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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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the officer then gave her a lift and she made it to the hair salon looking fabulous and just a nice good story. you can't miss your hair appointment. >> she could have used a driverless car right? all people as a driverless car to go wherever they need to go. i know bret baier seen what getting one. it would be an honor. >> bret: good evening i am bret baier we are moments away for my in studio interview with senator minority leader. then house speaker nancy pelosi's paul pelosi pleads not guilty to dui charges as we learned some damaging information from a newly released police report. could help be on the way to ease the months long baby baby formula shortage.
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first breaking tonight house speaker nancy pelosi says that u.s. will not abound in its commitments to taiwan after meeting with taiwanese leaders of the past day. the beijing rebuttal crock causing a lot of concerns as china prepares for a large-scale show of force in the taiwan strafe to make clear that its claims are nonnegotiable the island it regards as a renegade province. the military drills are expected to be the most provocative action towards taiwan and a quarter century. the white house correspondent peter doocy joins us from the north long, peter. >> on the ground and in the water near taiwan a lot is changing. here at the white house the president's position towards china head is not changing. tonight he remains in covert isolation as speaker nancy pelosi jets around asia. >> we condemn them for being one of the most freest societies in the world. >> that's not how china sees things though.
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neither is this. >> this is a choice between democracy and toss to see. >> the communist party of china is readying a response circling taiwan to steer clear as they prepare for large-scale military exercises. administers say that we are concerned of recent and announce threatening actions by the people's or public of china. particularly at live fire exercises and economic coercion which at risk unnecessary escalation. president joe biden didn't directly mention any of this, but he did talk to his national security advisors about a free and open pacific. >> i think that's going on here. you're gonna see a lot of theater, but i don't expect this to turn into anything as kinetic. >> republicans aren't sure that the chinese will back up it's tough talk from a chinese ambassador. the u.s. must pay the price for its own mistake and we mean what
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we say. white house officials won't say if they consider that a serious threat. >> the united states does not when a crisis. we are prepared to manage what beijing chooses to do. >> the white house officials won't weigh in on whether or not speaker nancy pelosi trip was worth it. some in that they haven't done before, during, or after her visit. >> is at will weakness in this white house? >> if she doesn't dictate it they go. now we can say if he thinks it was good or not. >> that's not how it works. that's not how it works here. >> worked alone a lot more about how this works as we wait to see if u.s. military assets in the area move as suggested by the chinese. it has even been a one week since president joe biden told president on the phone that he opposes any efforts to undermine the peace and stability in the strength of taiwan. and yet here we are.
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>> bret: peter thanks. also breaking tonight sad news republican operatives jackie walorski was killed after being involved in a car accident near northern indiana district. we are told that two of her aides were also killed in the accident. congressional correspondent chad jones is now live from capitol hill. horrible news good evening chad. >> the house is out this week that's why walorski was back in her district. the indiana sheriff's office says that walorski was traveling in an suv going southbound a northbound car went left of center and crashed head-on into into the suv. 4 people were killed and all. walorski, and 2 aides. the driver of the other car ian also died. g.o.p. indiana senator todd young says that he is trying to process what
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walorski's death, he just spoke to her a few days ago. >> busy to be a really big gap to fill, but more personally jackie was a person of deep faith and strong conviction. just incredibly smart person. what i really remember she had an amazing sense of humor, high-energy, she just knew how to light up a room. she would go into a room and immediately people will be happier. >> the house g.o.p. says that jackie and her staffers died serving for her constituents. house speaker nancy pelosi asked them to have lower at half in honor of walorski. she was admired by colleagues on both sides for her personal kindness. she was a native of southend. former mayor and transportation secretary pete buttigieg tweeted that they were shocked and saddened the news.
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she was involved with tax policy and veterans issues. she was 58 years old. >> bret: chad thank you. controversial gain taking center stage at a senate subcommittee here today had issue of whether the research method was being practiced at the wuhan lab in china were covid-19 may have originated. correspondent has the latest from capitol hill. >> good evening to you, we are to a half years into this pandemic and today it was the first official hearing focusing solely on gain of function, and how it relates to the origins of covid-19. it has been used in recent years gain of function in the medical community is still considered somewhat controversial. researchers genetically genic an organism to make it more enhanced. more and more potent. medical doctors have firm belief that this type of research was
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done at the wuhan institute and the consensus today while this was a lab leak likely it was an accident. >> i am concerned by efforts to continue to focus on gain of function because it is so ill-defined. >> senator braun paul from kentucky who you had on last night on special report called for today's hearing for well over a year. he believes the chinese communist party and other health professionals in a country are just not being truthful about the origins of cuba 19. >> do need to be having hearings on this question marks we have follow-up hearings? should we have legislation? there's a chance that this came from a lab without question. both sides of the isle should be looking at this. >> despise his claims, they have denied multiple times that he specifically funded any grants related to gain function and corona viruses that would affect humans. dr. felt she was not at the hearing today, but spoke on the broadcast this a couple weeks ago. >> upon re-looking at this
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carefully now, we think it's more likely that it was a natural evolution. >> there's more and more organizations that -- >> more people saying it doesn't mean that there's more evidence of it. >> it for public and seek the senate come january, they are already promising to hold more hearings on gain of function in the origins of covid-19. write back to you. >> bret: david, thank you. if fox news has confirmed that former white house counsel received a subpoena from a federal grand jury as adjusted apartment looks into the potential crimes related to january 6th capitol riots. during a previous appearance before the house january 6 committee, agreed that there was no evidence of election fraud, sufficient to undermine the outcome of the 2020 election. in the meantime the justice department is filing a lawsuit against peter navarro saying that the former advisor to president trump use an unofficial email account while working in the white house and wrongfully retained at presidential.
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legal action comes weeks after he was indicted on criminal charges after refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation in the january 6th. president joe biden signed an executive order today laying groundwork for medicaid to help women seeking abortions to travel between states to obtain access to the procedure. details are still being ironed out because it is illegal to use federal funding to pay for abortions unless the woman's life is in danger or the pregnancy as a result of rape, or. the supreme court's decision today take a listen. >> the supreme court made this extreme decision to take away a constitutional right. it was announced constitutional action by them. >> bret: that raised eyebrows yesterday and kansas voters overwhelming rejected the constitutional moment. it would of given state lawmakers the chance either
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further restrict or ban abortions. ♪ ♪ there is no shortage of fireworks in yesterday's primaries during the missouri senate race, eric schmidt clenched that republic and nomination. former governor eric reitman following president trump's dual endorsement there he will face democrat nominee bush valentine in november. dixon, secured the republican nomination setting up a matchup. michigan seem to be 3rd congressional district donald trump endorsed gibbs. in washington state to representative's who voted to impeach former president donald trump dan newhouse, and jaime herrera butler appear to be surviving challenges as i count goes on
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from donald trump backed candidates. in arizona former played a factor in the senate. one of which is yet to be decided officially senior correspondent alecia cooney has has the latest on it from phoenix good evening. >> good evening too close to call and i governor's g.o.p. primary race but that hasn't stopped the candidate was endorsed by former president trump to claim victory before the votes are counted. >> we are so proud of the victory that we have we are going to leave this state to his brighter days ahead. i want to reach out to the people who i ran against they gave a good fight. >> reporters challenge carries acceptance like speech. she claims of the number of ballots outstanding will land in her favor my here is where things stand. carrie leads him by a little bit
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more than 11,000 votes. up and down the g.o.p. ballot donald trump backed her trauma line candidates and arizona won their primaries. republik and strategist dan barnes says that it represents something bigger than a former president. >> whatever he started for good or for ill, is going to be the thing that moves american politics for the next few election cycles including this one in arizona. >> former vice president mike pence endorsed and her team tells us of your still waiting for additional results. they went to bed last night things appeared to be in her favor, she had a nine-point lead thanks to the early voter ballot counts. like strategy was to push folks to push in person on election day when those numbers started coming in the tide turn. they're still out 150, a hundred 50,000 outstanding ballots here in.
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in a little less than four hours we are expecting small results. >> bret: live in phoenix thank you. stocks surged today and the technology led rally the dow was up 416. again 64. the nasdaq jumped. up next senate minority leader mitch mcconnell joins us here in studio for an exclusive interview on a host of topics and later is there an end in sight to the baby formula shortage? we have new information tonight. it ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: senator thanks for being here. i want to talk first about the reconciliation bill and what you think things stand. have you talked to the senator from arizona? she is obviously a linchpin here the democrats call this the inflation reduction act. senator schumer needs every democratic vote, we do things stand right now? >> i think all of us were very shocked by the reversal of positions that it taken as recently as last week. this raises taxes and increases
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the burden of on lower people significantly. the calling it inflation reduction bill is rather laughable. it indicates it actually increases inflation the next two years and may have an impact over ten years. the policies from last year of already produced 40 are high inflation. it's a terrible package. it appears as if they are all online but will be up to senator from arizona who is quite independent to decide with the final point to the bill are. >> bret: i people to tweet in if they had questions. how did senator mcconnell think on the the passage of the bill it would not lead to a bill that this was, sprung on you? >> reconciliation is done by one party only. it is something that we could've done to prevent the democrats from doing the bill that only they will vote for sonic question being played here was
3:20 pm
the story line here is that the senator had agreed to something that he had said publicly and privately over the last two weeks you can never agree to. there will be a single republican vote for it to something that we can do to deter it. other than to criticize it publicly and that's were doing right here. >> bret: democrats are using your repeated siding of democrat experts to count this new bill take a listen. >> let me just quote larry summers, larry summers. don't take it for me listen to larry summers. >> this bill is fighting inflation and set a whole set of collateral benefits as well, but it's fair to call it the inflation reduction act. >> larry summers there's justin furman. >> i think it's really important for climate change and protecting families. it does all of that will making progress on inflation.
3:21 pm
>> bret: who is right here? >> the quite the use for summers observations about what they did last year is $2 trillion. it's what they predicted would produce rampant inflation and it did. what they've done this year on a fall in line i assume they want to get back on the white house christmas card list, but people who are not active democrats independent and has no impact on inflation at all. over the long-term. actually increases it slightly in the short term. they were certainly helpful as active democrats in describing laster's bill but this year there sort of falling in line because i think they want to get back to the great graces the white house. >> bret: this is where it's coming from a lot criticism of
3:22 pm
you and your leadership on his bipartisan deals, infrastructure, guns, most recently the chips bill. they say you are giving the president of an opposition party's major victories that they are now using the prop up him with the approvals. >> i guess they forgot the supreme court but i helped usher in. the 2017 tax bill, and let me the criticism. i think just because you've closely divided government does mean you don't do nothing. the past 2 a ministrations tried to achieve bipartisan infrastructure didn't get it done. we needed to rescue the post office, just because there is democrat in the white house i don't think us republicans she do nothing that's good for the country in the meantime. on the big issues we are totally opposed to what this administration is trying to do, but on things like school safety, mental health, infrastructure, postal reform, why would we not want to make
3:23 pm
progress for the country to matter who is in the white house? >> bret: the senate passed the nato expansion which signs off on adding sweden and finland. if any senator is looking for a defense to vote no i wish them good luck. this is a slam-dunk for national security this is what you said. what you say to american military family assess sending u.s. troops to defend sweden or finland's territorial integrity if they are intact is not a slam-dunk for them? >> i'll say that the nato alliance is the most successful alliance and the military world. the weight to prevent americans to have to actively involved in combat it to prevent it in the first place. that is what nato is about. they won the cold war without firing a single shot. vladimir putin is not only succeeded in actually expanding nato and making it even more effective as a deterrent. peace through strength and that's what nato is all about
3:24 pm
and that's why finland and sweden out a lot tomato. >> bret: your republican campaign here in the u.s. and around the country focusing on the record-setting illegal immigration on the border. for you right now, what is a bigger national security threat? russia and ukraine and what is happening there, or the situation on our southern border? >> i don't really get the pick i think they're very important. we both need to secure the border with the previous administration did an excellent job. and we need to beat the russians and ukraine. this is important to do that the prime minister of japan was concerned about. defeat vladimir putin in ukraine. >> bret: here's another twitter question bowl senator mcconnell do if he was to become the senate majority leader again that he thinks that we have received bipartisan support? >> we will be looking think for things we could do for the country to matter who is in the white house, but i think you could say this.
3:25 pm
if there is a republican house and senate next year joe biden will finally be the moderate that he promised the american people he would be when he ran for president because he would have no choice. >> bret: how you see the election landscape right now? they are trailing democrat opponents some of them are pretty significantly in key states that you tipped off the last time we talked being really important. >> i think it's a be very tight, weave a 50/50 senate and a 50/50 nation. i think when the senate race smoke clears were likely to have a very, very close senate still with either a sub slightly or the democrats up slightly. >> bret: do you think that abortion plays a bigger issue special after the kansas vote last night? the midterms and have your republican states rejected an antiabortion constitutional moment marked a political earthquake with the potential to reshape the entire midterm campaign. >> i think with the supreme court is done as they say people
3:26 pm
who are elected by the american people are gonna do with this highly sensitive issue and it will be playing out all year and i'm think we really know until the end of the year will have an impact putting this issue back into the hands of those of us who are elected as opposed to nine unelected judges will have on the country. we are in the process of finding that out. >> bret: do you think kansas tells you summed about that? >> they were a lot of people who are interested in the issue in kansas is no question about that. >> bret: you're losing some your most trusted lieutenants, you could be looking as i mentioned j.d. vance or ted bud. if trompe l'oeil republicans like eric schmidt who just won the missouri. some of those candidates have refused to say on the trail that they back you as leader. is that the new face of a donald trump five republican party, and are you the guy to lead that the senate? >> look at it this way i been
3:27 pm
elected 8 times without opposition. there's always an election every two years for later if anyone wants to challenge me have at it. >> bret: if you don't won the majority are you still to be leader? >> i am. >> bret: is the one area where you where you look back there republican party vote, 80s, 90s, early to thousands and you say these new guys got this right and we got it wrong? whether it's trade, china, or the border? is there someone that you look back and say it is different now? >> that's a really interesting question i think that there is a large part of the country that would like to see to matter what kind of government they elect some progress. we have tried to do that with some of the issues that we just talked about. they also don't like with this administration is doing. the president has a horrible approval rating and they want
3:28 pm
somebody to stand up to that and we have on the big issues. whether it's spending, taxes, inflation, crime, open borders, the hour total differences. that's why we have elections and this fall the american people need to decide on a happy with what this all democratic government is giving them? or do they want to make adjustments knowing full well that the democratic party still to be differed to trim more years. flip the congress and joe biden will become a moderate he has no choice. >> bret: joe biden that you've known for decades, as you the same joe biden? do you think he's running in 2024? >> i like joe he at the same joe biden that worked all those years. i have no idea whether he's running in 2024, a focus on 2022. >> bret: does it help you? >> where can i have a referendum on his performance in the performance of the democratic
3:29 pm
house, democratic senate this november at the american people can decide how happy they are with that. >> bret: senator you're always welcome back on special report we were appreciated. up next a landlord revolt by los angeles property owners say that their homes are being stolen because the democratic policies there, but before we had to break the legendary dodgers broadcaster vince scully has died hall of fame announcer that await last night's home in los angeles. the longest tenure broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history was with the dodgers for 67 years. going back to when the team played in brooklyn. vince scully was 94. achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months... and skyrizi is just 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections, or a lower ability to fight them, may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms,
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♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ claritin provides non-drowsy symptom relief buy your car on from over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens, day after day. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear. ♪ ♪ >> bret: alex jones now understands it was irresponsible of him to declare the sandy hook elementary school massacre shooting near a hoax. that he now believes it did actually happen.
3:35 pm
>> do you understand now that it's absolutely irresponsible? >> absolutely since i met the parents it's a hundred percent real. >> bret: testimony comes after the parents of the 6-year-old boy who was killed in the 2012 attack testified about the suffering death threats and harassment they had to endured what alex jones trumpeted on his media platforms. the info wars host a taken place in the first of 3 trials were juries will decide how much alex jones must pay for defaming families. with new data showing the extent of the ongoing national baby formula shortage today the joe biden administration announced an additional fly formula mission i will it be soon enough and what took so long? fox business correspondent in new jersey with the latest good evening. >> good evening there brett, white house and knowledge that
3:36 pm
the shortage on baby formula is still very much ongoing. >> we have done the work and can't have continue to do the work to make sure that families have safes of baby formula so they can feed their kids. it discontinues to be a priority for us this is not gone away. >> new data out today shows that all formula types are about 18% out of stock, powdered formula is nearly 28% out of stock across the country. typically outage rates are between 5-7%. some states suffering outages more than others alaska with more than 42% of supplies out of stock it tops the list followed by kansas, utah, colorado, minnesota. and families across the country are still struggling. >> it's been extremely stressful, super limited diet to keep our daughter healthy. we have no end in sight, no idea what will morgan i have her back
3:37 pm
with her formula again. >> it was back in late april the nation parents started to feel the effect of the much long closure of baby formula manufacturing plant in sturgis, michigan, which started in february. the plant reopened in july after severe weather prompted a second closure, production has resumed on specialty formula, but is not yet restarted for by the use. meanwhile the administration at the production act to ramped up domestic manufacturing is also imported more than 64 million bottles worth of formula but that is equivalent the amount of american consumers purchase in one week analysts say. now the fda commissioner dr. barbara caleb said this could be another two months before we see supply and demand for baby formula but at one point brett it was used for dictating outages and the shortages will be over by the end of july. >> bret: amazing we will
3:38 pm
follow it. landlords around the country are pushing back against covert era eviction protections for tenants. a property owners say an eviction moratorium extension could push them into bankruptcy or foreclosure. fox business correspondent details tonight from los angeles with the story is really hitting a flash point good evening. >> good evening, the city council just voted to extend the eviction moratorium for an additional year. it's a bit of a comic edit situation because rent prices aren't skyrocketing those protections were for covid and the city has returned to near normal operations. many of these landlords are small mom-and-pop owners who fear that they will never recoup that money. state fund applications have closed so rent that does not get paid here simply piles up with little recourse they also worried that tenants use it as another euro for yet rent. >> will have to eventually sell the property if you have someone who is abusing the system it's not right. the city of los angeles at this
3:39 pm
point are protecting and enabling. >> this is causing some landlords is that it's being stolen by democratic policies supported by the one council member who suppose that extension he says that the policies that would put in place to protect people are now affecting rental owners and not been able to run their businesses as usual. properties who save their whole lives and come to support themselves. the supreme court struck down the cdc moratorium on evictions, but the white house argues that it has a duty to families everywhere. yesterday the prevention they double down on making the covert predictions permanent. >> on eviction prevention or goal must be to not return to pre-pandemic normal, do not return to policies or evictions are too often the first resort, not a last resort. >> and as the white house weighs things like student loan forgiveness critics are saying
3:40 pm
is rent next? and what habits of the small business landlord of these protections continue, back to you. >> bret: kelly thanks. i'm next while speaker nancy pelosi was in taiwan her husband had a court date will take you there. ♪ ♪ just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette.
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♪ ♪
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>> bret: the first grain shipped to you leave you grain past in specs and at istanbul and as heading to lebanon. 17 other vessels that sports are loaded up with grain waiting for permission to leave no word on yet when they could depart. the world food crisis and we have been saying has been soaring as the war has brought exports from ukraine a major global grain supplier. as house speaker nancy pelosi travels in asia her husband paul was in court and is pleading not guilty to misdemeanor under the influence charges related to a may car crash in northern california. the court documents show some new details as new questions arise over whether he should face other charges. they join us now from napa. >> good evening to you paul pelosi did not appear in person his lawyer entered not guilty and then left in a hurry. dodging questions about her
3:46 pm
clients behavior according to documents his breath reeked any font to sobriety test after he allegedly drove his porsche into the path of an suv entering that driver and totaling both cars. highway patrol officers noted that pelosi's eyes were red and watery. he was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred. when i asked for his i.d. 82-year-old handed over his license along with an 1199 foundation membership card. that's a charitable organization that supports police and their families. he was hoping that that would get him special treatment it didn't work. they arrested pelosi and lock them up for a few hours of the napa county jail. there is his mug shot and he was charged with two misdemeanor accounts of drunk driving causing injury. his blood alcohol level was just above the legal limit. it was taken two hours after the crash, time for pelosi to sober up the license lobotomized was having to come to the station on
3:47 pm
saturday night. leo legal analyst may say that we may account for the delay. if the 48-year-old suv driver had broken bones, suffered more serious injuries the charges here would've been felony. nancy pelosi who was in rhode island at the time had no comment on her husband's arrest which was filmed by highway patrol officers. police relieved dashcam video all the time, but despite repeated requests from fox news the video of pelosi's arrest is still under wraps. >> dashcam video and evidence we are actively -- i don't release these in any case i won't release this before i'm ready to do so. >> everyone is back here on august 23rd the two sides may reach a settlement or set a date for an injury to trial. >> bret: claudia thank you simon tells me that jesse watters will have more on the story coming up. the panel with reaction to my interview with senator mitch
3:48 pm
mcconnell and a look back at last night's primary results and what that mean. ♪ ♪ (dad) we have to tell everyone that we just switched to verizon's new welcome unlimited plan, for just $30. (daughter) i've already told everyone! (nurse) wait... did you say verizon for just $30? (mom) it's their best unlimited price ever.
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♪ ♪ >> we have a 50/50 senate now we have 50/50 nation. i think with the senate race smoke clears work and have a very, very close senate still. with either of us up slightly or the democrats up slightly.
3:53 pm
>> bret: talked about the landscape not really painting it like a big red wave or more. let's bring in our panel "washington post" panelists and a fox news analyst. as i we took from that josh? kind of looking at the landscape of come of these races that maybe they are underwater or didn't think that they were gonna be? >> the big headline is that they are leaving the option that democrats might actually holder senate majority. there is a really lowering of expectation specifically on the senate side because of mitch mcconnell and a whole lot of republican officials are worried about the caliber of the senate candidates dr. oz in pennsylvania when the denomination in arizona. herschel walker in georgia, these are battle grab states that republican should win given that it's so favorable, but boy if you move races all of a sudden the majority looks a lot more prepared. >> bret: i asked him about the changing face of the republicans
3:54 pm
in the senate elegant of these candidates are not the rob portman's of old. they are trumpian. eric trump loyalist a lot of them. does that change the way that republicans senate operates? >> i think it certainly will i think that's what you saw senator mcconnell mention one of his leadership team to run again. the fear there is that you get people like rick scott, the senator from florida to move into leadership around him if it erodes our people model that you just referred to. more of the establishment republican. >> bret: thoughts? >> it feels like 2010. there picking candidates, we haven't picked a wish to run yet but you mention rob portman. their leading.
3:55 pm
he won that seat 20 years ago that's a big difference. it's a real risk for donald trump, because a lot of these candidates are people who donald trump pushed and people listen to them. if republicans lose the senate second time because of donald trump selected candidates assigned to be good to him heading into 2024. >> bret: i mentioned that the g.o.p. house criticism is that mitch mcconnell is bending over backwards for you these bar bipartisan deals and leaving them as they are running for reelection giving president joe biden's when max. i'm tired about the house g.o.p. memos stomach members. >> on the big issues were totally opposed to what this a administration try to do, but on things like school safety, mental health, infrastructure, postal reform, why would we not want to make progress for the country no matter who was in the white house? >> bret: what about that whole
3:56 pm
exchange? >> mitch mcconnell has always said that when things are very popular and there's an opportunity to score some points by going bipartisan it's a good thing to do. i think that their worries are the missions with the republican party and the grumblings of mitch mcconnell's leadership. now the reconciliation bill going to the bipartisan basis, but i think your republicans need to show that they can get things done if they want take back the senate majority i think he understands the politics of the situation. >> bret: he insist that he wasn't played, he says that this is a democrat deal with this reconciliation it's their applecart to deal with as they have all the votes to do it what about that exchange and how they went down? >> what is striking here is that senator mitch mcconnell is someone who famously said that i'm here to prevent barack obama for having a second term i think in the white house the joe biden team sees him as antagonistic to their agenda. which is that the joe biden team has now really racked up a
3:57 pm
substantial number of won's. i'm think it's helping them in their approval ratings. it's giving a message or a narrative to the people that joe biden's first2 years have been six fairly successful of a scorecard of legislate of achievements. i think much of that has to do with mitch mcconnell. i think mitch mcconnell has been a fierce fighter. now that's my perspective. i understand the perspective that you represent that question is that some of the house members think that we want to stop everything. i think that again this goes back to the first question you asked me. mitch mcconnell wants to prevent a republican party that is a constructive party. i do think he wants to blow everything up. yes he doesn't like obama, biden, he does like the democrats and all that, but he wants the moderate public and voter to feel comfortable with him and his leadership. >> bret: i wanted to ask it that way from that perspective come up with when you ask him specifically what to get it done on the bipartisan way if he is the leader in the first 90 days
3:58 pm
it's tough to pin him down on the legislative priorities. >> sure it is but he's playing 3d chess one a lot of people are planning to us. for example joe biden passes capacity 1.9 trying dollar covert bill. it sets off the worst inflation in 40 years, you want to follow that up with a $3 trillion bill at the back better and he called it infrastructure. hugh china pass all the social spending decide skies does infrastructure. they took all the infrastructure that people really liked and put it in a separate bipartisan bill would slow the democrats were nothing but a big on popular social spending bill. if they hadn't done that they would've had a three trying dollar monstrosity to follow this. >> bret: it's the report sing election results raise more questions than answers the big story of the august section election didn't evolve any candidates we could have significant implications for the upcoming november elections. and cancels the resounding rejection of a constitutional moment which would have allowed kansas legislature to further
3:59 pm
restrict abortion access suggest a motivating factor of the abortion for this fall. is that fair to say that that is going to have repercussions josh and other places or are we under counting the abortion issue as motivating? >> i think the big story last night in kansas was the turnout, democrats have been disillusioned, dispirited, upset about the joe biden white house. they showed up on abortion. i don't think the signature medically change the environment, but it certainly might help the democratic base show up at some of these swing elections. >> i think that most people and this is probably the best time that this could happen because with inflation and anything else going on there a lot of things that people are more upset about that abortion right now. >> bret: the question on the ballot is quite something. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: a special report. he responded to an unusual call for help sergeant and two deputies dispatched to a hotel if on a sea turtle hatchlings
4:00 pm
all over the place including in the pool, bathroom, storm drain, eventually the officer scooped up the turtles and guided them safely to the sea. tomorrow special report. thanks for inviting us at your home tonight that's it for the special port fair balance and unafraid. jesse watters prime time is next i promise you'll get more on this nancy pelosi thing i'm sure that i'm right? [laughs] ♪ ♪ >> jesse: when we started the show, i promised to cover corruption. today was a big day at "primetime." for the last two months we've been trying to get to the bottom of paul pelosi's dui. at the end of the day this is about transparency and equal standards of justice. just because pauly p. is married to the wolf of washing