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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 2, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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right in the middle overall, thinking a centrist candidate well, we haven't built the system that way and it changes after the 2022 election. tomorrow, "special report" and exclusive interview with mitch mcconnell. thanks for inviting us to your home tonight for that is it for tonight's "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid beard here is jesse watters jesse.>> jesse: thank you so mu. fox news alert, major breaking developments in the paul pelosi dui case. just hours before tomorrow's hearing, "prime time" has received a series of significant leaks from napa callie officials that paint an entirely different picture than what we were told happened that night and we were right. there were a series of injuries of injuries involved. both cars total, there were
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drugs involved, not just alcohol. and paul did hand cops something that wasn't his driver's license. and just today on the eve of the hearing, the judge has been replaced in a blatantly corrupt move. wait until you hear about this new judge grant let's go through the step by step you to remember they over the mug shot and the body can put it? we know why. court documents now show pawpaw polly p was absolutely plastered in his eyes appeared red and watery, he was steady on his feet, his speech was slurred and he had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. but it wasn't just a little bit of chardonnay. the report goes on to say that pelosi was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and a drug. and he failed several field sobriety tests miserably.
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this report has shed some light onto the injuries of the victim as well. these injuries were much more severe than we were told. originally they said there were no injuries. and then it was no, these injuries aren't that serious. well, the victim has reported the day after the collision "paint his upper right arm." he was unable to lift things with his right arm and he was suffering from headaches and fatigue. it is being treated by a physician. remember, district attorney allison haley, her entire justification for charging him with a misdemeanor instead of a felony is the injuries, she said, were not serious. now we know they are serious. "primetime" sort of sarcastically speculated that pauly p tried to bribe a law enforcement with like cash or whatever after the crash, but we weren't that far off. when asked to hand over his
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driver's license, instead papa pauly p fumbled around and then handed them a donor card, specifically for the california highway patrol. another guys implying, i am a donor and i can be an even bigger donor if we can figure this out. was he so drunk that he thought the donor card was his driver's license, or was he trying to grease the cops? we don't know. just as you know, the california highway fund accepts donations and stocks. seriously, which is a coincidence because pauly has a few shares he's trying to unload with the timing is actually perfect, for tax purposes, of course. this is the type of information we would expect to learn in the defendant's court hearing, but you will not hear any of this tomorrow. why? they have banned all cameras from the courtroom and they have prohibited recordings of the live feed that goes out.
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but that is just where the cover-up begins. are you ready? because what also happened today, the night before the hearing the presiding judge has mysteriously stepped down, and a new judge has been quickly installed. who is the new judge? you are not going to believe this, her name is monique langhorne and she is a registered democrat whose previous job, are you ready? she used to work for the napa county's d.a.'s office. as judge langhorne have any expanse in criminal cases? no, this would be her first. and it gets better. guess who donated to this judge's campaign? the assistant d.a. who was going to be prosecuting the case tomorrow, and, and our friend allie, the d.a. what? she's very well-connected.
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she was appointed to a special advisory board by gavin newsom too. this is totally -- if i've ever seen it. how can we expect a fair trial here if the judge and the prosecutors are all politically on the same side as the defendant, financially connected? there is a family connection we've told you about too. can you say rig? look, we get it. paul is married to a california bigwig. he and nancy are golden state royalty but they shouldn't get a free pass. brian claypool is an attorney following the case and he joins us in now. so this is just a stunning amount of breaking new information that we just happen to be getting on the eve of this hearing. to you, what is the biggest development that you've heard so far? >> great to be back with you. i don't know if you are a wwe fan, remember the rock in the wwe?
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his famous phrase, you could smell what the rock is cooking. well, you can smell what they napa county d.a. is brewing up in napa. it's ruthless and it is inexcusable. seriously, the biggest fact we learned today you highlighted, this was a serious physical injury. when you and i first spoke about this case we thought it was like a fender bender, like he was pulling out of the parking lot, bumped into a car, nobody hurt. both cars totaled in that report we saw today. both cars were put up on a flatbed, taken away. now we find out there was serious injury. there were headaches too. this guy has ongoing headaches, can't lift anything with his right arm. he's seeking medical treatment and the vehicle code in california, when you have a dui with physical injury, if it is a serious physical injury like this it needs to be charged as a felony. if the napa d.a., it wouldn't be
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this judge is going to hand out hors d'oeuvres and wine and cheese at the hearing may be. we are in napa, right? but they are charging this as a misdemeanor. it should be felony. >> jesse: because if you charge it with a felony than that probably would get you jail time. we are also learning if you are mixing alcohol with a drug, that's got to impair papa pauly p even more significantly and probably why he was slurring his words and didn't know what he was handing the officer. do we know what type of drug where talk about here? was it cannabis? was it a pail? it could have been asked to see, you don't really know. auntie was out of town, what was at? >> i don't know. two quick points on that, in terms of punishment before you answer your, this is a big deal. this is a wobbler in california. it means it can be charged as a misdemeanor dui or felony dui and the critical fact is the
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injury of the victim we've established is serious. if he's charged with felony he could get up before two years in jail and guess what, one strike on his record. three strikes you are in jail for life in california. that is a big deal. ask your question, a better question for you, for the whole country, why did it take chp two and a half hours to do a blood test? may be we would know more about what the other drug is in his system. he was arrested and pulled over at 12:00. 12:30 in the morning they finally do the blood test and he handed them what is called in 1199 foundation card. that means pauly has a lifetime membership to the chp, did you know that? this is craziness. >> jesse: tell me again with the judge, is it normal for the judge who is presiding to then step down the night before and have a new judge installed with absolutely no experience in criminal law, her first dui case ever and she happened to be accepting donations from the very two prosecutors that are prosecuting the case?
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>> absolutely not, this should have never happened. this should have never happened in this is a high-profile case. fox's covering it, the country is covering it so how do you change it the night before? this memorandum, it is at the bottom of the memo, there's just one other minor thing, we're switching out the judges bid that that is minor? i would hate to see what a major issue is in napa county. on top of that, i verified through my sources, this judge was a civil judge. because he's going to get a life sentence, that's why. >> jesse: we could see it coming from a mile away and nancy thinks she can do whatever she wants. same with paul, and we can't let him get away with that because there can't be two different
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scales of justice. brian, you might be in court tomorrow. maybe you can have a seat and listen to what to what happens. see if they serve some hors d'oeuvres. see you tomorrow. >> thanks, see you soon. >> jesse: next we just found out what nancy has really been up to in taiwan. girls trip. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms. including nasal congestion.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: nancy pelosi, a smile plastered on her face, sporting a pearl pink pantsuit and perfect hair, stepped off of an american military plane onto the tarmac in taiwan today where she was welcomed with warm smiles in taipei and treated like a queen. they even let her name up in the
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capital city skyline. it was a moment truly for the history books, just as nancy had designed it. nancy got the military drama she wanted, four u.s. warships were positioned for action while the chinese flexed their own muscles across the strait of taiwan. it was a risky business and make no mistake, this was a business trip, more on that later. all ts from president biden who told her not to go. joe biden obviously doesn't want the speaker to rock the boat with beijing. the big guy has bills to pay but nothing ever faced and nancy. she called china's bluff. right when she landed "the washington post" just happened to publisher op-ed where she came out as a total china hawk who was ready to go toe-to-toe with the communists, saying beijing has dramatically intensified tensions with taiwan. the people's republic of china has ramped up controls of farmers, fighter jets and surveillance aircraft over the defense zone.
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democracy itself. well, was that nancy pelosi or john bolton talking? because nancy has been a china dove for 20 years, especially recently. she went to bad to protect china over the sloppy wuhan lab leak and then she called the china virus labeled racist and said everybody go to chinatown. >> you should come to chinatown. we think it is very safe to be in chinatown, and hope that others will come. it is lovely here, the food is delicious, the shops are prospering, the parade looks great, walking tours continue. please come and visit and enjoy chinatown. >> jesse: she's been the top white house for decades. even against trumps tough tariffs and she told our olympic athletes to keep their mouths
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shut during the beijing winter olympics. >> i would say to our athletes, you are there to compete, do not risk incurring the anger of the chinese government because they are ruthless. >> jesse: she was always on china's side especially when she was getting something out of it. remember in 2008, her husband took a huge stake in a limo company that profited big time during the beijing olympics? plus china has always been the darling of silicon valley. slave labor keeps money flowing into the pockets of california democrats that eventually ended up being donated to nancy pelosi's campaign. now nancy wants to poke china in the eye. nancy pelosi pumped and dumped china and now she's looking towards the future. they are already saying that nancy is playing with fire and those who play with fire will
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perish by it, making threats against her like this. >> china has every right to defend its sovereignty. we are fully justified to do what we must. the situation predicated by the u.s. side so of course it has to bear responsibility. >> jesse: nancy is not frazzled. our president was compromised seems frazzled. we know why. why is nancy is nancy all of a sudden a china hawk? no better time to be in the hot spot of the world they on days nancy's husband goes to court for his dui. the media is just going to blackout the story to make room for puff pieces like this one. on nancy's legacy as a china hawk it if they are involved you can bet money is too. we know the tides are turning in silicon valley after years of getting rich thanks to beijing the money is migrating out of china now. taiwan is the new hub for american tech manufacturing and
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all the far east countries she hits, singapore, japan, this is where american companies putting the new supply chain. that is why nancy is island hopping and now we are learning this. "washington post" is reporting tonight that nancy is set to meet with the largest semiconductor manufacturer in taiwan. of course. a company called tsmc, they make chips for all the big guys like apple and the pelosi's own plenty of that stock. is this a surprise? no, all part of the plan. following up shares in chip companies before nancy went to taiwan. up 25% in just a month. the pelosis are always looking for new investment opportunity and nancy seems to be the brains of the operation. reporting on some serious wall street chatter, he is
4:21 pm
shorting the s&p to make a few bucks in rumors say that paul's trading colors everything nancy does. just a rumor. expect nancy to come home with some hot tips. could she be doing all of this because she's planning on retiring at the end of this term customer plotting the next winning trades so her and paul can enjoy the finest cav in napa. unless she thinks the chinese are bluffing. they have a history of bluster and don't follow through, that is why they call them the paper tiger. we all know the chinese are outmanned and outdone but with biden as president you never know what could happen. does that explain why nancy is so carelessly toeing the line with a war with china qwest market to be the nancy is just getting sloppy ? south carolina senator lindsey graham is a member of the judiciary committee and he joins us now.
4:22 pm
biden is nervous, what is really going on? >> still having china tell us where to go and what to do so the idea is the chinese communist party's no friend of freedom and democracy, the one china policy hasn't changed but the point you make about members of congress and their families trading stocks, you are dead right. working with elizabeth warren to ban stock trades by members of congress and their spouses so we don't have these kinds of discussions. three pandemics come out of china, they ruined her life for a couple years, i think it either came out of the lab or the wet market in wuhan.
4:23 pm
very fashionable right now, i was part on china before it was cool. >> jesse: it is fashionable and anti-it was her finger in the air figuring out which way to move and that is why. this missile we used, i am fascinated. this is the hellfire missile, the call at the ninja bomb because it doesn't explode, it just releases six metal blades like swords and just slices the target into pieces. how about that? >> how about being on the receiving end of that? it is like a knife on steroids. the bottom line is what happened yesterday was good because the guy who helped plan 9/11 is dead but here's what i worry about, when it comes to combating radical islam america is in a
4:24 pm
world of hurt. let me tell you why. the leader of al qaeda worldwide was living in a house owned by the number two taliban commander. that is not good for us, that is beyond brazen. the idea that he's coming back, you and of all people said they are 15,000 terrorists flowing into afghanistan so what is this operation tell me? that al qaeda has emerged in afghanistan stronger than they were before, coming from afghanistan and they haven't adjusted their policies at all. the united states has no plan. >> jesse: well said and congratulations on working with liz warren on stock trading. i'm going to say maybe that is why nancy is retiring, we don't know. thank you so much, senator.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: joe manchin has been hard at work in washington lately. for the last year and a half he's been called the most powerful joe in d.c. he doesn't have much competition. nowadays he and kyrsten sinema seem to be the only normal democrats in washington, often preventing their party from driving us off a cliff. that deserves some credit, i guess. most of it is worked. joe manchin is hated by the democrats but over the weekend he surprised everybody because he fell in line and signed onto the green new deal. joe manchin seems like one of the smart ones so what happened? this morning we figured it out. joe manchin got a ton of money for his little side project, the
4:31 pm
mountain valley pipeline in west virginia. the pipeline payoff. wait a second, i thought the democrats hated pipelines? does jennifer granholm even know how a pipeline works? the democrats use the oldest player in the book, give joe manchin this quid pro quo pipeline so democrats get a win before the midterms. he grilled joe manchin on it this morning. >> even if everybody were out to go get two or three jobs and now their wages can't keep up with the cost of milk and bread? >> don't you think we should keep those costs down question ricky do that by producing. we've got to produce our way out of it. we can't wait. >> we are going to build pipelines but everyone is upset because they are afraid it is a political bill bid this is not a democrat bill, it's not a republican bill, it's not a green bill, a red, white, and blue deal. >> jesse: i get the democrats only support pipelines if they can be used for political
4:32 pm
bribes. right? they got rid of the keystone pipeline because that wasn't worth anything, so here we have the new pipeline to west virginia so we can get the green new deal. kellyanne conway, former white house counsel and author of here's the deal joins me now. if you are able to bribe the senator? >> this is crazy on so many different levels. he was a hero to many in the right and center for standing in the way of this $3.5 trillion build back better nonsense and now he's revived some of the more onerous pieces of it just to get, drumroll please, a pipeline. this has been held up by environmental groups and the fourth circuit court of appeals has also upheld their concerns.
4:33 pm
it goes across 1,000 streams and rivers and it is so interesting because as you know, if there is a pot all on the property they can say no, you cannot do anything. i know in our administration, people can look it up but essentially the government uses endangered species and water on your property to come in and take over often, 1,000 sources of water. i also can't help but feel that somebody didn't look at the details because when i read this it also says that the president, including joe biden has to include 25 projects that include nuclear energy and fossil fuels. this is the president who said i'm going to do away with fossil
4:34 pm
fuels. rank-and-file members, especially those of the squad who don't do squat, ride a bike, drive an electric car, no more fossil fuels, so, so much of this makes absolutely no sense and i think people are rightfully mystified by lindsey graham here. your previous guest put out a great tweet about this and the other thing people will not be fooled about including in west virginia, joe manchin is a democrat but republicans carry that by significant double digits, 35 or 40 points, they are saying that this will reduce inflation. nobody believes the way to reduce inflation is to spend more money. >> jesse: no one believes that, i don't think democrats even believe that. kyrsten sinema can nuke the thing, senator, it is all in her court, she could kill it tomorrow if she wants to. is she going to have the courage to do it or not?
4:35 pm
>> 2024 could be a monster year for republicans adding to their senate number is because you've got west virginia, arizona, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan. what is jon tester thinking? /stop calling yourself, a blue state senator in a red state. you are a liberal who votes for this junk every single time but you are a liberal in montana. a liberal in arizona and now in west virginia and you have to give joe manchin and kyrsten sinema credit that they stand in the way of the democrats having their way with the filibuster and everything they want to do, all this crazy stuff that your kids and my kids will be paying for forever more. but now it is just senator sinema. now why does no one else in the democratic party have that moxie to say that i represent constituents who are center right.
4:36 pm
look at them when they vote for officeholders other than me, nobody stands up, they are all a reliable vote for all of this, this liberal and in this case of all things, drumroll, please, a pipeline. >> jesse: i know, it is so ironic. they bullied biden into getting a pipeline. joe manchin bullied joe biden into getting a pipeline. >> jesse: kellyanne conway, good is always pure check out your book. >> i were green, i am environmental. thanks. up next to an investigation into grooming in america's classrooms. speak i created these survey cards that asks them their pronouns, if they are comfortable with me using those pronouns in front of their peers and definitely if they are comfortable with me using those pronouns with their parents. you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: over the last few years we've seen americans institutions flop, instead of reading writing and arithmetic
4:42 pm
children are being brainwashed with crt and sex ed. and parents have no idea what is going on but that is the point. teachers want to keep it all a secret they are taking action to make that happen. a school in madison, wisconsin, has a policy in place that allows students to change their pronouns without having to notify their parents. in austin, texas, teachers told kindergartners to keep pride week conversations confidential and in philly schools are required to hide students at basra status from their parent unless the child says it's okay to share. this is messed up. teachers should not be encouraging kids to keep secrets from their parents, especially when it comes to gender and sex. that sounds like groomers but this has become normal, teachers are actually bragging about it, watch. speak of this year i created survey cards that asks
4:43 pm
their pronouns come if they are comfortable with me using the pronouns in front of their peers and definitely if they're comfortable with me using the pronouns in front of their parents. >> i never tell parents period. in the survey when it asked for preferred name or pronouns also asks what what you prefer to you when i call home. >> why it's for teachers to get parental consent before using a transit student of history preferred name. >> i wanted to go by he/him for so long and i've tried so many times and i've always wanted to try it and no one would do it and no one would follow through and i saw you and i saw you and i just knew this was my opportunity to do this. >> at my previous school i secretly made the windsor prep rally a pride rally. not many people caught on. happy pride! >> jesse: a child psychologist and author of "you are teaching
4:44 pm
my child what?" this is grooming, right? technical, textbook grooming where you are trying to make children keep secrets from their parents, right? >> lets you define the word grooming. it's the emotional and psychological manipulation of a vulnerable person, often a child, in order to at some later time exploit that person and we normally use the term when we are talking about sexual predators, people who plan to sexually abuse kids, but more recently we are using the term to apply to activists, especially teacher activists who are manipulating psychological and emotional either students and recruiting them into radical and gender ideologies. >> jesse: i'm not alleging
4:45 pm
that this teacher or that teacher is doing this to have sex with the child but they are exhibiting the same types of behaviors that people do use when they do groom children to exploit them for sexual purposes. this -- go ahead. >> we are not saying that these teachers want to have sex with the kids, although that does happen occasionally as well. what we are saying is that they are being groomed, being recruited into believing a certain radical worldview that their parents do not agree with and off in the the worldview is a dangerous one. for example, the gender idea that people can transition from one sex to the other. kids are being taught by some teachers that men can have babies and that boy's men straight and this is dangerous. this is a dangerous ideology
4:46 pm
because it's not true. only women have babies and we all know that a woman is an adult human female. >> jesse: what would you suggest parents do to make sure their children are being exploited in this fashion? >> it not an easy thing. my first choice would be to get your kids away from these people, just run in the other direction. but a lot of people can't do that, so the other option is to fully explore and find out what is going on in the school. you need to go in before school starts perhaps with a few other parents and demand to be shown all of the curriculum that is going to be taught to your child, all the videos, all the outside speakers that are going to be coming in and it is your right as a parent to be aware of
4:47 pm
that but i have to tell you, even if you do that there are teachers that will sneak in material. >> jesse: is very scary and that is good advice, i suggest all parents follow that advice. thank you for joining us and we appreciate your insight. >> you're welcome. >> unbelievable the art of california, convenience store a shoot out. our west coast newsroom. to. >> this is great video, an 80-year-old business owner in southern california took full advantage of the second amendment. he saw a group of four armed robbers on a surveillance video and when one tried rushing into the store with a rifle he was ready with a shotgun and a little poetic justice, take a look. >> here. [shouting] [indistinct]
4:48 pm
>> you can hear him wailing. the robber was hit in the arm and as he ran away you can hear him squealing that his arm had gotten shot off even though it hadn't. the entire group of robbers left in and as to be almost leaving one of them behind. it happened on sunday morning and customers of the storyteller local fox affiliate they stand by the 80-year-old business owner and they are glad he fought back. >> i'm not for gun violence but he wasn't the one doing the violence. the people that came in were the ones doing the violence and that is what we need to understand in our society, when people are doing violence against us we have a right to protect ourselves. >> the criminals are in charge of everything and the fact that he turned around and showed them what for i think is amazing. >> and four men are now arrested on robbery and conspiracy charges, including the robber who was shot. writing in part, in this place a
4:49 pm
lawfully armed member of our community prevented a violent crime and ensure their own safety while being confronted with multiple armed suspects and that 80-year-old business owner actually suffered a heart attack right after this incident but thankfully he survived and he is recovering. in this one, win for the good guys. >> jesse: if it had been in new york city the d.a. would have locked them up, i'm glad i have been in riverside, california. thank you. up next, joe biden's economy is so bad people are moving out of their homes and into their cars. ♪ ♪ new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: how bad is the economy right now? >> i am 35 years old. i am divorced. and i live in a van down by the
4:55 pm
river. >> jesse: prices are so high you can't afford rent, mortgage payments, gas. people have been living in their cars now. the key has been sharing on social media her whole life where she lives in a van, listen. >> good morning. this is what i sleep in, now i have to move these items from the front to the back so i can get up there. three days without a shower. i got low on gas and did not realize i was in a place that only had closed gas stations so i was totally on empty. 0 miles to go and i had to stay the night at this gas station. >> jesse: she joins me now come up first -- my question. if this was me i would wonder where do you shower? >> i shower at 24-hour gyms. >> jesse: where do you cook your food or is everything
4:56 pm
takeout? >> i occasionally cook on a small camping stove but most of the time it's takeout. >> jesse: what about the bathroom situation? >> i just find any public toilet i can whether it's gas stations, target, home depot. >> jesse: what about dating? >> that's a little more complicated. it hasn't affected my dating life except that i'm a little less present in one location at a time. >> jesse: gas must be really, really hard for you to manage with the prices the way they are. are. >> yeah. it's about double what it was, it sucks for me about as much as it does for everybody else but thankfully since i don't pay rent, is not a tremendous difference for me. >> jesse: are you making any efforts to get out of the car and into an apartment or house? >> initially that was my plan, i was trying to get out of the situation i was in and i was going to move forward from there but living in my car was going
4:57 pm
well enough that i now can't imagine living back in a home again. >> jesse: you like living in the car? >> it has freed me up financially enough -- i'm too terrified to sign back up to pay rent again and i'm too terrified of that commitment. >> jesse: it is a big commitment. i'm not even going to get into it. how are you making money, you're making money by doing these videos of your lifestyle in the car? >> today, yes. i used to work full-time retail as well is at a farm. >> you want from the farm to the car, and it's not a tesla. this is an actual internal combustion engine? >> just a regular honda civic. >> i hope you -- actually i don't hope you get out. apparently like living in your car, this is a new experience. it must be very interesting. i'm stuck on the dating situation i don't know how that works but if it works for you,
4:58 pm
it works for you i'll give you the last word. >> yeah. it's a little bit different to have to tell people i live in my car, not everybody takes it very well. somehow i give off an attitude that makes people more comfortable with it. >> jesse: do police when they pull you over allow this? >> i've been pulled over and had a cop see my car full of items -- he was very nice to me about it, didn't really say anything, didn't make me dig around for my insurance and registration. i've definitely been kicked out of some parking lots and had run-ins with security but it's far and few in between. >> jesse: who hasn't been kicked out of a few parking lots? thank you so much and good luck with everything, we help gas prices continue to go down. >> thank you. ♪ ♪
4:59 pm
they asked me if i wanted my salad chopped the other day i said what are you talking about, karate chop to? we slice it up and mince it up, i said sure. chopped my salad, i ate it. it was good but it was kind of like eating baby food. to i want to eat baby food? chopped salad is for people who can't chew, is that what we're doing now? i'm not doing that again, light chop, not the whole chop, ridiculous. let's do some texts. from west virginia, did you get any new clarification if there was a passenger in the vehicle? >> no clarification on that yet, the leaked document does say he was alone in the car. at this point we don't know what to believe. mary from massachusetts -- did polly invest in the pipeline -- of course he did. why wouldn't he? joe from new york, the democrats are now repairing the border wall and building a fossil fuel pipeline?
5:00 pm
bizarre world -- it is. david from kentucky says how do you tie your necktie so perfectly? what is this one from? j press some of these knots just happen to fall that way. i get lucky, what can i say? tucker is up next and always remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight to pick of the thing about the chinese government is it never celebrates diversity -- think about that, american liberals love china, but they don't celebrate diversity. in fact the american media never says this but it's absolutely true, china is a militarized f no state run along traditional fascist lines to the


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