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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 4, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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. and welcome to hannity reporting from dallas tonight. and coming up, fbi bossp, christopher wray grilled on capitol hill about biden political bias and public corruption at some of the highest levels of the fbi. plus, a frequent cnn columnist has proclaimed that donald trump supporters are no different than the terrorists of al qaeda. oh, i guess so much for the new era of journalism under the new fake news boss, this guy chris licht and fake news cnn. maybe it's time for him to
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go back to stephen colbert where he came from. and later tonight,,enhe new yors going from bad to worse as the city refuses to lock up, repeatt offenders all in the name of social justice. now many residents are forced to take a matters into their own hands. we're going to talkre toke one local boxing and may coach listen to action against the violent criminal. but first, we begin tonight with a common theme from the biden white house. and that is one of weakness. >> l take a look at joe biden disclosure i spoke with about the possibility of president obama was convinced that electric vehicles that, you know, when they come out,o i'm not going to be able to do it because i can drive vehicle while i was president, while the president stood forwh the economy and the environment . thank you very much for that. question, brian . of course, mr. president, i was going to just turn briefly before we get our other speakers to just ask secretary
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allen to offer before you do,- can i ask the question? sk sure, a of course. i'd like to ask a question. you can't make this up. a anyone with a pulse can see that joe biden is physically, id mentally just gone out ofen it completely. now his naive policies are even worse. joe seems to think he can save the world with a massive amount of new taxes and federal spending. nd eighty seven thousand new irs agents. we're more than double the number of irs and then, of course, everybody needs an electric car . he also apparently believes the world piece that can be achieved through appeasement. sadly, thisce kind of weakness always, always invites aggression. last or biden attempted to appease the taliban, remember gifting themm bagram air base,gr air force base toah allow them h march rightem to the center of kabul in record time and just a few months kabulab is already a safe haven for al qaeda. the terrorists are honoredgu guests of the taliban. and let's not forget when biden
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tried to appease russia, you know that shiny new nord stream two pipeline and then putin immediately. what does he do in returnha invadest ukraine? and biden's diplomatic efforts with russia are such a disaster that he's totally failed to even be able to free wnba player brittney griner, who is now rotting away in a russianf prison cell because of what a lead penn nine years in jail and joe's words to vladimir putin are completely meaningless. now this all despite offering so-called merchant of death. remember this guy we told youhi about in a prisoner exchange? now this narcoterrorists, an international arms dealer wasle convicted in a plot to kill americans. america's relationship r with russia is at its lowest point since the coldruss war. si and sadly, we'renc also seeing the exact same thing unfoldd with communist china. and tonight it is clear thattomc the ccple wants to invade our ally taiwan. china's military has been
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conducting live fire drills just off the coast of taiwan. chinese fighter jets perpetually seemingly breaching taiwan's airspace. they are firing missiles nowsp over taiwan and the ccp now just threatened to assassinate the speaker of the house because she dared to visit the island and our ally. and this, of course, after president xi was lecturing and threatening joe biden and he did nothing. the joe biden challenge president xi on on covidjo and the liese of china. no, he did not to the extent he needed to intellectual property theft, no unfair trade practices, no treatments, the minority legal community, no flying jets over taiwan. un noit joe got lectured by president xi, not the other way now, any conflict between china and taiwan would cause a mass casualty situation, would wreak havoc on the global economy already struggling. joe biden is doing nothing to
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deter any of china's aggression. instead, he's tryingdeteny to ae communists with tariff relief. why? why would you benefit china at this time? and , you know, naive words about one . china even tried to distance himself from nancy pelosi'sev trip to taiwan and just deployed an important us missile test. this is beyond pathetic. p it won't work and probably it's going to incur more aggression as we go down the roadwe according to g a new report, china is now prepping fors a possible invasion of taiwan before the twenty twenty four election. joe biden won't even pick up the phone, have a tough conversation with his old friend, president. our very own peter doocy asked about all of thisr earlierve today. takecy a look at this exchange. president biden's million for a decade. he's got a lot of free time upf there in the residence this week. he doesn't have free time. he can just pick the phonell and called in working all the way through his illness. quite frankly, peter . so that's a little bit
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insulting. and as for a call, it is it is that someone who is isolating i himself, he suggestd he has a lot of free time as ifg he's not doing b anything.e' and you know, that's notat the case. mr. deucy, you would think chinaa might be at the top of the priority list. now, biden never really has much of anything on hisny schedule. we all know that. we know he wakesg o up late, gos to bed early. soss i guess it's fair to say biden does very little in the oval office or in the whitew house a lot more .hi my monologue coming first. joiningg us now are former white house chief of staff reincere priebus and mark meadows, alongr with former arkansasme governor mike huckabee is with us . mark meadows, we'll begin with you. you were in the room. youer were there as reince priebus was with conversations with president xi. whatei is the difference between what you're reading and seeing now s and what it was like when donald trump was president? well, it's a position of weakness. you mentioned itt in m your monologue, shawn.
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really, there's two words that define thiss this presidency right now. one isncy weakness, the other is desperation. they're desperate to do anything to take the focus off of joe biden's inept policy. they continue to haunts the american people. listen. whetheres china and you've been one of the few that have been consistently talking about the debacle in afghanistan that causedng cost 13 american servie members their lives, but candidly, it's that weakness that goes allly c the way throu joe biden has a knock on wood kind of strategy and hope for the best. and it is not giving americanss the best rice. you were there when i think you, were there when when president trump actually had president xi at the white house. am i wrong on that? well, actually , i can answer this. i was at the meeting in mar a lago when president xi came to mar a lago and we were having dinner. i sat across the tablele from s
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president xi and i was sitting next to president trump and there were one thing remarkable about this dinner thatthere were two topics president xi went on 30 minutesx straight withouti stopping on . number one was the history of t china and japanhe and number two ,with taiwan and president xi went on and on and on about the strategic importance oft taiwan making it clear they didn't want us messing with taiwan. president trump after dinner said, excuse me, i have an emergencyus. i'll be right back .k, left the dinner table, wentte down to a private room, authorized the launch of fifty nine cruise missiles into syria, came back , sat on and said, oh, we just launched fifty nine cruise missiles into syria. how is the creme brulee? that's the difference between d joe biden and donald trump. ifen my i've actually heard that story. so i know that for a fact that that's true.
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that's been confirmed by a lot of people. governor huckabee, i mean,rn these are simple but yet deeply profound principles. it's peace but only peace through strength, not weakness. to me, if you look at all the hostile regimes around the world, they sense weaknesss and they're all taking a advantage of it. rewe've all seen this movie before. it's called back to the future >> . joe biden is george mcfly and biff is getting the best of him every time. and it's just really something we need to recognize as a real danger, not just to the u.s., but it's a danger to the whole free world because these dictators in totality, koreans really see an opportunity. they see ann openingct. they've watched what happens with biden. they knoww that he's compromised in terms of how many business deals that his son probably he has had with china and china is just running with it. and it really should be a majorr concern to members of congress.
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i for one , i'm glad nancy pelosi went to taiwan. i'm glad somebody is saying to china, we'll do what we doggone well want to. we don't take orders from you. and i wish biden had stood with her. and just for the record, you're not going to hear me very oftenr say these kind of nice things about nancy pelosi tord,. but on this week, what she did ,governor , she didn't have a choice once that shehe a million out of my view, she didn't have a choice. she did. i don't think mark meadows, i don't see any scenario under which what china is saying or calling reunification with taiwan doesn't take place. and frankly, i don't see a solution getting brittney t griner home. that's an american citizen thatl does not belong in jail for nine years and an offering t master of death in exchange, you couldn't haveas a more one sided deal in favor of i putin and putin still rejecting it. >> well, he's still rejecting
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it. but again, it goes>> back to the theme. it's the weakness that youkn didn't see under donald trump and you're seeing each and every day. and you're right. listen, when they smell weakness, what happens? it makes leaders like he and putin a lot more aggressive. and we continue to see, you know, a nine year sentence from his griner. it's y it's sad. we want her to come home, but now we're trading her for h a prisoner that actually was convicted of conspiracy to kill american citizens. you know, it's just a very bad then i can tell you donaldd trump, when he was in the white house was able to get more hostages release and back home without having the kind that paid the price. why? becausee. the leaders knew he ws strong and he was willing to back it up. you know, let's stay on that>> theme, reince priebus, because this is the difference here. whether you b remembern the taliban didn't kill anam18 american for the last eight months of trump's presidency. we didn't see north korea, just
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all donald trump ever gave kim jong un was a little bit ofat time. that's it. and we got a lot of concessionsn on from north koreace as a result. you didn't see these't hostilities from russia orsi china. so what'sa the difference here?y is it is it is it that they see weakness and they are going to take advantage of it? t well, alberto einstein had thatous quote that weakness of attitude favorite choice that weakness of attitude is weakness of and so when you start on day one , destroying your border, making your country not energy independent again, when yourg allow countries that you quoted the second half of reagan'sec quote, the peace through strength and weakness invites aggression and true. and so it started on day one . it continue to afghanistan through the economy to gas to fuel energy independence. and now he's desperate on this brittney griner issue.
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and byby the way, the other piee of this, the fact that that the joe biden wasth upstaged by his own speaker j, the speakr didn't listen to joe biden yet again within his own party. noww they're walking away from him on twenty twenty four . it's weakness all the way from day one . and now his own f party is abandoning him. do you see any scenario, mike huckabee, under which joe biden would shock us all and stand up to russia or chinah becausein i do not know. i don't see it. we're not seeing and he's been in office now for going on two years and he certainly hasn't c given that kind of impression. and if he's going to do it, there never has been a better time than this week. and he's failed to do it. and why?le i don't and john kirby can defend himo all he wants to. but to say that joe biden is so busy he didn't have opportunity, our time to pick up the phone and to say something to fauci is just it's absurd.
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it is utterly absurd. what was herd. doing ordering ie cream for takeout? i mean, what's more important in trying to keep china fromna invading and taking over taiwan right now? >> yeah. all right. thank you all.ha very smart,nk scary scenarios unfolding. all right. not tonight. not only is biden projectingak weakness abroad, but also weakness right here at home in an effortne to appease the religious climate alarmists. cult joe is out hawking a brand new green energy bill that will devastate b middle income americans with a boatload of o new taxes. the bill also wrecks the coal industry with huge government subsidiess for competing energy sources. the west virginia coalth association is now, quote, a shocked and disheartened and get this breaking today over two hundred and thirty economists now warning that thison bill will make inflation worse. but west virginia w senator joe manchin doesn't seem to care. after all, manchin is just far left democrat who votes 90% of the time with socialist
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bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and chuck schumer. now, mansions campaign sanab alo takes a massive amount of at money. we have learnedne fromy green energyd groups. now these groups do not car about the people of west virginia and neither does the transportation secretaryan pothole buty judge genius that he is his solution for all those people struggling to put gas in their in str their car. just buy a sixty thousand dollar electric vehicleuy. and to sweeten the deal, mayor pete is promoting a seven thousand $500 tax incentive to those wealthy enough to buy a sixty thousand dollar brand new car. yourself. caar for the bestn thing we can do for the medium and long term is make sure americans have more options through greater fuel efficiency and greateric access to vehicles that don't require gasoline at all so that americans don't have to worry a about what's happening in some middle easternbo capital or foreign war zone. i'm excited about the electric vehicle provisionste because yot
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know what thishi will do is reduce the price through tax credits of an electric vehicle.. and if you see that lower stickerre price you can afford nivi, you're also going too be saving money for every you own it because even at lower gas prices, there's still a gas, a savings for people who are able to fill up on electricityty instead of gas. now even more out of touch. the president of the san francisco federal reserve bank nearly half a million dollars a year suggesting americans should stopto complaining about inflation because they have enough. ta >> have enough. listen to this. i the pain of inflation anymore, i see prices rising, but i have enough that i can make substitute. i cann do things so i'm not immune to gas prices rising, food prices rising. i sometimes balk at the price of things, but i don't findme myself in a space where i have to make tradeoffs because i have enough.
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>> many, many americans havede enough-o to have enough. stop being so greedy. don'ttop be a greedy capitalist here now with reaction, fox business anchor charles paynes is with us . you know, i was a little surprised i saw this on fox news .com mansion votes with bernie sanders. 88% off the time, elizabeth warren. f 91% of the time, chuck schumer. 91% of the time. you know, just to give context to this, susan collins only votes with the mcconnell. 62% of the time, murkowski 68% of the time. lindsey graham. 73%ham, ofe the time. so c you can see that manchin is pretty much a schumer biden democrat. i mean, he m likes to portray himself as a moderate. his voting record shows just the oppositete. >> he's done a great job. it falls promotion here. you know, son , i really want to go after this bill ins the way that that that just people need to understand the international energy agency
11:18 pm
,which is a big international group of folkserna who have a lt of power. in july, they put out a supply chain reportt for electric vehicles. this is what the world's going to need just to meet 20 , 30 goals. we're going to need the world. fifty more lithium mines. sixty more nickel mines, 17 more cobalt mines. or soe these mines come from the cobalt comes from congo. you ever see videos of those kids? seven year old is a filthyn water for about eight hours a day. twelve hours a dayhy, nope education, pennies on the dollar. nnthe lithium. some comes from australia, f some comes from chile. you've gotro to poison the watei to get it outf of there. some comes from russia, indonesia. you've got the nickel. and the reason i'm bringing this up is there are five stages to getting from the raw material to the finished product. so when we talk about savingct it, just think of you where you're going to love the climate issue itself.f. the president is lying to you. this bill does nothing
11:19 pm
on the climate side. what it means is that we'rede going to continue to strip mine the planet. we're going to strip mine a planet and poison the waters. so p as you go along through the process, you've got the materials, you start the process, itrial russert, it takes a greater share. i mean, china takes a greater share than you do to sell components. china takes a greater a share and you get the batteryan. thisis is the most important pat to remember when the white house talks about energy a security. y guess they're talkingbo about those batteries right now. china has a seventy seven percent share and a couple years they'll have an 80% share. our share will go fromm nine percent to six percent. the only part of this equation that we play 9 a role in the vel end of it, we buy these things and you make a point. already we have the federal government paying giving money to the richest americans,he college grads who live inst urbn settings to buy these cars thatf they could afford them on their own. they don't need any incentives n . certainly they don't need't the taxpayers money. someone driving a cab forg a living. a
11:20 pm
so this whole thing is a complete farce. there's nothing economic about and it does nothing zero zero to even save the climate. te all. right. so you're the only other person i know that's been talking about k this. you're 100% right now. an electric bill on average cst 20 grand more than a gas powered vehicle. you'reos gra right. so you have to mine for a nickel, for cobalt, for manganese. and all these minerals is bighe heavy equipment to do so. it's not environmentally friendly in and of itself. then then you make these batteries and how do you charge them 85% of our grid. power our power grid is not aboutd renewables. 1 only 122% percent is so using natural gas and coal to charge your electric vehicle in your garageri, you're charging station and you pay more for that as well. fso the bottom line is they'ren still being fuelede and that sense from mother earth and fossil fuels.
11:21 pm
and of course, you're right, you know, mining all of these these areas and destroying the environment in that processg ,you know, we're not drillingri a hole in the ground and going, you know, a fewll miles down and cracking rocks. were are stripping the planet and poisoning the waters. here's the crazy thing. we just have to look to europe, france, germany. their electricity rates will ber one thousand percent higher this winter. one thousand percent higher than the average price forge the last ten years. so there are costs to this is not magic fairy dust. don't say, oh, it's an m ebb like some democratic congresspeople believeag. i'm so glad i got an iv. i'm not suffering. of course you're suffering, by the way. so it's a small business that can no longer afford their electricity bill . this thing is absolutely devastating from one end to another. isall this is is a money transfer. that's all this is . we are transferring money tora the richest americans out there, progressives t who vote for joe biden. that's all this is .s.
11:22 pm
all right. charles payne, thank you. when we come back , fbi director chris gray was grilleds by lawmakers today over w the agency's handling of zeroro experience hunter and corruption. enandjason chaffetz, greg tarra, they weigh in as we continue allergies. just try to stop us being the greatest versions of ourselves like the last of to six times longer than benadryl to treat. you won't take down. allegra starts working two times faster than claritin. so dust's you won't wipe us out. and unlike zyrtec, allegra will make us drowsy. so far you won't faze us . take allegra before your allergy symptoms take over. you live your greatness and new allegra have worked to relieve aging and reduce hives for twenty four hours everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician and longtime customer of relaxium .
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welcome to fox news live. ashley strohmeyer in new york . senate democrats reaching an agreement on a bill they hope can boost the economy. arizona senator kirsten sinema will help push the economic bill forward after changes to tax proposals were settled. democrats now potentially have all 60 votes needed to move the measure through the evenly split senate with vice president harris is casting the tie breaking vote . president biden says the bill is another critical step toward reducing inflation.
11:27 pm
the u.s. is now declaring monkeypox a public health emergency. the announcement will free up federal funding and resources to help fight the virus. more than seventy one hundred americans have been infected so far . the head of the health and human services department says the agency is ready to take the nation's response to the next level. i'm actually strohmeyer back to "hannity" right now. fbi director wright testified in front of the senate judiciary committee today where on the growing evidence of fbi bias and deep politicizing inside the bureau. take a look. more recently, my colleagues have heard me on the issue of political bias. in putting the fbi decisionec making processti in october, 200
11:28 pm
an avenue of reporting on hunter biden was orderedor clothes that hunter biden information related to potential criminal activity. we're not out there investigating whether or not information that west see floating around is truth is truthful or false. in the firstnd instance, our focus in the malign foreign influence space, which is i think what you're driving at is on whether or not there's a foreign adversary of some sort potentially trying to push the information directory . i'm deeply concerned that the fbi and the department of justice have become thoroughly politicized. i don't believe you personally reflect that politicization, but i think you've been unwillingully to root it out throughout our time. do you know how many parents you have interviewed orvi investigated since that that memo? tigathi am aware that we have hd a small number of assessments h just less than an investigation and a few full investigationsd
11:29 pm
not hold on . so how many of them finish? i'm just at asking a question at that time as i don't know the number all't right. n now, while ray did vow to protect whistleblowers inside the fbi, actions absolutely speak louder than words. the sadly timeen and time again the weaponization of our justice department te effors to protect high profile democrats while taking aim at republicans with one hoax after another. here with reaction, fox aepub ns contributor jason chaffetz, along with fox news legal analystbu mary garrett. i can give you three quick examples. greg jarrett, we'll start with you. be one , they never got to t the bottom. we now know that on four separate occasions, even though it says verified at the top ofoc fisa aren't that they used the dirty russian disinformation dossier that wasi completely unverifiable and they even used that after debunked. they had hunter biden's laptop before anybody and they didn't do a thing with it.p and now we've got these fbi whistle blowers and they don't
11:30 pm
seem to be paying much to them either. and nor did they pursue justice for the people that wereer arriving. five hundred and seventy four riots in the summer of 2020e. seems like it's one sided to me. yeah, there's no equal application of the law under christopher wray or the attorney general merrick garland. these multiple whistleblowers have come forward with compelling and credible evidence that there was a schemeed among senior fbi officials to bury and hide incriminating evidence of ednter biden's influence peddling while at the same time deliberately and falsely portraying his laptop and his contents. sean, as russian disinformation, knowing full well that it wasn't. and then they hid all of that while dismissing the investigation of hunter biden in a file that they feeld that no one could see but themselves. now that is the definition of corruption. it's also obstruction of
11:31 pm
justice. but don't expect christopherer wray too clean up the cesspool in the senior management at t the fbi. nor can you expect attorney general merrick garland to dooat the same. he has demonstrated that he is a political toady running a protection racket for the bidens. he should have appointed a special counsel that's mandatory under these circumstances. think of it. he's investigating his boss's son , which includes evidence that implicatess his boss.' the president of the unitedhi states has national security been jeopardized by the millions of dollarsze paid to hunter biden, some of which apparently went to joe biden is that why he has been soft on china granting generous concession? do they have the goods on joe? is does he fear threat of exposure and extortion? it sure o looks like it. i agree with you, jason . the three>> examples i mentione,
11:32 pm
okay, they lie on a fisa application filed before a judge and said something is verified. i think i'd be held accountable if all the stuff that we know is on biden's laptop.iden no one , not not only does it implicate hunter, but alsote joe biden, joe biden lied to the country and then all the money that they made without any experiencellhe that seems to meet the definition of a quid pro quo and influence q peddling. never mind ever wantsuo tonf fos on january 6th. what about the summer riotingth in 2020,? why20 is there no pursuit of justice there? director wray was supposed to be an agent ofd change t, but he's not.ib i'm terribly disappointed inin him. i think senatorste grassleyn johnson are very good. there's some of the best to try to get to these answers. but you know what, sean? doesn't the treasury department of forced if not it perhaps by the department of
11:33 pm
justice, why aren't they coughing up the one fifty suspicious financial transactions that happened overseas to jim biden and to hunter biden, the these types of things that congressman comber and jim jordan and others want to see the department of justice is getting in the way here. they should be facilitating these things. ng they should be investigating these things. but that laptop longer thanha anybody. absolutely disgusting. jason , they've had it longer than anybody. they haven't done a thingng with it. and what we an know is there for anybody with the last name trump, i guarantee you it wouldu have led to an indictment of meirongo an. ? no, you're absolutely right. but there's voicemail, there's emails, there's text messages. there's one hundred andnd fifty suspicious transactions, money flowing overseas. hunter biden going on air force two doing transactions in china and i mean in russia. romayne is trying to do deals
11:34 pm
in mexico and the united arab emirates and kazakhstan and the fbi is just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. we keep seeing this show overga and over again. it's disgusting. you know what? we don't have equal justice or application of justice in this country. ualanymore that should alarm evy american. it really should. but i don't see any solution a anytime in the near future. all right. thanknyfu you both. straight ahead tonight, the less vile rhetoric hits a new low. one vox writer publishing a draft obituary for justice alito still alive. and you won't believe i one cnna columnist said about trump supporters that a much s more straight ahead. hey, gloria, did you know if we purchased ark encounter annual passes? we get free admission to the world's largest gospel music festival. 40 days of free concerts.
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the rage of the left is hitting new lows tonight as a reporter from the far left outlet, voxet tweeted out a pre written obituary for supremeew court s justice samuel alito, tweeting, quote, august is a slow month. so i'm spending my morning updating some of my pre writtenn obituaries and posted a nasty screed against injustice. now, this comes only months after the assassination attempt against justice cavanaugh and of course, a relentlesss threats against the conservative justices on the court. meanwhile, hatred and rage a is still alive and well insideel a fake news. cnn as one frequent cnn columnist now comparing trumpin supporters to terrorists tweeting, quote, at this point ,i really view people who still support donald trump no different thann the despicable, vile people that supported bin laden aftert 9/11. but wait a second. we've been told reading
11:40 pm
a report after report thator the new cnn president, chris licht, apparently was going to clean up the network. b they were goingac to go back to hard news and get rid of all opinion. i thought he was going to tone down the partizanship. i thought he was begging republicans, come back on cnn. we'll be fair to you. doeso he mean when he says because it looks like the same old fake news anti trump osteria. and by the way, what is his boss, discovery ceo david zaslav? what a does he think about all this is you know, the new cnn the same as the old failure left wing fake cnng here with reaction, former florida attorney general pam bondi, along with fox news contributor joe concha. goodha to see you and let's start with you, cnn. all right. so it's no different. i mean, if anybody on this network made a similar comment against a liberal justice, what do you think would happen? you'd be gone and you should be gone.
11:41 pm
i mean, it's hard news that fox news and that's the difference. you know, these guys are acting like they're auditioning for a spot, the first male spot on the view. it's ridiculous what they're doing. you know, what they did toin justice alito, what he said to justice later. the only thing the guy saidim that was accurate is he's got too much time on his hands. auguste is a slow month. well, you know what? g if it is focused on the good things right now in this world ,talk about our great police officers, talk about our members of the militaryice who are out there fighting forht us to remain a free country. like this can continue to exercise their first amendment rights in our country and you know, if they want to stay negative. shawnncoun, let them stay negat. talkat about the rising gasin prices. talk about recessiong pric. talk about the crisis at the border. but instead they have to take shots at justice alito knowing what just happened to justice kavanaugh. it's disgusting and itd wouldn'o happen on fox news and it's sad. happening on these other outlets. and it's sad that cnn is letting people talk about supporters, gop candidates t
11:42 pm
calling them soullessut and despicable, unreal and comparing trump supporters to binin laden supporters. you know, joe concha, i look at this and you stand back and you look at the big picture. we discover assassination plot against justice cavanaugh. then we had the incident, lee zeldin, where a guy says you're done and comes at him, you know, with a weapon to take him out. it looked like at least on video to me and he kept saying, you're done, you're done. they give k out the addresses od the justices. they give out the kids schoolsre and addresses of the kids schools. then they give out addth the church addresses the justices and when they actually go to church. so it sounds like they actually want something horrible totu happen. se otherwise, why else would you do something like that? sean, if i own vox or was its editor in chief, i would have this. he calls himself a senior correspondent e milnor fanciesch himself as a serious reporter.if he would be suspend or i would
11:43 pm
fire him just outright because as you said, it was just o a little over a month ago. that'sve it. when a man was indicted on anmu attempted murder charge of supreme court justice for cavanaugh, i can guarantee you as sureprem as you were born, if anyone in this business to pam's point had posted an obituary like this for justice kagan or sotomayor or ketanji brown , that person would never work in this business again. but fox of course, does nothing and they show their tacitly endorsing these vile threats against supreme court justices. as for cnn, i was never sold on the fact that the new cnn president was going to change the hot mess that the network had become. b jeff zucker because chris licht, that's his name came from stephen colbert's show where hee was the executive producer of what you could say was the most partisan, vitriolic, utterly predictable political show on television under the guise of comedy. and before that, he was h executive producer of morningf joe on msnbc. and now wemo o see reports thate wants to bring joe and over to b cnnri. he wants to bring colbert over to cnn. and if you look at cnn on a given hour, you see no
11:44 pm
difference right now between the zucker era to whatever this is now. . g and if anything, chris lichtor is going to bring cnn more to the left. if donald trump runs and this once proud news organization, remember the first gulf war, bernie shaw and peter arnett, that's when the network waswa actually worth watching. they're going to enjoy g their distant third status and total viewers. they're getting beat right now by the hallmark channelma and tlc. and i knowi the latter is pamkn bondi is go to show and that'sut true. but hey, look, happy news time, right? newsand you've got to do better than that. i don't know. i think reruns ofhi the flintstones might do better last 30 seconds of becausenknk0 i like the hallmark channel,on by the way, yeah, sean, it's sad. it's dangerous. 'swhat they're doing and they're bringing more division to our country. what if they ever tried to embrace the america first agenda? what would happen then? jobs, innovation, security, freedom. they never, ever say anything s positive about our country, nore
11:45 pm
do they want to because a they want to create a bigger divide in america instead of bringing people together. and they have that opportunity now and they're not doing it also bodes ill. all right. joe concha,ean: thank you. pam bondi, thank you. when we come back , crimewh is spiraling wayen out of control. the numbers are insane.fth one bystandere , a mixed martial artist coach , took matters into his own hands when a man began to sucker punch innocent people on the street. he'll join us next. stay with us. holly hollywood actor alec baldwin, actor alec baldwin. authorities say that actor alec baldwin shot and killed a woman on the set of his upcoming film russ. alec baldwin always seems to be in the spotlight for good or bad. foxy's back brian kilmeade host who is alec baldwin. go inside the actor's rise to start this world with the truly unrelenting and the controversies that made their way to the public's deep
11:46 pm
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discuss your case. now 800 nine zero one five nine nine seven now yet again today, more disturbing violence all caught on tape in new york city. look at your screen video from sunday evening shows a group of men hurling glass bottles at nypd officers during an arrest. this was happening in the bronx in new york . members of the group were
11:50 pm
blocking the sidewalk, playing loud music when officers responded. one man tried to flee m the scene. he was apprehended with a loaded firearm and the wholele ordeal resulted a in four officers sustaining injuries. one man charged with assault and get this, a mixed martial arts coach in new york witnessed an assault by a crazed man in soho,d new york , m and immediately he jumps into action and he took a the suspect down. people arere now beginning to fight back . it happened in the bodega with josé alba. it hap it happened with thatpe eighty year old guy, sadly, had a heart attack. he t had to defend himself in that store. and in this case, takee an a lok back . yeah, 100%. yeah, all right. the good samaritan has been
11:51 pm
identified as role modelha lebanon and he joins us nowoi along with the founder of the guardian angels. is with us from where i trained mixed martial arts. i'm a student of arts. i'veve been training for ten years, about an hour and a half a day, four oray five days a week. what areee you trained in or arr you trained in specifically western boxing, brazilian jujitsu on the black and i'mck also judo practitioner . so you have the skills necessary. most people don't. so i guess you see this guyhi on the street. he's punching innocent people, random people, one afterom another. peonobody's lifting a finger to help them. and you step in and you tell people to call 911 one and you apprehended this guy and kept g them until the cops got there. good foror you. i applaud being willing to put yourself on the line for innocent people. >> thank you. tell s us what happened. whatat you saw.
11:52 pm
soas i was on my way to work running late because of the trains and i was in soho and i two men were walking towards me, two construction workers just minding their business, probably on a lunch break laughing and joking. and then out of nowhere, behind themwalks and literally sucker punches himiter the side of the face. and i witness all this and the was able to get off and so i checked up to see how the construction worker was. he said he was okay and then two men walks up to us and said he hit it too. so apparently what what happened was this gentleman, ge i should say gentleman, but this man hit several other people prior to him getting h through this construction worker. so immediately they were like, we've got to stop this guy and immediately my martial arts side kicks in. and i said, a you yeah, we've gt to put this guy away because ing my mind i'm thinking about my parentsecau because they're older, because he hit an old
11:53 pm
man. he hit a younger person. so what's to say he's not going to hit another person? so i literally we all chased after him. i caught up to him. i literally just grabbed him, was able to take it back . a i used a jujitsu move callede the seatbelt position. he tries to fling me off of him and which helped me actually drag him to the ground where i was able to subdue him in less than thirty seconds. using my jujitsu training forai you, curtis, you'veni been doinl this all your adult life since founding. what year did you fightl ? you are the founder of the guardian angels. and by the way, all those he years the guardian angels were never armedth and patrol the streets, the toughest areas in new york , the five boroughs. and you've had many in anve encounter yourself h. oh, yes. both. in new york , around the country and around the world where a we have guardian angels. first off, i'd like to applaud rowe if i had been lucky enough to be elected mayor of the city and not eric adams because
11:54 pm
i ran against him, you'dey be getting the keys to the city more importantly, as an example to other new yorkers and americans that it's time that we use our skills to fightg back if our elected officials will not enforce the law, ifift they won'ten let the police do their job and they render them impotent, then we the people must fight back to use the skills to protect our selfur ,our families, merchants, our community. the american waynity to go . they're targeting the elderly, that targeting elderly way peop. they're targeting people that don't have skills to defend themselves. ot i mean, look, i'm not a skilled isro, but i've been training for ten years and in a variety of arts and situational street fighting, you've been trained in it as well. most peopleee can't defend themselves, curtis, there's no doubt. but you lookpl in our city, we now have the right, the constitutional right, according to the supreme courto ,ifth we qualify to have a concealed permit like people do another parts of the countryu
11:55 pm
and yet our mayor, our governor adamsnt and are more afraid of the people becoming vigilantes and want to continue this victimization system. so by all means necessary, we the people must defend ourselves. i want criminals to be afraid of people. i want them looking over their act. in this case, look at the tender care. he's giving this emotionallye disturbed person who is a danger to himselfg thrb and everyone else on behalf of all of americans, on behalf of a sean and everyone watching,in i salute you and ig, encourage more americans to do what you did get involved. don't be apathetic. g don't you see something? say something. do something. america. that'say whatg. america has alws been about. all right, curtis, i applaud you as well. ro great job oose and keep up g the goodre work and there's one one less dangerous person on the street tonight. we'll have more "hannity" right after this. allergies just try to stop us being the greatest versions of ourselves.
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12:00 am
the time wee have left this evening. as always, thank you for being b with us. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you d never ever ever miss an episode of hannity. and inty the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. the ingraham angle. laura ingraham up next. have a great night. tomorrow. i'm laura ingram . this is ingram angle from washington tonight. if you can't beat indictment, that's the focus of tonight'ss angle t. >> and now in sports , if your coach without a winning record , you eventually get fired. a ifnd you're a ceo and you can't return value to the shareholders, you get fired . but for liberals in politics and the media being wrong consistently, it's rarely a disqualifieria