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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 30, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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disrespect anything for frank. everyone is at their story, their part. he's not here to defend himself. no reason to say right and wrong. >> there's the media we have to go. we certainly hope you solve this for the hoffa family. ♪ specific welcome to the journal editorial report. in this week. the u.s. economy shrinking .9% for april through june. this is the second straight quarterly contraction. that of course is the long recognized definition of a recession even the biden administration tried always to. the president still insisting on thursday the economy is quote on the right path despite the latest numbers, listen.
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quicksilver record job market. businesses are investing in america at record rates. this is partly strongest rebound in american manufacturing and over three decades. that is not selling a recession to meet. >> let's bring in heaven he's a former chairman of the council of economic advisors and distinguish a visiting fellow at the hoover institution. great to see you my friend. you got inflation right you got the gdp numbers right, you said this is going to be a negative quarter, the second in a row. how bad is this, at least a stagflation not recession, how long is it going to last? >> it is a very bad. it's going to get a lot worse in the second half of the year, sadly. i think one of the reasons is going to get a lot worse as the biden administration is in denial and they're not pursuing policies that are necessary right now to help the fed out. what are the things they keep saying is we are not really in recession because the labor market is strong. but they're not really look at
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history at all when they do that. if you go back and look at the 70s and you look at the three recessions we had if you count the one that leaked into the 80s, what happens is if your business and your sales go down, you have got to cut your costs. the costs are basically the real wages you pay her workers for of the snow inflation you basically have to lay workers off right away. if prices are going up 10% you don't change the wages you can cut your wage bill by 10% by treading water and not increasing wages. what happens is the labor market lags when there's inflation i recession. it's happened over, over and over again. we have had ten times since 1949 lead to negative quarters. every single one of them was a recession by the fact the bite administration is in denial and just going to get a lot worse as the fed hikes rates. my guess is we'll see as deep a recession was uttering the financial crisis also back when paul had to whack the economy to
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kill inflation. >> the thing i think is going to set it off to go a lot deeper is some kind of financial panic when people really start to understand how bad things are. the interest rates there's a heck of a lot of countries especially developing countries they'll run the risk of having to default on their debt. an arm of the asian financial crisis, things like that that is the next chapter, that is not happened yet. it's a bad time to be in denial about the fact or recession rates a bad time to be doing this fiscal policy they are doing on the hill to make fed go it alone. >> kevin the nightly in denial about recession, they are claiming we are still in a good recovery, here is a janet yellen speaking about all this on thursday, rotate. >> it entered a new phase in our recovery focused on achieving sacrificing the gains of thet
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last 18 months. >> just to be clear, by the way, when trump left office better growth rate of about 6% inflation rate of about 1.4%. now that was a recovery. we now have two quarters of negative print. two quarters down for the economy and 9% inflation. that is not a recovery, is it? >> and noah. the idea we had gains over the last 18 months is just ludicrous really. i understand politics being politics janet has to go out there and say something with these bad numbers. but i were not a power in the white house or treasury allow a president to lie about the economy the way we are seeing them do right now. the fact is what that does is it sets the stage for an actual financial panic. but marcus need to see if you have got adults in the room will be her talk about what to do. dulcet understand we are in recession and then have ideas about what were going to do
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about it given the high inflation rate. instead we're just getting denial. i guess you could argue growth is pretty steady we had negative first-quarter negative second-quarter numbers are kind of close to maybe growth is steady but it's negative is not positive. i think they are not going to wake up and we are going to see a lot of bad news between now and the midterm election. bidenr inflation records. s not a small matter at all. the decrease in growth is a problem in itself inflation the whole of the thing. when he took office and generally inflation is a mention was 1.4%. it went all the way up to 7.9% before the russian invasion of ukraine. that was an increase of 435% in less than 18 months. that is a new presidential record. it is an ominous one but it is a record. this is really bad stuff he's been doing. >> yes, people ought to look at the data. a guy named sullivan wrote the
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review went over this and showed joe biden was literally the worst inflation president on the record. that fact is we can talk about all these numbers but the things the viewers understand our things are a lot more inspect expensive now the average american is spending what are $50 more a month on gasoline than they did when joe biden took office. one of joe biden's first moves when he got into the oval office was to issue an executive order where he reestablished the guys were supposed to establish the social cost of carbon. which meant they published their target price for a barrel of oil. you go back and look at that target it is basically what her $20 a barrel points about will be got, mission accomplished. these guys told us what road they're going to do and they have done it. and the economy now is suffering because of it. anyway, i am very stunned they have chosen to try to redefine a recession. it's really quite comical. if we were in the white house and we did that could you
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imagine he'll be playing me on saturday night live? >> exactly. >> imagine the ridicule we would get? >> as you mention it will be funny if it wasn't hurting so many millions of americans. it is just a desperate situation for a lot of folks. kevin, great staff. you are right in the past i kinda hope you're wrong about this future. it is not a pretty picture. thank you so much for being here. as the economy slips into recession, senate democrats strike a deal for more taxes and spending. we'll talk about the wrong policy at exactly the wrong time. our panel on the political fallout coming next. sorry i'm late! dude, dude, dude... oh boy. your cousin.from boston. [whiff] [water splashes] is it on the green? [goose squawks] i was just looking for my ball.
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ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. need to get your a1c down? (♪ ♪) ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. economy slides into a recession, senate democrats are teeing up to closer trillion dollars of new spending and taxes. revive parts of "build back
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better" agenda including energy and climate provisions, health care subsidies and a number of tax increases. democrats are calling the massive increase in spending quote the inflation reduction action. president biden on thursday doubled down on the claim the tax and spend a blow out will actually help reduce soaring prices. but wilt midterm voters by all this? let's bring our panel wall street journal columnist chemist russell manhattan institute senior fellow jason riley columnist mary o'grady. good to see you all. meritless come to first. just the title of this thing, the inflation reduction act. assuming this passes, will it reduce inflation? >> well david, the thing is suing to the democrats doing this is the only solution they have two economic problems is tax-and-spend. that is all this package is. let's little bit about calling
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the ministry of truth in stalin's soviet union. the place where the propaganda is produced. the inflation problem as a problem of too much money chasing too few goods. you have two jobs to do. what is create less money and credit out of the fed. and produce more. this hits a business investment as you say. it discourages companies from doing the things that would increase productivity. and it pumps a lot more money into the economy by the spending. it seems completely contrary to what we need right now. david: contrary to the stated goal by the title of it. jason i want to quote when your favorite personalities he wrote a book about him, you did a show about him. he said this week, much confusion comes from judging
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economic policies by the goals they proclaim rather than the incentives they create. what types of incentives do you think this new build it back a better plan is going to create? >> you are right there. that is one of the great quotes. he also set a lot of efforts to redistribute wealth end up redistributing poverty. and i think that is another lesson we can take what they built a back better will do. in terms of expanding the welfare state and so forth. as mary was mentioning we need economic growth right now. the administration keeps looking at the unemployment numbers and saying look, that is a sweet spot for us. your people are in the workforce. we had pre-covid. the other thing we have to remember is that joe biden inherited a pretty strong recovery.
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he is taking us back to the 1970s in terms of where we are today. that is going to ban him and his administration. i don't think is going to help him in november. the democrats might think they have a nice boost here something to go campaign on. at the end of the day people are staring at gas prices every day every time they write down the main street. david: kim let's dig down a little more to the taxes proposed by this. the way biden pokes it and yell and, the small group of corporate elitists are getting with paying no taxes. only they will be affected by raising taxes either at the corporate level or something close to it. in fact, if they have to pay more in taxes, they will cut back on other things like people's jobs, right? >> writes it. because corporate tax is never a tax on a corporation. because they always pass it along for the pass it on to their consumers. they pass along in terms of
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either hiring less or paying less for their workers. it's why it's on that least least efficient taxes that we have out there. and why it was such a good idea 2017 that we reduced the overall corporate tax rate. this would impose a 15% report minimum tax aimed at certain very large companies. although interestingly if they invest in a certain approved things like green energy tax credits, they will be able to escape some of that tax. it is a double whammy. it's not just a disincentive for business investment but if they miss allocation of resources encouraging people to only invest in certain areas that may or may not be good for the economy. >> as we found out sometimes it's not good for the economy or the businesses. mary, they also reinstated this $80 billion super sizing of the irs. i thought that was history, but they brought it back in. that is part of this deal too, right? >> the argument is that they are
12:16 pm
going to have all of these attacks agents digging into tax cheats in finding lots of coins in the cushion. the eye rs keeps getting more money and being less capable of doing its job. i just want to add something else which i think is really important. part of this a bill that controls price controls on pharmaceuticals. we know that once you start doing that you get less rnd. basically pharmaceutical answers to medical problems. i am very concerned about that aspect as well. >> it is problematic. when we come back as inflation soars, democrats in congress could be on their way to spending themselves out of the majority. so why are some republicans actually writing to the rescue?
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boxes by demonstration democrats in congress face the political fallout from soaring inflation, rising taxes and runaway spending, republicans should be poised for big gains in the midterm elections. so why are some in the gop intent on helping democrats dig themselves out of the hole therein? seventeen republicans in the u.s. senate on 24 in the house of voting this week to pass a 280 billion-dollar giveaway to semiconductor industry called the chip saville. in signing on big spending agenda even as they try to take back their house and senate majority per let's buy back our strawser, jason riley and mary o'grady. kim, you wrote about this in a wonderful call this week. senator mitch mccall the former leader of the senate, the republican leader right now looks particularly bad to me
12:21 pm
look at their sweet he sent out a month ago. we can put it up on the screen. this is on june 30, let me be perfectly can clear up or they'll be no bipartisan u.s. i see that the chips bill as long as democrats are pursuing bipartisan reconciliation bill. in fact it turns out the democrats were pursuing a reconciliation bill dressel mcconnell and 16 other republicans voted for the 280 billion-dollar chips plan. he was a dead wrong. >> republicans were brilliantly duped here. it's really embarrassing for them. this chips a bill was the leverage they had over the bigger manchin reconciliation bill. there are a lot of the chips bill. guys like out in ohio, mark kelly in arizona, that big semi
12:22 pm
conductor presences in their state. they wanted this. so all republicans had to do was sit there, wait until the end of september when the reconciliation vehicle ran out and then maybe go after semiconductors. he said they had a number of members and their own home state greed wanted this bill. seventeen and that voting with democrats, gave away that leverage and sure enough a couple hours later here comes manchin in schumer with their bigger records elation blow out. >> unbelievable. jason the late editor of the wall street journal used to say republicans should never try to compete with democrats on spending bills. there always will be outspent by democrats. democrats will find a way of turning a republican spending bill sent to a massive supersized spending bill. he is right on with this chips bill, no? >> he is, david. and just to add what kim said is not only embarrassing a part of republican zeros on but also somewhat hypocritical.
12:23 pm
republicans encouraged conservatives spend a lot of time denouncing expanded social welfare spending. now that is bad for the country and rightly so. you cannot do that and then turn around and support corporate welfare spending on this level. intel is slated to get something $15 billion. david, intel is the top 50 company on the fortune 500. they do not need these kinds of subsidies from the government. but think this is embarrassing for its bad politics print a very bad look. somewhat hypocritical on the republican party brickwork sometimes a subsidies take away the competitive edge american companies have because of our more competitive nongovernmental companies out there. mary, you combine the chips bill with this reconciliation, if it passes. you come up with a number that's tickling at the edge of a trillion dollars. that is real money that's going to do nothing but increase
12:24 pm
inflationary pressures we have in this economy, right? >> right. to build a little bit on what jason said, there's something like 75 billion for the chips industry. do not forget all of the rest is going to the commerce department, the energy department, all kinds of alphabet soup in washington. this is also a big to the bureaucracy in washington. one thing that worries me as republican voters are not going to turn around when they see this hypocrisy and say were right to vote for democrats. but they might not be so energized going to the polls because they feel like what does it matter? they are both the i'm not getting anywhere. david: kim i think that's a good point. can republicans make a clean break from democrats on the inflation issue when they are part of the spending problem? well, i become so much, much harder to do. look, they ought to be able to
12:25 pm
into this manchin bill make a couple of points by the ought to be able to say hey, democrats are raising your taxes even as we are in a recession for their pouring more money into the economy even as we are dealing with inflation for they ought to be able to do that. but instead now, i think a lot of voters especially independents out there just as mary said they can say wait a minute, you just blew $280 billion up the door for a bunch of wealthy semiconductor makers. what makes you any better? it really muddies up the message. >> besides the spending of the chips bill which we have criticized, i did sort of it paved the way for reconciliation. great segment again, thank you very much. still ahead, new signs democrats are biting joe biden ahead of 2024 as voters in a crucial primary state deliver a sobering
12:26 pm
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. david: >> hello everyone, i have just tested negative for covid-19 after isolating for five days. [cheering] thankfully i'll be able to
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return to work in person brickwork supplies this week as he emerged from covid quarantine. but are democrat voters looking to put him in political quarantine ahead of 2024. a new cnn poll showing a whopping 75% of democrats want to someone other biden to be their nominee. while a poll first the nation primary state of new hampshire finds transportation secretary pete buttigieg nearly beating the president among granite state democrats. let's bring in karl rove. his wall street journal columnist and fox news contributor. he served as senior advisor to president george w bush. thank you for being here. we have the biden recession, carl, as if he did not have enough problems, no president since fdr has ever been reelected having had a recession in their first term. and biden is no fdr. >> know he definitely is not. let's be honest, it has been clear almost of the moment he
12:31 pm
took the oath of office it was very unlikely the democrats would nominate him in 2024 at the age of 82. he was arty having difficulty streaming together two sentences readily been invalidated by that last year end a half. he will not be the nominee in 2024 and they were better off, in my opinion, having said we're going to make that decision later. were going to focus all of our energy and efforts in achieving what we said were going to do in the campaign, unite the country and move forward. david: i could one similar occasion that is on march 31 -- 1968 when then president johnson shocked the nation by telling us all the following, roll tape. >> i shall not seek and i will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your pr president. joey: so are we going to hear that again from president biden?
12:32 pm
>> i think we will. but remember there is a big difference, unpopular war in 1967 in 1968. mccarthy nearly beats in the primary mccarthy of course campaign, johnson was the practice at the time did not campaign. but nonetheless mccarthy almost beat him. so lyndon johnson saw the writing on the wall from the voters. we already see plenty of polls indicated the democratic base is not enthusiastic at all. in fact just the opposite about joe biden running again. he's not going to the nominee of the democratic party. part of the best time for him to get off of the stage in terms of making a statement similar to johnson's after the november election. but already see democrats running left in right as far away for the president. >> the interesting thing all the contenders basically have the same policies that got us into this economic mess we are in. of course foreign policy may be a different story we do not know how they be a foreign policy.
12:33 pm
what we know we would probably have such the same kind of disastrous economy under their policies which are virtually the same as biden's. >> the only difference between their policies and biden's is, they would want to spend more, regulate more and low-cost energy. >> so what would be worse? >> it would be worse. and so this is going to be the conundrum for democrats in 2024. it's very difficult for an incumbent party to break away from the failures of the president of their sitting party proves how the example the election of 1896 democrats presided over a horrible economic calamity for the only way the democrats broke away from it was essentially to blame the republicans for having policies more akin to the democratic president then to their nominee william jennings bryan. a hard act to pull off and even then it didn't work. they are in trouble. as in 2022 and 2024 brickwork
12:34 pm
that we the competency or a lack thereof of some of the main contenders were adverse while the vice president and are complete and utter failure to secure the border down south. we have pete buttigieg who is been talked about a lot. right in the midst of the worst supply chain crisis we've ever had in this country and transportation has a lot to do with that, he takes off two months for paternity leave. there is a question. >> and doesn't tell us about it. that is what astonishes me. normally when a secretary of a cabinet department is taking extended leave like that, they make a formal announcement and transfer the responsibility for their duties to their subordinates. we did not know about this until he was well into his time away from the office. no, the democrats of got a problem. they'll have a big field, the hub newsome, the governor of colorado, they have pete buttigieg, they'll have elizabeth warning, the amy klobuchar for the be a lot of
12:35 pm
people running, cory booker, you name it they're going to be a lot. but the problem for them is going to be some distance between themselves and a dismal economic record. i'm of a single condo so say by 2024 were going to be going and blowing just like ronald reagan was in 1984. the worst is yet to come in all likelihood. david: very quickly on the midterms, does what happened this week with regard to the economic policies the chips a bill and everything else, of course the reconciliation possibility of reconciliation, does that affect republican chances to take over the house and senate? >> the chips bill is a minor thing. don't be it causes the democrats to be able to say we've done a great thing for you by semi conductors are going to solve all our problems there. the "build back better" resurrection is going to be a problem rather than a success for them. once again reminds people the democrats of the party are spending lots, and lots, and lots of money at a time where we
12:36 pm
are suffering from inflation which the ordinary american understands is too much money chasing too few goods. they do not see the answer to inflation to be lots more spending and lots more taxes per think about that. the economy is slowing down it was in negative terms for the first two quarters of this year. the answer to that is raise taxes? i don't think so pray that's not going to be good for the economy. >> that leads us right into november by the way. chances are things are not going to turn on economically until then. karl, great to see you thank you very much have a great week. but we come back house democrats pushing a plan to enact term limits on supreme court justices if the party steps up its efforts to undermine the third branch of government. y!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big!
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david: house democrats introduced a bill to enact term limits for supreme court justices. thing the move is needed to quote restore legitimacy and
12:40 pm
independence of the nation's highest court. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler calling term limits essential amid all of the harmful and out of touch rulings from the supreme court this last year. his words. just the latest in an ongoing effort by the left to undermine the third branch of government. with democrats stepping up their attacks on supreme court justice clarence thomas as well. this time to the generous six committee. kim strassel and jason riley are back with us to explain to good to see you both again. jason, let's start the trashing of justice thomas. i can never remember an instance when a justice of the supreme court was treated this way by members of congress, can you? >> no i can't. but we have seen this treatment of thomas for 30 years now, david. recently, a group of black intellectuals and others signed a statement denouncing this treatment we have seen of justice thomas over the years. and i am glad they did.
12:41 pm
it seems like it is open season on black conservatives in this country and has been for a long time. and justice thomas has been the face of this. other justices are just wrong. but thomas isn't wrong, he is a sellout, he is an uncle tom. he needs psychiatric treatment pretty think it's really deplorable for. >> it is indeed. kim, again it's not just justice thomas you have kavanaugh and others being ridiculed as well. the supreme court is not just another branch of congress for its independent branch of the u.s. government. if separate from these kind of political attacks in the past. is that beating down of individuals on the court an attempt to undermine the court? >> it is an attempt to undermine the court which by the way it is very curious because you now have all these democrats claiming they need to reform the court with term limits et cetera, to restore its legitimacy. well, who tore down his
12:42 pm
legitimacy? it's democrats is hurled these insults with democrats with the attacks on clarence thomas, it is also let me point this out too, david, this is also an attempt to bully the justices to attempt to get them to rule in ways the democrats would like to see rulings are more favorable to their side. so far it hasn't really worked. but that's also part of the intimidation. >> jason our whole approach to justice in this country, justice is blind, relies on the fact that infected justices and judges will not be bullied. even members of juries will not be bullied. there are federal laws prohibiting the kind of protest we are sitting in front of the house is now of supreme court justices. and yet ag garlands, our attorney general is not enforcing those laws. is there any justification for that? >> no there isn't, there isn't david. and ironically that people pushing for court packing comic
12:43 pm
term limits and so forth say the court has become too politicized. but these reforms they are pushing forward make the court even more politicized. i mean having every two years having 18 your limits on how long you can serve, this would all make the court even more politicized. there is a reason we have an independent judiciary with lifetime appointments. so they can make the right decisions regardless of whether they are popular decisions. i think we should stick with that and not change things in the way they would only further politicize the court. david: fdr back in the 30s could not pack the supreme court. and he had a 70% approval rating printed on a popular president, like biting, actually do it fdr could do? >> it would be hard. also puts a spotlight on the importance of the midterms that are coming up. because it is remarkable how quickly this has changed, david, just a couple years ago some
12:44 pm
these democratic candidates for the presidency first loaded this idea of court packing et cetera, people were a bit scandalized no one had brought that up since fdr days not in series fashion. it is now mainstream dogma for every democrat out there. even the president has embraced it to a certain extent, doing something about the extent supreme court and the filibuster. if the senate -- make up the democrats to increase their majorities there, and any significant way, i think they will move to do this. david: jason, very quickly, every dictator in recent history has started their power grab by taking over the independence of the supreme court. by politicizing and using the courts as an extension of their power. is it too far to say that americans should be worrying about the same happening here? >> they should be.
12:45 pm
i think the attacks piercing from a left on the court are not unprecedented. but we need to push back against them privy independent judiciary. it's very important for our system. we need a third branch of government that is sort of insulated from the political passions of the day. that is so we have right up to some extent. we need to make sure we keep that. david: jason kemp thank you very much refers to headers afghanistan and then russia and ukraine. is china shaping up to be the next foreign policy crisis of the biden administration? were going to be talking to general jack keane about the growing tensions with beijing coming up next. (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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david: those who play with fire will perish by. stark warning from chinese president shooting pain to president biden on thursday. the two world leaders spoke on the phone for more than two
12:49 pm
hours amid rising tensions over taiwan. new reports beijing is looking to disrupt u.s. nuclear arsenal communications. taiwan, for itself with holding military drills this week as a beijing steps up its rhetoric. so after the disastrous afghan withdraw the russian invasion of ukraine, is china shaping up to be the latest military crisis facing the biden ministration. assess retired four-star general jacket keane pres a foxnews a senior strategic analyst. general good seo, thanks for being here. things are really heating up in our relation with china. what is next and are we ready for whatever comes? >> well, dealing with china, the major thing on their agenda is several weeks from now the national party of congress is going to meet. they will enshrine president sheet with a third term likely and an indefinite term. a lot of this bluster that is taking place i believe is related to that.
12:50 pm
he has got some criticism at home. not protest but criticism. but surrounding covid itself. in the sense he still does not have a moderna vaccine. and he has done this covid free zone were shut down major cities as largest 38 million for at a time. and the economy is projected to be this year targeted at 5.5% real growth, the second quarter was .4. so obviously they are not growing. their economy is stalling. he has some pressure at home. he does not want anything to distract from his enshrinement several weeks from now. that is part of the challenge is we are facing. getting from this is somewhat related to that. and listen, he has increased his aggression as it pertains to the
12:51 pm
region and specifically taiwan. every single year end is ten years. it really is at a height right now. >> where should we be? take the lesson from ukraine. pollutant desire ukraine and flagged that for years. it is a part of russia. resident she desires taiwan it's a part of china. he intends in a stated time and again taken by force if necessary. it's necessary, get our military leaders of taiwan conduct military exercises. establish a real to prevent it from occurring. david: general, certainly threatening us overseas by actions in his own territory, he is actually bringing it into the united states for there is a new story this week about equipment run by the chinese government essentially that may be used to
12:52 pm
disrupt our nuclear arsenal. what can you tell us about that? >> this is equipment very close to our military base where the perception is, we are not inside what is classified here obviously, they could disrupt our communication. not just monitor it but disrupt it. particularly one is very close to her nuclear capability is. this is on the part of the prc, of course it is. listen, they are conducting the most comprehensive sophisticated, espionage penetration of the united states in our entire history. it involves hundreds of thousands of people committed to this task. what china is about, david, they believe is the preeminent and
12:53 pm
world-famous strategist whose majors first thesis is the first one is when and a feature enemy without fighting them. that takes imagination, innovation, and all of the tools china is attempting to do. they want to undermine our society. certainly we can our democracy and we can all resolve in terms of defending our allies and partners in the region. that is what they are about to pray they want to do without firing a shot. >> even extends to apparently sending spies into the federal reserve in order to figure out the information about our economy to undermine statistics the fed may be working on. then you had a very disturbing comment from a chinese news organization on friday suggesting speaker pelosi's plane was a fair target if it went into taiwan.
12:54 pm
that is really going beyond the pale. >> yes, that kind of bluster -- meant to me it shows more desperation than anything else. china is not going to go to war with the united states and our allies and partners in the region over speaker pelosi attempting to visit counterparts and government officials in taiwan. that does not make any sense. but the attempt here is to get the united states to back down significant embarrassment for us. a big victory for president xi going into the national party of congress in several weeks. >> got you. general jack keane always a pleasure to see a pretty sobering thoughts there, appreciate you coming in. we have to take a one more break. when we come back hits and misses of the week.
12:55 pm
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>> time now for our hits and misses of the week. jason come up first to you. >> i want to congratulate resident i did not is speedy recovery. how far we have come as a country combating the virus despite the fact that democrats want to say we are in the middle of a pandemic. no, we are not. if you're using the word pandemic to describe where we were two years ago and where we are today, the word has no meaning. >> fairpoint. >> not a sin of cold mission, but omission on the part of two that are vying to become the next prime minister of great written. both of them have denounced china's crackdown on liberty in hong kong, but neither one of
12:59 pm
them have spoken up for jim eli who was a publisher and british citizen who has been in jail and may face a life sentence. totalitarians depend on prisoners being forgotten. they should not forget him. >> a great man indeed. take you for that one. cam, to you. >> a myth to the 100 congressional democrats asked joe biden for the seventh time to renew the pause on the repayment of federal student loans. this has been in effect since march 2020 even though we are well past the pandemic crisis. employers are begging people to take jobs. this is the president being asked again to give a handout right before midterm. how about enough with the covid handouts. >> thank you very much. if you have your own hit or miss
1:00 pm
tweet it to us. that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and all of you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. ♪♪ >> breaking news from the white house. president biden testing positive for covid again. his doctor calling it a rebound from the treatment. saying the president has no new symptoms, but he will return to isolation and we wish the president of the united states a very asked. this is fox news live. >> hello everyone. we do wish president biden well. the reinvention coming just days after he began testing negative following his first case of covid and came out of isolation r