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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  July 31, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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pointed out george jetson online a fan page shows he was born today, july 31 of 2022. the show debuted in 1962 it was set 100 years in the future in 2062. in one early episode george admits he's 40 years old making his birth year 2022. fox reports this sunday july 31 of 2022 i am jon scott. ♪. trey: good evening thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy. president biden tested positive for covered again. what they call a rebound case. the doctor said he had bided his symptom free and is continuing to work and isolate. meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi is headed to asia but a trip to taiwan is not on the agenda. not yet at least pre-china has
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threatened to respond and dramatic ways of speaker pelosi does stop in taiwan. what is the white house saying? not much apparently. at least not publicly, griff jenkins joins us live from outside the white house with more, griff? >> nothing much at all. the president has been monitoring that trip while isolating in the residence here. the doctor releasing a new letter saying he isn't feeling well and maintaining a strict isolation measures. although he added this" the president continues to be very conscientious to protect any of the executive residence. white house secret service and other staff whose duties require social distance proximity to him for the white house also telling us today, the present has six close contacts and none have tested positive for this after questions have been arising over how strictly he adhered to the cdc guidelines after insane unmasked several public
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appearances recently. this comes as tensions are rising with china with all eyes on a possible pelosi stop in taiwan. take a look at this mapper you can see taiwan located right between the announced stops by that speaker of singapore and malaysia and south korea and japan. but no taiwan visit official exists on her schedule. former trump administration officials had this to say. >> i think it was probably left out the itinerary for it's a little too clever. i guess you keep the chinese guessing and wondering if she doesn't go it would signal profound weakness and i think call into question america's commitment to alliances in the region were. >> meanwhile has moved into the south china sea the pentagon not commenting on the ship movement for the white house had not exclusively advised pelosi not to go to taiwan, but they have reassured beijing the administration one china policy has not changed, craig will send
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it back to you. >> griff jenkins, thank you. an adversary or an enemy? how do these tensions play out in the near and long-term? joining us our three of the highest ranking republicans in the house and three men sure to influence u.s. policy towards china, if republicans retake the house this fall the ranking members on the committees on intelligence on foreign affairs at mike turner, mike mccall, and mike rogers. it's a real pleasure to have all three of you. let's start by giving the viewers some insights, what is the proper way for the united states to view china? and present terms and in future with respect to future risk. what sort the military sides of things with congressman rogers. >> well, the thing we got to keep in mind is china has global aspirations. there is a 50 year initiative to
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become both economic and military superpower. and we have got to recognize we've got to be concerned about what is happening in the middle east and eastern europe, the most dominant threat that we have to our national interest is china. we have got to be focused on that. we are making a real pivot and authorization act, the defense built to make sure we are prepared to take on aggression from china, which has become more menacing lately with the threat on taiwan. trey: congressman mike turner e theory well may be the next chair of the house intel committee paid are we in your judgment properly anticipating or addressing what china is currently doing while also protecting our own interest? >> and no, this administration has been very slow on the uptake to identify, adversary self
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select china has identifies itself as an adversary. the administration's going out of its way to dismantle things that were in place to try to hold china accountable. if you look at the department of justice is a china initiative that was focusing on trying to find various activities that china was doing. both cyber and otherwise within the united states for a demonstration took it down a freighter's profiling. profiling adversary. they have the fbi director joining with the counterpart saying there's extreme cyber threat. in the internet world china is a leader and nefarious activities. we need to rise to these areas. right now the administration is not only not recognizing it, it's even raining and some of things we were doing that were important. trey: congressman mccall you recently addressed our defense industrial base, why is that of concern to you? >> well, first of all when you
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project a weakness seen by aggression we know president xi has plans for taiwan. i signed off on all foreign military weapons sales for the past three years, they have not gone into taiwan. if we want to have deterrence against the chinese communist party from invading taiwan, we need to provide the weapons systems to taiwan. and the problem is the defense industrial base is not prepared to get this done pretty recently met with the head of the commander in the former wando mckenzie told me both of them for military are the problem right now. if we cannot build these weapons this involves the defense department, the state department, congress, and defense contractors, we cannot backfill like a sales to taiwan have been denied for three years. this administration is not gotten up out the door.
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that projects weakness. it will invite aggression. trey: congressman rogers are stalked in the pandemic of the u.s. being less dependent on other countries for goods and services. in your judgment are we or have we met the challenge of being more self-reliant? >> unfortunately not. that is not the biggest threat to me. the biggest threat we still had not gotten china out of our supply chain. we have made it a goal we expect to have them out within the next couple of years. i think of the pandemic taught us anything in the western world, that all of us have allowed ourselves lazily to become dependent on china for far too much in our lives. that has got to be changed. we are making steps in that direction. but you make a great point about us being self supportive. we have got to recognize being able to feed and clothe ourselves in this country is a
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matter of national security but we cannot depend on other countries to help us do that militarily or otherwise. trey: congress on turner you reference the china initiative the department of justice, you are a really good lawyer before you got to congress, guess you're still a really good lawyer but how can the bite administration referring to china as a threat while canceling programs that are designed to treat china as a threat. i tried to see both sides of the issue. how can you say they are a threat and then cancel a program that was treating them as a threat? >> it doesn't make any sense. it sends the wrong signal. it shows our retraction is that our leading end. you can see this on the military side we china as being aggressive you get an announcement were not going to antisatellite weapons. there is concerned whether or
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not there were to make further announcements and restricting our nuclear weapons program at the same time china is vastly expanding its weapons programs. as you know china has taken advantage in hypersonic weapons beyond what we are even doing and the administration is not come to the table and said we are going to set the bar higher on what we are going to achieve and make sure we can stay safe. it's not just them not identifying the problem and the concern that is they are, that is real, they seem to be going in the opposite direction that's what needs to change. trey: congressman, china seeking to expand its influence, really worldwide as you've all noted but in particular africa and latin america. does the united states have a plan to combat the chinese influence campaign in those regions or other regions? >> you know, we have to compete with china and africa and latin america. and i would say we are losing.
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initiative they've been doing this for years were trying to catch up to it. but the fact that 20 african nations abstain from un security council resolution on the russian ukraine war, shows you china has a grip on this african nations. they go in and they have a debt trap they get them into and then they built sports or military base for the doing this all over the continents. they get them on the digital wand tell them they cannot support taiwan. i would also like to add on to my colleague mike rogers points that supply chain is critically important. i chair the china task force. for the rarest mineral, semi conductor trips china manufacturers 90% of the event semiconductor chips in the world. if china invades taiwan tomorrow, think about that disastrous situation. >> i want to thank all three of
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you, thank you very much for joining us on a sunday night. thank you for your service to our country. ask great to be with you. >> thanks. trey: up ahead north carolina senator thom tillis sits on the senate judiciary committee and he joins us talk supreme court safety, mass shootings and more, next on sunday night in america. more food particles. fear no food. new poligrip power hold and seal. ♪ ♪ fear no food. it's electric... made extraordinary. ingenuity... in motion.
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trey: welcome back to sunday night in america for the aftermath of murdered schoolchildren in texas congress passed legislation designed in part to explore red flag laws where there is opposition with critics think the law violates due process, which begs the question what does that term mean? if politicians and reporters are
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only going to certain terms and phrases they should know what those words mean. and as we discussed before, due process is not a math equation but it's not a number or a rigid paradigm. it is a legal standard which ebbs and flows depending on what is at stake. our constitution makes it clear, twice in fact, no person can be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. that also means a person can be deprived of life, liberty and property if due process is given. due process applies to being passed over for a promotion at work. but there is a big difference in what that due process looks like. when it comes to your life, due process is rigorous as you would expect. there must be a credible accusation of a serious crime, a guilty verdict about a reasonable doubt, the jury both the twice unlimited resources for your offense and decades of appeals there's a lot of due process when it comes your life.
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what about your liberty? your property? your job? if you were fired from a government job you are entitled to due process that does not include two jury trials, unlimited resources and government-funded lawyers, due process is different depending on what government is trying to debris the question then becomes what should due process a look like a family member or law enforcement officer credibly believes someone is a threat to themselves or others? would we rather due process come before the shooting in front of a judge, or would be rather due process come after a mass shooting in a death penalty trial for the murder of schoolchildren? senator thom tillis turns on the judiciary worked on this legislation. welcome to senator. this cut through all the smoke and noise we sometimes hear about bills in congress. will this do and not do?
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when the most significant steps towards for behavioral health we've seen in almost 50 years. about 60% of all handgun deaths are gun deaths in this country are a result of suicide. we think we need to fulfill a promise made about 50 years ago that is the mental health piece. then we get into the background check piece. this is really important and the like the way you set it up in your discussion. my office spent a lot of time and defining what due process means. it was put in this 80 page bill. it's not what we see in some of the red flag laws that have been implemented in other states. there's about 19 that have implemented it. we set if states choose to implement red flag laws, they have to fit within the contours of two pages of due process definitions in the bill if they ever want to have any chance of
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getting federal funding. we think it has a calming influence on any overreach or reaction the other 31 state legislatures may pursue. and hopefully get some of the ones that are on the books to a better place when it comes to due process. trey: art senator kamala me ask you this. you certain the statehouse in north carolina, you are in the u.s. senate, you know this. sometimes people just like to say no will. it doesn't matter what the idea is they just like to say no. so for those who are critical of red flag laws in other states, what are their ideas to reduce mass shootings or limit the death toll in a mass shooting? what ideas are they coming up with? >> well, we haven't seen many. i should have mentioned we should not have met many good ideas we did the hard work to get this bill passed. i should also mention we did something that if you are 18 years old, on your birthday you could go apply for a gun and you are effectively one day old.
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if you've been convicted of a serious crime that you committed when you were 18, that would have prevented you from being able to get a gun, failing a background check we think it sets make sure we have a mental health adjudication or a serious crime and the salt or something else on the record. something else we did though, it instances where we do deprived, we remove the ability to have a gun for a period of time we have actually got a snap back now that within five years after you served your crime, served your penalty, you can get your gun rights restored. that has never been done before. we think it is balanced and we have to do something we have to do something to straw purchases, with gun trafficking, with mental health. making sure these young people may have to wait three days before they can get a gun. go through extra due diligence on their 16 and 17 years old.
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>> want to switch gears with you. it is frustrating i am sure for our viewers to see protesters outside brett kavanaugh's home when they know or think there is a law that says you can't protesters try to influence a supreme court justice. we know what the department of justice position is on that statute? and why more is not being done to protect our justices? practice it in judiciary committee a couple months ago when it was a panel that was dismissive on some of the things we have seen more recently with brett kavanaugh, we have said look it doesn't stop there. you cannot just sit there and think this is going to be at a conservative judge for it is going to go all the way down or should take supreme court judge. federal circuit, district court, state supreme court. this behavior is unacceptable. we have to actually, i think,
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take a look at additional crimes or a ways for prosecutors to be able to go after people who are going into homes. there is a website a social media app where someone was paying $50 to find conservative judges out in d.c. but they pay $50 if you find them for they pay a bonus if they are there 30 minutes later for this is ridiculous and it's only going to get worse unless we collectively say this is not who we are as americans. >> you know senator, i have had a federal judge that has become a friend over the last couple of years, who had a disgruntled lawyer show up at her doorstep murdered her son and shot her husband. that is not a supreme court justice dotson or the three trial judge that if you are exactly right pre-thank you so much for joining a center, my neighbor to the north of north carolina look for to seeing you soon. >> thank you, we miss you and
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the congress. >> thank you. next senator chuck grassley is the top republican on the senate judiciary committee. he asked questions the fbi and d.o.j. about political bias and fairness. you'll never guess who wants to be third in line for the presidency, next on sunday nights america it's so easy. and more customers today are relying on their cars advanced safety features, like automatic emergency breaking and lane departure warning. that's why our recalibration service is state of the art. we recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so you can still count on those safety features. all right, we're all finished. >> customer: thank you so much. >> tech: thank you. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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's physics welcome back to sunday night in america buried senator chuck grassley wrote a very direct letter to fbi director christopher wright and attorney general merrick garland. informing them that quote highly credible whistleblowers have called forward alleging misconduct by the fbi and d.o.j. and the handling of hunter biden. senator grassley is asking whether the bureau in the department covered up quote verified in verifiable information about biden's alleged criminal activity. as you may recall derogatory information about hunter biden was called russian disinformation by the media and some democrats in the weeks before the 2020 presidential election. the head of our intelligence community at the time, john ratcliffe, said it was not russian disinformation. but adam schiff gave the media a reason to ignore the story and
4:30 pm
the media of lots. i'm think anyone is surprised adam schiff would play politics? senator grassley wants to know if the fbi was playing politics too? and he joins us now, senator what prompted you to write this letter? >> , whistleblowers coming to me and i listen to a lot of whistleblowers because they know where the bodies are buried. and with evidence a special agent in charge was making decisions of what investigation should go ahead and which ones should be stopped. and we know by his social media comments that he is very, very liberal. very, very partisan. and we have evidence from these whistleblowers that he would have fuzzy information from
4:31 pm
newspaper reports about trump. and would allow investigation go ahead. you do not let innovation go ahead on fuzzy newspaper reports. then we had concrete information about of lot of things of hunter biden has done a stock that and labeled it as disinformation. now that is political interference in the fbi. and it is going to cause people to lose credibility in the fbi, and every citizen ought to have the most confidence you could ever have an agency like the fbi. now were going to go before the committee and director ray before a committee on thursday. and he is going to get a lot of questions about this. ought to know he is going to have to show us concrete information that he is going to be able to change this culture
4:32 pm
in the epochal where there is a power or party makes a decision of whether or not investigations go ahead. it has got to be no political bias whatsoever. trey: you know senator, you have been in the senate for a long time. we work very well regarded. you were one of my favorite people to bump into. you are not prone to hyperbole, or conspiracies. why would christopher wray wait until thursday? he wrote a very specific letter was from suspected allegations. has she called you yet and said listen senator i need to explain this to you? have you heard from him? >> i waited for six or maybe longer than that, months to have a telephone conversation with ray. what finally got me that telephone conversation with this, went information that's
4:33 pm
the special agent, when his information came to me, i issued a press release and then it finally got a phone call with ray. but before i got that phone call, this is a small complement to ray, maybe he wants to do the right thing. he moved him out of that position of deciding what investigations go ahead and which ones are stopped. now where he is reassigned and what his responsibilities are, i do not know. but presumably he is being investigated for some violation. but we need more than that. we need a concrete program by ray. we need that thursday when he appears before our committee that he is going to make sure none of this political bias ever happens again. trey: center, kent inspector general for the department of
4:34 pm
justice help? and are there any senate democrats it's a senator grassley you are right, politics aside we needed fbi we can trust and respect and we are going to help you get the information you want? are you getting any help? >> i get all kinds of help from the democrats went i am investigating in a republican administration. but i never get any help from them when i am investigating things in a democrat investigation. for six wells et cetera chuck grassley thank you for joining us on a sunday night. >> thank you, glad to be with you. trey: yes, sir. if republicans take the house this fall, democrats may be looking for a new leader to replace nancy pelosi. different names have been mentioned jim clyburn, catherine clark, and others. democrats choose as their leader after the midterms is up to them. but recently a name surface that you might find interesting and
4:35 pm
familiar, adam schiff is telling house democrats he wants to be their leader. schiff is a darling of the deceit media, but maybe not his colleagues. he was not picked for a role in the biden administration progress not picked to be in the senate one kamala harris left it was not picked to be the ag in california when he left, he is not deterred. he was to be the new speaker or minority leader. and i don't think that your times are political reporters gets a vote in that race. so i doubt adam has much of a chance. but let's ask someone who used to sit right beside them for my house until chair devon joins us now. i do not doubt adam schiff's ambition for one minute. but i would be surprised at his colleagues on the democratic side picked him to be their leader, what do you think? >> i think both you and i can attest, we do not miss sitting right next to him. and i think most of his colleagues do not either. he's got too many two primary
4:36 pm
problems. one he is a straight white jewish dude. that you have been paying attention for the last ten years if you are not a different letter of some kind, or a certain color, or a certain gender or sexual preference, i'm sorry you're not going to be the leader of the democratic party anytime soon. but for schiff he's got another problem. that is, how many dead ends of hoaxes has this guy run us into? rob the russia hoax he was all over it, you and i were sitting there with him. his constant nonsense with him at doing fake leads, phony leaks, totally disingenuous. then of course you had the ukraine impeachment hoax, a lot of people forget this it was initiated by him. he has taken the democratic party into so many of these rat holes. not to mention what you're talking about senator grassley who by the way is an american. i think our investigation of the russia hoax would not be as successively did have some
4:37 pm
oleksander grass it there with his fortitude and his ability to snifter all the nonsense and get right to the heart of the problem. but if you remember the hunter biden laptop story, as you mentioned was also something he went out and perpetuated. so, between him not matching with the democratic party what because essentially they have to have a certain type of person as their leader. and that rabbit rabbit hole he was brought them into is going be a hard place for him to be. trey: i don't think i've enough time left to write this book my life expectancy only about 30 years. i was going to write a book all the things we would never know if we had listen to adam schiff. you started with the russian collusion, i first met him in benghazi. there is no one who did more than keeping the american people from finding out information than adam schiff. it looks to me, i am not from california, he was passed over
4:38 pm
by the biden administration. gavin newsom did not pick him for the u.s. senate or to be attorney general, is he just running into dead ends is probably going to be a be the ranking member on intel, is he just running out of options? >> look i think you also have the fact the republican leadership, our old colleagues said the way some republicans have been treated, it being booted off of committees the way pelosi set up this generate six committee and booted off certain members or some members who do not even have committees. i think he's mccarthy and others had said pretty clearly look, guy like this, like schiff is a threat to national security but there's a few others i think you're on the committee think trey, you and i both know this because of their tendency to veer from the truth. i think it is fitting that schiff represents hollywood. he is always an acting mode.
4:39 pm
there's lack of a better definition. and this is a guy as you well know, he can sit there and tell you right to your face that oh my gosh, it is pitch black outside. and it will be high noon but he will tie that story over and over again. of course the media for the most part has a long, went along with him. i think that is what perpetuated his career in congress. i can type if you or i or senator grassley or anyone else is on the show tonight would have done the scams in the hoaxes this guy has led the american people into, we would have been run out of town a long, long time ago. trey: what used to fascinate me, when i was there is i could get a pack of bloodhounds and a bunch of sleuths and i could not find a negative word written about adam smith, politico, the hill, new york time despite striking out on so many investigations, they love to
4:40 pm
beat up on devon. but a pack of bloodhounds could not find a negative sentence written about him. i got to keep my blood pressure doubt i'm going to say thank you for joining us on a sunday night. i'll have you want to talk about a more pleasant topic next time, thank you. >> thanks a lot, great to be a future rate. trey: youtube rate cap next rush is on the move and cites the u.s. and nato as its top two adversaries but former secretary of state mike pompeo joins us next on sunday night in america. ! and i'm taking a detour. and if you don't have the right home insurance coverage, you could be working this out yourself. so get allstate. ♪ ♪ ♪
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trey: welcome back to sunday night in america. earlier today vladimir putin signed a new naval doctor in casting the u.s. as russia's top global adversary. the document outlines russia's ambition to become a quote great maritime power with worldwide influence by the russian leader also designated nato as a top threat to russia and announced russian warships will soon be equipped with hypersonic missiles, capable of striking long-range targets. this comes as the white house is offering a proposal to bring brittney griner and paul whelan back home and a prisoner exchange brain joining us now former secretary of state and
4:46 pm
former cia director mike pompeo. welcome to mr. secretary. what do you make of a russia's announced new naval ambitions? trucks well trey first felt great to be with you, it brings a smile to my face. vladimir putin does not bring a smile to my face in his statement about america is just false. we do not present a threat to the people of russia. the fact is he has conducted a war in ukraine. he hasn't done this and lots of places he has conducted assassinations around the world would affect the united states presents no risk to russia, the russia people got backwards he brought this on himself. as to bring a great naval power the russian navy is not likely to pull t that off. we remain the great naval power sale of case the chinese communist party has built a naval courts it's threatened to be a rival for in the pacific. but vladimir putin's words today were very consistent with this history pretty has his grandiose
4:47 pm
vision that reminds him of the heyday of the soviet union a place russia does not find itself today but it's not likely to be again. and yet his efforts to try and make russia great again, to build up the old czar empire really put a licking on his own people put a real hurt on his own military and frankly make it less likely the russian people have a good sound economy, prosperity and security for themselves as well. trey: right mr. secretary going to switch around a lot. you finish number one your class i think you can follow me. i want to talk about brittney griner and paul whelan. you have been there. how do you negotiate when it comes to americans being held overseas and on whether or not to make a trade? what are those conversations like? >> they are really tough problems, try it wore on my heart every single day as secretary of state we have americans wrongfully detained in russia with paul whelan there on
4:48 pm
her watch. and around regatta much of folks out of north korea. the something every secretary of state and every present has a deal with. these are hard problems common when it comes to trade there's rules one is the conversations need to be held in private. need to have these conversations in a way that do not jeopardize the risk of the people being held or allow them to be used as pawns by your adversaries. second, inexpressive trade like the one big proposed is really dangerous. the guy we offered up apparently is a bad guy has shipped arms around the world the two people being held by vladimir putin are civilians who have most committed a misdemeanor. we ought not to be making traits of that nature it's really dangerous. because trey, you know the still to, tomorrow we will make this trade come everyone will celebrate it will be fantastic to have paul whelan and brittney griner helper but tomorrow or the day after be some other american who is held as a pond to get back at some criminal, some tears were holding her in
4:49 pm
the united states it's really risky to engage in trades of this nature think this one won't make sense for america in the long run. trey: what switched out adversary preach speaker pelosi may or may not visit taiwan, china is threatening u.s. interest if she does. is that house speaker visiting taiwan really what china envisions to start a third world war? trucks trey, i don't think so. i think that is unlikely. chinese, and his party has behaved in a racked weight of recent times. think they also view the united states in the place today you can move around the a lot and nothing responds to think of the 13 americans killed in afghanistan or the fact that our present said you can have a small invasion ukraine and that would be okay. i think that risk of the risk we've lost the deterrent force, the power, the good work we did for four years increases the likelihood that present she might use this as an excuse to do what he has long wanted to do. we should not underestimate that risk. but at the same time we should
4:50 pm
not by the chinese communist party to issue a statement and tell american leaders where they can and can't go. taiwan is an independent sovereign nation. if speaker pelosi wants to go there and travel there she ought to go there preach she certainly should not change the plans of her trips because something the chinese put out in the press release. trey: alright and going to let you go with this, given cia director, you been in congressman from kansas number one in your class, secretary of state, they're only two jobs i can think of that are above the jobs you have had, fox news host, or president of the united states. if you were president, how would you deal with iran? look i'm not trying to get you to announce anything, obviously have a lot of confidence in your foreign policy. how would you deal with ironic? >> , there are other great jobs to come you know that trey husband and father rank right up there too. in terms of dealing with ironic,
4:51 pm
i think we had the right end of the stick. the only way you can keep by ron from threatening israel, threading the united states is deny them resources and money paid we have done that for deep within them and a really tough place. this administration is already begun to not enforce existing sanctions for they have not put any sanctions in place. iran's economy will grow by suffix six or 8% this year. that is devastatingly dangerous for the people in the middle east read not just israel but the gulf states as well. it's really presents risk to us. the way deal they must write up make it clear cannot proceed down this path to everything you can within our power to deny the economic resources to do that. >> one of my favorite collects, if you can keep a secret don't tilt ratcliffe, i think you were my smartest colleague. he thanks he was. keep that between us. it's great to see. she may be right about that good to see you trey. trey: as you might, take care of yourself.
4:52 pm
rex coming up with something to see the promise even better if you see a solution. next on sunday night in america.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america". i got a call from a friend who watches in augustine georgia. he is a father, husband and grandfather and he follows current events and avid golfer and very successful businessman that he was calling as an american, worried about his country. he was searching for an idea that might better the country without dividing the country. he wondered if voters might want financial medical records and presidential candidates and he is perceptive enough to know that asking for financial records would be as directed as one candidate while asking for medical records would be seen as directed at another. the constitution does not have many requirements to run for
4:58 pm
president. there is a major requirement in his citizenship and residency requirement and that is about it. i doubt there's an appetite for adding constitutional requirements but that doesn't mean you can't add your own requirements. there is no constitutional requirement that the supreme court justice have a broad degree. that's an example of something where it may not be for formally required but most of us think it's a good idea is not just my friend from agusta listen to john paul from the dominican republic, how can we make this country better than it already is. >> that's a perfect question john paul, many are worried about the direction of our country some think our best days are behind us, rather than simply managing the decline of history's greatest republic. you've asked the perfect question what can we do to make us better. what ideas do we have and to
4:59 pm
strengthen our country what would we change, do better, do more of do less of i would love to hear your ideas whether a period of national service and education and community service, military or public works something that allows each of us and we spent at least a year doing something for others and bettering their country or maybe we could take it upon ourselves to learn more how a system is designed to work. large percentages of our fellow citizens cannot name the three branches of government. cannot name more than a couple of presidents and cannot cite any aspect of our constitution or the amendments. we should know how this system was designed to work. if you want to offer a better way feel free to do so. tell us what do you think, what can we do to make our country better. what ideas do you have a form that wordperfect union. you can find us on social media
5:00 pm
at gaudi america or e-mail us at gaudi american thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. i hope you have a great week ahead. until next week you can find us on the tray gaudi podcast. good night from south carolina. life liberty "life liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello america i mark them then this is "life, liberty & levin". with two great guests coming up governor kristi noem and peter speicher. before we speak to a guest, this is my want. i want to give you history that you probably have not heard


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