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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 3, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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an angel protected me. i might skiff that activity. leave that to him. thank goodness he's okay. when a story. we continue to cover them all for you here as the "the story" goes on. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. have a great afternoon. thanks for spending part of it with us. "your world" starts right now. >> charles: fox on top of a spending bill vote about to go down while democrats are scrambling to get arizona senator kristen sinema to vote for it. john cornyn is coming up. first, crossing the line. taiwan scrambling jets after 27 chinese war planes entered the defense zone today. china plans to surround the island for live fire exercises set to be gavin newsome within hours. as nancy pelosi wraps up her visit to taiwan. welcome.
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i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world" to peter doocy on how the white house is dealing with this. peter? >> communist china still wants taiwan to be part of communist china. that means speaker pelosi's words on the ground have upset them. >> in terms of governance, we command taiwan for being one of the freest societies in the world. >> well, the chinese official is writing the u.s. must pay the price for its own mistake and we mean what we say. that has g-7 leaders now saying we're concerned by recent and announced threatening actions by the prc, particularly live fire exercises and economic coercion, which risks unnecessary escalation. even though speaker pelosi's time is done in taiwan and republican leaders have said she was smart to go, the white house won't say what they think of the
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trip one way or the other. >> you think it was good that she went? >> here's the thing. what we're saying is that we cannot dictate and we will not dictate where members of congress go. members of congress -- let me finish. >> martha: if he doesn't dictate that they go, now he can say it's good or not. >> that's not how it works here. >> today president biden didn't address any of this. he very briefly appeared virtually from covid isolation to sign an executive order so people can get abortions across state lines with medicaid. that was it. charles? >> charles: so is china provoking a confrontation as it prepares to launch military drills and how should the united states move on. with me now, dan hoffman. we have seen provocation from
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china long before this visit. it seems to be more emboldened each time. i can remember when there was -- felt like clear surveillance. you had the fighter jets, you had the supplies, the whole thing. feels like all of these dress rehearsals for an invasion. >> this was a congressional delegation. it's not as if speaker pelosi was bringing with her a load of military support, fighters, bombers and nuclear weapons. china responded with this asymmetric response, dialling up the rhetoric and following that up with incurs into taiwan's airspace and now with the military drills will they will embargo the island. the biden administration does need to step up. the president should emphasize, this was a delegation of peace that the united states continues to support the one china policy,
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but that we will stand up and defend and assist taiwan in the event that china seeks to change or seeks to impose its will on taiwan by force. we should be saying those things and we should be sending more congressional delegations back there to taiwan to reinforce this point. i think it may sound counter intuitive but china appreciated this visit because it's allowing them to i'm pose their will. xi jinping has emphasized that china must reunite this break-away province of tie pan. >> charles: speaking of president xi, he's got some domestic problems. to me, to your point, this will be a great and easy target for him to focus on to deflect from his own problems and maybe even get more involved than he's already involved. >> i think this is just part of his policy.
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he's had real challenges with the covid lockdowns in shanghai and a economy not growing as fast as he would have liked. when it comes to his relationship with the united states, he wants to deliver a very clear message that this is part of china's sphere of influence. by responding the way china has to the extent that they have as aggressively as they have, he's trying to make that point very clear to us and to taiwan. there's a price to be paid even for this sort of a congressional congregation. really miscalculations on both side as he did this but shows how desperate he is. >> charles: we've seen where china has made manmade islands, militarized them where they capabilities have increased. i remember when they bought their first aircraft carrier from one of the former russian satellite nations. i read it would take them a
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decade how to operate it. now they've created their own and now they have the advantage in that region. they've watched russia invade ukraine. we sent aid. we've sent them intelligence work. we have not come to the aid militarily of ukraine. do you think there will be a point or where it's inevitable where china will test to see if we will come to the military aid of taiwan? >> i know that director cia burns has warned about that most recently out in aspen a couple of weeks ago. there's grave concern that china will indeed seek to impose its will by force on taiwan. that is a key foreign policy challenge for the biden administration. demonstrating that, you know, if china assesses that they can get away with it, they would not spill a high amount of blood and pressure in doing so, they may indeed seek to alter taiwan, the
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border and reunify taiwan by force. that's why i think it's important for this administration to make it clear -- president biden has said three times that we would respond militarily if taiwan were invaded. each time his senior officials had to walk it back. >> charles: thanks, dan. all right, folks. it's a big uh-oh from opec plus. the oil cartel decided to raise production at a slower pace next month. it's an apparent snub to president biden. jeff flock has more from pennsylvania. jeff? >> charles, oil market did pull back by that timely move by opec. a lot of people are driving because of high prices. that said, even the biden administration today was down
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playing the opec move. listen. >> we do not belong to opec plus. but they made an announcement the first week of june. they said they would increase 50% in july and august. that's -- they did that. this is one month, if you think about it, this is a one-month increase. >> it's more impactful on the subject of prices and high prices with the biden climate agenda, this is what the heritage foundation found when they modeled what success would look like in the biden administration in fact did have emissions by 2030. they said it would cost 1.2 million jobs a year and result in $7 trillion in lost economic growth. raise electric bills by 23% and gas prices by $2 a year. pretty dramatic numbers. the hudson institute senior fell
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lee that we talked to there, it's not the biden administration solely responsible for the rise in gal and oil prices but it's frustrating when they don't take responsibility for any of it. >> the russian war on ukraine is a contributing factor. the biden administration never wants to admit that squeezing production in the united states is a major factor for the high prices we have. >> charles, the high prices remain high although not as high as they were. 4.16 for an average gallon of gas in the u.s. up 14 cents in the last week. i should say down 65 cents in the last month. i leave you with one final piece of positive news. the oil price and gasoline forecast in the next week, we're going down to $4.09 and under $4
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by labor day. of course, that's a long way from what it was last year and where it goes from here, nobody knows. charles? >> charles: jeff, i want to add a second topic for you and ask you. did the iea put out a report on supply chains? if you look at this closely, we're handing china an amazing gift. this push is not about climate, nor is it about dominating this industry. starting with the mining, we're looking at mining, the yellows you have indonesia. we have the purple for cobalt. indonesia there. you also have russia there. as you go through the process and put this together and create the batteries, at the other end, the ev part. you have us, the american consumer. nothing we're doing, none of this money addresses climate, none of it addresses energy
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independence. we'll be dependent on china who will have dominated the battery part of this equation. we are we doing it like there? >> china decided ten years ago that they wanted to dominate this market. they said we have an authoritarian regime. we can force electric cars done the throats of the chinese people. so they dominate the market. the hope is that the u.s. with its mining resources will compete. the problem is, we don't like mining in this country. yes don't like coal miners and we don't like the other mines. when you open more mines, that will get environmentalists upset as well. it will be tough anyway you go. >> we have to strip mine the world to be what the west wants. a lot of rich feel that feel good about themselves, the rest of the world is strip mined and waters are poisoned and this is the equation that they want but it's a bad deal. thanks, jeff. appreciate it. this modest production increase,
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will it give us any help? leslie buyer is here with us. 100,000, leslie. it like the ultimate smack in the face. walk us through what it might mean in the long run or short run? >> it doesn't mean anything in the long run or the short run. this is the smallest increase that opec has ever instated and really, although we have seen a slight change in prices on the markets, it's not a long-term fix. it's just baffling as to why the president is looking for any other option to reduce energy prices other than supporting the home team, which is u.s. production who knows how to get it done. >> charles: it's us specially frustrating that president biden went to saudi arabia, he met with the pariah hat in hand. everybody told him nothing was
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going to come of it. g-7 leaders told him. everybody told him. still the trip was made. we got nothing but embarrassment. listen, we just talk about these ev dreams of the administration and the left. can anything supersede that ever? can breaking the backs of americans middle class and lower incomes, households, does that ever supersede these ev electric green dream utopia goals? >> you know, these goals are unrealistic. back to the trip. they invited the president cop to the permean and visit production. it's a shorter trip than to riyadh but he didn't come out. it's sad to see. u.s. production truly will contribute to the supply demand issues that we're seeing. this could be long-term. demand will continue to grow. the geo political issues out there. you were just talking about
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china, taiwan. years of underestimate put it in this tightly constrained situation. and then russia exacerbates it. the china taiwan issue is a ticking time bomb. all of these things impact the global oil markets. >> charles: you know, i made a suggestion once. tell me what you think of it. the use of the defense production act, they've been using it on steroids. baby formula, things like that. certainly a stretch. what have we used it to renew refineries in america in cut through the red tape. a 15, 20% usage. couldn't we sell that to the white house as a perfect way to keep costs down for the average american as we segue to this green utopia that is down the road? >> we need more refining capacity. refiners are at 98% refining capacity.
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they don't see fuel demand decreases at all. what we need to tell the white house and the administration is that we need to return excess capitol -- the vilification of the fossil fuel industry, a permanent regime that we can have certainty and clarity in is needed. the five-year plan for federal leases on shore and offshore just came on over the fourth of july holiday and the administration has said we may have up to ten or zero leases -- permitting on federal lands for production. that is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing. >> charles: we'll see. it's a long-term problem that will only make it worse. hate to see it. thanks. breaking news for you now. we're learning jackie walorski, republican congressman and two of her aides were killed in a
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car crash in indiana. fox news' chad pergram has more. >> this is devastating news that rocked capitol hill this afternoon. the house is out this week. that's why members are back in their districts. elkhart indiana sheriff's office says walorski was in a s.u.v. travelling somebody. a car crossed left of center and crashed into the s.u.v. head on. the sheriff's department says jackie walorski was killed with two traveling with her, zachary potts and emma thompson. she's a member of the tax writing committee in the house of representatives, the ways and means. walorski was elected in 2012. she flipped a seat from blue to red. she ran unsuccessfully against joe donnelly in 2010. we just got a statement from steve scalise. she said jackie and her staffers
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died serving her constituents. jackie walorski, congress woman from independent, dead at the age of 58. charles? >> charles: our deeper sympathies to the family and her aides. more after this. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i liveo four on the oregon coast.rk. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together.
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>> charles: will she or won't she? kristin sinema not talking as the vote is nearing. grady trimble has more. >> all eyes are on senator kirsten sinema. the fate of the inflation reduction act depends on her. we have not heard from her yet. chuck schumer is reportedly eyeing this weekend for a vote on the bill. he and senator joe manchin have met with cinema trying to win her support. but so have business groups in her state fighting against the deal. the arizona chamber of commerce and industry and the national association of manufacturers launched an ad blitz saying the bill is bad for arizona. they argue the 15% minimum
1:22 pm
corporate tax would slow hiring and business growth. they also say the drug price control provision would stifle innovation in the pharmaceutical church. senator manchin says republicans should be on board with this bill but they're bashing the bill. >> martha: everything in there that they like. in a normal situation, this is a wonderful bipartisan bill. i hopeful that they look at it. >> i think the 30% approval rating on the economy is still too high. >> we just got new estimates from the congressional budget office. they found the bill would reduce the deficit the next ten years but a less than $102 bill. and enhanced irs enforcement would raise $204 billion in the neck decades. we'll see if the numbers from the cbo sway senator sinema.
1:23 pm
so far she remains mum. >> charles: i want to get reaction from texas senator, john cornyn. joining me now since testing positive for covid-19. first of all, how are you feel something. >> i'm doing good. i'm max boosted and feeling better. thanks for asking. >> charles: you look fantastic for what that is worst. let's talk about this bill. it comes down to one person again. we know the wooing of senator sinema has been intense. how do you see it shaking out? >> this deal was cut in the back room secretly by chuck schumer and joe manchin. nobody knew anything about it. cinema was not consulted. so it's not surprising that she and others are trying to do
1:24 pm
their due diligence to see what's in it. the more you look, the more you realize this is false advertising. this is not an inflation reduction act. according to penn wharton, it is a little worse in the near term and it is a tax increase. joe manchin doesn't want to accept the joint committee on taxation, somebody making as little as $10,000 would see a tax increase under the distribution tables that they are publicly releasing. and senator manchin is asking for middle income taxpayers to subsidize the wealthiest people in the nation that decide they want to buy an electric vehicle. the tax credit is paid for by the middle class. we've seen him with the subsidies for the affordable care act. so the working class folks are asked to subsidize the top 1%
1:25 pm
when it comes to healthcare, this is a bad idea whose time has not come. >> charles: it's maddening. take a listen to what chuck schumer said earlier today. pushing back republican concerns over the tax increases. >> the inflation reduction act will not, no matter how much our republican colleagues argue will not increase taxes for any family making less than $400,000 a year. >> charles: sir, you went through the numbers. if you could speak to your colleague, what would you tell him right now? >> that's a poor pinocchio performance. the fact checkers say what he's saying is false. there are scorekeepers on capitol hill, the joint committee on taxation being one of them, which is the one that sets the standard, the gold
1:26 pm
standard. it's not me. it's not senator schumer. the facts will speak for themselves. this idea that this massive tax increase will just somehow be absorbed by corporate america when they will pass the costs along to consumers and make inflation worse. this is really a pig in the poke. i home senator sinema and our other democratic colleagues say no. >> charles: in the last few days, i've seen recordings of president bill clinton talking about what a recession is, two back-to-back quarters of negative growth. president obama saying you never want to hike taxes in this economy. larry summers begged this white house not to go through with the $1.9 trillion covid package. what has changed about the democratic party? are they so enamored with this green utopia that they're
1:27 pm
overlooking the warning signs from within about the economic harm that these programs are doing to everyday americans? >> they're letting the truth be a casualty to their political advocacy and desire to have something to show voters in november in the mid-term elections. i'll add to your list. it wasn't just president clinton. also president obama. it was chuck schumer and joe manchin. now they have all olympic worthy flip-flops. the facts speak for themselves. >> charles: i have a minute to go. i'll go back to your covid situation and the rules where you must be present. i know there's been a wave of covid cases on capitol hill. do you think everyone will be there in time to actually take a vote next week and will be
1:28 pm
present? >> in the 50/50 senate, that's the $64,000 question. we don't know who might get it. i began to experience sometimes last weekend. so under cdc guidelines, i'm planning to come back if we have a vote this weekend with my mask on as the cdc requires. but we've had a lot of problems with attendance. every person counts. >> charles: thanks for not wearing your mask during the interview. some people still wear them by themselves. thanks for that. appreciate the service that you provide. thank you. so how will the spending bill vote impact american voters in november? the debate with our panel on that is coming up later in the hour. first, after the disastrous flooding, kentucky faces dangerous heat. jeff paul is there. >> yeah, charles. water levels are way down.
1:29 pm
but there's a new weather threat. around the corner here as this community works to get back on its feet. we'll tell you about that after the break.
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>> charles: more on the deadly fleeting in kentucky. and the two top democrats refuse to say whether joe biden should take another stab at running. what is that saying? we're back in 60 seconds.
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>> charles: as kentucky recovers from catastrophic flooding, the state is getting hit with heat and humidity. jeff paul has the latest. jeff? >> yeah, charles. obviously the rain has slowed down. in moves the heat. there's so many people outside right now trying to make a small dent in the cleanup effort. you can see that they truly have their work cut out for them, this is one small slice of what
1:34 pm
we're seeing throughout eastern kentucky. pieces of wood. you have tree limbs over here. when you get down in to the banks, you can see the water levels are way down. off to the side, that is the wall of a nearby home we're told. there's more shredded metal in there and further down the bank, again, as the water levels go down, it starts to reveal more and more devastation. this is a car, if you can see there, between some of the foliage out here. it's been submerged. that's a common sight. what is incredible, there's so many neighbors trying to help one another. they have an incredible spirit to get back on their feet and restore the community to what it was before and may be even better. >> well, we might not be the richest folks in the world, but we're the happiest people in the world. because we have god and country and we still have values and we help each other. >> now one of the things we're
1:35 pm
hearing from people as they clean up, they're worried about looting. they're seeing a lot of people continuing from the outside in here and trying to take advantage and take what little that they do have left. the governor here in kentucky addressed that saying he has law enforcement out. if people are thinking about looting, they're luckier to run into one of his police officers than one of the tough kentuckians that lived through the latest storm. >> charles: i'd say amen to that one. meanwhile, folks in july employment report is out on friday. it's expected to she a boost of 250. another number i'm focusing on signals that it could be a bust. i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. between the high interest, the fees... i felt trapped. debt, debt, debt. so i broke up with my credit card debt and consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. i finally feel like a grown-up.
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juice or should i say a jolt. friday's jobs report number, right now the streets are looking to 250, some looking for more. this comes as we learn that job openings fell at the fastest pace ever outside of the pandemic. robinhood, the latest company to slash positions cutting 25% of their work force. so all of this, what does it mean for friday? that is the big number everybody is waiting for. i want to get to larry glazer of may flower advisers. larry, there was a number that went to 300,000 today. we have ism data, data employment numbers still in contraction. it could be friday that will be a disaster and send everybody to figure out where this economy is. >> yeah, charles. it's not a question of whether the economy is slowing. it's how severe and where the pain will be felt. there's no question, it's a
1:41 pm
convoluted job market. on the one hand, chipotle can't find people to make burritos. delta can't unload airplanes. more than 30,000 highly paid jobs were eliminated in the month of july. so that jolt survey speaks miles about the direction things are headed. it's the quality of jobs. the friday jobs report will understate the quality of what is happening here. it's the highly paid skill jobs that are being eliminated here. those are the ones that got an artificial boths. it's the low wage service jobs that are stilling around. it's no way to build a middle class. i'm no fan of robinhood. they're not a fiduciary. they weren't good to their customers or shareholders. with all that said, it's not just robinhood. it's tesla. the capital markets can't raise money here. apple, meta, google, they're
1:42 pm
better off but they have hiring freezes going on. >> charles: one thing that was elevated is quits. people getting their jobs are getting raises and people that stay aren't. that being said, participation, for everyone that is saying we're not in a recession because the jobs market is strong, every time i ask what about participation? to quote an unemployment report number that goes down when people leave the labor force so me is a farce. there's still so many people out of the labor force. i don't know how they pay their bills. they won't come back to work, larry. >> that's a really good point. it takes a recession to get people back to the office. i'd say that recognize that a lot of what we're seeing here, a lot of the pain, a lot of the challenges are in the middle class. consumer demand is slacks because of rising prices. what you're seeing in the job market is a response to inflation. a response of excess spending in
1:43 pm
washington. recognize these are linked. that's where the pain is felt. we all pay the price here and it's in the form of high quality middle class jobs that are being eliminated increasingly and we expect to see more in the months ahead. >> charles: real quick. uber reported their earnings, 76% increase in drivers from a year ago. the side hustle. there's serious cracks in this labor market. now because of recession, people finding whatever they can to make ends meet. >> yeah, charles. that is the really good point here. don't make a bad situation worse. they were very late in seeing inflation and late in seeing the recession signals. again, making a bad situation worse. unfortunately that's reflected on the middle class. come this fall, people will pick up the pieces from the mess that washington is creating as we speak. >> charles: thanks, larry. i always appreciate it. how will the spending bill vote impact votes in november? we're on it. with prices running up, how are
1:44 pm
shoppers cutting down? lydia hu is with us. lydia? >> hi, charles. more americans are turning to discount stores as prices are sky rocketing. how inflation is changing shoppers habits. that's coming up. alright, limu,e a socket wrench, pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and you could even save $652 when you switch. ok, i need a crowbar. and a blowtorch. [teddy bear squeaks] [doug sighs] limu, call a mechanic. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs, for the all-new subway series menu. let's hear about this #7 pick, from a former #7 pick. juicy rotisserie-style chicken.
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♪♪ >> charles: americans grappling with run away inflation looking to shop less and embracing discounts. lydia hu has more from new jersey. lydia? >> hi, charles. more and more americans are turning to dollar and discount stores for their food purchases. we're seeing this trend among americans that are considered high earners. watch here. >> i have tried everything. you know, i have to stick to -- this is like cheapened food. >> i don't see how it can happen in a week how prices can go up so fast. how is this allowed?
1:49 pm
we don't have another choice it seems. >> average spending on grocery products at discount chains increased 71% from october of last year to june of this year. during that same time period, spending at traditional grocery stores declined by 5%, a survey by numerator found that people making more than 80,000 a year are showing largest increase in the number of visits to dollar stores. that's up about 33%. >> i go to dollars stores when i can, buy snacks for my daughter so i can cut the cost. >> shopping at club stores like costco, sams club is up, too. shoppers searching for bargains there. they've had a 9% increase in traffic there. spending 15% higher. sam's club is recording that membership income was about
1:50 pm
10.5% year over year. what is interesting there, sam's club parent company walmart is saying that there's a poll back in customer spending. grocery prices are december couraging customers from buying clothing and a pair prell and is actually affecting their projected earnings for next year. they are projecting a decline between 11 and 13%, charles. >> charles: they had two major warnings this year. that crushed the stock as well. thanks, lydia. folks, this just in. we got news for you that could make angry travelers perk up a bit. the department of transportation proposing a new set of rules to help flyers. including a call for vouchers that don't expire if travel is impacted by something covid-related. we'll be watch to see if these rules go to effect and if they work. republicans racing to pass their massive spending bill. how that could make or break them come november is next. lies,
1:51 pm
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tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. >> this is false advertising. this is not an inflation reduction act. it makes it worse in the near term. certainly as a tax increase. >> polling data shows how overwhelmingly popular the inflation reduction act is in the minds of the american
1:55 pm
people. these numbers show winds blowing in democrats' direction. >> charles: republican senator john cornyn slamming the democrats massive spending package while senate minority leader chuck schumer claims the bill has wide support among voters so would passage help or hurt democrats in november? democratic strategist. bob, what do you think? >> i think it's always better to put points on the board. democrats don't really have anything to run on. whether this bill is going to be popular, if it is signed into law which is a big "if," still waiting. i think it depends on the p.r. wars. also come fall, where is inflation? it's very hard to change inflation through legislation. so i am skeptical but i always think it's better to show you can govern then when you can't and democrats have had trouble governing. >> charles: i guess that's a pretty good trick.
1:56 pm
corral democrats to vote for a democratic bill and call it a victory. >> well, i think it's a victory for americans because you're talking about putting money back in their pockets. you know negotiating drug prices with medicare is something that across-the-board americans want to see, paying down the deficit, americans want to see and taxing corporations. americans want to see, you've got to get the health care cost lower, utility costs lower. it brings home the base because people want to see claimant change addressed in this is a big investment in climate change. these are big wins and i think it's going to put some window the backs of democrats especially in the swing districts come fall. speak to people like the medicare part except when you say that drug companies might stop making life-saving drugs and vaccines. they like the corporate tax part except when you say corporations may have to lay people off. the deficit reduction is up in the air.
1:57 pm
one thing we do know, since the passage of the $1.9 trillion covid aid package, inflation has gone berserk. companies are in trouble. we are in the face of a recession. things have gone haywire. it's interesting to want to put more money into this and higher taxes. >> yeah. you don't need to be an economist know that inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods and putting more money into that situation is going to make it worse, not better. one of the most orwellian name bills i've seen in a long time. frankly i noticed that laura left out the kind of slush fund for the irs it's in here. that's a real winner with the american people, the average family is losing $6800. off of their salary. they are concerned drug giving more money to the irs or for example giving more money to companies -- can't say that word, solyndra. giving more money on a
1:58 pm
green new deal type program. climate change is not even in the top ten issues that most voters are saying that they care about. it's only important to a small piece of the democratic base. >> charles: those wealthier folks, college educated, getting so many gifts from this administration to take taxpayer money from a cabdriver. that me switch gears and i'll let you get in. looking ahead to 2024, last night the new york congressional primary debate top democrats carolyn maloney and jerry nadler refused to say whether biden should even run again in 2024. take a listen. >> should president biden run again in 2024? >> to early to say. doesn't serve the purpose of the democratic party to deal with it until after the midterms. >> i don't believe he is running for reelection. >> charles: laura, maloney kind of walked up back at you think? >> i want to say policing tax
1:59 pm
chiefs is popular. >> charles: you are going to dig a hole. you're building an army to go after people. >> when people are hurting. >> you can yell over me but -- >> charles: you're changing the topic and your wasting time. let me get bob in. he is sitting there politely. what you make of all these democrats so not committed to president biden for 2024? that speaks, their styling speaks volumes, doesn't it? >> democrats are answering tough questions now. every reporter asking what you think about trump's tweet. if biden was over 50% we wouldn't be talking about this but he is not anywhere near 50% and that's why democrats are nervous and that's why they are looking at other possibilities in 2024. most democrats hold want new blood. >> charles: and the 52nd response.
2:00 pm
>> 75% of democrats don't want him to run again and they cite his job performance is the number one reason for that. he doesn't look good for the democrats. >> charles: laura. >> and yet republicans are far less popular even than joe biden. i think looking forward to election day. >> charles: you will see me back here tomorrow. catch me on "making money." right now "the five" starts. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with dagen mcdowell, harold ford jr., jesse watters, katie pavlich. "the five." democrats have a joe biden problem and boy, do they have a solution. one democratic strategist has the perfect candidate to save the party in 2024. who he calls "an influencer in the purest form and a smart, phog


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