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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  August 6, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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ahead. if you have a busy day tomorrow because you will post fox news sunday and mike will speak with democrat cardin as the senate vote on inflation reduction act and see how that turns out. exclusive interview with former un ambassador nikki hailey, i'll see you tomorrow at noon. ♪♪ >> dialogue trump along with joey jones, alicia acuna. today's big static show. raymond. >> shocking new details. an elderly woman in san francisco attack, every parent watching will believe this. >> mandate taking a wild ride after she drove her car into a home. it's a story we are talking about tonight. >> bill maher has a hot case on
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obesity epidemic. he thinks it's not this issue but it's a national security issue. >> first, showed up in the senate on capitol hill right now. the state is about to begin on the inflation reduction act. democrat moving forward with a huge spending bill despite the findings the bill will have a major impact on inflation. the white house saying something completely different. >> the economist have said this inflation reduction act will reduce inflation. >> is it appropriate to brand as inflation reduction act when it will have this effect in the next two years? >> if you think about the reduction act, inflation reduction act, it will have an effect lowering prices for pharmaceutical costs which will make a difference in a big way. it should be called inflation
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reduction act because that's what is going to do. >> you heard the white house saying the bill was lower, drug costs. cbo said it could do the opposite and make prescriptions more expensive. a tax credit for an electric vehicle, automakers say 70% of the models don't even qualify. joey, there is so much here. first of all, it's called inflation reduction act yet everybody is saying, all the experts, bipartisan committees won't actually reduce inflation. we have the situation where taxes we heard from joe biden early on, making under $400 supposed to be taxed. check this out, what schumer and manchin, there's $16.7 billion tax increase on earnings under $200,000 between one billing tax
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increase between 200,000 and $500,000, that is the reality of the schumer manchin bill so what do you make of this? not only do you have all these questions surrounding it but they are trying to pass it through the budget reconciliation process, that allows them to pass votes versus the 60 vote threshold we usually have to have in the senate. >> mitch mcconnell and have this any sooner. the worst week for him and it's not over yet. tomorrow maybe it will turn for the good. look at joe manchin and kyrsten sinema and why they voted for the bill, for joe manchin, he's voting for this bill for promise of permitting reform that's not in the bill that will happen after the bill by the end of september. christensen what is more transparent voting for it because it took up the provision for the wealthiest donor for her. it would be easy to hang this
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around this, but 50 are voting for it, we get a better perspective on this, you look at warnock going up against walker, i think herschel will do really well but georgia voters will vote for this. joe manchin has given a shield and so many arrows from the democratic party, i want a spending bill passed but i also don't like the idea of thinking they could hide behind him. at least we see true colors. >> you bring up the voters, alicia you were in arizona talking to voters connecting with people, i think it's obvious the reasons democrat are pushing this through is because the midterms are coming in, they've done nothing on inflation, is through the roof, they've done very little to bring down gas prices and they think this might help them as they had. what was the response from voters? >> it was interesting, have the even learned anything? if you bring up senator sinema
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in arizona, it's interesting she expresses her support for this after seeing the results wednesday morning, trump supporting trump endorsed republican up and down the valley. not only one by small urgent, they one big and people there, i was talking to, they talk about abortion and border security, every single person talked about were the price of groceries, they are concerned because it can build that the gas tank. the white house sees the drop gas prices, it doesn't matter to them, it's still so much more than it was. phoenix area alone in the month of june, inflation rates were 12.3% so when they are watching these members of congress argue about these things, for them there's a real sense. >> life is been made so hard for people right now in america get ready because if you like being
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audited, i think you're in luck. thousands of new audits for low income middle-class americans coming at you. look at this graphic, 800,000 new audits for those making under $100,000, 65% of new audits so you are in luck if you're into this. we talk about gas prices, listen to this between peter doocy and the press secretary, listen to this. >> why is the president bragg today about gas prices? >> because it's gone down. >> it's still a dollars 72 higher than when he took office. is that good? >> you want to talk to a nurse or a teacher or firefighter? it's having that little bit of breathing room doesn't matter to them? >> are teachers and firefighters saying gas prices are only $4? >> i'm saying even that little bit of breathing room matters to
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families. >> they are desperate to make anything sound good. how do you make audits sound good though? >> when you lose a job across the country, that live this month, don't pay attention, look at the times everywhere and people out of work. the only job doubled now is apparently irs agent so if you are an auditor, this is your vomit. i love that people saw sinema and manchin will hold out and by their party. these are the same people that pete davidson and kim kardashian would take it but it didn't happen but this is a complete distortion that this will in any way reduce inflation. if this monster passes, we will need reduced depression act next because this is going to send us headlong into a depression you can't tax 15% corporate tax rate on top of americans, trickle
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down to every american. the taxes for people under $200,000 and now you're talking about on top of that irs enforcement doubling meaning the middle class will get hit coming and going and gas prices won't budge. who can afford $70000 electric vehicles? >> about the irs, they are not going to go after people who have sophisticated taxes, people simple enough they can find a grant or 20 grand here. >> small businesses just what we should be reinforce. so terrible. >> is the opposite to make a difference. it's going to get worse. the good news is that if you want to get an electric vehicle, apparently there's a tax credit in this bill. unfortunately 70% of the cars even qualify.
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>> i have no problem looking to the future and investing in innovation but the way you invest is give people the opportunity to innovate. you don't go back and say if you buy this car, just because it says tv, we will give you a little bit of money for the. for people to buy a product not based on the quality of the product for the name, that's not how you do it. >> they are reading the capitol system using government dollars, taxpayers money to force and create a new industry. why? let the markets decide that. you give them $20 billion gift for the american taxpayer to all these car manufacturers, how do you power grid? [laughter] >> imagine we all loved in, it would all come crashing down not to mention the battery components for electric vehicles come from china, we are in a sticky spot with china right now. there are so many issues and i think joey, most people will
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probably like the are saying i have no problem with everybody moving toward the future, i think most people can appreciate that but you have to do it in a strategic way, you can't just shove it down people's throats but here we are. >> all i keep thinking about are folks who live in the middle and they are the ones when they go on a road trip, it's a long ride. we drive our daughter to missouri, a been on that drive and i thought this would not be easy in electric vehicle, not only making the distance but patients if there somebody else there, it's not practical. >> and for those of us in both states when you have to evacuate and hurricane, you're on the road 13 to 20 hours sometimes, the electric vehicle, are you going to blow to it? auto but is not going to work. >> you can't sit for three
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hours. [laughter] >> next we learning more about the attackers against an elderly woman in san francisco. the details of the criminals will shock you. ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show. multiple law enforcement sources are telling fox news one of the criminals attacked an elderly asian woman in the san francisco apartment complex is an 11-year-old boy. one of the other attackers, the one seen in this video provided by kgo kicking the woman in the head is a 14-year-old girl. the third attacker, a 13-year-old girl. the folks are still on the run. the victims telling kgo quote the use their first -- this rather ahead will double times and then will be down and kept kicking me. allysia, this is not only in san
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francisco or even new york, this is across the country and it seems more than heavy crime or theft involved. >> just watching that video and seeing the predatory nature of children so young is incredibly shocking but obviously there is the sense because we see attacks like this regardless of age over and over, city by city and from what we are hearing, people arrested are then released, you're going to get swatted on the hands, maybe detain for a little bit but definitely not punished. there isn't going to be a lot to pay for this time in a just a little bit of it. >> they are trained from a young age, a 3-year-old running around yelling at the cops, hitting the cost of maybe training here's a
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children a young age to law enforcement, this clearly has you don't come out, you want to hug and show affection, that's what is emulating lacey neck it was apparent, that needs to go to jail. if it's the community and the three jobs and we need to make a change, we can have kids with that type of behavior because the adult do the behavior don't have consequences and boast about it. in my opinion that's what we are seeing. >> you remember that bodega clerk, josé alva attacked by a woman who refused to pay for a bag of chips, is she sent her boyfriend into attacked the court and he pulled a knife and kills the assailant, authorities sent him to jail. they dropped all charges. now is been cited not to go back
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to the bodega but he may return to the dominican republic. he's taking a break fighting with his, and he said he's afraid for his life trying to get back to normal. he said it's hard when you have flashbacks of what happened. he's getting national help and then his family decides whether he goes back to the dominican republic good or just spend time there. how bad is this where a guy leaves new york city to go to dominican republic which the state department has warned about the crime there, assault and sexual assaults and general crime? >> is tough because if you went back there and worked again, there's nothing about this city or situation that says they will stop that from happening. there's nothing to make people feel safe and then you get prosecuted for, you get jailed to save your own life.
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>> we see this in my city, new orleans, they are fighting that in the obama administration posted years ago because it restricts cops ability to intervene in the middle of violent acts like this and katharine mcphee in los angeles apparently she shares sympathy with all of us i think on instagram, she posted this story an elderly man and jumped and beaten and she added, i blame every single one of you woke voters, seniors heat up in beverly hills, keep voting for this, what a sad state this city is in. she's advising friends to follow her advice and leave jewelry at home. how we get to where people in major cities have to change their stress to accommodate criminality? >> this is so insane, it used to be you could go to places like los angeles and new york and people wanted to come and put on
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clothes and jewelry and make a scene out of it, a fun thing to do. i have funds in florida who tell me they been coming to new york like 30 years in the past several years they have done this and say we dress down when we go to new york and do not under any circumstance where anything flashy, no jewelry or anything to draw attention but it's awful to go back to this video we choke about women, 70-year-old woman, there's no humanity. the fact that these kids went back, this kid goes back unnecessarily to protect our kids, it's crazy. kicked in the head for no reason. you want to rob somebody, that's bad enough but it reminds me of what we saw happen in new york not too long ago with an individual hit by a car, the people got out and robbed the guy after they hit him with a car, humanity seems to be out the window and it's upsetting.
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>> this is happening to cities across america. a woman was dragged, her arm was severed this is a horrific violence think that i agree, something needs to be done. certainly morality, religion, some sense of love and family, decency -- we are going to leave it there. crashing a car into a apartment complex and then a home and starting a fire. what we know about it. next.
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welcome back to the big saturday show. doctors say just a long road of recovery ahead of her after taking a wild ride crashing her car into a garage and she drove off in the crashed into another home and started a fire. live in los angeles with mark. >> the first crash occurred at an apartment complex marine camera capturing the cooper traveling at a high rate of speed in residential neighborhood. one woman saw her drive by before she heard the impact. >> i saw a flash of blue out of nowhere. it was loud and didn't make sense. >> moments later she crashed into a home half mile away. causing the car to go up in flames.
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chuck's witness at the scene describing what she saw. >> a fire that was going on, it was like 200 feet high so i knew it had to be pretty severe. >> another witness saying concentrating when she was placed on a stretcher rushed to the hospital. no other injuries at the scene. >> marianne, right now authorities are not reporting, he seemed to be under the influence acting irrationally? >> that's what we are getting from los angeles times. the report is she seemed to not be herself acting erratically but with not been able to confirm that but we do know she's been vocal about her struggles with mental health and abuse and she's spoken publicly about her heartbreak and relationship with ellen degeneres in 2000 and. she's known for her rolls in several movies including well-known movies.
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i know what you did last summer just to name a couple. long-running role on another world. >> can you go over this, she crashed into one location and then got back in or kept going and hit another location? >> that's exactly what happened. according to witnesses on the scene, she first crash into the apartment complex into a garage reportedly. everyone heard that impact and some of the people in the area when trying to help her before she could, she sped away and a half mile away she had a house and apparently fast enough to go all the way into the house so it caught the house and her car on fire. unbelievably she was pulled out and you saw her interacting with first responders there at the scene. >> it's lara trump here, whole situation seems sort of a miracle. the more people were not
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involved, no one else was injured or killed thank goodness but can you confirm reports saying she was trapped in the car around 30 minutes where 69 firefighters worked to get her out, is that the case? >> yes, that is the case. fifty-nine firefighters tried to get her out, had to use a crane to pull her out and we heard from a neighbor went into the house along with a couple of other neighbors to try to help and they said the house filled with smoke quickly and hard for them to do anything. as far as the person who lives in the home i guess they were at the back of the house away from it, they were not injured and that's a miracle. it's a miracle she's sitting up there talking after something like that. from the sound of it, she wasn't going slow when she ran into the house. >> you are right it's a miracle, someone in the house survived as
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well as her. the actors has a pattern of mental health issues, problems with alcohol. tell us what was found in the car, there were images i know and it reminds me of the 2000 incident in fresno when she abandoned her car and walk into someone's home showering and said she was god claimed to be on ecstasy later what we know today x. >> what we do know and can confirm is she's talked about her own struggles like that one incident substances, perhaps alcohol abuse and others in her mental health challenges and struggles and as far as what we can confirm with anything in the car, one 100% some kind of substance in her system, that's not been confirmed yet but we are working on that and we will bring you that when we have. >> you know but there are pictures that show the consul in
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the middle, there might be a bottle but we don't know what's in it and she did brag on her podcast recently she was drinking wine chasers on her last podcast so thank you. >> thank you. >> still had, today marks the 12th anniversary rows in afghanistan, tell a bit about this story and people there to save my life and we will talk about that a little bit more coming up next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show today august 612 years ago is a day when will joey's life changed forever. anniversary of the day a servicemember came to close to losing their life. on this day in 2010 all deployed in afghanistan joey lost both of his legs after stepping on an ied fellow service members on fox nation special called alive today. johnny joey jones. >> i was kneeling next to him in the dirt next to his stretcher and i was talking to him and i said sir, i'm so sorry i let you down. at the time it was stunning and it wasn't something i expected. it speaks to the heart and character of marine jones. he's not even sure he's going to make it to the helicopter ride, all his thoughts are with the rest of us in the fact that he's
2:37 pm
not going to be there to help us. wonder sometimes where we find. >> weeks for so many out there right now we are so incredibly grateful are here. i imagine this is a strange way to take the day and i know you want to honor your fellow marine. >> military tradition speaks and we do things today the same as we did as far back as we can remember because we talk about politics and we worry about that. when we talk about young men and women laying their life down, i was honored to go to war with those men and women twice, iraq and afghanistan and when i was injured in 2010, a corporal rank under me was there helping me as a marine combat engineer and a little bit of his story, i'm the guy on tv, it's easy to draw attention to myself, so daniel
2:38 pm
was a fireman he had a brand-new baby boy, brand-new wife, he did not feel it appropriate as a military aged man to not be in the war. he went to go to plummet to afghanistan and the operation i was on to do his job at the highest level and the ied took my legs in his life. until the store because every step of his life, he served. he is proud to be a husband and a father mostly, proud to be a fireman and proud to be a marine and he didn't have a lot of arrogance or self-importance, he just saw it has his duty and what he supposed to do. daniel died protecting me that day and i have to believe i'm learning how to talk for a living for this.
2:39 pm
>> you are so incredibly generous and modest and we want to hear from general ben watson joey, right after ied explosion. >> it's been amazing to watch what he's done. he's been an inspiration only to me because so many others. he is a model, an example of resilience when you have a bad moment or bad day, think about how much worse your life could be when you can't handle the little things a positive attitude, it's got to be ashamed like johnny jones and push through diversity and make a success out of their lives. >> i feel we are fortunate to sit here with joey. we are so grateful, joey that we
2:40 pm
are here. we are grateful to have you part of the fox family but thank you for serving this country and every person out there who served your attitude, think anybody around you, who feel a positive attitude. have you always had that? i feel like sometimes people's attitudes determine the outcome and you've done amazing things. >> i've never been athletic but i love sports so if you could be on a football team that wins three games in a season and happy, you can be happy about anything. i just zoned out for the intro because it's hard to hear those things, it gets me emotional but there's a clip for the interviewed two or three days after and i said i was getting a second chance at life so i like to believe i was always that way, i felt a few days like that after eating blown up. i've always been a happy guy to see the blessings around me.
2:41 pm
we win the lottery when we are born in this country. a lifestyle down there in the south, he wake up in georgia, i'm happy to be there and i fortunate i still good to be there. i represent anything, the class of young men and women who raise their right hand and join the military. >> my father is a marine so when i look at you, i see shades of humility and the sense of unified purpose both in battle and in life and that's something i think the military does and what part of me thinks we should all serve. i know the controversial topic. my question is, how has this changed you? i know the recovery could not have been easy and i was
2:42 pm
thinking as i watched these pieces, i can't imagine going through this recovery process you went through and not being pessimistic, nasty and resentful. >> every time it would bring lunch, i'd kick everybody out of my room and as i ate, i would cry, i might cuss, yell at god and the devil both, i would get all of that anger or emotion and 30 or 20 minutes i would let everybody back in because it was my responsibly to make them okay look what happened to me. my dad saw me at a young age, was born to be one, your job as a man of the house is to provide and protect. you do it with love. it was my job to make sure those people who love me and they were scared to death what happened if i'd be okay, it is my job to make sure they were okay. not to tell you i'm awesome, i tell you that because there are
2:43 pm
thousands of young men and women at the age of 18, 20, 22 have half their body blown away and they are doing amazing things. i'm on the board that tries to help but all i ever hear are negative stories but if we go out and do well, these men and women overcome the worst adversity. it helps me with perspective and gratitude. >> almost everything you say, anyone who listens, there is a lesson in there regardless of what we talk about congress or politics, you bring a lesson to us all and we are. >> honor. >> you bring honor and you can watch joey jones anytime on fox nation. still ahead on the big saturday show, communion bill maher has a hot take on obesity, not just a health issue, it's a national security issue up next.
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show. comedian bill maher is calling obesity a national security issue. he claims it's made worse by woke body positivity and it could have a military application. >> how often positivity is used to describe it's not healthy, it's a national security issue now. military recruitment is down by the most since the end of the draft because mainly 17 to 24-year-old are too fat to fight. [laughter] sometime acceptance becomes enabling. if you are in any way participating in this joyful celebration of what goes on now, you have blood on your hands. you can make believe your
2:49 pm
fighting great social justice battle for besieged normality but what you're really doing is enabling addicts which i thought deciding was bad. >> send your nasty letters to bill maher, we are just talking about it. every branch of the military struggling to meet recruiting goals. of the 17th to 24 -year-olds and listed, 23% of them only enlisted without a waiver. that means the rest -- what role does public health play in national security? >> from the trouble they got into the tattoos on their face, especially the physical condition they are in, all of that can be summed up but there's an underlying problem here, deciding no longer okay to want to improve yourself, it's not just about physical appearance, it's physical condition. i work hard but i can be a little better than what i do and take pride in work a little
2:50 pm
harder and be in better shape, that's just one aspect and it determines the amount of days you spent in the earth but it comes down to so far in the wrong direction from the days of overly skinny people, it swung the other way, rebellion of we can't be that is. >> it is a cultural matter. how much do you blame in this magazine? here comes the big girl show on amazon, does this glorify and celebrate obesity? , does it hurt us as a people rather than saying look, take care of yourself is a better way? >> i don't think anybody is suggesting in any way people overweight should be bullied or harassed but we should not be
2:51 pm
promoting something that's clearly unhealthy and it's interesting how, probably the same people seeing participation trophies trying to improve yourself into better are a good thing just like we shouldn't seek promoting images of thin models, we should probably also not promote images of people that are unhealthy because there are real health implications like heart disease in this country. look how much obese impact covid-19 and comorbidities from that. health insurance costs because of obesity so the fact that we are promoting it in a positive way and it and of glamorized i think is a bit of a flip. >> celebrating it as a healthy lifestyle choice is the problem but nobody should be bullied. some people say they have other difficulties in that should be acknowledged but there were images and it's a small world at disney world breaking down and
2:52 pm
the boats began to sink which is no wonder, it was built in 1964 but the centers for disease control tell us our obesity rate for those 20 and older is now 41.9% nationally. how is this sustainable why is bill maher the one bringing this to the national conversation? >> he's hired to be able to get away with it and this is a delicate issue. we talked about this heading into the show and i thought don't get me in trouble, i don't want to get in trouble talking about this because it's a delicate balance, a tight rope to walk because what you don't want to do is shame someone because you have people with eating disorders, it's easy to send them to the wrong place. however, celebrating an unhealthy lifestyle and encouraging it is also dangerous as a whole and for society. it's a tough one.
2:53 pm
>> it's a problem and it's a small world? >> i think it was away -- anyway. stick around, saturday fox are next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday
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show, time for our big saturday fox. our biggest pics for the biggest of the week. espn pleaded videos saying mount rushmore a term used with the four greatest in a certain category, it's offensive and should be retired. >> can we retire using mount rushmore? that should be offensive to all of us especially native americans and indigenous people. we were here before christopher columbus. >> okay, anyway. we've made our own local mount rushmore and i think aoc, joey read, even kennedy and a host from the last segment. [laughter] >> joey. [laughter] >> okay. a french scientist is apologizing after tweeting a picture and claimed it was an
2:58 pm
image taking by the james webb. a scientist calls it -- writing picture approximately the nearest star to the sun located 4.5 light-years away from us taken by the james webb telescope, the new world -- [laughter] it turns out you can get at the grocery store and he says it was a science joke that obviously few people got. most folks out there who don't have a sense of humor don't get it. [laughter] >> really is the best. >> valencia selling a co- inspired by a garbage bag called the trash pouch, $1800. the trash bag looking item is made of calfskin leather and comes in four colors. black, white, yellow and blue. it really looks like a trash bag. it's not new and because i feel
2:59 pm
like it's a social experiment they are doing just making crazy looking things, shoes that look like an orthopedic item, check these out. those are close to probably $1000 themselves so i don't know what to say but i know you arty have several pairs. [laughter] >> it's making wealthy people look stupid. [laughter] had to edit two songs from a new column this week, one for using the word fast and another time for sampling a song on the album without permission. monica lewinsky was asking her to come from an old joke, a family show, i will not show the lyrics. she didn't ask permission to use the song, first off, black common decency. her fans and girls deserve better. all that remains for expletives in the n-word. and john rich of the top spot
3:00 pm
this week. beyoncé might say if you really, really want it, put a clean on it. [laughter] >> okay well. that doesn't for us. back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott start right now. ♪♪ jon: the u.s. senate in a rare weekend session at this hour, members process voting on new tax and spending package. all 50 democrats are expected to vote in favor of the 700 billion-dollar bill after senators manchin and sinema voted to move forward. good evening, i am jon scott and this is fox report. ♪♪ as we take a live look at the senate floor, democrats claim climate energy and tax


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