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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 4, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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> are you concerned with gain-of-function research? >> i think i can testify here that in december 2019, they were doing synthetic biology on the cloning of the virus which is 60% lethal. we just experienced 1% lethal virus. my estimates would be that that could set us back a millennium. >> laura: if only dr. fauci actually cared. ♪ ♪ >> carley: the white house taking a victory lap over gas prices. and putin gas prices but many are not celebrating because wallets are still feeling the strain. you are watching "fox & friends first" on thursday morning, i'm carley shimkus. todd. >> todd: i'm todd piro and not just gas prices higher a year ago, food, energy, new cars, public transportation, airfare all going up here at the democrats, how do they feel about it? they are pushing another massive spending bill and we are finally
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hearing from kyrsten sinema about it. lives in d.c., welcome back to the show, friend. >> good to be back. i know, i miss you guys. good morning to you and everyone out there. democrats truly feel like the tide is turning for them on a couple of fronts. that includes gas prices. >> we are now seeing 50 days into what remains a fast decline in gas prices in over a decade prices are coming down even as putin's work puts pressure on global energy supplies. >> okay, so yes, we are not paying $5 a gallon anymore but we are still paying $4.13 today and still more than we were paying a year ago. meanwhile, the democrats to pass $740 billion claimant spending plan but they have one big hurdle. you are looking at her, arizona kyrsten sinema from excess
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reporting she is worried about 15% corporate tax piece and whether it will trickle down to workers. get this, she is also calling for more climate spending. a big thing in her state of arizona. reminder, 400 billion in climate spending in this package and the democrats say it will bring inflation down. republicans, of course, not buying it. >> the cause of the inflation is democrats massive spending. the solution is spend more and tax more. it is like throwing gasoline on a raging bonfire. it will only make inflation go up, not down. >> some republicans out there do feel they have hope and that kyrsten sinema will take this bill but we will wait and see, todd and carley. >> todd: thank you. tucker carlson's response to the democrats spending plan. >> inflation, they are rich and it doesn't affect them here they don't care about you at all. by the way, this is not just
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true of lungs standing establishments. it is everywhere, it is in the fabric of the party itself, even people who want to join the club. it is the entire democratic party. the democratic party has run out of gas. the democratic party is a hotel that is to protect perpetuate itself and benefit from it. >> talking a lot more about all of this with former white house director of communications mercedes schlapp. don't miss it. 3 minutes after the hour, and christopher wray will testify before the before the senate judiciary committee. republicans to hammer him on the biden investigation as the doj with information not taking enough action. speak to a federal prosecutor and former dhs deputy assistant secretary. good morning to you. looks very cozy where you are right now. here senator ron johnson on what
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fbi director christopher wray might be expecting to hear later today, watch this. >> it is important the american public says the fbi had hunter biden's laptop in december 2019. here we are in july /early august 2022, you know, what are they doing with it? you can't trust the department of justice to get to the bottom of this. >> carley: are the having a cover for joe biden and what does that mean for the investigation? >> it certainly looks like the hierarchs may have an investigation or doing other things. and basically, with the way they treated other issues, they politicized everything and once you start politicizing issues, you lose trust and that is why they have 12 whistle-blowers, i think that is the number. that shows a crisis within the fbi because they believe the leadership is assuming things
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were political rather than public safety or public interest. before the whole agency. it is concerning that this investigation should be done fairly and hunter biden should be treated fairly, no worse than anyone else. there is great concern he might be treated better because of who he is. >> todd: this is so deep, jonathan beyond hunter biden. what other questions does christopher wray need to answer about the integrity of his bureau? >> i think he has a lot of questions to answer to try to restore integrity with the bureau. i think one, hunter biden with these agents will be free to answer the questions. and you have somebody that is a targeted investigation and questions you would ask, who will snoop? who else was involved, and who else old? will they be free to answer those questions or stifled because the answers may lead to politically untenable. and the other question he would
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ask, how much time are you spending at the school board meetings whence death rates through the roof? why is that acceptable but there is nothing being done to prevent people from intimidating supreme court justices? that is a good question to ask when law on the books that we haven't heard answer, to my knowledge, in fact, encouraged to break that law. so, he has a lot of questions and a lot of work to do today. >> there a results of this, jonathan senator lindsey graham four whether republican senators sent a letter to dhs secretary alejandra may work is because the terrorist to sneak across the southern border. especially from afghanistan and the killing of the leader of al qaeda and here is what the senator had to say on this, watch. speak with the 9/11 attack or hw could an attack on the united states be successful
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originated from afghanistan? come through a broken border? the border patrol is becoming a processing center of trying to process illegal immigrants by the hundreds of thousands, which leaves a gap in the system. >> so far 56 people on the terrorist watch list have tried to cross through the southern border. how worried should we be about this? >> we should be very worried. you know, talk about the southern border, that they actually got to sneak across and present themselves to border patrol. claim asylum and the border patrol, we will have to give them because of the administration's policy a free phone when they get here. it is really incredible this administration is willing to put the american safety at risk in order open borders agenda. there is 50, 60 on the terrorist watch list. but the real question is a
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number of got a ways across the that we know of, 600,000 or so last year. if you don't present yourself with border patrol, it is easy when you say sneak across or not on the terrorist watch list, and on the terrorist watch, they can get right through. it is really astonishing. it is disgraceful that they know the vulnerability and something bad happens, this is entirely preventable, and they are not willing to lift a finger to help the american people, american public safety at the borders agenda. it is absolutely astonishing. >> todd: in the same vein you want to talk about "something bad happening." hailed a hero after restraints and the capture, the police finding two bodies at the scene. the suspect an illegal migrant who was already deported once before. jonathan, how many more stories have to happen before this
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administration does something about the border? >> yeah, that is a great question. we know more of these will be happening. i don't know what the number is where critical mass. this is astonishing because someone reported and we know people reported, i don't know, either under this administration or a previous administration. usually people are deported and convicted of or committed crimes or other public safety issues. so, this is somebody that we know in the government that wasn't safe. they should never be able to get back in. so this is entirely preventable. the media and the administration will do everything they can to disguise the illegal alien history of the person. forever known in the media as alabama man or something else. they do everything to cover for this. this story is not, you know, a
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unique story. what makes it worse and even more horrible is probably preventable. and we know right now, there are people living in the country that will die or have horrible crimes committed against them by people that our government deported and didn't do anything to prevent from coming back in. again, it is such a disgrace. this administration wants to put the public aside and america safety first. but sadly, it doesn't seem that they are at all willing to do so. >> todd: they need to think about it as if it is their child. jonathan fahey, thank you for your time. top stories here. on capitol hill following the deaths of indiana congresswoman jackie and two staffers in a head-on car crash. >> carley: here to tell us how they will be remembered this morning, jackie. good morning. >> ashley, good morning.
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858-year-old republican representative killed wednesday when another car hit head-on and that happened 12:30 wednesday in elkhart county, indiana when a driver feared into their lane. 27-year-old zachary potts and 28-year-old emma thompson were both aides and also killed in the crash. the sole driver of the other vehicle, 56-year-old edith schmucker was pronounced dead at the scene. tributes from both parties support in following the tragic news. mike braun paid tribute to his friend on the senate floor, listen. >> i get the tragic news my good friend was tragically killed in a car accident and so, like the ultimate gut punch, one of the first great hoosiers i got to know. she will be missed and our condolences to all of the families. >> jackie walorski's office
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released a statement and he was notified his wife was killed. she returned home to be home with her lord jesus and please keep him in your prayers. and ordered flags throughout washington, d.c., to be flown have staff but instead we may have representative parties on the issue but she was respected by members of both parties for her work on the house ways and means committee on which she served. former president trump remembered her as a wonderful woman. kevin mccarthy said "jackie was a dear friend, trusted advisor and embodiment of integrity who achieved respect from all of her colleagues in the house." jackie walorski and the two aides were on the way back into medical devices industry. looking into the deadly crash is ongoing. she is the fifth house member to die while serving in office this year. three of those being republicans. back to you guys. >> carley: absolutely shocking
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news to get yesterday. so many republicans and democrats released statements honoring her life. she was certainly beloved on capitol hill. ashley, thank you so much for joining us. turning out a no-show in court for a dui arraignment and represented by his lawyer, speaker nancy pelosi's has been pled not guilty to two counts of not ready, drunk driving after he crashed into a jeep. indicated pelosi had a drug in his system that night he totaled his car. nasa county prosecutors are walking that one back. the night of his arrest, paul pelosi blew a .082. and he was slurring his speech. according to the criminal complaint, they did two-year-old face is when you're a prison time for each count where he could have his license suspended. president biden with an executive order to make it easier for women to travel across state lines to get
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abortions. his second order on abortion rights since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> todd: the president, thank you for being here, beth lila rose. isn't biden trying to circumvent that? he's doing more to circumvent the supreme court but trying to circumvent the u.s. constitution end. there is a constitutional right to life for all humans in the country. that includes the preborn. what biden is doing is absolutely disgusting. the president is literally trying to pay, in able to break their own state laws to do danger to their own children crossing state lines and openly have their own children killed. this is the farthest thing from following the constitution and upholding our law. it is absolutely brutal that the president of the united states is arranging how this is done.
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it is putting children in harm's way and endangering women too. >> on that note about endangering women upon announcing executive order, president biden said this would make sure that women receive medically necessary care. about lila, there is an estate in the country that would deny women and abortion medically necessary for them to survive. so, why do you think he is using that language? >> well, he is fearmongering. this is what the abortion industry does to make abortion prevalent and accepted appear they want to use certain situations to justify abortion n demand in america. the democrats on abortion, it is abortion through all nine months for any reason. this is president biden's platform, abortion for any reason text funded appear at the large majority of americans are opposed to that. on top of that, this idea of medically necessary abortion, there is a lot of information. there were thousands of pro-life doctors who say we can treat both the mother and the child,
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the patient, and care for them both. the medicine's indirect harm of the child and direct taking of their life is not medically necessary. sometimes a leaf delivery may be necessary for further treatment, but not medically necessary a tremendous amount of information that the president is actually relying on to try to get public acceptance of these extraordinary and unconstitutional measures that he is pushing. >> todd: in the meantime, a lot of attention with quite surprising vote in kansas protecting abortion on tuesday. the post on that, listen. >> voters may be clear that politician should not interfere with the fundamental rights of women appear the voters, this bd will vote to preserve and protect the right and refused to let them be lifted away by politicians. and my administration has they were back. >> todd: what is your reaction to that midterm prediction by
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the president? >> he is wrong. it was confusion, manipulation, and lives of millions of dollars from the pro-abortion side that prevailed in kansas. and the truth is, when the truth comes out about the humanity of the child and the brutality of the abortion procedure, many people become pro-life. they reject the extremism of the democratic party on abortion. again, the democrats on abortion is out of touch with large majority of americans including many democrats appear they want abortion thrown nine months. people learn about this as a conservative, they reject that the appearance of the president is relying on misinformation campaign, conference and media to push extreme agenda to help elect him and other democratic politicians. i think the more the truth comes out, the more they will lose. the reality is to expose both
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the extremism here and advocate for the value of human life. the right to life that we all share as human beings, which starts with birth. >> todd: lila rose, we appreciate it. appeared to the vote... the g.o.p. been editorial with trump bacterial lake and more results expected to come in with nearly 150,000 ballots in maricopa county alone. they knew there was an election, right? >> carley: i knew so they must have known. >> todd: a victory, despite being too close to call the winner will face arizona katie half in november. speed to the voters head to the polls for the primary election. tennessee house speaker and andy a crowded republican field. and retiring democrat
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congressman jim cooper seat up for grabs. the race, three democrats battling in the front race for governor. the winner running unopposed on the republican side. >> mma fighter taking down in the sole suspect in new york city street and the whole thing caught on camera. >> >> you still don't punch people in the building. >> todd: we also just got a disturbing update from mayor eric adams about the repeat offenders walking free thanks to a bail reform. details on it next. >> carley: and paying $20,000 for woke kindergarten consulting. that is what they do with your taxpayer dollars. we will talk to a parent about that next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: you are going to want to look at this video here. and in and then they later hoping someone who was attacking multiple people in the streets of new york city. >> you still don't push people. speed to a black belt in brazilian jets who was on his
1:25 am
way to work when he saw the sust attacked the first victim. and he went after the attacker from behind and pinned him to the ground before calling the police. the nypd said the man allegedly struck a 17-year-old man and boy for no reason. the suspect was charged with two counts of assault, how about that an end how about this, ten criminals account for 500 to rest in new york city over the last two years and at least six of those people are free on the city streets and according to a frustrated mayor eric adams who slammed the bail reform while yesterday. adams didn't say those criminals are about the rest of manhattan album brad is pushing back on the mayor. >> i'm proud of what we are doing. is there more work to be done? of course but we are doing that work every day. we are seeing in manhattan pointing them the right direction. >> carley: mayor adams had 80%
1:26 am
arrested for gun possession of her back on the street which makes mayor adams wonder how you take a gun law seriously when overwhelming number back on the street after carrying a gun? a good question, todd, over the youth. >> todd: california district to spend $20,000 on a woke kindergarten consulting group. the curriculum includes antiracist and antibias training and trans liberation and how to disrupt colonial narratives. a california father joins me now, this consulting group not hiding the ball literally appear they called him woke kindergarten and call themselves abolitionists. how much is it to expose a 5-year-old to the stuff? >> as a parent of a 6-year-old who finish kindergarten a few months ago, i tell you, children need to be exposed at things
1:27 am
that are age-appropriate? they don't have that neurocognitive ability to make any sense or process the things to talk about the sort of issues. this age, they need to learn how to socialize. they need to know how to play, read, right into basic calculations, build things, and understand how the world works. their brains are not accustomed to this. they are not able to accost these things and these issues simply take away from the very limited time they have in class. they are not in class eight hours a day but two or three hours a day and they take away from the ability for teachers to teach them what they need to learn and give them time to play and socialize. >> todd: this district decided to spend taxpayer money on this. doesn't this district realize while pushing this kind of nonsense, the chinese are pushing math and science, which will help them much better compete against us in the world economy? >> you would think this would be
1:28 am
an obvious thing, to focus on core academics as well as the social aspects. you look at kindergarten reform, there was actually a movement to improve kindergarten. my own daughter's teacher in santa monica school district here where i am pioneered something called "occupy kindergarten" and nationally renowned. trying to make kindergarten reform by making kindergarten fun. he teaches "star wars," pirates, baseball, all sorts of things. the fun concepts to have the kids really engage with the curriculum. he doesn't bring anything that is not age inappropriate with things that are fun for them and allows the kids to grasp the material. by bringing in the more adult topics and quite frankly adult. they tell the kids, they bring in negativity and that we call into question everything they are believing, right? and then to me, that is not productive for the kids.
1:29 am
it is actually taking away from the ability to learn and be kids. >> todd: california is the least literate state in the nation. part of the ucla for a time in, way is all that shenanigan happening in california? >> california, like the current political atmosphere of california, they believe wholeheartedly that they were somewhere at the crux of change, california's leading the way to changing every aspect of society, education included pure they want to start with children and get them young. the problem is that this is not necessarily the positive change that we need to read like about before, yes, education can be improved, but this is not the way to do it. the way to do it is to get students engaged. if you look at californian public school numbers, they were plummeting. the state has lost thousands of students. these are not kids going to private school.
1:30 am
these are kids dropping out of out of education altogether. what does that mean for us? that means more poverty, more homelessness, greater economic inequalities. things they are contributing to by simply driving kids out of the public school systems and into nothing. >> todd: got to leave it there, dr. houman hemmati, use shenanigans as singular. i blame california public school system for that lax. that is upon my parked my doctor thank you. fox news alert, into the taiwan strait just a day after nancy pelosi. >> carley: we have the latest on that and exclusive report what china could be planning next. ♪ ♪
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speed to a fox news alert, taiwan's defense ministry said china just fired multiple missiles and to the taiwan strait as part of military drills in response to speaker pelosi's visit. >> todd: sources are telling brooke singman that beijing
1:36 am
could carry out invasion of taiwan before election. live with the exclusive, brooke. >> hey, good morning, guys. china could invade taiwan into the next 18 months according to sources familiar with u.s. intelligence and allies and the pacific peer there is a particularly dangerous window of opportunity with chinese invasion of taiwan. it could come from national congress communist party this november in the 2024 u.s. presidential election. the revelation comes on the heels of house speaker nancy pelosi's controversial visit to taipei. the defense ministry surrounding the islands and patient conducting live fire military drills within 5 miles of the island right now. state controlled media with a mouthpiece for the ccp, conventional missiles expected to fly over the island of taiwan for the first time."
1:37 am
the white house national security council official telling me the u.s. "will not seek does not want a crisis." the officials say the biden administration "prepared to manage what beijing chooses to do. we will not engage in rattling and not looking to escalate." the officials at the same time will be steady and resolute and will continue to support taiwan and defend a free and open end of the pacific. the administration is still refusing to comment on biden's support and applauds the speakers aggression. >> their articles for the speaker to go to taiwan. lindsey graham said, it is a good thing. chuck grassley, that is president biden worried? why is it hard for the president to say, she is a brave trailblazer, and i think it is great she went. >> i think the president thinks that speaker pelosi is a great
1:38 am
trailblazer. look, i mean... >> is it good that she went? i mean, that is not how it works. >> carley: guys, the defense ministry said the military will continue to reinforce its level and react appropriately to the enemy situation, carley, todd. >> todd: brooke, great work to give us the information. senator rand paul on a gain-of-function research as he works to pin down the origins of covid-19. covid-19. the senator rejoined by expert witnesses yesterday who believe it is unlikely the virus came from a natural origin. >> there is no positive evidence the pandemic came with a natural virus in the market. all is a laboratory required infection. >> todd: senator paul going after infectious disease expert anthony fauci for misleading the american people. >> dr. fauci has been lying to us. the three scientists agreed this was dangerous research.
1:39 am
two out of the three said it was absolutely gain of function. the third said it was dangerous research and should have gone before a committee. therefore, there seems to be lack of curiosity on the part of democrats. >> todd: many republicans like paul believe covid origins in wuhan, china. did you hear this? want to sentence winning business growth doubling new york in 2021. more than 30,000 new businesses open and the sunshine state last year. this compared to the 309,000 open in new york. the majority of those florida businesses heading up shop in miami-dade county followed by broward and palm beach counties. red states like florida recovering much faster than faster than democrat lead counterparts like governor ducey and his first stance against pandemic related shutdowns. an anti-woke agenda helping glenn youngkin flip virginia and also will help republicans take control this november, watch. >> which is not just
1:40 am
republicans. we want independence, and we won a bunch of democrats because these common sins conservative solutions to everyday challenges are what voters are worried about. the left liberal progressives want to tell everybody they should worry about things that don't impact their lives. the reality is inflation, schools, jobs, crime, oh, by the way the government telling them what to do all the time as opposed to working for them, this is what voters want. stay focused on the key kitchen table issues, deliver solutions, and we will win across the country like we did last year in virginia appearance virginia. >> carley: happening and battleground states, more than 8300 democrats in the western part of the state ditching the democratic party and registering to become republicans this year. in total, nearly 40,000 statewide democrats switched to the g.o.p. in 2022 comparator 12,000 going the other way. joining me now and mother of
1:41 am
two, good morning to you. what do you think is causing this trend? >> good morning. i think a big part of this trend is related to pennsylvania at the last two and a half years we suffered greatly in pennsylvania under governor wolf and pandemic policies, closing schools, closing businesses. it has been a very tough two and half years for many, many families in pennsylvania. >> carley: so you think the core of this issue with more republican switching to the g.o.p. then -- or more democrats switching to the republican party is the reverse of the economy? >> i think the economy is huge. and i think a lot of school issues for parents across the state of pennsylvania. it has been horrific watching what is happening to our kids academically, socially, emotiona lly, all of these failed policies have really resulted in
1:42 am
academic losses with state courts across the board. kids are not achieving and learning at the rate they had been previously. that is a big issue. the economy is huge. when you look at the price of gas it has dropped a little bit and groceries, unavailability of certain items in the grocery store. i think many parents are fed up and discussed of with what has happened over the last two and a half years. they want to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> carley: and i also think there is a shift in party identity. democrats used to be the party of the working class. former president trump comes along and talks about the fossil fuel industry bringing jobs to the u.s. democrats focus on the social issues, identity politics and getting people in electric vehicles. how do you think that really resonates with voters in pennsylvania? >> well as a former democrat for 34 years prior to the
1:43 am
pandemic, i, too, felt the democratic party was really focused on the people that they pretend to support. so, for example, i work in a social field and dedicate my career to making sure that kids in the inner cities, poor kids, minority families could get the resources they needed to be successful. what i saw through the pandemic was that the democratic party basically abandon all of those people. so, that is why you left the party or as i like to say, the party really left me. and i think a lot more people are really starting to see that. pennsylvania's very much of a mixed state. we have the eastern part of the state, southeastern part of the state is much more liberal, much more progressive outside of philadelphia. the rest of pennsylvania tends to be more conservative or at least much more moderate. there are people across the border who are very, very focused on the economy. as you said, bringing back
1:44 am
natural resources back to pennsylvania to tap into the pipeline. >> carley: real quickly, the midterm elections because john federman and dr. oz he is beating by 11 points. josh beating by ten, are you worried about that? >> well, you know, it is early and hard to say. i think part of the problem, pennsylvania, we have two very polarizing campaigns that the democrats are one far extreme and the republican candidates particularly very far on that side of the extreme. and i think a lot of people in pennsylvania are looking for a middle-of-the-road approach. right now, we don't have any great candidates who represent the middle and what i think appeals to regular pennsylvanians. i think that will be the challenge. >> carley: beth ann rosica tina very interesting topic, we appreciated.
1:45 am
>> think you have a great day, bye-bye. >> carley: anti-woke, cocreator defining cancel culture to get politics out of his art. >> todd: and this is just the beginning, he has plans to come upon universe. we will talk to him. don't miss it.
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♪ ♪ speed to a new training materials repeal san diego public doubling down on far left gender theory with heterosexuality is a system of oppression. manhattan to fellow with this warning. >> this is a program that runs deeper than the ideas. it is about transforming how kids see themselves. it is about destabilizing their identity and using them as political ponds. >> carley: to encourage children to adopt gender or sexual identity and genderqueer. >> todd: not just in california, the new district over gender policy rolled out behind new rules that allow children as young as 12 years old of age to choose new gender, new pronouns, new name and option to participate with preferred gender in gym class.
1:51 am
nicole neely, brought this to end joins me now. nicole, my initial reaction was, iowa? how is this happening in the heart of traditional american values which mark >> is in it astonishing that if he can happen in iowa it can happen an. it is so important to bring this lawsuit to show parents have to keep an il no matter where they live. >> todd: the support plans authorize children's to make fundamentally to hide these decisions from parents. why did they think it is appropriate to give a child this sort of power and responsibility? >> right. beginning in seventh grade, the child's decision takes precedence over that of the family. the school actually -- you know this is a district parental approval needed to give the child aspirin. yet from encouraging children to hide this information from their parents. it is actually leading a double
1:52 am
life, which is terrifying because they are encouraged and really the school district is implying that families are not safe and putting that idea in children's heads they will not be accepted but we as a school district will which is horrifying. >> todd: why does it seem that the education industrial complex so committed to one, driving a wedge between parents and their kids, which is the most important bond we literally have in our time as humans on the planet? two, sexualizing that. >> right. we are seeing activist determined to repair children's innocence away. putting these ideas and forcing these concepts in a definite age inappropriate level. and for gender support level in kindergarten just beginning in kindergarten, parents don't know about it. so definitely, they want to destabilize the family. when you don't go to your parents for love and support, or do you turn to? the government, school, other
1:53 am
sources that have control over you. >> todd: you know, when i was in kindergarten i played duck, duck, goose and i didn't inc. about identifying as a duck or a goose because i was a boy. that was it. in other students to call the classmates by preferred pronouns and if they don't, they face expulsion i.e. loss have the ability to learn. where is the first amendment protection? >> that is a great question and that is first amendment grounds as well as the parental exclusion policy. the school might not like it, but they cannot compel speech from the students. and we are fighting back against that as well. expelling students over refusing to use pronounces a polling. >> todd: i think most of us live and let live 18 years and up but not five, not five years old. nicole neely, i get so thrown off by all of this that i get flustered. thank you very much,
1:54 am
carley, over to you. >> carley: all right, listen to this 11 ballplayers phil nicholson and an antitrust lawsuit against the pga tour yesterday. here is what two bothly rs had to say about the pga tour last week in. >> the pga tour said they will be banned for life from the pga tour. you are 28. are you worried about that? no, i think it will get figured out. i think it is unfortunate to bring this all together. i think everybody would have benefited. i don't want to do that to her anymore. they have suffered so much and against us and treat us like black cats of the world. >> carley: the lawsuit said the conduct serves no purpose other than to cause harm to players and foreclose the entry of the first meaningful, competitive throughout the tour has faced in decades. pga tour commissioner responding with a memo to players "we have been preparing to attempt to
1:55 am
disrupt the tour. we intend to make our case clearly and vigorously." montag. >> todd: joe manchin green lighting the left climate spending bill with a major impact on coal industry. you won't believe how many millions of dollars in donations this campaign reeking and for people outside of west virginia. >> carley: we have the number for you and mercedes schlapp in the next hour of "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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