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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 27, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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evening. as always, thank you for being with us. you make this show possible and we thank you for that. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." for news any time, just go to or news. let not your hearts be troubled. the good news is coming. it is straightforward, "the ingraham angle." laura ingraham, she's in a great mood tonight have been told. you're in a great mood every night. >> laura: the show behind the show -- the show behind the show, we should just both quit and do that. that would be the most fun thing of all. we said that. >> sean: and how fast would it be before you got fired? >> laura: well... i had to go dogs jump into the studio just about 5 minutes ago and almost knocked over the main light and then the ear piece, we didn't know where it was and then an earring fell off, but that was just the beginning of the fun. you don't have to deal with any of that. >> sean: my microphones fall off right before the show too,
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they just flop right out. i couldn't believe it. i had big hoop earrings. >> laura: i love those on your, those are great. all right, we will pick it up where you leave off. one of those nights. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle," and we are delighted you are with us tonight. the hunting of donald trump, that's the focus of tonight angle. i remember when anti-trump used to think that the doj should operate independently. >> this is abuse of power that the president is again trying to manipulate several law enforcement to surface political interests. >> this may be the most serious from inappropriate doj meddling since the firing of comey. >> is trump using his government to punish his foes and help out his friends? >> jim barr was happy, happy, to put doj into service as donald trump's not just political shield, but political weapon. >> laura: of course he did
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nothing of the sort. if that was all a lie. but what a difference a few years make in democrats views of right and wrong. now bidens attorney general is doing exactly what they all warned about under trump. weaponizing the doj, despite his denial, in perfect timing with "the washington post" article that was teeming with doj leaks about a criminal investigation surrounding january 6th and trump. garland sat down with nbc to stir the pot and drop more hints. >> we pursue justice without fear or favor. we intend to hold everyone, anyone, who was criminally responsible for the events surrounding january 6th for any attempt to interfere with the lawful transfer of power from one administration to another accountable. that's what we do. we don't pay any attention to other issues with respect to that. >> laura: all choreographed to drive a new cycle and throw some
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red meat. if there's no way he actually believed that what president trump was conspiring to overthrow the government. that is 100% ludicrous. it's unsupported by testimony offered at the january 6th star chamber. >> felt that richard nixon should have been charged, i felt bill clinton should have been charged. and those were easy cases, those are very clear, straightforward crimes that i think could have been resulted in rather quick convictions. that's not the current situation with donald trump. >> laura: whatever you views on trump in 2024, this garland news should really disturb you. bowing to the demands of biting himself and anti-trump forces in congress, garland is no better than the average, i don't know, prosecutor working for vladimir putin. political opponents are limitless they hunted, prosecuted, then jailed by a sham ministry of justice there in the maritimes doesn't press his exposes of putin's vendetta-style justice.
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but they take the proper justification for garland's investigation, they take it all at face value. no concern about potential political bias or political motivations. i wonder why. maybe we should ask hunter biden. a staggering lack of curiosity about his business conduct, even when the hard drive, his hard drive, was verified. it's worse than just a media cover-up. senator chuck grassley just wrote garland and the fbi director chris wray about new whistle-blower information that describes concerns in 2020 about the fbi's receipt and use of derogatory information related to hunter biden, and the fbi's false portrayal of acquired evidence as disinformation. >> it's as simple as opening a case against trump that was based on fuzzy liberal newspaper reports. but when it come to hunter biden with plenty of concrete
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information, it was shut down. it's pretty simple. >> laura: this investigation of trump is a complete farce. any charges that stem from this will be seen by honest legal observers for what they are. more political persecution, not legitimate prosecutions. remember what "the new york times" reported last april, courtesy of confidential sources, that biden wanted trump prosecuted. he was growing tired of how he described garland acting as a ponderous judge instead of a prosecutor. those quotes were leaked for a reason. to influence garland. well, it took a while, but message received. although garlands hedged his bets a little bit, no prosecution yet. they seized john eastman's cell phone and now they are on the hunt to find something, anything, to help develop some kind of criminal case against the president or close confidantes that don't really
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exist. this along with the january 6th committee will cost the american taxpayers untold millions of dollars. it's going to drive countless hours of bad programming on msnbc and in the end it's going to accomplish nothing other than the further erosion of public confidence in the department of justice, and of course of congress. >> they edited evidence to take out what might be mitigating material, even statements from trump. that's not how you build a case. you might build ratings but it's not how you build a case. hopefully the justice department is going at this more in a systemic, professional way. but we still don't see those critical linkages. >> laura: the democrats and liz cheney simply cannot let go of january 6th. in the doj, they can't either. they can't brag on the economy or foreign policy, so what else are they going to do? in this new travesty that joe manchin, by the way, agree to, you know, vote for, is not going to reduce inflation, not going to be able to brag about
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that but of course it's going to grow the government. in the end, the democrats' entire message this campaign season revolves around two things. january 6th, and abortion. what a depressing message. plus, do you really think the democrats are confident they can beat trump if he is menominee in 2024? although, it's very early, even after all the january 6th hype. trump is winning in a head-to-head matchup against biden. and at least for now he's also ahead of all other potential candidates in the 2024 primary. >> if i renounce my beliefs, if i agree to stay silent, if i stayed at home and just took it easy, the persecution of donald trump would stop immediately. it would stop. but that's not what i will do. i can't do that. i have to save our country. >> laura: it's obvious to anyone who's honest with himself that our government has been plotting to destroy donald trump
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since the day he announced he was running for president. they relied on the fraudulent work product of corrupt sleazebags like christopher steele. filed phony papers with the fisa court to spy on his campaign. of course they hounded him with a nearly two year long mueller investigation that was illegitimate from the outset, stacks of partisans, and found no obstruction of justice in the end. in the words of bill barr, it was a grave injustice. and of course the rabid anti-trump forces on hill, they dragged the man through two pointless impeachments. they did nothing but distract the white house and wasted time and resources. for what? and now the same anti-trump media frenzy that led to so much false reporting during his presidency -- oh, they are thrilled about every leak. >> right now it's a much more broader net that is trying to gather everything about team trump and piece together what potential crimes may have
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occurred, including, you know, the most serious one, seditious conspiracy to obstruct the government proceeding. >> laura: a much more broader net. yes, that's a journalist. a broader net. every fishing expedition casts nets out, don't they? and garland is no different. you know how pathetic this entire investigation is when you realize that the same party that's okay with letting thugs who assault police officers go free, they think trump should be charged for violence committed on january 6th. >> my grand jury is actively investigating trump's criminal conduct. the justice department is interested in two different kinds of crime. one is the violence and blood that we associate with insurrection day. crimes like conspiracy to defraud the united states, conspiracy to impede progression and russian investigation's. >> laura: if not even worth
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responding to. it's a name. so why don't these nincompoops pundits just come out and say the truth? it would be liberating for them. trump should be indicted because we can't beat him otherwise. and that's "the angle." joining me now, delighted he's with us, matt whitaker, former acting attorney general under president trump. according to cbs, there are two parts of this investigation. one part concerns the efforts to swapout electors, won by biden and several battlegrounds. another is examining the actions surrounding january 6th when the supporters overran the capital. have you seen any evidence, matt, that trump could be in any type of legal jeopardy, criminal jeopardy under these two broad understandings of where this investigation is going? >> yeah, i have not. glad to be with you. your introduction in the monologue was spot on. that's exactly what the left is trying to do here.
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i was shocked by what merrick garland said, essentially leaks were given to "the washington post" the day before his interview and instead of saying i can't confirm or deny the existence of an investigation or i can't talk about ongoing investigations, he gave the left exactly what they are demanding from him, which is essential he pretty much confirmed donald trump is under investigation and we should rejoice. these people are sick, and it's just really sad to see the department of justice be taken to this level of political persecution. you know, they did it in '16 with the russian collusion hoax. and congress took over with the two impeachments. now they're working together and colluding with congress and the department of justice to try and finally come up with some way so that they don't have to oppose him in '24 if he decides to run. >> laura: obama's former solicitor general, matt, had an
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interesting read on garland. watch. >> this is the kind of guy you want running the prosecution, and attorney general who is not bloodthirsty, who is cautious, who is incredibly respected both by republicans and democrats, approaching it like the way a true justice department prosecutor would in the most sober, careful way possible. >> laura: fascinating. that's exactly what they set about robert mueller, is it not? >> yeah, it is. and i mean, he just pretty much needs to put on a red nose because that's exactly what he is. what he is saying and what he's not saying if that actually merrick garland is probably one of the most partisan people that could have possibly been picked for that job because were member the republicans are the one that held back his supreme court nomination. and i guarantee you that in his mind he wants to pay back the republicans like chuck grassley and others that didn't allow him to sit on the mighty
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supreme court, and so he is a complete leftist. everything he said is in support and admiration of, you know, marxist and left-wing ideology, and i wouldn't, you know, believe a single word he says when it comes to vouching for somebody like merrick garland. >> laura: a friend of mine who is not a big trump fan texted me today saying basically annoyed about trump not telling people to come out of the capital sooner, but the idea that this rises to criminal intent to try to overthrow the government is just -- i can't even believe she said laughable. donald trump jr. was against the plan, but the president was for some kind of plan which has no specifics. the whole thing is just -- it's like la-la land. >> it is. again, they are looking for any set of facts that they can -- you know, again, the existence of an investigation is bad
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enough if you're a political candidate. and so that's what they're trying to do. obviously they hope for a prosecution, but ultimately, you know, donald trump, like he has since he came down the escalator, has fought through all of these nonsensical attacks, and like he often says, they are not after him, they are after the people that he represents and, you know, stands in front of. so i'm glad that he's willing to take up this fight. he's right, he could walk away and all this would go away, but he's not going to. >> laura: welcome a business insider pointed out that trump in his tweets, made a big deal about this, avoiding the phrase "the election is over" and his tweets were he accused the vice president of not having encouraged to overturn the election, they are saying that these examples suggest a certain kind of intentionality for a particular outcome. that's robert weissberg from stanford. is a tweet a phrase not used in
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a tweet, that's now intent to commit a crime? i must've gone to a different law school. i know stanford is a fantastic law school, but i must have missed that in law school. >> i missed it as well. and to me it's really interesting that, you know, the left, for after 2016 and the election, they said how donald trump was illegitimate, how he knew he was illegitimate. this went on for it -- he in fact -- the president sent out troops that said for 10 minutes show these clips and one that she was on the other foot, they immediately do these kind of things, suggest that somehow not saying the right words is evidence, the mens rea for conspiracy to commit seditious treason. i mean, it's -- it's -- it's nuts and it's too bad we have to talk about this but i think people -- >> laura: they should all resign. >> yeah.
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they need to know the truth. >> laura: matt, thank you, great to see you. >> the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race. >> we face an elevated threat from domestic violence extremist. i decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach. >> laura: that big announcement, he needed to show some results of all that domestic extremism, right? according to jim jordan, well, the results were not honest. the topper republican on the house judiciary committee told fox digital that new whistle-blower documents allege that the fbi is pressuring to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism that are not examples of domestic violence extremism and jordan alleges this is being done in order to
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justify the biden administration's push to focus on these cases and have a special unit focusing on them. here now is glenn greenwald, whose work i read on sub stack. so they don't have enough of these domestic violent extremism cases, but i guess they're going to find some. >> you know, it's not surprising, laura, even though they now cite january 6th is the reason they have to increase their attention to this problem, in fact even before january 6th the biden administration was saying one of its key priorities was to import the war on terror onto domestic soil and make that be a new war on terror, only this time aimed at american citizens and throughout 2021, there were so many instances where dhs, homeland security issue one morning after the next, this going to be an attack on the inauguration, they're going to be one from covid, one from a tulsa massacre memorial. you can see them exaggerating and inflating a threat the
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entire time because what they want to do is usher in all sorts of authoritarian attacks on civil liberties in the name of this domestic war on terror since they don't have the cases. now they are just making them up. which is, by the way, what they did during the first war on terror as well. >> laura: well, i was mentioning this matt whitaker in the previous segment, but when you think of the concern that is raised with gently, obviously that vladimir putin pounds and relentlessly persecutes his political critics, you start to see that our justice department and what they're doing -- and this is just one more example of it -- becomes what they are waving her arms around about. they appear to be hounding and prosecuting and surveilling their political critics. >> you know, we've obtained, and i've done reporting on, the documents from homeland security where they identify the kinds of people they regard as quote unquote "domestic extremists." and usually it's just people with antiestablishment politics.
7:19 pm
they will say people who are against the government, who question the legitimacy of government authority. even there are sometimes people and left, they will say animal rights activists and environmental activists and people on the right who are pro-life activists, it's clearly aimed at any sort of exercise of free speech and free association and free political protesting of the constitution is supposed to guarantee, that they are going to say -- or just extremists and now should be regarded as terrorism. >> laura: there's a feeling of -- among many political observers that the democrats squealing over democracy is on the edge, nice edge. none of that is actually genuine, given the fact that they are propping up all these supposedly far right candidates. the dcc chair was asked about this. watch. >> when it comes to the far right candidates, are you actively doing anything to help candidates that you think might
7:20 pm
be easier to abate in november? >> if you're talking about trying to pick your opponent, you might see us do that, sure. and i think sometimes it does make sense. largely what you're doing is telling voters a fact that if they are aware of, it's important to them, i think you might see us do that, sure. >> laura: is democracy at risk or not? >> you would think if the democrats really believe what they're saying, which is that trump aligned candidates are not what's a premise is spent on ending democracy and installing a white nationalist dictatorship, the probably wouldn't be supporting those candidates, and it is so funny to watch numbers of the january 6th committee with liz cheney and adam kinzinger outraged because they actually apparently believe the democrats and they are saying wait, we thought you really believe that these candidates were friends of democracy, why are you supporting them against anti-trump republicans like peter measure, 1 of 10 republicans to vote for trump's impeachment? they apparently took the democrats seriously and now are realizing the thing was a scam.
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>> laura: website. great to see you tonight. why are the defense department and intel officials working overtime to keep nancy pelosi from visiting taiwan? what do they know that they're not letting on about? senator tom cotton has the answer in moments. stay there. ration may lead to severe vision loss. and if you're taking a multivitamin alone, you may be missing a critical piece. preservision. preservision areds 2 contains the only clinically proven nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. "preservision is backed by 20 years of clinical studies" "and its from the eye experts at bausch and lomb" so, ask your doctor about adding preservision. and fill in a missing piece of your plan. like i did with preservision"
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♪ ♪ >> laura: a lot of new info to the pelosi-taiwan saga since our angle last night with certain biden officials in intel and defense leading the objections to the trip. but why? we are going to get into that in a moment with senator tom cotton, but first, david spunt gets us caught up with all of the latest developing. david. >> good evening. the chorus of people expressing concern over this trip is growing. now defense secretary lloyd austin is directly weighing in. listen. >> i remain concerned, and you've heard me say this before, about the aggressiveness of the prc and the kinds of things that we've been seeing in the region lately. and so i think we have to be vigilant, you know, throughout, even as we are operating in that region. >> we learned the house speaker invited republican congressman michael mccaul to join her on the trip to taiwan.
7:27 pm
he's unable due to his schedule. another republican congressman said this today. >> i always hesitate to say i support speaker pelosi in anything, but on this one i absolutely do. she has to go. if she doesn't at this point with a now out publicly, what message does that send to the taiwanese? >> chinese communist party officials have made it clear they do not want speaker pelosi in taiwan. yesterday the defense ministryfired up this morning. >> the chinese side with a firm and strong measures to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity. the u.s. must resume full responsibility for any severe consequence rising thereof. >> things will likely come to a head at least on this topic tomorrow when president biden holds a secure call with his chinese counterpart, resident xi jinping. a couple items on the agenda but you can expect this pelosi trip to come up. president xi is seeking an unprecedented third term in office.
7:28 pm
he's open to be reelected when the communist party congress meets in just a few months in october, laura. >> laura: david, thanks so much. arkansas senator tom cotton sits on the senate intel committee and he joins me now for reaction. senator, i've been focusing on this taiwan trip for quite a while now. we are going to get to the joe manchin betrayal of the voters of west virginia in a moment, but your first quick reaction to this taiwan saga? >> the word i've heard in congress is that the leak of nancy pelosi trip came straight from the white house, the pressure came from joe biden, doesn't want her to take this trip because he is once again kowtowing to beijing. but lloyd austin and joe biden shouldn't be worried about china's aggressiveness, they should be making china worry about our aggressiveness. for decades, american lawmakers have been traveling to taiwan, both parties, and that should continue now, especially after it became public. i actually saw speaker pelosi last night and i told her it was absolutely essential that she go forward with this trip no matter
7:29 pm
what joe biden says. >> laura: would you go with her if it could be a senate republican member traveling to taiwan with her? would you go? >> lar, that would be a major, major sacrifice for our nation, but yes. if she invited me to go to taiwan to show the bipartisan support that taiwan has in congress, i would of course to travel taiwan together. >> laura: it would be fantastic, i would love for you to go. now, your colleague, senator joe manchin of west virginia, has made a deal with senator schumer for a new proposal that they call an inflation reduction act of 2022. now, the details are a little, you know, scanned, as usual, but they are going to allocate 369 billion for what they call energy security and climate change. that actually ends up going up to i think 433 billion in total, and another 64 billion to extend the aca, 124 billion toward irs tax enforcement. there is of course a minimum 15%
7:30 pm
tax in companies worth over a billion dollars. your response to this and the spend o-rama? >> it's unbelievable. the 700 page trillion dollar tax and spend all has probably been the longest suicide history note in the history of west virginia. at a time when they're paying for a $5 a gallon for gas, what do the democrats now propose to do? spend hundreds of billions of dollars more to sick the irs on hardworking american families. it's only going to drive up inflation more and cost people their jobs. i would also point out, laura, this is a huge, huge amount of spending when you add it onto the $250 billion spending that the senate passed today that the house is voting on tomorrow. and i would urge every house republican after this double-cross not to support that $250 billion spending bill on semi conductors and other things, most of which is just
7:31 pm
going to end up benefiting china anyway because it doesn't have adequate security or counterintelligence guardrails. house republicans, i would encourage you not to help the democrats spend $250 billion tomorrow when they just unveiled another trillion dollar tax and spending bill that they want to move to next week. >> laura: this is an inflation explosion act, not reduction act. this scoring in over ten years and how much money you'll bring in buy, you know, prescription drug savings, it is complete -- a complete boondoggle. senator, mcconnell said that he would not allow for a vote on the chips ask that your referencing if joe manchin supported this climate change bill, which it is the change bill. so how did it get bolick stopped? was that a misfire by mcconnell? what happened there? >> well, it was obvious we are by joe manchin. just two weeks ago he said he wasn't going to support a bill like this, but you know, laura,
7:32 pm
it's been saying for months that he wouldn't support so many of the provisions in this bill. he's called them gimmicks or smoke and mirrors budgeting, but now he's going to apparently support all of them. if that doesn't mean it's going to pass. they haven't heard from kyrsten sinema, for instance, or from all of the members of the house, but i just think it's insane that we are spending $250 billion on these semiconductor subsidies when we are not protecting that innovation from china, and then they want to turn around and spend another six or $700 billion on all of this other boondoggle programs, and i would encourage house republicans not to help the democrats tomorrow spend $250 billion so they can turn around and pass their trillion dollar tax and spending bill next week. >> laura: i think mark kelly better be worried in arizona, he supports that so-called moderate mark kelly. he shouldn't be voting for this either. senator, thank you for this update, we appreciate it. up next, the theme to many
7:33 pm
parks -- well, what they have is the summer of violence, but why? raymond arroyo is going to tell us and reveal the cover of his new christmas book, christmas in july. "seen and unseen" next.
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>> laura: it's time for our cnet unseen segment where we us for the cultural stories of today and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, ray, i know you have your big book cover reveal coming up, but let's start with biden's covert global recovery. >> the white house has been trying to create the impression that ayden was completely in charge despite his covid diagnosis. if this was his pretaped address yesterday. we edited nothing here. this is the raw white house edit. watch. >> president biden: this law does so much more. it saves lives, including yours. it will help you do your job, but it's just the start. last week i rolled out my safe for america plan, with the goal of doing three key things.
7:39 pm
first, take additional comments and steps to gun crimes and violence. >> laura, there were more jump cuts in that thing then a john wickman b. he's becoming -- you know, the kind of juxtaposed different lines and try to make it fit. at one point, biden went for 31 seconds, we counted, without ever blinking. it was so bizarre. then today, he came out to declare victory over covid and there were no editors to save him. >> president biden: millions of americans have used paxlovid -- paxlovid, excuse me. paxlovid. i tell you what, i think it's -- i used it. >> what you think she thinks watching it, who is having a conversation with him >> laura: i'm sure xi is not very worried at all. if paxlovid. paxlovid. maybe it's pavlovian. >> different annunciation's.
7:40 pm
>> laura: yet. i like that pavlovian, paxlovid -- now i'm getting confused. >> meanwhile, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy, he's calling in the big guns in his war with russia. he's called and photographer annie leibowitz, who shot a glamorous spread of him and his wife for "vogue" magazine. the vogue cover of the ukrainian first lady -- this seems a bit of a frivolous counterpoint to the video he tweeted of the bombing of odesa yesterday. while zelenskyy is posing for vogue, it's important to note -- we have sunk, u.s. government, $8.2 billion into this war. the center for strategic and international studies claims we've committed 54 billion to ukraine in foreign aid and military systems. this is just gross, using war as your glamour shot backdrop. >> laura: it's -- it's counterintuitive to say the least, that you're doing fashion photo shoots while you're going
7:41 pm
around the world asking people through zoom or whatever for billions and billions of dollars. it's just -- to me, the whole thing smacks of inauthenticity. but you brought us the story of that big brawl at disney world the other day. but i understand it's not an isolated incident, is that right? >> no. we've been looking into this. these theme parks are erupting with the same violence and mayhem that we are seeing on the streets of american cities. at the universal city walk in orlando on saturday, they had to evacuate the place after fights broke out in the garages. and after a series of fights over at california's knots. farm, which forced them to close the park three hours early, they dropped a new policy requiring chaperones for anyone under 18 on friday, saturdays, and sundays, and they will probably make that during the week as well. you know, the thrill of going to a theme park used to be getting on a ride. now it's just returning to your
7:42 pm
cars. you're running for your life. >> laura: well, it's a safe feeling of having fun though, right? it's in a safe, enclosed kind of space where everyone is just having a good time, but that's not -- they're going to rename it -- raiment, they are going to re-name it knots very peaceful if they don't get this over there. >> the other thing, what's causing this, i asked some officers what do you think is driving this. they said it's a combination of covid lockdowns, family and parental breakdown, and a disrespect for officers on the street, so they certainly don't respect these mall cops in the theme parks. it's a -- you know, they could rename splash mountain smash mountain now. so we will see what happens. >> laura: splash mountain, anything. all right, we have the big raymond arroyo book cover reveal. this is the cover of raymond's new book, "the wise men who found christmas." i've already read it, you gave me the chance to read it months
7:43 pm
ago. it's available for preorder now wherever books are sold. it is absolutely beautiful. raymond, tell us about it. >> laura, i'm so proud of this book, it's a family read. it captures the true story. you got to release christmas books in the fall. everything you've been told about the wise men is probably untrue. this book sets the record straight in an incredible new adventure and it may be the prettiest book i vervet burn associated with. the illustrations are really magical. it releases october 11th and i will tell you much more about it in the days ahead. >> laura: and i understand that you and i are undergoing ga book tour together. >> you're coming with men some of the states. we're going to nashville and dallas and mesa, arizona. we're going all over the country. you and i are going to travel more and longer than the wise men traveled, i promise you. much more ahead, it's going to be great time and i can't wait to see everybody on the road. >> laura: will it be magical? that is so bad.
7:44 pm
congratulations. >> comment on camels, it will be fun. >> laura: we got that covered no problem. congratulations, can't wait. i will be tagging along with you at some of those events. you'll be back tomorrow for a special edition of -- it's going to be a barrel, i understand. up next, one of the most insidious campaigns to indoctrinate children we've ever seen in moments. chris rufo is going to bring us exclusive documents from inside the portland public schools that are targeting kids as young as kindergarten. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> one of the most freeing things that white people can do -- actually any human being on the planet could do right now is to just say of course i'm racist. of course i'm racist. our society speaks racism. it has spoken racism since we were born. >> laura: it seems the portland kindergarten teachers took that to heart, because new teaching materials that are obtained exclusively by chris rufo expose how race has now infected the already obsessed curriculum that's inside the portland public schools. want to show you just a couple of these slides.
7:50 pm
one suggests that even the word trans can be racist, as it is the language preferred by the colonizers. instead they recommend adding something called two spirits to be exclusively indigenous. if and if that isn't bad enough, one of their slides glamorize is the act of writing as an acceptable reaction to anything perceived to be white colonization. here now is chris rufo, manhattan's senior fellow. so now gender is colonized? and i don't even really understand the trans thing at all, i'm not following that. but what the heck is going on here? kids as young as 5? >> yeah, exactly. so what's happening is portland public schools have taken academic theory and turned it into a k through five pedagogy. they are teaching kids that some boys can have vaginas, some girls can have penises, they are encouraging them to adopt
7:51 pm
identities such as genderqueer, nonbinary and -- they are telling kids this is part of a political movement. it was political race theory lester, it's queer. this year, you have to get on board, reshape your identity according to this ideology and that by the end of fifth grade they actually have them reading out commitments to commit their lives radical left-wing activism by the ages of ten and 11 years old. >> laura: now, in this light, the portland public education system trying to demonize the idea of gender altogether, saying that gender is something that adults came up with to sort people into groups. now, chris, they are trying to erase the idea of the two sexes, like this is binary, completely. that's way out the window. >> exactly. the best way to think of this is critical race theory divides the world into racial groups and saying that they are fundamentally against each other, oppressing one another. they are trying to do the same
7:52 pm
thing with sex, saying that white heterosexual men have always oppressed racial and minorities. it's the same kind of basis marxist theory now applied to both race and gender. it's happening in portland, it's happening all over this country in rk through 12 public schools. >> laura: this next slide you have obtained i think is the most disturbing, describing gender dysphoria. it says if a kid is still figuring out there -- i love that -- there gender and needs to figure out what body parts shapes and expressions they want, they can take hormone blockers that cause puberty -- that pause puberty and give them time to figure out who they are. so, chris, they're pushing the idea of medically altering your body on little kids. that's -- what could go wrong there? >> these are our fourth and fifth graders and they are telling them they can start puberty blockers. they can get double mastectomies
7:53 pm
for the girls. they can adopt these synthetic sexual identity such as trans and nonbinary and all doing all of this without notifying parents. everyone should be on guard for this ideology in the schools because it's coming. it's coming to a school near you. >> laura: i know portland is a liberal place, but do most parents and immigrant parents -- is this what they want for their kids [boos] >> it's absolutely not, it's deeply unpopular. and actually just minutes ago, after i broke this story, the admitted strainers at portland public schools started furiously deleting all of these documents from their websites, from the internet, because they could only do this in secrecy. they can only do this hiding it from parents, by hiding it from the public. but when we shine a light on it, when parents show up at those school board meetings and start to make their voices heard, these ideologies shrink and crumble because they can't stand the light of day.
7:54 pm
they are evil, they're harming kids, and parents have to stand up and fight back to make sure that no more lives are ruined by queer theory in these harmful ideologies. >> laura: no, but remember, merrick garland is going to make sure all these parents are considered domestic extremists if they get a little heated at these school board meetings, which a lot of moms and dads, when they see this stuff, they are going to get a little heated, so now they will have to be worried about being categorized as semester terrorists. that's the other thing we are dealing with. invaluable service you've provided tonight, thank you so much. now, it turns out that no price was too much for the white house when it came to fixing a certain official's communications issues. what am i talking about? the last bite explains. dicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> laura: according to politico, the administration cdc director walensky's comms issues were so bad they allocated over $50,000 to try to fix them. judging by this clip, it didn't
8:00 pm
work. >> we do -- have seen now two cases that have occurred in children. both of those children are traced back to individuals who come from the men who have gay men community. >> laura: the men who have sex with men community. maybe she needs 50,000 more training. "gutfeld!" next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy wednesday, everybody! so, president biden is in deep trouble. the white house reports he's testing negative for covid, which proves even the virus wants someone else. [scattered laughter]


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