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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 5, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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there was a lot of free money, but it did not really help us. and you guys are fantastic, we appreciate it. thank you guys for watching, catch me every day at 2:00 p.m. eastern for making money. and remember, we have the big spending bill showdown tomorrow. in the meantime, we are wishing you a wonderful weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am judge jeanine along with the crew here, it is 5:00 o'clock in new york city and we welcome you to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> liberal new york city mayors hitting a tiny taste of the biden administration border plan, the first migrants arriving in new york city from texas, courtesy of governor greg
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abbott and the ideal destination according to his quote. mayor eric adams claims that his city is being overwhelmed. but according to abbott, that is not even close to what they are dealing with. >> public officials need to realize the magnitude of the chaos created by the border policies and there have been thoughts about them coming into the communities over the last few months, we have more than 5000 people coming across that sector every single day. so we are full in the state of texas. communities are overrun and i started fussing people to washington dc when people cannot handle the number of people that have come across the border.
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>> mayor adams slamming texas after declining multiple invitations to witness things firsthand. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he finally admitted what we were saying. with open arms, this is who we are in the city. we need help from the federal government. we are having a great conversation this afternoon. but it has been despicable what we are dealing with. >> if you wonder why we are having a record surge at the border, we have an exclusive amount of footage on jesse watters prime time. >> what is your message to joe biden? >> we are completely grateful for him giving us the chance for us to come here. jeanine: okay, so i saw you
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laughing as i was laughing. mayor adams, i think there were 50 or so they came and on about and they are having a conniption fit or so, saying that this is also by governor greg abbott. >> we are with the reality of what has been happening for a long time. by the way, there are more people that come across the border in texas in a day then what we had today. how did we get to this point? mayor adams accused greg abbott of doing it before he was even doing it. you remember when we followed the claim and it landed in new york city, we followed it in jersey, they called the police on the camera crew, and also in westchester. when they were coming to new york, the migrants, you know, they said these people are
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coming from texas, but they were not coming from texas. the joe biden administration was flying them in and then dropping them off at local communities. and so greg abbott said okay, if you want them, you want to do this and he shipped them there. but what it's doing right now is highlighting the hypocrisy from the left, they were all about compassion and giving handouts, so they were on their lines and it's in this conservative area where all of them have gone. and now they are factored in, they don't care about it. $80 billion now, how about you send that money to the border for the men and women that are trying to keep us safe on a day-to-day basis. jeanine: you know, sandra, they are a sanctuary city. why don't they just bear the burden of sanctuary cities there. >> the irony is that he told greg abbott that the solution
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that you should provide is housing for the migrants. and that is what he offered. i have to say that you think, okay, it is the idea that this is a political ploy for a photo op. in eric adams says okay, take them in, deal with it the best that you can, saying what are you guys complaining about in texas, you have to think that it's gotten so bad that he can't even take care of it to say hey, you guys are not doing it right, we have been able to manage it here. talking about these significant security issues of these borders as well is really important. >> when they ask about the border, he made a comment to my standpoint and plausible statement, that the border was
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secure from here from your vantage point and opinion, is the border secure? >> i think that the border presents significant issues, there is a wide array, representing a significant security issue and a wide array of criminal threats that flow out of here. >> you're talking about 50 people as well. >> 1.7 million encountered last year, right now we are on pace to tax act, so this could be a photo op, but it's not the reality. >> the amazing part of it, jessica, mayor adams asked the federal government for help and they said no, deal with it. and then i think it was that was her that asked for some national
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guard members to come in and they said no. so now they are all of a sudden experiencing now that they know what it's like, why are they going after the republican governors as the president is letting them in making us all suffer? jeanine: good idea, go after your own party. >> the president controlling the border, he is a democrat. >> it's not about party. >> i'm telling you that it is, holistically it is a bipartisan issue, and with all witnesses it's not right. >> i just explained why he was going after governor abay. >> there's also the american people then as well. >> politics going on, we have
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acknowledge that i don't think it's a good thing what is going on, also mayor adams said that we are a welcoming city and i just need some help. the joe biden administration should be providing this. we don't have enough for them. we are a sanctuary city. the joe biden administration needs to give the money to dc and new york, if you think that we have the jobs for them and make sure that they can do that. [laughter] [talking over each other] >> every state that has a problem -- >> but we don't have the money -- >> but we do have the money. >> we don't need american taxpayer dollars to give to these cities that have reclaimed
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themselves sanctuary city so that their residence and constituents don't feel the pain and vote them out of office remaking them a sanctuary city. it's easy to be a century city where a thousand people show up and now you are overrun? that doesn't make any sense at all. why is it that they think that washington dc cannot handle this but houston should. this is a big issue. guatemala, anywhere else, harboring any ill will toward them, the citizens in this country come first, that's what the sacrifice comes from, that is who we are, that is our identity and if there are people that want to be a part of this, that our politicians need to be held accountable in creating a system that allows them to offer them opportunities second. i come from a city where i have
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seen people t-boned someone and then run off like my sister. whether or not that makes them a good or bad person, it's our government for letting them do that. there is an intricate system for bringing someone in and you say come back in two years, they've had three identities in those two years, that is what the frogs us. it's not about empathy. it is about oh, man, now it's my problem and now i could be politically held accountable and we better do something about it. and the people who do this are those that come illegally and live in the shadows and never had a chance to be a part of what is the american dream, because our government, both sides of the aisle, would rather treat this in the way that they have. >> what should joe biden do? >> he should give out federal
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funds to places where migrants are going, work on border security. last week they started closing off the big gap. >> the last time that we had this conversation you said that greg abbott did not work. >> that's when we were talking about a different topic. [talking over each other] >> now it has become a national story in all of the cities now. >> okay, guys. >> they are treating migrants as if they are toys. >> how about you go close the border. >> joe biden is the one who is treating them as though they need to be protected. that they need help, medication, everything else, while we pay for the nose for it. new york city can afford it, texas can afford it, washington cannot afford it, and it.
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>> who is in charge on america's foreign policy. china ramping up pressure after
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the controversial visit to taiwan by nancy pelosi. beijing suspending certain aspects, sending the taiwan air force scrambling, dozens of warships closed in. now the critics say that biden is looking week for postponing a federal missile test in the south china sea. they have been trying to racket down the tensions, but nancy pelosi is putting her foot down. >> our friendship with taiwan is a strong one. it is bipartisan in the house and the senate, overwhelming support for peace and the status quo in taiwan. >> anthony blanket is sounding the alarm over china's escalation.
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>> these provocative actions are a significant exhalation. the speakers visit, there is no justification. this would be escalatory military response. >> if you think about what goes on in the world, we've got the talent man, there is a war in ukraine, russia is starting to join with china on various issues and nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house and so why
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they didn't is. but now we have china with russia at a time when nancy is doing this, maybe she knows that. and i mean, what is she in taiwan for? just to continue with the policy? i think it's a dangerous time to be doing this. >> she is putting her foot down. and also they wonder who is in charge who is the agenda of the
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leader of the party and joe biden is being led by more of the progressives in his party, some have said that he is surrounded by those that don't hold those views and are influencing him. when we were talking about the border. so who is running our country, who is calling the shots, but what is he taking into account when he doesn't stop nancy pelosi. and you have seen it on tv and
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its china's claim over taiwan, we have a government that tries to pacify and kick this down the road, it's going to happen at some point. and of china feels desperate enough to show their power to do something about it now, i feel like that's going to happen and when it happens and it is an issue. >> i don't think that we should be involved in these affairs, but try to set a delegation as well.
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>> getting letting them get away with covid-19. >> she doesn't take her marginal orders from joe biden. the fact is that they feel comfortable and they are going to shoot it down not to stand with the speaker of the house. >> it is probably what is our biggest enemy. and the president had zero response to it.
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and he had zero response to it. >> as was suggested how should he be responded. >> he should be stating that he will not whatever we have to and he did have that little gap saying that we would intervene. >> what is really important is that doing what legislators have done before and in support of her, the joe biden administration gets involved in her plans and potentially leaks the details into this, regularly popping up because security matters. , let alone somewhere like
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taiwan. >> senator collins said it was the joe biden a administration that had confirmed. and this is no reason for us to turn our backs in support of taiwan were of nancy pelosi who is an incredible individual in our government and how much it means to the taiwanese people. this kind of support matters. >> i think her messaging was perfect, i think that it was far from perfect. >> the speaker needs to call out the president of the united states, i think. her life is on the line. when we are so grateful for that. as we started off about the partisan policies.
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they threatened my life, what are you going to do about it. >> sending his representatives. >> there is talk about president joe biden making a comeback, but some want nothing to do with them. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> president joe biden making progress on his agenda. he just had a pretty good jobs
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report. >> today we received another outstanding drives reported. and it is my administration, i know that most families are focused on this table, taking care of paying the bills. helping you do that is my job. it is a presidents job as well. >> he is too old, on possible, dragging them down. and then carolyn maloney taking the cake, flip-flopping on the issue. >> i happen to think that you won't be running but if you do i will be there 100% and since
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he's not running, you know, nobody wants him to run. nobody wants to say yes, go, joe, we love you. you're the best. >> we can talk about all the crises that the administration is dealing with reminders where the americans came from. we talk about it and half of
2:32 pm
them are making over a hundred thousand dollars a year. just to pay for inflation and that's just a day that we can celebrate a good jobs report. until we get the wages up, all the workers will have it gobbled up by inflation. that's a serious economic inflation. and i asked them how much is this going to bring down inflation. he struggled to answer and then told me one third of one percentage point by some estimate. >> when we are out of 40 are high for inflation, that is why we are seeing what is happening in the polls and the democrats not willing to support them.
2:33 pm
>> crisis after crisis, all about the money. and we have lots of folks, nobody likes him right now. >> all right, there are a lot of accomplishments if you look at the last week that you could put out there, to take off the table and say i'd like to cross off this or that. [laughter] and it's a pretty good jobs report, a boom jobs reported. it's a 50 year low. now they are in a complete crisis about what is going to happen. and they finally have a reduction act and one about is
2:34 pm
we have joe biden. everyone likes to say that joe biden, that we can't get anything done, that it's going wrong, and it's all his fault, but getting him credit for this. >> as americans, we just don't understand all the good that's been done. [laughter] >> i would've put my name on that a long time ago. but it certainly a pretty long list on that as well. >> people cannot even find it within them to give credit. it's unreal. >> credit for what?
2:35 pm
>> last year that i thought of warren? fighting the taliban? and i am not even putting that there, but everything else, some of that is part of it. i hate the way that it was passed, and i thank god that it wasn't altered. >> republicans lied about it. >> really? >> what republicans lied about, it was why they were opposing, and i will agree with you. 100% it was about politics and not the policy of the bill. they didn't reason with
2:36 pm
anything, they voted for it because they said that they should, we did not know if it would help them or not, allowing them to get away from the va. >> the bottom line is that everybody is feeling the pain. and hopefully they listen about what she just said about brittany griner being sent to prison. ♪ ♪ ♪ wrap their arms around us, could we put little handles on our jackets? -denied. -can you imagine? i want a new nickname. can you guys start calling me snake? no, bryan. -denied. -how about we all get quotes
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the tenth pick is in the new all-american club. that's a “club” i want to join! let's hear from simone. chuck, that's a club i want to join! i literally just said that. i like her better than you the new subway series. what's your pick? >> busy being called out after
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brittany griner was called to nine years in prison for supposing drug smuggling. kamala harris said that russia continues the wrongful detention of brittany griner and she would be released and should be released immediately. and so listen. and if she was the va and follow the law and prosecuted by the law on the books. >> let's talk about brittany griner. them think she's a political prisoner and all that stuff. and she has been going since 2014 playing basketball making a million dollars a year or whatever she makes. and she has a vase with cannabis
2:42 pm
and hashish oil and she said that i was in a rush, she had a trial, she was supposed to testify at the trial, it started on july 1, july 7 she was supposed to testify. he chose not to testify and instead had a friend give testimony and instead of testifying she decided to plead guilty. so let's just take off the table that this is improper what has happened to her. was the sentence long and overbearing? absolutely.
2:43 pm
and she never says that she was wrongfully interrogated or that somebody planted out on horror or that she didn't put it in there. and what i'm saying is let's just take off the table the woman that hates the national anthem, who may be over there the next nine years. you know, you don't even want to come out of the locker room, forget it. [talking over each other] >> no, no, no. she has stress that coming in. >> this is where i disagree with you, janet.
2:44 pm
>> we were talking about whether or not kamala harris was saying this was egregious on long. you are saying under this condition that she was barely tried and sentenced. >> go ahead. >> we cannot believe anything that comes from her mouth because they are trying their best. run by a madman that has a valuable political prisoner that he needs leverage at this time. this whole idea that she said this or that, we have no idea what has happened since the american council advised her to plead guilty.
2:45 pm
on the spotlight is continuing to be on both of them. >> there could be somebody to both come home. >> that's what we hope for. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> we welcome you back. europeans are feeling the heat with temperatures soaring over the 100 degrees in some areas. requiring air-conditioning and n offices, bars, public transport systems as well. it is at or above 80 degrees is where they want everything set.
2:50 pm
>> well. did you just say 80 degrees? [laughter] >> it is definitely a friday. >> that was my quick answer right there. is not the game? >> if you want to overturn the government, we will rebel. >> we need air conditioning.
2:51 pm
and don't you roll your eyes at me. [laughter] >> you as well. >> more than 1200 flights canceled and 800 other delays. getting stuck on the tarmac for hours. i may say that there is no way that we are going to park this thing, so everybody relax. but anyway. so the pilot actually comes out and says okay, there are planes going in and out, nobody knows what is going on, and on the
2:52 pm
tarmac with people, i'm waiting for planes to hit planes, and it's like what is going on here and finally i got home to be with you guys. ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] >> does anyone else want to weigh in on that? >> you know, it's just like the other day. you know, i don't have the luxury. it's out of control, all they need to do is cancel a third of the flights and then maybe they can get situated. people are not sure, the air traffic control is out of control, people are not showing up. and it is a pain in the rear
2:53 pm
end. >> planes take off every two minutes at laguardia. same flight paths. >> i will tell you that i am in the air about every other day. and i can see it now. >> honestly i felt bad. and it is chaos right there. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪' ♪ re told to drink. i drink what helps me rehydrate and recover: pedialyte® sport. because it works... and so do i. ♪♪ hydration beyond the hype. ♪♪
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you may have noticed i was gone for a while. this is me in a boat every morning, i had to have that coffee. there i am in my sun glasses. i forgot my own. i found those on the corner for about $2. this is me getting ready for the day. >> that's real big boat. >> there i am playing cards with my friends on this boat. there i am at church the next day praying that win a card game the next night. there's a canal which connects to the agene sea. greece is fabulous. people is wonderful and food is wonderful. everything is wonderful. >> turning the page little bit from fun in greece to, tomorrow is my 12th year anniversary, it was the day i was injured.
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a year later, it was a big day, two tragedies. my friend was killed a year later. then extortion 17. we lost 30 service members 38 total. tomorrow, august 6th big day for me. tomorrow morning i will be hosting "fox and friends." >> god bless you, joey. >> tomorrow night, will be live. got greg abbott, talking with hispanic voters about the border. we'll be talking about the economy and how it's impacting people. we'll talk to some new yorkers as well. >> if you want your give to say to your proposal, i recommend
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grabbing a mic at a harry stylez concert and popping the question. a man in the front row asked harry for the mic. she obviously said yes. >> put it on the screen. >> would you try it? >> good evening and welcome to washington. a massive jobs report shocked economist. but experts warn there's more than meet the eye. top republicans convene in dallas ahead of the november midterm election. bus load of migrants arrives in new york city. we'll bring you there. breaking tonight, china takes diplomatic retaliatory action against the u.s., cutting ties on issues ranging from climate policy to military relations. that escalatn


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