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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> will: join me on my podcast or on youtube for the will cain podcast. that will do for us tonight on "tucker carlson tonight." >> a for the witt after biden vowed america would be respected around the world our relationship with china. china is calling nancy pelosi's
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visit a provocation. china biggest ally russia backing their friend 100 percent. now with analysis is former massachussetts senator scott brown with contributor and former station cia station chief dan hoffman. thank you very much. i can believe i have to open a segment for you two guys talking about how china is screaming at us and we are running away like scared rabbits with conflicting messages out of the witt which says we don't support taiwan independence while nancy pelosi is going over there hugging them. that alone scott i think would send a message that the american government is itself divided on this issue what's your take on all of this? >> first i've been to china and taiwan 2-3 times many taiwan is
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an amazing country. they're a democracy, supply a lot of chips we need for military and other needs and china are a big bully. you get off the train it smells like an ashtry, biggest polluters, an they have a 600 year plan and we don't have a plan. the splintered nature of the biden policy you see in ukraine taiwan and the united states. i thought nancy pelosi did the right thing. my only regret is she didn't include more republicans. she has the right to travel. she has the right to go anywhere she wants where they are in the united states of the united states of america and joe biden shouldn't have thrown her under the carpet because china is a bully. i don't want to take dan's time. >> the world health organization is another example of what china
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seems to control, that of course did a disservice to this entire planet when covid was emerging and dan, i think we all agree i love that she was going to taiwan but we presume that it's an organized dynamic involving our entire government and everyone is in agreement, and we are not going to display the family fight in front of the enemy, which they then know and i think it inspires them and they use that and figure they can do even more and move forward even more aggressively. normally this should have been a visit that reinforced our strength and our support of a friend and would you agree it seems to have done the opposite at this point? >> well, i think that it is a business disturbing that the administration was behind the scenes discouraging speaker pelosi from making that trip but i agree that she did the right thing by going ahead witness i think the administration must
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have asked our intelligence community how would china respond to this visit and what we've seen is an extraordinarily aggressive asymmetric response. you look at the military drills that started yesterday that effectively blockade taiwan until sunday. that is a pretty extreme measure but i think what china is trying to do. they know the united states will carry on with the relationship with taiwan. they're trying to deliver a stark clear message to countries in the region and beyond that the cost of a relationship with taiwan is too high and they shouldn't do it. this administration i agree with senator brown needs to push back with a real strategy to prevent that from happening. >> what would that be? when we say china is sensing a message there's the cost is too high to do this, you know what would that cost be? would they take their other islands that are close to taiwan? would they take those?
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would they stop talks which they probably were not serious about in the first place? what else would they do that they think we might do as a response to this? >> well, their militarizing the taiwan sea trying to induce taiwan neighbors in the region dip matted i canly and no. lick to isolate taiwan. we need to be more forceful and inshare freedom of navigation is upheld in that region. we need to work closely with our allies particularly japan and australia and push back on china with all of government approach in our country to deal with their full technologicaled espionage and stealing intellectual property. >> considering what china is doing to this country with espionage with mack hacking of
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intellectual property what do you think we can do? >> first under president trump i served four years into the asian pacific. i saw what they do, changing the law of the sea and international law overleveraging pacific island nations to get u.n. votes. they're very methodical. they bring people to bring a project. they bring the food the architectural supplies, they've the people there and slowly but surely take over these island nations. one thing we need to do is free trade deals with a lot of these countries many we need to give support. in new zealand for example we don't have a trade bill. it's been impropered since 1954. they're not getting the support they need from the united states. >> when we think about backbone one does not normally think of joe biden. gentlemen thank you very much.
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we have a lot on our plate. keep in mind speaker pelosi defied the biden administration going to taiwan so why is so president biden so weak on china? does it have something to do with hunter and his lucrative business deals or maybe joe's years long personal friendship with xi jinping? could it be biden is weak and ineffective? joining is monica crowley and senior fellow gordon chang. it seems perplexing about joe biden's inability to act, not just on china but almost on every other issue, unless of course it's hurting the american people. do you think that this is really a personal problem that joe biden has when it comes to his dealing with with china and it keeps him from being able to do the right thing? >> well, remember that president
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obama said never underestimate joe biden's ability to leap things up and secretary of defense said joe biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue the last 50 years so no surprise joe biden has always been a hack but now he's president of united states and america's commander-in-chief and there is evidence that the biden family has benefited tremendously from the ccp and chinese communist party related entities to the tune of well over $10 million so the ccp does not write those kinds of checks without expecting something in return so there's a lot of speculation whether or not this president is compromised and if so shame on joe biden for putting his families an personal interests ahead of america's national security interests and ahead of the american people. this is why you know we have
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tremendous weakness in dealing with in fundamental threat to the u.s. the threat from the ccp to u.s. is anything the soviet union presented to us because the soviets essentially presented a one dimensional threat which was nuclear and it was existential. china threat is economic strategic, flooding the country with deadly fentanyl killing hundreds of thousands of americans the this is a multi-layered threat and this president is crippled in so many ways he can't an won't take them on. >> remarkable, excellent, gordon clearly your background in understanding the nature of the beast of china that they are everywhere, they've planned so far ahead of time it seems unlikely somehow america would allow someone be hold tone china
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become president of the united states at this period of time but maybe it tulsi perfect, considering what's been dealt with and delivered up until this point. what's your take on where we stand right now? >> i think we are in very, very perilous waters. tammy, inside china there is a debt crisis bank runs covid lockdowns and that means xi jinping has an incentive to distract the china people from his own policy mistakes. that means china is lashing out. we think about taiwan because of the speaker's visit but right now china is moving against india philippines and japan. those missile launches a few hours ago they land 5 of those 11 missiles landed in japanese water and that is an extreme provocation. >> in addition to obviously still the relationship between china and north korea and north
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korea's pressure on japan as well, clearly our key relationship there in that region, do you think that north korea seems to be wanting to get some attention but that is almost ignored by this administration. do you think north korea is going to pop up in the midst of this, presenting another larger survival issue? >> analysts are thinking the north koreans will detonate a nuclear weapon soon. they got to validate their test design so they will pop one off in the near future. >> thank you sir. monday cast, we know iran has an interest in what north korea has been doing. it seems like it becomes this interest by this trio of countries, by these terrorist nations if you will, to want to act now, quickly in the next year and a half as the biden
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administration becomes weaker and more troubled here at home. >> yeah and there is close coordination and cooperation between russia china and iran but they're working hand in glove and all america's enemies understand they've got a pretty limited window of opportunity here to act and to advance their own interest at the expense of ours. they know that congress is likely to change hands starting january 1st, maybe both house so there might be some additional restrictions but they also realize they've got another two years under this president or successor before there's a change in leadership at the top in u.s. and so, you know, you can really blame america's enemies for seizing this opportunity. they would be negligent if they didn't but they also note that u.s. is not going to retaliate in any meaningful way because the commander-in-chief is not going to pull the trigger in any
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meaningful way so of course they're going to take this time an frankly if suspect down for the count then our allies are down for count. >> exactly. >> and there's tremendous concern in the region japan south korea philippines australia a lot of worries that in fact they're on their own because essentially they are. >> yeah we heard about that certainly after afghanistan indeed especially concerns from taiwan about being on their own so excellent reminders. thank you both very much. now sadly it's difficult to know exactly what joe biden's policy on china really is because the president is unable to articulate it. every single day when joe holds a public event the leader of free world struggles to form coherent sentences and today was no different. take a look at this. >> you know i most families are focused on just putting three meals on the . . . table taking care of their kids and paying their bills. helping you do that is my job.
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it's a president's job as well. when it comes to this bill don't take my word for it. there will be 700 economists, nobel laureates on the economists, former secretary sects of treasury. >> what is it with those sunglasses? >> they put him anywhere away from the sunlight but it looks like he's hiding. joy you look at these, you think of banana bad guys with a scar and big glasses on. it's shocking just the imagery of that but the fact that we can't even know what it was he was trying to say and that he's stumbling around at such an
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incredibly important time as the world is watching an ready to explode. >> yes, it's funny you make that reference to banana republics. i saw biden in those glasses and remember noriega of panama. we refer to them as strong men. this is not a strong man. he's got the glasses but weak policies. that's what concerns me not just how toe looks but on china on the economy on the border everything else it's weakness coupled with this 130 economists backing this so-called inflation reduction act which is an inflation expansion act. economists denounced this tax and spend package saying it's going to increase inflation. it's not only the bad look but the policies behind it that are more scare. >> i it's interesting how things are coming together.
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it almost seems cartoonish how bad things are and how this is acting on on the world stage but when we think about the nature of the policies that everything they've touched has gone wrong. there has not been one thing that's gone right. even a broken clock is right twice a day. they've managed to not be right twice a day. everyone can see how it's an extension of the problems that everybody implemented. what do you say to their commitment to moving forward with something that continues to throw gas on the fire? why are they doing it? >> it's because they don't think the policies are the issue here. they think the communication is the problem not the policies an that is what is causing the american people to face record high inflation. you can't put sunglasses on someone and make them a world leader. we warned about this during the 2020 campaign that he was hiding
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in his basement but the media continued to give him a pass and not push him on policies many we have china threatening the speaker of the house when she goes abroad many we have a war in ukraine in russia because of joe biden's recklessness in terms of emboldening putin. robert gates was right. joe biden has been on the wrong side of almost every foreign policy and national security failure four decades but the problem with the white house is the problem of putting more money into a raging inflation economy not addressing the underlying issue, wiping out paycheck days. they don't think that's the problem. they just think the american people are not buying what they're selling so you're the problem, not them. >> exactly. >> joe biden who was driving america into the ground so maybe
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it's enough not to run for reelection. >> it's like they've got a mission and end goal in mind and the american people are like shadows to them who are going to have to suffer because they've got some more important morally superior point of view that will video up at some point. is it possible they've really sunk that low that what the american people are going through doesn't matter because elections are controlled and they're going to be in control for the foreseeable future? are they that callous at this point do you think? >> i think they're callous and committed to far left ideological ideals, full marxist. these people are pushing a $433 billion spending package, and there is no pivot to the middle. there doesn't seem to be any
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softening. these people are going pedal to metal and going ever further left because these people are hardcore leftists. joe biden is never moderate. he's a solid left wing democrat and this is the policy we are getting out of the white house. not like bill clinton centrism. >> hilly was the idealogue. thanks to both of you. thanks to both of you. the bill we are going to be talking about. coming up kirsten sinema, plus manchin is on the defensive, more marsha blackburn gives her
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>> now also developing arizona senator kirsten sinema has signed on to the tax and spend spree as the senate looks to pass a bill through reconciliation many here is chad per gram. >> tammy democrats are him knitted a 50/50 senate so they had to cut a deal, hold out senator sinema demanded drought relief for the southwest and something else called carried interest. democrats describe that has a tax dodge for hedge fund managers an big investors. republicans are ill that they caved to the left. the g.o.p. plans to make personal when i it comes to manchin and sinema.
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they're teaming up to put the duo on the spot. >> what will voter rama be like? like hell. they deserve this. as much as administrator manchin and sinema standing up they're empowering that will make the average person's life more difficult. >> graham threatened to filibuster for a pipeline he want. >> senator manchin, if you think you're going to get 60 votes to get the sweetener you need to think long and hard. >> it could be long nights on capitol hill this weekend, if the senate passes the bill the house plans to sync up next friday. tammy. >> thanks chad. while democrats remove a tax on billionaires the reckless spending spree includes funding
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to hire 87,000 newers agents in order to audit the middle class and to squeeze small business owners over every penny they may ar may not owe uncle sam. they don't want to fund border patrol but they want to fund theers. making us all more dependent on the nanny state for our livelihood. tonight there are growing signs that democrats are receiving blow back from constituents. that's good news many according to a new report from fox several senate aids say manchin is on the defensive with concerns this bill may backfire. what do you say? remember, it was the democrats who told us repeatedly you don't raise naksz a resection. >> i don't think during a time of recession you mess with any
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taxes or increase any taxes. >> and it doesn't make senses to raise tax in recession so getting growth on track is still our most important priority. >> last thing want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up, take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole. >> that's weird isn't it. as americans continue to suffer under the cost of the biden agenda many republicans are doing what they can for working families. senator blackburn is introducing several bills to reduce taxes on lower paid americans. we know with legislation certain things are put in there that the left would know is an example are going to be taken out. those are the things that they'll compromise on. but in the meantime what people
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are noticing is thisers dynamic where it's not a technical tack but you're getting, these are going to be paper audits to people who don't have money to hire attorneys and maybe it's because they got the earned income tax credit or they're making under edward 50,000 and it's just safer to give the money instead of defending your received and saying you don't owe it. this is almost like the mob looking for protection money. how do we really save not just middle class americans which are also under the gun but the lower middle class americans and those edging into poverty and we are now going to sicers agents on them? >> that's exactly what the democrats are getting ready to do and tammy, it is unbelievable to me, they are going to more than double the size of theers.
6:29 pm
basically everybody is going to have their very own personal, irs agent. what they're doing is weaponizeing the irs. now, you are so correct in talking about lower middle class, middle income families many they don't have money to hire cpa's and accountants and bee be able to go in there and expense their expenses. a lot of mom and pop businesses on main street in small towns and cities across this country, they don't have the money to go hire a law firm or an accounting firm to represent them. but they organize and say, here's the things the democrats aren't telling you many they say oh, no tax increases or audits in people making under $400,000
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and give them a chance to vote on that, but you know what they are doing is all these businesses like your restaurants you go to, the cafe you go to, the dry cleaners you go to, the florist, their gross is probably around that amount every year but they file on their 1040. they're a pass-through entity, every single one of them, their taxes will go through the roof. what does that mean for you? you go to the cafe for breakfast it costs you more. you go over to the florist, it costs you more. >> senator, if those businesses survive, these are the small businesses that manage to survive out of covid after decisions by the government which destroyed so many lives so many businesses, made it impossible to stay afloat, they're now going to target those businesses, $80 billion, six times more than the annual,
6:31 pm
one annual yearly budget of the entire irs. it is a remarkable expansion, in addition to the union that the treasury union that these individuals go into over which 90 percent of that union support goes to democrats. for the republicans, i have to say, for the republicans to allow to it get to this point there, are more than just sinema and manchin. there are 48 our democrat senators s. there no effort to get any other democrat to say never mind considering what's going to happen in november, to the democrats? are the republicans doing anything to switch anybody else over? >> absolutely every single day and every one of our committees and trying to build bipartisan support for the good of the american people and you know, were you talking about joe manchin and all this talk about
6:32 pm
him having to stress, he went back on his word. he ought to have second thoughts. he said he would never support build back broke but they have broken this into pieces and they pass some of it in chips. they pass some in infrastructure. now they come with the mother of $739 billion and look at that money $80 billion into expanding the irs, $64 billion into expanding obamacare, $313 billion, $1.5 trillion in two weeks. you just cannot make it up. they know they're going to lose many they're trying to roll the dice. they're trying to go for broke. they don't give a rip and slip about mainstream america, about small business. they have not kept their word and they know it. >> they haven't. you're absolutely right and woid say maybe at this point it's
6:33 pm
about revenge. maybe they're doing it because it's like look what you did to us and we are going to light the match. >> you got it. >> americans know they got to stand up against this. continue your great work. thank you ma'am for joining us. ahead the biden border crisis is getting worse as fbi head christopher wray warns about a new danger. plus bus of migrants has arrived in new york city. they're not happy. stay with us.
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>> well, now governor abbott is promising through on his promise to ship migrants to major democrat run cities with the first new york bound busload arriving in manhattan earlier today. of course cities like new york
6:38 pm
an washington, d.c. are being just a small glimpse of what border community are suffering every day. governor abbott wrote earlier today. and meanwhile down in our nation's capitol the pentagon is denying mr. bowser's question for national guard support to assist in handleing the migrants that she says are straining local resources. here for reaction nevada candidate adam laxalt and tom holman. you guys have been on the front lines for a long time. fascinating adam start with you to watch the reaction of
6:39 pm
liberals like bowser adams and the new yorkers when just a tiny bit of what is the smaller towns on the borders in arizona and texas everybody suffering for years and they freak out. was this not a brilliant decision or what by governor abbott? >> yeah, you know boo-oo. i've been to mcallen. i've been to brooks county. these are small community. they have no infrastructure to deal with this kind of influx and they've been screaming for help and support from the federal government from the biden administration and it's no where to be found. now you have a couple buses coming to giant metropolitan areas an they wave the white flag before it starts. this starts the actual wave to make sure the administration takes the board crisis seriously. it's a step we need to take. my opponent senator masto says
6:40 pm
there's no such thing as open border. guess what. we can't solve the border crisis with leaders that refuse to identify the problem in the first place. >> tom this is also i think a matter in a way, hiding it in a certain sense them don't allow pictures to be taken. they figure these are small towns, no one is going to notice or care, that it's all a game or rhetoric. the arrival of these migrants in major democrat cities really personalizes it, makes it rear for not only the politicians but the people in those cities. >> new york city, washington mayor, welcome to the game. look. you're sanctuary cities many these people are coming to your cities anyway because you're protecting them. they can come to your city commit crime and get back on the streets. you should be proud of that but you're sick and tired of buses coming pick up the phone call the white house tell them to secure the border.
6:41 pm
that's what they got to do. neither one said a damn word when the biden administration approved aliens into the city middle of the night but when a republican governor does it they're having a fit. welcome to the game. step up. get ready for the same policies many crime problems are outrageous, washington, new york city all-time crime surge because they're releasing criminal aliens every day to rio fend in that city. if you want to address the crime problem work with i.c.e. get them out so they can't reopen fend. >> i have to say adam in moving these individuals away from those smaller towns where there's just general chaos, nobody knows what's going on, where there aren't any services, this is in fact the more humane thing to do when you're dealing with clearly a human catastrophe on the border and these bleeding heart limb ralsz, these democrats who are the champion
6:42 pm
for everyone don't account them. it's a remarkable exposure of their callousness in the midst of a catastrophe that they've created. >> it's outrageous. i've been to the border and it is a humanitarian crisis. i mean, i was just there 3 weeks ago. it's a hundred degrees, 100 percent humidity. we saw bodies of people, biden bodies because of his policies. if that weren't enough, to get them to reaction, the mayors decide to freak out because it's hitting their doorsteps. it's outrageous if fentanyl crisis, the human traffic it's hitting my state at all-time highs. it's hitting states all over america. i don't know why it took this to wake them up. if we get 51 votes and have a deep red wave maybe we can get
6:43 pm
biden to come together table and actually secure the boarder. tommy want your comments on fbi director wray on the border. >> he's a delay late dollar short. the question should have been to christopher wray what have you done about it? have you talked to president biden about this? what have you done to address this national security crisis? he's not doing his job either. he's like the rest of the administration, the island of misfit toys and he's part of i. they've got to do their job and it's important he does his job and demand to secure the border because it's a huge national security issue. >> it is and i want to look at video with that smug look on his face when he talks about how concerned she and they've done nothing and they just talk about it. all right, gentlemen, thank you.
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6:49 pm
during that traffic stop. according to pelosi's criminal complaint it revealed both vehicles were totalled in this collision. the other driver suffered injuries. pelosi had red, watery eyes, slurred speech failed a field so bright test and handed officers a california highway patrol organization that sports. anyone who attempts to use membership for preferential treatment will be terminated with the group with a spokesperson for that group saying, quote. now, that group went on to say if it's proved that pelosi did violate the terms, they will revoke his membership. they'll take the card back and refund any contributions that he
6:50 pm
has made in the past. back to you. >> bill thank you. that seems like a small price to pay, considering what's been described with that accident or remarkable turn of events. also in the golden state governor gavin newsom is begging hollywood to stop shooting production in states like georgia and oklahoma claiming it's a matter of principle and morals, taking out a full age ad in variety, he says, quote. citing recent abortion issues in support of sb 485 which would invest around $1.6 billion in tax film an television tax credit program and extend it through year 2030 because hollywood needs more tax credits. newsom's ad is the latest example of the governor going after red stakes for his nomination in 2024 but the
6:51 pm
florida republicans are hitting back after newsom attacked them in an ad last month. >> independence day. let's talk about what's going on in america many freedom is under attack in your state. dictator ron desantis lets you walk around without masks. that tyrant allowed your kids to go to school during the pandemic? who knows. i urge you in florida to join the fight. join us in california where we will take the money you eastern and give to it people who don't work. >> joining me now for reaction, deputy managing editor cara davis with fox news contributor webb. i'm a californian, you're a californian, we are looking at a lot of madness. doesn't it seem what newsom is doing pandering more donations for what ever campaign he might want and isn't it strange he
6:52 pm
would be insulting a bunch of other states when in fact when you run for president you need to get the support of those states? >> newsom is running for president like a teenage boy runs for prom kids. cool friends are the most important votes but newsom is born and raised here in california and as a california transplant from real america i can tell that you a lot of people especially in the upper class who are born an raised here never have the opportunity to live elsewhere. people really do have the feel like, everybody else just wants to be california, and they just can't be and they're just dying to be like california. there's the sense they hate us because they ain't us. that's like the card that gavin newsom is playing. everybody else wants to be us but no, we are hemorrhaging people. people are fleeing our state in droves and he can talk about tax
6:53 pm
credit but until that comes to light it's just talk. yeah. he's just absolutely ridiculous in that ad that rebuttal for florida state was really brilliant. most of america don't want to be us. >> david it's pretty amazing because you've got a guy here who does seem to live in a bubble and believes the cocktail parties he goes to is a flex of how all americans think happen it doesn't really compute. do you think he's make anything head way in this? do you think she going to run for president? what do you think? is this the best that the democrats have to offer? >> you know, i think in his mind he's already running for president. i don't know if he's drinking what paul pelosi is drinking but apparently governor gavin newsom and the democrats in california can't actually do economic math. you mentioned sb 485. this is a bill had a hasn't passed yesterday, $1.65 billion
6:54 pm
in tax credits. i have the numbers. georgia, $2.9 billion in film, $4 billion in 2021 now at 4.4 billion and growing. they have no annual tax cap on tax credits. i know a thing or two about this. they had 412 productions in 2022 so far, 32 feature films, 36 independent films, 269 episodic productions, 43 commercials and more. they win, gavin. >> i have to seca a what's interesting you aren't important president and don't like the policies of certain states wouldn't it make sense to go there and let them to get to know you and you them instead of every state is the enemy hand we are not going there to the mean
6:55 pm
girls? >> can you imagine gavin newsom going to the unwashed masses of the swamp? you should pull up footage of him trying to clean up homeless encampments when the recall was going poorly for him. he was so mad. he had to put on jeans. it's going to be a show. don't understand underestimate gavin newsom's appeal. it's fun to make fun of him and i'll continue to do so and i think we can push back the newsom threat but he's got a certain type of appeal that democrats like. pay attention. >> and they continue. cara, dave thanks for joining us. all right. more hannity coming up. brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+. ...
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>> unfortunately, that is all the time we have left for this evening. thank you so much for tuning in. i want to thank sean and his entire team of people. it's a great team that bring this program to you every night. they've just been wonderful. thank you to sean for letting
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me sit in this chair. remember, catch me on "get tammy bruce" on faxnation. or at "ingraham angle" up next. have a wonderful weekend. sean is back on monday. see you later. everyone. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "ingraham angle" from washington tonight. americans coil as dems sell perversions. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> trans youth are vulnerable. we really want to deface our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth not to limit their participation in activities in sports and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state. >> laura: no, it's not