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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  July 31, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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do you have a watch? check your phone. it's time for dan bongino to start according to my watch. i hope he's ready. dan: i'm going to say it because it's true. joe biden handling of the border crisis makes him an accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of people. senator ron johnson may have been set up by the fbi. joe biden is the big guy.
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when the game? no sweat. change the rules or the language. how they are using the same playbook for everything else. you probably saw that viral video of a teenager getting into a brawl with a police officer in new york. how can a police officer keep that from happening without overstepping. i have had a bad week and i have had it with the biden administration. he's a disgrace to human kind. he turned his back on the disastrous crisis at our southern border. and because of that he's a direct accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of american citizens. i use my words carefully and deliberately. and i mean every single word of that. before you say, hey, slow down. let's look at the definition of
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the word accomplice. according to merriam webster, one associated with another, especially in wrongdoing. it's a fact our kids are being intentionally killed and poisoned using fentanyl brought in through the border by drug cartels in mexico. and it originate with the chinese communist party. the chemicals for the fentanyl. u.s. overdose deaths surged 20% in just one year in 2022. the numbers are going up, not down. what happens when thousands of these migrants are put on buses and sent to cities like washington, d.c. suddenly it's a crisis and they ask for intervention.
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>> i am asking for the guard as long as we need the guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis. the number of people crossing the border seeking asylum we expect to only go up. your kids are dead present fentanyl, no problem. illegal immigrants in my city, big problem. but they aren't interested in the root cause of the problem. the olympic is, the border. the democrats want red states to bail them stout while accusing conservatives of playing politics. >> you prefer a small town in arizona to take care of meals migrants. >> that not what i said. they are sending migrants to big cities on purpose to use them as a political ploy.
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dan: the drugs crossing the border with poisoning thousands. fentanyl overdose deaths are skyrocketing in nashville, denver and chicago. we take these stories on the screen and you are reading these headlines for a reason. what do they have in common? they trnlt near our southern border. it's not a border state problem. it's in every state. biden is an accomplice to mass murder. the left is intentionally allowing that to happen. i.c.e. developing a program to give i.d. cards to immigrants. does anyone with functioning brains have a problem with that. joe biden's white house, they are accomplices to this. last week we had tom homan on to
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talk about how the democrats wants to allow asylum applications online. the administration has been trying to get rid of the title 42 covid enforcement rule after getting rid of the trump's remain in mexico policy. but instead he's trying to accelerate the problem and i will say it again and i will mean it again. he's an accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of americans. senator cruz said it best when he went to the border. >> joe biden and kamala harris are responsible for the worst playing of slavery in america since the civil war. dan: you still not convinced? you don't think it administration an accomplice.
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listen to the parents of a child who died of accidental fentanyl overdoses. >> how does a healthy capable 17-year-old no longer live. our baby is gone. >> i'm part of our thousand strong, there is more being added every single day. it's disgusting how many people are dying. >> he was just a kid who made one dumb decision and he died. dan: it's hard to watch, isn't it? one mistake. i made a lot of dumb mistakes in my life. he didn't deserve to die for it. instead of doing their jobs they were elected to do. this disgraceful administration has the nerve to spit in our faces and lie to us. they say don't worry, the border is secure. >> the border is secure.
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we are working to make the border more secure. the border is closed. the border is secure. dan: i can only hope this but buffoon is impeached. i know what you are going to say, are you saying all illegal immigrants are murders? no, that's not what i said. what i am saying is the biden administration is allowing mass migration that sucks up the efforts of our border agents. and they sex traffic kids, too. someone who is an accomplice has no intention to stop a crime. and in biden's case assists it. how about biden announce every
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single drug extra -- trafficker will be thrown in jail oral die ported. but he won't do that because he's an accomplice in the mass murder of our citizens that starts at the southern border. joining me is derek maltz. i'm calling him an accomplice. joe biden * knows exactly what's happening at the border. >> dan, 100%. this mass poisonings all over the country. i work with these families you had on the show. the one kid zach was going to go to stanford or ucla. he took a pill and he died. the parents found him dead in
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the bedroom. joe biden said publicly that he recognized the drug crisis is an unusual extraordinary threat to national security. so a logical question is why the hell is the border wide open, and you are allowing an invasion from 150 countries. there was a good story this week on fox regarding the billions of dollars that the chinese are using to purchase real estate and land in america. the one thing the public doesn't understand is they are picking up millions of dollars of cash and drug proceeds throughout america and it's coming from the cartels distributing the poisonous fentanyl, the methamphetamine, and the cocaine killing our kids, and they are buying property in america. it's insanity and it's scary, and it's a national security threat like we have never seen.
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dan: this is deliberate. this is not a mistake. the chinese communist party and these cartels are not accidentally shipping fentanyl in. this is being done on purpose. correct? >> they are trying to desablize our country. they are killing off the future generation. but they are using the mexican cartel as the proxy to do the dirty work. it's like hezbollah being used by iran to do the dirty work. they have chemical production labs in mexico. the corrupt officials in mexico are not going after these labs. they are shutting count ability to investigate the drug traffickers. they are putting out public information to make it look like their doing a job, but they are on the cartel's payroll. we are sucking up to them with
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our state department like they are some god. what about our kids. it's time to stand up for american families and american kids. dan: i am glad you called it an american security crisis. thanks for coming on. coming up on "unfiltered." it's been a bad week for joe and hunter biden and the fbi. joe biden is the big guy. we knew that. senator ron johnson may have been the victim of an
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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." it's been a bad week for the fbi and their buddies. some of the agents involved in calling the laptop disinformation. then we learned the fbi may have worked to inflate the domestic terrorism stats. it turns out the fbi and the biden family may have been working together. here to weigh in is congressman
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ron johnson. you were briefed in august of 2020 by the fbi of being the target of russian disinformation. do you think you were the victim of a possible setup there? >> i knew at the time and i know now. they ran a story in the "washington post" six or seven months later. but i knew it at the time. haven't we always known this? we have known the bidens are a corrupt family for years. our report, chuck grassley in my report proved it conclusively. then we had the laptop and tony bobu lirks ski. but now we learned even the fbi was covering it up. it explains why 51 intelligence
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officials would seek to cover this up. this is a massive scandal that the corrupt media is pretty much shrugging. only fox news and these types of outlets are covering this. dan: i get the question a lot from viewers and listeners to the radio show. they say how bad is it over at the fbi. is it systemic in and what will it take to fix it. >> it will take new leadership. i think it's systemic at the top. god bless the whistleblowers who contacted chuck grassley. but christopher wray didn't fix the problem. the fbi knew in 2016 that the steele dossier was dirty. but in march of 2008 under the
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leadership of christopher wray agreed that it has integrity. they allowed the mueller investigation to go forward. this is a corrupt organization. we had a briefing that was a setup. this is just the tip of the iceberg, i fear. dan: an explosive report in the "new york post" essentially confirming that president biden is the big guy. this reporting is -- to call it explosive could be an unstatement. where do we go with this? will this further your investigation? >> how much more evidence do we need in the laptop is a treasure trove. the media barely admit some of these emails may be genuine. they are all genuine and show corruption and criminal
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activity. the only way this is going to break through is if the main street media gets shamed into covering it. but they are complicit and corrupt themselves. dan: do you think there is potential that the mainstream media finds joe biden useless because of his low poll numbers and try to get hip out of office. >> my prediction is they will probably indict hunter biden but they will seal the information and the american public will never get to the whole truth. dan: that's what i'm worried about, too. you know those at-home
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>> there are weapons under development that are designed to target specific people. that's what this is. where you can actually take someone's dna, their medical profile and target a biological weapon that will kill that person or take them off the
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battlefield or make them inoperable. dan: a disturbing turn in the bio weapons arms race. our enemies like china can make a bio weapon from data gathered in at at-home testing. can china get individual dna data? and how worried should we be about this? >> who do you think has been --n supplying the covid-19 tests. they are gathering data and china is behind the hacks behind anthem healthcare. so they are putting together a
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massive data base about the medical information about people. you start combining dna with that. you have got a dna version of the manchurian candidate. you can target the dna. the dna will target the president. that's one of the worst case scenarios going through my mind is targeting political leadership. preexisting conditions, family history, all those things go into being able to create a precision munition that works at the virus level. dan: is there a way to keep your dna away from one of these hostile countries? a cheek swap, how would you even know? >> a lot of people got notices saying your information been compromised. it got sent to testing and got
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sent somewhere else for testing. you go after or 23nme. they have been in partnerships and gotten access to information because we never treated healthcare as a national security concern. we treated it as a privacy concern. you talk about national security threats. this is another national security threat that's not being given the import it should. dan: joe rogan did a piece this week on tiktok. >> we may associate you with information collected from device other than those you use to log into the platform meaning they can use other computers that you are not even using to
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log into tiktok that can take the data off that. that's what you are agreeing to when you download and start outing tiktok. >> this is something you warned about on this show before. >> it's all in the licensing agreement. >> no one reads the licensing agreements in there. you have got executives lying to congress when they testify about who has the controlling interest. the best thing you can do with tiktok is delete the thing and get the u.s. to ban it in stores. china bans facebook, and google and american apps in china. until our apps are allowed, none of theirs should be allowed in the united states. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." if you can't win, just change
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the rules or the definitions. democrats declare today war on words. the monologue on that coming up next.
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dan: it has never been more apparent that the dems are trying to force to us live in their altered reality.
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the most important weapon on that war on truth is weaponizing language. to actually change the definition of words to advance their agenda. here is bill clinton. and by the way he was under oath. >> it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is. >> he knew what it was because he said the word is is. the dems have perfected their redefining skills. as the american economy enters the biden recession. the biden white house is trying to change the definition. >> two negative quairlts of gdp growth is not the technical definition of recession. it's not the definition economists traditionally relied on. >> if things are going so great,
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why is it white house officials are trying to redefine recession. >> we are not redefining recession. >> recession is two consecutive quarters of negative gdp growth, how is that not redefining recession. >> because that's not the meaning of recession'. >> what recession means is a broad based contraction of the economy. dan: here is brian dees in 2008 saying economists have a tech calculation definition of recession which is two consecutive periods. you can't make this up. you know we are in a recession when the fact checker mob comes out swinging. no one questions the defend significance of recession until the dm kralts walk this in.
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sheer is slick willy with his definition of a recession. >> what do you think of a recession. >> a recession is two quarters of negative growth. i don't think we are going have that. dan: recession is the latest in a long line of words they tried to change the meaning of. remember woman? since the beginning of human consciousness, civilizations around the globe agreed on what a woman was until the left decided it was a debate and wanted to redefine the word woman. someone very confused by this terminology is our newest supreme court justice. >> can you provide a definition for the word womb man. >> i can't. >> you can't? >> not in this context.
12:37 am
i am not a biologist. dan: it doesn't end there. the libs are always looking to change words. many wants to get rid of homeless or use houseless or unhoused. congress rewrote its rules to exclude gender specific pronouns like he or she. the left let infrastructure mean whatever it wanted to mean. it's not a hard word, folks. chris continue gillibrand includes paid leave and childcare as infrastructure. just make it up. the left wants to change the words and definitions. by the way, that's real power. they want to be the only source of truth. don't believe me? watch new zealand's prime minister. >> we'll continue to be your source of truth.
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we'll provide information frequently. we'll show everything. unless you hear from us, it is not the truth. dan: it's like the libs want us living in george orwell's 1984. they have would say 2 plus 2 means 5 and you would have to believe it. how about we redefine failure. abysmal failure. if someone looks up that word. it should be the 46th president of the united states, joseph r. biden. joining us, joe concha. you follow the media all the time. this just childish. they are losing the game. nobody trusts them anymore. >> it's like saying we are going
12:39 am
to move three strikes and you are stout to six strikes and you are out because times are change. three strikes you are out means, we have been doing that for 150 years in baseball. no, we are going to move to 6 now. team biden might as well be speaking mandarin at this point. at the border, for example, it's not a crisis, with it's a challenge. with antifa, it's not an organization, it's an the last scene of diehard. we could go on and on. you brought up infrastructure before. it's supposed to be fixing roads and bridges, now it means childcare and paid leave. now we have this new bill coming
12:40 am
where $700 billion will be injected into the economy. it's called the inflation reduction act which is really special when you consider that you can't inject that kind of money into the economy and expect inflation to come down when it's heading toward 10%. but this president is calling a 31% approval. no one is buying it, dan. dan: i call it the inflation production act. you are a pretty savvy guy. it's not working. if the guys approval was 52%, i would say they can gas light pretty good. they are getting angry at this quon assistant war on language instead of a war on people's
12:41 am
problems. >> when they talk about inflation being the highest it's been since independent kwana jones and raiders of the lost ark. when you talk about gas prices they are happy it's coming down to $4.40 a gallon, well that's still almost double what it was when this president took office. how can you receive that? or we can go on and on as far as crime and a former nypd officer. they don't have a winning argument so they are trying to change the language. and again outside of the partisans that watch msnbc, this is all bs and people know it. dan: i'm a little disappointed. i like your funky ties you wear, and you let me down. what is that?
12:42 am
does that thing light up? i and corrected. joe concha -- thank you very much. you cape through in the clutch. you produced. you closed that game out pretty good. in new jersey you can buy this stuff. that's where you get attire, believe me. >> joe can cha, thanks for coming on. did the democrats support the police? a former mifer joins me on the left's disgraceful abubu do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." democrats have a phoney love-hate relationship with police officers. you want to protect corrupt democrats? absolutely. if you want to defund, then re-fund police.
12:47 am
>> there are things we ask police to do, perhaps we can shuffle some of that money around. >> cori bush is saying we should defund the police. >> that's not the position of the democratic party. >> you can't rely on police to provide public safety. >> it's my expectation the police department budget will increase. dan: here to react is former police officer brandon tatum. when democrats' polls go down, back up to police. do you think anybody is buying this garbage at this point from them? >> we can clearly see as clear as the noon day sun, they hate police officers. if you are a capitol police officer and the agenda is to get
12:48 am
at trump they will love you to death. but if you are the police officer on the beat saving lives every day, doing your job, doing the best you can to make the community better they hate you. they want to defund you. but when crime goes up and people in the community say i will never vote for a democrat again because the cities are out of control, they change their tune but they don't change their hearts. dan: brandon, you and i were there, we were both police officers. the democrats must think we are stupid. we have them on loads of video and audio digital saying they want to defund the police. now they want to sidle up next to us for political points. >> no way in the world are people who put on the badge and uniform every day find any of
12:49 am
this. no only are we looking at what they are saying. look at the way they treat police officers. if you get into a confrontation and you are white and the suspect is black. you can lose your job and go to jail because of political correctness. i would argue you and i and everybody else watching this, we have enough cognitive sense to know what they are up against. but there are a lot of people in this country that will listen to democrats and forget everything else they said, and when election time comes they buy into the narrative and vote for democrats. >> we are for good policing and good police officers all the time, respecting civil liberties. thanks for coming on the show.
12:50 am
dan: coming up on "unfiltered." after the violent brawl between a teen and a police officer, how can the police officer do his
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered" shocking video of a brawl between a teenager and nypd officer got me thition. how are officers supposed to defend thms when is there's a gun in every fight they're in, their gun and brazilian instructor returns to "unfiltered" to help us talk this out. henner police officers have a gun in every fight. their gun they also have use of force revicks is there a way tough restrictions can be handled correctly and safely? >> well you know as well as i know dan that in america most officers get less than four hours of training per year when it comes to empty hand defensive
12:55 am
tactic control so really -- they're operating on no or very low fuel when it comes to skills to handle these type of threatening situations they need more training but they're not given that and that's why we see disaster like on the subway so a two man technique that reduces injury to suspect and officers, and in contrast to the subway where you have two officers a at period during altercation, you have two officers trying to control and challenges were both going for same thing and suspect will make exit and he'll get out because they're fighting and not immobilizing their ability to move and when officer goes high contact officer goes high recover has to go low and control his knees lay him down and right here. now number one mistake is scared because they're undertrained and get the suspect right away. go to them and can't hold them because we are too soon. back one more time. as i tie up up or body alex goes low we lay him down and control
12:56 am
right here and getting right here in a position called straight jacket from gracy survivor tactics give it a go zach what we're trying to do is keep anymore sues pine position and immediately pronate suspect is wrong idea. faster that you hand cuff no faster they get away so i want in a supine position up to 100 seconds or until spirit is broken. i don't to fight the suspect but will to fight so after he give it is a go and he starts to relax in this situation and by the way, notice how i'm keeping my weight off the torso the bill in new york or rather now law that restrict officers for letting any pressure on or near diaphragm that affects breathing this is terrible nor new york police officers i think it was one of the biggest mistakes intention was good but outcome was terrible because the least violent control are now criminal acts by police officers. so they can't lay in control. so if you're in new york as an officer i'm sorry if you're
12:57 am
anywhere else in the country and you can use body control this is where you would do it and assume we can't using twistings arm control from here not strangling. how are you? >> getting arrested but i feel good. >> back and no way impeded but tile roll him over from this position i'll say up. he'll go under, under and one, two, three roll over to prone position and here tangle leg and survival tactic and here, all clear and set zach has a decision we'll peel handle right away and taking him into custody and from here without handle and keeps them tucked how many times you're seen the viral video of the suspect with the hands hidden and six officers ripping limbs striking from here and hitting every possible way because they're not trainled. two survival tack techs break hip. knee pry hand insertion shoulder dip and isolate arm an from here use joint manipulation to get the hand out and we break the
12:58 am
spirit we don't have to break their body. so i call it now post up his hand. alex can try hand right back and take him into custody without further distinct and depending on state determines how much pressure to apply on thoracic cavity here and wild part officers it is a disaster many america and most americans don't know how undertrain officers are. and they'll say oh, you know, we can't duet training because we don't have budget for it now here's the irony agencies that have done gracy survival tactic and complimented one hour per officer per week and 48% reduction in officer injuries. 5 3.reduction in severe hospitalizations during force encount source irony is that money that is saved from situations like this the money that is saved actually comes in the reduction in workers comp claims in reduction in excessive force lawsuits against the agency. so the money to implement better
12:59 am
training comes from having better trained officers. there in lies solution when you're out there and ready hit up at gracie university we have your back. >> it is ironic i ran into you at the secret service you teaching our guys this thanks for your team tonight we appreciate it. >> always a pleasure, thanks dan. dan: you got it before we go catch the dan bongino show every day on fox nation here's a clip from this week's show. >> just to be -- so we're all straight on this. fauci says he didn't recommend lockdown although he recommended lockdown and now said if we needed more lockdowns to lock down he didn't recommend would be more stringent and didn't rmed in the first place even though he did recommend lockdowns it is time for him to resign please, please resign. there's the door, doc. there it is. dan: let the door had the you in the rump on the way out.
1:00 am
you can stream the show a weekday fox nation 12-3 eastern time and follow unfacility ed or facebook at instagram at "unfiltered" on fox, that does is it for us on "unfiltered" see you back here next saturday night at 9 p.m. don't forget to set your dvr if you can't make live. ♪ ♪ lawrence: good evening america i'm lawrence jones twok cross country tonight we're exposing the threats facing americans from abroad and from right it next door. starting with spice with the top level of u.s. politics. let's bring you to honolulu, hawaii feds are charged with a couple with possible soviet era kgp primrose used identity to enlist in coast guard obtain a passport,


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