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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 3, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and if that isn't heartwarming to you you are a science denier. give it up for the first second gentleman the man who kisses his matt wife with the mask on. thig a speechwriter. kamala harris you got this. that's it for us tonight. [laughs] b back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. every night at mpm. sean hannity takes over next. >> hannity: that could be a part of the new curriculum. that is not a real kiss. >> tucker: it helps prevent spreading monkeypox also you that. [laughs] >> hannity: i guess you're right there you go there to be the next vaccination battle. all right tucker thank you all come to "hannity." a big won for trump endorsed candidates all across the country. also diverging a governor he will join us with an update on his fight against radical socialist democrats that want to
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indoctrinate your kids and later all across the country california we have a school district now in san diego reportedly reporting extremely i'm extremely graphic sexual content and gender theory from first-12th grade. this is by far the first i've ever heard about it. we have a shocking new report, but will give you a view a warning right now if you're knocking what your kids to watch that segment. first i present you with the leader of the free world pictured right there wearing a mask at his desk by himself trying really hard not to transmit covert over the telephone. joe biden went on to participate virtually in a meeting and i went about as well as you probably would've imagined would joe biden take a look. >> president biden: there is so much more to say but it's nice to hear from all of you. thank you, thank you, thank you. i'm assigned this executive order right now okay?
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i wish i was with you in person quite frankly but i'm getting there. you are on mute i can't hear you. >> vice president harris: we feel your presence mr. president. >> hannity: am i the only american who finds this embarrassing does anyone really think that joe biden is capable of running for a second term? will he make another 2 years? to current congressman, one congressman one congresswoman, were willing to endorse neither were willing to endorse a joe biden reelection. she didn't think that joe biden could possibly run for another term take a look at this. >> should president joe biden run in 2024? >> it's too early to say that's
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the purpose of the democratic party to deal with that until after the midterms. >> i don't believe that he is running for reelection. >> hannity: does the congresswoman chino summing up the rest of us do not know? or is she just stating the obvious? it's a most impossible to find a single democrat not named joe biden willing to endorse a joe biden reelection campaign. democratic lawmakers. tim ryan, dean phillips, they are all snubbing joe biden in public. for him it should be humiliating the new inflation reduction act which is a joke is a blatant last-ditch effort to salvage what is left of his support from the democratic radical base. unfortunately for joe biden the american people there are two problems with this ploy, no level of green energy spending is ever to satisfy the desires of the climate alarmists
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religious cult and second the so-called inflation reduction act actually as we told you last night increases inflation in part because of massive tax hikes especially on the middle class. the democrats they claim to be the champions. they have a monopoly of compassion with middle income americans and minorities in america but if you look at the analysis from a nonpartisan joint committee on taxation it is the middle class they are being hit the hardest with the mansion schumer bill just take a look at your screen. if you're making under $75,000 a year, you will be forced to pony up an additional hundred and 35 billion in taxes and don't forget about the average couple because a joe biden inflation is paying an extra $6800 per year. they are to see their taxes go up by a whopping $151 billion and that's not all. the bill also aims to raise an additional $200 billion with the help of 87, 87,000 new irs
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agents that's nearly double of what we have right now. rest "the wall street journal" put it the irs is about to go beast mode. now these new agents will conduct a massive new wave of tax audits many of you will start getting the handy treatment. your yearly audit with a special focus on small businesses that don't have the resources to fight back against an extremely complex federal audit we think it couldn't get any worse think again because the spending bill also includes a brand-new import tax on crude oil and petroleum based products at a time when we have record high gas prices and on top of that as you know by now senator manchin signed off on all of this. west virginians they will all suffer as a result he doesn't seem to mind after all 99% of its individual donors are from out of state did you know that west virginia? and by the way before we get to
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our guest can we please. the myth known as middle-class joe. take a look at the chart again. middle-class joe, no one is gonna get taxed if you make under $400,000 a year is taking money from low and middle income america. all of the time when americans are already being squeezed by his inflation and his record high gas prices. of course the rising interest rates and the recession. so joe biden does not care about you and he does not feel your pain. he will never stand up to the insane new green deal energy cabal. he just doesn't have the moral courage and think even those for example that today would be wednesday. anyway soon and just over two years a new person will inhabit the oval office, our nation will hopefully have its national nightmare be over.
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here are the reaction the business hopes. larry, let's start with a business standpoint. is not the inflation reduction act that's a lie. he is raising taxes on more americans, middle-class americans. on top of the $6800 per couple inflation costs are already bearing. how do you navigate through that? two-thirds of americans are living paycheck to paycheck they will be happy and told 90% of the country's living paycheck to paycheck? >> will look. the idea that it's inflation reduction is summing out of george orwell. it's not. they came out with a preliminary scorecard just pulmonary stuff, but the deficit gets worse over the next four years. until he gets better after that. the getting better is full of gimmicks. i do believe a word of it. anybody who thinks more federal
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spending is not inflationary, or all these tax hikes as you said the middle class i agree with that. we watch across-the-board hikes. the business tax hikes are to be brutal and was a bad impact on real wages and typical family incomes. they are boosting federal spending on the demand side you're killing supply sides because of the taxes the terrible mixed shouldn't be doing it. the whole bullet bill is a monstrosity and also one of the thing is that today you have ted cruz coming on the show he was great guest on our show earlier today. so look this irs beast can we about that for a second? it's and go after middle-class families that's exactly right it seemed offer small businesses that's exactly right. less than $20 a year that's also right did you know what sean? of all these 87,000 new agents
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six times the prior budget of the irs guess what? remember lois lerner? obama's political operative one after conservative groups, religious groups. >> hannity: what penalty did she incur? >> they ran her out of town before the dog catchers could get her. she lost her job, but i don't know it should've been a lot worse than that. my point is get ready, not only are they can attack individuals and small businesses, they are going to attack conservative groups. they are getting the irs as a political lever. i bet they've already started and that which worst abuse the big government socialism. the worst abuse. >> hannity: that's why tell every conservative friend to pay your taxes and go over it with a two a double check. to me it probably won't make a difference i called the handy
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treatment except now to be 87,000 more agents to give out the handy treatment to every other american and it's not fun and also the other part is ace extraordinarily expensive to hire the accountants to hire the people to go when you prove your case and show the receipts and show that you paid your taxes which i do. i pay my taxes. >> i'm sure you do you're right it's very hard to be at city hall in go against city hall. about half of the 80 billion by the way, 45, 46 billion is going straight to enforcement and the irs is a terribly run operation. it is highly inefficient. anyone who knows about it knows that he needs a radical overhaul and needs to be. brought into the 21st century. it's a joke. they have millions of cases every year like 20 million cases. they don't get settled there just backlogs so you have the live with this irs argument for
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years on end and is just terrible idea to put that together there's another point i hope ted cruz mentions it when he comes on. maybe, it may be at the language of this reconciliation bill would overturn west virginia versus the epa we were supposed to put a clamp on the epa in a clamp on the regulatory socialist regulatory planning stage. senator cruz is a legal scholar he brought it up on our show. were talking all kinds of people on capitol hill. if that is the case it's all in the dead of night undercover and no one wants to talk about it. the democrats won overturn the regulatory restraint that the supreme court put on. that may be the worst sin of all. >> hannity: larry, tough times the middle-class is being
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squeezed here, there, and everywhere. on top of high gas prices, record high inflation inflation tax now this tax. no wonder two-thirds of americans are barely making it a living paycheck to paycheck not fun for any of them. thank you we appreciate being with us now tonight as joe biden attempts to squeeze you the middle class to pay for another green energy boondoggle it's no more parent than ever that no one can afford it. credit card balances look at it it jump to watch a whopping 13%. the highest increase in nearly two decades why? people need to borrow to pay their bills so they're putting it on the credit cards. household debt has now topped 16 trillion, that for the very first time. despite his desperate pleas they approved only a tiny little output increase just a kind of tell joe biden to get off our backs. because they said no hundred thousand times. this as inflation remains at a four decade high.
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if you want your breakfast morning that's higher than ever don't forget the two consecutive quarters of negative growth. the real definition of a recession. so while joe biden is pretending that we are not in a recession americans know better. by the way it even includes joe rogan. joe will never call you conservative. we know that you don't to be called conservative take a look. >> people think that it's trivial because we are talking about this economic downturn. it's not trivial, because we've always use that term recession. we've always use that term to define whether or not the economic policies that are currently in place for the management of the government has done a good job of making sure that the economy stays and get a good place. that which they definitely haven't done that so in order to escape that serve distinction there are literally changing the definition which is terrible and should be pushed back against in a big way it should be similar people get angry about like a
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your bleeping with the definitions to britain like you do a good job. >> hannity: i couldn't of said better my self. texas senator ted cruz. all right so they don't want to admit the obvious that this is a recession another playing word games. we've more than doubled in one of more than doubled the number of irs agents that will mean more harassment for the american people. and look at that we see these massive increases on the middle class in this country they're paying the bulk of these new taxes i was trying to understand why joe manchin not only is going along with it but then lying about it when he talks about it on air. >> look sean it's a good question and joe rogan is right. the white house is really redefined recession. it is been two consecutive quarters of gdp shrinking. we have that right now so they just said never mind, words don't mean what they think. recession is hunky-dory great.
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joe biden economic boom. they do start counting on the corrupt corporate media to echo their lies. you look at this bill, the schumer mansion bill, it is a terrible bill. there is for consequences of this bill if it passes. 87,000 new irs agents. a massive influx, these agents are not there to go after the billionaires or the giant corporations there they go after you. they're going after small businesses. it is dissent upon middle-class workers and audit the hell out of you. the democrats believe that if we have this army of irs agents like a swarm of locusts from washington, it'll suddenly generate a lot of money and are probably right. i've to tell you i've traveled all over texas and around the country have never heard one human being say of all the things we need in america we need irs agents. the democrats are promising 87,000 new ones. the second biggest problem. manufacturing the soul called minimum tax, 50% of the burden of that falls to manufacturing.
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what they are doing is punishing companies for investing capital and new manufacturing lines new truck lines, new car lines. it is devastating for workers. the third group that is hurt his energy. the new energy taxes and fees in this if your pistol off paying more to fill up your gas guess what? schumer mansion makes it work worse and raises the cost of energy. it's what larry kudlow just said. buried in the middle of this bill are three little provisions that are designed to repeal the supreme court's decision in west virginia versus. with the epa doesn't have the authority to disregard the clean air act. drive up the cost of energy for every americans country i was a terrific victory from democracy. what schumer has convinced him to do with the word carbon into the clean air act the result of
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that would be to bankrupt west virginia coal miners. i've never seen it west virginia senator literally undo the state of west virginia is a victory supreme court and bankrupt one of the most important industries in the entire state and yet that's what were facing right now. >> hannity: why would doubling the number of irs agents is somehow a good, they consider this if it happens a win for joe biden and one for democrats. since one has hiring irs agents a win for any republican? >> there a lot of socialists. they never met spending they don't like. they never met taxes they don't like. it reminds her of that old "saturday night live" set when he's there and there's a band playing in a solution everything is more cowbell, more cowbell. that's what the democrats are want more taxes and more spending is all they know what's
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amazing this and he's a good guy i like joe. but to the degree that he's been there. senator from texas that would be really dumb. he just signed on the legislation bankrupting the coal industry was a huge industry in the state of west virginia it is a make any sense is what the democrats are doing this they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to stay silent to repeat the white house is idiotic talking points that this cures inflation the cause of inflation at the democrats massive spending their solution is to spend more and tax more it's like throwing gasoline on a raging bonfire it'll only make inflation go up not down. the media will report on that. >> hannity: all the hostile regimes to opec.
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it's okay if we import oil we just can't produce it domestically you know we have hundreds of years of supplies worth when at the big texas for example i think you guys willingly produce everything and then they're pushing electric cars to cost about 20 grand more than gasoline powered car to build that battery if the mind coal both and nickel uses diesel as strut mother earth to get it and emma knuckey plug-in to charge a battery 80% of the grade is gas and coal are still using gas and coal to power the electric vehicle how does that make sense to you? >> it's for the mentally deceptive when joe biden was elected the average price of gasoline was $2.38 a gallon is double since then ms on excellent have attacked u.s. energy production and you're right they are encouraging their
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enemies to produce because they don't want american energy and it is hurting consumers at stay there for transportation secretary is been very honest pain is the point the more we drive up your cost of the pump the more we can slow your suburban and by a previous some of the mega-people want. >> hannity: you pay 20 grand more upfront and dig out a lot of minerals and you're still using the electric grid to charge electric vehicle. unbelievable thank you. straight ahead tonight this story you probably don't want your kids to watch. the indoctrination of our students continues not to believe one of us get a found a san diego school district pushing in their school district it's shocking and disturbing we will have that report as we continue straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: if you have kids at home you might not want him to watch this segment as we now have more evidence tonight of efforts to indoctrinate young kids in school now new documents obtained by chris rufo said that san diego public schools are doubling down on far left gender theory for example the materials that are distributed by the district which are entitled to facilitator training workshops for lgtbq plus allies that male and female are just a social construct and that it excludes and oppresses trans, nonbinary, intersex, gender nonconforming people. it gets even worse because also the training manual produce the district men are referred to as
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people people. thanks for the education and it gets even more disturbing is another slide prepares teachers on how to answer questions like is okay to and you could see right there on the screen if you want to read the rest of it. this is all available online i didn't believe it at first but we found ourselves so we do the right thing we reached out to the san diego school district with a lot of questions and link for comment they will get back to us. young students are being subjected to this radical gender ideology forcing all across the country it will explain more as men hansen institute's my understanding is this is for kids for what first-12 grade we know what sections are for what age? his age or appropriateness even considered here? >> we know is this is teacher
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training for that k-12 system. we sought from portland and los angeles that they are teaching these ideas that girls can have, and boys can have regina's as young as first and second grade. so i suspect that at the same as having at san diego, but here's the basic idea. there taken radical gender theory and they are injecting it into the elementary and secondary school system with the intent of destabilizing people's identity to make them into a radical gender activists. it's something that is happening in district after district has to be stopped. >> hannity: let me put up the slide presentation and these are questions that kids may ask apparently. what does taste like? is it okay to? how to gay people have? are you telling me, this is the information they're given to to teachers so that they are
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prepared to answer kids questions but we don't know what age group or talk about specifically is that true? >> that's rights of these questions there only appropriate answer is that's not an appropriate thing to be talked about and a class ask your parents. but what is happening in the context of this is that they are not answering it in that way there actually taking those principles of academic gender theory and then saying very simply that heterosexuality is a system of oppression and are also trying to break down the worlds of man and woman and lemonade them for the vocabulary as far as the sex education program and then encouraging kids as young as omitted schools to adapt synthetic sexual identities like genderqueer, pansexual, two spirits et cetera. it's stuff that's out of the most insane academic test books and what we've seen here is that the brain it out a very young ages it's very scary. >> hannity: we think the purpose of this is? i might be a little bit
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old-fashioned, we pay more per capita per education on any. we have some of the most results you think they'd be doing reading writing science computers, maybe little history or something like that. if they really feel compelled that this is important, maybe some parents don't feel comfortable talking to their kids about sexuality, i wouldn't be, i would not be opposed a class after school. to give the the curriculum and if the kids want to opt in or they want to opt their kids in, they can raise their kids anyway they want. this, this curriculum would contradict the values of many, many parents across the country that are actually hoping that their kids can get a quality education with the fundamentals of the basics as we discussed. >> absolutely i agree, we sought san diego last year they were promoting critical race theory. this year they're promoting radical gender theory.
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it is to turn students not towards education, but towards left-wing political activism. that is the through line for all these materials and/or something even more scary is not just theoretical, the policy at san diego and in most big districts in california and now that schools can facilitate a child's gender or transition and the default policy is to keep it a secret from parents. this is a program that runs deeper than the idea. it's about transforming how kids see themselves. it's about destabilizing identity and then using them as political pawns. >> hannity: have you tried as we have tried to get in touch with the san diego school district to try to get a comment if you try that? >> i have i've reached out for comment for over a week, they have been dead silent. i miss the pattern. school districts in the last few weeks that i've been running this series on radical gender theory and k-12 schools. they stay silent and he start deleting documents from the websites. we have to catch them, we have
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to shine a light in parents how to get very loud and very vocal. it's time to shut this down. we shut down crt last year, were in a shutdown radical gender theory this year. >> hannity: how did you find this? you went on the school's website? >> yes, exactly i was astonished i had a tip parent of the san diego. i started really snooping around and poking around it was publicly acceptable documents. that might be trying to hide it they don't do and do a really good job. these are documents produced by the district and in some cases produced by the district and planned parenthood. they are available for anyone to see and i encourage them to go through them piece by piece. it's absolutely shocking. >> hannity: what about the radical idea and parents that have a religious faith? or a value system that is contrary to this? why is it that they feel so
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compelled to circumvent the values that parents would want to instill in their kids at home? what empowers them to think that they are holier-than-thou to do that? >> because families in religion are the two great obstacles for left-wing revolutionaries. and so in the case of gender ideology, i've seen in documents from portland public schools that they are explicitly training teachers how to convince muslim parents and christian parents that their children should be adopting these synthetic sexual identities. it they're really trying to break down that barrier of the family. break down the barrier faith, because they believe in our heart of hearts that these are the 2 biggest obstacles for achieving their left-wing cultural program. >> hannity: what did you of one kamala harris said that my pronoun is she/her. i don't number the exact words but a member she did say that and i'm wearing a blue outfit or something to that effect. i'm paraphrasing.
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what was he shaking there? >> she is signaling to the left wing that she is fully bought into reddick radical gender theory she signaling to them in their own language and i think it's really astonishing. these ideas were fringe ideas in universities and now they're captured all of our institutions all the way up to the offices of our president. >> hannity: it's funny you say that because 5 years ago friends of mine they had their child an ivy league school after orientation everyone would get a square around the school and it would all go up to each other and see what pronoun? they would like to be addressed as and i was the first time i'd heard of it they grew up fast. anyway when information thank you sir. i appreciate it. we come back another big primary mary wrapped up well was a winning message look like at the head of november for republicans? will virginia governor he shocked the world he is now the
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governor of that purple state known as virginia. they will join
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: looking towards november midterm momentum is growing by the day as trump backed candidates all across the country now are running winning campaigns and pursuing an agenda to deliver prosperity for their constituents. for example republican governors are now leading the way school openings, job growth, business, prosperity, working-class success all democrats double down on more climate change alarmism and of course higher taxes, higher energy costs. anyway one person the kind of wrote the road map with great
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success is no virginia governor glenn. governor grade have you back how are you? >> i'm doing great sean thanks for having me. you hit it right on the nose, but we've seen from across the nation's just like virginia last year. american standing up and saying wait a minute? open borders and a ruined economy and oh, by the way, bureaucrats standing between parents and their children's? defining a demeaning police? that's no way forward they came together and voted for change and we are about to do the same thing across the entire country this year. >> hannity: you were able to bring some to the forefront in your campaign that he think gives people the obvious issues record high inflation and a 40 year high, record high gas prices obviously. you mention the borders he brought into play education and how we teach our kids and what we are teaching our kids at the
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age appropriate in a civil we should be teaching our kids and you may a lot of moves as governor in that area and the other area we've done is law and order and safety and security. governor out think you could pursue happiness in america if you're not safe and secure in your own city. >> sean you are a hundred percent right and right out-of-the-box we put into action 11 executive directors and we sum it is 59 bills and a day when not moving when we invest in law enforcement as opposed to deplete resources and we stand up for training and equipment we prosecute people, guess what? we can combat rising crime. we back the blue. an education which is very straightforward. lowering standards is no way to have increasing results and so we've a education budget this year are investing in choice and teachers and facilities, but we
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also organ to teach our children how to think and stop teaching them how to think. it's really important out-of-the-box we re-empower parents. we give them ideas of whether they want to wear a mask or not they gave them the ability to see if the materials and the abilities were there values. some the bureaucrats and the other values it's family values. it is a basic, basic principles that americans are to stand up for. the red wave that started in virginia is indigo cross and across california. >> hannity: we see jill biden's policies and what they've done to destroy the economy and 18 short months. just a little over six months as governor you've given $4 billion in tax relief, the largest tax relief i do believe it virginia history including eliminating state grocery stack tax. you'd double the standard
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deduction for joint filers to $16,000. you gave every root virginia taxpayer a rebate on education i was shocked. you're spending more ever spent before in the history of the commonwealth 3.28 billion and you increase teachers pay by 10% i would assume they'd like you for that. he also invested in law enforcement 45 million school resource officers and other monies for law enforcement. the results of them pretty impressive and what you been able to do in the economy that sounds like you've taken a rhetoric campaign promises and turn it into action which i thought was also a signature donald trump. >> sean, thank you and what happened on day one it's common sense prevailed. and it's extraordinary thing we all of a sudden start laying out common sense conservative solutions to problems that face
11:43 pm
all virginians. what we recognize out-of-the-box was even though we don't have control of our senate and the democrats have a majority of our senate we could always use common sense and get somebody to come with us. this is about bringing people together and delivering results. this is what voters want. they are tired of being told that someone else knows best. let's get around the kitchen table as republicans. this is what were seeing republican can governors and republican candidates are doing around the nation are doing. listen to voters and they are gonna win. >> hannity: let me ask again because we are an important midterm election in november. if senate candidates in every member up for election what advice would you give them? what did you learn in your race that they could apply to their races that would help them in terms of explaining what the agenda is that they're standing for and the promise of that
11:44 pm
they're gonna make and then of on the other side of it the importance of keeping those promises? >> will first it is in first campaign everywhere. as not just republicans. we want independence and we want a bunch of democrats. these common sense conservative solutions to everyday challenges are what voters are worried about. the left liberal progressives one tell everybody that they should worry about things that impact their lives. the reality is inflation, schools, jobs, crime, and oh, by the way, a government that's been telling them what to do all the time as opposed to working for them. this is what voters want. they want the key kitchen table issues deliver solutions we are gonna win across the country just like we did last year in virginia. >> hannity: for those that don't know he went up against a seasoned pro not a lightweight and you beat him handily in a
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state that have been trending blue for a long time. anyway governor i appreciate you being with us thank you sir. what we come back nancy pelosi's husband paul pleaded not guilty to dui charges. what's the legal strategy here considering get a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. they are next straight
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: paul pelosi is pleading not guilty to dui following his arrest in napa. he tested above the legal limit and was slurring his words and handed officers a so-called police privilege card during the stop. prosecutors now say there's no drugs in a system despite it
11:50 pm
being stated in the charging document. and here's the napa county d.a. earlier today discussing the charging decision take a look. >> we evaluated the matter and interviewed the victim and compared it to other similar situated cases. the kinds of injuries that he present historically we filed those matters. >> hannity: cohost of the five geraldo rivera and emily compagno was with us good to see you both. geraldo forget about the politics year either you're over the limit or you're not over the limit everybody knows the law. i find it odd that they mentioned that there were drugs in a system and then all of a sudden we hear that there's no drugs in a system how did that ever happen? >> it was using a boilerplate. they had language that was generalized language it did not apply in this case obviously but before i go any further with the
11:51 pm
dysfunctional husband i please say that nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. her greatest day in office by far the courage she showed the poise she showed standing up to both president biden and to the commonest chinese despite all of their rhetoric and their saber rattling she went there she supported taiwan. listen. if i smashed my new porsche because i was drunk driving and i entered some guy. and my wife is out of town five days and dale will be the least of my problems. >> hannity: which of the penalty be? there was an accident involved there probably pretty severe
11:52 pm
which of the proper penalty be for someone involved in this and like this. >> one of the highest dui rates in the state of california there always in the top five. and here's what we need to look for them paul pelosi privilege because it's kind of standard procedure that he's gonna plead not guilty to these misdemeanor charges and frankly an accounting almost 90% of them are misdemeanors they really deserve the families for serious injuries, broken bones and catastrophic collisions or constant offenders. but those dui arrests results in convictions. at 73% of the state of california do a 9% are reduced to reckless. so stay tuned to august 23 will be her that next hearing because of paul pelosi gets off with a reckless or does not result in a conviction that statistic is exactly the kind of privilege that you expect to find when he
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had his charity chp card to the police officers when it was a man injured standing next was totaled vehicle and we saw with the updated police report that man had his injuries to his neck in his arms. he had headaches he was seeking medical attention for it. paul pelosi has a lot to answer for it and so does the d.a. better not plead down to a a wet and reckless. >> hannity: it's very common in new york for example i have a lot of friends who on the police departments they give you what's called a pba card is not an uncommon practice, however it really shouldn't be the practice should it? >> what i was his best chance of getting off of convincing. >> hannity: is not more of like a speeding ticket though? >> maybe he made a little bit of a mistake obviously it didn't work. the cop got him in the charges
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and investigation for now he is facing some very serious consequences. first of all they made a put a $5,000 worth dale. $5,000 bail may not sound like a lot but look in your city. robbers and burglars and muggers offered no bail at least this guy had a part of $5,000 with the bail and he is facing five years probation. a minimum of five days incarceration. he could get one of those devices onto a steering wheel where it shows your sober before the ignition even fires up and he could go to drunk driving school be humiliated in a continuing. but the shame of it all. >> you said this was a minor mistake this was not a minor mistake. this was not a minor mistake. exactly. i know that intersection well. he blasted across a highway and crashed into a truck that had two passengers in it.
11:55 pm
this is not a pad card is the card that show that he donated to a police officer son. this is someone who is trying to use his privilege to get out of accountability for a dui which is so serious. i understand your point a lot of democratic cities are run amok the salon order, but that does not take away the seriousness of this. thank god nobody died i think these injuries were more severe for all of those hundreds of people who were convicted of their duis in napa county california he better be one of them. the humiliation it deserved. heading to his vineyard crashes into someone loosening up from work. >> hannity: the vineyard the people who take the vineyards maybe they might want to get a driver or over. it is obviously to be drinking on those trips. emily thank you.
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening thank you for being with us and thank you for making the show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity" and in the meantime i've got great news let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is up next and she is a k cascio. [laughs] [laughs] >> laura: how come we can't count the votes on election night? they do it on france for the entire nation but we can't do it. this is ridiculous in arizona. it is absurd. >> hannity: i will told you in washington is now much better either. how do you expect people faith and confidence in the integrity of the system when they can't count the ballots and every other country can. while we make voting day