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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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weeknight the sworn enemy of smugness and groupthink have a good night but the ones you love. sean hannity takes over here he is. >> hannity: i love him all have to watch the special. he has loud when he performs a been one of his shows he is very entertaining. tucker thank you. welcome to "hannity" tonight we begin with some good news. al qaeda's ayman al zawahiri is dead thanks to a successful u.s. drone strike. this is our u.s. military and intelligence community at their very best once again. unsurprisingly he was killed in afghanistan or terrorist organizations have now become a safe haven they have been rapidly gaining ground since jill biden abandon the country last year leaving behind scores of american citizens green card holders despite this promise he made almost one year ago to the day take a look.
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>> are you committed to making sure that the troops that killed every american that wants to be -- so americans should understand that they might have to be there past -- >> president biden: or try to get it done before august 31st. if not we will determine at the time who was left. >> and? >> president biden: and if there are a menace american citizens left organist data get them all out. >> hannity: i don't get slammed by media it was kid rock i know who kid rock i've been to many of his shows i'm a big fan of chris rock. i do know the difference. it was a joe biden moment is that simple. according to secretary you're still americans trapped in afghanistan as we speak along with thousands of people with american greens cards are afghan allies he didn't just leave people behind billions and
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billions of dollars worth of the most sophisticated u.s. weapon system which as he warned way back in 2007 and he was right then we'll pose a grave threat to every american take a look. >> if tomorrow i'm president of united states. end the war today begin to withdraw all american troops. it would take one year to get the american troops out. do you hear me now? that is the truth. it would take one year to get them physically out. now if you leave all the equipment behind you might be able to do it in seven months. you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind and i promise to be used against your grandchild and mind someday. >> hannity: is that jill biden acting with the jill biden today? that was jill biden in 2007 unfortunately he is right. modern-day jill biden is a much different man. totally controlled by radical socialist inside his party the
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climate alarmist called in as a result the world is a much more dangerous place, isis, al qaeda are searching afghanistan. they are threatening now to build outright a nuclear weapon and blow up new york city. that is a direct threat. north korea is a little rocket man action prepping a set of weapons test. we know vladimir putin invaded ukraine engaged in what is now a long, bloody attractive war conflict in europe. it doesn't seem like anybody wants ukraine to win the war or they would give them the ammunition to actually win. and don't forget vladimir putin's prior invasion of ukraine was also under the joe biden, obama administration it was the annexation of crimea and by the way let's not forget about america's biggest geopolitical flow that brings us to die to china the ccp, the communistic dictatorship they are now threatening to murder the speaker of the house nancy pelosi and chewed on her
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plane. daring to visit our ally country taiwan. now despite these threats it is possible that the speaker could be landing in taiwan as early as tomorrow at this point nancy pelosi has no choice but to visit taiwan. she has to go at this point you cannot. america cannot be bullied on the world stage by the ccp. they can't and by the way i doubt that china will shoot down her plane because that would be a massive act of war. a war hopefully that they know they would lose. and frankly a war that no one with a brain would ever want and still nancy pelosi has received little to no support from president joe biden who appears to contend to kind of cower in fear and leave nancy pelosi out. there were fees in hold china accountable for anything. they won't even comment on the direct threats against our speaker whether you like or her or it doesn't matter she has two heartbeats away from being president. instead of speaking up of course this comes after the chinese president humiliated joe biden
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last week and chinese media was all too quick to get all that information out there. he should've pressed the president himself. what about that origins of covert and the unfair trade practices? what about the oppression i guess the majority uighurs? what about intellectual property throughout dominic theft? and talk about invading rez they call it reunification as president likes to say. this didn't happen until donald trump. no one in the ccp was threatening to kill nancy pelosi. even as the taliban stopped attacking americans under donald trump. no american was killed by the taliban and trumps the last 18 months in office why is that? why did the rocket man stop testing his nukes? and vladimir putin didn't think about invading when he was in present. it's called peace through strength and it works. working out more on china and every other threat that the country now faces.
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we have big news guess what your taxes are about to go up, way up thanks to joe biden and it was for gina senator by the of joe manchin. they have now signed off on a different version of the same build back better renew deal which is been hilariously rebranded the inflation reduction act. okay, two major lies of the center of this bill. this legislation does not at all reduce inflation. it is the exact opposite. don't take my word for it look at the prestigious university of pennsylvania's budget model. this bill will increase america's inflation rate over the next two years number two the bill raises taxes on middle income americans not just those evil corporations democrats very much every day of the vilify and according to the bipartisan joint committee on taxation even families earning less than 200 grand a year they're gonna face
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higher taxes. by the way as if the not enough now. the average couple is paying $6800 and his inflation tax and individual $3400. god forbid if you drive a car you're paying even more because you're paying twice what you paid a year and a half ago for gasoline. a stop forget about the billions of dollars now allocated to the irs. 87,000 new agents here to audit tax code enforcement in other words his plan to battle inflation is to take more of your money so you can't buy anything. the screen new deal energy bill so radical he appeared on all five sunday morning shows pretty much just a gravel and deflect didn't make a lot of sense he didn't say anything worthwhile that i found. by the way i thought he never ever promised to raise taxes on anybody making 400, making under $400,000 a year. this bill shatters that take a look. >> president biden: i start with one rule, no one making
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under $400,000 will see their federal taxes go up. and we'll do this without raising a single penny in taxes on people making under $400,000 a year or raising the deficit. >> all these lower-cost families nobody will say the skin. nobody earning less than $400,000 in additional to new taxes. not a single penny. >> hannity: joe biden was lying and so was his press secretary who is really struggling take a look for yourself. >> is president joe biden think about pulling his award for the inflation and reduction act? >> no. >> because he promised that it wasn't to make her wasn't to raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 a year, but the joint committee on taxation says that that is not true.
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>> well that is incorrect. >> so the joint committee on taxation which you heralded as an effective body when you were sound infrastructure is not to be trusted? >> i said that it is not correct because i give you ice not correct because it is incomplete. >> hannity: when your paycheck is less everything you buy is even more expensive you could think joe biden and joe manchin for hammering out this great deal to build more windmills and solar panels. as senator tom cotton has tweeted only the democrats are building doubles the size of the irs to raising taxes and spend billions on a green energy slush fund the inflation reduction act. the democrats once been hundreds of millions of dollars on green energy slush fund at a time when millions of americans they can even afford food. as we speak u.s. food banks are getting hammered and stretched very thin.
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50% of americans are struggling with day-to-day expenses, 61% of americans live paycheck to paycheck. in new york city even spam i wouldn't need for all the money in the world is now placed in antitheft cases inside of drug scores of all places because shoplifters now are taking every essential items and they are robbing them. according to the media mob joe biden is making a comeback in the recessions where it really isn't real it doesn't feel like a recession according to him after they tried so hard to change the definition of recession take a look. >> can we dispense with the recession debate are we in a recession and does that matter ?>> that was it. none of the usual criteria is real experts use so that we are in a recession right now. what does it matter? the state of the economy is what it is.
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>> hannity: out over the people they hang out with he just admitted that he was wrong on inflation why listen to him? the so-called journalists compared joe biden to ronald reagan no he is no ronald reagan. by the way he appeared on msp and so tired about his winning streak. raising taxes and what? take a look. >> the one big thing is joe biden's winning streak. you've been talking on the show about presidents joe biden's slate of victories over my shoulder here, pull back the camera and we will see what those out up to over these two years. it's a rewiring of big parts of the american economy. so far president joe biden doesn't seem to be getting a lot of credit he has an expanded as well as he could. when you added up it is a remarkable record. >> hannity: under what reality they are living in but it's a universe i don't recognize which soon will come crashing down after the midterms here now with
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reaction all throughout probably the most timely book heading into the midterms any big government socialism and saving america's future fox news contributor and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. you went to china what year did you go to china? you were speaker of the time correct? >> 1997. i went to china and taiwan. >> hannity: you made your trip to asia and if i remember correctly i think you had some of the same threats pushback about taiwan know? >> yeah we'd a big crisis and 96 president clinton sent to u.s. shawnee supported him the chinese dictatorship invited me to come to china to give a speech in shanghai and beijing. we told him that we were to go to taiwan and he went crazy. this it or you can't do it, you can't do it and finally that if
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you feel that strongly will skip china and just go to taiwan so when you come to china come up with the compromise was i flew from china to japan and then from japan to taiwan so we didn't sort of rub their faces and it but i think speaker nancy pelosi has no choice now that it's out in the open and that the chinese communists are dancing around and making threats and all that, she has to go to taiwan. to back down now would encourage every aggressive bullying attitude of the dictatorship i think would be a disaster. i'm hoping the next day or so where can a seer in taiwan i frankly think that the chinese communists will then calm down. they're running a bluff. the fact is that they're not gonna take on the united states that i can take out speaker of the house. all of these various threats are nonsense and i can happen.
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>> hannity: if they did are they basically starting world war iii? they're threatening to shoot on airplane. >> the worst case is that if they shut down or airplane that would be literally an act of war. we would have no choice except to retell or retaliate massively. people tend to forget the u.s. despite the weakness of the pentagon, despite all the truly woke stupid behaviors. we still have a powerful military. with our allies in australia, japan, and elsewhere. we could isolate china very fast. if they can export, they start to go broke. their city has on employment. if they can't import they begin the start. the chinese are not necessarily in a strong position to try to bully us. i think we need to recognize that and it's really important when you're dealing with the dictatorship to stand up to them and make them realize that reality is that there are real
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limits to what they can accomplish. who knows psychologically what they would conclude whether or not they would then decide to push is even further by try and occupy taiwan. >> hannity: they're calling it the inflation reduction act, meanwhile the middle class are to get hammered at a time when least afford for it with higher taxes. only washington, d.c., can call something just the opposite of what it is. but that is what they're trying to do here why they gave to this i don't know. it'll hurt the people of west virginia, but now is what it is. in the reduction act at the school of business and congressional budget committees are saying no will do no such thing. we won't reduce inflation it'll re-increase inflation. >> i can't figure out why he would have approved a bill which raises taxes on coal directly hitting west virginia.
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the ghost of further this act is an entire ally. is very proud of the weekend the herschel walker run for the senate in georgia challenged senator warner off was very articulate preacher all that stuff. he said to him why don't in august have a debate on this bill were he promptly said no chance he's not gonna do it i thought it was fascinating and i think it every republican candidate in the country should challenge their opponent to defend what i think is the tax increase 87,000 more internal retinal agents higher spending greater inflation bill just what this really is. i also have a challenge i want to take a chance to put out i think the senate republicans have an absolute obligation to use every procedural process to stop this bill from getting voted on the floor the recess of this country is to look at this bill throughout august it will
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die. there is no possibility of senator running for reelection and the democratic party wants people back home just a single question you really think you need 87,000 more irs agents? this only 77,000 right now. that's more than doubling the number of irs agents. i'm think mark can afford that. >> hannity: that means everyone will get the hannity treatment. even oats counter to accounting firms in a law firm. the speaker i hope these candidates take your advice thank you for being with us. are you joining us now the cohost of outnumbered kayleigh mcenany from arkansas mike huckabee will start with you. all right so between the threat would china i think nancy pelosi is no choice on the economy it's obvious with this bill is gonna do surprise maybe to me was for some dumb reason i thought that they would hold the line because it was right for the people of west virginia.
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>> clearly it is not. i don't think he cares at this point about people in west virginia. he walks his tightrope and we saw this in the donald trump and administration where you kind of cozy silvered to the trump administration but he never came through my colleague stephen miller has pointed out time and time again he always succeeded at the rhetoric, but never the follow-through. this is just another example a spectacle he made right there saying that he wasn't going to support bill back better also essentially support some version of it many months later. was appalling to me as last week we entered a recession it was devastating news two quarters of consecutive negative economic rope would democrats do? they raise taxes and spend more because almost as if they are trying to tank the economy. it's not some essay lightly but at a certain point basic economics tells you that you need to stop what you're doing you don't double down it causes me to ask do they want this to
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happen to the to feel that way. >> hannity: when you look at foreign policy the joe biden administration is the economic policy. governor huckabee what can you conclude here what is seeing that successful you got to be happy with her being knocked out. i give credit to our military and intelligence committee joe biden made that call i give him credit for that. >> i agree with you i think every american has to salute that action and i also think that it's important to note that i don't know if a single republican particularly likes nancy pelosi her policies, her speeches. her tearing up the state of the union address with the president standing there. she has been an outrageous artist democrat. on the other hand i do know of any republican who doesn't support her 100% going to taiwan and not backing down and not allowing the communist chinese
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to tell us what americans can go where. we need to tell them where to go and i can even say on this program. >> hannity: why didn't joe bring up the origins of covid? why didn't he bring up the chinese military finder fighter jets over the taiwan airspace? why did they bring up intellectual property theft and unfair trade practices. why didn't anything of that come up in the call last week that we know of? >> if you're asking me i think it's really simple. hunter biden. they have them in a place where no president should be. the business dealings that his son has had with the chinese communists and apparently there's a lot more that really does touch joe, a.k.a. the big guy. so i think that there is a position where he is incredibly compromised and puts him in a
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position where he can't really challenge them at a level that a president needs to be able to do. >> hannity: we have an election coming up we know that these policies were will fail will give you the last 30 seconds. >> yes they will fail and meanwhile you president joe biden the can that he is ronald reagan they have been articulating point they went out with the talking points very serious comparison is making it seems to be the exact opposite of what doing he came in office and supported that in march he set a long table with a little back book taking notes on how to become the next fdr, next transformational president. he's anything but that. he can go out and say i'm fdr, he can go out and sam ronald reagan to be a surrogate. he is nothing of the sort. he is the worst president we have had the only person smiling right now is probably jimmy carter because he is now the second worst president of my lifetime not the first. >> hannity: thank you both
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disturbing new reports about china's aggression here in the u.s. what it means for your national security. sara carter with a full report. they are buying up, ranches, and many next to military installations. center tom cotton he is taking action to counter this aggression will tell us what he is gonna do straight ahead. ♪ ♪ w one a day multi+. a complete multivitamin plus an extra boost of support for your immunity, brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+. ♪♪ meta portal go. look professional. ♪♪ even if you don't feel it. meta portal. the smart video calling device... - right on time! - of course. that makes work from home work for you. so, shall we get started?
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: reported visit to taiwan this week. i'll ask you why still biting biden continuing to buckle under pressure to beijing? why is he giving them a million barrels of our oil from a
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strategic petroleum reserves? especially as the threats posed by china continue to grow by the day why? last week we brought you an exclusive hannity investigation with chinese companies are buying up massive amounts of farmland and ranches in many cases they're often very close to our military bases. tonight we have a major update to this story about the growing national security risk all across the american heartland for example. according to reuters u.s. authorities are now investigating a chinese telecom equipment giant over concerns that cell towers fitted with its equipment could in fact hacked sensitive information from u.s. military bases that the company can then transmitted to china. which backs up additional reporting from last week. we asked the commoners department for, but they said that they cannot confirm it deny if there was an ongoing investigation. course the chinese embassy is dismissing the story and us that the going on the attack up for
6:28 pm
the u.s. not that any american would want to but ask yourself. what china allow you the american people to buy land give their military bases identity think not. and that's not all. the reports now are also shedding light on china's growing presence near major of maritime checkpoints at the special locations would have heavy commercial traffic including places like the panama canal along with many others. it with the break and report on all of this who's been following the story from the get-go our own sara carter vista get a reporter with an update from last week. >> absolutely you are in montana i she live in great falls and i drove all the way here to montana next to the air force base. and just to give you the gravity of the situation and how dangerous this is and why the u.s. commerce department is possibly investigating along with the fbi air force base
6:29 pm
maintains 150 intercon, intercontinental ballistic missile silos out here we were able to pass by some of the silos. you can see them from the road. the problem is sean that the telecommunications that are out in this area are literally honing in on the technologies. huawei technologies have access to those telecommunication devices and the fear is that the chinese government. also spoke with congressman nat rosendale earlier today and this is what he had to say. >> we are here in montana. we know now that the commerce department as well as the fbi believe that there is ongoing investigations right now it's a huawei technologies near the air force base and it is right near our nuclear silos. what is your biggest concern right now? >> i'm very concerned he goes back to the monitoring.
6:30 pm
if they can pick little pieces of data about when we have movements, where those moments are going? one is taking place? and that gives them a very big advantage over our own military. so we have an arsenal of icbms here that we need to protect especially right now we see all the chaos has taken place around the world. >> and what do we do now? >> this is what i was saying earlier that it's always easier to prohibit these things from taking place bent to unwind them. is not you can get the toothpaste back in the tube once it's out. and that is very difficult. you can eventually cleaning these up to our cybersecurity systems and the type of work, but it's a lot more expensive and it's much more difficult because you never know what you missed until it rears its ugly head and we have a problem that shows up. i think that we need to again start from beginning. we know we are right now it's go out and make that a top priority in a move that equipment from
6:31 pm
the cell towers over the next 30 days the chinese comments party has a problem with that is a latin term that we use around her quite often. we tell them that we make sure that our country is secure. >> sean congressman along with oklahoma governor's and others in lawmakers from washington, d.c., are saying that this is their ability to push them out right now to get them and the chinese government to move out of our tillich medications. the only reason they been able to do that is because under the donald trump administration they been able to expand the abilities the parks department to investigate as well as the fbi as well as the fcc, sean. >> hannity: great up or thank. also developing tonight arkansas senator introducing a new bill that will ban members of the ccp purchasing any u.s. land.
6:32 pm
the bill also cap penalties for foreign investors that failed to report any purchase of u.s. agriculture land to the usda as required by law to explain more as the man himself arkansas senator tom cotton is with us. senator you said that you really believe the leak of nancy pelosi's trip to taiwan came for the white house? because joe biden doesn't want her to take this trip. you said that joe biden should be worried about china, shouldn't be worried about china's aggression that they should be making china worry about our aggressiveness and that you spoke directly to speaker nancy pelosi they give the go has at all happened quite smart all happen? yes sean that's all right i saw nancy pelosi last week the conversation i had with her we disagree on most things. but once a joe biden administration week this trip i think an effort to deter nancy pelosi from going i think it was essential that she go. that she shows that the
6:33 pm
united states will not be pushed around by chinese communists. at the commonest not tell any american citizen much less an elected member of the united states congress when and where we can travel. i'm disappointing that the joe biden white house to put pressure on the speaker of their own party not to travel to taiwan which is a long-standing tradition as newt gingrich said earlier of american legislators traveling to taiwan because of our relationship with a self-governing island. >> hannity: that is a great point, that's gone on for decades. what about the specific threat to take this plan out of the sky and what that would mean. i agree that i would be a declaration of war. number one and number two what are they so much? are we just can continue to allow them to do that? >> sean you're right it would be a declaration of war but i don't think they would do that i think they're bluffing. to see if they can compel joe biden to back down because so often in the past.
6:34 pm
china knows that american legislators of both parties of a to taiwan for more than 40 years they are the ones who are trying to change the status quo and understanding. there's the one taken provocative action to see if they can get away with it. if they can get away with it what signal will that send our allies all around the world. not only in countries like south korea, japan, the philippines, singapore, but all around the world about america's resolve and credibility while joe biden is president. >> hannity: all the things i mentioned that joe biden wants to make for china the concession that he made to vladimir putin while simultaneously canceling the keystone xl brings to my mind instantly if this family compromise knowing what we know about hunter biden's foreign business dealings? your thoughts? >> i think that there's a lot of questions about his dealings in ukraine and china there's no doubt about that.
6:35 pm
we are gonna get to the bottom of those things. there's also the case of joe biden being wrong in every major foreign decision of the last 50 years. i didn't just start when he became president it was when he was a senator, and vice president. at the consequences though are much more disastrous now that he is at the helm. the american people deserve someone as our commander in chief may, who doesn't have family members potentially compromised. >> hannity: senator thank you for that update we appreciate that your actions are important. a straight-ahead kamala harris push the left's radical climate agenda in miami today and gave yet another really bizarre speech. we have the tape as we continue, stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ need to it's not just joe biden who's losing the confidence of just the media mob. >> hannity: "new york magazine" called the, the conundrum says the vice president has reached an unparalleled low point citing poor approval numbers and constant struggles inside the joe biden white house and of course a big driver of kamala harris' setbacks are driven by an apparent inability to inspire confidence at the podium. there is yet another example from earlier today take a look. >> vice president harris: climate change has become a climate crisis. a threat has now become a reality. and in that way we can move clean energy from where it is created where it is needed. it is the really about the transportation of energy. so think from a wind farm in iowa to a suburb in chicago. or from a solar farm in nevada
6:41 pm
to a family in missouri. how exciting is that? >> hannity: how exciting is that? how come every time i feel like she is giving a speech i'm going back to kindergarten or first grade. it's nuts. anyway that pales in comparison to her bizarre history of the giggling vice president in case you've forgotten here's a small reminder. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> president biden: not today. [laughs] more parents are seeing the value of educators [laughs] [laughs] they say that we are not paying them nearly enough. [laughs] >> you are considered the most liberal united states senator. >> vice president harris: somebody said that it was
6:42 pm
actually mike pence on the debate stage. [laughs] hard hats. >> i asked for the yeas, and the nays. [laughs] >> vice president harris: is there a second? [laughs] >> hannity: am i missing the joke? another staffer wants to leave the vice president's office here with the action former donald trump treasury monica crowley along with a host of the larry elder show from the epic times larry elder i'm not sure what to make of it by the only one that thinks i feel like i'm in first grade getting lectured. now this is one side and this is the other side. it's like every single speech is the same monica? [laughs] >> i was just gonna say how
6:43 pm
would you still so bad at this sean? she has been on the public stage for a really long time and she is still such a mess. it's just a function is that she has no idea what she is saying what she is doing. what she is talking about. but it's also just a fact that kamala harris just like any other democrat has ever been asked tough questions. has never really been challenged over the course of their entire careers by left-wing residents whether it's in california or washington. so when she was thrust into a position like this she has no idea what she is doing. the problem sean is that neither she nor her boss are capable of carrying out their job so the difficulties to the country is that we are in a very precarious situation where neither the president of the vice president of the united states are capable of carrying their jobs. >> hannity: larry underwood's know it's worth it worse at this point? choose your poison here you're still getting at the far left green new deal radical socialism either way no matter who is in
6:44 pm
there right? >> will everything that monica said is true, but it's also entirely besides the point. here's a conundrum. the conundrum is that blacks are these most loyal part of the democratic base and black women even more so. and kamala harris is loved by blacks you got about a 70% approval among blacks of even higher among black females. and when you look at the primaries, alabama, georgia, south carolina, the tiger by 50% or more of the democratic primary voters black. they will be angry if they perceive kamala harris to be dropkick because of her cackle, or her alleged airhead in his. what they believed to be sexist or racist. you can't spend decades of training by people react every criticism and think they're gonna stand by actively while kamala harris is run over by somebody else especially a white male like mayor pete or the governor of california gavin newsom. they are stuck with her the
6:45 pm
diversity and inclusion and equity party. >> hannity: you are saying that if she is challenge? okay so assuming that joe biden is not the candidate in 2024 she would be the front runner. you are saying that gavin newsom, pete buttigieg, that this can be a racial issue? >> i'm saying that black females will perceive it to be why in the world did you have her the vice president given our thankless jobs like of the right root causes of the border when the root cause is in the oval office? why give why did you do that? i why are you saying that she has a cackle? there to say that she was misused they will not vote republican. they won't vote republican they just won't vote bill stay home. >> hannity: do you agree with that monica? >> will i agree with larry's
6:46 pm
point that black women in particular are the most loyal to the democratic party so larry is absolutely right about that, but the democrats that they do want to ditch her and she is a historically unpopular vice president went because they realize they do say will have to replace her with another woman of color and i could be michelle obama. >> hannity: do you think that michelle obama would run? >> i think that she is think about it. >> hannity: larry do you think that she will run? >> only of kamala harris says that she doesn't want to go. [laughs] >> hannity: george soros defending his decision to support all these fall left prosecutors and d.a. more disturbing crimes caught on city in new york city. some in broad daylight it's getting worse every day. straight a head. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: look your screen over the weekend in broad daylight suspect rushing up behind a tourist in times square slashes her with a box cutter what authorities say was a totally unprovoked attack and no arrests have been made and thus not all. in brooklyn, new york, criminal look at this. tried to rape a woman sunday when she was walking her dog wrestling her as you can see on the sidewalk and even putting her in a choke hold at least they captured this subject now despite the surge in crime far left mega on the left george soros is defending his report for extreme progressive das and prosecutors even as her policies are creating more and more victims of violent crime.
6:52 pm
he writes in "the wall street journal" other law enforcement officials are around the country have a coalescing around an agenda promises to be more effective and just then the status quo justice system. of course with soros and far left are saying is that they want coddle violent criminals all day spiral out of control. leo 2.0 terrell along with the president of the national office foundation sergeant is with us. sergeant we start with you tonight. no bail, defend this mantle has led to more crime. and a lot more crime. ron record oster was a record this year we are on pace to set another record. this is in working is it? >> sean it's time to get these criminals off the street and we take back our community. the only we were to be able to do that is to empower our
6:53 pm
community to report the violent crime and you know what for the police tape to circumvent these das. we have the ability to take violent crime to the federal court system to actually get these vendors off the street and that simple. all we do is we take it to the u.s. attorney's office i would there is the bottom line that's the only way we get these violent criminals off the street. we can of people getting mugged, rape, and mugged in broad daylight. if the take back our community. >> hannity: we have the example last week leo this guy pounded on a cop we find out all what he was in police custody for having a loaded gun in a robbery affronts. there's a story today about a guy finally is getting jail time after getting caught a hundred times. what are they thinking here? >> i'll tell you exactly i read that op-ed piece let me tell
6:54 pm
everyone watching fox george soros is doubling down he said daunte wright no george soros is controlling every democratic city criminal justice system you know why? because he provided the money to alvin brad. he is giving them the money to run for office. democratic politicians turn their back towards crime because they are taken their marching orders from george soros. i want to read op-ed piece because it's gonna get worse because what's going on in new york i was on eric adams he talks a good game but he has taken its marching from george soros. all these democratic cities are controlled by george soros. >> hannity: you know this how many cops a been killed this year? how many cops don't want to engage because of fear that there could be the ones put on trial? >> absolutely sean we have 39 officers killed this year if the number continues to go up to get shot and killed on line of duty
6:55 pm
before they came to the show i talked to one of the widows was concerned about her husband dying his name being in vain because of all the violent crime in a way that are getting out of jail just out assaulting police i'm sure that we are to come out for you everything we can to make sure these officers names are not forgotten and were doing everything to get offenders off the street so we can keep them safe. they're doing a difficult job organ to everything we can to protect them sean. >> hannity: i'll tell you leo we don't stop it now it's only to get worse. ten seconds. >> your to do this next week and every week after because until george soros money is no longer in play we are gonna watch these crimes every week at democratic cities i guarantee that's what's can happen. unfortunately. >> hannity: thank you, more "hannity" up ahead. ♪ ♪ really...
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>> hannity: unfortunately that is all the time we have this evening as always thank for being with us. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." remember any time any place anywhere thank you for making the show possible in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled. laura is on vacation, but the good news is that ryan is in. don't make the mistake i made. i said chris rock instead of kid rock for tucker i'm get killed no excuses tomorrow morning you show pure and that make chair at 5:00 a.m. no excuses if you're late. you can say oh, i do work later i'm sorry. i can get here on time. >> hannity: that's really gonna fly for you. dear management please