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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 3, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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biden. >> jesse: so would i. please don't bow too much to greet people, you might hurt your back again. i'll do the nod. that's it for us. tucker is up next. always remember, this is watters, and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you're an incumbent, you tonight want to debate. unless you drop dead during a speech, you're likely to be elected to congress. a televised debate cannot help you. it's all risk and no upside. occasionally there's no avoiding
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it. democrats held a primary debate in new york city last night. they had no choice. both the candidates in this race are incumbents. thanks to a court decision that redrew congressional bounds, they're running against each other for the same seat. that's a lot of fun. for 30 years, carol maloney has represented the upper east side of manhattan. over the same period, jerry madler has represented the west side. rather than do the obvious thing and retire, the two are competing for the newly-drawn 12th congressional district, combining the upper east side and upper west side of manhattan. it turns out to be the richest district in american politics. there's a lot at stake. we forced ourselves to watch the debate. we were richly rewarded for doing that. we'll start with the headlines in the debate, which you've already likely seen. neither one of these people is
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cheerleading for joe biden. here's maloney. >> who president biden run again in 2024? >> yes. >> mr. nadler? >> too early to say. doesn't serve the purpose of the democratic party to deal with that until after the midterms. >> ms. maloney? >> i don't believe he's running for reaction. >> tucker: "i don't believe he's running for re-election." that's not a profound observation. of course joe biden isn't running for re-election. he can barely find the men's room. that was not very interesting. it was predictable. what was very interesting, what tells you a lot about the democratic party, is how these two candidates talked about their personal accomplishments and their goals for the country. we should tell you, having watched it, that figuring out exactly what they were trying to say was not easy. these are not spry articulate people. they're not magicians with the
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english language. one had to sit for the entire debate, because he was too weak to stand. at one point, he boasted about his greatest accomplishment in the congress. that would be impeaching george w. bush twice. >> an insurrection is for the republican party, for the first time in our history, trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power. therefore i am leading the fight to stop this. i have passed the two impeachments. impeach push twice. >> tucker: twice. the secret to jerry nadler, it's not his appearance, it's his intellect, which is small. obviously he meant to say donald trump, not what he can remember what decade it is. the problem is that nadler and
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maloney, neither have anything to say. jerry nadler is asked, what are you proud of, and he's talking of multiple impeachments. did the impeachment improve a single life in this country? no. she was asked the same question, what are you proud of? what are your priorities? so she responded. here are carolyn maloney's priorities for the united states. >> our work is not over yet. we need to protect women. we need to pass gun safety laws. we need to combat climate change. >> tucker: so those are her top priorities. these are powerful sitting members of congress. first priority, protecting women. in other words, more abortions, protecting women from having children, so they can continue
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to work at some depressing midtown bank. don't raise your family. go to work. well, maloney didn't mean by protecting women is punishing criminals, free to beat women open the subway in new york, as they routinely do. that's number one, protecting women, more abortion. okay. number two, gun safety laws. none of these gun safety laws, gun confiscation laws, will be enforced in places where the democrats get a huge percentage of the vote. then number three, combating climate change, because you don't need air conditioning in the summertime. you don't need a car. look at siri lampinga, they've done a great job. she didn't mention inflation. every poll taken shows that inflation is the number one issue that actual americans care about. so why wouldn't maloney, who's a
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politician after all, can probably read a poll, why would she need include inflation? it's possible she's not aware. we know this, because mary daly explained her views on inflation inadvertently. apparently she didn't know she was being recorded. she said inflation doesn't matter to her because she's rich and we're quoting. "i don't find myself in a space where i have to make tradeoffs because i have enough. and many americans have enough." ooh, you've got enough. you've got enough. stop your whining. time to fix the climate. we're in charge of the weather now. so these are the issues that the leaders of the democratic party and the party's donors, many in san francisco and new york, care about. they don't care about inflation, because they're rich and it doesn't affect them. in other words, they don't care
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about you at all. by the way, this isn't just true of longstanding establishment figures in the democratic party, it's everywhere. it's endemic, in the fabric of the party itself. even people who want to join the club repeat the same line. at a debate last night, maloney and nadler, at 76 and 75, were joined by a 35-year-old lawyer, who runs a motel management company. he was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, the face of a new generation. what did he talk about? he referred back 15 years to describe the ideas. turns out he's an obama democrat. >> i'm a lawyer, a professor, and an obama democrat from whom i learned that democrats lead best when we lead with new ideas, energy, and a new generation of leadership. >> tucker: yeah, that guy has new ideas and energy, just like
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barack obama. that's why he's supporting joe biden running for re-election again. it's pathetic. it's not just him. it's not just maloney, not just poor jerry nadler. it's the entire democratic party. the democratic party has run out of gas, existing only to perpetuate itself. all of them. kamala harris is a child by the standards of the party, but still talks like a dementia patient, slowly and incomprehensibly. here's kamala struggling to explain what mail-in ballots are. you'd think she'd know what mail-in ballots, given that mail-in ballots are why she has a job. >> it's what you want. so when people sit in a line for hours, when they sat at their kitchen table for hours, figuring out how to fill out
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their ballot to vote-by-mail, when they drive by the dropboxs with the kids in the back seat, patiently waiting to drop off that ballot, they were putting in an order. >> tucker: kamala harris is obviously our favorite for the democratic nomination next cycle, but he's a perfect disdistillation of everybody in power in the democratic party. every word that emerges from her mouth is a recycled talking point that's been removed from a banality machine. the democrats have nothing to offer. they believe it's 2005. you see this in foreign policy particularly, living in their heads in which the u.s. has the
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strongest military, can tell other people what they want. let china know we back taiwan, and the entire 75-year-old dispute would be settled forever. they really believe that. they have no idea of this country's relative place in the world order because they don't know anything about reality as it stands right now. so here's nancy pelosi who imagines she's so powerful that she can somehow bring about an indefinite peace. watch. >> today our delegation, of which i'm very proud, came to taiwan to make unequivocally clear we will not abandon our commitment to taiwan and we are proud of our enduring friendship. >> tucker: it doesn't mean anything. it's the barking of dogs that's less relevant than dogs barking.
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trust us, the chinese know that. for nancy pelosi's perspective, i said it, therefore it's going to happen. problem solved. that's the world they know we still live in. they imagined, the united states, is still so rich and powerful, that we can afford any sort of pointless frivolity, tamper with the formula and suffer no effects. we can force delta air lines and united to apply affirmative action to airline pilots and our planes won't ever crash, because nothing bad ever happens in the world. these people have completely lost touch with reality. how out of touch are they? the democratic party main radical is sandy cortez out of westchester. how radical? she defends the intel agency and neocon.
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maybe they're defending the status quo. that's exactly what they're doing. they're doing it because they have no other plan. the sad truth is that people who run the democratic party have given up, on the party, people who live here. they have no solutions for you. they're not even pretending that they do. climate. they don't imagine a future. take more pills. might as well cut off your junk and pretend to be a girl. that's not a caricature. they're saying that out loud. they're done. now, the republican party, by contrast, is suddenly showing signs of life, thinking and responding to reality. there are faint signs, trust me, the people who run it have no interest in i think whiching the
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republican party. liz cheney and mitch mcconnell are enraged by the changes. they're intent with 2003. they'd like to invade iraq actually. mitch mcconnell has gotten rich from china. they're not controlling the party. the republican party is changing. we know that for certain, because the results from a couple of primaries show not just new masters, but new ideas. blake mars won the republican primary in the state of arizona. peter myer of michigan, for example, the guy who voted to allow men to play in women's sports because he's sensitive lost. the republican primary for arizona's gubernatorial race has just taken the lead. she's not like your parents' republican party. in the state of michigan, nixon is the republican nominee, taking on whitmer in the fall.
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congratulations on your win. you're a candidate who won because you had ideas people liked. you're not part of a party apparatus. am i right? >> absolutely. coming out of nowhere with this idea that family is important has seemed to be striking a nerve in the state of michigan. we've come out there and said, look, we lived through the shutdown, the worst shutdown, and we want to come around parents who want to actually be in schools, and now we have a lot of parents that are paying attention, and want to be in schools. we want to come around our police officers, restore rule of law, go back to having safe cities in the state of michigan, and maybe even try to talk to our job creators and support them instead of attacking them, because you saw during covid, when gretchen whitmer attack our job creators, that continues today. people don't know this, but she has a bureaucracy that reigns in
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the state of michigan, hurting or families. >> tucker: the first thing you said was families are important. for decades, generations, the republican party in washington has sought to de-emphasize the so-called social issues, not supposed to talk about families, you're supposed to talk about capital gains tax. you talked about families relen, and people liked that? >> tucker, i just lost my dad. my dad had a phenomenal career, but at the end of his life it was me crawling into bed next to him telling him how much i loved him that mattered. family is the most important thing. >> tucker: that's right, that's right. you're not going to care about your stupid job on your deathbed. tudor dixon, great to meet you. of course we're fervently rooting for you in november. thank you very much. >> thank you. keep rooting for me at
5:16 pm thank you, tucker. >> tucker: new york city smells horrible. horrible. have you noticed that? people who live there notice it. we sent our correspondent out to the streets of new york to ask, do you notice this? smells like a sewer. we'll tell you what he found straight ahead.
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>> tucker: we never ask the obvious questions, the questions that matter during political debate. no one mentioned that new york city smells like a sewer. no one seemed to figure out why. we sent our correspondent out to the streets of new york to investigate the odor problem. >> i'm in times square, new york city. only place in the world where you can hear a skunk complaining about the smell. to oversimplify it, folks, if new york were a women's shampoo, joe biden wouldn't sniff it. new yorkers are logging complaints to the odor system. we'll take to the streets to find out why the city that never sleeps smells like the city that never showers. why does the city smell so bad?
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>> there's cbd everywhere. >> you're blaming the weed. >> people are urin ating in the streets and smoking too much weed. >> i don't like the way you look at me when you say that. >> new york smells so bad. >> you just wished new york smelled as good as east africa? >> so good. >> you blame the internets and the smoke? >> yeah. >> it's just tobacco in those internets, right? >> yeah. >> good man. a cop stopped me a minute ago. are you smoking marijuana? no. well, there you go. >> why does new york smell? >> not enough showers. >> does florida smell like this? >> no. >> everywhere you smell it.
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what you expect? >> weed is going on. have. >> a lot of people smoking. >> there's something about the scent of urine and marijuana. >> marijuana have a good smell. i like it. ha-ha-ha. >> going through customs with brittney griner over here. don't try that in russia. >> would you hire more sanitation workers in new york, even if they were unvaccinated? >> even if they were unvaccinated, i'd hire them. >> i like this guy. if you were the mayor of new york, what you do to fix it? >> pick up trash every day. >> the homelessness in new york is an issue. we have to dispossess refuge properly. >> cnn is doing their part,
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giving them tv shows. tucker, it is so bad here, i'm trying to catch covid just to lose my sense of smell. dude, when you see people walking around with masks on, it's not covid. they don't want to smell the place. if new york was a store, tucker, it would be called no bad and body works. it's gross. >> tucker: jimmy, great to see you. you're the man. well, you may have heard in media that there's been a spate of violent crime against asian americans. a lot of things you hear in the media are a lie. that's not a lie. that's happening. the videos are everywhere. who is doing this and why? we're not sure why, but there's status on this, so we know that a lot of these crimes are being committed by african americans.
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african american men are more likely to commit crimes against asians than asians are to commit crimes against african americans. why is that? instead of asking the question, which seems like an important question, the media are telling you, the leaders are telling you, that this is just happening, it's probably trump supporters, and that's it. under the circumstances happening a lot. this apparent racially motivated attack happened monday in san francisco. >> already on the ground, she's kicked squarely in the face. >> they hit my head multiple times. they tore me down to the ground and kept hitting me, kicking me. >> the horror doesn't hide there. when she tries to hide in the hallway, unable to close the door, the suspects return again, not to steal her watch or earrings, but her keys, and to
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take turns assaulting the terrified senior. >> tucker: beating up an old lady for no reason. maybe there is reason. what's the reason? it's certainly happening a lot. in new york city, a career criminal called anthony evans just slashed an asian woman with a box cutter as she was walking in manhattan. evans has a criminal history that includes robbery and possession of a illegal weapon. prosecutors have decided not to charge them with a hate crime, that it's a random attack. these videos are everywhere. i guess you're not supposed to notice or something. but what is this? what's going on? >> this is asian americans political renaissance being fitfully born. what i mean by that is this, tucker, asian americans right now are in the middle of a
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political crisis, because they're being taught a narrative about our country that does not comport with their experience. they're being taught that america is a racist country against them, and that it's white trump supporters targeting them, but their experience in san francisco and brooklyn is showing it's not the whites that are targeting them, it not trump supporters that are targeting them. instead as i show in my book "an inconvenient minority," they're being targeted by progressives. progressives are the ones trying to discriminate against asian americans in college admission. now they're trying to hide asian american hate crimes, because it does not comport with their one-sided racial narrative. that's what's going on in this country, tucker. >> tucker: so many videos like this, you have to wonder why is nobody making more noise about this? >> i think people are starting to make nor noise, tucker. asian americans are starting to make more noise.
5:28 pm
san francisco's da election, the one who said he was going to abolish the place, san francisco voted him out. you know why? because they know when police are defunded, it's people like them, who typically asian americans do not commit crimes, they're four times more likely to be the victim of a crime than the perpetrator of one, they're voting people like that. >> tucker: kicking an old lady in the face, i didn't want to see that. it's so awful. kenny, thank you for coming on tonight. pressure it. >> thank you. >> tucker: we told you about the liv sports league, the golf league. we spoke to the league's commissioner, greg norman, and star player bryson dechambeau,
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and learn that the pga is punishing players. today liv golf took a pager majoraction against the pga tou.
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>> tucker: a final update. we'll stop our golf coverage. i promise. we have one more piece of news about the liv golf tour. some of the golfers playing on it now taking legal action against the pga tour. they've left the pga. now they're being told they can never play in it again. we've been tracking the developments for us tonight. the hey, bill. >> tucker, that's right. today 11 members of the saudi-backed liv golf circuit filed an antitrust lawsuit against the pga tour, accusing the tour of illegally crushing competition as well as retaliating against players. so the pga tour has suspended golfers lured to liv golf through significant appearance fees, as well as massive prize funds. the tour has pointed to its own bylaws that ban members from
5:35 pm
taking part in any other event without the permission of the commissioner. effectively what the tour is doing, banishing tour players if they decide to take part in the liv golf tour. phil mickelson and bryson dechambeau are part of the lawsuit, saying the tour conduct's serves no purpose over other than to harm players and foreclose the first meaningful competitive threat the tour has faced in decades. here's what liv golfers had to say about the lawsuit this past weekend, exclusively to your show. >> i think it's unfortunate that we couldn't bring everybody together. they've separated themselves from us. everybody is against us. they've basically treated us like, you know, the black cats of the world. >> the pga tour is saying anybody who participates in liv will be banned for life from the pga tour. >> it doesn't make sense.
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>> you're 28. are you worried about that? >> no. it will get figured out, whether it's legally or they come to the table and work out terms. it will definitely wash itself out in the future pretty shortly. >> liv golf and the mountain of mountain behind it has sent the sport into some tumultuous times. liv golf is offering $25 million in prize money at its tournament, a heck of a lot more than the pga tour currently offers. top pros are also being offered hundreds of millions of dollars as sign-up bonuses. that's obviously a hard offer to not at least consider. the pga tour may be forced to work with liv golf, though, as the justice department is also investigating the pga tour over potential antitrust violations as well. so the tension continues to increase. back to you. >> tucker: bill, thank you very much. a year ago today we were in
5:37 pm
hungary, had a chance to speak to the prime minister of that country, and we were deeply impressed by that conversation. he explained as the leader, he's embraced strong families, national sovereignty, the principles on which all thrives countries are based. saying that out loud has made him the most hated leader in the world, far more than say xi of china who runs a fascist state. one argues that hungary is on its way to becoming nazi germany. >> at the cpac conference in dallas, alongside donald trump, ted cruz, members of congress, conservatives are working
5:38 pm
hungary's orban, that he's worried with a mixed race world, a trend that hungary has resisted. it is what led in the 1930s to some of the hashest laws against jews, the reviled minority at the time, mostly copied from the nuremberg laws in germany. >> tucker: it's almost unbelievable they aired something like that. orban is a nazi because he wants national borders. his office wrote a letter to cnn about this coverage. you are spreading misinformation about hungary, to put it mildly. or rban's political director joins us now.
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it's so interesting. literally cannibals in charge of some countries. you have a country of 10 million people in central europe, a small country, they spend so much time hating you. what do you think that's about? >> hello, tucker. it's so good to see you. actually since 2015, when from one day to another, 400,000 people tried to cross our borders illegally, and we made the decision to try to protect our borders and maintain or at least regain law and order. we are under constant heavy pressure from the globalist elite. they think that if somebody is speaking against mass migration that he or should be racist or anti-semite or whatever. it's crazy, but our policy is based on common sense.
5:40 pm
our people are very proud, as you mentioned. we are a 1,000 years old nation, in the middle of europe, but culturalry we are an island. we are proud of our history, our judo christian heritage, and want to preserve it in that way. to do so you have to protect your borders. it's that simple. >> tucker: it's basically america 2005. it's a moderate place. this caricature that it's china, i mean that must affect you living there. you see these descriptions of your country that are insane. that you are not reality. >> yeah. you know, we immediately realize that these accusations are politically motivated. meanwhile the people who are living there, they are very wise people. my experience is the same here
5:41 pm
in the united states. if you people to ordinary people, they know what is good for the country. they know what they want to reject. they are just not satisfied with the current administration or current elite. let me give you one example. we are neighbors of ukraine. currently we are hosting 1 million refugees for ukraine. some of them are staying. some of them are going forward. we're talking about the 10 million country. everybody knows that those people are fleeing from war. so there's no problem with that. meanwhile from the borders, illegal border crossers from other civilized nations, from other parts of the world, they want to cross the country. ordinary people they can differentiate.
5:42 pm
they know on one hand you have to be welcoming to the refugees, and you have to say no to illegal border crossers. it's so simple, as i mentioned. >> tucker: it is. and inherently moderate. it's shocking to me that cnn aired something like that. we apologize on behalf of the american media. thank you. good to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: we made a documentary last year on hungary. you can stream it it's called hungary versus soros. apparently the war in ukraine continues, draining our treasury. the ukrainians appear to be losing. nothing has gone as promised. yet the united states senate has decided to make things worse, to enmeasure the united states more deeply by voting to expand nato. only a single senator voted against nato expansion. he joins us straight ahead.
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>> tonight more from my visit to minneapolis. we'll speak to the seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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>> tucker: so while you were sleeping, or living your life, your representatives in congress just agreed on a $370 billion
5:48 pm
climate package. we got to do this. it's an existential crisis. we have to stop extreme weather events, like hurricanes. so is man-made climate change really changing the weather? we thought we would ask a meteorologist about that. he's not only a meteorologist, but the son of a meteorologist, so he might know the answer to this question. are hurricanes actually more common because americans drive suvs? here's what he said. the. >> 1915, '16, seven major hurricanes hit on the gulf coast, all right, in a two-year period, like a spray gun. they hit as category threes and fours. people say, well, they hit as threes and fours, but camille hit as a five, of course, katrina, eata, wilma, all category fives.
5:49 pm
category fives out over the water, but they weakened coming to land. right? we don't know -- i mean, who was out there reconnaissance in 1915 and '16. snoopy and the red baron. they were out there flying around in these storms? hurricanes now, when they start to develop, they're like an intensive care units. they're constantly monitored. they don't do anything without us seeing what's going on. if there's a sudden spike in intensity that we wouldn't have seen before, people are, like, oh, my goodness, this is the fastest ramp-up we've ever seen, right, which is in i'm an advocate of seeding hurricanes as they come to the coast. an intensifying hurricane coming to the coast, go after it, project storm fury, try to disrupt the eyewall processes, the processes feeding into the hurricane the energy, because in any given system in nature, i
5:50 pm
don't care if it's a guy running a 9.1 sprint, if you disrupt them, anything you do will knock it off its peak. doesn't mean it won't hit strong, but won't hit as strong. if you say, you're completely about doing anything against the weather, that's not true at all. i don't know why -- sometimes i think they don't want to do that, because if it was successful, you could weaken storms coming to the coast, it would take off the whole -- take off the whole push to -- this is getting worse than ever. >> tucker: interesting. watch the full conversation on "tucker carlson today." relentlessly pushing ukraine to join nato, which didn't want ukraine, just caused a war, but that didn't deter our herds from
5:51 pm
doing more. let's expand nato more. that works well. today on the floor of the senate mitch mcconnell said sweden and finland should join to make america stronger. >> their entry is in our interest. even closer cooperation with these partners will help us counter russia and china. their assessing will make nato stronger, and america more secure. >> tucker: make america more secure. if sweden or finland to wiped up in a war, we're bound by treaty to enter that war. how does that make america stronger? apparently they didn't think about that? the senate, because the senate just voted 95-1 to expand nato, to include finland and sweden. senator josh hawley of missouri was the only person to vote against it. we wanted to ask him why. senator, thank you for coming on. you're the only person to vote against this. why? >> expanding nato will not make
5:52 pm
america stronger and not make america safer. it will commit us to sending more troops, spending more money and devoting your resources to europe. frankly, that's the wrong choice. look at the challenges we face at home with our border and to broad overseas. we're talking about our enemies abroad. our number one enemy is in asia. it's in china. we need to protect ourselves from china's rise, to try to take over the economy. let's focus on china overseas. let's focus on our borders at home. expanding nato, it doesn't have anything to do with any of that. >> tucker: so the republican leader was asked today, i believe on this channel, you know, is the war in ukraine more or less important than our open southern border, and didn't answer. are there other senators who see our open border as more important than ukraine's
5:53 pm
providence or are you literally the only one? >> well, you know, i can't speak for anybody else, tucker, but i hear a lot people who care about other nation's borders that don't care a lot about ours. and people pay lip-service to china dominating our trade, wants to take our jobs, rip off our technology, and take our workers, but not willing to do anything about it. right now it's time to stand up and defend american workers, defend american jobs, defend our security against china overseas and our border here at home. those ought to be our priorities. >> tucker: yeah. it seems so obvious. so striking you're the only one. anyway, thank you for doing that. appreciate it. and for coming on. josh hawley, thank you.
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>> tucker: will bring it to you tonight. so recently kamala harris foster speechwriter she no longer wants to work for her. for a brief moment we thought that would make a difference in the public appearance, but it is obvious that it hasn't and she needs a better speechwriter maybe she hasn't found any speechwriter at all here is the result. [cheers and applause] >> can we give it up for this gentleman of the united states? [cheers and applause] [laughs] [laughs] >> tucker: what did you notice about that scene? what didn't they do? they didn't touch each other. this is the couple that kissed while wearing masks.
6:00 pm
and if that isn't heartwarming to you you are a science denier. give it up for the first second gentleman the man who kisses his matt wife with the mask on. thig a speechwriter. kamala harris you got this. that's it for us tonight. [laughs] will be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. every night at mpm. sean hannity takes over next. >> hannity: that could be a part of the new curriculum. that is not a real kiss. >> tucker: it helps prevent spreading monkeypox also you that. [laughs] >> hannity: i guess you're right there you go there to be the next vaccination battle. all right tucker thank you all come to "hannity." a big won for trump endorsed candidates all across the country. also diverging a governor he will join us with an update on his fight against radical socialist democrats that want to indoctrinate


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