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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 5, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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have our first taste of what side voters will choose this cycle. >> gillian: thanks, kelly. that is "the story" of today, august 5. the "the story" goes on. >> we'll see you back here monday at 3:00 p.m. here's "your world." >> charles: fox on top of a job surge in july. 528,000 created. more than double what was expected. but with jobs booming, will the fed forced to keep hike something does washington really need to keep spending? senate democrats setting up a vote on the tax bill this weekend. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we're going to be talking about all of this with a senior advise tore the president, gene sperling coming up. but first, let's go to peter
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doocy at the white house with the latest. peter? >> here at the white house, they think this jobs report is not a reason to worry about a recession. >> that phrase, make it in america, the cornerstone of my economic plan. today's report proves making it in america isn't just a slogan, it's my administration. >> but former obama economic adviser jason furman writes uncomfortably hot jobs report. 528,000 jobs added and unemployment rate falls to 3.5%. what worries me is average hourly earnings were up at 5.8% in july. june revised. the wage moderation that we all discussed last month was wrong data. white house officials are shrugging off the fears saying they still trust the federal
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reserve to adjust rates to address inflation. they claim there's more good news. in 50 straight days of gas prices falling even though they're $1.72 a gallon more than when president biden got here. >> you want to talk to a nurse or a teacher or a firefighter? having that little britt of breathing room matters for them. >> are nurses and firefighters saying $4 a gallon is great? >> that little breathing room matters is what i'm saying. >> president biden wanted to focus on the economy today. we didn't talk about that. he's not addressing any of the potential trouble brewing with china and taiwan. charles? >> charles: thanks, peter, a vote on that democrat $433 billion spending bill could come tomorrow. this after senator kirsten sinema signals she's on board to hillary vaughn on capitol hill where the spending push stands.
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hillary? >> hi, charles. over 230 economists are trying to warn congress, do not pass inflation reduction act. they warn that this bill actually do the opposite. writing in a letter to congress this "the inflation reduction act of 2022 could do nothing of the sort." but leader chuck schumer is brushing off the concerns telling me they're wrong. >> there's a chance that these people are right. is now the right time to do this considering how high -- >> they're wrong. it's obvious it will. you're cutting prescription drug costs, energy costs and we are actually increasing -- we're spending $300 billion on reducing the deficit. so it's as plain as the nose on your face this will reduce in. >> senate republicans say this does not reduce the deficit, the
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programs are made permanent. senator lindsey graham says they won't make the vote a rama where senators can offer unlimited amendments to the bill go quickly. >> so what will the vote a rama be like? be like hell. they deserve this. so do manchin and sinema. i admire you at times and i oppose you now. i think what you're doing is that you're empowering the most radical people in this country to tax and spend at a time that we can ill-afford it. i think they need to be held accountable and i intend to do that. >> it's not just republicans looking to make major changes. senator bernie sanders is not a fan. he doesn't think it goes far enough. he will also be trying to make his own tweaks. charles? >> charles: hillary, thanks very much. president biden taking a victory lap over july's outstanding jobs
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number. while acknowledging some americans won't be feeling it with rising prices. where do things stand? gene sperling is a senior adviser to the president. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> charles: we made it suspenseful late yesterday. the white house secretary suggested the number would be 150,000. did you take a peek at the wrong number? >> there's no peeks. you know, there were people predicting that would be 250 to 150,000. but what we saw today was the big r. that is resilience. resilience in this labor market. another 528,000 extremely strong manufacturing growth. really is something. there's been 3.3 million jobs created in the economy this year. other than last year, that is the most in the first seven months of our economy in the history of our country. so you know, the president said,
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it's not all rosy. people are still dealing with higher prices that are too high even with gas prices coming down. but there's some comfort in the resilience in the job markets and unemployment rate that matches the lowest in the last 53 years. >> charles: just last month, we recovered all the jobs that were last at the beginning of the pandemic. there's some parts that bother me. since may, black americans have lost 301,000 jobs. what is going on where this large segment of the population is not participating in this jobs boon? >> is that not the case. at this time after the last crisis we had, black unemployment was at 15.9%. >> charles: no jobs. the unemployment number is skewed because hundreds of
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thousands of blacks have left the labor market because they can't find a job. why is that happening? >> that number can move around month by month. the overall story is an enormously equitable recovery with significant gains in black jobs for african americans, for new small businesses, for black americans. again, the unemployment rate does reflect the fact that you're seeing key oh you saw a historic drop in the unemployment in 2021 and over the last year for african americans. hispanic americans actually went down to 3.9% unemployment. so what is striking about this recovery is how equitable it has been. >> charles: it's not equitable if people are leaving the labor force. if someone leaves the labor force and the unemployment goes down, i don't see how that is
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good. theoretically people could leave the labor force and you can say guess where the unemployment number is? zero. we should celebrate. should we? >> the key word there is theoretically. if you look at prime age labor force participation, it went up this month. it's at about the same rate that it was in 2019. higher in 2018. so we -- i do agree with you on one thing. i think there's still further we can go on labor force participation. when you look at prime age workers, it's been a strong recovery -- >> charles: it's been a good recovery. we're back where we were. the mainstream media will never talk about black people in america suffering when a democrat is in the white house. let me ask you about the household survey. it wasn't as good -- >> i'm not agreeing with your
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premise there. i think african american workers have benefitted enormously in this recovery. >> charles: household survey. this is intriguing. part time jobs went up 380,000. multiple workers went up 92,000. we heard from uber. they have a 76% increase in drivers. people are having to do the side hustles, multiple jobs. what's going on here? feels like a bifurcated recovery. >> you know, i don't agree with any of your premises here. for example, if you look at like what scholars at berkeley and professors at university of massachusetts amherst have found, they have found that in the bottom 30 or 50% of the work force, you're seeing real gains, even with the two high unacceptably high inflation that we have.
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>> charles: i'm talking about the household survey. we're talking about two different things. since you're on income -- >> if you want to get into household versus payroll, the payroll survey is -- the household is a sample. payroll survey actually looks at well over 100,000 firms that focus on a significant chunk of the american payroll. it has shown consistently high job growth and high job growth across the board for low income, african american, hispanic, white workers. regardless of your race or zip code or gender. this has been a very strong jobs recovery. we can talk about we want and i will agree, nobody likes the fact that global -- we have not escaped the global inflation out there or the ramifications of the war in ukraine. but when it comes to the job market, i think you're seeing
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strength across the board. >> charles: let's talk about wages. they came in better than expected today. again, you brought it up, this inflation, this dark cloud of inflation, real wages have been down every month since the covid relief bill was passed at 1.9 trillion. there's a debate on whether or not that exacerbated or sparked this inflation problem. but it is an interesting coincidence that since then, despite getting a bigger paycheck when people go in the store, they walk out with fewer bags. what do you tell americans? >> well, that's why this president says every day that reducing prices and costs for families is his number 1 priority. we get it. it is -- i mean, there's -- there's studies that show for lower income workers, many to have actual income gains including inflation. there's no question.
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there's too many americans in this situation that you mentioned, they are working, many of them have been able to move to better jobs, many are seeing their wages going up. but they're giving away too much of that wage gain at the grocery line and the gas pump. we're glad to see gas prices down over 90%. we're glad to see it under $4 in 22 states right now. when it comes to the fact that we're not escaping -- we have not escaped the global inflation hitting americans at the gas pump and the grocery line and that, you know, that's a challenge. still said, it's good that we have so many americans working, so many people on the job. more people -- more jobs in the u.s. economy right now than ever in the history of our country. that's a good thing. >> charles: i agree a million percent. that's why participation is the first thing i look at. when i see it go down month after month and -- we should have more jobs and more people
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born in this country to have more jobs to stay on top. let's get back -- >> just for the record -- let's look at the prime age. it did pick up. did for older workers too. i want to paint a balanced picture here -- >> charles: labor force participation period went down for the second month in a row and significantly lower than in february 2020. that's fine. the inflation problem. federal reserve is out this week big time. starting over the weekend, it was pushed back -- what is crazy, the doves were hawks. mary dailey made some unfortunate comment. is the white house concerned that the fed is going to go too far? we know that's the only way to bring inflation down. do you want to see the fed become very aggressive and
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bringing down inflation so people can enjoy these nominal gains? >> you know, you know what my answer is. it's the same answer every member of president biden's economic team will give. we respect the independence of the fed. it's not our job to critique what they do. we want them to have the independence to do what they think is best to tamp down inflation. even if those are tough choices. ly say we've had at least five presidents over the last 50 years that have chosen to berate the fed when they make tough chances. we're making decisions that we want to respect their independence. so i will come back some day when i'm no longer at the white house and i'll give you all my thoughts. right now that is not an area that we enter into. >> charles: let me ask you about the spending bill. again, we've quibbled over numbers that are in the bls report. so i don't want to debate on the inflation front.
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i do want to ask about historically when you've had democrats and fellow presidents that have said you don't raise taxes in this sort of environment. you know, we know the names. what do you make of that? a lot of folks in your own party believe this is another mistake like the 1.9 trillion covid relief package. >> you know, first of all, really nobody's rate is being raised. what you're trying to do is make sure that people are paying a basic minimum. all the corporate tax provision here does, it says that if you report over a billion dollars to your shareholders to the market, if you report over a billion dollars in profit, your shoulders in the market, you should pay at least 15%. i think most people that hear that, who are paying social security and medicare payroll taxes, et cetera, would say why
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only 15%? it's at least a basic minimum so you don't have the situation that president biden talks about repeatedly. 55 major fortune 500 companies with major profits paying zero in taxes. there's not much opposition among democrats or republicans to make sure that companies that report over a billion in profits have a basic minimum of 15 -- >> gillian: senator sinema has some issues with it. we'll see what the final version is. >> sandra: i have to go. you remember the alternative minimum tags in the op-ed post. 150 american families not paying taxes. let's go get them. maybe 20 years later, 40 million people slammed be i the same tax. these things can be a slippery slope. >> let's go -- we'll come back and go into the details of the inflation reduction act. tax incentives for tens of
1:17 pm
millions of americans to get lower energy and to buy a whole set of consumer products. we'll talk about that. i think it's going to be more talk about middle class tax relief an making sure large corporations are at least paying a basic minimum and not getting away scot-free. >> charles: thanks, gene. i appreciate you answering my questions. look forward to speaking to you again. >> likewise. >> gillian: want to bring in david asman. jobs nurse are great. but there's concerns about inflation. a lot of concerns about this spending bill and taxing bill as well. >> of course, the white house bring out their series of experts and the republicans bring out theirs. each one conflict with each other. i must say some of their -- the people that they bring out like mark sandy have it dead wrong on inflation the past 1 1/2 years.
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back in june, 2021, he wrote by the fall or end of the year, prices will be coming back to earth. well, from the time he wrote that to the end of the year, inflation went up 40% from 5% up to 7.5%. so they -- their experts very often gets it wrong. the bottom line, americans don't want it. the pop-up polls show americans don't believe the rhetoric that this will decrease inflation. some of the people support the bill say it's not going to do anything for inflation over the next five years. so what are americans supposed to do for five years? twiddle their thumbs as they go to the grocery store and can't buy as much as they used to? >> charles: i remember when build back better was on the table. they did the surveys. polls from "washington post," abc, cnn polls. people were saying they were afraid for their families health, financial health with another one of these packages. finally, this notion of free money, they started to realize,
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it's not. if i get more money, everything else cost more, it defeats the purpose. >> you mentioned it to gene. despite the wage increases of five% the past 1 1/2 years or so, when you have 9% inflation, you're down 4%. you're spending 4 to 5 to $6,000 more in gas, on food, on a whole host of things. maybe you'll get tax deductions from this bill if you buy a tesla, if you can afford to shell out $80,000. other than that -- >> charles: we know that exist for the favored voters. but ultimately doesn't it come back to the voters? they're the final arbiters? >> it will. based on what the people i believe say about this inflation act, it's not going to be a minus inflation action but a plus inflation act. inflation will not be solved and means that with higher taxes and
1:20 pm
there are higher taxes on a a whole host of businesses with those higher taxes, you'll see a continued decrease in economic growth. it's a very strange phenomenon that during a contraction because we had two down quarters back-to-back, we had job growth. it's a strange time in history when you turn off an economy, strange things happen like today's jobs report. >> charles: we never had this many job losses before. we'll see if -- we'll see tomorrow. thanks. neil cavuto will have more and the latest on the border battle, china. "cavuto live". >> and at 5:00 p.m. on fox business. >> charles: also from a top al-quaida leader taken out, gas prices coming down now. and despite inplace doing the same thing. it's interesting. now how will this impact the mid-terms? that's coming up. we'll have a debate later in the hour.
1:21 pm
also, china's war games. they're still going on. they've cut off dialogue with the u.s. we'll find out what this is about. what's going on here, aishah? >> hi, charles. china just keeps taking action after action after action. while the white house calls it all irresponsible, some on the hill don't believe that we're doing enough to push back. more on that straight ahead.
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>> charles: china firing up hundreds war planes and military exercises around taiwan today. china issuing a new warning for us here. aishah hasnie with the very latest from capitol hill. >> hi, charles. a look -- believe it or not, there's bipartisan support here on the bill on how to handle china in this whole taiwan situation. but not just -- it's not jiving, matching up with what the white house is putting out. for example, senator lindsey graham this morning pretty upset over reports that the administration is lobbying democrats right now to delay passing a bipartisan bill on taiwan that he and democrat
1:26 pm
senator bob menendez co-sponsored bill. senator graham says this is a huge mistake. >> they want us to go away. we're not going away. they're trying to undercut congressional efforts to be more favorable to taiwan. it's the worst signal to send. >> the administration has postponed another minuteman missile test because of tensions with china. earlier this year a missile test was cancelled because of tensions with russia. senator tom cotton sent a letter to lloyd austin asking how long they plan to let china and russia dictate our missile schedule. the delays were call weak-needed
1:27 pm
attempts at appeasement that will invite more aggression from our adversaries. even democrat senator richard blumenthal is saying that there's no cooling it now on these taiwan tensions. really there's one option left, charles. that is to arm taiwan to support it to deter china from moving in. charles? >> charles: thanks, aishah. the read on this from the member of the senate armed services committee, alaska senator dan sullivan. senator, certainly china's belligerence has been on display for quite a few years. feels like the message they're sending is we can compete with you on the battlefield. how unnerved should we be? >> look, charles, i think what you're seeing in the taiwan strait, what you're seeing in ukraine by russia is this new era of authoritarian aggression
1:28 pm
led by xi jinping and vladimir putin. they're increasingly isolated, increasingly dangerous. they base their actions on historical grievances. they're paranoid about their democratic neighbors. and we're willing to use military force. what we need to do is show strategic resolve, confidence, but recognize that this new era of authoritarian aggression will be with us for decades. we need to play to our strengths. we have a lot of comparative images relative to the dictator ships in these two countries. incredible natural and resources and our network of allies, our dynamic economy. what the biden administration needs to do is play to these. let me give you a big one. the president now in the last two years has put forward two defense budgets that are cuts. last year and this year. that is exactly the wrong signal
1:29 pm
to send to these dictators. these are the big strategic advantages that we have. but we need to be wise enough to promote them and strengthen them. that's not happening in a lot of areas with this administration. >> charles: let me push back on two points. first, the isolation of these two, putin and xi. you know, there's been a lot of talk recently of this economic coalition. now iran wants to john. other nations want to join as well. india has been buying russian oil. they're a democracy but they don't seem so eager to go against china and/or russia. a comparative advantage, we have them but we talk about rare earth. it's not rare. the reasonable we don't have it is we don't want to throw for it. we're on the verge of destroying
1:30 pm
our crude oil industry handing over our entire energy independence to china that controls ev batteries. so i'm a little concerned about these things. >> i'm hugely concerned. you put your finger on it. let me give you -- you mentioned it. i mentioned it. a huge strategic advantage we have over certainly china, but even relative to russia is our energy resources. if you read the intel, xi jinping is concerned about american energy dominance. putin knows that that is a great way for us to undermine his power as well. so what do you have? you have an administration that actually attacking on our energy sector. we have incredible resources. we have critical minerals. alaska, my great state has critical minerals. the same day that president biden held a critical minerals subject is the day that his department of interior redivorced to shut down the
1:31 pm
ambler road and mining district project in alaska. it makes no sense. we have the advantage. we just have to be wise enough to utilize it. this administration isn't. >> gillian: no, it's -- i'm afraid we're going to give away something that is so precious. but i do want to ask and i have about a minute or so. joe manchin may be responsible for tomorrow's spending bill, but he did help republicans pass something that president biden apparently is no fan of. senator, you were a sponsor of it. tell us about it. >> this is our resolution to pass in a bipartisan manner, 50 to 47 to rescind the biden administration's regulations that they put out in april that would shut down the ability to build things. it was a rag from the biden white house that we have the power under the congressional review act to rescind. biden sid he will veto it if it
1:32 pm
gets to his desk. we had the critical building trades -- >> charles: i have to let you go. we have a hard break. you're a tough fighter and we appreciate it. reason governor greg abbott called it the first group of migrants to arrive in new york city. mayor adams calls it does guesting. we'll be right back. . but seriously we need a reliable way to help keep everyone connected from wherever we go. well at at&t we'll help you find the right wireless plan for you. so, you can stay connected to all your drivers and stores on america's most reliable 5g network. that sounds just paw-fect. terrier-iffic i labra-dore you round of a-paws at&t 5g is fast, reliable and secure for your business. (vo) with every generation, the subaru forester has been a leader in crash safety. working to undo the impact a crash can have on your life.
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>> charles: the border battle revving up and a new inflation warning. it's booing to scare you. we're back in 60 seconds. now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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1:37 pm
migrants that arrived at new york city at 7:00 a.m. the majority of the migrants are from venezuela. some of them described the horrific experiences that they've had to endure before getting here. listen to this. >> the first border that i crossed is in columbia. there were a lot of kids and women that were raped. >> charles, you can't imagine. you can hear more at 7:00. this group was met by ten volunteers that were given clothes, sandwiches and water. one child that we know arrived with diabetes and didn't have insulin. volunteers were trying to help that child. here's karine jean-pierre reacting to the bus's arrival. >> the latest stunt from the governor of bussing desperate migrants across the country and
1:38 pm
he's using them as political, you know as a political ploy. this is what he's doing and it's shameful. >> the other city receiving migrants is washington d.c., this has been going on for months. we're learning the department of defense is rejecting a request by mayor bowser there. she wanted more support. governor abbott has said that 6,500 have arrived in d.c. since april. mayor bowser says she wants to tweak that request and still helping for help from the biden administration as is mayor adams in new york city. roughly half of the my grants are being bussed around and half will rely on the resources here in new york city. >> charles: thanks, nate. brandon judd is now here with
1:39 pm
me. what do you think of mayor adams and the response? it seems kind of nuts that these mayors are experiencing what the folks in the southern border have experienced and are just angry. >> it's disgusting. when you listen to what he said, when you listen to what the white house press secretary said is all rhetoric. you and i like to talk about facts. let's look at that. these people, when we take them in to custody, they have to give addresses where they're going to. we have to process them under those addresses. those addresses are new york city. a lot of this them are close to washington d.c. so once those people are released to the nongovernmental organizations who receive government grants to transport individuals throughout the country, once they get the addresses, governor abbott is taking them to those locations anywhere. that's where they were going. the problem is this is being done in the light of day.
1:40 pm
now the spotlight is on it and everybody is seeing it. mayor adams didn't have any problem with this, these people coming to new york city as long as it was in secret, as long as it was under the cover of night. he didn't have a problem. now everybody is seeing it, now it's in the open, now he's going to come out and say something about it. again, that's political rhetoric and it's disgusting. it doesn't serve the american people. >> charles: isn't it telling both mayors talk about the strains on their bug -- budgets and systems and foods and other states complain about this, they were called racist or xenophobic. these are large cities by the way, with huge budgets, multibillion dollar budgets and you're talking small towns along the southern border that have been dealing with these strains nor a long time. >> they don't care as long as
1:41 pm
it's not them. they don't care as long as their citizens don't know what's going on. these people have been going to new york city for months. they've been doing it without anybody knowing about it. now that people know about it, of course they come out and say something. now the taxpayer in new york city, they recognize they're footing the bill for everything going on. now he says something about it now. look what is happening in all of these states. in my state of arizona, in texas, we're constantly having to deal with this and you never hear anything from them. but now that it comes to the light of day, now everybody can see about it, of course he's talking about. politics are supposed to serve the american people, to help everybody out. they don't do that. they cry until it affects them. >> charles: maria has a special on this at 8:00 p.m. on fox business. you don't want to miss that. twitter and elon musk are at it
1:42 pm
again. and democrats and the president might be ready to sign the dotted spending line over 200 top economists signing off on a letter to congress saying not so fast. find out why next.
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>> charles: details of elon musk's counter suit are out and the war of words is back on. kelly o'grady has covered this from the beginning. what do you think of the latest back and forth? >> good to see you, charles. this is the business version of the johnny depp and amber heard trial. you can talk about fraud and breaches of contract. at the heart, it's about the percentage of bots on the platform. musk's team says that twitter has been lying on multiple instances. twitter shared 127-page document
1:47 pm
rebutting musk's counter suit saying it's inaccurate. basically they're saying he's trying to get out of it. charles, musk makes a decent point. what prompted the concern is twitter restated their users number and earnings without warning them and didn't have to answer analysts questions because they were under the deal. it would make me pause, wouldn't it you? >> charles: by the way, i see it all the time in the market. when a deal is announced, the deal is $100 a share and the stock pops at 90. i'd take 90. sometimes deals don't go through. i agree with you. he has a legitimate point here. >> yeah, absolutely. this is all really going to come down -- the judge seems pro twitter. they got that shortened trial that they were looking for. it's going to come down to whether he can prove the number of bots are fake. it's interesting. we finally got info on what that
1:48 pm
was. he thinks about 10% are fake. i loved this part. twitter showing shade at the service that he's using, the botometer. there's a lot of looking into that for the judge. >> charles: i think it's more than 10%. i put out a tweet people don't like, the bots come coming. is there a chance there could be a deal? >> absolutely. if they go to trial, we've seen before this judge has ruled in the cases and made a company pay the full price, but i think there's a lot of time between now and then. elon has made it clear he's still interested in a twitter-like product at the tesla shareholder meeting yesterday. so there's still juice here. >> charles: and folks at twitter know, this is a done deal and he doesn't have to buy, it's going down big time. thanks so much. you've done an amazing job.
1:49 pm
>> thanks. >> charles: a spending bill show down. a plea from economists today. president joe biden starting to rack up wins. but with inflation still raging, how will it play out for the party in power? giving it your all? have the right partner by your side. hyland's naturals leg cramps quick dissolve tablets. no water needed. no stomach upset. just fast, effective relief. hyland's naturals leg cramps. to healthy competition and beyond. subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu. let's get a quick take on the #1 pick, the philly. double provolone and juicy steak?! looks like we got another philly fan. nope. the new subway series. what's your pick? this isn't just freight. the new subway series. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
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>> charles: senate democrats hoping to pass the inflation bill over the weekend. many economists say the bill will be course. let's get more from dave watson from the stanford school of business. why is their interpretation bill different than moody's or cbo? >> yeah, i think the whole notion that the bill is going to affect inflation or not is crazy, frankly. the world doesn't move that fast and sure as heck washington doesn't move that fast. there's changes in tax incentives, a minimum tax and corporate tax. but all of this will take 18 to 36 months to play out. where we have an inflation problem that is happening now. so the idea that it will move up or down is insane. doesn't have any impact. >> charles: the cbo says the first four or five years will be
1:54 pm
treacherous. we were looking at the fed to reel this in. but it makes their job a lot more difficult when we keep spending this type of money. >> for sure. there's three things that are driving inflation right now. $5 trillion, then we had a scarcity of goods. now everybody has cash and can't buy it. of course that will drive prices up. the energy thing with ukraine. those three things will come down. we know that. what we don't know if we will be in this wage surprise spiral. that's why the jobs report is so fascinating. today's jobs report is anti-inflation ordinary. >> charles: why is that? the hourly wages were higher and to your point, feels like they're talking about employers hoarding workers now because there's so few available. >> okay. here's the key to the jobs report. it's not about job growth. normally the amount of available
1:55 pm
jobs and jobs seekers is always the same number. we had this crazy flip-flop during covid and we had this period of time where jobs exceeded job seekers. we did not create 529,000 jobs. we filled 529,000 jobs. employers have had to beg people to work. a lot of that is driving wages up. today we have about the same as we fill those positions, the pressure to try to fill up the jobs is going to be coming down. >> that is a great point. >> you have the takeoff from earlier in the weekend, and as we heard, inflation is raging big time.
1:56 pm
we have our democratic strategist, let me start with tran-fives 3 i'm sure something that president joe biden is doing a good job, raise your hands. >> but the numbers are anemic and awful. and the thing that you are looking at why are a lot of voters still not sure? >> i would disagree with a lot not being sure looking at the consumer price index and things
1:57 pm
were not going as well as they wanted them to. >> i think with crystal they make a big mistake. charles: every time messaging needs to come first. but it's not a great trick. saying this is an amazing victory, you control the house and the senate. >> they are supposed to get them done. you also have to have a willing bipartisan congress and senate that is willing to help pass the legislative agenda. that is not what we have seen.
1:58 pm
and that would include helping their economic situation. >> when it comes to inflation, it was significantly higher this year that it was a year ago. we may run out of the emergency reserve at this point. so how do democrats get around that issue, because i don't think it's going to be alleviated come the midterms. >> yes, we are in the 100 day window and i don't think that we necessarily get around it, the thing that we need to do is continue to figuring out ways that if this bill passes it will alleviate the economic burden and some of these inflationary causes that are happening across the economy. and these prices and price hikes are going to be here .
1:59 pm
charles: knowing what joe manchin said previous to this, also with spending, creating more inflation. so what has changed? is the still spending and the gdp growth in the technical recession. so with that being the case, why would you be trying to spend more money and overheat the economy? >> a uniform republican message right now, would you agree with that. >> yeah, i would say that this bill is a tax on all americans, just like inflation has been a tax on all americans, the poor, the middle class, who the democrats say they care about the most. >> when they were pulling about build back better, many said no
2:00 pm
thank you. there was a lot of free money, but it did not really help us. and you guys are fantastic, we appreciate it. thank you guys for watching, catch me every day at 2:00 p.m. eastern for making money. and remember, we have the big spending bill showdown tomorrow. in the meantime, we are wishing you a wonderful weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am judge jeanine along with the crew here, it is 5:00 o'clock in new york city and we welcome you to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> liberal new york city mayors hitting a tiny taste of the biden administration border plan, the first migrants arriving in new york city from


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