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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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your behavior is , no matter how destabilizing too the world order, no matterin how threatening to your children and grandchildren, the american economy to western civilization itself, no matter how crazed your behavior, if you'reim wearing a paper surgical mask, you're safe public facilities, they say. es so that's it for us .ac we'rek out of time. we show this to sort out of line s privacy smugness. terrific. seanes hannity right now, tucker i do knowou the difference between kid and chris rock justc in case any ofd your audience thought otherwise. do you think you know you'ree getting ready? i'm like, oh, tucker. hi ,ti one of those moments anyway. thank you, tucker. and welcome to hannity. a all right.nd brace yourself and prepare for an audit because west virginiat democratic senator joe manchin is now attemptingvi to double the size of our irs, more thanf double thatou actually more on manchin is hard left that's coming o up tonight. also, georgia, the georgia senate candidate herschel walker will join c us .
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he will respond to nothing most vile racist attacks against himb . guess what?al fromk the media mob at nbc latt ,we have a full report on china's petulant saber rattling during speaker pelosi's trip to our ally taiwan. siand back here at home, we are learning shocking details about speakerg pelosi's husband, paul pelosi. his recent arrest. j it wasn't just drinking. apparently drugs were involved. wewe the details coming up. but first, breaking right now is nine o'clock on the east coast and six o'clockck on the west coast. that means more polls are c closed in arizona, michigan, kansas and missouri. na,and voting still underway in the state of washington at the very latest at the biger board himself as our own prepare. but a lot of big primaries tonight. yeah, five of o you've gotna arizona, kansas, michigan, missouri and washington. sean,nsas, a lot of action happg around the country. let's start in the governors
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races, michigan, that republican primary to take on . gretchen whitmer, the democrat incumbentth who's looking for a second term as you go in here, those polls have just f fully closed and you're not going to see a lot here comingas in fast. you'll get the early mainland vote . but tooter dixon, who is former president trump's endorsement, he endorsed herrmer friday is in the early lead and she has a couple of counties herell that look really good for her. he her competition, for example, down here in oakland county, she is really racking up is a placend this where ranchi should be doing well known very well around detroit. so this is kind of a harbinger maybe of what the state is starting to look like. but again, early in all of these races as the polls are just closed, a big senate contest tonight, missouri and this is just getting numbers in again super early. but remember, that the former
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president endorsed eric in this race. heheor endorsed eric . but therehe are two eric eric schmidt and eric greitens. vicky hartzler is not nameds eric . she's also in the but looking at some of these numbers in the different counties, a lot offe expertsre who know missouri really well say eric schmitt is poised to have a good night tonight. we will follow these numbers as they come in. as you mentioned, there are just a lot of interesting races, especially in arizona on the governor's side and the senate side. again, trying to take i on the incumbent, mark kelly in arizona. those numbers, even though the polls are going to close, probably not going to get them until about 11:00 p.m. easternbo time. we always want toha make sure that we have all the numbers from arizona john , right there at the big board tonight. thank you.on weck will check back in momentarily. we'll keep you updated as the results continue to pour in tonight. but first tonight, democrats are once again poised to spend a massive, huge, monumentalal amount of your money.
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and as of now, one senator w stands in their way. the last democrat with a backbone. in is item going to be krysten sinema? time will tell now if she does ultimately have the schumann mansion. five hundred billion dollar green deal energy spending spree that they purposely label as something. it's not the inflation reduction act will become the law of the land. and in less than two years, democrats will have added an additional four trillion dollars in new spending, four trillion. and that includes two trillion dollars of bailout to blue states like california, new york , one point one trillion for their green new deal pet projects and so-called green infrastructure and nowfl another 500 billion to appease religious cult that$2 rules the democratic party. but make no t t mistakeo , desps its name, the inflation reduction act does not reducee inflation and itac will not brib down costs for anybody. in fact,t, look at forbes quote, for example, on that this proposal is a recipe for
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worsening inflation and persistent economic stagnation. the nonpartisan tax foundation also determinedd by reducingng long run economic growth. the bill worsens inflation by constraining the productive capacity of our economy. the university of pennsylvania wharton budget model found thatw this bill will increase america's inflation rate over the next twoil infla years and s report from the nonpartisan joint committee on taxation. they have even determined that a majority of the tax costs from this bill will be borne by households earning less than four hundred thousand dollars a year. om, i remember the president promising again and again and again he wouldn't raiseis taxes on peoplegaga that made ur four hundred thousand. well, guess what? under this bill , people making under two hundred thousand dollars a year, they will pay sixteen point seven billion dollars in new taxes in year one and pretty much the same amount in year to corporations,
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small businesses, especially those in the manufacturing sector. they're going to also get hit hard with higher taxes, cost that they will pass t on to the consumer. how many times do we have to remind you corporations don't pay taxes, people doions. ey they pass the costs p on to us . and that's not all. inrder order to squeeze, we use the american people well, some more. will more than double the size of the irs so that everyone can experiencef the joy of an annual tax audit.n in other words, you'll get the hannity treatment because they just pull my file as a matter of justt ge general practices anyway. as a result, the inflation reduction act, the big lie will increase inflation. it will lower growth ultimately eliminate 30000 private sector jobs according tonate the tax foundation. why would anyone in their right mind support this bill , especially now in the middle of a recession? senator manchin had to explainin . take a look. americans four hundred thousand dollars and below are going to
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be tax. that's how it's goinged to go .t that's a lie. thatri is a pure outright lie. so the their taxes are not goino go up? not at all. and i want to hit that. that's the optimistic line, right, america? i got ton, i hit that. are you saying that mitch mcconnell and others in s the senate are wrong about those numbers and that american's taxes are not going to go up on that point? tony,bs absolutely wrong. totally wrong. fact check. rr harris faulkner was right.ig sixteen point seven dollarsht billion a year. one people making under two hundred thousand dollars a year. joe manchin clearly0 a doesn't know what's in his own bill or doesn't want you to trust the nonpartisan experts at the wharton business school, c the joint committee on taxation or the tax foundation. they're allom wrong , but he's right. no, harris was right. and so the three groups we just mentioned, he's asking you too put your faith in joe biden and the democratic socialist party. after all, whymoiali would demos ever lie to us ? let's see the same democratsts that promised inflation was
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transitory, the same people that swore that trillion dollars in new spending could not cause inflation. ausethe same people that claim t the united states is not really in a recession despite by definition two consecutive quartersni of negative growth. the same democrats have stopped oil and gas exploration in the atlantic ocean, pacific ocean, anwrn , other federal lands, the ones that killed the keystone xl pipeline and then told you that thise would not have an impact on gas prices and also gave a waiver to vladimir putin so he couldno build those nordrd stream two pipeline. and then when gas prices did p spike, the same democrats toldnd you to go out and buy an electric car . by the way, that car on average is 20 grand, more than a gasre fueled automobile and charged on a grid powered eighty eight percent a fossil fuels with a battery produced from mining specific minerals from. mother earth. now, these areth the people that joe manchin has chosen to
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trust. but this joe manchin is a typical democrat. he tried to masquerade as a moderate. he let the people of west virginia downnhe l. by the way, the coal industry in particular will be hurt hard by this bill . but he's more than happy to toe the party line, especially after schumer. oh, look at this.k they sweeten the deal. amazing things that go on in the swamp in washington. he promised a green light pipeline project from one of mansion's major donors from west virginia to virginia. now, in reality, nonia actual moderate would ever support this green new deal energy spending bill for any reason. it is totally and completely reckless, irresponsible. c we did invite senator manchin on this program torr defend hist position. his office didn't respond to our request. now he did every sunday show.ho why not? come on here, joe . just a few minutes of your time as well. we ask now it's a massive betrayal to the people off west virginia. ir their lives will get worse,ir their taxes will go up, g the cost of living will continue. costo rise. and for what, three billion
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dollars a convert post office post office trucks into electric vehicles, two billion dollars for environmental justice grants, whatever that means, 80 billion for eighty seven thousand new irs agents, a boatload of money for inefficient solar panels and wind turbines that ft so by way, won't even put a dent in our energy grid and by the way, americans still suffer because of this bill . but congratulationsns, hi joe manchin. you're making bernie sanders and aoc very happyn.s tonight with reaction. fox news contributor ari fleischerr and the founder of the committee to unleash prosperity, steve moore th. steve, 17 billion in new taxes for people making under 200000 a year. the people that have said don'tr raise taxes during a recession that would have beenai a mansio. obama and pelosi. we have them on tape. we p played it before a lot ofd pork in this bill .ot a lot of it related to
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the green new deal. up to fourearly trillion in new debt under biden in only 18 months. that's got to be a new record. yeah, it is . schwann, you did a great job ofl summarizing this bill . i just want to amplifyl.l. t one thing that youhe said, whict is the state that is the biggest loser here from this massive green energy agenda is clearly west virginia. i do not understand why joe manchin sold out his own state. he thinks somehow this is going to lead toom more coal and oil and gas production. are you kidding me?l with with the epa and the interior department of joe biden, who wants to kill those industries, that ain't going to happen. and so you're lookingo at this is the fourth major bill , as you just said, that massively increases the amount of green energy funding. i calculate almost a half a trillion dollars into green energy for electric fvehicles, for windmills, for solarr panels.
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you know, we get about six or seven percent of our energy from wind and solar power. it'sar completely insignificantl and this will hurt our oil and gas industry. it's going to give all this money to the climate change industrial complex and one thing you left out, john , don't forget the the big the other big pay for in this bill is these price controlsru on the on the drug industry. how are we going to have things like operation where speedre how are we going to win the race for the cure for alzheimer's and parkinson's and cancer and al-bassam and lou gehrig's disease. if we're iff we're taking moneyg out of an industry that saves lives, i don't get it. i you know, ari, from a political point of view, newt gingrich had a good point. he's challenging everyd republican running in every office for the house or senate to go back and challenge their opponents to debate just on this bill alone. i think that would be a goodto opportunity to get this out before people, especially during the august recess. but o that's also going to mean
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that that republican senatorsnt will will have toar useth parliamentary maneuvers to keep this thing afloat through the vacation. i hope they do thate . yeah. d i don't see how this is a political winner for the democratsor unless they're counting on the left wing baseco of the democrat party thatt juso thinks the world is going to end inn 12 years and i guess w we're down to 10 or eight forr them to no longer sit on their hands and get out a voteun because of all the hundreds ofat billions of subsidies that are going to causes that as i suppoe they support. but the bigger damage, too,oo is this bill really should be named the raise taxes and push the economy deeper into recession. hei have never in my entire career heard of somebody who thinks it's good public policy to raise taxes here rs as the nation is entering a recession that prolongs recessions that doesn't stimulate the economy, that doesn't give you the help that you need. it makes g h h things worse. and why for really what's w essentially corporate welfare?
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this is a gigantic spendingga bill to give moneynt tod green corporate welfare. and that's what so much of the green industry has grown up into. without subsidies, they would never be competitive, neverub tt exist. and the more subsidies you give them, the more they're just hooked on government. ha and that's whatt this bill does. and joe manchin , a moderate no ,he's a mini green new dealer. is there any chance exit question for both the any chance chance steve moore that krysten sinema says no, i don't believe it's possible. look, i think she shoulde, be wonder woman here. s i think she can save our country. i'm praying that she stops this horrible bill . she would be a hero on in the state of arizonana if shet just said no to this bill is f bad for arizona, by the way. it kills manufacturingin and arizona is a majorg manufacturing state. so let's let's hope that firstsi and of it's by the way, there's two hundred fifty democrats in congress and only one of them is opposed to thisly horriblee bill .
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yeah. ari, what do you think? doesn: d kyrsten sinema go along with the forty nine colleagues who stand up for the people of arizona? nobody i think her silence right now n is telling that would make me think that she's leaning on the no side. but the mirror image of john mccain, the senator from arizona who famously put his thumb down to kill the repeal of obamacarehe and vote with tha democrats was a hero for doing it. and krystenor sinema, who now represents arizona, having the chance to come inn and do the same thing on this recession, causing green new deal corporate subsidy bill . the parallel is ironic. i'll believe if i see it, i'll put it that way. count me as a skeptic. all right. thank you, steve. thank you. all right. now to breaking news tonight. we're learning much more about the arrest of nancy pelosi's husband, paul pelosi and his arrest at around 10 p.m. may. twenty eight , pelosi was taken into police custody following a major vehicle 2 collision inwi napa valley, california.
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now at an intersection, locy plowed into another vehicle, injuring the driverno. newly released court documents now show that after police arrived on the scene, pelosii handed the officers a police privilege card demonstrating that he had once donated to law enforcement related charity. the police that noted pelosienen wasth unsteady on his feet. he had slurred speech. head had a strong odor of alcohl emanating from his breath. toxicology report revealed that pelosi was under the influence of alcohol and some other unnamed drug. r here now with reaction to this and all our other top stories, fox news contributor lara trump, ohio congressman io cjim jordan, laura , we'll st with you. some other substance, wouldn't it? anwas the average person. wouldn't we know what the substance is by now? they put in the report. , oh, my gosh, are you kidding? whatnt else would be different f it was some other person?
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i got to say, though, it s is kind of impressive to see the millions that paul pelosi is able to make, of course, offt of insideo information he gets from his wife nancy, all while he's out partying full of alcohol and some sort of a drug really living a rock and roll lifestyle there. but what i found mostt interesting about as this report that you just noted, j john , is that he, of course, slips the police officer, his get out of jail free card there after he blew through a stop sign and totaledhi his car . that's a pretty gutsy move. i mean, maybe a handoff to an officer if you get caught, like going 10 miles an hour over h the limit when you total a car and you injure another person, ' it kind of indicates that maybe thiss car .wop in it must have worked for him in the past. i mean, heck, we've never heard about it before. bbut this is more of the ruleso for the and not for me.r mentality's t of course, the let is amazing at portraying no different than california's own gavin newsom, who told kids
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they shouldn't be in school people they had to stay home, they couldn't go out. s businesses had to shuthu down. of course, he's gallivanting around at the french laundryliva and paul pelosi's wife, nancy,os who , you know, essentiali- businesses were able to stay o open. one of those was not o a hair salon, nancy. sagot somehow into a hair salon, of course, at the height ofge the pandemic to get her hair done. but it's this sort of, you know, ruling the way that they flaunt the rules on the left. and whenever you are within the right party and you have power that i think h is absolutely disgusting to the american people, this is not somethingngdi that should be happening in america. these are things that shouldesea be happening in a third worldre banana republic. but here we are. w let's get your take on this, jim jordan and also your take on man and this green new deal and this agreement with schumer and where you think that's headed? well, first of all, n large , right? i mean, look, the left thinks they're better thanhe us . i remember was peter drucker
11:19 pm
said i can smell the trump supportersrs. mentioned gavin newsom.'t gavin newsom said you t couldn't take your family out. but meanwhile, he's going into a five star restaurant and not wearing a mask. and then, of course, there was the one that that i think, though, anderson cooper says trump supporters eat ate the olive garden and stay at the marriott. so this this double standard, the rules don'te apply to they're somehow better than us . it's that arrogance that meoi i think is going to be theirng undoing on november eight because the american people had it. they'v also had it with politicians who say one thing and do another. when they said when joe biden said we're not going to raiseot your taxes. but now this g bill raises taxe. inflation is temporary. but now we have a forty one yearar high inflation. th they told us they were going to come from your guns, but y that. doing just so americans are sick and tired of that as well. ffand i think all that is going to be why on november eight it's going to be a good n night for the republican party and more importantly, a good night for the country. i never thought all of this could happen. lauran,ho 18 months. in other words, the borders would be we'd be a disaster.
11:20 pm
we'd have a forty one year high of inflation. we have record high gas prices twice of what we had twice the number under donald trump and the idea that they still clingha to their rigid climate cult religion in in the name of climate alarmism. to negotiate with dictators for energyy but not produce it domestically makes zero sense. butak they doubled down on stupn and then tell us we need an electric car . yeah, i mean, congressman jordan is exactly right. this is one of the many reasons that the american people i think are going to showt up on november 8th for these midterm elections and they're going to vote for republicans. tell r all of your friends, though, encourage everyone you know to get out and vote because shawn, you're right. inse a year and a half, america has gone totally down the tubes. everything that the democrats and the biden administration it's gonehe, i mean, to garbage, whether it'sr the southern border, whether
11:21 pm
it's our foreign policy, whether it's inflation. i mean, you i look at what's going on right now with thisit bill that you guys areh referencing, joe biden is like a an arsonist who nowrs wants people to believe he's the fire , by the way.e yetfi instead of pouring water on the fire t, he's pouring gasoline. it's insane. and jim, i don't want a lawyer in eric's life and don jr., his life and a bank his life and the president's life because they put him through such . but i'll take the guy with the mean tweets that gave us low gas prices, low inflation, a secure border respect around the world. i'll take that guy back . and he didn't back . yeah, that's why i said many him toiohn , i want run. i think he's going to thi he did a great job for f the country. we need him back in the oval office projecting strength and defending our liberties, which the left is attacked now just the 19 .n: just to watch the reaction, donald trump hasch been reelected. he's the forty seven president of the united states .
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that is worth the cost of admission. i paidid to see. w i will take it. we'll take it. all right. s thankea when we come back . all right.. nancy pelosi did touchdownle while her husband is in trouble here in taiwan today. china's furious. why are so many on the left? why are they refusing to defend pelosi? pelosi is being defended by conservatives victorng t davs hanson will analyze that and much more straight ahead in herschel walker tonight bei, the five star player you don't
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for more information, visit cdc dutko. not that any american should t really care about. china apparently is fuming tonight and they're throwing a temper tantrumum after speakeu pelosi followed through on that visit to taiwan where she stressed the need for solidarity with our pacific ally. response, we're learning
11:27 pm
about an apparent cyber attack against taiwan's presidential office. meanwhile, china, china's fi defense ministry announced today that beijing will now hold targeted t t drillsts and missile tests all around taiwan. still, pelosi, once they made the threat, she had to go , she had to visit. itsh would projected nothing but pure weakness. otherwise, america cannot ever be bullied by the ccp or by anybody. and it wasas t only last week tt the president of china humiliated joe biden and they were bragging about it, lecturing biden, threatening biden. joe should have pressedld president xi on the origins of covid china's unfair trade practices. certainly intellectual property theft, , their oppression againt the minority and the chinese fighter jets flying in taiwan'ss airspace every other day along with talk of reunification, which is a takeover of taiwan or as she likes to claim anyway. so again, ask yourself, whyur is biden in the white house nota
11:28 pm
standing by pelosi? s why are they buckling under the pressure to china? why are there reports biden didn't want pelosi to go ?to how we can our president be ? and even the far left media mob is now slamming the speaker there joining with biden. they want biden to continue to be weak. you've got thomas friedman idiot that he is at the new york times writing a piece entitled why pelosi's visitri to taiwan is utterly reckless. one former obama nsc adviserdv saying pelosi's visit wasis not in america's best interest. why not? l take a look. so i think this is a trip which does not serve us interests. it's because of secretarype speaker pelosi's desire toak go. people of the administration were not enthusiastic about us at the but unfortunately, speaker pelosi apparently decided to proceed and required the president biden her to calls off, which he did to not>>
11:29 pm
only did joe get threatened by president xi even worse than that, allnlyoe of china of thre. joe sold china one million barrels of oil fromf our strategic oilro reserves.he why would we do that when we'rec paying record high gas pricesor by the way, why does he now want to lift tariffs on china? whatff have they done deservehe such treatment? here with reaction, the author of the dying citizen is as senior fellow at the hoover institution, victor davis hanson. you know, professor, i don't like a weak america. i don't likee to have a weak american president. i don't like america being threatened by the president in china ort the running russia or the thugs in iran. the mullahs in iran or kissing saudi arabia's and opec's. and venezuela's asked for a energy that we canss be producig domestically. why is it joe biden has
11:30 pm
seemingly no common sense? we don't need to deal with any of these countries from a position of weakness. if weun would produce energy domestically, whyy don't we do that? professor? because they're captives of ideology. they would rather fail and be b politically correct and succeed and deviaterect from their orthodoxy. pelosi is they worst emissary of u.s. foreignol policy. she did this on in 2007. she right after the lebanon war in 2006, right during the surge of the assad dynasty, was sending people in to kill americans. she went over and freelanced into syria and didid a lot of damage to us . and soif if she wanted to go to taiwan, she should haveh coordinated with the white house. the pentagon made sure they had a common front and they said that we're going to go what are you going to do about them?bl i have no problem with that. this waffling and then arguing and yes, you should. s yes,ho all we did was radiate weakness. and the question is why does china think that they have such a prerogative to tell us that the third ranking person in
11:31 pm
the u.s. government in a sense can and cannot go places? and the answer is in eighteen months we've destroyed d us deterrence. there was the humiliation inet afghanistan. you had the chairman ofaia the joint chiefs calling up his chinese counterpart basically toca imply that this president was unstable and he would, i guess, trustre a chinese playi leader more than he would his own command and then you have t the hesitation with ukraine where we offer to fly. zelenskyy and you mentioned all of the nato us army's only made short. it's only forty percent of its recruitment. 40% of its0% recruitmentia is turning into a social justice institution. the chinese know thatl stitit br than we do. t and they're they've they've surmised they thought these people talk loudd and they carry a twig and we're going to take advantagend. it's time we call them. h you know, we're going to have to build up our defenses,ef especially missile defense, and we're going to have toth be symmetric with china if they want 38 . h
11:32 pm
they if we have twenty five hundred students in china, why do they have thirty three hundred and eighty thousand in the united states ? why do you buy there's no rationale. the united states anywhere you want. there's no ask much i insist on symmetry. we don't want to be we don'tus want to be pugnacious. we just say we wantwe to get along with you but we have to treat each other equitably. and you're notot doing out and we're going to insist that you do it. but before we do that, john , we've got to get our house economically and militarily in order. we've got to deterrence back . we've got to beef up the military. we've got to get a new we've got to get a new defensese secretary. a new wndid, we need jointe chiefs. de we need a whole new attitude in the military that is for deterrence and battlefield efficacy rather than these extraneous issues that radiatese to the chinese that we don't we're not serious about defending our allies and our own interests. es i onlyts have about 30 seconds. do you believe, as i do, that all these hostile regimes had h a genuine fear of donald trump
11:33 pm
and they don't have anyav fear f joe biden? well, the record says that they went to ukraine and they went into crimea and they went into a saceur and they went in again in the ukraine and they didn't do anything from 2017 of twenty because they thought donald trump was unpredictables and the high stakes strategic poker, you unpredictability with a strong defense, it creates deterrence and that's a what that's why they didn't they weren't adventurous. and now they feel that biden, because he's weak and the thatwey has eroded he's going to make that up with this braggadocio and they don't they don't they're not impressed. and that's probably the person on davis has restored. by the way, he's got a great horse on c.s. lewis at sean hillsdale about comments and advertise on my radio show. the course is phenomenal. you like c.s. lewis? d likeo. i do. all right. straight ahead tonight, texas governor greg abbott has
11:34 pm
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drinking water. the marine corps first discovered these toxic contaminants which were generated by the treatment plants on base in 1982. we fought to protect our country. now's the time for you to fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve for your illness. how to resolve the toxic water at camp june call for a free case review now when you can watch the latest news and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere on fox news out of your own xm america is listening. all right. it is primary night in multiples states , including high profile races in arizona tonight, results i are pouring in herey with the very latest. i don't know if wee call it the hammer board, the big board, the hammer, the the big board, the board. is i don't know what we call this thing anymore. i guess the billboard, the billboard. i'm just borrowing against the breadboard tonight. but we'vewe got some numbers coming in.
11:39 pm
and first of all, sean, i wantt to update you on that michiganov governor's primaryer. i remember tooter dixon waser former president trump's endorsementudor there sheme is leading big and if b you look at state, it looks like this is her night. she will likelyer win. this primary hasn't been called yet. but you look at someplace likepl ottowaac county, almost 70% of the vote there. she is leading by 10 points. and there are counties like this where you're getting a lot of votes and this could v be something that gets called pretty quickly another race where we're seeing kind of stand out right now is in i missouri. that primary, remember, the twor erics were endorsed by formerice president trump, eric greitensd and eric schmidt. this looks like an eric schmitt run away right now. ghlook at all that yellow on the board. you look at someplace like youop countingla buchanan county out west in missouri and there's, 7- you know, twenty seven point lead, about 85%5% of the vote in
11:40 pm
that county. it looks like t eric schmitt coulddco be the winner there. let's take a look at a couple of other things l. there are some interesting house races around the five aro states where there are primaries tonight. and one of the interesting dynamics is that there are three incumbent republicans who voted for president trump's impeachment who are up facing stiff primary challenges, too. in washington, jamie herrera butler versus joe kent. dan newhouse, the incumbent,nc the endorsement for former president trump is lauren kulp there? and thenendo michigan, you have peter mayer, who's the incumbent congressman facing john gibbss is, also endorsed by former president trump. i think we can ndor get some numbers on that michigan race if we check in here. yes. again, it's early there, 80% in, but you have roughly 12 hundred votes separatingy the two with gibbs, the early lead. one more thing i want to just show you real quick here, and that is this is not a race
11:41 pm
that is a congressman or senator governor. is a ballotgo measure in the state of kansas. and it has to do with abortion whether the state should do away with abortion rights inrt the constitution of the stateio right now it is no no gets 63% of the vote. es and yes, it is at this point. 37%. you've got about 30% ofat the vote in. that's a big vote about abortion. cu it could have repercussions other places. but kansas, as you know, prettya red arizona. arizona's really early. not going toy get no numbers from there until about 11:00 p.m.. let me ask you on a yes vote ,th wouldn't that mean that the state legislature then would be empowered to make the law or restrictions or whatever law they wanted on that level if in fact it was? yes, the way this ballot
11:42 pm
measure is written is should wthe state do away with abortin rights that's in the constitution in kansasnd and the no is no, they should not. now, all of this in the wake of the roe v. wade ruling is interesting because each of these battles is going to be fought in each one of these states . the state legislature could do t whatever it wants, but it puto m it to a ballot measure in the state of kansas right now. and it's it's still prettyea early. only 30 percent in. but the no don't amend the constitution to take out abortionthe rights in the campn kansas. constitution is leaving sixty three 30%he lea. all right up there at the big board tonight. brad , thank you. all right. now with washington, d.c., new york city getting just a small little glimpse into the biden border crisis. texas governor greg bid abbott,g he's now invited mayor murielre bowser and mayor eric adamsms from new york down to south f texas to get ath firsthand lookl
11:43 pm
at the worsening humanitarian dealing that he's been with that's been unfolding because of biden's open borders catastrophe. now, abbott wrote in a letter, quote, as governor, i invite to visit our border region to see firsthand the dire situationen that only grows more urgent with each passing day and totng meet with local officials who like yourselves realize this this matter deserves immediate federal action. unfortunately, soat far the mayr seems both of them seem less than enthused. bota spokesperson for mayor adm responding, quote, instead of a photoayad op at the border, wn hope governor abbott will focus his energy and resourceor on providing support and resources to asylum seekers in texas, as we have been hard at work doing in new york city. the only problem is they're dealing with the problem on a level a thousand times bigger. here to explain more , texas governor greg abbott. this you know, it's funny, lemuria bouser said she wantedid the national guard called up
11:44 pm
because s you rightly said, okag if joe biden wants illegal immigrants and he's going to g aid and abet in the lawbreakingp ,he can take care ofo the people that he allows into the country illegally. and so you're sending them to washington, d.c.? i want everygton red state governor to follow your lead. and when planes drop off, illegal immigrants put them inim busses and send them to sixteen pennsylvania avenue, i think that that shows problem. he caused it.em, he edited it. why not handle? i think everyone should do it a right. and believe me,e, we have h more busses headed their wayav as we speak right now. but sean, this just shows the hypocrisy of these liberal leaders up in the northeast who think, well, that border crisis created by joe biden, that's fine as long as thist texas that has to deal with it. but as soon as they have ton deal with the real consequences of biden's border collies tnf
11:45 pm
crisis, they're up in arms calling for the national guardg as you point out, dealingra with just a tiny fraction of what we have to deal with every single day. we're going to keep sending those busses up there until they fully understand. and most importantly, sean, untilost a bad administration ds its jobad to enforce the laws concerning the border. right. so you got their attention and i hope that everybody follows suit because honestly, you've been dealing with thish in a massive record numbers every single month and it literally overwhelmed your state. and at this point, if joe biden continues not too enforce the laws of the land, i don'tse think you really have any ixa choice because i don't think the state of texas ought to bear b the brunt of his badba policies. and i think i think that is the right move now. are you getting more andng more busses going to send more and more people? so because? of the increased influx of people comingux intog our state and because i for d
11:46 pm
the border patrol is doing they're just processing the paperwork of these peoplega coming here illegally and then dumping off these immigrants into our small local communities, we are helping out, these small local communities by sending even more busses toe these communities and putting these new migrants on the busses and sending them to washington, d.c. and we're looking at other cities to send: them to. whilends new york sounds like a good one , i don't know. i try and stay as far away from the city. i get in g the car, i go int a building, i get back in a car and i go home. that's it. governor , great job as always. and we're going to follow thisol really closely. also, your reelection as pivotal. i know you're not goinge n to he a hard race, but with thatte said, i never taked any electin for granted. and you've done a great jobob fr the people of texas. governor , thank you. all right. coming up, a guest on msnbc makes a vile, hateful remark against herschel walker. we're going to playag the tapee will respond. that's next.
11:47 pm
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the two five four nine nine one again that's eight hundred three two five four nine nine one five. herschel walker continue to rise in the polls in georgia. that's that's happening every day and that is prompting outrage from the media mob, including pretty disgusting smear from this commentator on media. and see ellie mistal, he's made a lot of incendiary remarks in the past. take a look at why are republicans backing this man who so clearly unintelligent so clearly doesn't have independent thought. but that's actually the reason walker is going to do what he's told and that's republicans like that's whatt republicans want from their to do what they're told. it was reaction is georgia senate candidate herschel walker. you know, i noticed the race
11:52 pm
has gotten vicious. i noticed the media in georgia has turned on you completely o there in the tank for raphael warnock, the polls showed still very close. and i'my predicting that you're going to be rising more and more every day because the campaign is just getting geared up. what's your reaction to this idiot on nbc? well, you know, i've been in b.c. and this gentleman here and i said, gentlemen, they're upset because rafiah one and the left crazies have spent with 25 million dollars against me and the racist even so right now they are a little upset because they don't realize that i'm going to win this race. so they're trying too do whatever theyo can call me names and get me off track. but this country is not a bad place. this is ais c great country. they want you to believe that this is a racist place. w that'sha why i'm encouraging everyone to go to team rehearsal .coming . let's get people like this rafaelle one and his left crazyr out ofno office and put people n that want to bring people
11:53 pm
together because this is called the united states of america. you know, look, the question that the people of georgia will face in this race are very simple. if you're happy with recordif high inflation, record high gas prices, open borders, if you'ren happy with the pull out in afghanistan, the war in europe, if you're happy in that our president is getting lectured and threatened by the c president of china, thenn vote for raphael warnock becauseha he is a reliable chuma joe biden vote . that'svo what the people of georgia need to decide. or do they want a different path which you're offering now? will you debate raphael warnock ? we're going to open this up on your show right now. i have a separate debate in savannah, georgia, in his backyard that we can debate october the fourteenth in fana ,a crowd that it'll be his people because we're his backyard. oi
11:54 pm
and thisng debate is going to be about the people is not about some political party, is not about the press, but n the people need to see the differences between senator warner and herschel walker and what i mean by that, they're goingock to see that,t as you just said, georgia don't want high gas prices. well, w he voted against the pipeline. georgia want to protect our menw ,womenom in blue where he called them names. he called them 3rd h georgia't don't want men and women sports where he voted to put men and women sports where it is time that people see the difference. so in october,e the 14 senator one to be ready because i acceptede a debate and now he could quit talking and show the people that are you going to stand behind his words and show up forhort the debate? what is this percentage of the vote? how many what percentage of the time is he voting , youschumer and biden know? goingng to ts be interestingo . right now he's trying to walk away from biden, butwa he's voty with them 96% t of the time.
11:55 pm
so you can't walk away from that. you cannot walk away that you voted with him 96% v of the time and now you cometr around to trying to pretend you're trying to help georgia all you ever done, you voted against georgia. you vote with chuck schumer. 96% of the time. now you've got to stand behind that. and i even invited him to do a discussion, a lincoln douglass discussion on why he that he's voted with with biden for ninety six at a time. he said no there as well. so is it time for raffia? t whyo not get back into georgia, quit being with therg washington elitee in washington and prove what he believes? yeah, all right. we'rewa going to be watching herschelle. i hope you debate a lot of everybody. her second. all right. let's get them out of his seat. all right. wee appreciate you beinghe with us. herschel walkerrs. now we have a lot coming up in ththe program. apparently we have a call, as they put it up, apparently breaking to the dickson one ,
11:56 pm
the michigan primary, which we had predicted a little earlier in the program. so that result just came in. that was president trump's endorsed candidate. straight ahead, more "hannity" by the empire. three hundred and by the the grocery store to the gas. working families are getting hammered by rising prices. but instead of focusing on inflation, congress is pushing 80% legislation that will impose more financial burdens on working seniors. their misguided agenda to cut public pension plans. one hundred and nine million dollars for each firefighters and nurses would pay a heavy price. congress needs to focus on inflation and leave american workers alone.
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eleven hundred today after they had found very excited episodes streaming stationfo and unfortunately that's all and unfortunately that's all evening. thank you for making this show possible. let not your heart be troubledtf . she is back after a long weekend. lorang, how was your weekend. it was nice actually enjoyed a couplet wa days off candidate with a lot of fossler. boy, we have a big news night tonight out way big news night tonight. we got elections going on . got a covered wall ,g on . the wall and i'll be watching every minute. all right. knothanks so much, john . i am laura ingraham. this is a remarkable effort charged tuesday night. it's 10:00ch a.m. in the morning in tijuana. speaker pelosi just met with the taiwanese president as china levels more threats and conduct military exercises