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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 4, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> hannity: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening thank you for being with us and thank you for making the show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity" and in the meantime i've got great news let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is up next and she is a k cascio. [laughs] [laughs] >> laura: how come we can't count the votes on election night? they do it on france for the entire nation but we can't do it. this is ridiculous in arizona. it is absurd. >> hannity: i will told you in washington is now much better either. how do you expect people faith and confidence in the integrity of the system when they can't count the ballots and every other country can. while we make voting day voting
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day unless you need an absentee bat ballot. that's it. count the votes that night were done. >> laura: it's somehow our parents managed to vote on election day. military, it's ridiculous, but i just had a vent on that we have a great show. we'll pick it up where you left off. we will vent together. [laughs] all right sean thanks so much. i'm laura ingraham this is "the ingraham angle" from just outside minneapolis tonight and we begin with what i just reference some breaking news the g.o.p. contest in arizona between kerry lake and kerry taylor robeson is still too close to call. any moment now we're expecting a count of nearly a hundred and 20,000 votes from the county and i could change the outlook of the race what we will wait and see. working to bring the latest updates as we get them. also tonight were to bring you more of my exclusive investigation into what's happened here in minneapolis and
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the 2 years since the george floyd riots burnt much of the city to the ground. but first runaway democrats that's the focus of tonight's angle. ♪ ♪ congratulations because president joe biden's 19th month in office he is the equivalent of a lame duck. now here's the definition according to oxford language especially the president in the final period of office after the election of a successor or an ineffectual or on successful person or thing. the primary definition might not apply but the secondary one certainly does. talk about ineffectual. that's joe biden and everyone knows it. now member that will be train? welp meet the runaway democrats. >> do you want joe biden to one and 2024? >> no, i don't. i think the country would be well served by a new generation
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of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic democrats to step up. >> laura: congressman phillips is not alone, here in minnesota you can feel the anxiety building among democrats not just in the twin cities, but in the burbs as well. angie craig also doesn't want joe biden running again, we need new leaders in washington. and then in an exchange that had, to new york liberals in a hot primary also signaled the end is near for joe biden. >> should president joe biden run again in 2024? >> it's too early to say but it doesn't serve the purpose of the democratic party to deal with that until after the midterms. this month. >> i do believe he's running for reelection. >> laura: of course the true believers then pretended to be in shock. >> wow i'm really thrown off. that's interesting because that
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is news to joe biden. [laughs] >> the guy, the guy sitting there watching these two i be very, very disappointed. i really would. it is stunning actually. >> laura: thatch is bad acting. she got clobbered all day by a party leadership so she tried to walk it back to a tweeting, i will absolutely support president joe biden if he decides to run for reelection. joe biden's leadership for the health care and climate of economic proves why he is a strong effective leader. [laughs] this is what we need, come on. we know the damage is already done right? in the climate change from the country they added fuel to the funeral pyre as well. >> would you support joe biden if he's on the ticket in 2024? >> i'm outside about the 2024
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election and 2024, i have no control over those selections. >> i'm dissecting you who do support? >> i'm supporting this bill andrea. >> laura: what he is not supporting their is a guy who spent more time covert positive and positive about the names of members of his own cabinet. >> president biden: i want to thank the former general i keep calling him general. the guy who runs that outfit over there. the reason i asked mitch to do this is because he knows how to get things done. now i'm in a handover to secretary, mr. secretary, and have you speak now. >> laura: the democrats have no one to blame here but themselves. this is a mess that they have created by running a hologram with a rapidly declining cognitive skills and then pairing him up with willie
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brown's dimwitted former flame they box themselves in. the only thing scarier than joe biden with a finger near the nuclear button is kamala harris hundred yards from it. >> vice president harris: we can move clean energy from arts created to where it is needed. it is literally about the transportation of energy. how exciting is that? so the devastation is real. the harm is real. the impact is real. and we are witnessing it in real time. >> laura: democrats are anti-american radicals, but they aren't total. they are seeing the same polls that we are saying. check out this poll from cnn found that shocking a 75% of democrat voters want someone other than joe biden in 2024, and the latest gallup survey has joe biden's approval lower than any president at this point in
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his first term. ever. it's a personal low of 38%. now it's an endless tedious january 6 hearings and the relentless media hits, donald trump is still beating joe biden and, the harris and a hypothetical 2024 matchup. now remember we told you just a few weeks ago liberals are never going to admit, never wrote that liberalism will fail. joe biden has consistently pursued these left-wing policies we know those policies have led to one disaster after another. yet we are waiting for that honest, self assessment but it never comes. they can never admit that the lockdown lasted too long or the government has been too soft on crime or the democrats blew it on inflation. because i would be admitting a problem with liberalism and the never to do that. so the problem they think it has to be joe biden. he's too old, he's too weak, he is a fight hard enough blah, blah, blah.
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now they're thinking maybe, maybe we can replace him with someone new. maybe gavin newsom or mayor pete? may be, maybe just maybe we can convince michelle obama to run. like any of them are gonna fix the damage that these people have done. of course they can't. what needs to change are the policies not the messaging or even the messenger. until there is a fundamental turn away from socialism america's predicament will only worsen. and then one by one all those runaway democrats turning its joe biden will just be run over themselves. and that is the angle. joining me now newt gingrich former speaker of the house in fox news contributor. even if joe biden somehow does declare he's running for reelection is and a sure thing that he will be primary by a
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younger, liberal was considered a better messenger than he is? >> oh sure i think if you look at this most recent monstrosity proposing 87,000 new internal revenue service agents that's more than we currently have total sum more than double the irs agents. these people don't hear anything. they don't understand joe biden is in trouble, but it think the whole democratic party model is in trouble because they are sold radically out of touch with the american people and they can't deliver on daily life on goods and services. my personal guess is that joe biden will run not run. i don't think that kamala harris will run, neither of them will find a level of support necessary to sustain a nationwide campaign and 2023. >> laura: do you think that they believe that their plans are actually working?
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because they are reaching the point where people are gonna use less, travel left, the things that they want the environment, or do you think that they're not really working but they still need a new messenger. this is all going according to plan another words? >> part of the reasons why i wrote the book is that the underlying belief system for example. if you're really hard left you never done anything seriously new bicycle around. he is happy. to have the american people and pain over paying for gas because he thinks that'll drive them into electric vehicles which they also currently can afford. if you look at the murder rate george soros is happy to release murderers back on the street. i just saw new york state senator, democratic senator who said that the men who'd been put in women's prison because there were transgender and know now been caught rating women shouldn't be prosecuted because
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they are women too. if that's your belief system and that's the world you live in, open borders are fine were used to having a couple million people coming in but even for the mayors of washington, d.c., and new york there's could be so many illegal immigrants out there complaining that is literally unmanageable. i think you're truly hard left, all of this is acceptable because greater mythical belief systems so much a religion. it's a secular religion. >> laura: we just got a fox news alert we have the new numbers and from that razor-thin g.o.p. contest in arizona. they just announced moments ago that karen taylor robeson is now leading terry lake 45.87%, that's a difference of 2,650 votes now. the county says that it can release updated numbers tomorrow
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around 10:00 p.m. that's great for us because our show starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern. i talked about this with hannity. this is obscene in the greatest country in the world we can't count our votes on election day and report on election night. what the heck is going on and why is this still not fixed? >> we just watched a french national election in a french national election was with paper ballots and they were reported that night. something profoundly wrong with the way that we approach all of this i think it be interesting to watch tomorrow because the other counties that they were counting by a pretty good margin and i'm think they were supporting either. so who knows what the final numbers could be sometime tomorrow. and you are it is crazy that they can't just get this done. >> laura: thank you, it's great to see you. >> people have been trying to label me my entire life. i don't look like a typical
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politician aren't even look like a typical person. >> laura: we told you this all along that he is a fake populace. he's plain the part two is goofy oversize gym shorts and a goatee. even we didn't know how bad this narrative really was. it turns out that this giant man baby was getting allowance from his parents in excess of 50k a year. and it lasted not just for a few years but well into his 40s. okay gets better. his sister took care of them too. according to "philadelphia inquirer" he bought a swanky industrial style loft from her just for $1 that's goodbye. jenna me now is a republican candidate in pennsylvania. dr. oz who is this guy?
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this story keeps getting more crazy by the day. >> what he has a fraud i'm actually in pittsburgh now which is close to where he is currently living you know he's not from here originally and they know it. they tell me all the time how much he disliked him he was support by his parents until he was elected governor. he's raising taxes right now in the working class while people are reckless spending with the programs and crating all this inflation. is a rubber stamp joe biden and here's the thing he is the most radical democratic candidate and a contested election the cycle. a state again. most radical. no one knows that and by the way go to dr. and tell me get the word out he start up so much money that he's been telling the tale that you just showed. i'm a son of an immigrant, i believe in the american dream because i loved myself. i respect the workers hurt by regulations and overreaching government and the realities
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that he believes a big government and bloated bureaucracy that's his life experience because he never had to work to make some money because it was given to him. i believe the people of pennsylvania. if you believe in the people and individualism and what you do if you work for yourself which is what the american people are about that's the deal. you work hard, you succeed, you do the right thing, you achieve things that are unimaginable. if you believe that go to dr. and share your thoughts because that's a story that we are gonna tell. >> laura: dr. oz they have been spinning this tale as i said and it's always kind of the stunts on the costumes, he has the costumes, he kind of looks like uncle fester who hits the gym. that's kind of what he looks like. god bless him i'm glad will and is doing better and so forth, but they put snarky up there to say unto living in a house that you and your wife were married in? i think i read that somewhere is not the case?
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>> 37 years ago was the best decision i made. i was in medical school in philadelphia also went to work in business school as i was telling setting health care. i grub just south of philadelphia i had a couple of children in pennsylvania. these are fairy tales, but in the inquirer who has a been a big ally of my is saying that's enough start talk about real issues stop hiding in your house the joe biden program is not the right thing for democracy come out and talk about real issues but frankly he never has. he didn't talk about real issues until the primaries he did leave his house that must a campaign. people thought that he was lazy under what is but it is only to go out and meet people and actually answer questions. give a good example it was eerie earlier today i got a paternal order of police endorsement which i'm very appreciative of and is unanimous i'll tell you why it was unanimous i think. it was a capitol police african american officer there and she said that she had never in her career been as disrespected. she said that john fetterman makes you feel like what's under
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your shoe when you walk out of a dog park. when the lieutenant governor is treating you poorly like that everyone else treat you poorly. let's look at philadelphia the city that i live in. we have the highest murder rate ever, ever. known record keeping. in it we have one-third of all prisoners he wants to release he was to decriminalize drugs in matter what you've done wrong. he's hiding behind his radical views at home that's come out and talk to people it's it's what you really representing the pennsylvania public to decide who to vote for. >> laura: there's no doubt about it unsay this way a vote for him is a vote to keep these disastrous policies have destroyed the energy industry in pennsylvania, jacked up gas and food prices given a rubber-stamp to chuck schumer. that's what he is. if the costume doesn't work it's tedious and i think everyone is beginning to see through it. dr. oz were watching is very
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closely thank you. a "new york times" writer and joe biden seems to have his hands a lot of american geopolitical decisions now why is that? we reveal who and moments plus, the chinese land grab we expose months ago it may finally meet its match. weeks plain that it just a moment.
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the president of the center for china and globalization to discuss the transformation of globalization in the
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post-pandemic era is not nice? now they help develop the controversial thousand talents program which the fbi says that beijing uses the steel trade secrets from american companies and then create national security risk for us. the u.s. government. the site is only -- with him some historic or chilean leader for months now. friedman is now being used by the white house to launder some regret. saying that there is deep mistrust between the white house and president zelenskyy as if we don't look too closely under the hood for fear of what corruption or antics we might see when we have invested so much there. this is whiplash time feeling surprise journalist. i read him, glenn, the whiplash here do you feel it? it's pretty alarming that
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someone who is as well-known as friedman is engaging i guess in some kind of geopolitical consulting or whatever on behalf of what? beijing the liberals here? , lost track. >> to meet tom friedman's, like the avatar of the journalists to graw is no question that he's one of the most influential foreign policy columnists being of "the new york times" for as long as he has. he's all known to been the favorite columnists for both barack obama and the white house was also very friendly with the bush white house he was probably the most most to convince liberals to support the invasion of iraq and he keeps going upward. the most important thing to look at tom friedman is a someone whose married and rest to a billionaire fortune. he's very, very close to wall street where he spends all of his time at dabo's meeting
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with the saudis and the chinese and so much of what he advocates has nothing to do the interest of the american people but sort this globalist wall street agenda and wall street is probably china's closest ally and it's what he says about china it's it's it's a byproduct of his own interests and the people who he surrounds himself with. >> laura: it's a goldman sachs type conference he's a good type of gas to invite that conference correct? that's how it works. >> i mean look, most recent column about nancy pelosi's trip to taiwan i think that there is a lot of debate to be had about whether it's a good idea that the united states be perfect pursuing confrontation or provoking it would beijing it's him involved with a very important war with them other major military power with russia. but for tom friedman to constantly have his own steak and all of these different groups and factions their
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undisclosed that shape the foreign policy advice if "the new york times" directly to the white house that's with the real problem is he's constantly just part of this byproduct of this undisclosed agenda acid with globalism and international capitalism and nothing to do with a country that he supposed be writing about. >> laura: things are going pretty south are they not in ukraine right now? glenn that's a problem for all these people who thought the russian army was in a collapse at any moment. >> so often lower as you go back and look at every war the media make statements against everyone riled up in favor of the war and over time usually pretty quickly it turns out that the media narrative is false. i can't tell you how many times i read major outlets from authoritarian sources that the russian military was days away from collapsing and that the ukrainians were in a pancras them. clearly that is not going to happen it's become a bottomless pit of money, a bottomless pit of weapons. they're flowing all through ukraine that no one can account
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for who knows where the going. so now you start to see the joe biden white house using tom friedman's columns to raise doubts about president zelenskyy who a while ago you weren't even allowed to question or you get accused of being a kremlin agent. now the sainted joe biden white house they don't really trust him and there's a lot of problems with the relationship. clearly something is gone very wrong in this proxy war and they start to see the signs of that now. >> laura: glenn it's great to see you thank you. and speaking of china i want to take you back to some and we covered on the show now almost three months ago. >> over the past few years chinese nationals again is buying up tens of thousands of acres of farmland in the state of oklahoma. while they been doing so in a number of states, oklahoma has become the go-to state for these purchases. given the economic and national security ramifications here congress should get involved. >> laura: one now they are. my next guest tom cotton
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introduce a bill this week that would band the ccp and anyone associated with the ccp from buying up american land. it's not just the oklahoma farmland i told you about. according to the national association of realtors chinese investors are one of the top foreign purchasers of u.s. land spending a record 6.1 billion last year just on existing homes. senator cotton joins me now. senator i can hear the libertarians out there saying what was the big deal here? china is engaging in capitalism they are buying up land that's driving up prices wise and the good of the economy? [laughs] >> will libertarian thought is very helpful in guiding tax policy here in the united states. ronald reagan understood that, but in a world of borders it is a work quite so well. borders that are open like the border of mexico or when you have chinese influence crossing into our border from the mainland china.
12:30 am
letting china buy up our farmland or food companies is a massive strategic stake. let the civil of this. china cannot feed itself. the united states cannot only feed our own citizens, but feed muscled most of the world thanks to the productivity of our farmers and ranchers. why would we ever want to surrender that huge strategic advantage to china. >> laura: gordon pointed out this is recently he wrote the piecing that individuals actually are allowed to purchase this land national intelligence lot china that they actually have to be part of the chinese network of national intelligence law may require every chinese national enemy to create acts of espionage against the regime demands. as i china views their foreign nationals over they're here to buy land or here to be involved in some business.
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to track activities of americans and businesses while they're here is that correct? >> yes that's right laura. china is a communist country and in america as an american citizen you can buy a farm or a time-share if they want to ask permission in china if you want to get into the country are taking money out of the country and you in effect have to ask for permission from the chinese commonest party and do their bidding a multiplying. if that's what we should simply stop these kinds of purchases of farmlands or food companies are from chinese companies building new food companies here in america. like to try to do outside the grand forks air force base in north dakota. doing lord knows what else in proximity to that base. we should just stop it and it should not be allowed. >> laura: center thank you so much. nancy pelosi takes on the chinese wall joe biden holds an abortion summit. at least we think he was talking about abortion were not quite sure.
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there is a new fashion trend that's all wet. raymond arroyo will bring
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♪ ♪ >> laura: is time for our scene and unseen. return a fox news contributor raymond arroyo speaker pelosi wrapped up there did she in taiwan after the july administration and the chinese. >> so would you want about nancy pelosi she sticks to her guns and she has been tireless and defending human rights not only in china but all over the world i wish that she had scripted her comments little bit more. >> in our earliest dates of our family and the country the presidency said freedom and democracy. freedom and democracy securely here.
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if we don't have, we can have either if you don't have both. >> where her heart was in the right place. while she meant those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve number liberty nor safety. she was close-fitting to do? forgive me. i've to say nancy pelosi has done some terrible things are the laura. she go over there does national security because the superconductor she is trying to ensure that we have access to have the superconductor boundaries in the world. while starting her own there's a contrary to what you're hearing in the democratic and their republican party. >> laura: i think we know what china is now if you ever had any doubts about what china really represent? i think should be dispute to that notion now especially all the liberals where's the squad which mark why aren't they
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defining nancy pelosi strip? >> the president was working the phones with his national security team in the long term joe biden is apparently worried about long distance covid he's wearing a mask in the room on the phone and nobody's there. later he held an abortion cabinet meeting without a mask or possibly a clue. >> president biden: i just don't understand they think this. last night in kansas they found out to allow them to provide reproductive health care for women. >> laura: he didn't have a mask on because it was assumed cap a meeting. >> that's not entirely true staffers in the room with them laura during the phone call and he still covid positive watch this. he's trying to get their permission watch.
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>> we fill your presence, we fill your presence. [laughs] [laughs] >> vice president harris: we feel your presence mr. president. >> you feel like she likes them confined to the room laura. the democratic party is in a run on these midterms is an abortion in every, we'll see how the polling is with inflation as the number one issue with voters going into the selection. >> laura: or maybe it's just abortion and pot, and, high gas prices. all right ray there's a new beauty trend i understand that "the wall street journal" has identified it's looking fairly
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sweaty to me. >> are you bringing it up because it's hot in the studio? on her own of movie screens they claim that this glistening slick look is and youthful the article recommends bunch way to achieve this or you can just come to the studio stand out in the web. you don't have to worry about it at all. do you think this look is attractive? >> laura: will it depends on is the physique. if doing in pudgy everyone comes in different shapes raymond they might not work. >> everyone looks kind of sweaty i'm dying the studio but most people when they're due we are sweaty i just don't get looks good. it's kind of underrated i think in many ways i'm just dying in
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here. with the turn era. >> laura: i think a new fashion trend, a new fashion trend should be buggy. because last night was god knows how many flying things last night. >> swarming around as a whole new segment. >> laura: tonight were doing our best that's all i can say. the locus are approaching. good job and it will be cool off. cool off looking very duly. a quick update in arizona g.o.p. and the governor primary the latest batch of votes the leader still about 12,000 witches brew much identical for with the night started. but in moments were also to bring you the story we've been talking about all week long it is happening in minneapolis. we came to document how the city is still struggling to recover two years after the george floyd riot tour through the city so what happened to those businesses that burned to the ground? river this is all about racial
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justice part two of my visit is next postman to talk to the man trying to become the first republican governor in a dozen years here stay with us.
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>> laura: at a senate >> laura: at a senate hearing with a gain-of-function research and our support of it exchange stuck out amongst them.
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> are you concerned with gain-of-function research? >> i think i can testify here that in december 2019, they were doing synthetic biology on the cloning of the virus which is 60% lethal. we just experienced 1% lethal virus. my estimates would be that that could set us back a millennium. >> laura: if only dr. fauci actually cared. ♪ ♪ >> carley: the white house taking a victory lap over gas prices. and putin gas prices but many are not celebrating because wallets are still feeling the strain. you are watching "fox & friends first" on thursday morning, i'm carley shimkus. todd. >> todd: i'm todd piro and not just gas prices higher a year ago, food, energy, new cars, public transportation, airfare all going up here at the democrats, how do they feel about it? they are pushing another massive spending


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