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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 31, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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do you have a watch? check your phone. it's time for dan bongino to start according to my watch. i hope he's ready. ♪ [playing of "the star-spangled banner"]
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♪. ♪. rachel: good good morn america. it is 6:00 am here in new york city. that was your national anthem. i'm so happy to welcome joey,
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brian to the couch today. brian: that was live. i wasn't aware it goes from -- "one nation" do this. rachel: you are american history. that is why we do that. brian: i don't think that is the reason. what did you think about, the way to open the show. brian: i did not know you did it. i did not know you get real viewer pictures so people mail in different photos. joey: first time i filled in on the show, it wasn't viewer pictures but dogs. then it was cats. somebody complained about cats. rachel: we did all babies, all dogs, and because of pete we did cats. the ratings changed.
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started the cats. love the photo of the couple picking blueberries in the summer. nothing more american than that. that is what we do ends. brian: that is what we do. nothing more american than picking blueberries. i don't foe what kind of traditions you have in your house. rachel: wisconsin has some of the best blur-- blueberries. joey: in the south you if you are poor you pick polk salad. if you bullet, wash it. rachel: what is bullet. joey: oil. b-o-oil. rachel: boil. that is arc saw. joey: rachel is spanish. i speak english. >> it is national guacamole day.
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brian: this is cool, i didn't know this would be on the show, we've been trying to do on "fox nation." you've been highlighting. rachel: lumberjack championships were last night, this whole weekend in hayward, wisconsin. we did competitions. guess who won? who knew. who knew? joey: when it comes to power tools and getting mad at wood and beating it with a hatchet i'm pretty good at that i will not say i won a lumberjack competition because it was watered-down version. it was a lot of fun. i'm the first host of "fox & friends" my son won a trophy before i did. i'm a second generation winner. rachel: his son won rubic's cube contest. joey: family tradition. brian: there is lot of competing. during the week less competition. i got a message we should be ready for cross-training to end the show.
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that was interesting little text. not many people are getting that. did you hear about this news, the president of the united states tested positive again for covid-19. rachel: right. his doctor is calling the reinfection a rebound case after the president briefly resumed his in-person duties this week. joey: ashley strohmier with the latest. reporter: president biden is back in isolation after testing positive once again for covid-19. president biden: joe biden here, tested positive this morning. working from home next couple days. i feel fine. i feel good but -- [inaudible]. reporter: president's doctor is calling this a rebound case after biden tested positive for the virus last week. he says biden doesn't have any symptoms and rebound cases are possible. people treated with paxlovid which the president took curing his first bout with the virus. biden made vulnerable maskless
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appearance at the white house last week. a roundtable discussion with treasury secretary janet yellen seven days after testing positive for the first time. cdc guidance said people with covid should wear mask for 10 days after a first positive test. he shared a photo with the mask back on following the latest positive test. he will continue to self-isolate and work from home. doctors mark seek gel and martiy in carry to talk about the latest test. biden canceled a trip to michigan coinciding with the primary election on tuesday. rachel: appreciate that. brian: they say paxlovid, this is the biggest mystery. paxlovid is supposed to be the therapeutic that allows us test positive, do something positive. who else took paxlovid had a rebound?
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anthony fauci. guess who had four shots, double boosters? anthony fauci and president of the united states. he tests positive. tests negative, tests positive again. told us it was one to 2% chance. george weiner from georgetown university, instead of 2% it is more like 40%. a little bit of a difference. can you put that out, put it on the box before you make us take it? brian: dr. marty makary will be on. i don't want to get ahead of the doctors. i interviewed him after the president tested positive. you have to come off other drugs you need to take paxlovid. the second was the opportunity, chance of testing a rebound case. he didn't go so far to say the president maybe shouldn't take that therapeutic. the underlying point, there is no definitive way to stop the spread. no magic pill to take. it will come down to you and
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your doctor to decide how you handle it. rachel: can we say this is a pandemic of mucho vaccinated and infected. totally speaking i see more people who are not vaccinated not get covid again. their natural immunity are working. brian: rachel they say if you get it symptoms are less. maybe? rachel: that has not been tested. they have been saying that. brian: show me that test tube and how that went out we have a bunch of young kids, older kids going to college. making them get booster. a booster that doesn't address the new variant, ba.5 variant is not addressed by the booster. you're making them get the shot to clear their conscience. if you don't want to get it, don't campus back to school. really? rachel: still people in the military are who were not kick the out for not vaccinated for a
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disease vaccine that has not been vaccinated. brian: anthony fauci says in out, in out. he says he has no symptoms. talk about what nancy pelosi is doing. she left hawaii. she is going to someplace in the pacific. the question is she going to taiwan? to me she has to go to taiwan. rachel: do you think it is worth the risk, brian? brian: there is no question, you do not let china dictate our policy when it comes to visiting our ally. here is what china is doing. look how belligerent they are. go ahead. rachel: i will go ahead and read then. if pelosi really visits taiwan as plan the authorities are -- main land will definitely carry out severe punishment action as on taiwan. at the same time unbearable consequences will fall on
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authorities. brian: unblairable. joey: i let you word that. rachel: chinese words, let rachel have it. joey: what is most interesting to me if as some of the some of republicans said leak came from the white house. white house used leak, ultimately china's threat to stop pelosi from making the trip. i can't control our foreign policy but i can control who they put in office. i want them to function together. rachel: especially if they're from the same party, right? joey: yeah. brian: this guy is up from re-election whoever it is, through his own party, not his own people. general jack keane told me on friday this has been on the books since april. making big stand on cusp of re-election, while in middle of a housing crisis, while in the
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middle of an unemployment crisis for 20 to 28-year-olds. they're trying to crack down on any sign of capitalism that brought us like jack ma brought us alibaba. cracking down on society. reemergence of wuhan. locked down in five day as million people same thing in shanghai. if you want our allies to understand america has their back, you can't show weakness to south cry, australia, india and others, even vietnam in the area. when america gets blasted diplomatically they back off. the speaker should show spine to someone besides donald trump. rachel: i would say, the support for nancy pelosi taking that trip is mostly coming from republicans. i have not heard a lot of democrats standing up saying -- brian: got some in her delegation. rachel: some in the delegation. not hearing aoc, voices loudest coming out in support of her on the trip. there is another sign of
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disrespect from the chinese government. s not just the outward threat we'll shoot her plane down, there is dispute, embarrassing dispute what was talked about in the call between chairman xi and president biden. so the white house was asked, hey, did you guys bring up the fact they have slave labor, did you bring up human rights abuses, and the white house said of course we did. the foreign minister for china said that is a lie. that is fake news. that did not happen. very rare to see that kind of dispute like that very publicly embarrassing the white house. leaving the white house in a position where people like michael goodwin from "new york post" and others including myself, where is alexander vinman? we need to see the transcript. here is from michael goodwin's op-ed. enough of joe biden. he said, xi, i love that, biden
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is not playing straight with the american people. if he has got nothing to hide he can prove it releasing the transcript. seem as mere visit by pelosi is grounds for chinese threats of military action. if xi said anything suggesting as much on the call china unilaterally changed the rules of the arrangemented and promised war if america does not comply. that is monumental event which it is why it is imperative the american public know not only what xi said but exactly how biden responded. brian: if there is any consistency the president's inability to bring up major issues with world leaders of consequence. here seeps another example. did he bring up fentanyl as an issue? did he bring up constant interdictions that were necessary on land, in the air and at sea among, we just did a major study on this. why are the chinese confronting us on land and sea, in and out of the south china sea elsewhere in international waterses?
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was that even brought up in 2 1/2 hours. joey: they have not recognized international waters. that is always the problem. brian: make an island in the middle of them. joey: canal crisis in the '50s. i don't think china needs to go to war to win. they're buying our culture, nba, entertainment industry, they're buying our farmland, poisoning our kids with fentanyl. they're winning in so many ways with us war would be most expensive way to win in their mind. we're inviting them to win in some areas, i don't know that shooting pelosi plane down is common sense step for them. i think it's a lot of posturing. i agree now that this has broke, they made that threat, pelosi has to visit taiwan. rachel: you're point is great. we had deas on the show, fentanyl crisis, it is not just a money making scheme for china, this is strategy on their --
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they not only own the nba culture in that way, controlling hollywood, so many of politicians and ceos are owned by them as well. brian: the other thing they do infiltrate the fed, dictate our money policy which they have gotten cognizant of but i do think we're waking up to the threat, buying land, form land, right near military bases and elsewhere. people are speaking up. for pelosi to go over there to want to do this, i'm surprised at that. to pull back would be a disaster. the last thing i will add to this, you have to give taiwan defensive weapons necessary for them to fend off a china attack. unlike ukraine, if they had the weapons ahead of time there wouldn't have been an attack. if we put them to taiwan now, there won't be an attack. china is looking at russia's disasterous ukrainian incursion cost them to move 75,000 troops from the battlefield in short period of time. say we haven't fought a war in 30 years.
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i wonder if we suck too. rachel: absolutely. we'll cover this story more including conversations about hunter biden's laptop, how that is affecting actually this china situation. so we'll talk further about that. we'll turn now to your headlines. another one bites the dust as vice president kamala harris is losing another aide. her director of public engagement, michael collins announces he leaves his post after just 16 months. over a dozen harris staffers left her office with more than 30 leaving the administration in total. comedian chris rock has some jokes about will smith following the actor's delayed apology this weaken for slapping him at the oscars four months ago. rock comparing smith's to notorious former death row records executive sug knight. comedian joking everybody is trying to be a victim. if everybody claims to be a victim then nobody will hear the
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real victims. even me getting slapped by sug smith. i went to work the next day. i have got kids. megamillions say the illinois winner of the nearly $1.34 billion jackpot has not yet been claimed, not yet claimed their prize or not not even know that they won. the value of the jackpot went up again overnight after ticket sales were fully tallied. that is the second largest lotto prize in history. the gas station sold the ticket, won big, 1% commission on the jackpot. i didn't know that was part of the game. joey: i don't either. brian: i know so little about the lottery. i can't wait for the story to go away. tell you what is coming up next three hours. how long is the show. rachel: four hours. brian: if we have time to squeeze this, spam blocker, rising crime, rising inflation
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♪. president biden: one of the things we're trying to get done in the congress is to pass legislation that won't raise taxes a single penny for anybody making less than 400 grand. we can also do a raising a single pen of taxes of anybody making un$400,000 a year. if you -- brian: so painful. hey, welcome back, everybody. that was the old joe biden promising not to raise taxes unless you're an evil rich person. turns out if you look at new deal, new so-called anti-anyone nation package, nothing to do with addressing inflation instead of raising it, if the package is put into place, if we get a vote on it and krysten sinema and anothers do what joe manchin, vote for it, simple
3:23 am
reconciliation package it is going to raise taxes on people who make less than $400,000 a lot less. rachel: in the middle of a recession, whether the biden administration wants to admit there is one or not. we talked a little bit yesterday how about this, inflation reduction act, it is mostly climate change stuff. so basically we can't pass the green new deal because it is not very popular with people. people know it will cost inflation. what we do, we pack it into something called -- brian: name sitting ridiculous. rachel: name sitting people actually want, reduced inflation. tuck in all the climate stuff which is so ironic so many of the climate policies that are actually causing the inflation. joey: we talk about how joe manchin is wild card in the senate but if you take a step back and look, when joe manchin votes with republicans on things, five to endemocrat senators two in my state of
3:24 am
georgia breathe a sigh of relief, that allows them to vote for a policy that the constituents of georgia don't want. brian: mark kelly. joey: they can appease their party but not have this policy pass so it isn't hung around their neck at election time. the a mom my joe manchin moving over to vote for this is krysten sinema. tell they were i taken all the arrows your turn. you look at the package, although it spreads incentives around all energy, it kind of attacks coal at the same time. i don't really understand why joe manchin decided this is the bill he is going to swap back over on. brian: it is strange. he said he would wait to find out what the july numbers were on inflation before he did it. as they wrote it, ready to go, diabolical, passed the chips bill, the minute republicans went along to pass it, i have a bill republicans don't want, take it and eat it. suck on it really. and what they did is this,
3:25 am
they're wharton business school come out do analysis on the bill as we see it and they said this, in 2023 taxes will increase by $16.7 billion on american taxpayers earning less than $200,000. keep in mind this is not a republican analyzing this. this is the university of pennsylvania's business school. throughout the 10-year window the average tax rate for nearly every single income category would increase by 2031. with new green energy credits provide greater benefit to those of higher incomes. those earning below $400,000 are projected to bear 2/3s of the burden. joey: this is joint committee in the senate. it is not republican narrative, bipartisan committee doing their analysis. first one to tell you when congress analyzing its own expenditures they don't always, they don't always tell the whole story. so if they're saying this is probably this or worse.
3:26 am
rachel: so let's talk about the real impact on people. my podcast is called from the kitchen table. i think that is it what people really care about. here is what actually happening to people. there are 58.4% are going out to eat less. 48% are driving less. by the way that is probably what the democrat greeneys wants. 45.4 canceling vacations. 43% are cutting back on spending or groceries that concerns me. that is little kids who are not eating the same way because of biden's economy. essentially look at all of that, americans are not having a lot of fun. they're not going out to eat. not taking kids to movies, not going camping. i know a lot of people who say i can't even go fishing because i can't afford the gas inside of my boat or i know people who have a little rv and they go, well we might have to sell it now because we can't afford the gasoline on that.
3:27 am
that means people are just struggling to get by, hurting at the grocery store, people on fixed incomes. i just can't understand how people whose job it is in government to make peoples lives better think it is okay to on purpose make people poorer. brian: right. what you see, for one thing, just so bizarre is that they just mislabel things. for example, they say recession is not recession. they say two quarters of negative growth is not a recession when traditionally everybody else knows it is. things are great in the job market, economy stronger than anybody else's when it is not. an anti-inflation act has nothing to do with inflation. go back to the wharton school, this does nothing but slightly raise inflation oaf the next few years. what it is really a climate change bill which they are, jamming down our throats at a time which the average american experienced, having to make choices about their lifestyle that affects them soft
3:28 am
everything we just ran through everyday american issues. things that democrats want to do have nothing to do with everyday american issues. rachel: they don't care about people. brian: which is crazy, they have an election in 100 days. not even in their best interests to go ahead and not address these things. rachel: isn't that what is happening? they know they're going to lose so they will jam everybody they can now. that is the pressure coming from the left, from the far left. joe biden is willing to do their bidding. joey: perhaps i'm a little more simple-minded of it. i don't understand the politics of this. this moment a populist president, donald trump willing to buck his own party give americans universally would like to see to make sense from them. this bill does not easily translate to inflation relief. nothing does to the american people, american people don't understand inflation as political science. they glad inflation, cost of goods, what they can't get ahold of, what costs too much what
3:29 am
they get ahead of. spam is apparently people -- brian: cheap, affordable. almost impossible to go bad. no expiration date on it. rachel: not sure what's in it. brian: it is canned meat. joey: everything left over from all the other processed meats you buy and a whole lot of salt. brian: cover of "new york post." spam is being stolen from stores at such a rate, they're doing the same thing with spam that they do with razors, different expensive items that maybe duane reade for example. they will put it in a case. you have to get somebody to get a key to open it up because people are stealing spam. that is act of desperation this is no smash and grab at a high-end jewelry store. joey: yeah. spam was really, really popular in hawaii when i was there even have it on the mcdonald's menu. because after world war ii, so much was left. it was something different to those people. spam has this amazing history
3:30 am
and culture within our country. i don't understand why that is what people are going after, other than they can't find food. that is what is happening. rachel: it is happening in new york city. this is in new york city photo here. there is a lot of homelessness. it is easy to eat as you said, brian. got high calories. joey: doesn't go bad. rachel: if you're homeless on the street in new york. there is a lot of people like that. that is something -- people work at duane reade are told let people grab stuff. this is a way, it is in a box. they can't open it. brian: from the let them eat cake school at a time we're stealing spam. we passed according to "the new york times," the biggest climate bill, climate bill, piece of legislation in american history. so we're worried about windmills. we're literally worried -- joey: brian, that is the real
3:31 am
story. sad people need to steal spam. the story is our government is not focused on the crisis at hand. moving on. brian: joe manchin will be on five shows to explain himself. joey: in kentucky after catastrophic flooding. the governor fearing the heart break is far from over. rachel: intense protests in the netherlands to the government's extreme climate policies. our next guest says americans should take note because this could happen here. ♪ here's something, ♪ ♪ here's something you're never gonna fff-forget, baby ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. ♪ so i climbed into the cab, and then i settled down inside ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere ♪ ♪♪
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serious side effects include allergic reactions, post-injection reactions, liver problems, and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection-site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. every other month and i'm good to go. ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. ♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." protests erupting in the netherlands as farmers start fires blocking highways using tractors over the country's plan to cut fertilizer use. our next guest is urging americans to pay attention fearing we may be next. joining us senior editor at "the federalist," john daniel davidson. john, thank for joining us this morning.
3:36 am
we saw it in the netherlands. we see it in canada. you say it is coming here next. you say it is coming here next, and why you feel this is a very dangerous climate policies? >> the netherlands is further down the road than america is on with regard to climate policies. these farmers are protesting because the government is telling them they have to liquidate their farms in order to meet rigorous emission standards for things like night row again and pneumonia. that is things livestock produce. so the dutch farmers are slaughtering entire livestock to liquidate the farms, to comply with the new emission standards that the dutch government is passing as part of this u.n. sustain aability development goals and their agenda 2030, which is the very climate agenda that left-wing, kind of environmental idealogues in washington, d.c. are following. we're focused on energy right
3:37 am
now. solar around wind. eventually well-get around to what europe is focused on now, food supply and food production. that is what is behind all this. rachel: it is really strange that they would actually, i guess if they have this u.n. plan and they have all these green goals but this is a time where the food supply is under a lot of stress because of the war in ukraine and other issues. why would they do it right now? >> i think they see an opportunity now for this transition that they hope to accomplish. by the way you know it is important for to us understand, the transition is not just you know lower emissions or, you know, different set-up in terms of crops. they want to get rid of private farming and private agriculture completely. they want to centralize the control of food production and food distribution to have it funneled through super national governmental bodies, ngos and major food corporations. that is the ultimate goal here
3:38 am
jo to get rid of the independent farmer, to have total top-down control. you think you're a conspiracy theorist if you start to notice things. i'm noticing a lot of articles about eating bugs. actually in the uk they're already testing schoolchildren, eating lunches that are made of bugs. there is something about this transition that you're talking about? >> well you know the great thing about bugs they don't produce nitrogen or pneumonia, right? absolutely this is kind of thing i am talking about. once they gain control of food supply, food distribution, instead of food distribution centers run by the ngos around the government, they can dictate to you what you can eat. apparently in the uk bugs. that is the kind of thing we need to start thinking about. the debates we have around solar, wind, these climate bills that congress is trying to get through. that is just the beginning. europe, when you look at the future, look at europe, that is where we're going with these
3:39 am
policies. apparently eating bugs is in our future. rachel: i like steak. so we better pay attention to this issue. john daniel davidson, i appreciate you joining us. by the way all of you for listening, we go further into this issue on my podcast, "from the kitchen table." can be found at we have somebody following dutch protest and u.n. food supply. make sure you catch that podcast. thank you. coming up a navy veteran came here as a refugee from vietnam is further looking to his service to go america by running for congress. very exciting candidate, check him out. ♪. it■s hard eating healthy. unless you happen to be a dog.
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speak to your doctor before stopping, skipping or delaying prolia®, as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break. call your doctor now and ask how prolia® can help you. joey: a fox weather alert, crews in kentucky rescued 1400 people after devastating flooding as search terms continue to look for survivors. the death toll is 25 people after homes, businesses, roads were washed away. the governor warning to brace for more tragic news. >> this is still an emergency situation. we are in search-and-rescue mode. again that count will continue to go up. joey: neighboring states are pitching. in 14 national guard soldiers
3:44 am
from west virginia flew 25 hours for rescue missions saving 12 people and three pets. national guard troops from tennessee helping out with an emergency mission. turn now to the chief meet rollist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick: good morning, john. just a scary time, kentucky, before st. louis saw 1000 year flood. both 1000 year events. we have more rain in the area. i don't think anything will be as heavy as what we saw last week. look at the radar picture. there is a lot of moisture in the area there. today, heavier rain falling across eastern kentucky. that should for the most part not cause as of problems along the kentucky river. because of all saturated ground, flooding conditions ongoing. any additional rain there, potentially causing some problems and for any of those search-and-rescue efforts the rain certainly hampers that as well. that is ongoing. brian, to you. brian: thank you very much,
3:45 am
rick. great job with the lumberjacks. 100 days from the midterms. one congressional candidate prove that the american dream is still in reach. after coming to the u.s. from vietnam he served in the navy for 25 years. he is looking to further his service by running to represent the people of virginia in the 6th district there. so the 10th district. thanks so much for joining us. why is this important for you? >> hey, brian, the country, this country gave us everything. i left vietnam as a child. my parents had to sew little notes and money into my clothes, this is my son, please take care of him in case we get separated. we came here with nothing, nothing but the hopes of our parents and this country gave us everything. i went to thomas jefferson high school for science and technology, number one high school in the nation or used to be until they destroyed it. i went to the united states naval academy. got my masters in physics at the
3:46 am
naval postgraduate school. fellow at harvard and m-t. but i still have to pay back. i paid back with my service. coming back coming back from afghanistan and watch it fall six months late they're broke my heart. those are still the broken promises that some politicians made haphazardly. that is why it is important for me to fight back as member -- brian: president said it would not be saigon. it was worse than saigon. the president brought us that, thankfully the american people are holding to it. his numbers have now recovered. speaking broadly about the asian community, just struck by the amount of asians who seem to be revisiting their allegiance to the democratic party. for example, the president got 72% of the asian vote in 2020. now his approval rating is at 55% in that area. do you think that is trending towards republicans? >> absolutely because you know,
3:47 am
with he came here for the same hopes and dreams of our parents. we came here for opportunity, for you know, meritocracy and they're destroying all of that. they're holding us back. honestly the constitution is not there to tell the people what they can do. it tells the government what it can do. a lot of times, this overarching, this overreaching government is reminding us of the, the authoritarian regimes that we ran away from. brian: what was your family's reaction you told them you wanted to do this? >> it was mixed messages. some of my family members did not want to be in the limelight. my mom was very proud of me. my father, who just passed away very recently, you know, he was very excited for me as well. brian: and, really hard to fight with your message that america gives you a situation where you can have equal opportunity but not equal outcomes. if you have equal opportunity
3:48 am
hard to bet against hungcao you seem to succeed every time. you too it. >> thanks a lot, brian. brian: pope francis signaling possible retirement over health issues? has bad knees what does that mean for the catholic church? we'll have two retired popes. father jonathan morris joins us live. ♪. t worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio.
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3:52 am
♪. brian: pope francis speaking out over recent health concerns, after looking visibly frail during a recent trip to canada. rachel: the holy father even hinting at a potential retirement. telling journalists i don't think i can keep traveling with the same rhythm i need to. i need to save myself a little in order to conservative the church or the possibility of stepping aside. joey: let's bring in thee lodge began, fox news contributor. jonathan morris. i'm not catholic. every time we work together rachel we understand the politics behind the church. i say that in a graceful way.
3:53 am
is there news here? >> everybody keeps asking me the same question. he is not bringing this up on his owners people are saying when are you going to retire, when are you going to retire? eventually he said i'm open to it. doesn't mean. he said in italian, maybe i will think about it. brian: means stop asking me knucklehead. >> basically. literally means i will think about it the day after tomorrow. meaning i'm not thinking about it right now. rachel: why do people keep asking this? do they want him to step down? >> that is a good question. i think a lot of people do. this pope lost unbelievable amount of good will from both sides at the beginning. you remember when he took over the papacy, everyone was impressed about how humble he is as a human being, which i believe he is, living a super simple life. very willing to talk about anything but he also created a tremendous amount of confusion
3:54 am
about doctrine, dogma. that is really the job, that is your only job, right? create clarity for what we believe, right? and there is over a billion catholics in the world. they look to one person to preserve the doctrine of the faith so to speak and he, hasn't changed a lot believe it or not but throws things out and he creates confusion. i think that is why there is a lot of people say what is next. brian: from argentina. that was a dictatorship. he doesn't embrace america or democracy. rachel: that is not his job. brian: he goes out of the way to criticize america, instead of pope john paul teamed with ronald reagan to take down communism. does he not see the good and bad? >> that is a good question. i think he does. when it comes to america and capitalism specifically, i think that is what you're referring to, his, his experience in argentina of capitalism which
3:55 am
was rogue capitalism the rich got richer and everybody else got poorer. that is his experience of, john paul ii referred to as unbridled capitalism with no regulation. people don't come up from the bottom. you so i think you're right that is his experience of capitalism. it's a very limited one. i do hope whoever is next has a broader understanding. >> the real problem, the real problem is that church attendance has absolutely plummeted. i think the goodwill he lost, jonathan this is my opinion as a catholic, a lot of it came during the pandemic when people were looking for spiritual sustenance, they were looking for the spiritual place to be, he was basically in favor of shutting down churches. joey: as outside looking in, doesn't understand all the intricacies, humility can't take place of stern leadership. rachel: great point. >> i think he is a truly good human being. everybody who knows him deeply would say that you're right,
3:56 am
leadership is not about being a good person, letting other people follow you to good place. brian: two retired popes, unbelievable. rachel: only four in 1000 years. brian: jonathan morris. plot twist, democrats in five states are giving millions to help trump backed candidates. what the left hopes to gain by helping them win. i have three seconds left. ♪ ♪ i don't know what it is 'bout that little ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma
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that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. ♪. joey: good morning a brand new hour of "fox & friends." you're looking at fire island new york. i don't know the song. it sounded pretty good. i like the waves. a beautiful scene. not jekyl island, georgia, but fire island i'm happy to brag
4:01 am
on. brian: i don't know about jekyl island, fire island is a resort outside of new york you need a ferry to get to where my friends are vacationing. jekyl island? this is a great picture. joey: another new york point for all those people in georgia trying to understand what is fire island. brian: that don't look good. joey: most importantly, brian, other than education on fire island, you will educate me how to get my day started, 24-step program. brian: i tried to find out desperately what the segment is. i will go quit. a lot of people say, morning show us like us. rachel: people want to know what is brian being able tohave the energy. joey: to work with energy, 12, 14, 18 hours a day. is that your premise? brian: that people get up, want to get something quick don't
4:02 am
have a chef or a live-in to make you stuff at 3:00 in the morning. i do this. you guys, everyone want to learn this? brian: absolutely. brian: if you go slow you can do this. rachel: i can do this? brian: shake it like this in an effort to get all the powder to the bottom. all right? go like this, right? you just know when it is done. you put your hand up here. you see if there is any sand up here. when there is not -- joey: no hand. brian: there is perforation, someone with the strength of joey jones don't need a perforation, do it with his teeth. this is not resealable. make a commitment. move down to number two, find a glass. number three, find a spoon, lay it out. there you go. joey: i got it. >> oh, come on. that is okay. three second rule. brian: i said jesus, as a attribute to jonathan morris.
4:03 am
pour powder in the glass. don't jump ahead, rachel. i know you have 30 kids, you are in a rush. who wants powder? what is your names? we need name tags. let it stand for a second. let it settle. at the bottom. rachel: do you use really cute straus like this at home? brian: let it settle at the bottom. swing it around, swing it around. by the way don't take phone calls, if you take a phone call, you forget what step you're on. spring water. a lot of people want to use evian. i say no. the french are ticking me off. you pour it in here. this is a line. whatever you do, do not pour too fast, it will get a head on it, it will overflow. let it settle. >> okay. brian: if i was to do this in rehearsal i would ask for music because it is really, now what
4:04 am
you do, use the straw. joey: what kind of music? brian: something that shows the passage of time. rachel: kamala harris thing, passage of time. brian: she is our vice president, how can i forget? i'm vice president. rachel: passage of time. brian: we're up to step eight but not yet. whatever you do, don't do this prematurely. the last sip will give you a moustache. you create a momentum to allow a whirlpool to form in the middle. rachel: are they asking you to stretch the segment? brian: people are following at home. okay? how what you do is you take this, you stair at it, you ask yourself is this what i want in the morning? ask yourself that. rachel: is that what i want in the morning? joey: i'm asking myself, within myself. stay within myself. brian: stay within myself. see if this is the type of breakfast you will embrace.
4:05 am
by the way, advocare should be sponsor of the segment. do you taste the vanilla. brian: there is chick-fil-a down the street, right? [laughter]. i'm kidding. i like it. >> it is sunday, chick-fil-a is not open. brian: ladies and gentlemen, that is my breakfast. run downstairs, print up notes. we're ready to go. rachel: this is weekday meal. joey: what is the weekend meal? rachel: whatever free stuff our producers can get us. today it is going to be cookies. brian: these cookies. >> don't touch my cookies. it's a new brand of cookies, we want to see if you prefer this on the weekend. brian: really? i asked, by the way, this is two hands. one-handed cookie. this is a stuffed cookie, something on the inside of it. i asked what was into this. basically you guys chose this as a comparison because it was mailed to you.
4:06 am
rachel: we take whatever free stuff we can get. brian: eight years in the marine corps, if you see food you eat it. brian: you guys eat something comes in the mail from strangers. joey: we eat a lot of spam. lauren: do you really? joey: absolutely. i will do it. rachel: these are shareable cookies. they are that big. that is the point. brian: ultimate dunker. that is a commitment. you do not have to have dinner. this will bring you through two or three meals. there you go. rachel: i wish there was an easy way -- brian: weekends to weekends. joey: did you take a bite of my cookie? brian: i did. joey: i'm honored. brian: take this away. there you go. joey: you don't need to take mine away. brian: talk about the midterms. it is 100 days away. the president of the united states cannot be happy with his approval rating right now.
4:07 am
but generic ballot, to generic ballot democrats have an advantage right now which is stunning to me. brian: there are places like georgia where the democrats probably are polling pretty well but in my opinion, a lot of that has to do with what happened in 2016. but if we look at some congressional vote preference -- brian: look at generic ballot here. democrats trailing by three. but now they're up three. that is july 10. but now on the generic ballot i have them actually leading the republicans in another ballot that i saw. how could this be this close? doesn't that blow you away it is this close. rachel: it actually blows me away, but it explains why a lot of democrats don't want joe biden whose numbers are really in the tank to campaign with them. here are some democrats talking about their uncertainty about supporting, having joe biden support them in their campaign.
4:08 am
listen. >> i think the country would be well-served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared dynamic democrats to step up. >> i'm working on my own election. that is all mime focused on now. >> if the president chooses to run again in 2024, first of all i'm focused on winning this majority right now and preserving a majority this year in 2022, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. >> i don't want to answer that question, because that is, i don't want to answer that question. he is the president. he has the right to run for second term. i don't want, i rather you not do that. brian: his approval rating is around 30, 36%, depending on the polls. rachel: how ungrateful are aoc and cori bush. these women are the ones who do all the policies everyone hates, now they're like don't come to my district? brian: wild left-wing. joey: newest version of
4:09 am
liberalism so far away from classic liberal, it is rooted in grievance. that becomes the ethos, the fundamental portion of it is, i've been wronged. the country is wrong. we have sins of our past. all this grievance coming forward all the time. when that is your brand you get to take issue with anybody you want to include the president that you basically sabotaged on your own. when we talk about where we are with republicans and democrats in the country, democrats are spending a lot of money. i think the problem republicans have, they just need to get their message together. everybody knows the country is not in a good place. everyone can see the policies, democrats have brought in, aren't working. but we can't get back to a situation where republicans complained about obamacare ad nauseam, give the house, senate, presidency, do nothing about it. we can't get to republicans mitch mcconnell had the worst week of probably his career this week. republicans have to get on the offensive.
4:10 am
show their message which is what donald trump did so well. brian: what is so interesting, you talk about the democrats, party of grievance. they also know they have no message. so they think their best hope is to put donald trump on the ballot, or better yet, put people who are very loyal to donald trump on the ballot in somewhat purple states, put money into these candidates, make sure they win to give themselves the best shot. look at the money they have invested in illinois, these trump backed candidates, 35 million. 7 million was a of the b in pennsylvania, i'm not, 734,000, got them a republican candidate that governor hogan says i can't even support as a republican, as sitting governor. in california put $110,000 in. joey: democrats have their eye on the wrong ball. you spent time with herschel walker. i'm a resident of georgia. donald trump is not on the
4:11 am
ballot for conservatives in georgia. they're not against donald trump but that is not only catalyst to take them to the polls that democrats think. that voters are infat eighted with middle and is misnomer i hope democrats keep making. look at primaries in georgia, voted for brian kemp astoundingly and voted for herschel walker astoundingly. that is split traumaticket. georgians look for what works in their lifts at home. that is they want a governor take care of them, senator to take care of them. what they want in the senate is america first candidate. what they want as governor georgia first candidate. those can be two different things in other states. rachel: you actually had a conversation with herschel walker speaking of herschel walker. brian: i spent a day 1/2 with him. life on the road. he got the nomination with 68% of the vote on the republican side. the question what does he know about the issues, what about controversy about kids or did or did not declare as well as his
4:12 am
views on climate change and everything. we're going to cover it all on monday in two parts. and i want you to just hear a little bit of that interview. he also knows this, so far he has been the recipient of $25 million worth of attack dollars against him. listen. >> they have not moved the needle hardly at all and they have spent $25 million which is a lot of money. i, if they could have taken that $25 million and put it in something worthwhile, spending that amount of money. brian: just to attack you. >> just to attack me put it in something worthwhile. brian: he talks about warnock through all of this, just getting started with his campaign. within the margin of error. came out the day of the interview on friday, "atlanta journal-constitution" has him within three points.
4:13 am
other ballot within four points. he is working with newt gingrich and others. have balance of issues. challenged to do a debate. i will not commit to find out where it will be who the moderator will be. not on his terms, my terms. october 16th, more than likely. i think that people will be surprised how well he knows the issues. rachel: how did he manage or navigate the questions you asked him about the kids? brian: i will tell you this, he says i have acknowledged all my kids. in fact his daughter was on the campaign trail. said the main thing he has been saying in 2018 to become, to be on the president's council of fitness. , all the kids were on the ballot. how many kids you have, what have you done, run a background check. it is all there he says for the most part he is christian and they were living together until they went to college. other kids with other women, he supports them. they're part of him. he saw that christian needed
4:14 am
personal security at college, because he was related he said, my other kids do not want to be out. one is 10, the other one is 22 and she, she was out on the campaign trail with him. been on stage. people didn't know it. and he has others. he will address all of it. joey: talking about the character issue, georgians look for who will represent them. i don't know that you will beat herschel walker on character that way, but i will tell you, georgia is the battleground state. jon ossoff special election few cycles ago, was most expensive congressional race. senate run-off year 1/2 ago i believe the most expensive senate race ever. you will probably see a very expensive senate race there again. it is because georgia, like texas and like florida has attracted a lot of people from other states looking for business -- brian: most of warnock's money is from outside. joey: 100%. movie industry descended on
4:15 am
small town georgia. we welcomed them into open arms. they are trying to change the state what ran them out of california. they wake up. herschel may not be a perfect candidate but i think he would represent georgians well. rachel: the other guy is a pro-choice pastor. there you go. is that a thing? brian: i will say this, this is pretty clear, is that in terms of religion and biblical knowledge i think warnock might find himself he has hands full with herschel. he lives and breathes it. grew up in very religious household. rachel: that will be a great debate. joey: is he a good driver? brian: he was kind of good. his face is on his hood. driving around with herschel walker. where do i sit. front or back. i'm driving. >> you were drinking something. brian: that was not breakfast that was lunch. joey: there are news and headlines we need to turn to. that is what i'm going to do
4:16 am
now. according to the a new report the baby formula shortage maybe worsened with 30% of formula out of stock. families in arizona and wyoming are getting hit the hardest. out of stock rates 44, 42%. operation fly formula will bring shipments from europe. supplies are not expected to reach normal levels for sometime. democratic congresswoman linda sanchez says it was a fan who made misogynistic comments that prompted her to flip the bird. initially blamed republicans for making the remark. they're in the congressional baseball game. even after correcting herself she still has words for gop congressman. she says if republican woman have stood up that is not acceptable instead of trashing me for my response, then we might have a place where there is no misogyny going with the party of grievance. rachel: completely makes your
4:17 am
point. totally made your point. joey: we're talking about the most popular milkshake. what is the top milkshake in your state? a new study looked into all 50 states to find favorite flavors. so we decided to check in with our state and there were a few surprises. the top flavor in brian's home state of new york is pineapple. brian: really? okay. joey: rachel's state of wisconsin goes for strawberry. her second state, new jersey, she gets two states, two flavors. oreo. brian: oreo is flavor? joey: top flavor in my peach state is vanilla. rachel: not peach? joey: that is a southern georgia thing. while south carolina picks peach. rick's home state arizona, classic chocolate malt. that is my favorite. rachel: that is my favorite. at heart i'm a arizona girl. joey: i like arizona. my nose bleeds when i go there.
4:18 am
brian: what do you guys talk about on the weekend. it is unbelievable. joey: nobody picked brian eight step. brian: pelosi goes to taiwan and under attack, wonder what brian drinks in the morning? joey: fair point. rachel: coming up the search an rescue effort is still underway day as days after the devastating floods in -- brian: that is my read. why don't you control things. go ahead. go ahead. >> no, no. you go ahead. brian: -- record inflation unpresident biden causing four in 10 americans to cut back on groceries. an failed policies. they need ad man to read that. >> they did. brian: we can go to break. for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits.
4:19 am
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4:22 am
♪. joey: welcome back to "fox & friends." with inflation resurging, the economy receding, a new poll shows more than 40% of americans have been forced to cut back on groceries due to staggering price hikes. here to react, professor at university of san diego, dan ricardo. dan, i'm not an econ guy, i spend a lot of money. i wish i could earn more of it
4:23 am
and do more with it. the biden administration is trying to tell us whether it's a recession or isn't, tell us what happens to the people at home? >> good morning, joe. welcome to the rest of the crew. you don't need to be an economist, i call it a pay cut recession. forget technical terms. most americans according to recent surveys, are feeling the pitch. it is easy to understand why. highest inflation in 40 years. wages are are up not nearly as matter as much. extra family spends 340 bucks each month to keep up where they were last year. so the pay cut recession we're in, people have jobs, people are working. but we're simply not keeping up at the moment. joey: you talk about wages are up, 5.3%. inflation is up 9.1%. what you're saying, whatever raise you got things cost you twice as much. so you're still falling behind percentages even though you're
4:24 am
getting a raise? >> that is exactly right. joe, here's the thing, the categories that you and i use the most, you and i drive, we use our electricity, we fill our cars with gas, we buy food. they are the categories that consumers really feeling the pinch. i suspect, as long as you decide, maybe not to drive, not to run the ac, not to it eat, then you're probably doing okay. you're one of those consumers maybe feeling all right but for a lot of us, joey, this is real. again, we're working. we have jobs. that's great but we're simply not keeping up with as consumers and that is really troublesome. brian: lastly, you're a personal finance expert. what can people do to try to make it through this without losing money or not making ends meet? >> great question. always boost that rainy day fund if you can. lock in the new job now. lock in your new contract now. if the job market starts to crater, it is showing a little bit of weakness, you want to
4:25 am
make sure you're in good shape from a job perspective. invest in yourself. new skills, education. especially if the job market tightens up. finally, think about rightsizing your life, right? i mean, make some bigger decisions that you and i have put off, given our new circumstances. maybe you want to make some tougher choices right now. joey: dan, i appreciate that advice. i want to take some of that to task in my own life. what i didn't hear is buy a lotto ticket. that confuses me. that is strategy among my friends and family. didn't work out for me this week. >> not for me either, joey. joey: thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. joey: take care. the "countdown" is on. november midterms 100 days away. pa panel of moms joins us with the top issue nor their families right here next. ♪
4:26 am
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4:30 am
matching your job description. visit rachel: more than 1400 people rescued from devastating flooding in kentucky. so far 25 people are confirmed dead and that number is expected to go up as search efforts continue. fox weather correspondent joins us live from kentucky with the latest on this tragedy. nicole, good morning. reporter: good morning, rachel, and there are still so much more missing. that is really from the time of mind for kentucky officials. of course those who live in these community who are just asking how this could have happened as quickly as it did. we are still surveying the damage. i want to show you a little bit what we're seeing right now. we're driving right beside a creek here. you can see all the debris continue to be scattered. we're looking at remnants of homes. look at that share hanging on
4:31 am
the light poll there. there are cars in the creeks. these homes have been just washed away. some swept away from where they once were. you see just belongings, mattresses, furniture, scattered across the area. in terms of those missing we know rescue crews continue to search for them today. thankfully some state highways are back open to get to those communities. they have not been able to reach over the last few days. but to date, nearly 1500 people rescued already, many by air. hundreds more by boat. 12,000 still without power. here is governor andy beshear unfortunately that grow death toll. >> this is still an emergency situation. we're still in search-and-rescue mode. that count will continue to go up. reporter: again, a really hard, tough day is going to continue to be today with more rain on
4:32 am
the way. state leaders are just praying they don't lose anyone else. rachel. rachel: great reporting, thanks for joining us this morning. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with our fox weather forecast. rick: did you see the fire truck butted up under that bridge. when you have hillary terrain with rain falling in that hillary terrain all the water runs down into the lower elevations that floods really quickly. look at maps. there is still a lot of moisture in the area. there is kentucky. see all the rain. we'll see more rain, especially across eastern kentucky where a lot of that flooding was. that said this isn't the same kind of rain but because the ground is so saturated, the rivers are still full that will quickly cause additional problems, for very least rescue efforts that continue to go on. especially for planes flying throughout the area. moving forward, one area we're seeing across parts of flooding across the southwest.
4:33 am
monsoon is incredibly active. it brought a lot of flooding across vegas and phoenix area. we get a little bit of a break today and tomorrow, by midweek the moisture comes through there. i will show you where the flooding is across the kentucky river. one major gauge, one is moderate, move forward one more, see exactly what we'll see, heaviest of rain, that yellow is very likely flooding again across parts of eastern kentucky. send it inside to you,. rachel: thank you, rick. with only 100 days to go, a "fox news poll" moms are motivated to vote with key issues like education and inflation driving parents to the flow. joining us to discuss our mom panel, annie frye, and host of the wisconsin morning news and feedback. great to have you back. i love people talking on the
4:34 am
radio because they have call-in listeners and they get a great pulse what is going on in their area. i will start with you, annie, before we talk about your listeners. you're a mom. tell me what is motivating you to vote? what are your top concern? >> i have four kids. one is in junior high, my idea as parent i have autonomous say along with my husband how we raise our children. that is a key issue waking myself up in a new way this is my job on a daily basis with my radio show but i noticed this with my friends and family members as well. people don't normally ask me about news and politics, they want to know more about information. they throw the word around domestic terrorists for people that show up at a school board meetings. they are concerned what is going on in the classroom where their children are. so much is being done in secrecy.
4:35 am
they don't want to allow the conversation to take place that makes moms like me, so many other people less engaged on a daily basis into news and politics, very concerned what is going on in the classroom, morals, direction of our culture. it's a huge issue for moms. certainly is for me. rachel: wow, such a great point. when they did call parents domestic terrorists, tried to label them with that. peoples radars went up, i better go to the parent teacher meetings, school board meetings. i want to know what is going on in my kids school. meg, what about you? >> what i am most concerned about, what i have been concerned about for years i've been in politics is that i'm afraid for my childrens future this is not the america that i grew up in and i think the number one concern is inflation. who wants to pay five dollars a gallon for gas? the store shelves are often bare. the price for everything has gone up and that is a huge
4:36 am
concern for moms and dads throughout wisconsin and across the country. rachel: meg, you're in a rural area of wisconsin. the inflation numbers we're seeing hitting rural americans harder than urban americans, for obvious reasons, transportation costs et cetera. annie, we hear moms are motivated more than ever. what are viewers telling you on the radio? >> i will tell you this for sure, people who are paying attention right now, moms, dads of course as well, they are very aware of what is going on in our country. they don't even need to turn the news on this. is kind of an interesting moment in time, specifically, politically, 100 days out of the midterm election, a lot of times the news media, pick up the stories, run with the headlines. sometimes it piques interest of casual voter. that is not the way this is working right now. people who are, we were hearing from meg, going to the gas station, going to the grocery
4:37 am
store, paying attention what is going on with the kids, schools, classrooms, culture, they are tipped off, hey we need to start paying attention. we have opportunity to shortly to make a difference with that, they're coming to the news media more than they have in the past. they're engaged. they are concerned. they don't need any news media outlet for mine that exists to tell them this is important and they already know and they're seeking out information from people that are instilling the american independence where the family unit is protected and prioritized. where we get somebody in office who will not overspend. i live across the river in the state of illinois. governor jb pritzker is a disaster. they're looking to make a difference on a wide basis. rachel: meg, annie has little kids. you have kids a little bit older. i'm seeing a lot of grandmothers getting involved. what are you seeing on the ground? >> well i think everyone looks at our elected leaders and realizes how out of touch they
4:38 am
are. they're just talking about spending more money that we don't have. again i go back to the futures of my children and some day my grandchildren, is our country better off today than it was just two years ago? it's not. that is serious concern. we also are concerned about these midterms coming up. we're concerned about our elected leaders going to impose mandates on the american people again and i will never let our listeners forget that. i know our listeners won't forget that in terms of how it affected small businesses here in central and non wisconsin and how it affected children whose schools were closed for inordinate amount of time. rachel: normalizing those kinds of government restrictions that, as you said, we've never seen in america before. it is just not the same. both of you, meg, annie, so great having you on. thanks for giving us your insights. >> thank you. rachel: all right.
4:39 am
have a great sunday. coming up joe biden testing positive again for covid. dr. marty makary on why the treatment he underwent may be part of the problem. plus you heard of "snakes on a plane," but what about smokes in your popcorn? the surprise one shopper, the surprise that one shopper found at the grocery store. stay with us. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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♪. >> folk. president biden: joe biden here. tested positive this morning. working from home next couple days. feeling find. brian: just a little giggle. president biden testing positive for the coronavirus again, what the white house physician is calling a rebound case? here to react fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. dr. makary, i appreciate the sports vernacular, but i wonder what does it mean? does the virus disappear a couple days and come back? was it missed by the tests? what is going on? >> what happens was the paxlovid reduced it but kept it at a low level. there was a background level of virus in the president and now after 3:00 days, after being cleared he is positive again. brian: we hope he is going to be fine. he says he has absolutely no symptoms. there are two theories that i know of. one is that you need more of it.
4:44 am
maybe we're getting off paxlovid getting too quick. same thing happened to anthony fauci and others and number two is, and number two is, just it's so strong, it suppresses the virus but it doesn't get rid of the virus? >> that's right. it suppresses the virus. what people forget, brian, is that paxlovid was studied in non-immune, high-risk people and that is where the benefit was found but because of this, sort of disproportionate enthusiasm to give it to everybody, people are on it and there is broad announcement everybody needs to be on it. one of the consequences is, more and more papers are coming out that virus is getting smatter and it might help mutations virus. i don't understand the giving paxlovid to everybody. not every doctor would prescribe
4:45 am
paxlovid to the president given he is had four shots. brian: double vax, two boosters, same thing as the guy named you anthony fauci and he gets it but should we point out the booster doesn't really address ba.5, the variant? so the booster is designed for the original virus. therefore, why are we getting the booster? >> well another study just came out just this week that the fourth dose may confer some added immune protection for a couple weeks. people forget that the vaccine that we currently give out is for a virus that circulated two years ago. with every variant it is partially evaded that original immunity. so look, we need better vaccines. i don't even understand why we're in this isolation containment circus. the president is immune. he is around people who are immune. the idea of throwing him back in total isolation is a strategy that was designed for a nonimmune era when people didn't have immunity.
4:46 am
brian: so he should not be right now isolated? interesting. can we talk about monkeypox real quick? people are saying especially on the left that monkeypox is the term, the way we're using it is homophobic? >> yeah. new york's health commissioner is asking the w.h.o. to change the name. look go ahead, change it, call it whatever you want, is that going to help? the reality we missed an opportunity to contain it with early testing and getting that vaccine we had them in strategic national reserve out. we didn't have enough. they failed to recognize who was at risk. paper came out in the "new england journal of medicine" months after monkeypox was at large showing 98% of those affected were gay or buy sexual? isn't that important? why was the study not done by the cdc? done by a european consortium. call it rodent pox, 1694.
4:47 am
i don't think that will change anything. brian: took ahold of china virus, they get up even though it is something different. dr. 345 carry, interesting. >> thank you, brian. brian: we wish the president the best. we're very confused. uncontrolled chinese rocket re-enters the atmosphere. video from malaysia lighting up the sky at night. china insists from the most of the debris 23-ton rocket burned up before hitting the either's surface. china always has the story right. prompted a criticism of nasa for irresponsible use of space equipment. bill nelson ripping china for not sharing information about the space junk. china not sharing information? does that sound like china? not really. banana boat recalled some sunscreen, the company detected unexpected levels of the chemical benzene from the
4:48 am
propellent that sprays sunscreen out african. the company is offering full refunds for those specific products. no injuries or death have been reported. move on. forget about finding a snake in your boot. a virginia woman found one in the popcorn bag. she was shopping, grabbed the bag, said the pop kernels was not alone. the snake was full length of the cart, slithered out of the bag before going inside. the store manager has no idea where it came from but is looking into it. we'll follow this story. it's a sunday and they usually have different management. that's it for the news. now this straight ahead, saying no to service. a former pentagon official, army veteran is sounding an alarm as u.s. military faces low enlistment numbers. she reveals how we can reverse the course.
4:49 am
♪. i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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4:52 am
♪. joey: in a new op-ed a former pentagon official and u.s. army veteran is sounding the alarm why young americans don't want to serve in today's military. she writes, quote, the military today is no longer a kill your
4:53 am
enemies and win war machine that i once recognized. it has evolved into an indoctrination institution, more focused on pronounce and identity politics than accomplishing the mission. those are strong words. joining us is author of that op-ed, amber smith. she is author of the book, danger close. amber, good morning. thanks for joining. >> good morning, joey. joey: i want to point out i interviewed you 2 1/2 years on my podcast, talk about flying helicopters and amazing things. you wanted to talk about recruitment. you saw it coming working in the pentagon in the last administration. where are we now. what can we do about it? >> this recruitment crisis has many contributing factors but unfortunately many of them are self-inflicted. young americans see what today's military culture looks like. they are choosing a different path. they have seen what 20 years of
4:54 am
failed operational, strategic foreign policy looks like, much the military had to carry weight of. they saw botched withdrawal from afghanistan. 13 members killed. 10 killed in drone strike. no accountability. horrible for recruitment. covid-19 mandates, the military in recruitment crisis is throwing away combat warriors, lots of experience, very capable that in conjunction with the woke policies that are really poisoning morale from the inside. young americans are saying no thanks. they are pursuing other opportunities. joey: speak now to americans at home who might actually to want to join the military. one thing i see, we're no longer in war. americans confuse that with no longer having a mission. those are two different things, war at hand, mission in hand are two different things. a lot of people are disenchanted with military service. you said it is often that the
4:55 am
military is reflection of society. that notion makes it stronger but that is a fallacy. can you explain what you mean by that? >> when i served in the military we were pretty much focused on two things. we were focused on destroying our enemy and accomplishing the mission. that was pretty much it and that is what we're not seeing today. we're seeing distraction with woke policies that started under the obama administration. he had years to shift military culture t was successful. when i served in the trump administration as a pentagon official some of those policies were halted or reversed but sense the booed inch administration has begun, they picked up. it is like a third obama term in terms of woke policies at the pentagon. sadly, those policies are taking priority over military effectiveness and military, accomplishing the mission. brian: listen, thank you for your service. i hope everybody checks out your book, danger close.
4:56 am
thanks for writing on issue, sharing light on it. i hope you get this fixed. we need a strong military. >> thanks. joey: coming up spam blocker, rising crime, inflation, forcing stores in new york city to lock up canned goods. ♪ men, you need to get off the couch and get with the program. with golo, i lost 50 pounds. it feels really good to be able to button your jacket and not worry about it blowing up.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [inaudible conversations] joey: i don't know if i can. say it again? [speaking spanish] [laughter] joey: listen, good morning.
5:01 am
welcome back to a brand new hour of fox and friends. and in honor of national a avocado day, we have a live mariachi band there. [laughter] brian: what are they doing? joey: her fantastic. [laughter] listen, you don't want to know my experience with the avocado fields of california. this is awesome. absolutely fantastic. rachel: it's a great way to start the morning. good morning, everybody. good morning, joey, good morning, brian. we brought the mariachi band just for you, and, of course, it is avocado day, and we're going to celebrate -- brian: you really -- the first time i'm here, you brought me here because it's avocado day. [laughter] rachel: we wanted you to get some latin flavor. we know you saw the latest numbers -- [laughter] and, joey, you live in a town of majority -- suis jee i'm from
5:02 am
dalton, georgia, and it is majority hispanic because of the textile industry will. the majority of my friends growing up were mexicans, guatemalans, a lot of hispanics came will. and i'll tell you what, i never learned to roll my rs, but being from the south, i add in more rs anyway, so it evens out. i love mexican food. one thing that i'll tell you though is it's the different in different places. it's not the same. we have a different kind of mexican food in georgia. i go to texas, i'm not a big fan. rachel: i'll take mexican food in any form. brian: most of my stuff is -- [laughter] all right. two minutes now after the top of the hour. did you hear the news? our economy basically is in a recession. did you hear the news? inflation remains 9.2%. and do you remember the president of the united states saying i'm not going to raise taxes on anyone who makes under
5:03 am
$400,000, even 200,000? and then there was thursday when joe manchin cut a deal with chuck schumer on simple reconciliation. he calls it the anti-inflation bill -- [laughter] which it's not. at which time we're going to be spending somewhere between around $700 billion on climate, on basically more climate policy. rachel: yeah. you know when your anti-inflation or your inflation reduction act is touted on twitter by al gore as the greatest climate bill ever -- [laughter] the joke is out of the bag here. we all know exactly what happened. you said, joey, that it was joe manchin's worst week ever -- no, i mean mitch mcconnell's worst week ever. here's the joint committee on taxation analysis, the bipartisan committee, saying exactly what they say is going to happen with this bill. in 2023 taxes will increase by 16.7 billion on mesh
5:04 am
taxpayers -- more than taxpayers learning less than $200,000. throughout the 10-year window, the average tax rate for nearly every category would increase by 2031 when the new green energy credits and subsidies provide an even better outcome. joey, on top of that the bill hires a whole bunch more irs agents to make sure they can get that money out of the american people. joey: yeah, i don't think the men people -- the american people spend a lot of time trying to figure out how a bill is passed. and it makes it look like mcconnell did the not is his eye on the -- his eye on the right ball. you squeeze in joe manchin supporting in between, it looks like the republicans were just behind on everything. they had no maneuver left, and it feels like they actually kind of pulled sport on the chip --
5:05 am
support on the chips act because this bill came through. we're going to have somebody on later to talk about that. but when americans are looking at how to afford things and when they're understanding inflation as the price of groceries expect prices of gas, not two quarters of negative growth, we are many a recession for them because of -- we are in a recession for them because of those reasons, and this act doesn't really affect, doesn't do things to help with what americans are struggling with. brian: the whole thing is joe manchin's on five talk shows today so he's going to talk about what he got in the bill, the federal government is required to auction off more land are, allow coal plants to keep burning, also secured a promise from democrat leaders to vote on a separate measure to speed up the process of getting permits to be able to drill. he said it would also make permanent the federal trust fund to support coal miners with black lung. and lastly, $5 billion in the
5:06 am
package allowing existing coal-fired power plants to improve their efficiency and adopt environmental standards. so he says he got something for the fossil fuel industry while signing off on the biggest climate9 bill in the history of this nation, which leads many people to wonder at a time when inflation's the number one issue and gas is number two on every poll, why this, why now? the percentage of registered voters cutting back because of the current economic situation is staggering. 58% say they go out to eat less often, 48% drive less. 45% postponed or canceled vacations, and 43% cutting back spending on groceries. what happens after that? grocery stores make less money, everything involve with travel makes less money, and so then people are affected, maybe people aren't hired, fired or laid off. it's a ripple effect. and at the very least you would think the president would say technically we're in a recession, but all i care about
5:07 am
is what you're dealing with at home. for him to say i brought9 in all these jobs and unemployment'ses 3.6% and don't believe what you know and i'm peeling with the economy -- feeling with the economy makes him feel even more isolated than he actually is with covid. rachel: 43% of americans are buying less groceries. you see people buying, you know, off-label things and trying to find, you know, coming in with their coupons. and a lot of families forgoing meat because they simple my can't afford it, which, by the way, that's what these climate people want -- brian: i think they want you to eat bugs. rachel: you've got to watch my podcast -- brian: is it video or audio? rachel: it's audio. it'll be video soon, brian, thanks for that plug. here's the deal, people are feeling this recession. it doesn't matter what joe biden
5:08 am
says. you're driving less,you're buying less groceries, if you're not going out to eat anymore with your families and enjoying what life is supposed to be like, i just did this panel with moms, and they're like we don't recognize america. when you go to the grocery store and see bare shelves, when mamas can't get formula for their babies, this is not the america we know. so i don't care what joe biden says about whether it's technically a recession or not or the people on msnbc say people who declare a recession are white so, already, inflation is -- or recession -- brian: they talked about race? i did not know that. [laughter] joey: ever now and then. brian: let's move on to something else that's been stolen. we've been telling you about these high end stores that are targeted, we've seen it in san francisco, areas like the diamond district right behind us. i was shocked to see this story today on the cover of "the new york post." there's a target now for
5:09 am
criminals, and it's spam. some type of meat. we think it's more ham than spam, but they brought with it to us, meat in a can, roll it up and take it out. well, because it's got nutritional value, evidently people are steal ising it. so now they've got to put it this many one of those preventable, those boxes that you used to put eight-track tapes in to make sure people don't steal it. joey: we have viewers that are adults that don't have a clue about eight track tapes. rachel: i did. joey: then we have a lot of them watching, it's just the way of listening to music. brian: if they managed to have a huge clip right in the middle of a song -- [laughter] we had a team of sign terrorist es working on this. [laughter] -- can scientists. but go ahead. joey: listen, i think the spam story, there may be a nuance to in that we don't know.
5:10 am
i don't think they're using it to make drugs or anything, i think it has to do with people being hungry and desperate, and that is sad. this's -- that's not outrageous, it's sad. we live in the most prosperous country in the world, and we have these problems today. and we're supposed to have the educated, best leaders that that we could have many d.c., and and it's not turning out that way. so voters are are going to turn out in november, and i don't think any poll can fully encapsulate the frustration that people feel when they're having to steal spam from the shelves of convenience stores. rachel: it is this confluence of the crime issue and inflation -- joey: yeah. rachel: -- and the intentional poverty that this administration is throwing millions of americans in. you know, we don't often talk about the amount of above poverty -- poverty that people experienced or were thrown into because of the pandemic, and this is now exacerbating that. i think people are going to vote
5:11 am
on these issues come november, but it is so striking brian, as you said, that here the american people are screaming what they care about, gas, inflation. and they're handed a climate bill. i mean, it's just really, it's insulting. brian: it is. and the thing is when you call it do -- i always say anti-inflation. inflation reduction bill? rachel: yeah. brian: remember, didn't the vikings pre-columbus used to find nice islands and call it, like, iceland. so no one went to visit, and greenland -- joey: yeah. brian: is this something the vikings did? they wore cougar wraps and saber tooth tiger jewels, and they went around to try to throw people off? the president of the united states knows that's not an anti-inflation bill. he labeled it that. joey: it's a slight of hand that isn't very clever, and i think people see through it. that's what we've talked about almost all morning now, is the
5:12 am
american people don't care about two quarters of negative growth, they care about milk costing twice as much, potato chips having half as much in it, not being able to afford to put gas in the car. and while d.c. argues over the semantics of it, americans say, yeah, we're not celebrating $4 a gallon gas. rachel: and they expect it to get worse, and that's the problem. now to some of your headlines. a 23-year-old man is dead after he fell or jumped out of a plane that was later forced to make an emergency landing. unclear exactly what happened to the man. his body was found in a neighborhood about 30 miles from raleigh-durham international airport. brian: fell out of a plane? rachel: yeahful we'll bring more information as that comes available. a spoax person confirming that prince if charles' charity accepted one million pounds from osama bin laden's family. the sunday times reporting
5:13 am
charles personally took money from both of the bin laden brothers back in 2013, 12 years after the 9/11 if aacts. he was advised the not take the donation. brian: he said, screw it, i'm taking it anyway. rachel: it's for the environment. [laughter] all right. racing's first all-women rowing team breaks the world record for the race are across ocean. in just 34 days, the team rowed from san francisco to waikiki, one rower telling fox news digital, it was the best decision she ever made as a rower. despite end -- encountering extreme weather conditions and being mitt by a flying fish. the women raising money for -- joey: the ocean scares me to death. rachel: me too. me too. brian: and griff jenkins took on
5:14 am
sharks over the weekend. joey: i did that once, it didn't work out for me. brian: meanwhile, there's a out here that i was stunned to find out on one level. on the other level anecdotally, i'm not stunned because this seems to be a conversation a lot of people are having. one in five adults right now say hay tonight want to have kids. the story when i was growing up and coming of age which i don't think they've named the age after me, but when i was coming into adulthood -- [laughter] was, you know, are you going to have kids, did you wait too long or can you have kids. that was big story. but the choice of people making it i thoroughly respect, but i don't know -- personally, i'm stunned to think that people wouldn't want to experience being a parent. to me, it's the best thing ever. and the saddest thing is when people can't and want to -- joey: exactly. brian: and i just think, i
5:15 am
respect anybody's decisioned to do it -- rachel: sure. brian: but i just hi they're missing out on one of the most valuable things in life. joey: it's one thing to say, you know what? i have all the opportunity in the world to have kids, it doesn't disrupt my life, i'm just choosing not to. i respect that. what i'm worried about is that this is more about people thinking they have to choose and having a culture and society that doesn't promote being parentings. i i know democrats kind of cornered the market on things like social program programs, but things like childcare and maternal leave, ma turnty leave, i'm completely open to those policies because i think as a society we should invest in our next generation, and the best -- brian: are you saying some people don't have because they don't have two-parent family? if. joey: i only know this anecdotally from from people in my life that i work with, i'm friends with, and i think a lot of women feel like in order to stay competitive in a corporate world because they're chasing
5:16 am
their dream there, maternity leave and things like that will hurt them in that pursuit. and i think that's a legitimate concern that we as a society should address somehow. rachel: i think that's what brian was talking about, about people who are delaying child birth. the study is really that they're interviewing young people who who at a very young age, even before they're married, are saying i know already i don't want to have kids, and what the study is showing is that as they follow them, they are actually following through with with that. there are more people choosing to never have kids. and i think that has to do with the cultural question, you know? are we a kid-centric, you know, cull culture -- culture? do we embrace planes, go on a plane and hear people complaining about a plane? guess what, they've got to get somewhere too, sorry. so i think there's part of that. i believe for me that, you know, if you don't want to have kids, you shouldn't have kids. but i think you should be open to the idea because it is, as you said, it is the most execs
5:17 am
amazing experience. how many they have -- [laughter] i had somebody tell me once, it was really interesting, don't think about how many kids you want right now. having kids is hard. think about how many you want with around your thanksgiving table, and that, for me, that was a really interesting thought that influenced a lot about how i decided to grow my family. we asked, we had this discussion can earlier yesterday when we had lawrence on, and we asked our viewers to write in, and here's what some of them said. here is lee and. she said having children changed me for the better. the flood of love and nurturing is amazing. patience and training them and now the reward of hugs, kisses, notes, texts, calls, crazy fun grandkids has made it all worth it. joey: and bridget says i truly hope this country changes its mind on this. it happened in my own family. my son, one of two sons and one daughter, she's holding out for
5:18 am
lawrence jones, had his two daughter -- his daughter two years ago. his daughter is the absolute light of his life, and she ises that to the rest of us. i just want to point out her daughter is holding out for lawrence jones, so maybe we need to make make a there, i'm not sure. brian: i don't know if that's our thing -- joey: he kind of gave us permission yesterday. i think he's open on the market. i will say -- brian: he made that clear? joey: he did, yeah. rachel: and the women have been kind of hot. [laughter] showing us pictures. joey: they appear very smart. so one thing i will say my personal experience about having children, looking into your child's face is like looking into a mirror that shows you the most perfect version of yourself. and if you can have that experience as a parent, there's nothing else in the world to do. that's the pinnacle of it all. i understand not everybody is ready for that or wants that.
5:19 am
but as a guy who neither one of my kids were necessarily planned. my daughter was more so as far as, like, hey, this is the plan, this is what we're going to do. both of my children have come at the perfect moment of my life to make me a so much better version of myself. and that's what i want for everyone, i don't care what political party you are, no matter what else, i want that for everybody. rachel: i'm taking care of that. [laughter] mother teresa said there's no such thing as too many kids, it's like saying there's too many flowers. brian: she said that? rachel: she sure did. still ahead, speaker pelosi weighs a trip to taiwan, the latest threat. brian: and democrats in five states are giving millions of dollars to trump-backed candidates. we are breaking down the midterm strategy and races to watch with 100 days to go. but first, we leave you with the
5:20 am
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joey: welcome back. nancy pelosi, the house speaker, is on ground in asia with a congressional delegation and facing an ultimatum with china over a potential stop in taiwan. chinese state media says the island are nation will face, quote, unbearable consequence if pelosi goes through with the visit as president biden paces growing calls to release a transcript from his two-hour call with xi. michael pillsbury joining us now. explain to us where we are with this. should we really see china as threatening military action over this? >> well, yes, i think they are threatening military action. back in 1995 they faired -- fired four missiles near taiwan within 20 or 30 miles to splash in the ocean the kind of send a message a that the u.s. was getting too close to helping taiwan with independence.
5:25 am
nancy pelosi has been very careful, in fact, she's been quite pro-china in her statements. she's making five stops on this trip so far that her office has announced, hawaii for refueling, malaysia, singapore, korea and japan. she has not confirmed yet she's going to stop in taiwan. i think this is an election issue here because republicans have been so strong on saying we're tough on china, you democrats are not. it's also an election issue in beijing. president xi jinping is going for his third term of 15 years total, and this is a really core issue with the chinese that they're embarrassed that they can't get a deal on taiwan. they can't persuade the government of taiwan to negotiate with them. so it's a standoff, and these threats now coming from a professor in beijing as well as a former journalist, and they have precedent of firing missiles and taking kind of scary military exercise actions where they fly nuclear-capable
5:26 am
bombers around taiwan. that's happened the last two years. so we're getting into a dangerous period the next 24 hours, i would say, by. joey: why is it so important, and i think this is a very simple question, why is it so important for the united states to support taiwan in this? >> well, we made a deal over taiwan almost 40 years ago that we would leave it ambiguous whether we would defend them. we broke our treaty, took all of our troops and ammunition out, took our nuclear weapons out as of 1974, so taiwan's been kind of a sitting duck that depends on the goodwill of chao -- china. as our views of china have changed, this sitting duck on taiwan policy doesn't look as smart as it was when dr. kissinger and others first implemented it. so the danger of -- i would say the american public wants to support democracy, freedom, not have a war, get along with
5:27 am
china, but all of these things are growing increasingly impossible to have at the same time, joey. joe: yeah. i'll tell you what, i don't want war with china. it'll be interesting to see if the speaker of the house makes a stop in taiwan, and we'll watch to see. michael pillsbury, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, joey. joey: all right. still ahead, same story, different day. another aide leaves the vice president's office. mike huckabee on the never ending staffer shake-ups right here next. ♪ 'cuz you're a natural. ♪ a beating heart of stone. ♪ i you got to be so cold to make it in this world. ♪ yeah, you're a natural ♪♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that tackles pain, stiffness, swelling.
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5:32 am
michael collins is latest aide to make a run for the exit, bringing the grand total to 16. joining us now to react, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor, so great to have you this sunday morning. so a lot of people want to work for a vice president, you know? they want to be close to that center of power, and yet people are running for the hills. what's going on here? >> well, it's now evident that instead of name plates on the doors in the vp's office, they just use a dry erase board so they can quickly change the names, they're going so fast. this is really pretty remarkable. there are always staff changes in a white house because the pressure of the job, the hours that one works, i don't care democrat, republican. it's a very high stress job, and people, you know, just burn out after a while. so i get that part of it. but this is an unprecedented display of turnover, and i think a lot of it has to do9 with the fact that they don't know what they're doing, and they can't
5:33 am
figure it out. i mean, the funniest one was that shed had a speech writer, and i said, you mean she actually had somebody who wrote that stuff she said? who would have ever thought somebody put that to a script and handed it to her and said, hey, go out and say these things. because often it was almost as if somebody had taken long clippings, put them many a bowl and pretended that marsha stuart had -- martha stewart had made a salad. rachel: yeah. i think the problem is when she goes off the cuff and says thing like the passage of time and the passage of time and passage of time -- [laughter] it was bizarre. let me move to another topic e. we talk about liberal hypocrisy especially when it comes to climate issues and the way the elites like to live and then the way they want the rest of us to live. the latest is about private jets. i'm the paris one to the to call out this hypocrisy, but i'm a little annoyed there's a group
5:34 am
called the sustainability marketing agency that, i guess, goes and tattle tales on how many private jets celebrities take and whether they are being environmental arely friendly. the latest one to get hit is taylor swift, and she's supposedly a great, you know, eco-activist, and then she's taking all these private jets. she says, by the way, that this is her response to this, and wayn't to -- i want your response. no, taylor's jet is loan out to other individuals to attribute most around owl all of these trips to her or is blatantly incorrect. she's just allowing other people to environmentally pollute the planet. enter it never bothers me so much that a person who can afeared a falcon 900 jet would own one. my gosh, wouldn't we all like to have it? and she can afford it. good for her. i'm a capitalist. i've got no problem with the fact that she owns one of the nicest jets in the air.
5:35 am
good for her. here's the problem. it's not the fumes coming out of the back of that jet that ought to bother us, it's the toxic fumes and gas that comes out of the moths of these celebtieses -- mouths of these celebrities who pretend they're better than us and it's okay if they pollute at 100 times the rate -- 1200 times the rate of the average person because the rest of us just aren't that important. that's the message that is sent. here's the thing, if you want to own a private set, concern jet, congratulations. the res of us wish we had one, and we don't envy or covet9 what you have, but quit preaching to the rest of us about driving a gas car and not going electric car just yet while you're out flying around the earth. and the fact is that she says she's loaning it out? who cares? it's still polluting. but the reality is, it's the pollution from hair mouths that's more -- their mouths that's more disgusting than it
5:36 am
is the pollution if their airplanes. rachel: it's so true, governor. and worse is prince harry and john kerry who take their private jets to climate conferences -- [laughter] and lecture the rest of us about it. so unbelievable, what they do. it's always great talking to you, governor. >> thank you, rachel. have a wonderful weekend and a great sunday. rah. rachel: you too. still ahead, with 100 days until the midterms, we break down the political strategies taking center stage like democrats backing trump republicans. and, oops, the supply chain did it again. why britney if conspiracy' tell-all memoir -- britney spears' tell-all memoir is delayed begun. stay with us. ♪ ooh, baby, baby, oops, you think i'm in love -- ♪ that i'm sent from above. ♪ i'm not that innocent ♪♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ ♪ b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet ♪
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5:40 am
brian: check your warning check your calendar. the clock is ticking with only 100 days to go until the mid midterm election, so let's talk strategy, races to watch. let's bring in two people that decided to show up, doug schoen, fox news contributor, and charlie hurt, same title. democrats, republicans and also people that talk reasonably and honestly about the race. so let's break it down one by
5:41 am
one, first off, arguably the most intriguing, charlie, let's begin with you. you have fetterman with a heart problem known -- [laughter] they kept him out really the last two weeks of the primary process. he's someone that is left wing and should be easy pickings, or easier for someone like dr. oz. why is dr. oz trailing by 10 points? >> well, i think it's still early, and a big thing that a lot of people -- listen, and this is a big reason why the election is so volatile the, is because people are really feeling a lot of the issues that we're talking about whether it's inflation or gas prices or crime or whatever. and so that has a distracting ability. and you often see with these big, i would say, tsunami elections a lot of finals people don't -- times people don't check in until later in the political season -- brian: so it's still early. >> yeah. i look at these polls now, and i sort of roll my eyes. brian: doug, do you think one of the things is mccormack and oz
5:42 am
bloodied each other up in the primary many. >> yeah. dave mccormack spent millions of dollars attacking dr. oz. dr. oz was nominated largely but not totally because of donald trump's endorsement which will probably not be a positive in the fall for him. but dr. oz has to get the mccormack vote back, consolidate the water. -- the party. it's going to be a close race, ultimately, and what the impact of fetterman's health issues is also -- brian: right. you don't know what he's capable of doing. >> that's correct. brian broin but he isn't a moderate, and you would think in a purple state that pennsylvania is, you would think that that would be trouble and he can't pull a tim ryan. so dr. oz is -- >> but pennsylvania is now an in-play state because of the way donald trump ran his 2016 campaign and the way he's changed the republican party. brian: i was able to spend a day and a half with herschel walker,
5:43 am
and he's trailing within the margin of error and about 4 points according to a recent poll. handicap this race. >> yeah. i think it's going to go could be to the wire and come down to turnout -- down to the wire and come down to turnout. in 2018 and 2020 the democrats were able to get a pretty good turnout based on the efforts of the party to mobilize progressive, minorities, multiracial coalition that elected war knock this many january of 2021, if i remember correctly. the real question is can the democrats get that vote out for warnock now, and will herschel walker's issues with his integrity carry over. >> but, again, when you have a race that issa shaping up to be sort of a wave election, having resumé, background and the rock star status of a guy like
5:44 am
herschel walker -- brian: star at the university of georgia and is really looked at by law enforcement and the military, that's pretty obvious. but the thing is, how much of the black vote can he get? right now it's between 80-85% in warnock's corner. >> but i would argue this many environment all of those lines that we've sort of seen over the past 20, 30, 40 years are getting shifted. breep brian democrats decided their best strategy would be let's finance the biggest trump supporter, the supporter that the election was thrown, that he won. people that think donald trump won in 2020. 35 million in illinois, 7 million doesn't work in colorado. pennsylvania, 840,000. you see it in maryland and california. how do you feel about this, doug? is this an old or new tactic? >> it's a somewhat new tactic, turbocharged by big spending. i'm troubled with it because it is, in a certain sense,
5:45 am
effective corruption of democracy when one party intrudes into another party's business, particularly with these kind of backhanded ads. i think democracy should be advocacy of yourself, why you should be elected, not meanting the system. >> especially we're sitting around talking about it, you've kind of failed if it's so obvious. but there are also, these are the same people who probably would have put money behind a guy named donald j. trump -- brian: yeah. >> this could backfire. brian: you know what didn't? weeking -- booking you two to break it down. thank you very much. i'm going to have a chance to go on stage and talk about america great from the start and have a red, white and blue, patriotic america's real story on these following dates. 25% to you, doug. i'm going to be in new jersey in
5:46 am
newark, on august 27th, saturday, on september 8th in albany, new york, at the egg, and in banson, missouri -- branson, missouri. just go to brian, it's an evening you'll never forget. straight ahead, i'm going to toss upstairs to rachel -- rachel: hey, do i get a discoun- brian: if you bring your family, i'll be instantly sold to out, rah rachel. [laughter] absolutely. just don't bring sean. as long as you go -- rachel: can i bring mariachis? brian: yes, absolutely. they're right outside. [laughter] rachel: all right. thanks, brian. we begin with this, former president donald trump weighs in on a potential prisoner swap that would send the merchant of death back to russia in exchange for brittney griner. >> -- doesn't seem like a very good trade, does it?
5:47 am
he's an absolute one of the worst mt. world, and he's going to be given his freedom because a presidentially spoiled person -- potentially spoiled person goes into russia loaded up with drugs. rachel: the potential trade could also secure the release of u.s. marine paul whelan. no final decision has been made. by the way, more than 55 prisoners or hostages were released under the trump administration. britney spears is finally finished writing her tell-all memoir, but a paper shortage is delaying its release. the it's rumored to dive deep into the pop star's life. sources are resource reporting it's still unclear when paper shortage will be fixed, making it difficult to announce a release date. we can blame that on pete buttigieg. we need to hear the real tell-all story from britney. we'll have to wait until there's paper in america. let's turn to rick rake muth for our weather forecast.
5:48 am
rick: he's out chopping trees to make paper, because he's got to read that back. [laughter] -- that book. across areas around st. louis we saw a 1,000-year flood, a few days later we saw that in kentucky. southern ohio, that is going to be kind of the pattern for us for much of this coming week. we do get a little bit of a break midweek, but today we've got a lot of moisture there, and anybody who's out are there in that surgery and rescue effort, it's going to be the difficult because we're going to see scattered showers later today in south eastern parts of kentucky seeing heavier rains, potentially more flooding. not as bad, but flooding noneless. send it back to you, rachel. rachel: we're celebrating national avocado day next. ♪ ♪
5:49 am
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5:53 am
♪ rachel: today is national avocado day, and we're celebrating by making the best guacamole. joey: here with home made recipes is chef and nutritionists diane. welcome back, diane. >> hi. nice to see you guys. rick: national avocado day. >> who doesn't love avocado, right in. rachel: we all love them, and you always want to bring on healthy foods. >> to make avocado, you need onions, pinely chopped. -- finely chopped. lime juice really brings out all the -- brian: so far -- [inaudible] >> what? brian: the incas used to -- rachel: he always brings it back to history. >> jalapenos, fresh jalapenos. mash it up, a little fresh lime
5:54 am
juice. some people put tomatoes, i don't put tomatoes in mine -- rachel: i don't either. brian wants to know if this comes in a powderedded form. [laughter] >> you guys are doing your mixing. you can mix all different, if you want a little spice, 100 percent -- rachel: i love that. thank you. >> it's fantastic. and then i found some other ideas, chicken sliders, really good with a little avocado on top of it or the holy guacamole diced avocado that we talked about. and it's 100%, which is great. and again, we've got the sliders and the kings' hawaiian rolls which are awesome, nice and -- rachel: what is this? >> that is a salad dressing i made with avocado. it's got a little bit of coconut if milk -- >> it's almost like everything is avocado. brian: that's for the day. joey: right.
5:55 am
i normally make fun of people that order avocado toast, but i think if you were doing it, i would be all about it. >> ah, thanks. another thing so to grill avocados -- rachel: i've never done that. ooh, it's great. for mix-in, you're a purist. rachel: i'm a purist. >> real quick if we have time. brian: can we coan overhead shot? [laughter] >> okay. so i'm just going to show you real quick huh to to open one -- rachel: you know what's more important? how do you know if the avocado is ripe? >> o.k.. you just press on it. same thing with a mango, if if you press on it and that little knob pops right out -- rachel: and if it starts to feel hollow, that's not a good sign. [inaudible conversations] brian: joey -- >> you don't want to miss anything. so we need the lime juice too. rachel: all right.
5:56 am
well, it's national avocado day, we're celebrating here on fox square. let's mitt9 with the -- can hit it with the mariachi. thank you, diane. [inaudible conversations] brian: still ahead on the show though -- rachel: ron johnson, maria bartiromo and dr. marc siegel. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] lowe's. ♪ ♪ meet our collection of exclusive brands. quality home furnishings at an affordable price. only at lowe's. >> tech: cracked windshield? don't wait. go to you can schedule service in just a few clicks. it's so easy. and more customers today are relying on their cars advanced safety features,
5:57 am
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5:58 am
. . .
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talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. learn how abbvie and ironwood could help you save on linzess. ♪ >> yes, we are celebrating national avocado day, up until
6:01 am
then we had no idea and mexico said we're going to try this and then america captured the momentum. i'm going to go over the whole history of this as we go through the show. rick: i think we should do a -- i think we should do a whole fox nation special on the history of avocado. >> the mexican people -- >> that band has been rocking it. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> we talk a lot about politics on this show. the hispanic population, we talk about kids, the fastest growing population is hispanic and within the hispanic population, 60 to 70% are mexican americans. when we talk about the hispanics moving in the southwest where it's mostly mexican americans, moving toward the republican party or moving away from the democrat party, that will be
6:02 am
catastrophic for the democrats because they've always had a lot of the mexican americans. >> maya flores. >> exactly. you'll see, this is a big deal. celebrating avocado day, having mariachis on fox square -- >> the only thing we're missing is the chihuahuas. >> we're into it. >> two minutes after the top of the hour now. let's start and talk about with the speaker of the house making the most important decision i believe of her political career and that is to follow through on her promise to go to china and do not let china dictate to us our foreign policy and that's where she found herself and she said she is going to do it. now she will not commit to it. she says for security reasons i won't confirm or deny that i'm going but i'm going to the
6:03 am
pacific with all democrat, all the key votes are done. speaker pelosi is warned not to go. >> do you think this could be a legacy issue for her. >> i don't care about her legacy. >> i just wondered. >> the only time she's really been tough is on trump and george bush, on republicans in particular. people talk about how tough she is. it's time to stand up for the country. what are you doing? you're going to go over there courageously and visit taiwan that is clearly in danger. we have a one china policy. i get it. they're an american ally who controls most of the chips that go into our cars and our tech devices because we manufacture most of the stuff that we buy over there and there's no way that she should give up on this trip. >> i'm not exactly known for defending nancy pelosi. i think people understand that. one thing i will say is if she doesn't go, the story is why not, it is because she chose not to.
6:04 am
?is it because the administratin pressured her not to. what duty does she are to the president of the united states to create a problem. >> we're not going to get that information. not today, not before this happens. if it comes out she didn't go is that a reflection of her occurring? we don't know -- courage. we don't know that. her intent on going to taiwans was apparently in contrast to the administration's position on on it, the accusation the leak came from the administration. >> the leak she was going to make the trip came from the administration. >> tom cotton said that. >> the question that president biden got after making that ridiculous speech in front of the coal mill in massachusettes, what do you think about nancy pelosi. he said the pentagon doesn't want her to go. the pentagon doesn't want her to go?
6:05 am
that's fascinating. we give billions of dollars to the pentagon to keep us as a super power and the speaker wants to go to an ally and they don't think it's a good idea. >> this is what was said, the mainland will carry out punishment actions on taiwan at the same time, the unbearable consequences will fall on authorities. there's that. but a lot of people are asking the question that you're asking, so why did the white house leak that she was going because we know that members of congress go, they don't announce it. they go to taiwan. >> last speaker was '97. it's been a while. >> it's been a while. but other members have gone and you're right the last speaker to go was in '97 but other speakers have gone and again, why did they leak it? here's what the new york post op-ed writer, michael good winwn said. this is a great op-ed he wrote,
6:06 am
called enough of joe biden. he said, this is the quote, biden is not playing straight with the american people. he has nothing to hide. he can prove it by releasing the transcripts. now it seems that the visit by pelosi is grounds for china threats and military action. if she said as much on the call, then china has changed the rules of the arrangement and promised war if america does not comply. that's a monumental event which is why it is imperative that the american public know not only what xi said but exactly how biden responded and the reason why this is really important isn't just because of the china/america relationship but also we have a president who has some very bad deals that his family made, dirty deals with the chinese government. there's been lots of conversations about whether he is compromised or not. that was alluded to in the op-ed by michael goodwin.
6:07 am
the american people need the transcripts released so we can see what xi said in response to that. there was the question, brian, of he was asked -- the white house was asked whether human rights abuses were brought up, the uyghur slaves who are used in so much of the chinese manufacturing and they said of course we brought up human rights and then chinese officials said no, that's not true, that was not brought up so we need to see the transcripts. brian: we need to see the transcript he had with the saudi arabia prince. vladimir putin, leading up to the ukraine invasion, you have all these consequences conversations, we have different takes and different readouts on what took place. one thing is consistent, seems like president biden who was a tough guy with peter doocy but he doesn't seem to be a tough guy to tough guys. i used to be a lifeguard but he has a problem with putin and others. so he has to be direct, letting people know, in a harry truman
6:08 am
like style, what he wants and what a he doesn't want. he has trouble bringing up, confronting evil people, whether he's compromised or not. john kirby came out with a benign statement after a belligerent statement, he said there's no reason to come to that, he's putting down the tone of the statement. you were called out. you don't -- it's unacceptable to speak to a leader in our country and threaten a military strike on the speaker of the house, end of story. joey: part of the problem is if nancy pelosi doesn't go, in my opinion that falls squarely on the president of the united states, not nancy pelosi. i'm not judging nancy pelosi. >> brian: and her too. joey: i'm judging the president of the president of the states and his ability to control his party, the leaders of the policy and our foreign policy with an aggressive actor. i interviewed a china expert.
6:09 am
this is what he had to say about getting a deal done with taiwan and where we are with this. >> this is a core issue with the chinese, they're embarrassed that they can't get a deal on taiwan. they can't persuade the government of taiwan to negotiate with them. so it's a standoff and these threats are now coming from a professor in beijing as well as former journalist and they have the precedent of firing missiles and taking scary military exercise actions where they fly nuclear capable bombers around taiwan, that's happened the last two years. we're getting into a dangerous period the next 24 hours i would say, joey. joey: where we interview people, we say interview, joey's like i inter. joey: i knew he was going to say my name. >> there's no " i "in team. joey: the former head of the chinese communist party
6:10 am
suggested the country detain and a punish the speaker for visiting taiwan. i mean, can you imagine if the new york times editor came out and said that? i mean, are you crazy in what is going on here? >> you guys say -- i'm going to play he devil's advocate can. you say nancy pelosi can't not go. what if she goes and we do -- and the chinese feel like they do have to do something because they did put this out there. >> they did military exercises yesterday. good luck with that. >> i don't know if i want to take that chance. i guess -- >> she has nine grandkids and they're probably well taken care of because her husband gets such great information from different stock leaks but put it this way. i didn't ask her to go. it was her idea to go. the minute she went out there, she now has american prestige on the line. game on. you have to go. >> i think part of the reason why the establishment that are experts on the issue are alarmed is we have a huge history of china posturing in regards to
6:11 am
taiwan. i can't remember the name of it. there's an island off the coast of taiwan that china would bomb every day or every other day or once a week. it was regular, for years, to say they're still at war or in a military conflict and that was until recently. there's a uss independence incident that happened in the late '90s where they harassed one of our ships with their version of the coast guard. it usually comes across as not as much aggression, as much as posturing, reminding the world they believe taiwan. we go from if you bring in fighter jets we'll shoot them down. to escort pelosi, we'll shoot them down to now if you land on taiwan, we'll take it out on taiwan so the threat has grown. i think some of the reason that people are alarmed that are in the industry of analyzing china, i think that china feels like they're maneuvering from a position of leverage whereas before it might not have been
6:12 am
such. >> and that is an excellent point. because when the situation happened in ukraine, when the war started with ukraine and remember joe biden said well, it's a little bit of an incursion or when that was allowed to happen, a lot of people said this was going to happen in taiwan and a now we're seeing this escalation. >> and china can point to biden's own words and say, and he's explained it as a gaffe. >> he says he will attack, if taiwan's attack, he says we attack you. >> he essentially proposes we're still in a mutual defense treaty that hasn't within around for 40 years so that's part of the problem too. >> yeah. all right. so it's going to be a perilous time. if she doesn't go it will be terrible for us and we'll pay the price because if you show weakness to russia, iran and china, they will take advantage. they're going to keep taking advantage. 12 minutes after the top of the
6:13 am
hour. >> we turn now to some of your headlines, a 22-year-old man is dead after he fell or jumped out of a plane that was later forced to make an emergency landing. it's unclear exactly what happened to the man who was the plane's main pilot when it took off. what? his body was found in a neighborhood 30 miles away from raleigh durham national airport. indiana state senate is passing a bill that bans nearly all abortions in the state. republican state senator sue blake authorizes the bill, calling it a huge step forward in protecting the life of unborn children. it leaves exceptions for rape and incest and to protect the life of a mother. the bill heads to the state's house where lawmakers could make it a law. go back. it was a -- where lawmakers could make changes before voting on it. mega millions said the illinois winner of the nearly
6:14 am
$1.34 billion jackpot has not yet claimed their prize and might not even know they won. the value of the jackpot went up again overnight after the ticket sales were fully tallied. that's the second largest lotto prize in history. the gas station that sold the ticket also winning big, getting 1% commission on that mega jackpot. and those are your headlines. >> wow, i need to start selling lottery tickets. you get paid commission once, you're set for life. >> what's worse than getting behind someone when they're about to buy lottery tickets and they act like they're picking out a new car and you sit there. if you need to sell lottery tickets, you need to have someone else to work the other counter. >> i grew up going to the casino in cherokee and my parents would gamble and put me in the kids corner. >> there's a kids corner. >> in all the casinos. >> in georgia? >> the kids room had four or
6:15 am
five video games and none of them worked so it was like the worst day-care in the world. i would be there for six hours with a ham sandwich. i'm very anti-gambling for a personal reason. the georgia lottery has good things come from it. i hope whoever wins, i hope they will do something philanthropic. >> if you run a casino, do a better job with the day-care. >> if i ever run for office, the first thing i'll do is close casino day-cares. i'm going to run on that. >> my mom is not happy that i said that right now. i had a great childhood. it only happened once or twice. mama, i didn't mean it. president biden tests again for covid. dr. marc siegel tells us why whether his treatment may be to
6:16 am
blame. plus senator ron johnson and maria bartiromo. you'll see all of them. ♪ ♪♪ my relationship with my credit cards wasn't good. i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. between the high interest, the fees... i felt trapped. debt, debt, debt. so i broke up with my credit card debt and consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. i finally feel like a grown-up. break up with bad credit card debt. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. go to to view your rate. sofi. get your money right. ♪♪
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6:19 am
>> joe biden here, tested positive this morning.
6:20 am
i'm working from home the next couple days. feeling fine, feeling good but we've got work to do. >> someone told him that the dog means big ratings. president biden tests positive for covid-19 again, a couple days after testing negative. the white house physician says it's likely a rebound case from taking the anti-viral treatment during the first go-round, very similar to dr. fauci. he got it, took paxlivid. dr. siegel, what do you take from the recurrence? >> i don't think that dog is going to help his ratings at awful i think we're dealing with a situation wherewithal of his hypocrisy and fumbling and back and forth and looking like he's not in charge of something like covid, ratings drop, don't they. let me explain. i said last week this would happen. i heard him on wednesday coming out of quarantine, sniffling and
6:21 am
congested and i said he's going to have a rebound. why did i think that? it's not that i don't think paxlivid works. the issue is, the new subvariants that are out there's more in your system and it takes more to knock it out and the fact is the fda a has not extended it to seven or eight days. here's what happens. i think that the drug battles down the virus, so it doesn't reproduce and you get less and less and less of it. but in 20 to 30% of cases, i'm seeing a he rebound when when the drug wears off the virus battles back a bit. it doesn't mean it's worse the second time, it doesn't mean you have symptoms but you could be contagious. if you're a president going around telling people, wear mask, and you're possibly being a spreader, it's not a good look. >> here's a layman question. we're told once you get it you have natural immune i at this, the debate is -- immuneity.
6:22 am
the debate is what a's better. he got it. he was free of the virus for two days. was he actually free from the virus? or did he get hit again from another virus that he came in contact with? what actually happened? ?>> he was not free of the viru. >> so the tests are bad? the test wasn't good? >> the test is good at the day he took it but the problem is, the test only tells you whether you have infective particles there. it tells you whether you've got virus that could infect another person but brian, the paxlivid was working. when you took it away, the virus wasn't completely gone. it started to spread. it was the same virus. they should have been prepared for that. they should have realized that could happen. you asked about natural immunity. i agree, natural immunity has
6:23 am
been completely ignored by the administration. it works and it works in combination with the vaccine. he probably won't be able to get covid again for at least another month. to answer your question, he is not fully over it yet. >> there are people out there, real quick, take are being told to get a booster to start school. a booster for a virus that has morphed into three or four variants since they came one the booster. what good is a booster that doesn't attack the current variant. is that a waste of time? >> i don't think it's a waste of time. i don't think it should be mandated. i don't think the mandate should be used throughout the pandemic. they backfired because the vaccine decreases severity. it may help if you're in a high risk group. it should not be mandated.
6:24 am
last point, they had the technology to get ahead of this. we start with operation warp speed. it's a disgrace they didn't have the public, private partnership in place to get the newer vaccines out to cover these subvariants. a huge failing there on the administration's part. >> we should stop with the word vaccine. we should use shots. people understand that better. like the flu shot. dr. siegel, thanks so much. >> that's right. up to you to get the shot, thank you, brian. >> straight ahead, new allegations, the fbi illegal suppressed information on hunter biden. senator ron johnson's demanding an immediate investigation. does he need to get the majority for that to happen? we'll ask.
6:25 am
6:26 am
6:27 am
6:28 am
>> house speaker nancy pelosi is now on the ground in asia with a congressional delegation and facing an ultimatum with china over a potential stop in taiwan.
6:29 am
>> chinese state media says the island nation will face unbearable consequences if pelosi goes through with this visit. rachel: this as president biden faces growing calls to release the transcript from his two hour call with president xi. let's bring in wisconsin senator ron johnson to react. senator, welcome. what are your thoughts on that? >> good morning, guys. well, first of all, i don't know why speaker pelosi signaled her trip to taiwan so far in advance to give the chinese the opportunity to respond in this way. it's outrageous that china would threaten america just because the speaker of the house and delegation would visit taiwan. i have the chinese, the new chinese ambassador in my office this week. it was not a pleasant meeting whatsoever. i conveyed to him how disappointed i am the path they have chosen, their aggressive stance, how they're threatening world peace. it's very unfortunate. >> i hope you hit him back. i'm sure he came back at
6:30 am
aggressively. so senator, you think she should go, right? >> yeah, i don't see how you can back down right now. i don't know why you would signal so far in advance. >> but the president wants her to back down, clearly. the pentagon wants her to back down. >> right now, it's an awful situation. i don't think she can back down. that just gives china even more cause to continue their aggressive behavior. rachel: no one's been more aggressive on the hunter biden laptop situation than you and senator grassley. we're now hearing that there are whistleblowers coming forward saying that the fbi and the doj illegally suppressed that information that we now know i mean really was a major factor, could have actually changed the election back in 2020. what's going on? what are you going to do about it? >> well, first of awcialtion thank god for those -- first of all, thank god for those whistleblowers, we need more of
6:31 am
them. they need to come forward and start talking to us. i'm not shocked but it's outrageous that the fbi would be tipping the scales of justice the way they're doing. i have no faith in christopher wray of conducting this investigation but it's important that the american public understand, the fbi had hunter biden's laptop in december of 2019. they certainly saw the evidence of what i think is criminal activity on that laptop. they've done nothing. here we are in end of july, early august of 2022. what have they done with it? no, you can't trust this department of justice and fbi to get to the bottom of this. >> senator, i don't want to move on from this topic too fast. there's another topic we have here called the pact act. a lot of veterans are very confused. this is a bill that supposedly will provide funding for veterans who have dealt with toxic waste exposure, burn pits and to get the va care. it seems that republicans were on board with this a little over a month ago or right at a month
6:32 am
ago and now republican senators have according to veterans surprised them by voting against this. i want you to hear what jon stewart had to say about this, real quick. >> this is the total cost of war, all the senators who of voted for those trillions and trillions of dollars to send these men and women to war and you now suddenly -- and now suddenly say it's not fiscally responsible to spend the money to pay for the consequences of their service is outrageous. >> go ahead and respond to jon stewart if you don't mind. >> well, we all fully support the vets. but what the democrats did is they've transferred out of discretionary spending hundreds of billions of dollars into mandatory spending, opening up a big hole for further mortgaging our children's future. we're saying eliminate that
6:33 am
position, put it back in the discretionary spending program. we are fully supportive of the vets. i suspect this will pass. all the democrats have to do is remove the provision that turns it from discretionary to mandatory spending. we will fund our vets. >> you think this bill will get -- it's the toomey amendment, it will pass. >> it's what we voted in a procedural vote last week. this is not a vote against the vets. this is a vote for our children's future. >> you're in a tough race. do you believe the reason millions is put against you is because you're all over the hunter biden investigation? do you think that's part of it that you're determined to look into what happened leading up to this pandemic and through the pandemic, do you think they fear your investigation? >> well, they're not happy with it. they haven't been happy with it for years and they accused us
6:34 am
falsely of soliciting russian disinformation. that's their standard playbook. completely dishonest. democrats are so far divorced, detached from reality as they are from the truth it's actually pretty amazing. rachel: they said hunter biden's laptop when were you trying to bring it to light was russian disinformation, they tried to get you for trying to ask questions about covid policies and mandates and vaccines and early treatment. so one of the things that you wanted to bring to light was that there was whistleblowers in the military who were saying that there might be some perhaps vaccine injuries, things that are on record with the health records from our military who as you know were forced to take the vaccine or be discharged from the military. you said that they need to preserve those records so that we can see that if that happens. >> well, they say it happened. we made this disclosure back in january of this year, showing for example neurological
6:35 am
injuries 10 times the number of diagnoses that certain cancers, three times and we asked the department of defense what's happening here. they haven't given us any clarity on this at all. they said we had a glitch in our database. really? here we are, again, end of july, early august and the department of defense has not been forth coming. why not. if there's a simple explanation, explain it to the american public. what is happening inside your database in the terms of our men and women in uniform. rachel: is that something that can come to light if republicans win the congress, the house and the senate? >> certainly be my intngs. -- intention. i've written 43 oversight letters on some aspect of covid, basically gotten no response. that's the problem. congressional oversight is a shadow of itself because we really don't have a way to really enforce it. >> senator ron johnson, going for another six, senator, good luck. soon you'll have an opponent. >>
6:36 am
rachel: thank you, senator. appreciated having you this morning. coming up, foxes news cameras capture migrants coming off busses in the nation's capital after illegally crossing the southern border and the white house is trying to deflect by blaming republican govern ors. >> i said this about republicans using migrants as a political tool. that is shameful and it is just wrong. rachel: maria bartiromo weighs in. she's next. stay with us. i would say that to me an important aspect is too... meta portal with smart sound. helps reduce your background noise. bring that sense of calm, really... so you come through, loud and clear. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home work for you.
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rachel: a fox weather alert, 26 people are confirmed dead after devastating flooding in kentucky, the number is expected to go as search efforts continue in the coming days and week. nicholas valdez joins us from kentucky with the latest on the tragedy. nicole. >> reporter: rachel, there are of course dozens of families who are now mourning the loss of those loved ones. meanwhile, others are looking at memories just washed away. i'm standing in what used to be the foundation of a home here in himik, kentucky. you see is at nothing cinder blocks and mud. my feet are sinking in the wet mud from the floods three or four days ago. i want to show you this. what you see of nothings in from this home is all sitting on the
6:41 am
side of the road next to it. look at the amount a of debris here. i want to show you really just the memories i talked about. these are pieces of people's home. if you talk about how just hours before the flood people were likely sitting in their living rooms with families, maybe in bed, and now look at the pieces of their roof. everything they've ever owned, just scattered, wet, covered in mud. look at the insulation. that's probably a house springboard there and we know there's more rain on the way. governor beshear worried that the death poll we talked about could continue to rise. >> this is still an emergency situation. we are in search and rescue mode. that count is going to continue to go up. >> reporter: such a sad scene to continue to see here. rick, i know unfortunately the rain is not over for this area.
6:42 am
>> you can download the fox weather app and you you get live coverage ongoing for this storm and this weather. nicole is doing amazing work covering this story. there is more rain coming almost every day this week across the area. six to seven days from now we'll see the southeastern area of kentucky with another 4, 5 inches of rain. that probably won't cause the kind of flooding we saw. because the search and rescue efforts are ongoing, it could cause big problems especially for helicopters, planes flying in and out of there. unfortunately, more rain to go across this exact same area. this will be the case all week long. rachel, on to you inside. rachel: thank you, rick. and it's great coverage from nicole. as the situation at the southern border continues to deteriorate, white house press secretary karine jean-pierre is slamming republicans for bringing it up.
6:43 am
>> it is shameful and that is just wrong. there is a process in place for managing migrants at the borders, this is not it, what they're doing, the way they're meddling in the process and using migrants as a political pawn is just wrong. they are being used, peter, they're being used by republican governors. rachel: our next guest is hosting a summit on the broken border crisis this wednesday at fox nation, host of sunday morning futures, maria bartiromo joins us now. maria, so great to have you this morning. you know better than anyone the situation at the border and in particular the abuse that so many children go throughs crossing that border because of the cartels and the dangers and here is karine jean-pierre saying that it is the republicans who are using the migrant as pawns. maria: yeah. hi, rachel. thank you very much. i think karine jean-pierre's answer is about two words. as if. as if the border was closed.
6:44 am
as if they are not conducting a dereliction of duty. as if they are not using migrants as pawns by keeping an open border and hope that they will get democrat voters. as if recession doesn't mean recession. it's all the same talking points and it's all the same, ignoring anything that is absolutely against what the american people want. we're looking forward to this border some mitt that i will host -- summit that i will host for fox nation. we'll be live on "mornings with maria" on fox business on wednesday morning from the border and we'll have more information as far as how detrimental the situation is right now. as if there weren'ts massive amounts of fentanyl killing americans, getting seized at the border, as if people were not getting raped on their dangerous trek into america. it's all extraordinary and it is all a dereliction of duty. on top of all of the other missteps out of this administration, that is exactly what we are talking about this
6:45 am
morning. i've got gop leadership coming on this morning. that is john barrasso from wyoming to talk about why it is that he everywhere you look there is another problem and a misstep out of this administration and yet the republicans are in a dead heat in the senate. what's wrong with the republicans that they are in a dead heat in the senate? why isn't this so obvious that the country needs a massive sweep of different policies. we're also talking with charlie kirk and miranda divine. we have new information on the hunter biden scandal this morning and john ratcliffe, former national director of intelligence will tell us about new open source reporting that says taiwans is going to get invaded by china within the next 18 months. wait until you hear what his take is on how badly this whole taiwan trip was mismanaged by the administration and then we've got harriet haggerman coming on, she is looking to take down liz cheney in her seat coming up in november for the
6:46 am
elections. the midterm elections. liz cheney has been the face of the january 6th hearings r and yet harriet haggerman is winning over voters in the state. we do have breaking news on the situation around china. i'll see you. rachel: thank you, maria. must see tv. sunday morning futures. coming up, path to recovery, our next guest lost his legs while serving overseas and now he's helping other critically wounded troops heal. he's going to show us how, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that
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>> by the time he was 23 our next guest lost both of his legs after stepping on an ied while serving overseas. he wouldn't let that stop him, instead he turned to the semper fi and america's fund, a nonprofit that cares for troops. brandon is a good friend of that man, joey jones, and he joins us right now. great to see you, brandon. how do you guys know each other. >> it's crazy. we were at the hospital together and he actually got hurt a
6:51 am
little bit before i did and i was actual ily coming in and i got to meet joey and i remember one of the pictures that we first took together, we're probably about 100 pounds each and i look at that picture all the time and i see where you're at and i see where i'm at, and it makes me happy. >> put on muscle. >> a little bit. >> we are competitive in arm size. his waist got me a lot. >> how is he doing with semper fi. >> semper fi, an american fund, when i met the foundation, they've come along way since 2003. $282 million roughly raised, helped over 28,000 veterans around the country. we're trying to get the name out there. go to our website, the, easiest way to learn about us and to donate some money. >> so you say that cross fit has kind of changed your life. >> mentally and physically. we're talking everything that has happened, not just losing my legs in afghanistan but life before and after, being able to
6:52 am
go to the gym and let out frustration. you can do it without legs, you can do it with legs. if you put your mind to it and get in there and do it we can accomplish anything. joey, look at me. >> can we run through some stuff now. >> let's start with something, we're going to do something a little modified, whether you have legs or not. we're going to run through, sit down on the box real quick. what i like to do is start with some shoulder presses. okay. .on the box here, you're doing more than just a shoulder press. we're going to start with 10, we're going to stabilize our core and work on our abs. something this simple, get 10 these up. what i like about cross fit, everything is circuit based. we're going to get our cardio up. we're going to get our breathing up as well. switch arms, do 10 of more here. what we're going to do here, after we go to shoulder presses, we're going to go -- >> here we go. what's next. >> we're all right. we're going to step down and
6:53 am
we're going to go into dips. >> you're killing me. >> the goal is to not rest. >> don't you have a sense of teamwork with cross fit. >> i'm watching you guys, i'm not going to let you slack. rachel: slower, slower. >> it's about getting the guys and girls together and showing we can do this. rachel: who has the best form. >> joey, by far. then we're going to switch over, we're going to turn over and go into pushups. we're going to drop down, do 10, 15 pushups. i'm telling you, the key to this is to keep moving, keep your heart rate up. we're going to run through this. it doesn't seem like a lot but it is. we're going to pop back up here. me and joey can do this. you can do this on two feet. >> you're inspiring people too, right? he-he foot shamed you guys.
6:54 am
>> we're serving our people in a different way by showing people we're not out of the fight, we're still here. >> that's right, man. >> we're going to move into the fourth exercise, we're going to grab the kettle bell. >> he doesn't stop. >> we're basically hitting everything here. >> what are we doing? curls. >> curls. once you get it with one arm, switch to the other arm. rachel: come on, brian. come on, brian. >> kettle bell. there we go. there we go. all right. >> we're going to finish -- >> teamwork. >> i think i have the kettle bell down. >> i don't know about you guys but i'm sweating. >> people want to help out, where do you go. >> go to the and click the donate tab and donate to veterans around the country. they need the support and the help. america's fund has been there since 2003. we want to help these guys. get on the and check
6:55 am
out the mission statement, see everything we're doing. >> we have a special thanks to billy and his team at cross fit spa if manhattan for providing the equipment for us today. we wouldn't have been able to do it without it. thank you, guys. >> and you can be a rock like him if you pay attention to was he does. >> it's all about movement. >> thanks so much. congratulations on everything. thank you for your service. more "fox & friends" in a moment. ♪ before treating your chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms.
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come on, man. [laughter] if. [inaudible conversations] >> i still have to figure out the show a little bit. rachel: come on, guys! [inaudible conversations] rick: enjoy national avocado day. rachel: go to church, everybody! bye. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bart to romo. today, amateurish, underwater and dangerous. this week we learnedded what many expected, the economy is in recession. but instead of leading with a path forward, the biden administration decided to mislead the american people again, going on full spin control mode, attempting to redefine what recession really means and instead pushing a new talking point, transition. >> the united states in a better place than almost


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