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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 3, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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♪♪♪ >> this friday michael ray will take the fox square stage for the all american summer concert series. head to "fox & friends".com and get a free vibe ticket if you register and free barbecue. >> fun this friday. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 in new york. speaker pelosi wrapping up an historic visit is taiwan. the rebuttal out of beijing is just getting started. dana has the day off today. martha, good morning to you. >> great to be with you. i'm martha maccallum. this is "america's newsroom." speaker pelosi departed taiwan for south korea. she leaves after meeting very high profile meeting with the taiwanese leaders in full defiance of a very angry china. >> bill: speaker pelosi
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pledging america's unwavering support for democracy in taiwan. the ccp is not taking that lying down. >> china putting out a new saber rattling video this morning showing missiles at the ready and fighter jets moving into position as beijing prepares to hold its largest taiwan military drills. they will go on for six days. we haven't seen them at this magnitude in 30 years. >> bill: they're set to surround the island while conducting live fire exercises. some of those drills will happen in taiwanese waters. former secretary of state mike pompeo saying it is america's responsibility to hold beijing accountable. >> over these last 48 hours with respect to pelosi's trip is a symptom of the challenge in front of us. we weren't going to sit back and listen to the rhetoric and do nothing. if you continue down this pack and conduct live fire exercise we'll begin to take real action. there was no threat to china
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itself. they created this crisis. we should not let them use the visit of speaker pelosi to create a big uproar where america says we'll have world war iii. they need to act like a more normal nation. >> new reaction coming from john kirby who will join us. we begin with senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot following it for us in london. >> nancy pelosi might be gone, but taiwan's troubles might just be beginning. speaker ended her brief, controversial visit to taiwan a short while ago and met with the island's president and other officials saying the u.s. always wants taiwan to have freedom and security and will not back away from that. this adds upsetting china which sees the island as its own claiming to have conducted even while pelosi was there, military drills in the area. the big stuff set to start
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tomorrow continuing for four days. six zones around taiwan. encircling the island. beijing says its armed forces will participate in live fire exercises. in some places this action will come as close as 10 miles to the taiwan coast and many places it could violate taiwan's nautical and airspace. taiwan says it will interfere with its shipping and flights and up the possibility of a potentially dangerous run-in. last time things got so hot in the region with china was 1995. in that case the u.s. naval assets were quickly deployed there. now they are already there including as we've been telling you the huge u.s.s. ronald reagan carrier strike group and washington warns beijing not to turn this into a crisis. speaker pelosi should be arriving just about now in soule and then go on to tokyo both of which should be safer
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bets. but both of which are very close and threatened by beijing. back to you. >> it is stunning to look at the graphic to see taiwan surrounded in the way that it is right now. you have to wonder if and when they will pull out of those areas. we'll be watching, greg, thank you very much. greg palkot in london. >> it is not something that we like to see. i know a lot of people my democratic colleagues in washington have been outraged at the cynicism and hypocrisy it represented. >> he won his aelection two years ago and lost in the primary battle. one of 10 republicans in the house to impeach donald trump.
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gibbs won the congressional district from last night. in michigan the governor's rate dixon picked up a late endorsement and she was an easy winner it turns out. the republicans have their candidate to go up against gretchen whitmer in november. move further west here in the state of missouri, something that is the senate right now. the eric versus eric battle. this one looked like a frontrunner and finishes in a distant third at eric schmidt is the winner in the state of missouri. republicans have their match-up in missouri to fill the slot of roy blunt. drama in arizona. black masters was an easy winner. this is maricopa county with
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phoenix. 60% of republican voters in arizona vote in maricopa county. 39% figure. he matched that number in that county alone to maricopa where you find phoenix. something we watch throughout the voting here. on the governor's race this is where the drama is. this is too close to call. right now you've got kari lake endorsed by president trump leading karen taylor robson endorsed by vice president mike pence by two points. maricopa county now in phoenix you see taylor robson beating lake by a point. it may or may not be enough. we see how it plays out. 80% of the vote counted. kellyanne conway joins me now. size it up. what did last night tell you today? >> we learned so much heading into the fall last night, bill. not least of which is the
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republican nominee for governor in kansas and the republican nominee for senate in missouri are the synth attorneys general. it is important. crime and safety will continue to be big issues to voters right, left and center. they see the rise in crime in cities and see the fentanyl pouring over the border and they want someone representing them in washington who is going to, of course, meet the challenge. the other thing that's going on in michigan and kansas. of course in arizona regardless of which woman emerges as the nominee there we see this continuing trend, bill, of candidates of color and female candidates running and winning as republicans in michigan you have john gibbs, my former colleague in administration. he served in the opioids cabinet a ran. a great member of our administration beating pete meijer the freshman. you have john james and amanda
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atkins and a female republican nominee as governor. why is this important? for a few reasons. in 2020 even though joe biden became the president, you had no republican incumbent losing his or her seat. of the 15 blue to red changes in the house 11 were taken by women and all 15 were taken by a candidate of color, female, veteran or some combination there of. that continues. last point. we see this continuing trend starting from 2016 where hillary clinton won the hispanic vote. in 2020 joe biden won. a 17 point decrease. now the democrats if you look at all the polling in these primaries so far the only read 12 or 13%. not just that republicans continue to win hispanic voters but winning with hispanic candidates. but that's a huge trend going.
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in last point about pete meijer. he is a freshman member. he was one of the 10 who voted to impeach president trump but also voted for the infrastructure bill and gun control bill and also voted to approve of the january 6th committee formation. here is someone who kept sticking his finger in the eye of many constituents who put him there. he won the seat as a conservative america first republican and then didn't vote that way. >> bill: three of the 10 are still alive of those house republicans who voted to impeach. on abortion in kansas. they overwhelmingly vote to protect abortion rights in their constitution. 60% say no. what does that tell you coming on the heels of roe v. wade in the u.s. supreme court and what it portends for other states? >> first, it is exactly what
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the dobbs decision designed the next steps to be. kick it back to the states and let the people decide. in kansas they spoke very loudly based on the language of that particular initiative that was before them. secondly, it may be too soon. emotions are raw, confusion is deep. you see that planned parenthood, i read last week had a 40-fold increase in donations after the dobbs decision. people are concerned that we've gone from all abortion anywhere, any time, anywhere to nothing in some of these states. it may be a little too soon for that. i would point out to you everybody including other networks lower rated networks love to say today kansas is a conservative, red state. that's true and it is not so true. i don't really like when we talk about states that way. in this case they have a female pro-choice democratic governor up for reelection and she won with less than 50% of the vote but the governor there.
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i think when we just look at one state as red or blue, pro-life or pro-choice we aren't respecting the diversity of opinion let alone the population in the different states. maybe is a little too soon for some voters to be going to the ballot box and saying no to abortion. >> bill: snap analysis this morning. good to have you on today. see how this all plays out very soon. nice to see you. martha, what's next. >> the disturbing reality of the border crisis on full display as a migrant drowns while trying to cross the rio grande river illegally. it's a near daily occurrence where people aren't being dealt with compassion losing their lives on that river on a daily basis, bill. >> bill: the problems keep racking up for paul pelosi allegedly slurring speech and had a drug in his system during the d.u.i. bust. what it is we don't know. how he tried to play the
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>> martha: court documents revealing stunning new details into the drunk driving arrest of house speaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul pelosi was allegedly slurring his speech, wreaked of alcohol and had some kind of drug in his system, according to these newly released documents. they show that two separate vehicles sustained major collision damage, a quote from the report.
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paul pelosi's porch and the other driver's jeep. pelosi slid them the foundation card, a country highway patrol charity that supports officers and provides scholarships for their children. the other driver reported i think the following day that he had pain to his right arm, shoulder and neck. the day after that collision. pelosi crashed into doe on the way to his napa valley country house on may 28. set to appear in court this morning. we'll watch that. he will be arraigned on d.u.i. charges. >> bill: meanwhile another tragedy at the southern border. fox news team witnessing a migrant drown in the treacherous waters crossing the rio grande. this while trying to illegally come into the u.s. griff jenkins back on the story in hill -- hidalgo, texas.
6:19 am
>> now we add one more to the unprecedented count. take a look at this video we shot yesterday as we watched, the coast guard and texas game warden pulling a lifeless body from the river. group of migrants were crossing and got into the tough water, turned back. one man not making it. texas dps lieutenant shows the total disregard that these cartels have for human life. listen here. >> they don't care. they treat the imgranlts as a commodity. their main purpose is to get the immigrants across the river into the united states because they are profiting off them right nou. it's a multi-billion dollar trade. >> the heat isn't slowing the flow of migrants. in the last 24 hours there were 1,093 encounters here. more than 1400 in the del rio
6:20 am
sector where our drone flies high. that includes these large groups you see over there. if you add the two sectors together, it is more than 800,000 encounters, bill. as most of the migrants being bused to d.c. bused to new york is come from these two sectors. another bus arriving in d.c. where the mayor is very upset about it. new york city's mayor saying no thanks to governor abbotts, invitation to see. governor abbott will spoke us energy and resources to asylum seekers in texas as we have been hard at work in new york city. it is important to point out, bill, that not all are seeking asylum. last week here in the rgb 22 gang members and 4 criminal migrants were arrested. >> bill: griff jenkins in eagle
6:21 am
pass, texas. >> martha: incredible images from the border. we'll bring in fox business anchor maria gameel -- bartiromo this morning in texas. good morning to you. interesting to note in that report that eric adams does not want a photo op with governor abbott and he is very upset, as is mayor bowser in d.c., about migrants being bused to places like new york city and washington, d.c. >> martha, it is extraordinary. the real rich hypocrisy of it all is these mayors want federal funding. they want the national guard. texas doesn't have any federal funding. texas is not talking about this need for additional national guard. the bottom line is texas has taken on all the protection itself. the operation lone star has
6:22 am
done an excellent job trying to secure what is a wide open border. martha, we have seen incredible pictures. this is my fifth time at the border. every time i come i learn something more. i went to the crime lab of department of public safety and saw many of the drugs that are seized and they have this huge testing facility where they seize the drugs and test them to see whether there is fentanyl in it. there are so many drugs being laced with fentanyl and killing off americans. you know, 100,000 people have died of overdoses because of fentanyl. we are talking about that today in this livestreaming program on fox nation. it starts at 11:00 a.m. i will talk with governor abbott and speak with flores, the congresswoman who won the special election. she turned over a seat that was held by democrats for 100 years and the reason that she was able to turn that seat is because the people on the border, the people of texas and
6:23 am
arizona, are feeling this the worst. they can't go out to their ranch to throw out the garbage without carrying a pistol. they know their entire properties are getting trashed by the gotaways. you showed the number of people encountered. how about the people just getting away that we know some 900,000 people have gotten into the country and seen on surveillance video. they don't have good intentions. if they did we would see them want to get encountered not to mention the 50 people on the terrorist watch list. this is an enormous story and why we're covering it at fox news and fox business. it is impacting every state, not just a border state. >> martha: such a great point, maria. the point you made on the hypocrisy of washington, d.c. and new york leadership endorsing essentially the federal policies on immigration except not in their backyard, right? as you point out they want
6:24 am
national guard support where they are and yet we put this enormous burden on texas and arizona to deal with it on their own based on a federal policy that is imposed on them. >> right. rather than attacking greg abbott and the officials in arizona, pick up the phone and call president biden to find out why this administration and the democrats refuse to acknowledge what is taking place. some people calling it an invasion. let's not forget all of the drugs killing america and where they are coming from because the underlying chemicals in fentanyl are made in china. first we have the covid-19 disaster killing 1 million americans and now we have fentanyl killing 100,000 americans all originating in china. i don't think fentanyl came up in the phone call biden had with xi jing ping and i wonder why not. >> martha: i remember president trump pressing them on why they
6:25 am
were allowing fentanyl to come into the united states. all presidents should agree it's huge security issue for our country. we look forward to that special on fox nation at 11:00 a.m. this morning. thanks. great to have you with us. >> bill: thank you, martha. 25 past. nancy pelosi has left taiwan vowing to preserve democracy in that country. how will china respond? is the u.s. ready for retailiation? john kirby will join me in a moment live from the white house. the leader of al qaeda, one of the masterminds behind 9/11 21 years ago taken out in a massive u.s. drone strike. what are we learning today about the hit that took him out?
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>> martha: now that bin laden's right hand man has been killed in a u.s. air strike some fear the next leader of al qaeda could become even more brutal in order to attract a new generation of terrorists. joining us now a former u.s. army special operations soldier, brett, great to have you with us and good morning to you. it's a very interesting point that you bring up here because this raises a lot of questions about who fills the void of al-zawahiri. although al qaeda has been nearly decimated, this could be an opportunity to inspire a younger, new generation of potential terrorists, right?
6:32 am
>> exactly. i think we have to take a close look at the factors of why al-zawahiri was in kabul. who invited him there and who did he meet with? this is a larger issue than just one man in al qaeda. it makes it extremely clear to me that al qaeda is back in afghanistan and have a level of protection from the taliban. it hasn't been a year since we left. administration assured us the american people, you know, were clear that al qaeda was no longer a threat there and that these elements were not in country and no danger to the homeland. he was there visiting his family in a residential area. he was staying in the home of a known haqqani leader. he felt so comfortable coming back to afghanistan it tells you the environment is permissive for terrorists and likely other senior leaders and individuals for years have been hiding in pakistan out of reach in many cases and now they are back. i can only imagine how many other terrorists who have u.s. blood on their hands are coming back to afghanistan, living there since the withdrawal of troops in the country and i
6:33 am
really hope that if anything, this strike hits pause on their thought they can operate with impunity. i hope the strike sends a message to other leaders that even though we pulled out of afghanistan the u.s. won't forget and paying close attention to the leaders and still being tracked down and the u.s. government is not just going to forget about the hundreds of american soldiers killed at the hands of al qaeda and isis. >> martha: you are so right. there is some interesting new reporting this morning on the patterns that al-zawahiri had, how he kept going onto the balcony morning after morning after morning and gave them the opportunity to isolate him and to take him out. but you touch on something that i think is really important, brett. it is the void that was created after we left afghanistan. and i think back to 1990, to the assassination of -- or 1993, the first bombing of the world trade center and then nearly 10 years later that we
6:34 am
saw the 2001 attack on september 11th. they have time and patience and will likely make this effort to rebuild. can they build that kind of passion in this new generation of terrorists? do they feel the same way as bin laden and al-zawahiri did about america? >> i think they can absolutely. they can build up. there was talked about -- al-zawahiri was a number three terrorists in al qaeda talking about bringing the younger generation of terrorist leaders into play to help bolster this new way ahead of al qaeda. the strike, it was one of the most significant counter terrorism operations since the operation to take out baghdadi and al qaeda is trying to fill that void. this strike is a testament to the precision that the u.s. government is able to do. i think men and women behind the operation. what it tykes to pull something
6:35 am
like this off. months of painstaking and watching and waiting establishing patterns of movement and i'm glad the strike was successful in the end. >> martha: we have best people working for us and it is a true victory for them and the hours and days and nights they pulled to pull this off. we give them enormous credit for that. brett, thank you very much. always good to see you. thanks. >> today the world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy. america's determination to keep democracy in taiwan and around the world remains iron clad. >> bill: that happened overnight. house speaker nancy pelosi earlier in taiwan leaving that country pledging america's support for taipei in the face of escalating threats out of beijing including live fire military drills which are set to begin this week. john kirby, national security council spokesman with me from the white house. nice to see you, sir.
6:36 am
thank you for your time yet again. how much concern is there at the white house with these live fire military drills on behalf of china? >> we're certainly watching them closely as we can. you might recall on monday we said publicly this is exactly what we would expect the chinese to do in the wake of or even during speaker pelosi's trip. this is pretty much the playbook we expected and we'll watching to see how they develop. we urge beijing not to escalate tensions. nothing about speaker pelosi's trip was inconsistent with our longstanding approach to china and supporting taiwan. >> bill: i believe you use the words we expect them, meaning china, to continue to react. like how? >> well, i think as we said a couple of days ago, we would expect to see military exercises. we might expect to see air activity across the median line in the taiwan straits. we might expect them to want to
6:37 am
take economic measures. they have already announced a few. so we're watching this closely. again, we expected that the chinese would have some sort of show of force, even a muscular reaction and they appear to be doing that. but we urge them not to escalate tensions any further than they already are. there is no reason for that. >> bill: you have the issue with ukraine and putin and their support for that as well. the rearview mirror. some argue the whole public spat with speaker pelosi made america look weak. couldn't we have handled that better including from the white house? >> well gee, bill, i don't know there was a public spat with speaker pelosi. we have been nothing but consistent at the white house respecting her decision to go. it is her decision that we provided. obviously support, context, analysis she needed to make her decision. i don't believe that there was a public spat over whether she could go or not.
6:38 am
>> bill: the white house tried to talk her out of it. >> no, i wouldn't concede that. i think we gave her context and information. we gave her an analysis of what it would look like not just in the one stop but all the stops she is making on this important trip. she makes her own decision. i've been saying that for days now. it is her decision to make. congress is a co-equal, independent branch of government and members of congress, including a previous speaker of the house, traveled to taiwan including this year. very consistent. >> bill: let me squeeze in a few questions about afghanistan. how long was al-zawahiri in kabul? >> we think that he was in kabul since if not late last year, early this year and that was based on information that we had by being able to track his family's movements there and then him wanting to reunite with them.
6:39 am
>> bill: initially the reporting is that he was there at least four months ago, put it around april. you are saying that he may have been in kabul as long as last year? >> late last year. we think maybe as late as december. i don't mean a whole year ago. over the last six or seven months probably. it was an indication we had. we had to verify that and that was from long, painstaking, meticulous effort in the intelligence community to verify and validate the information we thought we had. that took months to do to make sure that the indications were accurate, that it was him and he really was there and then watch his pattern of life. see if we could make sure that we had the right guy and that we had an opportunity through his pattern of life to take this strike. it took a while but really several months. >> bill: last question here. jen griffin asked you on the 20th of august last year, remember, this is in the chaos of kabul and getting out of
6:40 am
that country, how many al qaeda fighters were in afghanistan. and at the time you said i haven't seen an estimate on that. we are a year later, john. what is the estimate on al qaeda fighters in afghanistan? >> it is a fair question. i don't want to get too specific but we do not believe number is very, very large and we're watching it as closely as we can. to the previous speaker you had on a little bit ago saying something like that we in the administration claim that al qaeda wasn't there at all. they were gone. that is not true. back to jen's question to me i was very honest that we knew al qaeda had some presence in afghanistan even before we left. we just didn't have an exact fingertip feel on how many. we're starting to get a little more information over the course of this last year. we have more information. we were able to take out mr.
6:41 am
al-zawahiri. we would not assess the number is very, very large. >> bill: please come back. i have a long list of questions as you well know. we are out of time for today. thank you for your time, john kirby. >> martha: parents were outraged over what schools are teaching their children in many cases. why one mom is threatening lawmakers with a series of lawsuits. >> i promise you, i will turn this into a class action lawsuit ambulance chasing case. ♪♪ "shake your thang" by salt n pepa this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year.
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>> martha: welcome back. a southern california school district is facing backlash today for paying $20,000 in taxpayer money for woke training in one of their elementary schools. sean duffy is a fox news contributor and former wisconsin congressman. always good to see you. good morning to you. this is a website and the title is woke kindergarten. there is a lot of these educational consulting firms across the country and public schools pay them big bucks to basically sell them many people would call them indoctrination materials to our public school systems and this one let's put up some of the woke wonderings
6:47 am
on their website. a list of some of the things they're interested in teaching children about and giving these educators some pointers on how to approach these with kids as young as 4 or 5 years old, sean. >> race training as well. it is a racist curriculum. also they are promoting transgenderism. you can boy, girl, tree, anything you want. to your point you talk about indoctrination. sometimes we say this is inappropriate for kindergartners. this is inappropriate for anyone in school whether you are k-12 or college. we are going to school -- sending our kids to school to give them an education to learn math, science, english. this isn't about using the education system and tax money to indoctrinate our children to the left of even bernie sanders or aoc. they would be shocked at many things taught to our kids. this is about politics, not about education. and if we are going to get this right as parents, number one if
6:48 am
you can afford it get grand parents you have to take your kids out of these schools. it will be hard to fix them in a short period of time. get your kids out if you want to save your kids but the real star should be arizona where they give all of the parents the money for their children to take their khairn where they want. the money follows the child. not the school system. i have a choice to send my child to a school that fits my values. what you will see, martha, schools like this that aren't educating kids but indoctrinateing the kids will go belly up. no one wants to send their kids there. the pathway to the middle class in america is a good education. this is not that. >> martha: this is the biggest issue i see here. it is that a, you know, in an effort to say that these schools are diverse and that they are paying attention to issues like equity, they pay off these education consultants and check the box. oh, we have this program, we're
6:49 am
addressing these kinds of issues. but the big tragedy as you accurately point out, sean, is that they aren't learning. so the mission of the school is to teach children to read, to write, to be prepared for first grade, to be prepared for second and third and fourth to make sure that by the time they get to eighth grade they have established the kind of base of learning foundation and so you can't do this other stuff even if it were a good idea, unless you have really achieved the basic. here is a clip from this educational guide of what they are teaching kindergartners how to keep safe. watch this? >> who keeps us safe? we keep us safe. we don't police us. we don't arrest us. >> martha: quick thought on that before we go, sir. >> this is a democrat playbook and democrat ideas taught to our children. i will tell you it is more insidious. the school boards and the teachers colleges believe in this stuff. even if you are able to change
6:50 am
the school board, the young teachers that are being taught in teachers colleges have all been taught about these concepts and indoctrinateing your kids. math and science, the most recent study i saw americans are 37th in math and science globally. after the pandemic we'll fall much further. we aren't doing the basics but we're doing this? which is just dividing america. shouldn't our schools bring us closer together and educate our kids and give us common themes that we have as americans as opposed to going we will divide each other by race and sex? it's all about dividing america which makes us weaker, not stronger. it is shameful stuff. shocking but not surprising. >> martha: uneducated children afraid to turn to a policeman if they are in trouble, which obviously they should do. if they need help. thank you very much. always good to see you, my friend. bill. >> bill: we have breaking news on taiwan. talking with john kirby a moment ago.
6:51 am
apparently the taiwanese air force has been scrambled to warn away several dozen chinese fighters that they say entered taiwanese airspace. we're watching that right now as it develops in asia. here at home one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted on trial in texas for murdering his two teenage daughters. how the law caught up with him more than a decade on the run. this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. fasenra is not a rescue medication or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments
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>> bill: it could happen yet again. kentucky facing another severe threat after deadly flooding there. the victims battling scorching heat and extreme humidity. temps could reach triple digits. some residents still without power. it is a mess. lost creek, kentucky, jeff paul reports from there today.
6:57 am
jeff, hello. >> the rain has stopped but the cleanup process is still in its very early stages. the folks we talked to say the water was so high, i'm six feet. it would have been well above my head. beyond how deep look how powerful that storm was when it came through here. that is a pickup truck that was tossed and turned over. if you look close enough it's a washer tangled in the back of that truck. everywhere you look throughout this region, there is some form of devastation. homes destroyed, lives turned upside down. yet somehow these people remain so incredibly resilient. >> i'm going to work now. when i come back home in the morning i might not get back to my house. i might have to sleep in my vehicle but i try. we just got to move on. and we are tough. >> they are going to have to be
6:58 am
tough especially facing some of these really hot temperatures that are coming into this area as the recovery effort continues. 1300 people so far have been rescued. many more remain unaccounted for. official death toll standing now at 37 people killed. >> bill: unbelievable. what a story, jeff paul in eastern kentucky. >> martha: the trial for one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted is now underway. this man is accused of killing his two daughters in what officials are calling an honor killing. you may remember this story. we covered it quite a bit when the tragedy happened. more with alexis mcadams who joins us now. good morning. >> a lot of people are keeping a close eye on this for years. texas dad killed his own daughters because they were dating outside of their muslim faith. in court yesterday the man felt he was completely losing control of his family, even once holding a gun to his
6:59 am
daughter's head a while back. defense said he denies the murders and on trial for his religion. his daughters the one of them called 911 for help after she was shot. listen. >> 17-year-old girl there that you saw on your screen and 18-year-old were killed back in 2008. family members say the teens were good students and both wanted to be doctors. their bodies were found inside of a cab in the suburb of dallas. he said he was taking them to dinner. he was on the run for more than a decade and arrested in 2020. his son and brother con viktd of helping him evade arrest. the court's aunt testified days before they were killed the girls ran away to her house and
7:00 am
their mom forced them to return to their father. he faces life in prison without parole if convicted. >> thank you very much. next hour geraldo rivera will break down the case and the 12 year search to find one of the f.b.i.'s top 10 most wanted men. bill. >> our solidarity with you is more important than ever as you defend your freedom. >> bill: the statement from the house speaker. fox news alert wrapping up a visit in taiwan after meeting with its president saying the u.s. is committed to that island's security as tensions with beijing continue to escalate. brand-new hour starts right now. i'm bill hemmer. dana has the day off today. martha, good morning. >> martha: good morning, everybody. china claiming that the trip, quote, gravely undermines peace and stability.
7:01 am
while they have ramped up their military presence. warships expected to continue to surround taiwan and they are holding live fire exercises and some breaking news about some military planes in the region as well, bill. >> bill: four u.s. ships including the u.s.s. ronald reagan on high alert. white house saying that it is prepared to, quote, manage what beijing chooses to do. >> we would expect to see military exercises. we might expect to see some air activity across the median line in the taiwan strait. we might expect them to want to take economic measures. they have already announced a few. so we're watching this closely. >> martha: former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe is standing by. first to aishah hosni live at the white house for us this morning. hi, aishah. >> good morning to you both. the white house this morning is in a very delicate dance
7:02 am
calling on china to not escalate tensions any more. speaker nancy pelosi overnight accusing china of standing in the way of taiwan. >> i just hope that it is really clear that while china has stood in the way of taiwan participating and going to certain meetings, that they understand that they will not stand in the way of people coming to taiwan. >> she met with the president of taiwan and offered solidarity as taiwan defends itself and its freedom. china is condemning the entire visit. the chinese army planning a series of air and sea military drills including live fire exercises around the island starting thursday. chinese ambassador tweeting the u.s. must pay for its own mistake and we mean what we say. the country now sum oning the
7:03 am
u.s. ambassador. white house trying very hard to make clear to the chinese there is no change in the one china policy. the u.s. does not support taiwan independence but does support its defense. former ambassador to china under president obama and former senator said the speaker is pushing the line closer to independence. it makes president biden look weak. >> she is not the president. she doesn't have to worry about conducting foreign policy worldwide. joe biden looks weak either because he told her not to go. looks week to chinese guys or weak because he told her not to go and she went anyway. >> you just heard from john kirby telling bill the white house doesn't acknowledge there was a back and forth, disagreement or spat over whether she should go there or not. martha. >> martha: thank you very much.
7:04 am
>> bill: i want to show our viewers on this graphic here just how close these -- this contest could become. what you see on the screen behind me is 25 years ago, 1995, 1996. you have the issue over the taiwan strait. taipei the capital city is at the top of taiwan, airport to the west where np landed and took off today. she was there for 20 years. what you see in blue here is where the military exercises took place when bill clinton was president surrounding the island of taiwan. advance it one time and show you what is planned for tomorrow through sunday. four days now, all right? you see how much closer they've moved toward taiwan? we are hearing down here in the southeast this is in violation of taiwan's territorial waters. there is another place in the north. this little box you see here, this is where the planned
7:05 am
military exercises are, all six of them here with these two would touch and defend the taiwanese territorial waters. so we're watching this very carefully now as we got this report last hour that about 27 chinese war planes were flown from the chinese mainland across the taiwan strait and in response the taiwanese air force took to the sky to warn them off. this is all happening now in realtime. you heard john kirby last hour say they are ready for a response from beijing and possibly many different ways but what those ways are have yet to be defined. this is certainly something over the weekend that we'll keep a close eye on. martha, back to you now for more. >> martha: indeed. let's bring in former director of national intelligence under president trump john ratcliffe. thank you very much for joining us. this is a serious situation when you look at the positions
7:06 am
of the chinese military really surrounding. it almost looks like a blockade essentially around taiwan right now that bill just showed us on that map. what goes through your mind when you see these pictures and images, john. >> i do think that what china is doing is in part responding in a way that will help them in a propaganda war. in other words, they have to try and save face now that nancy pelosi has come and gone. they made certain threats and now they have to show that they are responding. but they also can learn from these live fire exercises and some of the transgressions that are going to inevitably occur over the next few days about how they might be successful in an amphibious assault and invasion of taiwan. i think that's the larger concern. it is not over the next three or four days. the provocations could lead to certain issues, but it is really intelligence community's concern as they have communicated even with our
7:07 am
allies throughout the pacific president xi very much considers there to be an 18 month timetable for which it is an opportunity to try and reunify taiwan into mainland china. i think it's that longer concern that we should be dealing with. and why we need to be arming taiwan now in preparation for that event walt. >> martha: let me ask you this. it reminds me in some ways of what we saw around ukraine right before the invasion of ukraine by russia and we also heard in that situation that they were just doing military exercises, even to the point where some of their own soldiers thought they were just there to do military exercises and a longer time frame that it would play out and we saw putin go right in. why shouldn't we think we may be seeing a similar situation
7:08 am
right now? >> well, we should be. many of us said in the aftermath of afghanistan, look, there will be a ripple effect. you may see putin move on ukraine. that happened. we said xi would get more aggressive toward taiwan and we're seeing that. i think our intelligence reflects the fact that that is the intention. you have to keep in mind that even though this has been an issue for more than 70 years, it is really only been in the last 10 years that china really feels like they can act on these threats where they are in a position militarily, economically and technologically to enforce some of the threats against taiwan and ultimately be in a position to try and reunify. so i think these concerns are very real. i will say this, martha, you know, the way this has played out nancy pelosi looks strong and joe biden looks weak but i think that the way this played
7:09 am
out unwittingly, although unintended the way the white house misplayed this. they finally got to see this week from coast to coast across all networks the threat that china really is. they got an accurate depiction of what communist china is these days. not a misrepresentation that china is just some strategic competitor or friendly ally. they got to see the chinese president promise a fiery death to the american president. they saw chinese-run or controlled media advocate for shooting down a democrat speaker of the house. they saw why many of uls in the trump administration were saying china is our number one threat and it is a sinister threat. the american people across all networks across the country got to see that this week. >> martha: boy, you know what? in the back drop of all of that
7:10 am
you have them spying on our federal reserve, you have them buying up land in the farm areas in the united states, and i think people are finally realizing what's going on. i think you are absolutely right. quick question, i know you have to go. when you look at that graphic of the surround what causes them, after these exercise, to pull back from those regions that we have moved into surrounding taiwan and cutting off taiwan airlines and other businesses and what does the united states do if they don't pull back? >> well, i think, you know, they are going to learn some things from these exercises and see what the responses are. unfortunately, we have not armed taiwan with some of the military contracts that they could have used to counter these things or be in a position. some of the f-16s haven't been delivered. some of the parts for patriot missiles. some of the anti-artillery systems that taiwan could have
7:11 am
and could be, you know, could be preparing to show a force in response to that. so i think that what china is doing is testing for ultimately what will be an effort to in the likely event there isn't some political reunification by force, by military, president xi who sees a window of opportunity will move on this and using the next several days, you know, to learn the best way to approach that and to modify what they've had for a while, which is an evolving plan to invade taiwan. >> martha: parallels to ukraine where they asked and asked and didn't receive what they needed in time before that invasion as well. we'll see if the same thing happens to taiwan. good to see you. >> you too. >> bill: landlords across the country pushing back against covid-era eviction protections for tenants. like in los angeles where property owners say the state's
7:12 am
extension of the eviction moratorium could push them into bankruptcy and foreclosure. kelly o'grady looking at that today from l.a. good morning. >> good morning, the city council extended the pandemic state of emergency which continues those protections for not paying rent. it is a bit of a complicated situation. rent prices are skyrocketing but those were covid protections and the city has returned to near normal operations almost. the landlords are pushing back who argue not only is the process broken to prove when tenants have real covid hardships but emergencies measures are unnecessary. >> we're operating regulations on housing as of it's march 2020. the owners will lose the properties or have to sell those properties. >> indeed landlords say that not being able to collect rent could push them into foreclosure. a sentiment echoed by the one council member who pushed back.
7:13 am
he said policies we put in place to protect people are affecting rent owners who haven't been able to run their businesses as usual. properties they saved all their lives for income to support themselves. important to note last summer the supreme court struck down the cdc moratorium on evictions. the white house claiming they have a duty to families everywhere to insure covid-era eviction protections are permanent. the d.o.j. applauded efforts to do so. >> many of these courts initially acted in response to the pandemic. but now courts around the country are considering how they can take what they've learned about eviction diversion and make permanent and lasting transformative change. >> you know, bill, as the white house considers student loan forgiveness some critics are saying is rent next? what happens to the small business landlords if so. >> bill: thank you. something to watch. nice to have you there in los angeles. thanks.
7:14 am
martha. >> martha: disturbing video from a group of suspects seen beating and robbing a 70-year-old woman in broad daylight. it happened in a city that is no stranger to these kind of attacks. >> bill: a major credit agency issuing millions of incorrect credit scores. oh oh. it may have cost you a loan. we'll have details. >> martha: meanwhile border patrol seengz more than half a million pounds of drugs this year alone. lawrence jones on why this is going from bad to worse and how we can stop it. who need money fy and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your
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my grandma never mentioned this, but her first job was working at a five and dime, when she was only 16 years old. it's all right there in the census.
7:18 am
see where a few details can lead with the 1950 census on ancestry.
7:19 am
>> bill: from san francisco police searching for four suspects seen on surveillance video "taind by a tv brutally
7:20 am
beating a woman last weekend. >> no arrests yet. the video is hard to watch. we want to warn you. the 70-year-old woman asking to be identified as mrs. wren was approached by four juveniles at her apartment building on sunday asking for the time. the woman says there was a language barrier so she responded by showing those juveniles her watch but the attackers followed mrs. wren inside. the 70-year-old woman said the suspect searched her body realizing she had an iphone but refused to give it up. video shows the attackers pulling the senior to the ground and kicking her in the face and using their fists to repeatedly hit her head. the brutal beating doesn't stop there. video shows mrs. wren trying to pull a door closed to hide in a hallway. attackers return to assault the senior and take her keys. mrs. wren says she can't sleep because of this trauma and she
7:21 am
wants this story to come out for other people to be aware and safe. san francisco police say this attack is being investigated. they have not made any arrests. mrs. wren said she spent the last two years in her apartment because of covid-19 fears choosing to leave her apartment on sunday only to be met by this mob of attackers. the san francisco police union tweeting out, quote, absolutely shameless cowards without a drop of human decency. no place for excusing these thugs for being misguided youth in place of counseling. that came out the door when you came back to kick a 70-year-old woman when she was already down. they got away with her phone and keys but chose not to take earrings or watch. san francisco police are asking for tips. >> bill: it doesn't make sense. thank you. >> martha: terrible. all right. so drug trafficking is a continuing problem at our southern border. so far this year this fiscal
7:22 am
years customs and border patrol agents seized more than 504,000 pounds of drugs nationwide. imagine how much stuff actually got in. lawrence jones host of cross-country joins us now from texas where he will take part in today's fox nation special on the border crisis. hi, lawrence. >> good morning, martha. >> martha: talk to me a little bit about this problem and what you are learning down there on the border as you look at these enormous siersz of everything from meth to fentanyl to heroin. >> i've been covering the border for a while, martha. i would say that the people that have compassion have misplaced compassion. you can understand the plight of people wanting to come to the country but you have to acknowledge the criminal enterprise that's at the border. the same people have to pay to get across to the cartel. the same criminal enterprise is responsible for getting the drugs through that same passage as well as human trafficking.
7:23 am
although we have compassion for people wanting a better life, congress should get immigration reform done first. the notion that we should athrough drugs to spill across the border to allow people to go through treacherous heat in the state of texas, border patrol as well as detectives in dps, the last defense of our border have to find people every day that are dehydrated and the people that survived. the young women are pumped up with birth control because they are raped. the young men are raped across the border. this is what criminal activity does. we started to get tips that because this criminal enterprise has been so widespread you even have gangs that are in the united states that are helping with the passage of these illegal. it's problematic, martha. >> martha: it's horrific. and you talk about what is happening to teenagers. we hear about children coming across unaccompanied, many young teenagers being sold into sex slavery.
7:24 am
this story doesn't get nearly enough attention. so the drug trade and the sex trafficking trade that is being run by the cartels in an open way across our southern border gets literally almost no lip service from the white house, lawrence. >> there is no coverage from the white house. i think texans like myself as well as ranchers here are saying what happened to joe biden? he was fine when he was a u.s. senator funding border fencing. when they changed it to a wall because of semantics he doesn't want to support it. also why is he up in arizona with their border and not helping texas with its border? we had a plan here in the state of texas to buy the wall material that is sitting there rusting and already paid by the united states taxpayers. the biden administration is so petty they wouldn't sell it to the state of texas. it was already paid for by the u.s. taxpayers and why we are having this conference today. >> martha: that's pathetic.
7:25 am
taxpayer dollars that paid to bill a wall, fence, whatever you want to call it in texas gets no support to continue that project but arizona does and you have to say i wonder why that would be? is arizona is purple state? yes, it is. >> there is a big senate race. mark kelly needs the support. it is so funny watching these democrats spin on this. this really shouldn't be a political issue. this is a national security issue. you've got them all panting right now about illegals just a portion that are in their cities. what happened to the compassion there? and, of course, in texas we have the majority of them here. we will be having this conference and maria bartiromo and griff jenkins and i will do a panel as well. a lot of border heroes, people that experience this day-to-day. >> martha: we'll be watching, lawrence. this is an issue that people on all sides of the political aisle should care about and should understand that the
7:26 am
ramifications of regardless of the political differences from state to state. lawrence, thank you very much. lawrence jones. bill. >> bill: nice to have you down there. house speaker pelosi may be overseas in asia but her husband, paul, is set to be indicted for driving under the influence. the latest on his legal troubles coming up here. senators schumer and manchin needing only one more vote to pass their social spending and tax bill. they have a colleague kyrsten sinema staying silent about her support or lack there of. will she be the deal breaker or the deal wrecker? ♪♪♪
7:27 am
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7:32 am
miles away. paul pelosi set to be arraigned this morning on d.u.i. charges stemming from his car crash in may. claudia has the latest on this from california. hi. >> coming to you from napa, california. an hour before his arraignment we're learning new details about paul pelosi's behavior the night of his dui arrest and tried the curry favor with the arriving officers. 82-year-old pelosi was driving home in his car from a dinner party in napa back in may. allegedly crashed into an s.u.v. injuring the driver and both cars were totaled. according to court documents highway patrol officers noted pelosi's eyes were red and watery. unsteady on his feet and slurred speech. he presented his drivers license along with an 1199 foundation card. a charitable organization that
7:33 am
supports police. if he was hoping for special treatment it didn't work. the officers arrested pelosi. locked him up for a few hours at the napa county jail. his mug shot. now more than two months later he is facing two misdemeanor charges of drunk driving causing injuries. one said he had drug in his system. his blood alcohol waspoint 082% just above legal limit two hours after the crash. nancy pelosi, who was in rhode island at the time, had no comment on her husband's arrest. the napa county d.a. says -- >> had the injuries be more serious, broken bones or other injuries that can take place during a d.u.i. crash we would not have hesitated to file a felony. mr. pelosi is not being treated
7:34 am
any better or worse than any criminal defendant that we process through napa county. >> paul pelosi is sitting out today's arraignment. his lawyer will enter a not guilty plea on his behalf. the hearing only expected to last a couple of minutes and then we expect the lawyers from both sides to come out and talk to reporters afterwards. back to you. >> martha: claudia, thank you very much. >> bill: in the meantime senator chuck schumer an joe man chain racing to pass a massive tax and spending bill but the fate of that bill hangs in the balance. democratic senator kyrsten sinema has yet to show her hand. a "wall street journal" op eid argues the inflation reduction act is an insult to used car salesmen. want to read a clip at the end of your piece you say having created the inflationary mess
7:35 am
in the first place the democrats want to tell the country they're cleaning it up in their plan to remake the country. if you think that's what america voted for two years ago i have a used car to sell them. i take it you aren't in favor of it, jerry. >> thanks, bill. look, as i said and wrote in the column of this bill, the inflation reduction act. an insult to used car salesmen. they would have the shame not to attempt to completely mislead people in that way. nothing to do with reducing inflation. it doesn't reduce the inflation we're facing. the supposed inflation reduction part of it comes from deficit reduction which if it's passed would happen over 10 years but actually in the first five years, the deficit actually increases under this bill according to the analysis that's been done. we have the inflation problem this bill is contributing to it.
7:36 am
it is orwellian nonsense. >> bill: if you saw senator manchin yesterday. harris had him on and she brought up the issue of taxes and here is how that exchange went. >> saying american $400,000 and below now are going to be taxed. >> that's wrong, that's a lie. that's a pure, outright lie. >> that taxes aren't going to go up? >> not at all. >> bill: the jct had a very different view for people under the $400,000 mark. >> joe manchin having spent the last year being the taxpayers' hero because he killed off the attempts to build back better, another massive fiscal expansion, he is now reneged. but i think to justify his u
7:37 am
turn he is claiming something that isn't true. 740 billion of tax increases is not a tax increase again is in the same kind of orwellian thing of trying to say it's an inflation reduction plan. of courseist will increase taxes. the 15% minimum tax on corporations. somehow there is a myth that democrats and media when you tax corporations it is free money for the federal government. they are not individuals. corporations basically have to pass on tax increases one way or another. -they get reduced profits and affects shareholders and the pension plans or pass it on to consumers to maintain their profit margins in which case consumers get hit. of course it is a tax increase. and it is fiction and a really quite disgraceful piece of salesmanship to try to pretend
7:38 am
otherwise. it comes down to kyrsten sinema. >> bill: the irs about to go beast mode. federal government is starving for revenue. it can't control its appetite for spending and wants a tax agency in beast mode. a lot of money in that for the i.r.s. as well. we'll talk again soon. jerry baker from the "wall street journal." >> martha: reportedly making a major error affecting many who applied for big loans. we'll explain and the trial now underway for the man accused of murdering his two daughters in honor killings back in 2008. geraldo rivera joins us on that next. research shows that people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance,
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7:43 am
>> bill: the credit bureau equifax sending faulty credit scores to multiple lenders. the error impacted those applying for most major loans which means they might not have gotten them. connell mcshane fox business live with more. what did you find out? >> first thing i said bill is this is another setback for
7:44 am
equifax. they had a hack a few years back where the personal information for 150 million people was compromised. this time to your point, you have inaccurate credit scores being sent to millions of consumers. a three-week period earlier this year. what the journal found out in its reporting the scores might have been off by 20 points or more in some cases in either direction and that's enough to impact maybe the interest rate you might be offered on a car loan or mortgage or whatever the case might be. in its statement they say we've determined there was no shift in the majority of scores during the three-week time frame of the issue. for those consumers that did experience a score shift initial analysis indicates only a small number of them may have received a different credit decision. the journal says those numbers varied. there was one bank that said 18% ever its applicants had incorrect scores. big number.
7:45 am
even said to have wild swings, some people going from having no credit score at all to having one in the 700s or the times is opposite occurred. the company said it was not the norm. less than 300,000 consumers experienced a shift of 25 points or more. now at this point equifax says the issue has been solved. they blame it all on a coding problem. some of the banks are still trying to figure out what they'll do. to the people impacted had to pay a higher interest rate and asking equifax to provide them with more information to make things right. >> bill: connell mcshane on that.
7:46 am
>> martha: just so chilling all these years later. that is the 911 audio from 17-year-old sarah said. her father, yasser said allegedly murdered she and her 18-year-old sister in 2008 in what investigators called honor killings. now finally all these years later his murder trial is underway. let's bring in geraldo rivera. co-host of the five. good to have you with us. he has been in hiding for 12 years. they finally found him. his brother and his son have already done time for being accomplices in this crime. obviously it is so chilling to hear sarah said in that tape. how important is that tape legally in this case, geraldo? >> it is amazing. it is a statement from the
7:47 am
victim in realtime as to the crime. the person with no motive to tell a lie. there she is dying. her sister already dead. you know, as horrific and savage and barbaric as these so-called honor killings are in which a relative kills a woman to salvage or avenge the honor of the family, in south asia, africa they are relatively common. 20, 30, 40, 50 a year. what is uncommon is that it happened here. they guy came. yasser said comes to the united states as an immigrant. a student visa in the 1980s. marries an american woman. that's these two daughters. he purportedly abused them over the years in all kinds of ways. the girls grew up and wanted to be americans dating other
7:48 am
americans. the father reacted very violently to that. threatening these young ladies. they reached out to teachers, others that they trusted. finally the girls fled with their mother, their american mother, fled from texas to oklahoma. living there in hiding. the mother convinced the kid to go back. they go back new year's day in 2008. the father gets them into a taxi. he was a taxi driver and shoots them. he shoots them and kills his own daughters. why? because they were dating americans. it is an awful story. it runs counter to so many positive immigrant stories where they come and assimilate and so forth. this is a wretched man who got his son and brother to help him to live on the lamb, to live in hiding for a dozen years for goodness sake on the f.b.i.
7:49 am
most wanted list for six years. finally he is behind bars and listening going back to your original question. he is listening to his own daughter condemn him as a murderer, martha. >> martha: so the defense attorneys are saying that this was treated as some sort of discriminatory way against muslims. they removed the term honor killing from the f.b.i. wanted poster and here is the defense attorney in his opening statement, geraldo. >> the evidence will show and not support convictions on the capital murders. do not support it in 2008 and will not support it in this trial. >> martha: to convict him of being a muslim. fine at thought before i let you go. >> i would like that attorney to listen again to the wail of
7:50 am
his murdered daughter accusing him in realtime of killing her and her sister. let the defense attorney explain away the daughter condemning the father as the murderer and abuser he was, martha. he is definitely going to be convicted. he will serve life because they've taken the possibility of the death sentence off the table and it is in my opinion based on the evidence that i've seen, that sentence of life would be richly deserved, martha. >> martha: thank you very much. good to see you. more on that to come. >> what a story. we'll follow it as we have for 14 years. as if we need another reason not to go near the water, with all those shark sightings. alligator attacks are said to be on the rise. you see this guy on camera? he is an expert. he is an alligator wrangler. he says these reptiles are not the enemy and he is live coming
7:51 am
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7:57 am
tammy bruce, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> just hanging out in the pond over here and showing the size. come here, bud. there you go. >> bill: would you try it? that's our next guest a gator expert. there have been at least six alligator attacks, including three fatalities in the u.s. so far this year. say hello to a wildlife biologist, alligator wrangler. thanks for coming on. we saw your video the other day and we thought that guy is crazy. you are here to say that gators are afraid of humans. explain what you have learned. >> thanks for having me on. when we have these issues they are almost always human created. when we have an alligator attack a lot of times people have been feeding the alligator, teaching it to see people as a food source. kids or pets near the water or
7:58 am
swimming in their habitat. it could cause the issues and very avoidable. most of the time we have a fatality it's preventable unfortunately. >> bill: three alligator attacks where people were killed and this year alone is that a high number? is that on average or not, chris? >> well, yeah. the last few were a couple of years ago. it has been a while since we've had any. when you look at the instances. one of the most recent ones an elderly lady fell into the water where alligators are present. an accident. she fell in. if you fall in their habitat it is like you fall into traffic. it is an accident, of course. it is a very predictable response from the animals and we need to stay out of the water and it is a tragedy but we need to try to avoid these sort of situations. another one is a man swimming in an area where alligators
7:59 am
were told to be and he swam anyway and an alligator grabbed them. we need to stay out of the water where they are and live alongside and respect them. >> bill: dozens of videos of you in the water with alligators. you don't have a concern about it? >> well, i've been working with alligators my entire life. i'm in the water with the alligators and saying don't do that. i'm at high risk in these situations and i have alligators try to attack me. this is what i've done and know how to handle the situation. for the regular person out there don't ever get in the water with a wild alligator. that is major concern. >> bill: very often you get attacked when you are in the water? >> they try, yeah. >> bill: what do you do? >> yeah, they try to.
8:00 am
a normal day in my life i have alligators trying to bite me five or six times a week and they are going to try to grab you and take your head off. they aren't puppies. what i would say to the gators i'm working with. they are trained. not tamed. they try to bite me pretty often and -- >> bill: braver than most. keep it safe out there. chris gillette, the gator guy, martha. >> martha: they are not puppies, bill. >> bill: have a great day. thanks for being here. >> martha: you too, thanks guys. "the faulkner focus" is next. >> harris: the silence from president biden is noticeable. china just went from threatening a member of the u.s. congress to making its most aggressive military moves in decades. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". as part of a trip to asia house speaker nancy pelosi spent 17 hours ta


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