. we just saw the top law man in the country do a little tap dancing. clearly when you see video and we show every day there is a
5:09 am
crisis going on with crime. but aj said there was a crisis that mean administration fueling down on their duties. is is there crisis on our southern border. of course there is a crisis. but do they call it that? last year they said all of those people are some coming because seasonal it there drop off and never dropped off. and now they say it is secure. ted cruise who was down on southern border and he actually was with some men and women from if the department of home land security. and border patrol and watched all of these people coming across and listened to how he was describes blah is going on between texas and mexico. >> these children come in in vicious cartel, thousands and thousands of dollars. and teenage boys work for gangs in every city in america.
5:10 am
and teenage girls experience a hell worse than that with far too many human trafficking. joe biden and harris are responsible for the worst plague of live rein america. since the civil war. it break my heart is to see these children and ted crews said that some families are paying severe thousands dollars to get their kids across. others to could 50 to $70,000 for them to come across with cartel every single per that goes across has to go through the car at the. they wrist bands to indicate whether or in the they have paid or not and cartel will shake you down for all of the money and say you got to come over you can come over you. unless you pay us money and he talked about these two children that came across they didn't know each other they were together. he saw them coming across and
5:11 am
they were seven years old they did not their parents with them and he said bother doe patrol told me right over here, in this patch gas that's where two little girls i think he said their ages with 6, 7 about assaulted and they take them they were badly damaged they had take them to the hospital. to get them med can cal treatment. brian. why he. ted crews taking bull by horns there he leading delegation. there was house delegation on monday. more and more atopping has got to be put to this. i am thinking about that shot one little girl crying in trump administration as her parents were being hand cuffed. really was a problematic for donald trump it was terrible optic. every day look at these videos. look what these are. 3 and 4 year and seven year old brother and sister coming across by themselves. why are they not paying for this
5:12 am
question? why sad men saturation think it is their best weapon to ignore the problem. it is a 50-state issue. what makes you wonder what other issues matter. i am here long street cafe. i want to talk people here about what matters. they are not at the border but they are paying the price. let me get your attention right now. hi, everybody. i just talk to you a quick second there is a lot of major issues in this country. you got crime. abortion, you got guns. you have inflation. and you have got get your take on what matters most to you in no wrong answer just your answer. what's your name? >> marte. what's the number one issue for you and your family? . >> economy. >> what respect? >> well, however they decide in washington. sir, what's your name? >> techser.
5:13 am
>> dexter. what's number up with issue for you and your family. it would be crime throughout the country. >> what has changed about crime in this country. >> a lot of had killings and drugs. there crime no punishment. punishment don't meet crime. >> i never thought we would have that. what years of did serve six be-six # good years. got wounded one time. how dots affect how you view our country. our country is doing good if we didn't have democratic rubbing it when trump was here we good shape. number one issue right now. >> medicare. what respect. well they want take 300 millions dollars from medicare. and what are they going to do with it? they are supposed take that out. 300 millions dollars out of medicare. >> got if and lastly, sir. what's your name? >> where are you from. georgia. what's most important for you
5:14 am
and people in city. >> for me it is term limit. you want everybody to have one term and out? two terms. >> so what's your name. >> keith miller. where are would you from? i am here from greensville when you two years what would you like to charge. i like to change inflation. i like to change government and people who are motivated to get job. every place here is viewing willing to find people to work. >> why would you work if you can make money staying at home. >> then with inflation, we have 11 open jobs in country. . >> you got have motivation to work. >> did you go to university of georgia? no i did. . >> that's last. and sir, where are you from? gainesville. from gainesville what brings you here today? >> sea hershell and see you. >> in that order. i don't blame you. >> your number one issue? >> the economy inflation.
5:15 am
culture. culture change i feel like. what changed about caller. >> i feel like things are -- the people don't -- it is different these days like old school manners. just more polite type if they are not polite in south. we are in trouble. lastly as people here in georgia now number one customer here if you stands very deep voice. trace at i can't. at the love him here. hershell coming up in about ten minutes. a lot of passion here in gainesville. they love this country and they love this food. long street cafe. back to you guys in the studio. >> that's great. a lot of fun. brian excellent job as we take pulse of americans and see what they are talking about. >> curlery has other news. >> i refresh. police california going on wild chase after man accused of
5:16 am
stealing a construction truck. officers chalsed truck on i-ten just would you the side of los angeles truck was pulling trailer causing sparks to fly off of the road. driver decided to run on the freeway after police pinned truck against barrier. he was caught and taken top the hospital. it is unclear how serious his injuries are. >> 37.1 mag feud earthquake fill the out z in phillipines. patient at hospital in capital city of were evacuated and many buildings and houses suffered severe damage or wrl destroyed as well. san francisco guy pants lost their game against the arizona die mom bands and some took worse than others. giants player carlos was cuts on cam rail taking bat out frustration. bat then bounced to head team mates. in leg. did immediately rereach other . >> whoops. >> mega millions jack pots
5:17 am
surpass $1 billion. after no one won yesterday's $830 million prize. the cash ops expected to get this $602 million when numbers of are he is choosen friday night. however. ate a people are million bucks each after matching 5 to 6 numbers. check your ticket. if you have not already. numbers are 289, 63, 66, 7, 60. and good luck, everybody. maybe there winner there and they don't even know at the. that was in order they were drawn. >> you could be one those -- million for five. >> it is cray zee. billion dollars. one person. if you win i know you are very generous person, and remember the connection that we are very.
5:18 am
>> i let you know after the next commercial. >> would you keep working? if i got billion dollars? . >> billion? hmm. this will would be last you ever saw he. still ahead, a plea from they are open okay. up about war in ukraine and its impact on their marriage it is their first international sit down since is the war. this excludes sit down with period morgan. >> you are right. plus boys and girls in blue new journey police academy giving middle schoolers a behind the scenes look at life in law enforcement. how it could change the future of policing in a good way. discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h.
5:19 am
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5:23 am
these kind situation can make or break a marriage if your marriage stronger do you think because of what you have gone through? >> agree with the theory that marriage gets stronger with challenges. i think in our case it would be the same. >> i would say i don't have any other experience. i have got only one wife and i am happen poo. >> ukraine's president and his wife opening up about the toll that war takes on their relationship and sad reminder about personal strants of war as invasion rages on. douglas murray joins us now. i didn't think i could like him any more than i already did but this inters view was so sweet. they have been married for 19 years. it is sweet and touching human face once again on this
5:24 am
conflict. it is important to remember sort of month of this conflict ground on. you know vladimir putin wants conflict to grinds on and go through winter. . he want all to occur it is important to he reminded of the human face of this war and that includes incredible suffering on the part of ukrainian people or president and president's marriage. everybody country suffering from this just brutal invasion. put a new light you are right it put new light on the him. we have seen a lot of him. he spoken to all senate. and he spoken to almost every world leader. here and he his wife were just talking as couple of. >> yes you know, such an interesting thing when she married him she married this comedian this tv star and he is on national television. he said i will run for president. i never even toll hills wife and he proposed to her i they have
5:25 am
been known each other for 26 years. he and his best friend three guys proposed to their girlfriends all at the same sometime and then they got married. one weekend after another. in a row. isn't that cute? yes. they never get to see each other, right? that's right. up with the thing learned one location and he the another. it is understandsable that she and kids would be separate from him during the conflict as he tries to run ukraine's response. so this is sort of tv. --. there as well. i apologized during theists view to to his wife for saying i am announcing my presidency on national television without consulting you and our kids. >> yes. it is really remarkable reminder of something we need reminding off extraordinarily teams throw out extraordinary people. you know we need new leader had people say these sorts of things
5:26 am
you never know what people are going to be like until they are testeded and who on earth could have guessed but hon comedian would ended up being the person who showed free world what brave rewas what commitment was composite comments to marriage the family. and to country. and all of these risks you just don't know until it happens. >> that's right and he not give he up. strong guy. thank you so much. >> if you want to watch that you will interview with our friends here. it is on fox nation. weak days at 4:30 so you can tune in today. >> still ahead on "fox and friends". we got back out to gainesville georgia where brian is. he is catching under within hershell walker and the mayor. brian? >> hershell here and mr. mayor are you fwlald to have him in the house? childhood hero of him. i am nationaled to have him here. your daughter going to school with him.
5:27 am
my daughter university of georgia with your cohort. your polls just a came in about your race. and governor race. when we come back we will discuss it in are you ready. did you bring your a game. my a game is here. these people. -- you got to work that out. -- -- -- -- -- -- back in a moment. gainesville. long street cafe. don't move. >> the day you get your clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... >> mm. >> ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day... a "perfectly delicious" day... >> mm. [ chuckles ] >> ...a "love my new teeth" day. because your clearchoice day is the day everything is back on the menu. a clearchoice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation.
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all right with ten # days out mid terms all eyes on georgia's senate race as well as go off's race. at republican candidate hershell walker focus on democrat failures. senator now least me ada accuse former nfl player of dodging debates. . >> he has accepted three invitation to debate his owe upon nests hershell walker yet hershell walker still refuses to agree to any debate it is hershell walker really ready to represent georgia? >> well, why doe wooep ask him. he is the republican non many to be. hershell walker, everybody. >> yes. >> hershell, senator warnock
5:32 am
wants to debate. he walked with six #% of the republican vote why would you not commit to debate. first of all senator has nothing else to talk about. he don't want talk about high gas prices and groceries. i told him i am ready debate him any time or any day. i want to make about some media all they are doing talking i want to make affair and debate for people. are you worried about moderator. sflf he knows this. there a lot of out let's that want to host this debate and i am saying get it together. i am willing to cross the ill and talk to him and who going to hold this debate not doing on his term but do on the terms that people can see the count anti-trust between he and i. where i don me in women's sports. i will have high gas prices. i want to see crime stopped those are thing he voted which he don't want to ald mit.
5:33 am
he needs to answer to that. they want him to answer questions and continue to talk to media. he said so you will debate you want to make sure had the rules and moderator something you want to have a say in? yes definitely. he want to have say in it because he want to tip to hide behind other people rather him getting outdoing what he supposed to do representing people which he has not done a good job. he had leader he he is not good at it. we spent day together to get anti he what's it like as you transition from socio and athlete into the political world is it one then that's come up since you got nomination revelation about three children. what do you want people to know about that. have you been public about that. >> well i never would be public about because one of my kids who wanted to be media has got pep a lot threats. he gotten a lot of had threats. he finished last last year. why would i other kids including my -- what they want to do they
5:34 am
tried demonize me. they spent $25 million trying to up against me. right now you see where i am ought. polls are showing. we are dead even that tells you that people are speaking there time for new leader in washington. >> these polls just came out. let's take a look at it together. warnock with 46% walker with 43% you within margin of error were does that tell you? does it please you? >> it pleases me that they spent money and right now they are still mir begin of error that means people tell him he don't know he has got to go. they turn over to me let me run georgia because he seems store chuck schaumburger in rather -- 30 espn approval rating georgia who do you feel bell that.
5:35 am
who did you do when he voted with him 96% of the time. don't run now. all you want to do get a vote that's what he is going to tell everybody. go and contribute money and we will take that seat back for great state of georgia. two big issues. climate change you see what's happening right. you werety vibing climate change people are saying, you cheney bad air and our good air. what were were you day. china has a lot of bad air but one the thing people are talking about economy. everybody wants to talk that things have nothing to with people want to talk about this economy and crime. they want talk about thosish use which they left does not seem to want to talk about those issues. where re we going to visit. this law enforcement days this is a law enforcement week i am going to visit our law enforcement to see if they go offering also i want let's them now that him going stands behind them i can always support. where my opponents he called them names and thugs and
5:36 am
criminals. well they are involvement they are good people they do well for this country. >> absolutely. we are doing something. >> absolutely. you will see on all monday. we are going spend ap day just finding out what's it like being hershell walker trying to get that senate seat. thank you for your time. i think a lot of people. -- --. i don't think mr. bunch going to let you get out here without signing jersey. i am ready so sign them. when running for office. pa rnock i can say if i want a debate. he is going to be out. -- in thes teach hershell if you want to -- go to team hershell. because let's take that seat back for great state of georgia and let's warnock has been there two years and has done absolutely nothing. >> maybe he is watching. steve and ainslie back to be
5:37 am
you. okay brian thank you very much. still ahead went day tell cast bad news will bears. -- home team rejects billion dollar bribe to stay in crime ridden city in stealed of opting for the much calmer suburbs. . >> i have you a feeling going to react to that. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. dad, when is the future?
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i try to put my arm around any vet that i can, absolutely.
5:41 am
at newdayusa that's what we're doing. find new roads. we put our arm around the veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for them and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique. chicago crime rate getting so bad even their own chicago bears don't want to stick around in the town. chicago i bears reject the mayor million -- multibillion dollar renovation offer to stay in soldier field stadium. opting for safer arlington heights suburb. that's 30 miles away.
5:42 am
out pick found der clay travis here to react. clay she does not want the bears to leave town and so she offered essentially bribe we will take soldier field we will make it so cool we will put a lid on it and they said you know what? thank you but no thank you. she worst mayor in american right now. which is saying something. because there l.a. lot of people watching right now saying have you seen he has going on in phil sxil los angeles. so many different cities out there right now are struggling but i think chicago more than any other has worst mayor in america now that. and not running for congress. i will say this, lot of had times there is a great deal of give and take over what when the final parameters and new stadium might be. so while right now the bears are rejecting this row postal. >> it is negotiation. >> until we actually get the final, final moment i am always after the upon there always another offer coming. but i do think it is shows iven
5:43 am
use that exist this is chicago right now where a big team like bears which is imbelteded in call tush of the city of chicago. don't want to commit being downtown area because of to large ex-tempts safety issues their fants would rather be where it is safer. do you blame them? no. not at fans would rather be green bay and our next in oh man that's shot at the bears they can't is ever beat green bear. but mvp. aaron roger ps showed up for training camp he dressed -- screen right. is anything last cage in the movie air econ air and screen left aaron rogers showing up yesterday and people are giving him could youed dion point presentation here he comes around card going to work that's will amazing. it is really incredible first of all. condition air worst southern accents i am from shash worst
5:44 am
southern act cents of all time by nicolas cage. back in the day. but look roger claims that want attention. and then boom he shows up like this. this is rivoting fun just really enjoyable. with everybody coming back to camp. i don't remember better entrance and i remember antonio brown back in day arriving by hot air balloon this pretty fun. i go to out i will find that somewhere on site. you will bun yoil percents find that. you will nick cage act cents in he tried to bring to bear in con air. you got to they can it out. you guys have lots of had interesting stuff. we are aoling we got a lot of tall letted people. clay thank you very much. thank you tore having us. about quarter before the top of the air. january. we are out on streets of new york city with where it is getting a little warm. we had cold front move through a couple of nights ago and it is kind of refreshing.
5:45 am
it is summertime here new york city. let's take a look at the maps because across south as well as northwest, we have extreme heat look at dallas my goodness it has been over 100 grease you have not ghost break question today no exception. and then, seattle you are going to be 90 smodz close to 100's grease for parts of these areas not used to getting extreme heat for this length of time and that's why we have heat advisories heat warm warning for all of these areas we flirt records break records. for part washington and oregon as well as parts of california. where it is very warm. yesterday this time we were talking about st. louis. flash flood warping were in effect we still have more rain in forecast they got over niesh inches just matter of hours and that's a record. you can see all of the rain that's still to come across ohio river valley that's another big story. we are going to be watching over next couple of days. fox weather for your latest details. over to you, steve. >> why do we need that?
5:46 am
we have got you. >> that, too. thank you. >> thank you. all right. still ahead on this wednesday future of policing in united states unique summer camp allows middle schoolers today see what life is like in world of law enforcement. students and staff from clay county missouri junior police academy join us live coming up. but first let's check with dana preview of coming attractions. indeed but i am going to watch that segments. well economy front and center today. fed fek ised the increase interest rates what does that mean? fox business will join us this morning. this while president biden appears ready to make decision on student loan debt who losses in that deal? take a guess. and attorney general of united states is crime concern not crisis. plus at the same sometime number of known got aways is disturbing milestone. we have everybody willer here today. see you at 9:00.
5:47 am
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it would be end . welcome back to fox and friends this is summer camp uplike most. middle schoolers in north kansas city missouri are getting to see what job in law afforce is like thanks to county shovels their junior police academy the it more than 30 children or should say teens. greening now deputy shepherd owens and bear along with students damion and alayla. good morning to all after you. >> good morning. so deputy owens i will start with you. tell us why you are doing this and what you are hoping that the children will learn? >> the reason we are doing this program is to help integrate into had the communities that we
5:52 am
serve and we figured that this program will help us make that happen. >> well that's good idea. corporal guy also known as bear, what is the reaction been from kids you know we are very seen a cross the country over last couple of years so much disrespect towards police officers, and here you have got all of the kids who are coming. what's reaction to be them? do they understands you are all billion? >> yes. i think that we kind of make it point to show them that this stay different side than what's shown about us every day. >> and i know you are arising 8th grader you have been through the program. what did you learn? >> i learned a lot of hand on activities like how do felony stop. a lot of had car stops. and we also learned about how to write reports and a lot of other
5:53 am
things. well that sounds oll. it sounds like fun to me. i would like to know how to do that. what about you? during the summer there are lot of different camps things you can do to pass the summer away but before you get back to school. why did you decide to do this one? . i really wanted dow this one because i want to become police officer when i am older because my uncle one and it was one my dreams i really want to hem people >> that's great. that's great. corporal mccullcly has this held you with the community. police officers have had at love criticism lately? >> yes. we have great partnership with north can is city school district. so, with their help we were able to change a lot of he sperrive laws and get involved in the community. a lot of programs. and it is help hmd us a lot. shower and deputy owens, you know this is in addition to your regular daytime job this is what you are are doing the out reach
5:54 am
to the community and to these young people. it is got to make you feel kind of good doesn't it? >> for sure. and any opportunities that we can go out and make a ditch thes and show people what we are truly here for, and erase some stigma that have been placed on us is always a good thing. sure. >> i love that you want to be in law enforcement. what was your favorite part of the camp or the junior police academy. >> my favorite part was probably when we got to see the probably got to see the dogs. it was nice -- it was nice time. and i got to say i like learning about it. so see what i could do in the future. because there is a lot to learn and get into it. but it is really cool. the way joe described all of it you can, it soundser riffic. >> damion when you grow up do you want to be a cop? i want to be involved law
5:55 am
enforcement a lot when i am older. when you tell your friends what you are learning and experience regular at this camp what do you tell them? i tell them that we do a lot of had hand on activities like we don't just stay in desk. look at power point all due. we get to go outside. we get to do pt. and we get to do a lot of hand-on activities. did you get ride around in cruiser with a lights and siren on? because that would be really cool? >> we have not done yet we did that last year. >> i got a feeling guys behind you can make that happen. >> yes. you all future of america. we both proud of you and we wish you all of the best with your ka reert and with 8th grade. >> thank you. thank you. >> and officers thank you. god bless you out there. officers owens and mccully. that's great. more "fox and friends" moment pdz away.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
>> all right. so that sadly is all the time we have here. have you had a good time this morning? [cheering and applause] >> still signing autographs in the corner. i'll be in studio tomorrow.
6:00 am
multiple part feature with her shell coming up on monday. >> are you doing radio? >> not today. i'll be back behind the microphone thursday and friday. >> the great part of the show from the diner. brian kilmeade will pick up everybody's tab. >> can't hear you. >> bill: good morning. federal investigators have expanded their probe into former president donald trump meaning the justice department is considering whether or not to bring criminal charges against a former president. at the same time we're learning about accusations the f.b.i. and d.o.j. down played negative intel about hunter biden. we'll talk to chuck grassley, jonathan turley about this swirling out there today coming up. in the meantime rapid fire rate hike. feds teeing up another one. some fear it may plunge


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