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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 4, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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to $100 for a limited time. go online or call to get an epson rapidreceipt smart organizer delivered right to your door. epson rapidreceipt, visit or call. piece of cake baby! let me be direct. why would you pay more than double for teeth straightening with invisalign? with smiledirectclub, you get a doctor-directed smile you love for sixty percent less. that's a lot less. like a lot. choose smile. choose direct. ♪ smiledirectclub ♪ >> shock on capital following the death of jackie walorski, you are watching "fox and friends first." two staffers died in a crash and flags lowered on capitol hill. tributes have been pouring in
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this morning. >> ashley: the republican was killed wednesday when another car hit hers head-on. it happened wednesday afternoon in indiana, a driver veered into jackie walorski lane. potts and thompson were aides of jackie walorski and were also killed in the crash. edith smuker was pronounced dead at the scene. tributes poured in. mike braunpaid tribute to his friend on the senate floor. >> my good friend jackie walorski tragically killed in a car accident, like the ultimate gut punch, one of the first great hoosiers i got to know, she will be missed and
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condolences to all of the families. >> ashley: jackie walorski's husband dean was notified she was killed and said she has returned home with her lord jesus christ, keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. flags ordered to be flown at half staff. she was respected by members of both parties for her work on the house ways and means committee. former president trump remembered her as a wonderful woman and house minority leader kevin mccarthy said jacky was embodiment of integrity receiving respect from all colleagues in the house. jackie walorski and her two aides were on their way back from looking at medical device industry, she is fifth house
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member to die while serving in office this year, three of the five being republicans, guys. >> carley: that number is too high, she is a member of the hunger caucus, a lot of people remembered her yesterday. such a side story, thank you for bringing us the news. victory lap over gas prayss and taking credit for president putin's price hike. >> todd: fox news correspondent and live in washington, good morning. >> remember putin's price hike and the president didn't have much influence over gas prices now the white house loves talking about gas. >> most americans are seeing prices below $4, no doubt trajectory of gas prices are in
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the right place is. >> might be too early to celebrate, prices have been dropping, we're still paying $4.13 a gallon, more than we were paying a year ago, meanwhile, democrats trying to pass $740 billion tax and climate senate bill. kyrsten sinema is worried about the tax piece of this package and whether it will trickle down to workers, she's also calling for more climate spending and reminder there is already a lot in this bill $400 billion in this package democrats say will bring down inflation. republicans say that is false advertising. here is mcconnell on what he thinks is going on with the debt.
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>> what they have done this year is fall in line, they want back on the white house christmas card list. but people who are not active democrats say it has no impact on inflation at all and over the long-term and actually increases it slightly in the short term. >> this is all on kyrsten sinema now, some republicans feel she could tank this bill. >> todd: all eyes on kyrsten sinema. newt gingrich says the democrats party could not be more out of touch, watch. >> look at this most recent manchin monstrosity, more than we have, more than double, people don't understand that biden is in trouble, i think the whole democratic party model is
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in trouble because they are radically out of touch with the american people. >> todd: talking more with former white house director -- oh, mercedes schlapp on this. meantime, west virginia senator manchin not getting much support from his home state. filings reveal manchin received $6 million from out of state donors since 2021. last week manchin backed the democrats spending bill. manchin not up for re-election until 2024, unclear if he will seek another term. florida keeps winning, the state receives 60's0,000 new business applications.
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>> carley: jimmy failla reacts to the sunshine state's success coming up next.
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>> todd: 8300 democrats in the western part of the state are
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registering to become republicans this year. here is why so many voters are making the switch. >> the economy is huge, the price of gas has dropped recently, price of groceries, unavailability of items in the grocery store, parent are fed up and disgusted with what happened over the last 2-1/2 years and make sure that didn't happen again. >> todd: she feels democrats policies hurt kids socially and academically. >> carley: anti-woke agenda. >> todd: sic 630,000 new businesses opened last year in florida. jimmy failla joins us. why wouldn't you move to
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florida. >> jimmy: no one wants to open a business in new york, you might get robbed. people don't want to spend money. in florida, states are like restaurants florida has a line three hours long to get in. new york is like, florida sucks, people obviously like the food. we know it sucks there, the saying, when you have the facts, pound the facts, when you have nothing, pound the table. the facts support ron desantis, my only thing, he killed "curious george," and nobody wants to read "lady and the tramp."
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and killed plus size albert. >> carley: when you look at population of the state, florida is growing and blue states are shrinking. have you heard somebody from florida saying, i will move to illinois, what is happening? >> jimmy: no reason to do that, yogi berra, would say things that contradicted himself all the time, nobody goes to that place anymore, it is way too crowded. if nobody goes, why is it crowded? >> carley: drop the florida jokes, then. >> jimmy: florida is killing it, they are elevating him in status. >> todd: when i go to the polls this november, i will vote with my foot, see what happens. >> jimmy: voting every other way, why not.
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>> carley: we're banning that term from here on out. >> todd: like the ban the word woke, we are addicted, price in california, democrats passing bill to allow open air drug sites despite attempt in san francisco set to close, how are they not reading the room on this? >> jimmy: i have a theory, it seems ridiculous. maybe democrats know people will only vote for them if they are high. hand out drugs and get votes. i was just in l.a. and newsom turned the state into a safari, look, there is one over there, don't feed them, they are getting closer. you have to laugh as a coping mechanism, it is sad. >> carley: i was walking down the street recently and some guy
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just didn't have his pantss on. >> jimmy: i apologize. >> carley: you look and move on and then you get shocked that you are not shocked. >> jimmy: we are not supposed to be okay with this. people are more shocked he doesn't have his mask on, the rest of the country, where are his not passes? >> todd: i saw guy drop a -- i saw a guy walking around in the buff, that is a thursday. >> jimmy: new york, san francisco, going behind the music phase, they have let themselves go, you know that, it is sad out there. >> carley: open air drug mark elt, not for that. >> jimmy: no, you see kids walking through them after school, i'm for building character, this is different animal. we have enough screwed up kids,
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look at the set of this tv show. >> carley: anti-woke comic book creator is defying cancel culture. >> todd: he says this is just the beginning, he will launch a woke comic universe, we're talking to him next, do not miss it. when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop,
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>> at this age, they need to learn how to socialize, how to play, need to learn how to read and write, they need to learn to do basic calculations, taking away from the ability for teachers to teach them what they
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need to learn and give them time to play and socialize. >> todd: kids will be taught how to disrupt colonial narratives. carley. >> carley: anti-woke comic book creator is finding success with promise to remove politics from comics, raising money to create stories without social justice. good morning, eric, take us to the beginning, what led you to want to create a nonwoke comic book, are there really woke themes in comic books these days? >> well, yes, over the last half decade it's gotten progressively worse for lack of a better term. i'm a comic book lifer, been in the reading space for a very long time, instead of complaining about the issue, i
2:22 am
wanted to make sure i'm part of the solution. i believe my place is to be a creative and i started river verse comics from the ground up and i wanted to make sure we took stuff of comic books to the essence. it is not about being anti-thet cal, it is giving readers and audience something that is solid and decent and not beating the audience over the head of social justice or politics that we see right now happening in comics. >> carley: gabeshg, you are a comic book artist. both of you have every little boy's dream. you used to work on dc on superman, why did you sign onto this project? >> thank you for having me, i had to leave dc, my little boy
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dream. they wanted to get woke and say superman doesn't have american citizenship, quit using truths, justice. my father is an imgrants, my grandfather fought for this country. this is something to be involved with, i'm pleased to be working withic and on books, we're not anti-woke, we're just not woke. >> carley: i remember when you were on "fox and friends first" and since then raised $3.3 million, who is donate something >> well, what we have here, had like transparency of classic
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crowd fund. i had everything ready to go, artwork was done, the great gabeshg, and cliff richards did fantastic job on this book. i said here it is, it is done, we will get it to you within the next couple months and so many people came out to support the product and bought it. whether different covers and shirts, it is a thriving market here despite what some believe that comics are dead, the american comics are dead, no, they just seem to not have gotten what they wanted and came out full support, people from different sides came out and supported, bought books and i'm grateful to be in this position, this is momentum i anticipate keeping up and we are working on the second book and the first books are going out very, very
2:25 am
soon. >> carley: eric, if there are parents and grandparents thinks, i have a family member who might want to read the comic book, where can you get them? >> you can go to river, there are two trailers at river verse, you can get more insight and make an informed purchase, the synopsis is something you want to get into. if the first book doesn't interest you, there will be plenty others. it is not none-woke it is just -- we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: very welcome, good stuff. china fired precision missile
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strikes into the taiwan strait. we have report on what china could be planning next. >> [bleep] -- >> todd: an mma fighter taking down a suspect in the new york city street and the whole thing is caught on camera. breakthrough heartburn... means your heartburn treatment is broken. try zegerid otc. it contains the leading medicine to treat frequent heartburn, uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc.
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>> carley: taiwan defense ministry says china fired multiple missiles into the taiwan strait as part of drills to respond to speaker pelosi's visit. >> todd: could carry out invasion of taiwan before the 2024 election. brooke singman. >> brooke: china could invade taiwan within the next months. sources tell me there is dangerous window of funt for chinese invasion of taiwan between this november and the 2024 u.s. election coming on the heels of pelosi' visit to tapai. beijing is conducting live fire
2:31 am
military drills within 12 miles of the island right now. global times acts as mouth piece for the ccp says conventional missiles will expected to fly over taiwan for the first time. the u.s. will not seek and does not want a crisis, the officials say the biden administration is prepared to manage wla they will do. we will continue to support taiwan and defend free and open indo-pacific. u.s. will not comment on biden's support for the trip. >> important for the speaker to go to taiwan. lindsey graham says it is a good thing. grassley, glad she went. is president biden worried about
2:32 am
hurting xi's feelings? why so hard to say she's a brave trailblazer and i think it is great she went, like so many others -- >> i think the president thinks speaker pelosi is a great trailblazer. >> does he think it is good she went? >> that's not how it works? >> taiwan defense ministry says it will reinforce alertness level and react to the enemy situation. >> carley: thank you, pelosi was a no show in court for dui arraignment and represented by his lawyer. speaker pelosi's husband pleading not guilty to two counts of drunk driving, a criminal complaint indicated pelosi had a drug in his system, but napacounty is walking back on that claim. night of his arrest pelosi
2:33 am
allegedly a .082%. he is due back in court on august 23rd. and talk about being at right place at the right time, an mma fighter springs into action to stop a homeless man atacting multiple innocent people on the street. watch this. >> [bleep] -- >> carley: that guy didn't see that coming, nypd says the man struck a man and boy in the head for no reason, the suspect hit with two counts of assault. the mayor is slamming the city bail law calling them insane after revealing 10 criminals account for 500 arrests over the last two years and six of them are free on the city streets
2:34 am
today. he says 80's % arrested for gun possession get released following their arrest. the numbers are insane. >> todd: crime surges, look in louisville, kentucky, thief smashing into a downtown brewery costing that business owner $17,000 in damages, the owner calling for more police in his neighborhood department struggles. gentlemen, thank you issue ted, what happened to you on saturday? >> well, there was a guy walking down clearly a professional thief, i think we were one of seven or eight businesses hit, he tried to enter on main street. we have hurricane glass there, he shattered the glass, but
2:35 am
wasn't able to get in. he went to the side and broke in a door not as secure and stole cash and alcohol. >> todd: louisville crime up, property crime surging 99%, let's face it, my visits to louisville, very safe city, why do you think something like this happened and the numberss, why do you think things are happening in your once safe city? >> it's quite unbelievable, over the last couple years, we've seen a huge exodus of the police from the police department due to lack of support from the administration or the mayor's office and anti-police sentiment. we are down 300 police officers, officers worked a double shift and said it is going to be a week to 10 days before they can get a detectivive to investigate
2:36 am
our crime and we still haven't heard from a detectivive. >> todd: they were working an 18-hour shift when they arrived at your establishment. down 25%, a lot of officers to be down. why do you say that is happen something >> it is a huge number and this occurred since 2018 and it is terrible, and it is, due to the fact that the anti-police culture we have now and the lack of support, from government and from the administration, our authorized strength was about 1300 officers previously, which we didn't think was adequate to begin with, we need about 1600 officers on the police department and we're just above 1000 right now, that is not helpful when something happens to a business owner or citizen in our city and we're trying to respond when manpower is low.
2:37 am
>> todd: they are having trouble recruiting because of this attack on the notion of being an officer, notion of law enforce mentsz? >> we don't recruit, we can't recruit. we heard from our recruiters it is embarrassing when you don't have anything to offer that will permeate this issue going on in our country. it feels like an attack on law enforcement. our profession is dying and will continue that way, and will not get better unless we step up and do something to stop that and to ensure that we have folks that want to come do the job. >> todd: when your business dies, the business of policing go the way of dot do-do, as well.
2:38 am
we hope you find a way to make up that $17 k from that guy. fbi director christopher wray will testify today and investigators say hunter biden investigation is at the top of the agenda. plus -- >> not smart enough to know when it wasn't going to work for us that is beauty of freedom of choice. >> carley: is whoopi goldberg using god to defend abortion? joe concha on that next. ♪ is it me or does everyone auditioning
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>> todd: hunter biden infamous laptop revealing secrets. revealing hunter biden was involved in a deal to export grain from ukraine to china, the revelation comes after biden administration accuses china of stockpiling wheat fuelled by russia invasion of ukraine. christopher wray will testify on the hill today. former federal prosecutor joined
2:43 am
us earlier. >> when you have somebody that is target of an investigation, you ask who was involved, who else helped? will they be free to ask the questions or will they be stifled? >> the president repeatedly denied knowledge of his son's overseas business dealings at the center of the doj probe, which has reached a "critical" stage. "the view" host whoopi goldberg bringing god into the abortion debate, listen to this. >> god made us smart enough to know when it would not work for us, that is freedom of choice. >> no. >> yes, i know my relationship, my relationship is always choppy. >> carley: response is thou shalt not kill, one of the 10 commandments, how did elizabeth
2:44 am
handle that moment? >> joe: she pushed back, good to see her back, she is a true conservative, the other conservatives they have on there recently. my daughter received holy communion and had to go to class every week and my wife and i had to go and there were tests and intense ccd. i remember relearning the 10 commandments and thou shall not kill puts a wrench into whoopi goldberg's argument. pretty sure god is not anti-abbott or killing a baby. that referendum was victory for those who are pro-choice. the biden supreme court sent the decision back to the states and therefore the voters in the
2:45 am
states and gave the power back to the people, that is what the framers intended and all you read on social media online, see, the supreme court, we showed you, no, they showed you how it should be done. let people vote on this stuff and make their own decisions and not have it decided by a bunch of men and women in robes in washington. >> todd: it shows how truly ignorant people are of how the supreme court works, to your points, it worked as intended to. state rights, state decide. "new york times" editorial board say democrats reached cynical low by meddling in gop elections. democrats want to hold on to majority, selling out to do it, disappointing low for the
2:46 am
democrats party. strategy is to help beat middle of the road candidate. they have worst chance against the democrats take in the general. >> joe: i love this quote in there, if democrats believe democracy is in danger and need republican support to save it, they weakened their standing of dependence by aaligning with those who would thwart it. this was going on during the campaigns, the editorial board has no standing because writing this after the fact shows backbone of jellyfish. >> carley: backbone of jellyfish, we'll leave it there, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> joe: see you friday. >> carley: imagery there.
2:47 am
>> todd: white house taking victory lap over gas prices and taking credit for tackling putin's price hike, many americans do not see a reason to celebrate. mercedes schlapp on that next. >> carley: check in with brian kilmeade to see what is coming up on "fox and friends." i wonder what he's wearing, maybe he hasn't gotten dressed yet. >> todd: if he is not dressed, he cannot be on television. >> todd: huge violation, we'll be right back. [acoustic soul mu] [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout] [acoustic soul music throughout]
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>> now to the primaries, votes still being counted in the g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate against the trump fact -- all results expected to come today with nearly hundred 50,000 ballots left the process. hey, guys, you knew there was an election, right? you had it in your calendar,
2:52 am
maybe you didn't at a press conference the race being too close to call. guys get ready, get your pens, that's happening in november. >> tennessee voters had today for a primary election was a crowded republican jewel in the fifth district. in addition to that of race, three democrats battling the primary race for governor. the winner will face incumbent governor bill leeds who is running unopposed on the republican side. ♪ ♪ >> i don't think the court has any notion for that matter to decide how far to express their extreme agenda.
2:53 am
>> president biden is making abortion a top priority after signing an executive order that paves the way for medicaid to pay for out-of-state abortion. joining us live from cpac texas now. you're joe biden there talk about the power -- i've got to tell you you. i think the fact that jill biden is trying to speak for all the women, that's a big mistake. what i've learned as i've traveled across the country is the fact that you are finding more and more women for speaking out, very proud of their conservative principles and proud of standing up for america first policies. they have to remember that a woman is not simply a body part. it's not all about abortion.
2:54 am
it's about other big important issues including making sure we know strong economy. and so i think the mere fact that joe biden is moving forward with an executive order on medicaid, paying for abortions, this is something the american people reject it they don't want taxpayer dollars going to abortion. it's something you're going to see a continued battle as we enter into the midterm election and into the presidential election year. >> president biden is assuming all women are pro-choice. there's a lot of women out there, the pro-life movement is really run by movement. a lot really happened this week when it comes to the abortion issue but there's also the doj
2:55 am
appeared where to start going? is it the sign of more things to come when it comes to the doj? >> certainly you are seeing the divide between the red states and the blue states. they are allowing the voters to decide where it stands. obviously their legislators decide where the abortion issue will stand. states like texas and oklahoma pushing for the heartbeat bill, and you are seeing more and more these states moved in that direction. obviously for the blue states their creed to move forward with more of a radicalized late-term abortion scenario which i think is very tragic for the rights of the unborn. this battle, as we know with the overturning of roe v. wade, it's going to lie in the face and it's going to take time. there will be some growing pains in each of the states. but josie definitely the mainstream media pushing this
2:56 am
narrative of abortion rights and that's important to be moving forward in the states. this is going to have to -- like i said it's going to have to play itself out. obviously kansas was a disappointment with the loss of the value to value the vote event meant that didn't pass. so they are going to have to revisit -- they're going to have to revisit it say to you we go with the heartbeat bill? that's where they're going to have to listen to their constituents. >> switching gears. the white house not bragging about gas prices dropping $0.80 and 50 days even though it still almost a dollar higher than last year. take a listen to those. >> prices are coming down even as boudin's war continues to put pressure on global energy supplies. that is not good.
2:57 am
the point of the white house breaking the football is in it a little risky to be celebrating when americans are still suffering? >> well i find the biden administration has been very much in defense pair they've not been able to take control of the situation. he's made america energy dependent. i think that when you're looking at the fact that their focus so much is to try triangle bag saudi arabia for oil in these other countries were we here in the united states -- i'm here in texas talk about the idea ability to produce oil and make sure america doesn't need to depend on foreign resources. that's an outrage. i think that's why you are seeing the vast majority of americans -- they blame pollutant for what we've seen in the chaotic energy market but
2:58 am
they also blame president biden and the democrats policies were they are more focused on electric vehicle subsidies, climate change subsidies, which we know are not going to meet the immediate demands of americans. i think for the biden administration they've only hurt themselves and it's going to hurt in the midterm elections for the democrats. >> watch out when it comes to gas prices because their increasing oil production by one of the smallest margins ever. you could make the argument that that really is the end result of president biden's trip to saudi arabia. you mention you're in texas and former president donald trump is going to get a keynote address at cpac in texas this week which is why you are there. can you give us a preview of what to ask fact? >> i have to tell you something to bring all of the national
2:59 am
leaders under one roof is an amazing experience. these are grassroots activists. our theme this year is fire pelosi and save america. it's very clear the direction were heading in. obviously you're going to have these amazing speakers from congress ted cruz. it goes on and with a very a+ star list to really get our activism boot camp today which of course addresses where all your good night get involved making sure that republicans and conservatives one this year in the midterm election. let me tell you there's a lot of energy this can be happening coming here from cpac. they are ready. they are ready to make sure we save this country don't let a font of the hands of the
3:00 am
leftists in the radical agenda. >> we have to go on five seconds so i have to ask you does president trump run in 2024? >> i think yes. i think absolutely -- >> will he announce at cpac? >> it could be a new big news day. ♪ ♪ >> reportedly conducting live fire military drills. >> president biden jackie walorski end of two of her staffers all killed on wednesday. gas prices more than we were paying a year ago. in all democrats still trying to pass that $740 spe


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