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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 4, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> brian: artificial surface. >> will: i'm so good at trivia and i got you some wrong trivia. i'll be doing final exam on tucker karlsson. >> brian: we're going to watch. it will be no problem. make sure you watch us on the radio. or listen. see ya! >> bill: good morning, everybody, china's fury on full display. live fire military drills rattling taiwan, full blown invasion around the corner? some are suggesting that. as we say good morning. hello, partner, how are you doing? good morning to you. >> hello, good morning, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." very good to see you. amongst all this news, speaker pelosi's trip to taiwan is infuriating beijing and now the communist party is making good on its promise to respond militarily. watch this.
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>> bill: we have gotten a lot of this video in overnight. precision missile strikes blanketing the waters around taiwan, threatening the democratic republic that the u.s. considers to be a strong ally. dana? >> dana: china demonstrating its ability to bombard the island by air and sea. the show of force prompting taiwan to put its military on high alert and cancelled dozens of commercial flights. >> bill: beijing is conducting these drills closer to taiwan than ever before. some of them happening a mere 12 miles away. beijing surrounding the island with helicopters and war ships showing its ability to enforce what could be an all out blockade at some point. >> dana: meanwhile, republicans are blaming president biden. they say his mixed messaging on pelosi's visit gave china the green light. >> he sent the wrong message like he did to putin. let's invade a little portion of it. we should be very upfront at the very beginning. do not send a missile across.
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we should set a fine line of what is right and what is wrong. if the administration was strong in their messaging, china would not push this. it's all wrong handled. it's just what gates had said about biden for 40 years. every foreign policy decision he's made has been wrong. >> dana: senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palcott is following all this from london. where do you have this morning for an update? >> greg: we have a whole bunch, dana. taiwan, basically, under fire or at least the area around it. just a day, yes, after speaker pelosi's visit there. china conducting what it calls unprecedented medium range live fire precision missile strikes on selective targets around taiwan. drills also dubbed by beijing the largest ever in that area are clearly in response to that pelosi's stop. china claimed taiwan as its own. some of the six target zones overlapped taiwan's maritime borders close to its coastline.
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there are reports even of missiles today actually crossing over the island and through its airspace. taiwan is on high alert. its military is on the move. the exercise in the last four days include chinese ships, planes, helicopters, taipei calls the drills irresponsible, illegitimate and invasion of its territorial space. flights and shipping in the region have been disrupted. the u.s.s. ronald reagan aircraft carrier group continues to steam through the waters southeast of southeast of taiwan. secretary blinken is warning against what he calls aggressive military behavior. it might be impacting others as well now. japan says five chinese missiles hit in what it calls exclusive economic zone. that's a pretty big area but comes close to taiwan and it is a first. again, according to beijing, should be at least three more days of this. back to you.
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>> dana: greg palkot in london. thank you for that update. >> bill: let's bring in the republican senator tom cotton and get reaction about what china is doing around taiwan but get your reaction to this. peter doocy at the white house yesterday. >> pete: it was good that she went. >> we cannot dictate and we will not dictate what our members of congress go. members of congress, let me -- let me finish! >> pete: when they go. he doesn't dictate it, they go. now he can say if he thinkings it's good or not. >> that's not how it works. >> bill: that's the question about pelosi's trip. what do you make of all of this, senator? >> bill, weakness aggression. i think the white house leaked this news, in part, to pressure nancy pelosi not to go. they should have acted like presidents of both parties have acted for 40 years which is members of congress routinely travel to taiwan, i've done it
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myself on multiple occasions. every time we go, beijing complains and rattles sabers about it. but then they continue to acknowledge, beijing does acknowledge that this is a long standing custom and practice in part of our relationship with taiwan. joe biden by dialing it up played into beijing's hands. they are trying to move the goal post here and try to change the relationship with taiwan. we should not allow them to do that. >> dana: senator, do you think that there will be maybe more senators or members of the house who decide to go in the wake of pelosi's visit? >> i do, dana. it's very commonplace for members of congress to travel to taiwan. taiwan is welcoming to members of congress. they're welcoming to state officials, governors and state legislative delegations as well. that's partly because for 40 years, it's been the typical practice that while members of
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the executive branch generally do not travel to taiwan, members of congress and state officials do travel to taiwan. the chinese communists know all this. they're simply trying to press an advantage because they think joe biden has been projecting weakness for the last 18 months. and, unfortunately, they have reason to believe that. >> well, that's happening here in the u.s., we've been reporting on this real estate that's been bought up by the chinese government. entities connected to the c.c.p. on camera here. i mean, here from arizona all the way to the state of washington. you're proposing a bill that would prohibit this. can you succeed? >> i hope so, bill. we just introduced that legislation earlier this week. it may take some time to gain momentum but the simple strategic facts are these. the united states not only can feed our own people, we can feed much of the world. we should never surrender that massive strategic advantage. we should not allow chinese nationals to buy up american
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farmland or to invest in american food and agricultural companies. we should protect those critical assets for our own country, i think that's something that members of both parties can keep around and most americans would agree. >> dana: i'm surprised how much they are actually buying. the investors' holding from 2010 was 13,000 acres. 2020, 352,000 acres. and that is a huge amount. do you think you'll have bipartisan support on this? >> i hope so, dana, we're still working with democrats and republicans to try to explain the threat to them and explain what we need to do to stop it. again, in china, you don't just get to leave the country or take your money out of the country without government permission, government oversight. not like america. you can't just go buy a farm in canada. can't get a time share in mexico. the people coming out of china to buy farmland and food and agricultural companies are doing so because the chinese communists want them to.
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this is a national security threat. and it surrenders the massive strategic advantage that we have here in america that we are the world's bread basket while china can't feed its own people without imports. >> bill: some are suggesting that china could invade taiwan within the next 18 months. are you a believer in that possibility? >> i believe that china could very well invade taiwan. i believe they will invade taiwan sometime in the future if the united states does not make it clear that we will not accept a chinese invasion of taiwan and forcible annexation into main land china. the way we do that is to arm taiwan now and to make it crystal clear that we will come to taiwan's defense. that's not so we can win a war over taiwan. it's so we can prevent a war over taiwan. >> bill: senator, thank you so much. tom cotton, republican from arkansas with us today. lead guest today. dana, i think to our viewers,
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reminder here, these military drills have just begun, they will go for three more days. taiwan put out an order earlier today saying we seek no escalation but we don't stand down. there's a big concern that they are so close to the physical geography of the island that some of these projectiles could land on taiwan and that would be a major escalation dana. >> dana: that's right, and i think some of the graphics that we had, that we showed to our viewers, and greg palkot was explaining when you target an economic zone, that is when you, one, there's a risk of actually people being hurt. but also, it's sending a real signal that taiwan has a lot to be concerned about, unfortunately. >> bill: we're watching it. that's right. >> dana: also, there is this bill. a tragedy in indiana after congresswoman died in a car accident yesterday afternoon. the representative and two of her aides were killed when
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another vehicle reportedly traveled into their lane and hit their s.u.v. head on. the other driver was pronounced dead on the scene as well. mike tobin is live in indiana with this update. hi, mike. >> hi, dana. a veteran dropped a bouquet of flowers here at the second district field office with a note that reads, in part, "when the system routinely fails our veterans and all hopes seemed lost, jackie was always there." indiana republicans are shocked and sad. not only did they lose congresswoman walorski but two staffers as well. they were south of here on state road 19. another vehicle crossed the median and hit them head on. the other driver was killed. emma thompson, 28 years old from d.c., she worked communications. she was also killed. now, condolences pour in from all over the nation. indiana republican chairman said
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of congresswoman walorski, i never met a more fierce, effective fighter for what she believes in. it takes an incredible team to work and stand beside an elected official. there was no better examples than zack and emma. house speaker nancy pelosi stated she passionately bought the voices of her north indianan constituents to congress and admired by colleagues on both sooidz of the aisle for per personal kindness. the president stated we may have disagreed on many issues but she was respected by members of both parties for her work on the house and ways committee on which she served. >> one of those things that it takes the absolute air out of you. >> this is going to be a really big gap to fill in her public life. more personally, jackie was a person of deep faith and strong conviction and just incredibly smart person. >> congresswoman walorski is remembered for her start as a
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television journalist in south bend, indiana and her missionary work in romania. now, protocol dictates flags be flown at half staff. as far as a replacement, that's done by special election. however, the state legislature can empower the governor to appoint a replacement. dana, back to you. >> dana: what a tragedy. thank you, mike. >> bill: another democrat says the quiet part outloud. the party's desire to turn the page on president biden more apparent than ever. karl rove will explain why coming up here. dana? >> dana: well, the economy's engine lights are flashing. americans are piling up credit card debt as they struggle to keep up with the high cost of living. is this what the american dream has come to? we'll talk to money expert david ramsay plus this.
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>> dana: american basketball player brittany griner spoke in her defense in russia moments ago. griner pleading with prosecutors from behind bars to understand this was an honest mistake. here's what she said. >> my parents taught me two important things. one, stay to your responsibilities and two, to work hard for everything that you have. that's why i pled guilty. i understand everything that is being said against me, the charges that are against me.
6:19 am
and that is why i pled guilty. but i had no intent to break any russian law. >> dana: nevertheless, russian prosecutors have asked the court to convict and sentence her to 9 1/2 years in prison for cannabis possession. we are expecting a verdict in her trial to be read in the next hour. we will bring it to you live when it happens. >> bill: high drama there from moscow. back at home, the senate votes to admit finland and sweden to nato marking a big step in expanding the world's most powerful military alliance. a clear shot at putin on this. the two european countries had long been neutral but are now firmly in the western camp after vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine. approval from all 30 nato members has required for them to join. 22 have done so already as we watch a changing face in europe. >> dana: democrats are still scrambling to win the support of
6:20 am
senator cinema for their massive tax and spend bill. she's reportedly concerned about a 15% corporate book tax in the measure. and that would ultimately pass on the cost to workers and consumers. but in a wall street journal op ed, karl rove argues even if the deal passes, it won't save the democrats from a wipeout in the midterms. he joins us now. so good to have you. want to play call for number one for you this morning, this is mitch mcconnell, senate minority leader on "special report" last night. >> calling it inflation reduction bill is rather laughable and analysis indicates it actually increases inflation the next two years. it's a terrible package. it appears as if they're all in line but one, it will be up to senator simema from arizona who is quite fierce and independent to figure out the final details of the bill. >> dana: no wonder the democrats wants to pass this revised
6:21 am
version of build back better quickly. the more it sits out there, the more people are picking it part as you did this morning in your column oochl . >> that's right. the more we talk about it, the worst it will be. senator mcconnell is right. the impact on inflation reduction is negligible, indistinguishable from zero was their phrase. it increases inflation over the next two years. and has modest impact after that. and look, they make a whole series of promises in there. one of the members, house members, democratic house member said oh, it's going to cut down on the prices that senior pay for drugs. it has price controls in this bill that affect high priced drugs issued through medicare for which there is no generic substitute. and it will do so on 10 drugs in 2026. so whatever pain people are feeling today at the pump or the grocery store, this bill is going to have no impact on it and will not reduce prices. but it will raise your taxes. the joint committee on taxation
6:22 am
of the united states congress says that next year if this bill passes, people who -- families who make less than $100,000 a year will pay a -- every bracket will combined a total of $5.8 billion more in taxes and those that make less than $500,000 all the way down to those that are getting a paycheck will pay a combined $30.8 billion. president biden said i'm never going to raise taxes on anybody, any family that makes less than $400,000. poof, this is out the window if this bill passes! because it does. it will hurt the competitiveness of american companies and cost us manufacturing jobs and it will cost us manufacturing market share around the world by making our companies less competitive. >> bill: didn't mean to jump in there. i was looking at some of the reports around kirsten sinema's objections. it doesn't seem her objections are that big. if that's the case, i think this goes through, karl? >> well, you know, if you start
6:23 am
taking out some of these tax measures, the bill starts becoming -- it's already hinky because it has a lot of gimmicks in it to begin with. for example, they said we're going to extend the affordable care act subsidies that are in place this year for three more years. but in reality, they want to make them permanent. they just make them three years so it only costs $65 billion. the rest costs another $155 billion on top of it. you start pulling pieces out of this. it starts to collapse. the more we look at it. there's a great editorial today in "the wall street journal" by the editorial board that starts to look at the special privileges that are in there for unions and specific companies and specific sectors that are largely hidden from sight but the more you look at this nearly 800-page bill, the stinkier it gets. and so that's why the democrats are trying to ram it through quickly. they're afraid that the longer we spend time and attention on this, that the less -- the less helpful it's going to be to
6:24 am
their electoral chances and more problematic it will be for the american people. >> 2022 is weighing heavily on 2024. i want to play this for number four. this is a new york congressional race debate, democrats, and they're already being asked if joe biden should run again. listen here. >> i don't believe he's running for re-election. >> too early to say. doesn't serve the purpose of the democratic party to deal with that until after the midterms. >> i'm not talking about the 2022 election and 2024. i have no control over those elections. >> i'm just asking you -- >> dana: karl, they're going to keep getting these questions. why? >> well, they're going to keep getting these questions because ordinary democrats have already been -- have already asked themselves that question and answered it. think about this. "the new york times" ran a poll, they said to democrats, do you think joe biden should run again? 26% said yes. 74% said no!
6:25 am
there was nobody undecided on this question. that was followed shortly thereafter by a poll by cnn. same question. 25% said i want joe biden to run again. but 75% of democrats said they don't want to. now, in february, cnn had asked that question and 45% of democrats said they wanted biden to run again. but think about that. dropped almost by 1/2 to only 25% of democrats want him to run again. so the ordinary democrats have made up their minds. it's democrats who are in office are running for office who are in a hard placement they don't want to antagonize the white house staff or sitting president. ordinary democrats have made up their mind. they want somebody other than joe biden in 2024 and that's only going to grow. it's not -- that number is not going to -- that number of people who want him not to run is going to grow. the number of them who want him to run again, that number will continue to sink because the longer we go on, the less impressive his performance is in office.
6:26 am
he just is too old. and then they're saying that in the verbatims on these polls. >> bill: thanks for your thoughts today. talk soon? all right. much more to cover. >> dana: talk soon. i'm going to call you. >> they're a bunch of hypocrites. they're fine with illegal immigration flooding across our borders and the crisis caused by the biden administration as long as it stays down in texas. >> bill: that's the texas governor greg abbott slamming the mayors of new york and washington, d.c. for turning down his invitation to come on down and get a first-hand look at the border. as we learn shocking new information about the migrant crisis yet again. did you see the m.m.a.'s fighter springing into action broad daylight taking down an accused attacker? new york city mid town manhattan. look at how it went down coming up. this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. fasenra is not a rescue medication
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6:32 am
fighter. >> you still don't punch people in the -- [beep] >> bill: messing with the wrong cat. he jumped into action after seeing the man sucker punch a construction worker. listen to this. >> i literally just like just kicked in, i jumped on his back. he tried to swing me off of him. kept my position. took him down to the floor. i immediately pinned him to the ground. >> bill: that was that, right? he kept the suspected attacker pinned to the sidewalk until the nypd arrived and off he went to go to jail and come back out the other door yet again. >> dana: no kidding. amazing story. there was a tense moment for an 80-year-old liquor store owner in california caught on surveillance video. he uses his own shotgun to fend off attempted armed robbers and now he's slamming local lawmakers who he says put him in that position in the first
6:33 am
place. matt finn live in los angeles. >> hi, dana. video has gone viral of that 80-year-old business owner craig cope defending his liquor store in southern california. cope was being praised by the riverside sheriff's office and his community for acting fast saying he made that quick decision "not to way" when a robber stormed into the store and pointed a gun at him. now he tells him that incident was not the first robbery attempt at his liquor store. cope says the politicians have created the climate for escalating crime. he was asked by fox news if he wanted to call out any specific politicians. he gave this answer. >> they know who they are and i'm sure the other people that would have the ability to do something, they know who they are. but somebody needed to do something now because we're just getting downhill faster and
6:34 am
faster. and it's certainly a concern not just from me but i hear it all the time from my customer base. >> police say the four armed robbers are being held on conspiracy and robbery charges. the primary suspect seen in that video was shot in the arm and is recovering. customers of cope's store say they're glad the 80-year-old defended himself. >> crime is kind of rampant right now so it's exciting, actually, to see that people are standing up for themselves and able to have a gun and able to fire back. >> cope says right after the traumatic armed robbery, he had a heart attack but he says he is doing ok. dana? >> dana: matt, that's a remarkable story. thank you for that. bill? >> bill: this is remarkable in its own right, too. american household debt going past $16 trillion to the end of june for the first time ever.
6:35 am
driven by an increase in auto loans, credit card balances and most of all, mortgage borrowing for your home. dave ramsay is a personal financial expert, author of the book "baby steps millionaires." good to see you again. welcome here. this is your deal. you hate debt! you've been waging war against personal debt for decades! dave, they're not listening to you. >> well, it's tight out there. folks are really, really scared and what this is a sign of is they're reacting poorly to the situation because here's the thing. if you don't lower your lifestyle to be within your income, even given all the inflation, even all the pressures, i mean, i fill my truck up and about passed out yesterday. it's real out there. but if you don't lower your income, below your out go, it's not sustainable. you can't just add credit card debt every year and not address this situation as an individual person, you can't do that. i mean, you can't keep borrowing like you're in congress. >> bill: yeah.
6:36 am
hasn't stopped them yet, though! dave, as you mentioned, there's credit card balances has increased by $46 billion. that's the largest seen by the fed since 1999. americans open 233 million new credit card accounts, most since 2008. that means they're looking for money. with higher gas price, you mention gas filling up your own car, that people are putting these gas prices on their credit card which contributes to further debt. you agree with that? >> sure, that's a scary stat, if we think about it, bill. i mean, that's the largest credit card debt increase in 23 years! so that tells us that even in the crash of 2008 when real estate prices went down, stock market went down. it was a wilder time than now, even then people didn't turn to their credit cards like they are now. and so that -- it's a scary stat. and banks, you got folks to remember out there, these banks are not your friends.
6:37 am
when someone says hey, i'm here to help you at 28% or 18%, that is not your friend! >> bill: this stuns me. 61% of americans, talking about 157 million american adults, are living paycheck to paycheck. have you seen a number that high before? and dave, in all the advice that you give and people you talk to, how do we change that? >> year in and year out, we run into the number 75%, 78%, 76% of americans are living with too much month at the end of the money. dump a 9.6% inflation rate on top of that, that is a lot of it is your gas tank. but a lot of it is also the milk and the bread and the things that the gas prices and labor prices have driven up in the stores. and now, you've got regular families that were probably doing ok. they maybe were not -- it's pushing them up over that.
6:38 am
and so yeah, it's pretty scary that even with good wage increases of 5%, that doesn't keep up with a 9.6% inflation rate. biden administration has some real issues. >> bill: one last thing here, dave. you take calls from viewers all over the country every day. what are they telling you about the inflation crunch hitting them? >> i think they're most concerned about the gas prices, honestly, we're hearing that pretty regularly. and the house prices. the good news is house prices are levelling off. we had a 29% increase in house prices in 2020 and then 2021 we had 28%. so some of these prices are associateed with mortgage debt going way up because house prices have gone way up. people are worried about the real estate stat on this. >> bill: good to get your
6:39 am
perspective. these numbers aren't great. thank you. let's speak again very soon. >> thank you. >> bill: you bet. dana? >> dana: well, wal-mart is announcing hundreds of layoffs as part of a restructuring effort. the retailer says it expects profits to decline as u.s. shoppers cut back due to, yes, high prices. roughly 200 corporate employees are expected to lose their jobs. wal-mart is the nation's largest private employer with 1.7 million workers. sign of things as they are. bill? >> bill: that's right. brutal crime here now, two girls gunned down more than a decade ago, father went on the run. said to be protected by his own family in these alleged honor killings of his two teenaged daughters. update on that trial. plus this -- don't want to be there when that's coming down. a terrifying storm rained down hail the size of grapefruits. where this massive barrage came down coming up.
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>> dana: fox weather alert as a hail storm in alberta, canada leaves three motorists fearing for their lives. incredible video here. grapefruit sized hail pummels the trio's car shattering the windshield and side windows. onslaught lasted 17 minutes with one passenger saying he thought the storm was "never going to end" and you can see why they feel that way. safety experts say it is best to lay down and keep your back to your car's windows if you're caught in a storm like that. let's hope you are not. dangerous stuff. >> bill: never seen it that big before. meanwhile, we have this news from overseas. opec will increase oil production. but it is one of the smallest
6:46 am
increases in 40 years. critics say the meager 100,000 barrel a day boost is a slap, rather, slap in the face to president biden who made that controversial trip to saudi arabia last month. was it meaningless? edward lawrence, north lawn of the white house with more on this today. edward, hello to you. >> that increase -- it's interesting, that increase amounts to 86 seconds of global consumption. about as long as i'll be talking. when you go back, though, if you look at july and june, saudi arabia actually did increase its oil production. still, the white house here really looking for plan b. the release of strategic petroleum reserve. the one million barrels a day ends at the end of september. removing what the white house calls a stablizing force for gas prices. >> strategic petroleum reserves at the lowest level in 37 years. the release of one million barrels a day ends in september. what's the plan after that? >> from my understanding, i can get you more specifics is that we are replenishing the
6:47 am
strategic petroleum reserve. i don't have more to share on that. but i'm happy to get more information. >> the white house did reach out to me late yesterday evening. they said that they do believe some u.s. oil companies will increase production by the end of september. still, the white house or the president's top security energy security advisor tweaking the message from the white house admitting that we do now need oil and gas production. listen. >> we have to invest today into the energy of the future. that doesn't mean that we believe that energy transition has already ended. we're in the beginning or middle of. so we have to have the energy supply. >> but no actual change to the energy policies within the u.s. and within this administration. back to you, bill. >> bill: edward lawrence there at the north lawn with a blower in the background. >> yes. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: flight delays and
6:48 am
cancellations continue to wreak havoc on summer travelers. an industry trend lines indicate, i'm sorry to say this, but the worst may be yet to come. a wave of pandemic layoffs and retirements have turned a nearly 27,000 surplus of pilots into a 9300 worker shortage. and now, concerns over pilot fatigue as airlines try to make up -- airlines try to make up for lost revenue. a former commercial pilot and airline training instructor and you've got a front seat to this problem. we talk a lot on this program and this channel about some of the problems in the economy, there's not enough police officers. there's not enough teachers. and now, we're even talking about a shortage of pilots. what's the scope and scale of the problem from your perspective? >> well, you know, it was actually brewing a long time before covid. while that certainly has impacted it, this has been coming at us for a while because there's a lot of baby boomers out there and they're aging out and unfortunately, there's not a lot of young people going into
6:49 am
aviation right now and actually with the pilots, it's kind of the tip of the iceberg. what's coming next is a big shortage of maintenance technicians also. >> dana: well, explain to people who might not be familiar with the age limits for pilots. >> yeah, so this is what we've been hearing just a couple of weeks ago. there was a bill introduced. what they want to do is they want to take the retirement age of pilots and raise it from 65 to 67. previously, for instance, when i started with the airline, the retirement age was 60. we've already had mission creep up to 65. they want to take it to 67. part of the issue with this is, let's look at, for instance, air traffic controllers. a lot of people may not know this but air traffic controllers have to retire at age 56. what we're really saying is, ok, you can have a full career as an air traffic controller, retire, and, you know, they make you retire by 56 because they think it's a very stressful job for middle aged person. but then you can still go on and have a career as an airline
6:50 am
pilot for 11 years. i think we have to look at that end of the spectrum. why do controllers have to retire so early but we want to keep stretching it with pilots? if we were to raise it to age 67, are planes going to fall out of the sky? no, other countrys have done this. as long as you can maintain a first class physical, you can still fly. >> dana: so for consumers and taxpayers out there who thought, wait a minute, so during the pandemic, we recognize that the industry needed some help. and the airlines were given $54 billion in aid. but still, so many pilots chose early retirement or they were pushed out. and then now, they're in a scramble because they're having to do huge amounts of incentives just to try to get people to either come back to work or decide to choose airlines or being a pilot or technician, any of those -- any of those jobs that you can get with an airline, and what happened to
6:51 am
all of that financial aid? >> that's a good question. in fact, dana, some people say supply is $63 billion. so was there some mismanagement here? obviously because they let too many people take early retirement and too many people haven't come back. what we're really seeing is sort of a mismanaged thing here because delta, southwest, united, american are not short of pilots. the problem is they're trying to fly 2019 schedules with 2022 staffing. if we look at the regional carriers, however, though, they have a problem. there's not a lot of people going into aviation. and what happens with the senior people at those regional carriers is they're getting picked up by the main line airlines. so raising the age is a bit of a temporary stop gap. it's really not addressing the underneath problem which is why can't we get more people interested in becoming airline pilots and airline mechanics? that's what we need to do. that's what the government if they're going to meddle in this, that's what they should look into and try to help.
6:52 am
>> dana: it's a really interesting problem and it's not the only industry dealing with that right now. thank you so much for being here today. appreciate your expertise. >> great to see you, dana. >> bill: good stuff there. beijing surrounding taiwan with live fire military drills. this will go on for days. some people an all out invasion could be on the horizon. if so, what would that mean for the u.s.? mike gallagher will join us and talk about that. plus san francisco's brand new prosecutor suggesting that her predecessor gave drug dealers a free pass. consistently. how she says she's turning the page. (dad) we have to tell everyone that we just switched to verizon's new welcome unlimited plan, for just $30. (daughter) i've already told everyone! (cool guy) $30...that's awesome. (mom) it's their best unlimited price ever. (woman) for $30 a line, i'm switching now. (vo) the network you want. the price you love. only from verizon.
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-(laughs) -go to to lose weight and get healthier. >> dana: we have an update for you now because the man accused of stealing lady gaga's dogs has been recaptured. james howard jackson was released nearly five months ago on a clerical error. whoops! well, he's been on the run since april. but police finally arrested him yesterday.
6:58 am
jackson was awaiting trial for shooting gaga's dog walker and stealing her french bulldogs and he is one of five people linked to the february 2021 attack. if you remember that, bill. >> bill: can't make this up, right? oh, my gosh. >> dana: the whole hour, i've just been surprised every time we turned around. >> bill: dogs are ok. also in california, san francisco's new d.a. slamming her progressive predecessor for going easy on drug dealers especially those selling fentanyl. dan springer is watching that story from seattle. what did you find out? good morning. >> good morning, bill. this was a scathing attack on the previous district attorney in san francisco who, and this is hard to believe, did not prosecute a single fentanyl dealer in all of 2021. meanwhile, a record 1500 drug overdose deaths were happening since 2020. most of them fentanyl. the newly appointed d.a. brooke jenkins announced she is now
6:59 am
revoking 30 plea up offerings including one where the defendant had six different charges for dealing. and was arrested once with more than 100 grams of fentanyl. he was already referred to drug court five times. never did meet the requirements. he is now going to be charged with a felony. jenkins said there are three major changes moving forward. dealers arrested and caught with more than five grams of fentanyl will no longer be offered drug court and community service. they will face a felony charge and jail time. there will be new penalties for selling within 1,000 feet of schools. and repeat offenders will be held in jail while they await trial instead of being released back on to the streets. >> the change is about insuring that we are not cycling some of the most dangerous offenders back out there on to these streets without disrupting their business practice. of selling lethal drugs. >> in june, voters in san francisco recalled bodine by a 10 point margin. while he was in office, crime
7:00 am
skyrocketed in the city and san francisco led the nation in drug overdose deaths. he's had his supporters including the public defenders and yesterday, the elected public defender called the new crackdown measures regressive and said they will fuel the mass incarceration of impoverished people. the new d.a. says there's nothing progressive about looking the other way as people overdose daily on the streets. >> bill: dan springer in seattle. thank you, dan. >> dana: dramatic scene in a texas courtroom. the jury hearing a desperate 911 call for help and the victim's dying words as a father stands accuseded of murdering his two teenaged daughters for dating outside their religion. welcome to a brand new hour "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. good morning to you. >> bill: nice to see you. i'm bill hemmer. prosecutors painting a picture of two young women in search of the american dream and a
7:01 am
domineering father seeking total control ending their lives in a so-called honor killing. their final moments captured on a harrowing call to 911. alexis mcadams following that case as the trial enters day number four. good morning. >> hard to listen to the 911 tapes and the texas father had to listen to them, too, in court yesterday. he was shifting around in his seat as the voice of his dying daughter was played for the jury. it's a nearly five minute 911 call of the teens' last words now evidence against her dad. >> what's going on, ma'am? >> i'm dying! >> the 17-year-old and 18-year-old were killed in 2008. prosecutors say their dad pulled
7:02 am
the trigger that day. investigators say the texas dad killed his daughters because they were dating outside of their muslim faith. saheed has denied the charges his defense team saying he was never caught on camera near the crime scene and in moments of extreme trauma, people can "have hallucinations." prosecutors say he borrowed this cab you're looking at and told his daughters to get in. he was going to take them to dinner that night. then he shot them and took off. these photos show the bullet holes in the car. investigators say the gun was fired from the driver's seat. and the jury heard a 911 call from a man who later saw the vehicle. >> passenger's seat, looks like she's hunched over and has blood coming from her ear. doesn't look like they're alive to me. >> he was on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list for more than a decade until he was arrested in 2020 and found, bill, only a short drive away from this crime
7:03 am
scene. the egyptian american taxi driver has been handwriting judges -- the judge, rather, in this case notes. going to pull him up here. there's quite a few of them. telling her in these notes he was never caught with a weapon and said he never even had a pocketknife on him in the past. and says he feels he's already been painted as guilty even if he's proven innocent. he faces life in prison without parole if convicted and the trial is back in session. >> bill: 14 years later, thank you. more on this controversy surrounding the honor killings. nancy grace will join our program. you bet, alexis. thank you. nancy grace coming up shortly right here. now this. >> dana: china raising military tensions launching missiles in the waters around taiwan as its air force and navy surround the island conducting live fire drills. responding to the visit by house speaker nancy pelosi. wisconsin congressman mike gallagher is a republican on the armed services committee. and the house intelligence
7:04 am
committee. he joins us now. this is happening as we speak. do you have any intel that you can share with us as to what is happening and how long this is expected to go on? >> well, the chinese communist party is clearly trying to intimidate us for all of their rhetoric about us unilaterally changing the status quo. that's precisely what they're doing. speaker pelosi's trip was consistent with the taiwan travel act and relations act. there was an enormous amount of bipartisan for it. the only critic seemed to be the c.c.p. and biden administration. right now, the administration is lobbying actively against legislation that would increase our assistance to taiwan and designate them as a major nonnato ally and support their membership in various international organizations. i think that's a strong show of support for taiwan at a critical time. and i would urge members of the biden administration to get on board with what is a resounding
7:05 am
bipartisan attempt to push back against chinese communist aggression. >> bill: on that point here, the taiwanese president said a moment ago, he said we will not provoke but we will defend ourselves. he says beijing's actions are irresponsible not only to taiwan but the international community and calls on the international community's support for a democratic taiwan. you're asking the white house to speak out. that has not happened. >> well, the g7 put out a statement condemning the actions. the biden administration reportedly is not on board with movement of this legislation in the senate. that's unfortunately. because from my perspective as a legislator who works on this issue, i can't think of another issue where there's this much bipartisan support. you have members on both sides of the aisle calling for arming taiwan to the teeth. indeed, that's the best way to preserve the peace. that's the best way for
7:06 am
deterrents to hold. this is the lesson that we should derive from the failure of deterrence in ukraine where, again, in that instance, the biden administration was doing something similar. they were telling us to hold off on sanctions. they were telling us to hold off on security assistance to ukraine. they were minimizing the likelihood of an invasion and what happened? vladimir putin ignored our threat of sanctions, ignored the biden administration's sternly worded statements, and invaded. so we can't have that same mistake repeated here in taiwan. we need to arm our partners in taiwan to the teeth. we need to stand strongly against attempted communist coercion. now is not the time to let fear dictate our actions. >> dana: i want to read to you from something that an intel source told our, sorry, guys, we have always had and always been aware that china has an ever present, ever evolving plan for an amphibious adult and military invasion for
7:07 am
taiwan. we have intelligence that this has gone from a scenario to a belief that will happen in the 18 months. that's an intel source to fox news. and it's interesting because you bring up ukraine and for the american people watching, if you think about the next 18 months, can we possibly arm to the teeth both the ukrainians and the taiwanese in the face of these really big adversaries of russia and china? >> i believe we can. it's going to require us to prioritize, in particular it's going to require us to stop spending money on progressive pipe dream new deal projects and invest in american hard power. the biden national defense strategy, integrated deterrence is a fancy word, fancy bit of jargon for disinvesting in hard power and relying solely on soft power to free up budgetary space for a green new deal agenda.
7:08 am
that is the wrong direction to go in. i would urge my senate colleagues instead of passing this half a trillion dollars of morning pork barrel spending, let's pass the national defense authorization act this week which includes enhanced authorities for providing munitions to the indo pacific commander and stockpiling key weapons systems designed to prevent a war. i know it's a big investment. i know it costs money. but it is far less costly in terms of blood and treasure than stumbling into world war iii on someone else's terms and struggling to mobilize at that unfortunate point. so we need to make an investment in american hard power before it's too late. >> bill: mike gallagher, thank you for your time. we'll get more from taiwan perhaps from the white house today. thank you for coming on today with us. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: speaking of beijing, house speaker nancy pelosi seems to be the point person on u.s. policy visiting taiwan, as you know, despite president biden urging her not to go. only the latest signs suggesting
7:09 am
that the democrat leader at the top of the party. on the north lawn today from the white house with more from there. what are you hearing? what are they saying? good morning. >> good morning to you. the white house still has not made clear, has not said if they believe that speaker pelosi's trip to taiwan was a good idea. even when fox pressed them on this yesterday. watch. >> it was good that she went? >> here's the thing. what we are saying is that we cannot dictate and we will not dictate where members of congress go. members of congress -- >> he hasn't dictated they go. now he can say if he thinks it was good or not. >> i mean, that's not how it works. that's not how it works here. >> what the president did say before she left was that the military didn't think it was a good idea. and now that the chinese are playing these war games around taiwan, there's growing criticism that inconsistent messaging gave china an
7:10 am
opportunity to dramatize this trip. former ambassador to china under president obama even said the whole thing has made biden look weak. the white house insists there was no inconsistency. meanwhile, a number of democrats are dancing around whether they want biden to run in 2024. >> do you want joe biden to run in 2024? >> no, i don't. >> i don't want to answer that question. >> if he decides to run again, he should run again. i think there's a lot of us that want to see new voices rise in the party. >> too early to say. >> i don't believe he's running for re-election. >> i'm not getting into the 2024 election. >> all right. >> and in another stunning move, house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to visit the demilitarized zone today. we've reached out to the white house to find out what they at least think about that. bill? >> bill: we'll wait on that. thank you from the north lawn, thanks for that.
7:11 am
dana? >> dana: well, there is news we are awaiting in russia. we are waiting this verdict of wnba star britney griner. her trial, of course, has been ongoing in russia. prosecutors there have asked the court to convict and sentence her to 9 1/2 years in prison. and that verdict is expected later this hour. you know, this is high stakes for the americans. the russians know it. we will bring this to you live as soon as it happens. >> bill: video here that captures red hot magma that seeps between the cracks in a volcano in iceland. check out that picture, dana. what caused this giant eruption coming up in a moment here. >> dana: you keep blowing my mind with all these videos today, bill. plus this. prosecutors in paul pelosi's d.u.i. case are tamping down reports that he had drugs in his system. why the change in tune?
7:12 am
>> bill: good question. finally admits what democrats don't want to hear, progressive bail reform laws are handing criminals a get out of jail free card by the day. >> those who say that the predictive wave of recidivism wouldn't happen, reforms were passed, i have one word for you. wrong. you are wrong! the tenth pick is in the new all-american club. that's a “club” i want to join! let's hear from simone. chuck, that's a club i want to join! i literally just said that. i like her better than you the new subway series. what's your pick? this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes
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>> bill: update now from northern california. prosecutors there in paul pelosi's d.u.i. case are walking back an allegation that he had a "drug in his system" when arrested for d.u.i. back in the month of may. the criminal complaint says the following -- that pelosi was driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and a drug and under their combined influence. prosecutors are calling it boiler plate language and a boiler plate allegation. >> dana: i mean, i guess that's easy to check. i mean, that's easy to check, right? just pick 10 random previous d.u.i.'s and see if the language is the same. if it is, ok. strange. but if it's not, they all have different answers. they'll have some things to do. >> bill: i wonder what jesse has to say about this. we will find out tonight.
7:19 am
>> dana: i'm going to ask that jesse watters, yes i am. in the new york city justice system, watch this. >> they say the difference, definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly but expect different results. our criminal justice system is insane. >> dana: new york city mayor eric adams reacting to a report claiming the state's bail reform laws embodien career criminals. according to records obtained by "the new york post," get this, since the laws went into effect in 2020, 10 career criminals have been caught committing 485 crimes. and most are still free. nate is live in new york city with the story. good morning, nate. >> good morning, dana. "the post" reports six of those 10 still on the streets and you heard it. mayor adams and police commissioner as well saying new york's criminal justice system is not only insane. it's broken. let's here. >> new york remains the only
7:20 am
state that prevents judges from considering the threat to public safety when making custody determinations. >> no one is talking about the victims. no one is talking about the victims. all we hear is how do we assure those who commit crimes get justice? how do we assure those who are the victims of crimes get justice? can we have that conversation? >> how about this statistic? look here, in a city of more than eight million residents, just 716 people are responsible for 30% of all shootings in the city since last year. mayor adams also used this example last week in calling for tougher bail laws. a teenager you see on camera here beating a new york city police officer. this was three days after being released without bail for a robbery arrest. many of these repeat offenders are committing crimes in manhattan where the district
7:21 am
attorney has been criticized for soft on crime policies. according to the nypd, one of the worst repeat offenders has been busted 101 times including 88 since bail reform in 2020 and 74 larceny arrests. all of them happened in manhattan. bragg is responding to the mayor's criticism. he says shootings are down from last year in manhattan and says he's proud of the work his office is doing. many have called for bragg's job despite that. the governor has the power to remove him as d.a. but so far has not done that. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: nate foyt, thank you so much. let's bring in a wall street journal columnist and fox news contributor and he knows new york very, very well. i want to give alvin bragg a chance to be heard here. listen to what he said defending himself. >> working for 20 years talking about how to improve our imperfect system. so certainly, i think that's what we're working on every day. improving the system.
7:22 am
i am, you know, proud of what we're doing at the manhattan d.a.'s office. is there more work to be done? of course, but we're doing that work every day and i think we're seeing in manhattan indicators pointing in the right direction. >> dana: do you see any indication of that, jason? >> no, not at all. i don't think things are pointed in the right direction. i think things are pointed in the wrong direction as his mayor has been trying to tell him. and as a lot of other people have been trying to tell him. i mean, when you see someone has been arrested 10, 12, 15 times, dana, what that tells me is that the police are doing their job. it's what happens after that arrest where the problem comes in. mainly with people like bragg and his office of prosecutors and the judges who are releasing these repeat offenders. the police are doing their job. they're doing despite the low morale, despite the recruiting struggles they've had. they are doing their job. where the system is breaking down is after that arrest.
7:23 am
i'm so glad that mayor adams brought up victims here. who the victims are. in a place like new york city, 80%, 85% of violent crime victims, dana, every year are black and hispanic typically low income black and hispanics. and the irony is these social justice activists say they are acting in the name of low income minorities when, in fact, these soft on crime policies mainly hurt low income minorities so i was very happy to see mayor adams bring up the victims here. they should be part of this conversation. >> dana: i know that we read a lot and we hear a lot about police being demoralized. call number one here is adams and sewell talking about not just victims, as you point out, but about the police officers as well. >> time and again, our police officers make an arrest and then the person who is arrested for assault, felonious assault, robberies and gun possession,
7:24 am
they're finding themselves back on the street within days if not hours after the arrest. >> these offenders face very few, if any, repercussions despite committing crime after crime. >> dana: and jason, i want to put up on the screen for everybody to see, these stats in new york, felony assault up 19%. burglary 33%. robbery 39%. transit crime, 53% and yet, they try to get people to get back in the city to work and to ride the subway. and those very people that need to do that, they're often the ones that are in neighborhoods where a lot of this crime is happening. but that's creeping all over the city now. do you think that kathy hokle might get a message in this upcoming election, the election is in november. she has a formidable republican challenger in zeldon, is this an issue that people will actually vote on? >> it will be interesting.
7:25 am
i think kathy, like joe biden, like a lot of other democratic leaders, are really being controlled by the progressive wing of the party. and that's the wing that is pushing these soft on crime laws. so she's got a tough election coming up here. she is the favorite. but still, she has to win and it will be hard to, you know, it's hard to see her crossing that progressive wing. i'd also like to add, dana, we see some of these recidivism numbers, how few people in these communities are creating all the mayhem. most of the people in low income violent community are law abiding citizens just trying to go about their daily life. very few individuals that are causing all the trouble. and it's very hard in these communities to see upward mobility when they're so violent. people talk about, you know, poverty causing crime. i think the truth is closer to the opposite of that. you know, businesses flee crime ridden neighborhoods, jobs follow. property values fall. if you don't get the crime situation under control, it's
7:26 am
really hard to see how you're helping poor people. >> dana: jason riley, the author of the column "upward mobility" you write about economics in this week's column and encourage everybody to read about it. your thoughts on crime are very welcome here. we appreciate your expertise. thank you. >> thank you. >> it's disgraceful that they know this is a vulnerability and if something bad happens, this is entirely preventable and not willing to lift a finger to help the american people to put the american public safety ahead of their open borders agenda. >> bill: that is the former ice director calling out democratic mayors for rejecting an invite to come to the southern border. even as they complain about the flood of migrants overwhelming shelters in her own cities. we are live in texas along the border on that next. the trial resumes of a former most wanted fugitive accused of murdering his two daughters in
7:27 am
what's known as an honor killing. happened 14 years ago. justice may be served, however, in a week. nancy grace is on the case. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan, for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for you family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no... give us a call. (vo) at viking, we are proud to have been named the world's number one for both rivers and oceans by travel and leisure, as well as condé nast traveler. but it is now time for us to work even harder, searching for meaningful experiences and new adventures for you to embark upon. they say when you reach the top, there's only one way to go.
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>> this just shows the hypocrisy of these liberal leaders in the northeast who think, well, that border crisis created by joe biden, that's fine as long as it's texas that has to deal with it. but as soon as they have to deal with the real consequences of biden's border caused crisis, they're up in arms calling for the national guard. >> dana: texas governor greg abbott calling new york and d.c. mayors hypocrites for objecting to immigrants in their cities while turning a blind eye to the worsening crisis at the border. reports show there have been more than a million migrant encounters in the dell rio el paso and the rio grande valley sectors just this fiscal year. grif jenkins is there in one of those places, mission, texas.
7:33 am
hi, grif. >> hey, dana. good morning. this is the r.g.v. sector, the busiest. as you pointed out in the numbers, that's only three of the five sectors in texas. more than a million. that's why when you talk to people here, they say why am i not seeing more of this on the news? let me show you what they're seeing first hand. if you look at this video here, we shot yesterday from our drone in eagle pass, just west of us, the second busiest sector, you can see these large groups, 200, 300 crossing the dangerous currents in absolutely inundating the folks along in the border communities. yesterday after our fox nation border summit. i had a moment to speak with governor abbott about the impact it's having on the border communities. here's what he said. take a listen. >> ranches are overrun. farms overrun. neighborhoods, homes, everything is completely altered because of the extraordinary number of people coming across the border that people who do not come and
7:34 am
see it simply cannot comprehend it. >> now, dana, take a look at this group that is from eagle pass. we also shot a group this morning that went out at 4:00 a.m. with texas d.p.s. in la jolla and saw a group of 25, half of them were unaccompanied minors. there was only one single border patrol agent to patrol this entire area of five to six miles of this river and when this group came through, he had to babysit them until they were transported and that is why it is a wide open border. i spoke to one gentleman, 19-year-old guatemalan kid and asked him where do you want to go in the u.s.? i apologize for my spanish. you get the point. listen. >> washington, d.c.? you want to go to the capital? washington, d.c. so clearly, they know south of the border now, they can go to new york or washington but
7:35 am
obviously, the mayors don't want to come and see this first hand. dana? >> dana: griff, that's stunning there was only one person to take care of all those people. and your spanish is very good. i have to say, i'm impressed. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> dana: bill? >> bill: thank you. meanwhile, in texas capital murder trial of yaser said resumes this week in dallas accused of killing his two teenaged daughters on new year's day in 2008. in a purported honor killing. now, prosecutors argue the texas father was obsessed with possession and control. the defense claims it's nothing more than anti-muslim bias. bring in nancy grace on this. nancy, good morning to you. we have followed this story for years. what we didn't follow, however, is where he went for a dozen years when he was on the run. what we didn't really follow is that his son was sentenced to 10 years in jail for helping him hide. and a brother of his was
7:36 am
sentenced to jail for a similar thing for 12 years. this case has been out there for sometime. >> that's right. this guy said has been on the f.b.i.'s top 10 most wanted for six years. he eluded law enforcement for so long! that's why he's being tried right now for a crime that occurred in 2008 because he's just been found and then the process begins there. why? because the male members of his family hid him! the whole family was in on this, i'll put it out there, blame the mother as well. she had taken the two teen girls away from the home after allegations her father was sex abusing them. nothing was ever done about that. but then she brings them back. she had a chance to escape. but she brings them back. these two teen girls told teachers, they told friends, they told relatives, he's going to track us down and kill us. and he did!
7:37 am
and the brothers helped him. >> bill: couple of things here. here's a letter from one of the daughters. her name is amina. i think she was shot twice. sarah was shot nine times in the back seat of that taxi cab. she wrote to her teachers and said he will, without any drama or doubt, kill us. he has simply made our lives a nightmare. he's one man, not god. so he lures them into a taxi. says i'll give you a ride home. here is part of the 911 call from sarah. her voice, again, she was shot nine times. >> whaet what's going on, ma'am? >> i'm dying! >> bill: 4 1/2 minutes that entire call there and they played that in court yesterday. >> they played it in a court and that was a moment that i, at first turned it off when i heard
7:38 am
it the first time and it made myself listen to it just as i said when i played them in front of a jury. she names her father and the defense tried to exclude that 911 call claiming it was hearsay because the dying teen could not be cross-examined. it was allowed in. and i want to point out that this father, true, is muslim. but the mother is american born. these girls are american born. these so-called honor killings are taking place across our country. texas, oklahoma, new york, it's catching hold here in the u.s.! and it's got to be stopped and punished. >> bill: uh-huh. the boyfriends testified that they feared that the daughters would die if the father caught them with the young men. and that's why we characterize this as an honor killing because nancy, we've seen it in other parts of the world. but a lot of americans may not realize that it could possibly,
7:39 am
if the conviction goes through, happen here. >> it is happening here. there was a conference in jordan and during that conference, the queen of jordan held it in tandem with the medical examiner. 60% of female homicides in that country were honor killings typically carried out by the brother. in this case, the father who then runs. he coincidentally disappears simultaneously the same time his two daughters were murdered. the brothers did manage to come through for the father and hide him. and they're behind bars as they should be. i'm just concerned that calling this an honor killing somehow justifies it under some religious tenet, absolutely not. and i believe this texas jury will agree with me. sadly, he's not facing the death penalty. >> bill: that's true. in dallas, texas, trial continues today. maybe it gets wrapped up by next week. nancy, thanks. nice to see you again.
7:40 am
nancy grace, thanks for being here. >> likewise, thank you. >> bill: dana? >> dana: well, there's an emotional britney griner making a final appeal for mercy. she's apologizing in court as she faces calls for nearly 10 years in a russian prison for drug possession. the judge's verdict is expected any moment so we'll be following that very, very closely. plus a first responder with injuries related to 9/11 facing an uncertain future despite a law granting unlimited sick days, we'll ask her about the legal loophole becoming her nightmare. up next.
7:41 am
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>> bill: live picture from russia. any moment we should get the verdict on behalf of the judge in the britney griner case. the sentencing about to get under way there. when it does, we expect translation. we have dan hoffman standing by. britney griner is look at the possibility of 9 1/2 years in jail. so let's wait for that in a moment. we'll take you back inside when that gets under way? we've almost reached that point. stand by on that. dana? >> dana: there's also this. another 9/11 nightmare haunting hundreds of first responders who suffered injuries related to their rescue and recovery efforts at ground zero. many of them are now facing
7:46 am
termination. they will be fired if they haven't already despite a recent law giving them unlimited sick leave for injuries related to 9/11. vanessa rodriguez is one of the new york e.m.t.'s facing termination. she and her attorney join us now. vanessa, maybe you can start by telling us what it was like for you in those days and months after 9/11? what was your role, what did you do? >> i picked up body parts to preserve so later on, the parts can be i.d.'s. i worked there maybe over a year, and i began feeling ill, i would say a few years later. >> dana: what were the conditions like for you and do you feel like you -- maybe a doctor has also told you, we know that the air quality around
7:47 am
9/11 site in those days afterwards was very bad. terrible. >> right. >> dana: tim, maybe you can tell us a little bit about the situation right now. she's facing termination because she needs to take some time off to see doctors because she is ill. she cannot fulfill the job description, call number three. if you could put that up for viewers. these are the things that she needs to do to perform her job. this is job description. provide life support to anyone who needs it. carry heavy equipment and patients. ability to climb six flights of stairs. she's unable to do that right now. >> she can't do any of those things. the bureau of health services, that's the fdny's medical division, their sole reason for determining whether firefighters and e.m.s. workers can go back to full duty. they declared her incapable of performing all the essential tasks of a paramedic.
7:48 am
we have that actually in our lawsuit right now. in addition to that, there was a prior litigation in which a judge found the -- all the reasons that they used to deny vanessa's application to be completely irrational. so now, on remand, we went back and the medical board once again denied her. if she were in the fdny pension fund, we believe she would have been approved already but because she's in another pension fund, the most difficult pension system in the city, she's getting denied over and over again and that particular pension fund is not only worse in the city but worse as far as we've seen, and this is all we do is pension disability cases. these workers have the hardest time of all applicants. >> dana: she's applied for early retirement six times and been
7:49 am
denied. here's a quote from andrew who is -- number two, he's a democrat from brooklyn. he said that these heroic e.m.t.'s answered the call to service at one of our country's darkest hours. and continue to pay the price for their heroism years later forcing them off the fdny's payroll as they await the processing of their disability retirement applications is extremely poor repayment for such service. let me ask -- >> that's right. >> dana: go ahead. >> i was going to say andrew ganardis is one of the sponsors of that unlimited sick leave bill. so he would know. >> dana: vanessa, do you hear from any other lawmakers or even the governor about the plight that you're facing? >> at this time no, i haven't. >> dana: tim, what do you think the next step is? >> the next step is we argue this case in october. and we see what the next judge has to say.
7:50 am
hopefully he comes to the same conclusions as the last judge did and he also vacates this denial. and this time, with if things go the way they ought to, awards the benefits as matter of law at which point, unfortunately, the city will automatically appeal as it has in every e.m.s. case that we've had virtually. and they will continue to fight to deny the benefits. >> dana: we will stay on top of this story. vanessa, we hope you have a brighter day today and in the future. you have a good lawyer there. thank you so much. >> thank you, dana. >> thank you. >> dana: thank you. bill? >> bill: on the northern edge of moscow, the verdict is in on behalf of the judge. britney griner, wnba star, you can see there in jail. sorry, in a courtroom right now behind bars inside the court. the judge has found britney griner guilty of packing
7:51 am
cannabis and boarding an airplane or trying to board an airplane in russia. i believe we have translation from russian to english. drop in there and see if we can hear that. in the last hour, griner addressed the court. issued a long apology, said that russia has started to feel like home to her, and apologized to everybody. she's 31 years old. could face 10 years in jail and we'll see whether or not there's any leniency on behalf of the judge as we wait on that. dan hoffman, join the conversation. you lived in moscow.
7:52 am
what have you observed on this trial as you have watched it? >> well, look, there's no rule of law in russia. and it's pretty farcical but a necessary precursor before any sort of swap could take place. the russians need to keep up this idea that there's some reciprocity here, you know, victor is the merchant of death. he supplied weapons knowing far well that they would commit atrocities against u.s. officials and civilians. there's actually no reciprocity but that's what vladimir putin wants his own population and the world to believe. that's why she was convicted. it remains to be seen whether her lawyer will appeal this. but it's the necessary step before this sort of asymmetric dirty deal gets done in order to save the lives of our citizens. >> bill: we'll see when that happens. dana, go ahead and jump in.
7:53 am
>> dana: i just have a question. dan, what happened to the possible prisoner swap idea? >> it's still absolutely in play but before it can happen, the russian government is going to demand that britney griner be convicted so that they can say that she was guilty of this alleged crime. and that's, again, the necessary precursor to make it appear as if this -- these two legal cases are on a par with one another when we know that nothing could be farther from the truth, frankly. it's very typical russian village kind of behavior. >> bill: she goes to jail. and then the negotiations begin. that's what you're saying, right, dan? what you think about a swap with victor? >> well, i think that we don't really have much of another option, you know, it's either allow our u.s. citizens to languish in jail, get sick, perhaps even worse, or make this asymmetric dirty deal.
7:54 am
and i think sometimes you have to kind of swallow hard and do this. it's the very nature of having to deal with a rogue dictatorship like vladimir putin's russia tragically. >> dana: what would prison look like for her? is there a different type of prison that she would be in or is it -- are we talking labor camp? what would it be like? >> well, i've been in some of these places. and they are not particularly, you know, respectful of their prisoners. certainly, no oversight like we have in the united states. there has to be grave concern, i would think, on the part of the united states government and obviously her family that she would be mistreated in prison. there's lots of reporting about prisoners not being fed adequately, being forced to perform labor tasks that are onerous and not getting enough
7:55 am
sleeping. look at the way that they've treated navalni keeping him awake for hours on end. it's just another demonstration of the lack of any sort of rule of law in russia. and frankly, the russians want us to know this so they can induce us to make the deal. but vladimir putin very much wants. this for him would be a demonstration that he can go toe to toe with russia's main enemy the united states in a high stakes negotiation. and he wants to make it appear as if he can take care of his own that, you know, he will bring back a russian prisoner from the united states and he'll probably try to deflect from his failure to take care of his own in ukraine with, you know, tens of thousands of russian soldiers have been killed. >> bill: i'm reading some of the wires here. couple of bullet headlines here. court saying that griner is guilty of drug possession, guilty of smuggling, saying that she committed the crime deliberately. just on those bullet points alone, i would expect no mercy from this judge.
7:56 am
>> yeah, i mean, i think that the judge is, i think, has the leeway to give her 10 years in jail. and i'm sure that that's what will happen. keep in mind that victor boot was arrested in 2008 and served in prison since then. there's nothing more arbitrary than russia's law. you know, it's kind of set up the way that the kremlin wants it to be. and this is what we're seeing today. >> dana: do you have a sense of how putin might be using this case as propaganda within russia state media? >> well, i think what he wants to demonstrate is that he can take care of russia's own. it's important for him to do that as for propaganda purposes for its own population. russians like to say that they don't leave their own behind in war. that's exactly what they're doing. he'll use this case to try to
7:57 am
deflect from that in ukraine. but also, he wants to demonstrate to his own inner circle, particularly the wagner group mercenaries that are fighting in ukraine, that he can take care of them for all of their, you know, nefarious acts there. victor boot is in very much sort of similar circumstances and putin wants to show he'll take care of russia's own who break the law and serve as, you know, merchants of death as boot did and wagner group mercenaries now do in syria and ukraine. >> bill: bottom line is today is not the end of the story. we will wait to hear how many years she gets and then we'll see a follow-up story from there. dan, great to get your instant analysis. stand by for us. we'll get back to you when we get another headline there. britney griner behind the cell in that courtroom. quite unique for an american audience to see a setup like this. thank you, dan, for being here today. moment ago before we came to this shot, there were two people sitting in front of her taking a selfie with griner behind them.
7:58 am
i would assume they're, perhaps, teammates in russia. nonetheless, that was the scene a moment ago. let's move on from russia and move to the capitol hill because happening right now, sparks may fly with f.b.i. director christopher ray. he is testifying before the senate judiciary committee. there could be questions on hunter biden, the january 6th riot, disgraced former sports doctor, larry nasser all with david live at the department of justice. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. this hearing began an hour ago and all of those topics have pretty much come up so far. director ray wants to talk about the threats facing the f.b.i. and the american people. chuck grassley, the senator from iowa ranking member on the committee wants to focus heavily on the hunter biden investigation. senator dianne feinstein specifically wants to focus on the u.s.a. gymnastics scandal and the f.b.i. there. expect republicans including grassley to continue peppering ray about questions into the investigation into the president's son.
7:59 am
the f.b.i. began investigating hunter biden in 2018. his laptop, bill, is still in f.b.i. custody. wray won't say much about the case as it's active. but here is what he said althsz bit earlier. he said that our agents, analysts and professional staff serve the public with rigor without getting into specifics about that investigation. they will also be asked about the investigation into the attack on the capitol, january 6, 2021. and he's also going to be talking about this lawsuit filed by former u.s.a. gymnastics officials, $1 billion against the f.b.i. the f.b.i. has agreed to settle. >> bill: wow. david, thank you. watching that testimony play out. thank you, david at d.o.j. thanks. before we go, i said before we go, i think we have -- >> dana: what do you have in store? >> bill: something for you hitting close to home. >> ♪ celebrate good times come on ♪ >> bill: mom and dad danced to that song all the time.
8:00 am
tomorrow, bill and george ann hemmer will be married 61 years. we honor them today. what a life! they have given so much to so many and i want to give them a shoutout today. well done, mom and dad. love you and thank you for everything. >> dana: absolutely. they've raised an amazing, beautiful family. and it's good to know them a little bit from afar. hope i meet them in person some day. >> bill: some day. have a great day! >> dana: faulkner focus up next. thank you. here she is. >> harris: breaking news firing live missiles come house speakers pelosi's visit anger the chinese communist party. let's face it, china hates united states. tran also wants to invade taiwan. i am harris faulkner, you are in "faulkner focus."


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