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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 4, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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good fit, but florida sounds nicer. no offense. chris, last night gutfeld accused you of having hair plugs. is that true? no, but i might have to look into getting some. "tucker" is up next. the remember, i'm watters. this is my world. . >> good evening. welcome to "tucker karlson tonight." when a hungarian financier shorted the pound back in 1932, the british government fought back to preserve the value of its national currency.
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hard to measure, but it was at least 3 billion pounds. the uk got poorer, but not george soros. in the years since, soros has become richer and richer. george soros has become so rich that at this point western governments rarely fight back when he interferes in their most important domestic affairs. in 2015, for example, soros decided that europe had to resettle millions of penniless refugees from africa and the middle east. relatively few europeans wanted this to happen at all, but george soros wanted it. he spent more than half a billion dollars spending ngos and european governments to
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accept a massive wave of human migration. what's the second part of the story? there's a humanitarian crisis still going on. life in europe got much worse. have you been to paris lately? you should visit. violent crime, particularly rapes, skyrocketed. and yet european politicians, many funded by soros, refused to acknowledge him. look away, they said this isn't happening. you're crazy or a criminal for noticing. for the past several years, something not so different has been happening in our country. george soros has decided to destroy the american justice system. he's doing it with prosecutors. by this point, fully one in five americans, more than 75 million, now live in a jurisdiction overseen by a soros-backed prosecutor, das in new york, chicago, st. louis, new orleans, philadelphia, los angeles, our biggest cities, and like travis county, texas. loudoun county, virginia.
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chatham county, georgia. all have soros-backed prosecutors. soros' influence comes in from open society foundation. a recent analysis by the law enforcement legal defense fund found that in total more than 75 soros-backed prosecutors currently hold office in the united states. to get those people in those jobs, soros spent has spent more than $40 billion. often the largest donor in the race. in the race in philadelphia, for example, 90% of now da larry krasner's financing came from george soros. drive through philadelphia, and you'll see what happened. soros' prosecutors refuse to enforce the law against protected groups. that's their signature quality, the heart of their ideology. the result of this has been a lot of posturing, but even more murder victims. a lot of people have died. last year, philadelphia recorded
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its highest homicide total in history. overall, nationally, according to the fbi, homicides in the united states jumped 30% in 2020, the largest single year increase in murders in american history. all because one billionaire decided that laws american citizens voted for and support were racist. does that sound like democracy to? of course it's not. democracy is a system in which the will of the majority is recognized and often acted upon. the people rule. what we just described is oligarchy. at best, it's grotesque, and killed a lot of people. you're probably aware of this on some level. it's frustrating to hear. but until a few hours ago no one had done anything about it. but then today governor ron desanityis of florida, a man unlike george soros, decided to sack a soros-backed prosecutor in his state, relentlessly
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politicizing the justice system in tampa. that man's name is andrew warren. for six years, warren has refused to enforce laws that george soros doesn't like. today that ended. watch. >> the prosecutor, state attorney for this judicial circuit, andrew warren, has put himself publicly above the law. in june of 2021, he signed a letter saying he would not enforce any prohibitions on sex exchange for minors. most recently after the dobbs decision was rendered by the u.s. supreme court, he signed a letter saying he would not enforce any laws relating to protecting the right-to-life in the state of florida. mind you, we've had prohibition on third trimester abortions for a long time. when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty, you have neglected your duty, and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to
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perform those duties. so today we are suspending state attorney andrew warren effective immediately. >> jesse: so to be clear, in case you missed civics class, prosecutors don't get to make the laws. prosecutors enforce the laws. they prosecute people for violating the laws. legislatures make laws. your representatives are elected by you to write into law the rules that you support. you get to create the parameters of your own society. that's called democracy. but when a prosecutor decides which laws are valid and which laws are not, that is the most basic subversion of democracy. andrew warren has done that for six years. the list that the governor just read is just partial. andrew warren also decided that he would not force hb1, the law that increased penalties for rioters. warren refused to prosecute 67blm rioters in the summer of
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2020. he said there had been no breach of the peace in tampa when there most certainly had been, but he decided to ignore because he agreed with their politics. most recently warren declined to prosecute a gang member accused of shooting into a house with children inside after shooting somebody else. turns out the gang member was likely a biden voter. so he got a pass. people who aren't biden voters have had a much tougher time in andrew warren's jurisdiction. sincere christians, for example. andrew warren considers them criminals. two years ago, warren had a tampa pastor arrested for the crime of holding a church service. then he bragged about it. watch. >> a defiant florida pastor arrested for openly blatantly violating a ban on large gatherings continuing to hold sunday church services. >> it's not about a virus. it's about the church being a essential service to the community. >> pastor rodney howard brown of
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the river church in tampa is accused of ignoring local orders, encouraging hundreds of parishioners to show up. howard brown insists he was within his rights. >> jesse: ignore the garbage news coverage. what you have here is a pastor arrested for holding a church service. this is the criminal andrew warren decided to prosecute. not the gang member shooting into a building with kids inside. no. a christian minister reading the bible in public. as abc told you, that pastor insists he's within his rights. there's no insisting necessary in this case. it's prima facia truth. if the first amendment doesn't protect church services, it doesn't protect anything. of course this pastor, and all pastors are within their rights to preach. there's no adult debate about that. but andrew warren, doesn't care. he doesn't like pastors like that, because pastors like that believe in a power higher than george soros. he tried to send that man to
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jail. then in one of these slimiest moments ever caught on videotape, andrew warren quoted the christian gospels to justify this oppression and abuse. watch this. it's disgusting. >> putting your parishioners at risk in a time of an emergency like this is not only reckless, but it's illegal. where people are refusing to obey law enforcement in this regard, you risk being arrested and prosecuted. i'd like to know if that -- i think it's unfortunate that the pastor is hiding behind the first amendment. one, it's absolutely clear that emergency orders like this are constitutional and valid. lastly, i'd remind the good pastor of mark 12:31, which says there's no more important commandment than to love your neighbor than yourself. loving your neighbors is protecting them, not jeopardizing their health by exposing them to this deadly virus. >> jesse: it's disgusting on
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every level. how dare you. you have a law enforcement official telling constituents not to hide behind the first amendment by trying to hold church services. that's a right you're born with. it can't be taken away. then mocks christians, setting the bible as a justifies for suspending religious freedom. this is not law enforcement. this is authorityism. dozens of das have been trained to do this in law school and george soros is funding their campaign. this is exactly why a nonprofit was closed in budapest a few years ago, because it was poisoned, and now that poison is year in the united states. andrew warren announced he would defy a law passed by voters. the reason? he would like his daughters to be able to have abortions. >> we all want abortions to be safe and legal. now in many parts of the country, in many circumstances,
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it will be neither. i know we've been focused a lot on how and where those lines are drawn. we are missing the fundamental question. it's not where we draw the line. it's who gets to draw the line. i worry about my daughters, about the freedom that's being taken away from them, about the future that we're leaving them. so i'm horrified. i'm upset. i'm disappointed. i'm scared. i'm worried. >> jesse: not enough abortions. his daughters, he's crying about it. who gets to draw the line? we have an answer to that, because it's in the constitution. the voters get to draw the line. legislators elected by voters get to draw the line. prosecutors can go sell aluminum sliding or insurance door-to-door if they don't like the laws, but they're not allowed to make the laws. warren is not ashamed about this. what he's ashamed about is the support he's received from george soros.
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we think so, warren told a reporter when he was asked his campaign had received cash from george soros, we understand he gave money to the state, track party, the state party money went to support different candidates. of course that wasn't true, because warren knew when he said that that he had been endorsed by one of soros' many pacts. warren also knew that many of the 67blm riot others he let escape back in 2020 in tampa were affiliated with the same pact. do you see how this works? a snake eating its own tail. that happened in tampa. it's happening all over the country. ron desant is put an end to it in the state of florida. we'll speak to him in a moment.
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first an update from the white house. after the covid-19 vaccines came out, tony fauci told us people can feel safe. this just happened last year. everyone has forgotten. we refuse to forget it, because the entire business of america stopped and people's lives were destroyed on the basis of these claims. here's another. cdc director, and joe biden told us repeatedly, this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. that was the talking point of the month. all of a sudden, though, the pandemic is starting to look like a pandemic, a pandemic of joe biden. he seems to have the most covid out of 350 million people in this country. biden is double vaccinated, double boosted, and yet tested positive for covid again for the sixth straight day. biden first tested positive on july 21st. then tested negative. then he had what they're calling a rebound. so what is this about?
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we'd love to know, but no one can talk to the white house doctor about any of this. why? we don't know. probably other reasons. we are able to hear from joe biden, who's in isolation. how's he doing? well, today during a roundtable discussion of business leaders, joe biden announced he's not actual the president, which we already knew. instead biden said he's the vice president. >> i've spoken to the chairwoman about the possibility of my buying a corvettes that are electric vehicles when they come out. i won't be able to do it, because i can't drive a vehicle when i'm vice president. >> jesse: can't drive a vehicle while he's vice president, which he currently is. maybe he can't drive a vehicle, because his license should be revoked in interest of public safety. the guy who got almost a billion votes, more votes than anyone ever, more votes than people on planet earth, doesn't realize
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he's still the president. joe biden's comments, the bad dude of wilmington. knows joe biden isn't driving throwdowns in his corvette with the top down, 6-foot chain in hand. he can't. he's the vice president. breaking news out of the taiwan strait tonight. china just fired missiles at taiwan in response to nancy pelosi's peacemaking visit to the island. not surprising. but still interesting. plus, video from within the inside, showing the real michelle obama, like the real michelle obama you imagined. turns out it's all true.
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>> so funny to hear republican politicians in washington to hear other people call republicans snowflakes when they spend time complaining about things and do nothing. send us more money. if we get elected again, we'll fix it maybe. promise. no, we won't. we'll invade ukraine or something. it's jarring to see a republican politician do something about something. all of us have known about
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soros-backed prosecutors, the effect on the country. the it wasn't until today that anybody acted, and that's governor rob desantis joins us. this is a big move it seems like. why did you do it? >> tucker, you documented the destruction we've seen with soros prosecutors around the country, where they basically take it upon themselves to determine which laws should be followed and which laws shouldn't be followed. in florida's constitution, the governor, not an individual district attorney or state attorney, where they can pick and choose. so i asked my staff to review all-state attorneys in the state of florida. i wanted to see who was picking and choosing. this is the guy that all the
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line prosecutors, all the law enforcement said, he thinks he can pick and choose which laws. he actually signed letters saying he wouldn't force laws against transgender surgeries for minors, laws protecting the right-to-life, and he has all these policies in his agency that are called presumptive non-prosecution. no, the law is presumively enforced. i had sheriffs there, former police chief in tampa. there's police officers happy this was done. we took it seriously. we did a thorough review. we pulled the trigger today. >> jesse: i mean, it's so obviously unconstitutional. legislatures make the laws. judges decide whether they're consistent with the constitution. prosecutors have no role in that. they don't have the constitutional right to selectively enforce the law. am i missing something?
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>> no, you're right. here's what soros is doing. it's actually smart on his part. they can't get these things enacted in the legislature. he'll get involved in the democratic primaries, in a democratic area, flush a million dollars to get the radical to win the primary. they usually win the general because of the party affiliation difference in the jurisdiction. then you get them in there. they want to change the criminal justice system through nonenforcement. it's a total end run around our constitutional system. the results have been instructive around the country, but it undermines the idea that ours is supposed to be a government of laws, not a government of individual men. >> jesse: it's a subversion of democracy. thank you, governor. will. >> thanks, tucker. >> jesse: one thing we know is that joe biden is not running
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for president again. sorry, nobody wants him to. maybe his wife does. nobody else does. 70% of democratic voters they'd rather someone else run. who would that person be? kamala harris is the vice president apparently. good luck getting votes for pete buttigieg. what about michelle obama? there's a new series that portrays michelle obama as first lady, and it turns out michelle obama is exactly the person you thought she was. here she is. >> you don't think i want to pop off every time i see another unarmed black kid get shot? you know i want to be out there
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on those streets marching right along with those kids. that's not our reality. >> we've been called [bleep] every way possible. for once, let's be the [bleep] >> jesse: first of all, she's using the n-word, or the actress portraying her is using the n-word. you can't hold higher office even if an actor is using your image to use that word. you're set. you can't be president. there's also the problem that the michelle obama portrayed there is completely unhinged. again, these are produced by showtime, not her enemies. here's michelle obama saying they wants to beat up trump
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supporters. >> it tears them up so much, they elect something like that? i want to beat the [bleep] out of every single person that voted for him. >> jesse: you got to wonder, did they call the obamas? this is like the right wing caricature of michelle obama. presumably showtime, people who wrote this, know michelle obama, and that's what she's really like. who knows how this got made? are the obamas mad about it? they should be. not flattering. well, we in just a moment are going to give you a respite from the insanity. final exam. does either one know the capital of canada? does any american know what the capital of canada is? find out in just a moment.
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hi, i'm karen. i lost 58 pounds on golo and i've kept it off for over a year. it was so easy that the weight just kept coming off. that's when i knew that this is real. golo works. i still can't believe that i look like this.
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>> tucker: i know emily as a hall of famer, you know the rules. will cain, i'll rule you in. hands on buzzer. first person to buzz in gets to answer. you have to wait until i finish asking the question before you answer. each question tonight is a multiple choice. i'll present three possible answers. every correct answer gets you one point. get it wrong, you lose a point.
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best-of-five wins. make sense? >> it makes sense. let's go. i'm about to smoke emily. >> tucker: really weird questions. here's the first one. a passenger flying from ali to australia was fined nearly $2,000 for failing to declare something dangerous in his luggage. it was not a weapon. it was fast-food. turns out australia has enough of its own bad food and don't want yours. this person was bringing in what to the country? was it, a, white castle sliders? was it b, egg mcmuffins? c -- >> b, egg mcmuffins. >> tucker: let's roll the tape. >> an airline passenger arriving in australia, was fined more than $1800 for trying to sneak in two eggs and sausage mcmuffins into the country in
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his bag. it was labeled a security risk, because of rules at keeping foot-and-mouth disease out of the country. >> tucker: that's good. mcdonald's breakfast treats. question two. a player in chicago just won the second largest jackpot in mega millions history. the jackpot was $1.3 billion. because the government lies about everything, the person who won, is not getting anywhere close to $1.3 billion. how much money will the player actually get? will it be $800 million, $650 million or $430 million? >> will cain -- >> tucker: hold on. our judges are saying that you hit too soon. they're penalizing you. nothing personal.
5:35 pm
emily? >> i'm going to vote, a, $800 million. >> tucker: you're a good person, emily. you have faith in your government. you don't think they'd take almost a billion off the top, do you? >> did i get it wrong? >> only lottery winner who has a 100% success rate when it comes to winning a portion of every jackpot, the tax man. this week's mega millions winner, if they decide to take all their winnings now, will take home $43 -- >> tucker: they take $9 million off the top. the mafia didn't do that. they paid you what you won. sorry. i'm mad about lotto. now, most of the time we only see world leaders fully clothed. praise god. it may come as a surprise to learn that i world leader has a tattoo of a raven on his or her
5:36 pm
shoulder. who is that world leader with the raven tattoo? is it justin trudeau, emanuel el macron or angela merkle? >> got to play to win. i'm going to go, tucker, the answer this is based upon who would have the most embarrassing tattoo that i can imagine, and i can only imagine that would be justin trudeau. >> tucker: fidel's castro's son for the win. >> he certainly isn't shying, going shirtless at a charity boxing match, while revealing a tattoo. he might be the first canadian prime minister with one. >> tucker: what's your reasoning on that? question four. which holier than thou celebrity
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has been named the world's biggest climate criminal after using her private jet 170 times this year alone? is it ellen degeneres, taylor swift, or is it the fake duchess from los angeles megan markel? >> that's a fair swipe, a fair buzz. that's got to be taylor swift. >> tucker: is it taylor swift? that's a great guess. you're up one. roll tape, please.
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>> she's not even on tour, and flown that much. >> tucker: a climate criminal. i love this. we're getting to the fifth and final question. this is a two-pointer. so if emily were to win then we would go to sudden death overtime single question, single answer. it's always the same question. we'll see. the national game show commission requires we ask an animal question. here it is. a virginia woman's trip to the supermarket took an unexpected turn when she picked up a bag of popcorn and an animal emerged from the bag. what kind of animal popped out of her popcorn? was it a opossum, a snake, a flying squirrel? >> i should have let you go. i should have let you go and rested on my two points, but i'm going venture a guess that it was a opossum.
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>> tucker: a opossum? okay. before we roll tape, i'm asking you to visualize how a opossum would fit in a bag? roll tape. >> she was shopping and grabbed the bag, when she discovered the popped kernels were not alone, and she said the snake she discovered inside slithered out of the bag before going back inside. >> would you have gone snake? >> yes, for that reason. what else would fit in a bag? i knew it wasn't a opossum. >> tucker: we're going to sudden death. single question, single answer. this is a hard one. i want you to prepare. probably not one in a thousand americans knows the answer. what is the capital of canada? emily? >> ontario.
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>> tucker: no. it's ottawa. >> >> i knew it. >> tucker: so you lose the game, but you have solidified yourself as a true american, because you don't even know the capital of canada. >> that's right. because we don't care. >> tucker: that's right. >> i took down a two-time champion. >> tucker: you're getting a creepy lawyer mug. there he is, still in prison at airtime. thank you to you both. boy, that was a nailbiter. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: a comedy show at comedy central, much lauded by the media. they loved it. no-show won more awards, was the
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subject of more syrupy profiles and love than jon stewart's show. around the end of the obama administration, jon stewart disappeared, and you didn't hear anything from him. he's resurfaced, showing up in washington, d.c. the other day, looking like a guy who lives in the men's room at your public library, egg imaginary insects out of the air, and he was there to get into a shouting match with a senior editor of human events. it was all on tape. you should watch this. what's really the most interesting part of it is not the policy debate, but jon stewart himself, totally unrecognizable. he looks demented. judge for yourself. here it is. >> you're a troll. >> why is jon -- >> i'm not even against you guys. >> that's the famous jon stewart
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in looks like a homeless mental patient, shrieking and disheveled, and very short. really short. too short to date. was he always that short? what happened? where's he been the last seven years? if you know, let us know. we want answers. >> tucker: so nancy pelosi showed up in taiwan the other day, the world's great flashpoint to make things a lot worse, and she did. that's one thing she's good at. china's military just fired multiple missiles near taiwan, according to the defense ministry of taiwan. chinese military expert told state media tonight, quote, we will hit the targets under the observation, which means the chinese military has solved the
5:48 pm
difficulties of hitting long-range targets on the water. that's not good for taiwan. wasn't pelosi supposed to make things better? she's made things much worse. at the same time china has decided to align with russia to challenge the preeminence of the u.s. dollar. where is this going exactly? the author of the great u.s. china tech war, a frequent guest of ours, gordon, thank you so much for coming on. we can let the military situation develop as it will, we can read about it in the news, but underneath is that a huge story about the u.s. dollar as the global reserve currency. tell us what you believe china would like to do about that. >> well, certainly china would like to replace the dollar as a global reserve currency. china has wanted to do this for decades, tucker. so have the russians. now they're attacking the
5:49 pm
dollar, because they think they can get away with it. so therefore this is a moment of vulnerability, because certainly if we don't have the global reserve currency the power of the united states will be substantially diminished. >> tucker: so this is a core american interest? this is not, like, promoting trans rights in botswana, which they're also doing, but this is the key to our standard of living, our economy. so why wouldn't pelosi and the various geniuses around her keep that in mind before she left for taipei? >> probably she doesn't think it's within her ambit, but this is certainly within the ambit of joe biden. with biden's crazy spending plans, that is eventually going to end up in a much cheaper dollar. people around the world are not going to want to keep their -- well, in dollars, if they think it's going to get less valuable. so the president of the united states, i think, really needs to
5:50 pm
understand the ultimate long-term effects of his spending. >> tucker: you put it so simply and clearly. i appreciate that. do you think -- so you clearly understand it. most people who spend five minutes on it can understand it. do you think there are economists at the white house working on this, taking steps to prevent this? >> no. i don't think they really care about this. yeah, there are probably are communists in the white house, at least we know there are sympathizers of the regime in beijing. i don't know what's in their minds. if they wanted to undermine the core interest of the united states, the primesy of the dollar, they're doing a good job of it, tucker. >> tucker: so shocking and scary. thank you for the update. what's what happened to our economy is modern monetary theory, where you print all the money you want, and it causes
5:51 pm
inflation. to fix inflation you take money out of the system through taxation. that is the plan, according to modern monetary theory. look it up. it's probably not a coincidence that the irs has now gotten a lot more funding and a lot more guns. the irs has its own armies. they've stockpiled 5 million rounds of ammunition and thousands of firearms. why are they doing that exactly? why is no one noticing that? matt gates in florida is trying to stop it. bless him. he joins us next.
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>> tucker: when they start treating the irs as a military agency you should be very worried, and that is exactly with the u.s. government is doing. the was accountability office reported that more than 2,000 irs enforcement agents have more than 4,000 weapons, guns, that
5:57 pm
kill people, remember? stockpiling more than 5 million rounds of ammunition. in 2020 the washington organization reported the irs has spend more than $20 million on guns and ammo between 2006 and 2019. lawmakers are trying to stop this. matt gaetz is one of them, he introduced the disarmed the irs act sponsored by marjorie taylor greene and jeff duncan. thanks so much for coming on and for doing this. why would the irs need millions of dollars with of guns and ammo? >> joe biden is raising taxes, disarming americans, so of course they are arming the irs like they are preparing to take volusia. like you mentioned, 5 million rounds of ammunition, 4500 firearms, automatic weapons and 31,000 weapons to quite
5:58 pm
literally weaponize against you. it's not that they hate guns, they just hate law-abiding americans having them and they take money from private people to have their own little private arsenals, it is particularly egregious from a country that militarized as it's bureaucracy and then forces its grandmothers to fend for themselves on dangerous streets because they defund the police. i'm introducing legislation to stop. >> tucker: they are not against guns, they are against you having guns. a rhetorical question, how could anyone of the u.s. congress oppose your bill? on what grounds? >> look at the last assault weapons, the department of education and the department of agriculture to have guns so i
5:59 pm
don't know if the future is critical race theory at the ends of a rifle but i certainly hope not. >> tucker: sounds like it may be. i don't know what else to infer from this. thank you for fighting against this, very much appreciate that. matt gaetz from florida. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: well we are out of time but we will be back. every night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. taking a break for a week, but i will be back in nine days, something like that. anyway, have a wonderful time. hope you get some time off with the ones that you love. as a gesture of affection we are sending it to "hannity" about 40 seconds earlier. have a wonderful night. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity," reporting from dallas tonight. coming up, fbi boss christopher wray grilled on capital bill. at some of the highest levels, just complained that donald trump supporters are no different than the terrorists of al qaeda. so much for the new era of journalism. this guy chris look at fake news cnn, maybe it's time for them to go back


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