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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> jesse: bret off on his birthday? >> it's the gift we gave him. >> jesse: that's weird. >> he deserves it. >> jesse: have a good night. >> you too. >> jesse: liberals love a radical agenda until it inconveniences them. they want to defund the police until their city gets burned down. they want green energy, but don't ask them to give up their private planes and suvs. they totally support open borders and sanctuary cities
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until it comes to them. this is the d.c. mayor. >> i can't say it more clearly what it means for washington, d.c. to be a sanctuary city. >> jesse: now their city is flooded with migrants, she's begging for the national guard. >> we need the federal government to be involved. i've asked for the deployment of the guard as long as we need the guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate. the number of people crossing the border, seeking asylum, we expect to only go up. >> jesse: she's not the only one. new york mayor eric adams is begging for federal help too, as hundreds of migrants have overwhelmed the city's homeless shelters. we spoke to a few of them last month. >> you slept in the shelter? >> i slept on the street. they told us there's more opportunities for work here, more stability, everything we see on tv, but i see that's not
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true. >> jesse: they're blaming texas governor greg abbott for bussing migrants to their city. "the new york times" is finally waking up to the migrant cruise, is blaming the republican governors too. this week they invited mayor bowser and adams to get perspective for their problems, and come see the real humanitarian problems at the texas border. >> the texas governor invited us to the border. what the texas governor should do is invite those who were trying to find housing in his state to give them housing instead of sending them here. this is a real crisis. i don't know why people are trying to downplay this crisis of almost 100 new arrivals a day. all of those border states that are not doing what we're doing, they need to do a better job. >> jesse: ha-ha. a hundred new arrivals a day. wow, that must be tough.
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tell that to the folks at the southern border where more than 200,000 migrants were arrested crossing the border in june. 200,000. that doesn't even include those that got away. imagine if eric adams had to deal with that problem in new york. probably want to build a wall too. texas governor abbott joins me now. do you expect them to come to texas to see for themselves what's going on? >> i really wish they would, because public officials across the country, they do need to realize the magnitude of the chaos. they're up in arms about a few thousand people coming into their communities over the past few months. listen, in any one sector in the state of texas we have more than 5,000 people coming across that sector every single day. listen, we're full in the state of texas. our communities are overrun. i started bussing people to
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washington, d.c. when local officials could not handle the number of people that had come across their border. it's time these officials in new york -- and i'm glad you mentioned "the new york times" -- they haven't reported about this, about the chaos at the border. maybe finally "the new york times" will also start talking about the chaos at the border caused by the biden administration's changes. >> jesse: you're not handcuffing migrants and forcing them unwillingly on to buses and telling them, you're going to new york, you're going to washington, d.c., as they try to fight to get off the bus. that's not happening, right? >> exactly. they signed a waiver of agreement when they board that bus. >> jesse: okay, good, because some of these mayors, bowser in particular, can't imagine why anybody would ever want to go to d.c.
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she's, like, they can't want this to be their final destination, washington, d.c., the nation's capital. it's an indictment on her own governance. do you understand when mayor adams says, well, we have a housing problem. why can't they find housing in texas? what's your response to that? >> the cartel are not looking for housing in texas. the cartels coming through texas, they're trying to get to new york where they can distribute what they're bringing across the border. >> jesse: exactly. maybe he should take you up on the offer. he could take a bus, just like the migrants. texas governor greg abbott, thank you. one more thing you wanted to add? >> when we drop them off, they're empty. they can get a free ride back. >> jesse: with gas this costly, maybe not, but it's worth the
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ride. governor, thank you. >> thank you. >> jesse: criminals are teeing off on police officers. no repercussions at all. you've got to see the footage. also, we check in with pelosi's neighbors. >> he should be held accountable, definitely. >> do you think he will be? >> who's to say. this is napa.
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>> jesse: as far as we know, pauly p's dui might be the first case in history that has two defense teams and no prosecution. his lawyers want to get him off the hook, that's why he pled not guilty, but we can't figure out why the prosecution is fighting
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so hard to clear big paul's name. we witnessed more of their plan today, when the napa da, hey, ally, blocked the release of the body cam footage. isn't that the opposite of what she told the entire country on camera last night. >> dashcam video is evidence in this case, and i'm ethically prohibited from releasing that. as soon as this matter is over, i have no direction to provide chp, and they're free to do what they like. >> jesse: ally is saying her position on the release of the footage never changed. we just heard it wrong. okay. now abc news in san francisco is reporting that there was a second person in the porsche. yeah, you heard that right. listen. >> the charges stem from a crash in late may near his home. we learned this morning that a second person was in pelosi's porsche. >> jesse: did you hear that? a second person was in pelosi's porsche?
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who was in the second person. was that the witness who called 9-1-1 and then disappeared or was it a female or was it a male? not that there's anything wrong with that. yeah, we have both defense teams, there is no prosecution, telling us don't pay attention to that. it is not real. paul pelosi's lawyer told us that's false, writing this. "i'm telling you there was no one else in mr. pelosi's vehicle." this is the same pelosi team that told us there was no mugshot. so take that with a grain of salt. so if pelosi's lawyer says there was no one else in the car, will they be asking for a retraction from abc? well, pauly p's lawyer said i have no information whether or not that will be pursued. hmm. that's not all. what if i told you there was another paul pelosi in napa county, arrested for drunk driving in 2018, who hired the same lawyer, amanda bevins, and got off with a misdemeanor slap on the wrist. we found that less nugget buried
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in the napa county court website, but both defense teams say it's not the same guy. they have different birthdays. what are the chances of two paul pelosis, drunk driving around napa,s getting busted for duis, and using the same defense attorney? i mean, they must have -- what's the chance? what we do know, we've never seen anything like this in our lifetimes before, have you? a defendant with two full-time defense teams running interference, and no one playing the role of prosecutor. this would be like marcia clark working with the dream team to help get off o.j. it shouldn't happen and can't open. we're seeing it go down in real time, aren't we? they're telling us, this is how we do business in napa county. yeah. only when the customer is paul pelosi. a da who practices in napa county joins us.
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brian, i know you have to do business there, so you can't go out there guns blazing. tell me honestly, have you seen similar circumstances, where this situation would have been charged as a felony? >> yes. good evening, jesse. thanks for having me on. i have personally handled many cases where there's an allegation of injury and almost a knee-jerk reaction when prosecutors get that information across their desk, is that it's a felony, maybe they'll reduce it later, but it almost always starts off as a felony. my understanding of the injuries in this case it was shocking to me to see that it was not filed as a felony right away. >> jesse: okay. if it is filed as a felony, they can always, as you said, plea it down, it does require prison time, or it usually does. is that true?
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>> well, it doesn't -- there's always the possibility of prison time in felonies, but in most cases, especially this kind of a case, it is usually local jail and a probation term rather than straight to prison. >> okay. well, paul is dressed too nicely for jail. so that's out of the question. do you see anything bizarre about how this was fast-tracked to a settlement to august 23rd? this just went down on memorial day weekend. all of a sudden it's still summer, and they're negotiating a settlement. have you ever seen that happen that quickly? >> you know, when i get a case like this, i like to take my time with it. you have facts where there's an allegation of a .082 blood alcohol level, certainly over the limit, but it's low in my line of work. and so you really want to take your time with a case like that. it usually takes me 45, 60, sometimes 90 days to get all the information from the bureaucratic players in these kinds of cases so that you can
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do a thorough, competent, meticulous investigation into your client's case. i don't like to come back in two or three weeks. it's just not how i do things. >> jesse: all right. well, you are not a paul pelosi defense attorney. they do things differently apparently. a little home cooking. you didn't say it. i said it. we appreciate your inside knowledge on how the system works out in napa. good luck in the future. if you see ally, say hi ally from jesse watters. >> i certainly will. thank you, jesse. >> jesse: thank you. "the new york times" says the people of napa county are very forgiving of drunk driving and the pelosis, but are they really? we sent producers to find out. >> you ever rub elbows with
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nancy pelosi or paul pelosi? >> no. >> not that i'm aware of. >> i heard rumors that he's related to the district attorney. i don't know for sure. that's just what i heard. >> nancy pelosi is in taiwan. paul had to stay here and deal with legal issues. >> ha-ha-ha. yeah, okay. >> apparently he was drinking and driving. he smashed up his porsche. smashed up a guy driving a jeep. that guy he's pretty hurt right now. >> probably doesn't matter much in their eyes. >> "the new york times," they wrote a piece on napa. they said back in the day, drinking and driving wasn't a big deal in napa. >> no, it wasn't. believe me, it wasn't. you could drink every day in napa as long as you didn't have an accident. >> barracuda. >> both cars got totaled. it was a bad wreck, yeah.
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>> it depends on what the meaning of the word is. >> didn't have to show up to court. >> that's messed up. >> do you think if you got a dui you'd be treated the same way as him? >> no. the. >> you'd be in jail. >> drunk driving is a big day, extremely big deal, especially in wine country here. we have a lot of people going out wine tasting. we take it very seriously. >> "the new york times" says the people of napa county, they're good people, they're forgiving people. do you forgive paul pelosi? >> umm, if he hurt somebody, that's unforgivable. >> can't be forgiven for that. >> i hope i don't end up drinking and driving, that's all i'm saying. >> i hope so too. >> this has got national attention. how do you feel for the quiet town? >> i feel at napa here, what they've done is it's a
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two-tiered justice system. >> he should be accountable, held accountable, yes, definitely. >> do you think he will be? >> who's to say? this is napa. ha-ha-ha. >> jesse: it's open season on the police here in manhattan. they're facing no repercussions.
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>> alec baldwin. >> actor alec baldwin. >> authorities say actor alec baldwin shot and killed a woman on the scene of his film "rust." >> go inside the actor's rise to stardom and the controversies that made their way to the public stage. >> trouble in alec baldwin and are never too far apart. >> alec baldwin's voicemail to his daughter was absolutely disgusting. >> he was caught uttering a homophobic slur. >> for an actor, that's the end of their career. >> why were there no criminal charges? who is alec baldwin, streaming now only on fox nation.
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>> jesse: rules are important. we have them for a reason. kids need a bedtime or they get into trouble. >> what are you doing? mother -- >> jesse: rules and laws are how we keep order. without them we have total chaos, as you just saw.
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unfortunately that's what's happening in new york city right now. somewhere along the line, the city decided it no longer needed rules. law and order has become meaningless here. why? because when you make everything about race, nothing else matters. the big apple has moved to defund the police and has abandoned cash payouts. socialists cry the system was racist, bail was racist, policing is racist, even prisons are racist. aoc and rest of the democrats want rikers island emptied, and then stop building jails altogether. >> it is not acceptable for us to use jails as garbage disposals -- garbage bins for human beings. it is not a place for us to throw people for whom we don't want to invest in the actual holistic issues of their lives. if we want to reduce violent crime, the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building more of them. >> jesse: the progressives
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pushed, and weak leaders like bill de blasio caved, and now here we are. the city has become thunderdome. bad guys are no longer afraid of the police. instead they just fight them. the city has declared open season on cops. how can you keep the streets safe when you have to fight an entire neighborhood off just to make an arrest? you heard all the glass bottles shattering on the ground, officers under siege across town. it's not just bottles they have to avoid. these monsters are literally
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shooting at police. watch. and if you think the streets are bad, wait until you see what's going on underground. the city's subway has turned into an insane asylum. subway's ground zero for the city's lawlessness. on top of deal with the mentally ill, criminals are brawling with cops over something as stupid as a $3 train ticket. these officers have been abandoned, and they're left bloodied and bruised defending the town. the criminals know this, and they're rubbing it in our faces. >> 2.6 for me? >> 2.6 for you. >> anytime, right? >> anytime. >> jesse: i mean, cannabis is
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legal in new york now, i guess, but you still can't be flinging it off the back of the squad car, i don't think. the dealers don't care. they know the nypd can't do anything to stop them. bail reform and defunding the police have handcuffed them. new york governor is blaming the judges now rather than accepting her failures. >> are you saying that judges and das are not following the laws on the books? >> i believe in accountability at all levels. people can't say they don't have something when they do have it. i believe that every element of the entire criminal justice system needs to be working collaboratively, me working with the mayor, our law enforcement teams working together, the judges doing their jobs. >> jesse: she's an idiot. new york's on fire. you got the city's mayor, eric adams, i mean he knows this.
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we think. he's begging for help. watch. >> the system is insane. time and time again our police officers make an arrest, and then the person who is arrested for assault, felonious assault, robberies and gun possession, they're finding themselves back on the street within days, if not hours after the arrest. >> jesse: yeah, but no one seems to care. a lot of the big shot new yorkers working on wall street, in the banks, just ditch the city. they traded in the skyscrapers for working from home, or from florida, the hamptons, so they don't care that the city is rotting to the core. out of sight, out of mind. the big money is leaving. how long till it's all gone? everybody suffers. new york might be the worst example of a city overrun by crime and liberal policies, but
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it's not the only one. billionaire george soros won't stop. how long until it invades your neighborhood? heather mcdonald, author of "the war on tops," you've covered this issue for a long time, heather. have you ever seen officers just try to make an arrest and get swarmed by beatings? >> we're heading fast for anarchy. an attack on an officer is an attack on you and me. they stand for our constitution, law and order. when people feel they can get away with attacking cops with impunity, and their right to think so, because manhattan da alvin bragg declared, when he took office, that he was not going to prosecute resisting arrest, nor does the progressive
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prosecutor in los angeles, prosecute resist arrest, when people feel they can get away with that, they're coming after me and you next. this is an emergency, a national crisis. every time a cop is assaulted or killed, there should be a massive response, saying this will not be allowed and those people have to be put in jail because otherwise we are all vulnerable to the same attacks. >> jesse: you're right. did this all start with racism after the george floyd, after the black lives matter riots, everybody just said, listen, we don't want to be called racist, the whole system is racist, so we need to do away with bail, do away with prisons, do away with jail, do away with charges for resisting arrest, everything, and now look at it. >> jesse, you're absolutely right. the name of the game is disparate impact. the reason these left wing das,
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mayors and governors, it has a disparate impact on blacks. not because the criminal justice system is racist. the people that purport to declare about black lives and that are unwinding criminal justice in the name of supposedly fighting racism are the most racist people in the world, because they do not give a damn about the black victims. >> jesse: you're right about that, they don't. they think it might get them elected. is that what this is? they get street cred, loved by the african americans inner city community if they take these measures? >> they're certainly loved by the elites that are bailing out of new york. people fighting cops, there's a strong traditional current of anti-cop hatred in inner city communities. that's true. it's pathological.
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blackmails make up 6% of the population in the u.s. they commit about -- they're 40% of all cop killers. nevertheless, there's also a very strong current in inner city neighborhoods, good law-abiding people, who beg for more police protection. so it is wrong for public policy to attend to the lawless and antisocial, the only people that deserve their attention are those who care to abide by the law, and right now they are not getting attention from our politicians, and they're not getting the police protection they deserve. >> jesse: we're being ignored. that's the bottom line. heather, thank you so much. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: the fbi director needs to retire after this pathetic performance at today's hearings. and is the l.a. district attorney in business with the drug cartel?
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>> jesse: the fbi's blatant corruption was front and center today on capitol hill. director chris wray to take the
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stand under oath. today when wray was given the chance to clear the fbi's name, he chose not to. watch. >> do you agree that the hunter biden laptop was not russia disinformation? >> i can't comment on that. >> okay. and you possess the laptop, right? >> again, i can't discuss that. the it's an ongoing investigation. >> jesse: , so, an ongoing investigation, got it. unless trump is being investigated, then you leak like crazy. when asked about the crooked agents whose hands were all over this cover-up, he dodged again. >> isn't it true that mr. tebow, agent tebow, excuse me, and fbi supervisory intelligence analyst
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brian oakdone covered up derogatory information about mr. hunter biden? >> again, i want to be very careful not to interfere with ongoing personnel matters. >> jesse: so they can't talk about ongoing investigations, can't talk about personnel matters, what are we having a hearing for? shouldn't they hold their cronies accountable? no. watch this. >> there was the case against individuals charged with kidnapping and murdering governor gretchen whitmer. none of them were convicted on a single charge, and the basis of the defense was entrapment, paid enforcements for the fbi had suggested and had incited the conduct. let me ask you, how many fbi agents were disciplined or reprimanded? >> i can't comment on a personnel matter. >> well, the special agent in charge of that case has now been sent to d.c., to the washington, d.c. office, and now leads the
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investigation regarding january 6th. is that correct? >> the guy in charge of the whole detroit field office is now in charge of the whole washington field office. that's astonishing. >> jesse: in washington you get promoted when you do the democratic party's bidding. they know what their jobs are. they choose when to do it. >> if the fbi received information that persons had evidence of improper or unlawful financial payments paid to elected officials or other politically exposed persons would that pose a national security concern? >> the kind of conduct you're describing is typically something we would look at very closely. >> jesse: typically happens unless your last name is biden. i'll turn a blind eye to that. senator josh hawley is a member of the judiciary committee, and joins us now. is he going to give you the same song and dance every single
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time? >> every single time, to come up and say i don't know what you're talking about, i can't answer these questions, i'm not sure, i'll have to get back to you, senator. listen, this is an avoidance of accountability. the truth is these whistleblowers have said over and over that the fbi colluded with the big tech companies, by the way, to bury the hunter biden story, to try to protect joe biden, to supervisor frankly in the reporting about the -- interfere frankly in the 2020 election. no one has been disciplined about it. that's a big, big problem. >> jesse: i don't think you'll do anything about it, and here's why owe we have a list that the fbi has spied on over the years. muhammad ally, john lennon, hugh hefner, martin luther king jr., michael jackson, marilyn monroe, jackie robinson, albert einstein, george steinbrenner, tupac, walt disney, helen keller, donald trump.
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i mean, they've been doing this for decades, senator. nothing is ever going to change. how do you change this? >> well, you've got to start holding these people accountable. you got to start firing people. >> jesse: yeah. >> at the end of the day that's what needs to happen here. it should start with wray. you mentioned donald trump. in 2016, the fbi lied to a secret court, falsified evidence in order to get a wiretap on the trump campaign. they lied about it. so bad, the court said they didn't have any confidence in what department of justice and the fbi were telling them in other cases. yet all of those people are still employed at the fbi and doj. all should be gone. the director should be gone. merrick garland should be gone. >> jesse: the guy that forged that warrant, got the paul pelosi treatment. that's what it takes. >> exactly. >> privilege.
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>> jesse: thank you very much. cartel crimes are going unpunished in the state of california. back in may, authorities seized $1.4 billion in cannabis from cartel farms north of l.a. over a hundred people were arrested. guess how many were hit with user drug charges. zero. district attorney george gascon is letting them slide through the cracks. it begs the question, what's his relationship with the drug cartel? the feds need to investigate this. here's more. >> jesse, narcotics investigators here in l.a. county were reportedly unable to convince soft on crime da george gascon to file drug charges against these drug cartel members following the biggest marijuana bust the county had of seen. back in may, the l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva took
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down multiple cartel marijuana grows north of los angeles, resulting in hundreds of arrests, a recovery of $1.4 billion worth of marijuana, and the seizure of 40 firearms including rifles. they used banned pesticides and fertilizers and are a serious threat to public health. >> when harvested these cause a serious health risk to unexpected medicinal users of cannabis who purchase from the black market. >> the sheriff's department tried to convince the da to file felony drug charges, but they refused. they then took the case to california attorney general's office. the per reports they never even got a response. nine people who were arrested are facing felony weapons charges, but the rest of the guys all received citations
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similar to just a traffic ticket. those suspects were all released from custody, and l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva says they're likely back at it again, scouting for a new location to resume their cartel business. we did reach out to george gascon's office this afternoon. they told us simply they're aware of this case, asking for more information from the sheriff's department. >> jesse: they're aware of it. thanks for your awareness, george. way to go, buddy. very suspicious. thanks a lot. the democratic hostage video you have to see next.
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>> jesse: have you ever met a girl who dates a guy who the friends hate, they're constantly trying to set her up with somebody better, even though
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she's technically taken? they point out the other guys. talk to him. he's tall, works in finance. they don't care if they're being respectful to her lousy boyfriend. they're desperate for her to dump the guy and move on. when you look at the the democratic party, joe biden is the lousy boyfriend. nobody wants him in the white house. they're not even hiding it anymore. just like friends at the bar. democrats are desperate to find somebody else. anybody else. we can already tell this is going to be a messy breakup. democrats don't even want to talk about joe biden, let alone endorse him for 2024. >> do you think president biden should run for re-election? >> in general, there's a lot of us who want to see new voices rise in the party. >> do you want to see joe biden run for a second term? >> you know, i don't want to
4:54 pm
answer that question, because -- yeah, i don't want to answer that question. >> to would you support joe biden if he's on the ticket in 2024? >> i'm not talking about the 2022 election in 2024. i have no control over those election. >> should president biden run again in 2024? too early to say. doesn't serve the purpose of the democratic party to deal with that until after the midterms. >> i don't believe he's running for re-election. >> jesse: now, i want to point out the last woman you just saw, carolyn mahoney is having serious regrets for what she just said, and feels bad about it. >> mr. president, i apologize. i want you to run. i happen to think you won't be running, but if you run i will be there 100%. you have deserved it. you are a great president. and thank you for everything you've done for my state and all the states and all the cities in america. the thank you, mr. president.
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>> jesse: is it me or is that like a hostage video? was she reading from a notecard with a gun to the back of her head? look, we don't know what's happening here, but i will say this, if you have to force the relationship, usually it doesn't work out. had aleigh mcenany, was she reading that statement? >> it seems that way. that was incredibly awkward to watch. very different, by the way, than what we heard, which sounded more natural on that debate
4:56 pm
stage. >> jesse: i remember if someone something said mean about trump, he'd tweet the heck out of them and bury them on social media. apparently joe biden's goes behind that person's back and threatens them with god knows what, a weekend with hunter, who knows, and makes them read a statement like it's north korea. >> exactly. she got a few calls from the white house, make no mistake about it. the pressure was put on. i don't know what was threatened, but something was used as leverage to get that hostage video. these guys, jesse, democrats may be ignorant, but not naive when it comes to their self-interest. while they may be ignorant, they're not kami-kaze pilots, they know the plane is going down, and they're not going down
4:57 pm
on a suicide mission. >> jesse: it's about pure political survival? is that what you're telling me, hayleigh? >> that's what i'm telling you. the congressman never did this to my former bus, president trump, because the polls always showed him having 90% support among the republican party. why this is happening? it's politics, because it showed 1-5 in democrats in the cbs poll say they don't support biden, because he's not progressive enough. why are you hearing about the far leftists? they can't stand the guy, because he's lost his base. >> jesse: lost his base and lost his mind. thank you very much, kayleigh mcenany, as always. made a big mistake today. had fish for lunch. i've been talking about this. you cannot have fish for lunch. come 5:00, you're famished, cranky, hangry.
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i make the mistake all the time. i actually had tuna fish, which doesn't count as fish. i had a tuna salad, and it's never enough. so, guys, don't eat fish for lunch. if you have a salad, you have to have more than a salad. take it from me. some text messages. gail from san antonio. jesse, of course immigrants want to go -- illegal immigrants want to go to d.c. they want to thank biden for opening the border. they can't thank him, because he's still quarantining. the long covid. tammy from kentucky. liberals are facing the problems they created at the border. same with crime here in new york city. where am i? not washington. bob from idaho, jesse, if there was a second person in pauly p's car, the passenger side air bag would have gone off. any chance of checking the car?
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the producers are already on it, the body shops on lock, looking for photos of the smashed porsche and suv. danny from mississippi. jesse, the people who work for you, just have a great time. i laughed at the responses you got. if you're hiring, let me relocate. you don't have to relocate. you can work remotely. i'm not sure we can pay you. jim from connecticut, i retired in march. i think i'm going to go to mexico, become a mexican citizen, and cross border into america, and get everything for free. is that a good retirement decision? absolutely. maybe they'll bus you to manhattan. who knows. you could personally greet me at the studio. jesse, this is jay from pennsylvania, how much longer are you going to stay in new york city? you should move your show to nashville. i'm thinking about moving out of new york for tax purposes.
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so nashville might sound like a good fit, but florida sounds nicer. no offense. chris, last night gutfeld accused you of having hair plugs. is that true? no, but i might have to look into getting some. "tucker" is up next. the remember, i'm watters. this is my world. . >> good evening. welcome to "tucker karlson tonight." when a hungarian financier shorted the pound back in 1932, the british government fought back to preserve the value of its national currency.


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