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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 31, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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er done that before. try golo. it works. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit chinese officials claim the white house lied about president biden's conversation with chinese president xi jinping after the two spoke by pouring for more than two hours on thursday. china's ministry of foreign affairs inc. mr. biden did not address the genocide and forced labor on the culprit walk on fox news like i am mike emmanuelle. this comes as a present test positive for covid again after testing negative on friday. griff is live at the white house with more, hello griffin big rex good afternoon, mike. we just got a new letter from
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the presidents of doctor kevin o'connor that says he is feeling well, continued to feel well strict isolation measures for the doctor adding this the present continues to be very conscientious to protect any of the executive residence, white house, secret service and other staff whose duties require any of the socially distance proximity to him. this as a present is a monitoring speaker pelosi's trip from here in the residence having canceled today's trip to wilmington and a trip to michigan on tuesday. it comes amid tensions arising with china after threats possible pelosi stop in taiwan with note such a visit officially on her schedule. the speaker and a delegation only confirming stops in singapore, malaysia, south korea and japan. but might, the prospect potential short is contingent draw criticism from republicans, watch. quick i do not know why speaker pelosi signal her tip trip to
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taiwan so far in advance of the chinese an opportunity to respond this way for it is outrageous when it would start threatening america just because the speaker of the house and delegation would visit taiwan. i don't think she can back down that just gives china even more cause to continue their aggressive behavior. >> the white house is not explicitly advised pelosi to avoid taiwan but has reassured beijing the administration one china policy has not changed in any way. meanwhile, the uss ronald reagan and its strike group has moved into the south china sea with the pentagon not commenting on ships movements. as for what the president has been doing this morning, he tweeted out a video of him face time it was some legislation supporters. that may be the only images we see of him today. will continue to monitor it from here at the white house, michael. mike: griff darting us out thanks. let's bring in today's political power with me in studio for an
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rcc communications director targeted victory vice president matt gorman performer manchin communication director capitol council llc partner jonathan welcomed gentlemen. great check in studio. if speaker pelosi does not go to taiwan, is it a show of weakness on the world stage? >> clearly and it looks weak. look, the whole point of this is china was to isolate taiwan. and they want to give any government official any country positively hope to visit there or legitimize taiwan anyway. they succeeded intimidated duly elected government official. doesn't matter what party, state media spokesperson writing to shoot down the plane possibly in biden administration kind of shrugs. >> jonathan, we saw a press release and the speaker's office today announced a bunch of stuff. did not mention taiwan, should she go? >> she absolute should go private china will realize she is not afraid of the chinese.
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i don't think there's anybody nancy pelosi is afraid of. having worked for members armor my old boss chris coons went to ethiopia we kept a very secretive until he was literally in the air. think she will do the same thing. isaac that is just protocol. the military will make sure she is safe. it is ridiculous for the chinese to threaten her. look, they have had a really bad week. they said a unified u.s. congress vote on a china competitiveness bill that's going to hurt their standing in the world. i am sure they are overreacting or really pissed at her for coming there. mike: other wheeling and dealing on capitol they're calling it the inflation reduction act. as a slimmed-down version of "build back better". it has come back to life between senate majority leader chuck schumer and johnson over bosses senator joe manchin for a let's put on the screen what is in that package for our viewers to see. so, after republicans love joe manson for months, now they don't love him so much, match
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your thought on this package? republicans cannot rely to stop that policy that is where this comes down too. we love control is taken on aoc, the squad or praise due to that's easy stuff. getting at chuck schumer that is harder. and he votes for almost every biden nominee almost every bite and judge. republicans i encourage you get mad. go out and vote let's elect a republican senate who can reliably stop that policy. and let this be a lesson. >> jonathan unit senator manchin about as well as anyone why did he cut this deal? >> he think that the right thing to do pre-did things right thing to do last year he set it he kept telling his colleagues i'm not walking away from the table but i am not willing to do this faster. he wanted to do it right. he spent some time, he made some changes, got some concessions. this is not bernie sanders six charlie and i would bill this is not even aoc 3.5 chili dollar bill. this is a bill he think is going to help his state and the country and that is why he did it. mike: aside until he done done
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deal yet for them to figure arizona editor kiersten cinemas on board for it hears on and forth on that. >> she is a dear friend of mine we work very close together. she sent off a lot in this bill she's been very adamant about tax increases we make sure there's no tax increases. loopholes is a different thing. i think everyone believes we should pay our fair share for a quick she is blindsided by this. she is a spine of steel she is not easily going to be twisted. there are things included in this bill that last year he called shell games and smoke and mirrors and accounting gimmicks. >> is there any chance she stops us, matt? >> i doubt it. she's already recruiting a type tier challenge it would almost guarantee it. i would say she says tax cuts or tax heights are redlined bear. taxation just the other day this will affect their taxes will affect people in every tax bracket. then half of them over $40000
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year. she would stop it but i wouldn't count on it. >> shows a lot about power a lot of the leverage right now. what is she get out of this? >> i'm sure she will find some concessions and will reach an agreement. she has proven she is a dealmaker. she is been the middle of all these deals that have gotten done because republicans trust her. she's going to be very popular in the republican caucus for the next week and hopes to steer her away from been the 50th vote. but i think in the end, this is almost identical to what she negotiated earlier in the year. she will find some concessions, chuck schumer and joe manchin i'm sure we'll sit down with her and go over that. but at the end of the date matt is right she is going to vote yes because she knows this is good policy. quick she strikes me as maverick, democratic version of john mccain a little unpredictable, right? >> very unpredictable she does what she wants. she is a maverick i have friends who work for her said she comes and she does what she wants she has the marching orders she's not beholden to any party preach
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she does not care republican, democrat she's doesn't she think is right i think that she will eventually or the end of the day pay. >> used to run or be a key player in the republican campaign arm for the house of representatives the and rcc. is this a last attempt by democrats to try to put points on the board going into midterms? >> yes click on save good politics. you gave them the truth steer what they're doing here is trying to get any last democrat priorities through before the door slams shut in advance of the midterms. i think we can all agree pretty well-positioned to take back the house. maybe the senate will see how things shape up. once that happens, these things go away indefinitely. mike: you by the polling this a jump ball between republic and the democrats on the hill? >> the generic belt tends to lean left we see even it tilts towards republican but even he is republican years like 2014 or 2010 that was only or -- eight points. so the more you see things
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trending our directors with issues like inflation, the things i will be pretty bullish. mike: bath and for this week about recession or not, what you make of that? what they think their people who are struggling. if inflations continue to be high gas prices continue to be high yes is a problem. joe biden is actually addressing them. this bill and the policies he is implemented in the democratic congress has passed, are helping pete look, we came out of a covid lockdown. we spent almost $6 trillion in last three or four years. that has had an impact. these policies are having a better impact and now. think you're going to start see them trickling into the american pocketbook. but yes, people vote on their personal issues proof their gas prices are high they cannot get baby form of that would be a problem. democrats need to do it donald trump did, get out and campaign on these actual wins. donald trump will be out there every day campaigning on the screaming it from the top of the mountain, we need to do that so our voters know what we are actually accomplishing for them.
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mike: we make of democrats in recent polling they want somebody else and 24? >> i think people will say whatever they want her to the end of the day joe biden is going to have one of the most historic first terms of any president. look if you had told us were going to do all of the stuff without bernie sanders promising something completely ridiculous, we would be happy with this first term i think at the end of the day democrats are going to be very happy with the first terms of a present biden and are going to rally around him and hopefully he gets to run against donald trump again. because they'll be the greatest unifier of the democratic party piglets want to respond to that? >> the topic among democrats a couple of months ago and i have democrats like dean phillips is a member of congress in minnesota sang with ink you probably shouldn't run again he's a little old. even if you're sing that among democrats, democrat elected officials more people are saying it behind closed doors, it is a liability. you have to make that answer and made it clear very soon after the midterms pay.
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>> matt gorman in jonathan kott thank you very much. fred farrell in for an interview joe manchin an exclusive interview brett speaks with michigan's republican gubernatorial candidate dixon. that is coming right up after the show, easy for me too say. stay tuned. ♪ officially 100 days until the midterm spread voters in missouri and arizona are heading the ballot box on tuesday as those gop senate primaries heat up where fox team news coverage with hillary ivanka in farmington, missouri. let's begin with alicia in phoenix were border security is a top security good afternoon. >> good afternoon mike, all of the gop candidates running for the u.s. senate nomination have been hammering the biden administration was spent on the campaign calling it a failure to act.
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>> you can have another wall part you can hire additional agents. but if the federal government coming illegally that is a problem. >> security and stopping the crime. getting this country back to a great legal in addition to that there crossing every region of our country. that is unacceptable. >> a couple of items this week caught the attention of not like candidates but voters. when the mayor of d.c. complained about busloads of illegal immigrants arriving in her district, that did not go over well here in arizona. next we have been dealing with this for years. we've got 4000 and she's crying. imagine we are getting millions and millions coming across and it is a problem. because that is our resources. we don't have millions and millions of dollars to be helping them out. additionally candace jumped on the decision by the biden administration to fill in the
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gap of the yuma sector border and spirits by the most porous on the three and 73 border arizona shares with mexico. here's republican blake masters who is leading the gop senate race. >> is too little too late. people have joe biden is an open borders of presidents and market kelly the democrat senate representing border state has just enabled biden's open borders policies almost two years now. >> democrat senator incumbent mark kelly seat is considered one of the most vulnerable in the country, mike. this is the most x offensive primate senate race in the country right now, mike. alicia acuna and arizona they say it's a dry heat. alicia, thank you very much. [laughter] nasa senate primary race in missouri were all three front runners are pitching themselves as outsiders, even though they have all held public office. hillary vaughn is in missouri with the very latest.
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>> hello it might candidates in this race have really made about sticking it to the establishment. replace retiring senator roy blunt are embracing the maga movement and rejecting so-called rhinos republicans in name only. the current front runner missouri attorney general eric schmitt has criticized one of his opponents, six term congresswoman for her decade in washington. >> are you going to choose a congresswoman has been an office for a dozen years, hasn't done a lot except vote for every terrible spending bill, red flag laws in his president trump said, is not up to the fight with the left? >> she's disputing those who are doubting she has what it takes to stand up to the establishment. think she is proud of what she has done for missourians. >> i have gotten things done for them and stood up against the establishment. i am willing to do the tough things even if it means bucking my party.
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>> in the last few days they have come out against mitch mcconnell saying they will not support him for it majority leader if republicans take control of the senate in november. the former governor said he's the first can in the race to run on rejecting mcconnell as leader. telling me his opponent recent opposition is a politically convenient. >> this is what we call a deathbed conversion. these are rhinos been supporting mitch mcconnell for years. in fact they're also career politicians and lawyers, the crisis we are and is not just because of the left craziness. it's not just mainstream media it's also because of the corruption and cowardice of the rhino political establishment. >> a former president donald trump is not officially endorsed anyone in this race. he did though publicly rule out endorsing when she tells me was a surprise. if trump does weigh in, just two days before election day that
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could certainly shake things up here in missouri, mike. >> should be a race to the finish in the show me state. hillary vaughn in missouri thanks so much. a million fentanyl pill sees as abide administration quietly approves the construction filling in a major gaps of a border wall in arizona. more on that, next. fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. we got the house! so it was a happy ending... you did! pods handles the driving. pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country. pods, your personal moving and storage team. dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the present.
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being used as a political tool to support a democratic senator in arizona, mark kelly who coincidentally has previously voted against the border wall.
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look, biden's border and immigration policy have been a threat to our national security from the start, michael. those threads run the spectrum from terrorism, to the overwhelming amount of drugs we see coming in, to the human trafficking, to the god it was close to a million now. as a member how the policies are fighting. the mexican cartels. in china overwhelming this country with fentanyl. >> let's pick on the point about fentanyl. coming across the border, we have to worry about what is getting through though, right charles? >> you have too. number of god always federal agencies in their created a
10:22 am
government at war with itself. our policy are allowing for this. yet dhs has a specific program whose supposed to be used to combat human trafficking. here the administration is the biggest human trafficker and recent history. it is undercutting all of the efforts of these federal agencies that have statutory authorities to solve these problems. rex seen border states shipping some of these migrants up to places like washington d.c. and new york city. outside union station have migrants sleeping out in front of the train station here in washington d.c. and there's a call for help from washington d.c.'s mayor, let's play it. >> we need space. we need the federal federal government to be involved. when he deployment of the guard as long as to be the dark to
10:23 am
deal the humanitarian crisis, that we expect to escalate. the number of people crossing the border, seeking asylum expect that to only go up. >> what about the biggest crisis in texas and arizona? >> that's a fair point. we are going to see more of this, mike from the democratic party as it continues to implode on itself over the issue of border security and immigration. we have migrants continue to make their way to communities around the country. and these communities are going to be overwhelmed. member at these communities are going to be impacted in their healthcare, their law enforcement, judicial, all social services. we are going to hear more of this but it is interesting, it appears the border wall works when a democratic senator says it does in arizona. then it is a humanitarian crisis when a democratic mayor says so in washington d.c. so my question is, where they been for the past year end a
10:24 am
half? >> i want to play quickly from york city's mayor on the migrant crisis there. >> our system has been inundated with those who are seeking shelter because of the callousness of those other states that push them out. our schools are going to be impacted. our healthcare is going to be impacted. our infrastructure is going to be in impacted. >> i understand breaking news, charles i want to say thank you very much for your time in your analysis today, appreciate it will have you back too. >> thank you mike. >> and to give any update on recovery efforts after devastating flooding at the eastern part of kentucky. let's listen in. >> in this county and this region has been hit harder than any of us have ever seen. may be harder than any of us thought possible.
10:25 am
right now are confirmed death toll is 26 that we know, it's a lot higher than that. that is not a number to us that is our neighbors. it's people we love, we care about don't see losing that many people in floods. i just came from hazard and their rescue operation. people there and here that have lost everything. many people not getting goods for themselves are getting it for other people making sure the neighbors are okay. the public or elderly relatives out of their home. talk to her friend away from his night and had to pull his kids out of a second-story window. kentuckians are amazing, great people. and without folks willing to put
10:26 am
their own lives on the line, we would have lost so many more. the level of devastation is really unprecedented. it's going to take us a long time to rebuild. but our commitment, my personal commitment is we will be here every day, every week, and as many years as it takes to rebuild this area. to make sure the people do not leave this area. because here in kentucky we love our home. this is an important home first so many of our people. i've got to thank the national guard, who i saw at the hazard airport where they have been staging. there are still doing a rescue flight and flying water to areas we cannot get too. they are heroes in between them and west virginia, tennessee national guard as well as the kentucky state police, thousands of rescues just in a matter of days. the number of water rescues again kentucky state police, fish and wildlife behind it,
10:27 am
i've got to think fish and wildlife. not only have they been there pulling people out of houses, they found most of the bodies. once at the time we are thinking that we got to make sure we're there for them with the trauma you get from doing that pretty got to think our local emergency management, focus on the ground with the best they can, or county judge and our mayor here. sadly we have been through things like that in kentucky just in the recent past. they are unimaginably hard pretty special for the communities for the committees have been hit. we are, little bit ahead in a couple of things, thank god. we have travel trailers are already made it to this county just down the road. lessons that we learn from a tornado for putting into practice here. the group that put in those trailers, in the tornadoes have driven from the paducah region of kentucky, to be here and are taking up that job.
10:28 am
we have infrastructure that's making it tough to reach people and take care people. especially at eastern kentucky and bridges are a lifeline. we have dozens of bridges that are out to make it hard to get to people. make it hard to supply people. and then water. entire water systems down we are working to get up. we are working really hard to get buckhorn's date park which is north of us in perry county up and running but we think that will happen this afternoon. it will have both water and power and that will be a miracle to get up and running in that period of time. but we know there are so many more needs. again, i want to make sure i am where i started. this is the first day i've been able to get here safely. we have been in the emergency operation center we been communicating directly with you folks on the ground. we ain't going nowhere. nowhere. we are going to be here as long as it takes. we are going to prove to the
10:29 am
people of the region that have been knocked down, we are going to help them get back up and in the years to come get back on their feet. the last thing i want to thank the president and the federal administration, the administration for fema that is the top official was in the area where she could get safely yesterday. that doesn't happen that quickly. individual system was granted for her first five counties there will be more by fema, that is a big deal. that means those we can get to the process which is complicated will be able to get direct help. that is really important part of asked the federal administration to work with us. we do not want to see as many denials as we have seen in the past. this is the fastest loosing individual assistance granted. the president asked me what can i do for you? that was my request and they have come through. i got a whole lot more requests we have made, we what fema people on the ground we know there on the way individually processing people's homes.
10:30 am
and ultimately accommodating every other need be have it. people in the region there's going to be more rains today. it could be localize a flash flooding and that is not fair but we will get through that for the next thing that got to deal with it's going to get really hot during the course of this week. we need to make sure people are in safe areas we have a ton of water. not just enough too. mike: that is andy beshear on the ground in kentucky after days of devastating flooding in the commonwealth of kentucky per the governor updating the death toll from that historic flooding to 26. once again a warning that number will increase as the search for survivors continues. nicole has the latest on the ground in kentucky, good afternoon. >> that afternoon you said it 26 dead the threat is not over. more rain taking aim at the heartland. it has been a catastrophic few days here in kentucky.
10:31 am
on the eastern portion of the statement goes on for miles. many homes a shell of what they once were. they cannot find the words to describe how they made it out alive is raging water swept entire homes off of their foundation. you just heard governor andy beshear there. he is praying the many remain interesting some him saying saying yesterday is preparing for the worst. >> one road being blocked can mean we cannot get to dozens or even hundreds of people. and it is tough. those that are a lucky enough to still be here with us have lost everything. these are folks that did not have much to begin with. but we are working day and night to get them to safety, to get them to shelter. >> today the key is keeping foot on the gas trying to get to
10:32 am
those that are still missing in areas that to this point have not been reachable. we have heard several things like there are still many people stranded and unfortunately there are still people there working to identify of the nearly 1500 rescued. many people thankfully still alive. again the focus now really trying to get to the places that so far emergency crews just have not been able to reach. >> nicole, devastating images you are showing us. heartbreaking stories. what has really touched you the most from what you have seen, what you have witnessed on the ground in kentucky? >> truly, the pain in the voices in the eyes of the people we have met that have just shared unimaginable stories. we spoke to a man who tied his family to a light pole for two hours hoping to make it out alive. thankfully they did. now he tells us he didn't feel he did much at all that they've got nothing left.
10:33 am
but truly to think that quickly, to save his family the way he did it is emotional to hear stories like this. >> nicole thank you for bring this very important story to us, be safe out there. more on the devastating flooding and kentucky relief efforts underway not joining me now is american red cross spokesman jay welcome. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> what is the biggest need right now in eastern kentucky, is it freshwater? >> the biggest need right now is to make sure we are able to provide, working with the partners, food, safe place to stay, water as you said for people to have. right now we have over 200 red cross people. i am at our headquarters here in lexington, kentucky we are processing some of those folks getting out of the areas that you just sought to be able to provide that immediate assistance for people that really have lost everything. they need that comfort and they need a place to stay as well. mike: my understanding is not
10:34 am
whether red cross across eastern kentucky but also involved in missouri is that correct? what are your people doing in those places? >> that is correct. we are also out west right out the wildfires. unfortunately very busy time. there is a lot of activity. thankfully we have an incredible amount of volunteers over 90% of our workforce is volunteers. we could not do what we do without them. we have people here in lexington or eastern kentucky rather, from all across the country to provide that support. the same types of things are happening in these other disasters across the country as well. mike: we are in months ago outright moments ago his concerns about heat and bad heat coming in the days ahead, what about the impact of that? >> especially there's over 13000 people at last report that i saw that were still without power here in eastern kentucky. that could become a major issue. we are going to encourage everyone to go to or download our emergency cap if
10:35 am
they can. you can see were some of the shelters are are some of our partner shelters as well across the area. we will be able to try to provide some of that comfort cooling, hydration at the very least for folks that are not able to return home at this time for. >> correspondent with this network for more than a quarter-century. everywhere i have been a disaster areas, the red cross is always there. what can folks at home do if they want to help out from a safe place? >> the best thing people can do right now is send a donation that allows us to do all the work you see on camera right here, get the volunteers and the resources where they need to be you can make a donation to disaster relief to help people after storms like this at recalling 1800 red cross or if you are in a savior and eligible you can also make an appointment to donate blood right now. we have not seen any cancellations yet here due to the storms in this flooding, but
10:36 am
that need as constant as well. the blood on the shelves allows people to make an allows hospitals to help patients in need. and have blood on the shelves but that's another way someone could help in affected area or download our blood donor app and make a donation appointment. mike: j from americans red cross during god's work out there kentucky. thank you very much jay. >> thank you. mike: windy and hot conditions feeling a wildfires printer parts of california and montana. california governor gavin newsom is declared a state of emergency in order for the 2000 residents to evacuate their homes. and n montana officials estimate it would take nearly a month to contain the wildfires there. in extreme heat wave vacant large parts with triple digit temperatures and scorching heat is suspected to have played a part and multiple fatalities. a final determination has not
10:37 am
yet been made. burning temperatures are an echo of the heat dome that killed hundreds in the pacific northwest just last year. ♪ russian president vladimir putin signing a new naval doctrine targeting the united states as russia's top global adversary. this is a homemade drone hits russia's black sea fleet headquarters and drink six. alex hogan has the latest from kyiv. >> as the war rages on here in ukraine over in russia russian president vladimir putin attended a navy parade in st. petersburg for the country's navy des peres he also signed a new doctrine which names the u.s. as its top arrival. back closer to the fighting russian authorities today announced a drone strike at the headquarters of its black sea fleet which injured six people. meanwhile russian forces slowly
10:38 am
gain a steady ground in the eastern region latimer zelenskyy is calling for a mandatory evacuation. lenski promising everything will be organized for the hundreds of thousands of people who remain living near the front line. or, full assistant both logistical. we only made the decision for the people themselves who have not yet made up for themselves, go, we will help. >> in the last day, the southern city of kherson they have interrupted ground assaults were in nearby mykolaiv russia's unleased heavy fire overnight read the mayor calling it today the most intense attack since the invasion began. ukrainian officials say the attack also directly targeted and killed what of the country's wealthiest people. and his wife. the strike, according to
10:39 am
ukrainian officials not blowing up the tycoon's entire house but specifically the bedroom where the pair slept. he had received ukraine's hero award ran a company managing grain shipments but all this taking place in mykolaiv which is on the road to odesa the country's largest port. it has been repeatedly attacked since the invasion began. it is where grain shipments were supposed to depart after a deal was brokered on friday. but so far there's been no ships carrying that grain that have yet to leave, mike. mike: barrel struck by the national pride the ukrainian showed when the invasion first happened. i am wondering as this is knelt months later, how the ukrainian people are holding up at this point? >> i think there is still that enormous sense of a pride, mike we have heard ukrainian president zelensky every single might reiterate they will not give in and they will continue fighting despite those words now telling people they should
10:40 am
evacuate. as soon as i can but for people i've talked with here, now that i return back to ukraine, many of them tell me they are simply exhausted. many of the people here have not seen their family and five months as they have sent them to other families. there is that desperation for life to return to normal knowing realistically that will not happen anytime soon, mike. mike: good contacts there. alex hogan around 8:40 p.m. local time there in the ukrainian capitol, thanks very much. mike: this is fox news alert, nba champion and boston celtic legend wilt russell has passed away. often name the most prolific winner in american sports history, the basketball trailblazer passed away with his wife by his side according to a statement by his family. on top of being a sports legend russell was also known for being a civil rights activists who let it nba boycott back in 1961 to protest against racist behavior.
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mike: is america's are desperate for relief from a strict inflation of the biden ministrations working to redefine what a recession is. for more than astronomy now capitol hedge fund and founding member of foxbusiness contributor jonathan welcome. >> tree to be you mike, thank you. mike: a big discussion in washington all week are we in a recession? what is your take? works we are the recession is here for gdp number we got this past week confirmed that there is a legitimate definition of a recession is two quarters of declining growth. we have a despite however much the administration was to redefine that definition. most americans have known this, they've known it for months producing american believe that
10:46 am
we are in a recession clings in very high profile business leaders, elon musk, jamie dimon among them. the inflation is just one of the factors here, housing marketing are weakening the financial markets are extraordinary we conclude an inverted yield curve which is always a recession but not to mention inflation. 800-pound gorilla could be a thousand pound grid net role in the room it's not being addressed. many on wall street think is being exacerbated for example the $233 billion so-called inflation reduction bill, we think it might have just the opposite effect. mike: you talked inflation but let's put some numbers on the screen some notable heist products except 33%, but are up 21%, milk up 16% for gasoline up 59%, airline fares up 34%, what is troubling you most about that? it has the biggest impact, is it fuel prices? you prices are just one of the elements of it that's a hallmark of inflation simply fuel prices
10:47 am
going up, it's the entire price spectrum going up or that's a result not of greedy ceos, but of a $6 trillion of government spending of government stimulus and we are all paying for it. you cannot even find it on a spreadsheet americans are paying for it in their lower quality of life. short term this little bit of bright spot on the horizon. a lot of the commodity prices you mention are actually coming down in the last couple of months, oil, gas, lumber, and the rest. the reason they're coming down however is not so inflation has been addressed because expectations of slowing economic growth. i think that is the real worry right now, economic growth but have a little bounce here. but the 1970s the dow in 1981 but was below her was a 1969. we are in the long haul of economic stagnation because the biden administration does not address inflation yet. >> we showed our audience gasoline prices have come down some, still a long way to go to get back to where they were. we also have a graphic to show,
10:48 am
there is on your screen, photos and 22 cents a gallon today. a year ago is it $3.16 in calgary could also show the inflation timeline since president biden took office, jonathan what impact does that have on investors? >> how can you make a plan? do people assume wall street is short-term thinking. investors are just the opposite. there dave schatz five, ten, 15 years out. that's why inflation is doubly destructive. not in terms of what we purchase it makes investment that much more difficult. and brings money toward the immediate term make it harder to think long-term. that is why investors are sitting on a record amount of cash for their hesitance but money to work because of the inflation it's not on wall street but in d.c. >> you've got some good news, some investment advice for folks or maybe looking for a little value and things are little volatile? >> you have to also come it's cliché you truly have to keep the long term perspective. we often say were in it for the
10:49 am
long-term up until the market fell ten or 15% get me out, get me out. as to why your own individual situation is pretty for you truly are in it for the next ten or 15 years, you're going to be alright based on history. investors are maybe a little closer to retirement, as we said the 1970s stagflation really started a decade earlier that's a bit big for a rate not stopping addressed in washington, spending cuts, deregulation is not even on the table yet that is the fear we could be in for a long haul. not necessarily fair market but flat marketing flat economy at large. >> automates his tv analysis look easy he looks sharp to on a sunday. jonathan, thanks so much for it. >> be well. >> you too. prosecutor illinois cook county kim fox in a scathing resignation letter. what he had to say coming up. ♪
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arthel: top chicago slamming his former boss kim fox on his way out the door. saying in his resignation letter that he has zero confidence in her leadership. christina pullman is wide with more on the story, hello christina. >> hello mike, after 25 years of service veteran prosecutor jim murphy quit and blasted kim fox and his scathing rick resignation site and number of reasons to throw the towel including the state tea act which requires prosecutors to present a higher burden of proof to hold accuser criminals until trial. murphy joins hundreds of prosecutors across the country who have decided to leave their jobs over the past 18 months in a controversy over criminal
10:55 am
justice reform read the chicago tribune reports 235 people, including attorneys have resigned from fox's office since july of last year. murphy's resignation letter he said in part quote how many mass shootings to their have to be before something is done? this administration is more concerned with political narratives and agendas and with the victims and prosecuting violent crime rate that is why i cannot stay any longer. here in california there is rapid retail theft and constant complaints about repeat offenders, the director of the association of l.a. deputy district attorney says they are down prosecutors ten -- 20% due to mounting frustration with progressive d.a. sweeping policy changes. the most recent one includes plans to scrap the county's parole unit which notifies victims and their families when their assailant will have the next parole hearing. ask our office is not against reform, we are just against i think this particular approach to reform for it is not focused
10:56 am
on justice, it's not focused on a reasonable or sustainable reforms. its focus on the defendants of what we can do for them. and that has been a big slam to morale. >> as of now, he's facing his second recall effort due to some of its controversial changes, mike. mike: live in los angeles, christina thanks very much. that is all for this hour of fox news alive. fox news sunday with bret baier and the anchor chair this week is up next. i am mike emmanuel. thanks so much for watching, have an awesome day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ollowed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates,
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