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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 1, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: all eyes on asia. pelosi touches down you in singapore ahead of a possible visit to taiwan. republicans say that would hand china a big win on the world stage. you're watching "fox and friends first" on monday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro.
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doubling down on a warning saying quote china has made clear to the u.s. serious concern over pelosi's visit to taiwan, if the u.s. challenges china's red line, the u.s. must bear all consequences arising thereof." >> speaker pelosi will be appeasing president biden who said military officials calling it not a good ideas and demands from china. here is former secretary of state mike pompeo. >> we shouldn't allow chinese to tell speaker pelosi where she can and can't go >> >> the self-governing island
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china claims control of. in singapore, malaysia, we will hold high-level meetings to discuss shared interests and values. it is not unheard of for trips to happen not scheduled, indonesia is considered a likely stop. one goal for the speaker and democratic members of the delegation is to discuss security and democratic governance in the region. republicans feel catering to china does the opposite. >> if we want deterrence, we need to provide weapon systems to taiwan. >> if pelosi makes the trip, she will be the highest ranking to do it in 25 years, newt gingrich paid a visit in 1997.
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>> carley: she is caught between a rock and a hard place right now. the government of the accountability institute says the communist party will stop at nothing to throw off america's influence around the world. >> china's intentions, they are clear about it. they want to supplants us as the number one economic power. the battle lines are different from something we've seen before. you are correct about the military challenge. for china, it is not military threat, buts the cultural threat. tiktoks, etcetera working to undermine american society. what is our leadership doing? >> president biden held longest call with warning biden not to
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play with fire. >> todd: bias infiltrated the fbi and gotten in the way of the investigation of hunter biden. >> special agent by the name of tebow, was making decision as to what investigation should go ahead and which should be stopped. we had concrete information about things hunter biden has done and he stopped that and labeled it as a disinformation. that's political interference in the fbi. >> the fbi had hunter biden's laptop in december of 2019, they saw the evidence of what i think is criminal activity on that laptop, they have done nothing, you can't trust them. >> todd: threatening to grill christopher wray on thursday,
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big fireworks. >> carley: president biden made this promise on the 2022 campaign trail. preak there will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration. >> carley: the white house has quietly resumed construction. >> todd: arizona congressional candidate looking to become congresswoman will join us to tell us that democrats are abandoned latino voters and taking them for granted.
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>> todd: republicans say the president is doing this to make border democrats look better ahead of the midterm. jackie ibanez will break down what is being called a pr stunt. jacky. >> jackie: joe biden vowed to abandoned building the wall completely. remember this.
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>> president biden: there will not be another foot of wall constructed under my administration. we will be based on using high-tech capacity to deal with it at the port of entry. >> jackie: the president is going back on that pledge. dhs has approved the closing of the wall in yuma, it is one of the busiest fort for border cro. mark kelly is upe-election in november. >> it is being used to support a democratic senator mark kelly who previously voted against the border wall. >> this is the height of hypocrisy, clearly a political stunt. that said, everyone who has generations of family in this state have never seen this level
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of lawlessness. >> jackie: congressman french hill going further, telling fox new says this is clearly a photo op because of the american citizens who are disgusted with his southwest border policy, unveiling the besieged southern border should the gop retake control of congress. the policy is legislation requiring if the government continue constructing the wall. >> todd: jackie ibanez, thank you. primary elections in arizona and hispanic voters are expected to be hrdz at the poll, to move the republicans for november. ton ya contreras joins me now. thanks for being on the show. what does the democratic party get so wrong about latinos?
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>> good morning, todd, thanks for having me. what they get wrong, they take us for granted. the days of pannedoring and assuming one group will get in line is over. i'm out knocking on doors and hispanic community, they want results, they want someone who will fight for what is important to them, they want a controlled border. these are things the republican party will usher in. >> todd: you live in a border state what do latinos tell you about the border under joe biden? >> latinos want safety in their community. what we are seeing with the wide open border, drugs are pouring into our communities. we want to know our kids are safe at high school or a party and they are not going to get a fentanyl pill, now the leading cause of death for young people
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in this country. look, i am an example of the american dream, i support legal immigration, i think most, if not all latinos do. we want to know our border is safe. this seems like a common sense idea that should be bipartisan. >> todd: faith and family are vital to latinos, why do democrats feel they are entitled to the latino vote when they continuously assault faith and continuously assault family? >> it's a great question, todd, you are absolutely right. faith and family were central to my growing up and faith in particular here in district four in arizona, we have large faith-based communities here, democrats are missing the boat. when they attack people of
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faith, they are saying, we are not for you, they have gotten used to the latino community getting in line and voting for them. they will get a wake-up call this november, what i believe is people are done with the rhetoric, they are done with the pannedoring, they want results and want to be aligned with a party whose values mirror theres, that is republican party, faith and family. we are spreading that message far and wide. >> todd: democratic and republicans nearly neck and neck, 41% and republicans 38%, that is pretty close when you consider the numbers just two years ago. what would it mean to become your state's first latina congresswoman? >> it would be an incredible honor, when i got into the race,
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i didn't know that was possible. i am shocked we haven't had a latina congresswoman, i would take that as a serious accomplishment, a voice for young kids who grew up like me, who are going to see they have someone who is representing their state in the united states congress that they can relate to. it would be an absolute honor and i hope my nana and my grand pat parents who have passed would be very proud. >> todd: thank you for your time this morning, best of luck. >> thank you, todd. >> todd: senator so manchin backing another deal after denying the last one would contribute to inflainflation. >> why should americans believe you now? >> i will make sure, that is the
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>> todd: senator joe manchin again refusing to throw support behind president biden's re-election bid. >> i can't predict 2024 and i don't think we should. everything we do is calculated on the 2022 election, i will not get into that, whoever they send me, i work with the president, president biden or whoever it may be well. >> todd: the second time manchin refused to answer, the senator
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always refusing to say which party he wants to take over in november. did not stop there, the west virginia dem is rushing to explain why he supports massive spending deal while americans are struggling to pay their bills. >> carley: some are not buying what the senator is selling, brooke singman, good morning. >> brooke: senator joe manchin is asking republicans to trust him that this bill will not lead to more inflation, but that is what happened when the american rescue bill was passed last november. >> you said the covid relief bill would not cause inflation, most believe that spending did spark the sky-rocketing inflation. why should they trust you now? >> i make sure i did not make
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that mistake again. >> brooke: barrasso says this is before the midterm in november, watch. >> what manchin and democrats are proposing are two cardinal sins you don't want to do, raise taxes in m middle of recession and do massive government spending. they have 725-page bill, over billion dollars a page. >> brooke: the biden administration is being accused of trying to fool americans on the state of the economy. heritage action of america writing no matter how the biden administration attempts to redefine the term recession. saying inflation is concerning
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and spreading across the economy. >> carley: thank you so much, after joe manchin gave the green light to the bill, president biden made that big speech after the gdp number came out and said this was a huge economic win. two groups, one from penn wharton says inflation reduction act would increase inflation until 2024 and decrease after that. if goal is to increase inflation now, the name of the fill, this is not it. it is 9.1% right now and penn wharton, a nonpartisan group, one joe manchin cites a lot says it will not do what it promises to do. the joint committee on taxation says this bill will increase taxes on everyone for americans
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earning less than $200,000. 14.1 billion tax increase for americans earning between 200 and 500. >> todd: your favorite model is penn wharton, two more points, no def cision reduction until 2027, that is five years away. you mention inflation will go down, it is negligible. there is no impact until the year 2031. my gas prices are high in 2022, i don't want to wait until 2031. >> carley: rushing it through because more americans learn about this, more they dislike it, says the "wall street
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journal." sticking with this economic front and social media tie-in, facebook is policing individuals who question the white house definition of recession, fact checking industry experts speaking out on the state of the economy, that top economist, american institute for economic research phillip magnus joins me now. what did you say in your facebook post that facebook fact checked? >> i shared a screen shot of the white house's own website where they attempted to redefine inflation. there is textbook definition, shorthand, but works, describes all recession we've had in the united states over the past century. just sharing that caused facebook to put a fact check notice on my page.
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>> carley: when fact checkers get it wrong and check something accurate, where does that leave us? i guess that is why you are calling it orwellian. >> it partners up with facebook step nothing and carrying water on behalf of the white house for political reasons, not economic reasons. >> carley: have you complained to facebook? sometimes they say it was labeled misinformation in error, have you had a conversation with the platform? >> i've had nothing in return from them, i did share a screen shot of the post saying sunlight is the most disinfectant here, they are using political talking points in lieu of fact checking, becoming partisan actors here. >> carley: they are. it is unbelievable, it is not
2:27 am
the first time this happened and won't be last. we will ask you about the economy, what do you make of this inflation reduction act? we were just talking about the penn wharton model that said it would slightly increase inflation, is that true? >> i am concerned about it, i think the white house is playing catch up, they ignored inflation as an issue for the last year calling it transitory, pretending it would go away. they are finding themselves 9% year over year, they are playing catch up ineffectively going back to tax and spend habit, joe biden agenda from the beginning. >> carley: what would you tell the president to do with 9.1% inflation? >> first of all, we need to be honest with people, stop trying to manipulate the terms and what
2:28 am
is going on, inflation is occurring and part of that is because we fell asleep on the watch, federal reserve fell asleep, historical mandate has been price stability. there are investigatives -- inflationary crisis underway, getting back to the fact of that and acknowledging it and confronting it is the step the white house needs to take. >> carley: definitions shouldn't be controversial, but apparently today it is. phillip, thank you for speaking out, we appreciate it. >> ink that you for having me. >> carley: firefighters in california are working to contain the state's largest wildfire of the year, which has burned over 50,000 acres, we have the latest coming up.
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tough there and the white house says it was solving the baby formula shortage, some parent say they feel forgotten about, we're talking to a mom next.
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>> carley: weather alert in northern california, crews battling the largest fire of this year.
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the fire is zero percent contained. >> todd: 28 people and four children dead as kentucky reels from flooding. they are facing more rain. senior meteorologist janice dean. jd, it is bad. >> looking at kentucky and tennessee right now, potential for flooding today and severe storms, some areas received a foot or more of rainfall. in kentucky, potential for thunderstorms today, that could contain flooding, likely flooding over the ohio river valley, into tennessee and the severe threat meaning we could see hail, damaging winds and isolated tornados.
2:34 am
central illinois, severe thunderstorm warning in effect. some areas are highlighted where we could see stronger storms containing heavy flooding, that includes our friends in kentucky. the oak fire in california, 67% containment, that is good news, we are active across california and the southwest, we are potentially seeing heavy rainfall in the regions because it is the monsoon season. we have seen a dent in the drought for the southwest, but california, where wildfires continue to burn, including the latest one, not seeing heavy rain they need to upon had firefighters. it is crazy. >> carley: important weather day, thank you for the report. turning to this governor, going
2:35 am
after the biden administration for tying school lunch funding to state policy dealing with the lgbtq community. >> this white house threatened to take away school lunch for poor and underprivileged kids if we don't comply with their mandate and they are willing to hurt children to kreet unfair environment for women. >> carley: they are requiring schools that use school lfrn program to recognize gender identity as part of title ix, this bans transgender girls from participating in sports. >> todd: the national baby formula shortage is getting worse with 30% of all brands out
2:36 am
of stock across the country. now this parent blasting the biden administration for ignoring the crisis while they are forced to get creative. that louisiana mom of four joins me now. amber, you need a special formula to survive and thrive. describe your struggle trying to find it. >> it has been difficult, they are on premie formula, which has different vitamins and more cal ras premeies need to develop and catch up. due to the fact it -- preemie formula, babies are not typically on it as long, it wasn't out there. i contacted the nicu, where the babies stayed, my insurance
2:37 am
company, family, friends, people out of state. i had posted looking on facebook, which is how i met leannewestman, who has been helping me find the formula, family and friends and people looking out of state. there was one point where storm ended up having to not get the formula because i couldn't find it anywhere. i had to make the decision which baby will get nutrientss they need today, that shouldn't be any type of decision. >> todd: that is insane, do you feel forgotten by the biden administration? >> absolutely. honestly, i feel like the biden administration is more concerned with other countries and the border, honestly from the
2:38 am
american perspective, they forgot about us. i understand we should be a charitable country, but to what extent? >> todd: what does it say the wealthiest country on this planet can't feed formula to its own babies? >> it is pretty disgusting to me quite frankly, something i never imagined in my lifetime, i can assure you. >> todd: $500 a month to feed the twins, do you think 350e7el in charge don't have a clue as to how much it costs? >> absolutely not, why do they have to worry about it? no big deal for them. they can find what they need, it is up to us to figure it out and work together and make it work to feed our children. i don't think it is our responsibility to do that.
2:39 am
>> todd: we have the pic of your babies on the screen, they are absolutely gorgeous. how frustrating is it as a mom whose sole purpose is trying to care for your kids, how frustrated to have to deal with this? >> i feel hopeless and honestly, as a mother, it almost feels like you're failing because this is their main thing they need, they need their nutrient, their formula, they need to be fed and i can't provide that or prepare for that, not anything anybody can prepare for. >> todd: how many formula do you have left, amber? >> i'm getting pretty low and they are getting to the point where they are about to be four months, they will be
2:40 am
transitioning to another formula, i don't know what that is, who is to say it will not be even more rare formula, especially being -- >> todd: trial and error. other mothers that you speak with, are they going through this, as well? >> absolutely, all the moms i know are going through this. we're all working together to figure it out. >> todd: amber, we're praying for you, so far, so good on our form, we don't have the rarest need like you do, kids can't survive without formula, breast milk or formula. prayings for you, thank you for your time. >> ink that you. >> todd: adoorable kids. >> carley: karine jean-pierre says she doesn't have anything new on that, that mom would like new information on it.
2:41 am
>> todd: democratic latest spending bill will raise taxes on american making less than $400,000 per year. biden agend issa is hurting. >> tax hike on a strained budget would be devastating to so many. >> carley: cheryl casone with how much more you will be paying under the chuck schumer manchin plan. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at
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>> todd: the band is back. senator majority leader chuck chuck schumer wants to vote on the spending bill, getting the green light from joe manchin. will it slash prices? >> carley: cheryl casone is here. >> cheryl: the inflation reduction act may need a new name, according to the nonpartisan group, it is going to do nothing of the sort to put inflation in check.
2:46 am
this bill will raise taxes on people earning between 2 and 500,000. "wall street journal" get at the heart of the misguidid legislation, writing this issue reality is chuck schumer manchin bill is tax increase on nearly every american. if kyrsten sinema want to sign up for this tax ball and chain, they will be responsible for the economic consequences. new tax on workers is unlikely to be a winner. you spoke with two moms last hour about the effect of the tax hike on their budgets, listen to this. >> it is just another blow, in 2010, everyone said you don't raise taxes in a recession, here we are. >> it would be devastating to so
2:47 am
many, not just the middle class, the lower class will feel the burden. >> cheryl: remember joe biden promised you would not pay more in taxes. >> todd: i'm happy you're back, this next story makes me so angry. >> cheryl: yeah, i know what you are saying and like i'm not angry about this, i'm more annoyed, the big eye roll. speaking of big corporations, this market is leading to insane perks for employees. in a move to retain workers from generation z, companies like food delivery services are offering free sessions, dogs are
2:48 am
allowed at work. good rx let's employees work anywhere they want todd made the point about the labor market, during recessionary times, high inflation, companies are going to have to pull the plug, guess what, this friday we get jobs reporting and expecting to see a gain of 250,000 jobs, that is weakest job growth we've seen since december of 2020. gen z-ers, enjoy it while it lasts. tesla has been cutting workers, that is where the trends start. >> carley: and todd comes from the camp he walked to work
2:49 am
uphill two ways. >> cheryl: we did not have the intern etat one point. >> carley: business owners are struggling, one is cincinnati chef, jose salisar. you own successful restaurants in cincinnati, how is inflation affecting you? >> definitely on the food side, we know food prices are up 10% year to year, but it is beyond that, all the ancillary businesses which have increase costs of kitchen equipment, seeing 40% more than prepandemic, i had to order a
2:50 am
new refrigerator for my bar and what i paid four years ago when i purchased it was $2600 and i had to order another one recently. i was told 20-week lead time and $4600 is the quote for the same -- apparently stainless steel is driving the price of that. everything from paper goods to glassware, forks and knives. >> carley: it's a lot. if something breaks, you got to fix it and that costs more. your restaurants are not turning a profit right now, how are you keeping the lights on? >> you have to get creative, for one, we're kind of biding our time thinking it will turn
2:51 am
around and using the things we have in place. we're not turning a profit and it is scary. for all of us in the industry, we are concerned and i think some of us are really, really feeling that pinch and we may not survive much longer. >> carley: it is a scary time, best of luck, hard-working americans like yourself are so important. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> carley: turn to this, media preparing for life after biden, putting out a list of alternative possibilities for 2024. we'll talk to joe concha about that. >> todd: here is brian kilmeade. >> brian: speaker pelosi kicks off the asia tour, will she go to taiwan?
2:52 am
she has to go, be honest. newt gingrich was last to visit the nation, his easy knowledge to pelosi. and a doctor weighs in on the covid rebound case for the president. she will answer questions and charles payne and mike slater, rachel campos-duffy will be here. one-on-one interview we had with senate candidate herschel walker, his first one since getting the nomination, that story is minutes away. it is monday, i ask you to get dressed, even if it is shorts.
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♪ ♪ capitol "washington post" pundits releasing their list of the top democratic candidates for 2024 if president biden
2:57 am
doesn't run. >> clocking in at number six, ono, congresswoman aoc. >> ainsley: joe concha joins us now. you make a great 1 in our book. i think most americans look at those options and find that pretty unbelievable. what do you think about it? >> well, i can't get my brain around what the bumper sticker would be for some of these candidates, right? for mayor pete, what would it be like? "i'll do to america when i did for the supply chain, and what i did for flying on a commercial flight these days." because he is a transportation secretary. in terms of his record, that the problem. gavin newsom, for example, is also talked about as a presidential candidate. "i'll do to america what it did to california." that's not going to fly, either. i love that he's trying to troll ron desantis, governor of florida, basking residents there to move to california.
2:58 am
for what? for 13.3% income tax when florida has zero? i don't know. if i'm making a decision there, that's not going to go well. as for aoc, i don't even know how to finish this sentence, because her as presidential candidate, zero legislation as a congresswoman, i don't know what record she runs on, period, outside of being really active on instagram. you know what i'm saying, carley and todd? >> todd: i know it you're saying. >> carley: we are picking up what you're putting down. >> todd: taylor swift has been the greatest celebrity co2 polluter of the year, joe, as her jet tops the list of stars with the worst emissions. we've got swift, mayweather, jay-z, a-rod, the list goes on and on. in her explanation is amazing. "taylor's jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals, and to attribute these to her is incorrect. at the risk of causing bad blood
2:59 am
with the swifties, did she "shake off" the criticisms or are those words just a "blank space?" >> i guess is that one of her songs, todd? ray making a pun? i'm not a big taylor guy. this is how much he cares about climate change. she's like the john kerry of pop. she once had to kill private jets not long ago but she sold off one to protect the environment. and now this whole thing, she blames the fact that she lent out the plane to other people as if that absolves her from hurting the ozone layer? i'm sorry. taylor does not get a pass here, and every time we have to hear about her around and election endorsing this candidate because that person supports climate change, she's like leonardo dicaprio, who flew to paris once to receive a climate award and then flew back on the same day. i'm pretty sure that wasn't good
3:00 am
for the environment, but the hypocrisy is absolutely stunning, guys. my daughter likes her so i'm not going to -- speech five it feels like all the claimant people have private jets. it's because they are rich elitists, and that's what you are dealing when you're rich, you don't care about climate. he got to leave it there. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> steve: senator joe manchin to explain why he now supports a massive spending deal. >> ainsley: he's asking americans to trust him that this won't lead to more inflation even though that's what happens with the american rescue plan. >> steve: all eyes on asia. >> ainsley: officials doubling down their warning to pelosi, there has been intense speculation that they could happen anyway. >> we shouldn't allow the chinese communist party to tell american leaders where they can and can't go. >> the clock is ticking


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