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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 3, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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him to run again and they cite his job performance is the number one reason for that. he doesn't look good for the democrats. >> charles: laura. >> and yet republicans are far less popular even than joe biden. i think looking forward to election day. >> charles: you will see me back here tomorrow. catch me on "making money." right now "the five" starts. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with dagen mcdowell, harold ford jr., jesse watters, katie pavlich. "the five." democrats have a joe biden problem and boy, do they have a solution. one democratic strategist has the perfect candidate to save the party in 2024. who he calls "an influencer in the purest form and a smart, photogenic congresswoman."
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who may it be? >> i know somebody who's going to turn 35 about a month before the election in 2024. they represent new york's 14th. >> greg: if democrats ditch their political equivalent of yoda they can save themselves a ton of headaches. with aoc, they won't have to worry about winning over the far left face. she already embraces their platform. >> capitalism has not always existed in the world and it will not always exist in the world. >> i think there's a lot of people more concerned about being precisely factually and semantically correct than about being morally right. >> the world was going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it? >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget. $6 billion nypd budget.
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>> greg: yes. joe biden can rest easily she will no longer have to convince the american people that her husband is doing a good job and say things like "i don't want to sound like a political ad." we have done so much. gas prices are a huge issue. joe was talking about gas and oil but i wish people could see what joe has accomplished and how hard is working. i democrats won't have to be bothered with trying to answer this very tough question. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? >> i -- >> it's an easy question. >> i don't want to answer the question. i don't want to answer that question. >> i am working on my own election and that's all i'm focused on. >> i am not talking about the 2022 election and 2024. i have no control over those elections and i'm not going to talk about them. >> you are democratic senator. i'm just asking.
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>> greg: the one thing she has over her pillow. she is not old and decrepit. here is jerry nadler in a debate last night making a curious post. >> past two impeachments. impeached bush twice. the first question is, the first thing about seniority. with seniority comes clout. the ability to get things done. that's the way congress works. seniority brings you clout. it brings you the ability to get things done. the second question, what was the second question? >> greg: i think we found someone who might actually be worse than joe or common law which raises the question, why is it that only the good people leave politics for the bad never ever go away. jesse, we are not like the left. we don't completely go into
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deranged syndrome over their talented leaders. we look at them and we examine them. i can say that aoc has the skill set but she is missing things, like knowledge. >> jesse: with age comes wisdom. she is pretty young. that's the nice way of saying that she's not very smart. you know when you pick a banana and the bananas your hand and it's green and if you try to peel it it's not appealing, that is aoc. she is not ripe enough to run for president. first she has to get married. she has to plan a wedding. you want to plan a wedding and run for president at the same time? then her husband would have to do it. >> greg: because she just got engaged. >> jesse: and then you have to get pregnant. >> greg: why? >> jesse: this is how it goes. follow me, greg. you get married. then you get pregnant and then once you have the baby you have a family in the media loves it.
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they eat it up. it makes you more of a mature person. that's why you are so immature. you don't have any kids. she has the family then she runs for senate, rents for senate in new york and gets to meet the big-time donors. you get in the senate and then you are forced to be reckoned with in the hearings. and then she runs for president. obama, first-term from illinois. that's the way to do it. right now she's not really seen as a serious person. she is childish. she fixed her arrest. giving makeup tips. if you give it may be ten years, that would be 2032, then she would be ripe enough to run for president because she can't unify the party right now. everybody in the party, most of them hate her. i think after ten years, she could unify the party. but now, do you think she could today win a state like michigan or north carolina or wisconsin or pennsylvania?
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there is no way someone like aoc could do that. >> greg: i can see that our producer just ran into traffic. i can see, i can hear her screaming. so you basically -- >> jesse: that is the formula. >> greg: harold. i am so overcome by his strategizing. talking about creating an appealing i don't know whatever. harold, i have a theory that it's happening in a lot of industries. media and academia. a lot of people are leaving certain areas where there is wokeism. if you ran for president, you would win your not running for president. are you kidding me? democrat, absolutely. >> jesse: absolutely not. >> harold: i will remind everybody in 1982 when ronald reagan was president, there was a headline, and abc
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"abc news" ball that came out that said almost 60% of americans had not wanted ronald reagan to seek reelection. two years later he won. you can't have one op-ed by a political consultant i don't know saying she's going to run for president and could be president. there's a lot of elements to what jesse said that's right. there is maturing that you have to do in politics. >> greg: that's a better word than right. >> harold: there's a vision for the country. with time coming and able to do some of those things. a number of us in the party who don't agree with some of the positions that some waiting in the party, the progressive wing. look at this guy. whether or not those ideas are the ones that are going to sustain and help the country bill. what we were dealing with yesterday, the speaker of the house leading a delegation to taiwan. the truth of the matter is we
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need a better, coherent, new strategy is a release to the region of the world. it needs to involve an effort that fuels trade, investment, national security, human rights. i have not heard those in the progressive wing speak about those kinds of issues, the things that we need to do in our country. if they do that perhaps you could be a viable candidate. maybe next time. >> greg: you bring up nancy pelosi, so you have the speaker of the house. i don't know how old she is. joe biden. whatever. jerry nadler. does the appeal have to do with age? isn't the real story about new blood? you see this guy mistaking trump for bush. he looks like a sickly windbag. this is what we are dealing with. >> he is saying elect me because i have been here forever. maybe go away. >> dagen: when i see
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jerry nadler. as women do, i made a list of pros and cons like what we are going to get a new guy or get a new dog. for aoc, a run for the presidency. the pros are, she is a babbling brook of quotable quotes. she is great at keeping lipstick off her teeth which is really difficult. she is the poster broad of mism. you don't get into politics and run in the highest office of the land unless you're about yourself and not about the betterment of the american people, the betterment of all. her biggest problem. the fact that we know what an aoc presidency would look like in the american people are already bearing the burden and feeling the pain of that because joe biden and company and the democrats in the senate and house have completely lifted all of these left-wing ideas from aoc's clan.
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we have runaway inflation, federal reserve aiding and abetting the politicians, something up three quarters of all the new debt. we have fossil fuels, our way of life, standard of living has completely been crushed. they are telling us to buy a six-figure electric vehicle. what's the problem? don't you love your suv? and then open the borders, empty the prisons. chaos, crime, and death. i guess the only good thing going is that she seems to be able to cry on cue, as we witnessed at the border. that might help her if she runs. >> greg: katie, what you think about this? obviously this is not a serious idea. but it's a slow tuesday, right? >> katie: it's amazing how we are not talking about second biden term. running for president isn't necessarily about winning the presidency. if pete buttigieg can run for president, i think aoc can run for president. he was able to run for president after being a very terrible
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mayor of south bend. he is now a cabinet member. still not great at his job. aoc does not a great record in congress. she is ranked one of the worst in terms of getting legislation passed that she is introduced. in new york, she is dead last when it comes to the representative nunes state. maybe she doesn't need that. she is charismatic. i don't think republicans should underestimate her. she has a social media presence. she knows how to get attention from the media, just like trump in certain ways. the party is shifting towards the left. the problem for her in the left right now is that america is running away from woke is him and they are losing their coalition. but in terms of her running, again, i don't see why she's going to take the plunge. >> greg: who got the last laugh. i think she is formidable. she just needs some maturing, jesse. >> jesse: ripening.
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: some republicans are shunning the partisan press after years of abuse but now the liberal media is begging them to come talk. florida governor ron desantis is calling out "the view" after the liberal ladies asked him to, the show. desantis' team responded to the request with a list of direct personal attacks from the woke hosts. here are some examples. >> you are just short of calling him a negligent homicidal sociopath because that's what he is. he is risking the lives of children. parents. grandparents, anyone they may come in contact with so he can appeal to his white supremacist base. >> i think he is a fascist end of bigot. >> it's anti-black, anti-gay,
2:18 pm
anti-lgbtq+. >> anti-american. >> started with crt. speakers start coming after black people, what comes next? lgbtq+, women, other marginalized people. >> dagen: other republicans ditching the mainstream media ahead of the mainstream and outlets like "politico" are mocking them claiming they are making a big mistake. desantis says nyet to "the view." >> greg: if you are going to say somebody is evil that means you can never talk to them. compared to what we did in the a block. none of us agree with aoc but we actually were talking seriously about her. it's an important distinction. the right believes the left is wrong but the left believes the right is evil. so old krauthammer line.
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why do you, michelle? you say that i am worse than hitler. they are miserable. you do fox. you have a good time. people are nice and fun. when harold or jessica gets destroyed by me on the show we still have so much fun in the break. >> harold: fun at dinner too. >> greg: we get a little loaded. you never know what happens after that. let's say you're at the airport and you're forced to watch msnbc or cnn. you wonder who died. it is their ratings. the problem with legacy media is that they are still in their shell and when someone outside their shell joins them it creates meltdowns and it's very personal. it's very personal to them on "the view" when they run into something and here it's never unpleasant because we don't take it personally. that's the difference between republicans and the hard left. >> dagen: jessica has let me play with and hold her child. you would never. jesse, i haven't even met the
2:20 pm
kid. want to babysit tonight? >> katie: desantis is marked on the reason why he's been so successful promoting his policies is because he doesn't take the bait on offers like this. the view is not interested in having a real serious conversation about what he's been doing in florida. they know he may be a 2024 presidential candidate or probably why they are trying to get him on early. if they really believe the things they said about him. he's a homicidal sociopath, bigot, why would you give him a platform to continue saying those things? desantis and his team know that they are trying to use him for games and they are not using -- they are not playing the game anymore. 96% of the press identifies as leftist or liberal and it's time to give them a fair shot. if that means ignoring their media outlets they don't need to get their message out, then they can go around it. it's a shame for people watching but all they are asking for is a
2:21 pm
little bit of fairness and maybe eventually down the road. doesn't have to be forever. may be just a little reminder of how to have a decent, civil conversation about serious issues based on the facts which "the view" tends to not be interested in pursuing. >> dagen: saying that desantis went on "the view" he is also subjecting his supporters to the shrill torture that you have to listen to. the oral torture. >> jesse: if he did do the view, it would be hard for them to get a word and because you have these women yelling and screaming at him the whole time and i don't know what the upside would be for him. right now the mainstream media needs republicans on the shows because the shows are boring and no one's watching the show so all of a sudden you need us to come on your shows to make your shows interesting so you can get a good rating, sorry.
2:22 pm
you called me a murderer during covid, called me a traitor. the other days of the week you call me racist and you are working with political prosecutors to put me in prison. would any of us do well in prison? no. have you seen these republican senators, they wouldn't last a single day. absolutely not. they are working in tandem with the democratic party so i'm not going to be your tackling dummy for a rating. and they're not doing political journalism. we had a source that presented a great scoop that might bring down a democrat and might affect the political campaign and you handed to him, tied up in a nice bow, the networks wouldn't even look at it. they would suppress that story. they are not actually doing journalism. they are doing partisan propaganda. fox now was such a huge platform and if you have the internet and podcasts, you don't need to do these other networks. you don't need to answer anything from these guys.
2:23 pm
you know if the agenda is. you get much bigger audience with the way things are here. >> dagen: taking notes, look out. >> harold: is shortsighted and small minded of politicians to not stand in the proverbial kitchen and take any heat. if they have said things about him. if someone called me a fascist and a racist and anti-semite i would want to go on this show and sam not. >> jesse: i don't want the line out there on television, i'm not a racist. well, i just gave it. you know what i mean. >> harold: i don't think that's all they would ask. but i think it's a pathetic example of what politics has become. here's what i'm trying to do. the country wants leaders who unite. they want leaders who can listen to each side and express themselves. if the other side is outrageous in their conversation, look the country be the judge of that. i don't know ron desantis. i have read about him and heard
2:24 pm
about him. impressive resume. this is a mark against him in my book. if you can't take the tough questions from "the view," you probably shouldn't be president. >> jesse: you have to have standards and do classy shows. >> harold: you can do prime time. >> jesse: i'm not talking about prime time. meet the press, the sunday morning shows. >> dagen: do you want a final word? >> greg: i am good. i am thinking about what i'm going to eat. i had brisket for lunch. >> harold: my expression made you think about what you're going to eat. >> greg: it's 5:30. this is when i start thinking. my stomach is growling. >> dagen: 's chair ahead, kamala harris appears to be exploiting tragedies to push her green agenda. the disgusting display next.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: kamala harris is at it again. the vp making america cringe with this bizarre explanation of the benefits of the left green agenda. >> consider heat waves pose a greater threat to people who don't have air conditioning. or who work in high heat workplaces such as warehouses or farm fields. we can move clean energy from where it is created to where it is needed. it is literally about the transportation of energy. how exciting is that? >> jesse: so exciting. don't worry, it gets worse. kamala appearing to suggest that the deaths caused by the
2:30 pm
devastating floods in the midwest could have been avoided if only congress had listened to joe biden. >> for years we debated the potential impact that climate change could have on our communities, on our country, and our world. in recent days, deadly floods have swept through missouri and kentucky, washing away entire neighborhoods. leaving at least 35 dead, including babies, children, the impact is real. we are witnessing it in real time. >> jesse: harold, did you know the people without air conditioning really hot during a heat wave? >> harold: i did. >> jesse: did you know that? >> harold: i did. >> jesse: she just explained that in a way that made it seem like that was breaking news to a
2:31 pm
lot of people. >> harold: we caught a piece of what she was saying and i think we need to think about these things and we've talked about it. cows and concrete of the biggest emitters of c.o.t. europe is gripped with a heat wave, historic heat wave. it is summertime. it is supposed to get warm but it seems like it's getting warmer. we can't ignore what we are dealing within europe. ukraine and russia. the fact that europeans are so heavily reliant on russian energy sources and the fact that we so reliant on the asian supply chain. you are confronted with these moments to realize you have to change your behavior. we need to get off of the energy platform. it doesn't happen overnight. the world can't be powered by some of the things of the vice president was saying. i think the call to action is admirable but the call to action would be more credible if we
2:32 pm
talked about tracking and nuclear as a part of this energy matrix that we are to need around the globe. >> jesse: no one is buying electric cars, dagen. no one is doing it. >> dagen: ar if they get this massive subsidy. the manchin-schumer shane. the electric automobile maker came out and is crying hard times about the subsidies being capped and those subsidies not going to the very rich because these companies cannot exist without the government teat. they are all sucksters. guess what. ford is making a six-figure f-150 that strict out. who in the hill is buying that
2:33 pm
thing? they are not reliable. one thing kamala harris needs to work on is she sounds dumber. when she reads the teleprompter, she goes "and if you don't have air conditioning it's hot. she does this back and forth. she can stumble and bumble almost until the end of time and never seem as incoherent and out of touch as joe biden. she has a law turtle long runway. >> jesse: you think she's more coherent than joe biden? >> greg: the plus and minus, we always do a segment when we find this linguistic linguine. we talk about energy. in a weird way, her ineptitude when she speaks leads us to actually talking about substance. to her credit. true, every time she talks she
2:34 pm
sounds like you're starting up a car that's been in a garage for years. finally you get it going and she makes aoc sound like winston churchill. if you listen to her while thinking about bongos, it's amazing. the one thing we've got to point out. it's true. we play bongos on my show. death by extreme weather in the united states is in drastic decline. it's 90%, 95% decline over a century. that's important to note. also i think a lot of these deaths and i'm not 100% sure, a lot of it has to do with moving into areas of impact. we are moving to places. people, insurance companies, ensuring their beach houses. >> jesse: i remember, all the guys moving to the coast of california and they get the bun mudslide in the pacific.
2:35 pm
>> katie: it may cut down on co2 emissions. it's a naturally occurring thing in the atmosphere and it's a standard that the environmental movement only uses rather than looking at the bigger picture but it's going to cause a whole lot of other pollution in terms of getting rid of electric car batteries. what you do with wind turbines that don't last very long? that had a hard time getting rid of those and finding ways to recycle them and reuse them. the same thing for solar panels. combustible engine you can use for 30 or 40 years. you can't do it with an electric car. where is the waste going to go for an occurrence of this green new deal agenda. on the issue of using the deaths in kentucky, where this happened is one of the poorest parts of the country. it has formerly coal country. the claimant agenda and that part of the country has inflicted so much pain and suffering on the people who live there. for to use a naturally occurring
2:36 pm
disaster to push her climate the claimant agenda and that agenda. it's beyond the pale when it comes the way the people have lost their livelihoods. >> jesse: everyone thinking about those people right now suffering. the next battle over our cell phone addiction. should kids be able to have them in the classroom? ♪ ♪ like many families, the auburns value time spent together. to share wisdom... i got some of my gold before i came to this country. i got some of my gold before you passed the bread. encourage one another... i can buy gold for this?! you can buy gold for this. and talk about life's wins and misses. responsibly sourced like my gold but not responsibly cooked. because at the end of the day, nothing keeps it all together quite like - gold.
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2:41 pm
has a policy to hold cell phones to limit distractions during class. an arkansas school district is banning cell phones, earbuds, smart watches and any electronic device and will be issuing a $10 fine for each violation. jesse, if i were a teacher, i would like a cell hotel for the cell phones. >> jesse: it's a no-brainer. i don't know why we haven't been doing this as long as cell phones been around. no phones on the desk. they are cheating. and then they are texting each other, flirting, mocking me, the teacher, behind my back. you confiscate the phone. "you are a fat pig, loser." then they get suspended. it doesn't even have to be no access to the phones. you could have everybody keep their phones in their own lockers and then in between class and maybe give them access to the phone. that's what i would do. >> katie: harold, what do you this?
2:42 pm
>> harold: i will be short. i agree with jesse. i don't know why we have cell phones allowed in schools. there is insecurity and a safety issue. maybe we should equip the classroom with funds to call the police if there is an emergency. put several of those in a room. it's a no-brainer. a >> jesse: he put a button like that, kids are going to do it as a prank. >> katie: kids need a flip phone to call their parents would not have access to the internet. it's a distraction. >> dagen: it shouldn't be up to the schools in the school districts. up to the parents. you have a choice. your kid goes into class, doesn't use the phone, keeps it off, keeps it in his locker and he learns and become extremely smart. graduates from high school and immediately gets a job at google and ends up being a multimillionaire. he supports you and buys you a beach house. or your dumb kid has the phone
2:43 pm
with him in class and they are worried about learning how to use filters to make their thighs look thinner and they are stupid so you have to pay a quarter million dollars for them to go to crap college and they still end up living with you by the time they are 30, divorced with three kids and no job but they can use phone filters. it's the parents choice. >> katie: and greg, how are we going to find out what's going on in these woke classrooms if there is no cell phone footage? >> greg: that's a good point. i'm not as concerned about classrooms as i am the automobile. it is correlated with age. it's not old people looking at their phones when they are driving. that could kill you. this won't kill you. that could kill you. having said that, phone is like a living thing, right? you have it near you. it makes demands. offers distractions. it's alluring. it seduces an anointed wins every battle. you could be sitting from across
2:44 pm
the greatest sunset or the most beautiful person in the world and you are still checking your phone. it's weird. it's really weird. we have to deal with that. maybe it's just details. the worst attribute of school is bullying and ostracizing behavior, ambivalent teachers, unimaginative classes. i would like to see a radical change. amazon just got medical one. they are going to start doing health. we need somebody to fix this education system and set of just going to the moon. >> katie: those digital pets everybody had at school. you had ten of them on a key chain. they banned those so you can ban cell phones. >> greg: the band chewing tobacco at my school. >> katie: they did? check ahead, who is better behind the wheel? new evidence that settles that debate next.
2:45 pm
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> harold: an age-old debate has been settled by science and it's official. women are better drivers than men.
2:49 pm
a new study revealed men are slower at regaining control when operating a driverless vehicle. scientists are suggesting the audited cars of the future need to have different settings based on gender. katie, your immediate reaction. do you think how would you have answer that study? >> katie: settings based on gender, it's going to get tricky. there's lots of men that you can choose from these days but if you're sticking with men and women i would say statistics show men are riskier to ensure. in my own personal expense i got to drive my mother's jeep for two years and my brother drove it for about 20 minutes if you get my drift. i think women are better drivers than men. they also ask for directions. you don't get lost as much. >> harold: dagen, ted the study on distracted drivers are
2:50 pm
more likely than men to use pho? >> dagen: i don't like this that women are better at operating driverless cars, we are subservient to the robot if we need help when we are driving. i think i am like greg. i don't like this male versus female thing. that being said, even the assist on cars and that adaptive cruise control, i hate that stuff. the lane assist. i am literally fighting with the car as it's trying to drive and i am trying to correct it in a turn. full internal combustion engine with no help. thank you. >> greg: i have to say this when we do male versus female stories. you notice these are only reported when the female wins. any study this has guys are better at something, it never makes the air, which is fine. i am with katie on this.
2:51 pm
i'm worried about the trans-phobic car because if you have a gender setting and yet you have chosen a different gender then your biology, what will the car do? at the car says i can only identify with your biology, your biological underpinnings because you haven't changed that, then the car is technically transgender. i'm trans-phobic. i don't want to be in a transforming car. >> harold: are you covering this? >> jesse: hard know. it fought with for my show. having gender settings on other things besides cars? i am quickly deciding not to go that direction. the living i'm thinking of is why the study played out the way it did. men assume that the driverless car knows what it's doing. greg has been saying that these driverless cars are great and they are better than human being so why would anybody have to take control of the wheel to avoid anything in the road
2:52 pm
because the car should be doing the job. hence, it's not doing a good job. hence we shouldn't be having driverless cars. >> greg: they are going to play this tape in 30 years and they will be laughing at you. [laughter] >> dagen: you have to grab the wheel and the driverless car with a crazy woman rides shotgun and grabs the wheel because you made her mad. >> harold: "one more thing" is up next.
2:53 pm
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>> doorbell ditch. [laughs] >> this is a kid who got caught but had a really smooth recovery watch this. >> did you just move here? there are a lot of kids plan around. >> okay have a nice night. >> that kid is going places. >> jesse: we were in the courtroom on the scene a lot to unpack as they said. >> this is your january 6th. all right good night. and it's time for greg's insane news. i don't normally read the story. a passenger arrived in australia
2:58 pm
with a two egg and beef sausage mcmuffin and hang croissant in his backpack and will be fined $1800. a detector dog. tip-top agents that there was an egg mcmuffin in the backpack he was cited for bringing undeclared to meet into the country. that's a long trip from mcmuffin, that the test for foot and mouth disease. not really. i made it work. >> rules are rules. >> history has been made with southwest airlines. if i miss pronounce your name i apologize. they did their first flight together. her passion for flight was passed on to her daughter who always knew she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. after a few years they finally got the chance to team up and
2:59 pm
work together. i followed my dad and the politics so i love stories like this. >> i think that there is a study on this. >> and we will report on it. >> how long has it been since the economy was this awful this long? that long. i just pulled us out because i told dana about it that was a kindergarten photo i didn't tell my mama i was getting my picture taken that day and apparently if you look at it closely enough i got a black eye. [laughs] [laughs] i must've gone into a fight or someone on the playground there was a fudge sickle on that t-shirt that you can't see it by the way. >> value genuine genuine and very cute. >> a police officer spotted an 84-year-old walking down the parkway and decide to pull over thing and that she needed help. the woman was lost, she soon found out that she was just trying to get to her hair salon
3:00 pm
for her appointment. the officer then gave her a lift and she made it to the hair salon looking fabulous and just a nice good story. you can't miss your hair appointment. >> she could have used a driverless car right? all people as a driverless car to go wherever they need to go. i know bret baier seen what getting one. it would be an honor. >> bret: good evening i am bret baier we are moments away for my in studio interview with senator minority leader. then house speaker nancy pelosi's paul pelosi pleads not guilty to dui charges as we learned some damaging information from a newly released police report. could help be on the way to ease the months long baby baby formula shortage.


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