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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  August 6, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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move to my state, don't bring your policies with you. remember we love freedom. you can find us on social media or you can talk to the team while i'm driving across the country@lj cross cou time i lovu america! brian: i'm brian kilmeade. tonight on the show you will love it. within stop spears is talking about making history. herschel walker, i went out on the campaign trail to talk to him. meanwhile we begin with this missing the point theme. there is so much going on
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geopolitically it's hard to keep it straight. everyone was stunned this week by the killing of al~qaeda's top leader al-zawahiri. he was hiding in plain sight under the de facto government's motor, the taliban. the war in ukraine needs to be the top challenge that needs to be confronted. we have an indomitable enemy, the answer is staring us straight in the face, it's china. -- retaliating for nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan. how would we do in a military
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maxup. if you are simply doing that, you are missing the point. if you want batteries to put in your gas guzzling car, china. or batteries for your new electric vehicle, think china. you want to upgrade your iphone, think china. you want a mask for the mandates that keep coming back and back. think china. if you have a fever or infection, think china. fresh new pair of sneakers, china. the list goes on and on. until we decide as a country that pay the tim means -- that patriotism means more than money. we have a military crisis.
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taiwan. it looks like a dry run for invasion to me. they provide microchips that put us in space and drives our cars. how do we watch their back while watching on for ours. one is a massive push to unbind ourselves economically. we don't have a choice. joining me to dispute or back up my statements, south carolina senator lindsey graham. we have seen a lot together, you more than me, you are a little bit older. >> our supply chain we learned during covid was china-centric. chips. we just passed a big chips bill. whether you make a refrigerator,
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television or f-35, chips. 90% of the chip manufacturing in the world is done in taiwan. the last thing you would want china to do is take over taiwan and have a monopoly in the chip industry. biden's administration is dumb and weak. instead of imposing sanctions when he built up his army on the border on ukraine, we didn't want to pro showed putin. what are we doing in taiwan? we need to give more military and economic aid to taiwan. and the biden administration is working to kill the bill. brian: they don't want to
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provoke their goliath neighbor. have they changed their stance? >> 63 f-16s are going to taiwan. so the taiwanese are ready to fight for their freedom. it will be tough to invade that island. you see what happens when people face freedom. they will fight like tigers not to give it up. the bill with senator menendez, we puts sanctions on china. this is a strong statement against china and the biden administration is undercutting our efforts. the biden administration is in denial about the rise of quied in afghanistan.
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we have a broken border. how easy would it be for terrorists to come through the southern border and kill a bunch of us. brian: i want you to hear from chris wray. here is what chris wray said about china. >> director wray, who is the most significant geopolitical foe the newt faces in the next decade? >> the people's republic of china and specifically the chinese communist party. brian: it's the hacking, it's the college students. we have to get them on their heels. is there a plan in place to start comprehensively identifying them? >> the fbi director said every 12 hours they open up a case against chinese espionage. all i can say is the border is
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completely broken, it's not secure. this bill we are going to vote on in a day or so will not reduce inflation. there is no plan to secure our border in the face of rising terrorism. and we don't have enough resources to push back against cyber tech and espionage when it comes to director wray. when it comes to domestic growth and possible far it, the biden administration is killing prosperity. when it comes to geopolitical threats, they are weak and dumb. brian: time to take manufacturing, put it in central america. let's attack both problems at once and let them build. al-zawahiri gets blown up on a --on a balcony in kabul.
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>> i applaud the killing of this guy because he helped plan 9/11. he was living in a house of the number two guy of the afghan government. clearly their relationship is back again. before 9/11 the taliban allowed al~qaeda to roam freely in afghanistan, that's what led to 9/11. training camps are rising and the border is completely broken. this is a perfect storm for another 9/11, and the biden administration in my view is not taking corrective action. it's going to make our inflation problems worse. the border is not secure. the taliban knew about al-zawahiri and this inflation act is a line of fraud.
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brian: just a quick reminder. go to your dvr and set your series upon "one nation." straight ahead, the fierce battle over bail reform as crime runs rampant across this nation. how we fix this mess. next, still to come, spends the day as i did with herschel walker. traveling around, see what it's like to be on the campaign trail and maybe working out a little. don't
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brian: america's crime crisis is showing no signs of slowing down. soft on crime d.a.s and bail reform laws are to blame. the u.s. has the highest recidivism rate in the world. across the nation, americans in many cases living in fear. the new york posted summed it up best this week. 10 people of, 485 crimes. in new york city alone.
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>> our criminal justice system is insane. it is dangerous, it's harmful, and it's destroying the fabric of our city. our recidivism rates have skyrocketed. those who say it wouldn't happen in the studies that claim to show that the rate of arrest for violent felonies has not changed since reforms were passed. i have one word for you. you are wrong. brian: my next guest we researched crime across the country. joining us is that author, criminal justice with the push
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for decars racingization. when you heard about this defund the police movement, what were you thinking? >> i was thinking this is the stupidest thing anyone can suggest. if there is one finding that is incredibly robust across the literature is more police means less crime and less police means more crime. it's a misguided thing to do. brian: we cut back the police about a billion dollars out of the budget. and we put all the pressure on law enforcement to do more with less tools. >> the rults have been horrible. not only have we put pressure on law enforcement to do more with
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less, there is a points of incredible frustration in new york city or any major city. you do the hard work, you take the criminal off the street and the system spits him back out. brian: let's make it zero cash bail, what's the result? >> the result has been horrible. the question is how do we solve that problem? we don't just eliminate cash bail and not have a mechanism by which to incapacitate dangerous people. we are the only state in the union that doesn't allow the consideration of dangerous. brian: do you think we can fix this? >> i do. the answers are not that complicated. we can make things a lot better. we went from 2,262 to 292 in
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2016. i think it's a matter of political will. brian: your reaction? >> the statistic doesn't account for something that people are willing to recognize with gun control. you often hear the u.s. compared to the european democracies. but that explains why we have more people in jail. there are pockets of concentrated crime that don't exist anywhere else. brian: are the police racist? >> absolutely not. >> if you look at the crime. it only added 0.14% to the life
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expectancy of white men. it's disproportionately benefits low income minorities. brian: "criminal justice" is the name of the book. we are just scratching the surface. we'll have you back. the dems are at it again reimagining reality and this time it impacts your wallet. winsome sears joins me right here. second negative
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reading. >> according to multiple different organizations this bill does raise taxes. they are wrong. it does not raise taxes. brian: the american people and some republicans seem to be buying it. >> it increases inflation, it doesn't decrease inflation. those making less than 200,000 a year, we are going to be paying
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more according to the joint committee on taxation. the congressional budget office says it doesn't decrease inflation. egg they are saying as best we can tell is not true. brian: if you don't trust the politicians to tell you this, take the word of 230 economists who just sent a letter saying it will precipitate the current troubling economic climate. aka, don't make the same mistake twice. the former governor indiana, and the former head of purdue university. mitch daniels. you have so many different hats that you have worn. is this $735 billion spending plan, does it make you feel more
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optimistic or less optimistic? >> up reluctant to anything that expresses the intent to reduce our debt and deficit. that's a stated intention of this bill. it's about time someone offered one with that goal. i have to say i'm not sure will accomplish it. i agree with those who don't see it having an anti-inflation effect anytime soon. maybe a reasonable goal by one of its proponents. but i'm not sure they have the right means. brian: this is the one thing i want to get you to. you are on a college campus. everyone talked about green and climate change. the investment in climate and green energy. your thoughts? >> i thought we don't need to be
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spending $360 billion more dollars on anything right now. if the advocates of this bill are really serious they would concentrate on spending reduction and debt reduction in the near term. the incredible injustice that we are going to do to today's young people, they are the ones on whom these payable bills will be deposited. so i have to say that if their goal was to start back on a path toward lower debt, bravo for that. it means they have chosen to do it. it's very unlikely to get us very far, and that could be counter productive. brian: college financing students and the tuition is a challenge. i know as a parent how expensive it is. you stopped raising tuition at
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purdue. now there is a big story about what should we do with student loan debt. it's been on pause since the pandemic started. there is pressure on biden to forgive all student loan debt. >> the first thing i will tell you, the best way to help students avoid excessive debt is not to charge so much in the first place. at purdue university, it's less expensive to attend than it was in 2012. that's why it's down by a full third even with a bigger student body. with regard to the amount of debt out there, i find it indefensible to do what they talk about doing. they reward wealthy people more than people with moderate income. it's unfair to those who lived
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up to their responsibilities and paid their bills. 99 percent plus of purdue graduates pay back their loans. brian: i went to school from 82-86. i was proud to finish it off, but it was a lot less in fairness to this generation. charlie kirk has a bookmaking the case against college. what do you think as a guy who is president of a great university? >> i think he's right in part but maybe overstates the case. i think it's absolutely accurate that for some time we may have encouraged too many people to go to college, or some people who might have had a better path forward. there are a lot of skilled trades in which, electricians o-
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or plumbers, in which a competent craftsman is make more than a bachelor's degree owner. i think it would be a mistake to dissuade talented young people from a skill that can advantage them later in life. the answer is to make it more valuable by not overcharging. brian: don't look down at people who don't. it's a great honor to have a skill that's laudable in society. i continue to be impressed by how many things you do well. mitch daniels, thank you very much for your time. the new movie might never see the light of day. what could have happened during taping. we have a good backup for when
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they are ready for a remake. raymond arroyo will be here. and i spend the day with herschel walker. catch me in knowledge at the performing arts center. the next week while be in albany. then brandon, missouri october 12. and usa, oklahoma november 13.
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the arrow shows the direction your glucose is heading: up, down, or steady, so you can make better decisions about food and activity in the moment. after using dexcom g6, my a1c has never been lower. i lead line dancing three times a week, i exercise, and i'm just living a great life now. it's so easy to use. dexcom g6 has given me confidence and control that everything i need is right there on my phone. (female announcer) dexcom g6 is the #1 recommended cgm system by doctors and patients. call now to get started. (bright music) brian: the georgia snapts race between her shell wearing and raphael warnock is one of the raise in the upcoming elections. the former nfl player and ufc
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fighter targeted in a racist attack on msnbc. >> that's what republicans want from their knee grows, to do what they are told. walker presence as a person who lacks an independents thought, lacks an independent agenda and independent ability to draft policies. he will go in there and vote like mitch mcconnell tells him to vote. >> shame on msnby and shame on him. i am going to pray for both of them because they need jesus. brian: i went to gainesville, georgia. i got a look at a day in the life of herschel walker. >> they don't know my story.
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please give a huge welcome to the legendary georgia running back mr. herschel walker. >> whatever you want in life you have to work to get it. getting up at 5 in the morning and he's getting up at 4, you have got to get up at 3. you train as a team. i had some tough times. you can always find a shovel and dig your way out of this crap so you can stand up. no matter who you are, you can always get back up. that's what's so great about this country, no matter how bad it gets, he's going to do something for you. >> we are twins, i'm the good looking twin, he's not. >> her shell on the field to her shell in the studio.
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>> we'll talk to the sheriff. one thing i have been doing. he did shotgun. >> what people need to realize is that america is not about color, it's about culture. the problem is. >> if you have seen race when it comes to her shell? >> they say that in a lot of professions. not all police officers are bad people. what's unique about it. i respect the officers. and that's one of the things we have to learn is to show respect towards each other and everyone go home safe. officers have families just like
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they have families. >> i think that's what's so important. money is not what gets me going. i am going to work hard no matter what. but right now i work for the people. georgia, white, black, whatever, are thigh family. my family are in trouble. i am not sure how that works. i was told to always do your very best. if i didn't do that, i couldn't live with myself. washington has forgot brand-new those people. they have forgotten those people are starving. brian: her shell walker was a stutterer. when you got money you wouldn't buy candy, you would give them
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the money in a playground just to talk to you. >> after they spent my money i was no good any more *. it wasn't okay. i was lonely. that's what i'm saying. that's why i care today. i care for america. brian: people see a black man who grows up in a working class society, two parents working paycheck to paycheck. people say why would are shell run as a republican? >> i hear that all the time. but it's not about the party, it's about the policy. brian: within a week of you getting the nomination, outcomes, revelations about three children you haven't acknowledged in the past. we know about your son christian. what about the three others. >> i acknowledged my kids. my daughter you have seen her at
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some of the functions i have been at. the two youngest kids i haven't acknowledged them because i don't want them to be under scrutiny. brian: all eyes are on georgia. how much pressure do you feel on your shoulders to pull out this victory for what you believe is to get this country back on track. >> this is one of the most important elections in part of our history. but the people need to understand how important it is because i represent the people. brian: when you were coming up, you had a chance to meet a lot of people, one was ronald reagan. what did you see? >> a man who was confident. donald trump is a fighter.
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his policies were absolutely incredible. brian: thanks so much for the interview. when i called up to do this you said we can hang out after. let's go to dinner. >> let's do something better. brian: is this how you like to wide down at the end of the day? >> you don't like to work out? brian: you realize you are a track star -- it's unbelievable. >> we have to teach our kids how to work out. they don't need to have excess weight. brian: you run but that's not all you do. >> i do pushups in the morning. you do 1,500? would you accept less? >> one, two, three, four.
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brian: inflation doesn't pick and shoes who it impacts. winsome sears, an upcoming star in politics joins us next. don't move.
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brian: americans are enduring a supper of pain with cripple prices. the press secretary katherine much karinejean-pierre doing a y lap-over lower imas prices. one host says worrying about the price of imas is simply a sign of one's white privilege. >> inflation is almost a privilege to care about inflation as your number one issue. the same is true of gas prices or the idea it's the economy stupid. i always found that analysis lacking. as a black person i don't want to get killed on the way to my
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job. brian: joining us is winsome sears, the lieutenant governor of virginia. if you complain about gas prices, are you showing white privilege? >> i watched this and i thought to myself, oh, god, these people are so misinformed. you lie to yourself, that's one thing. you need medication after that. don't lie to the people. there is no up thing as white privilege when it comes the food, groceries and clothes we have to buy for our children. we know what we are feeling. the man on the street knows what he's feeling. we can talk about prices up, prices down. the percentage this and economy economics 101.
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that's real life and real life is going to hit them in the face this november. people are going to say you are lying to us. tell us the truth. you don't have to tell us everything, but at least tell us the truth. >> everyone feels the pain of gas prices. that's why the prices believe it or not dropped. i would argue no state has more american history maybe outside of philadelphia than virginia. glenn youngkin put together the virginia house of historic resources to set up a board to see what we should do with all the resources. she says our history has to be the full and accurate history. she later resigned when she got backlash about keeping historic
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monuments and statues up. >> during the campaign i heard from black people, whites, latinos and everybody. fully half of the black people wanted the statues to cop down, and the other half wanted the statues to stay up. they were saying to allow people to discuss, who is this person, what did they do, ka what kind of history. how did they help us? how did they hurt us. i agree. let's keep them up so we can talk about history. also i thought we needed to put up statues to show black people in various force of contributing to america, to our history. you can't burn down your house in order to advance. it doesn't work that way. but we learned from history that we don't learn from history.
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so we are not going back. slavery was an awful thing. it was wicked. it was ugly. and we have to teach all of it. that's what i say. brian: so leave them up? >> yes, as i said. 50% of:black people wanted them up and 50% wanted them down. brian: so she should not have resigned. >> i think ultimately everyone serves at the pleasure of the governor, you just have to insure that you are about the business of the commonwealth. brian: i'm concerned about the wokeness in james madison's historic home and thomas jefferson, monticello. i don't think slavery should overwhelm the tours. what's your take? >> the interesting part about all of this is that the same
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constitution that was -- that we have from 1787 is the same constitution that today i was elected under. it's the same constitution that is going to carry us forward. it's our founding documents and the foundation are secure. it has to catch up with them at some point where the part about all of us are created equal, which is the declaration of independence, and the part about the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, that is also equally important. it hasn't gone away. it carried us all this time. it-carry us further. if you destroy the foundation, then what do you have? you can't have a new constitution are he five years,
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10 years like some countries do. i'm here in the former capital of the confederacy. brian: and your career is just beginning. nobody is stopping you. lieutenant governor winsome sears thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: go to your dvr and set up the series "one nation." next up, raymond arroyo is here with the most outrageous stories you won't hear anywhere else. that least that's what he told me.
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brian: check your watch. it's time for "news duel." joining us now, raymond arroyo.
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raymond: i wanted a real duel. i will tell you the story sometime. brian: holy wokery. it turns out warner brothers put $90 million into bat girl and it's so bad they won't stream it. >> they dumped $100 million into this and when they screened it, they realized how plate was. there is a transgender roommate. when you blow up the bat cave instead of letting people in you know it's lousy. attison ray has 40 million viewers on instagram.
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she is the trinity, father, son and holy spirit on each of her extremities. brian: i think it leaves a lot to be desired. she could be very religious and likes to wear a lot of clothes. raymond: it's blasphemous from my perspective. brian: britney spears got married, and she wants to be married in the catholic church and they said no. >> the church has no record of her requesting this. she came out as catholic on in 2021. to get married in the catholic
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church you have to have no impediment. come on in, but you have to do it the right way. the church is not your personal backdrop for your wedding. speaking of churches. grace church high school in the east village, they had for their high school students a pride chapel where a drag queen was brought in and she -- her name is rita filter, strutted down the aisle, twerking with students, $59,000 a year tuition. if you are going to have a chapel. at this point is there anything serious about drag queens. bring a nun in and quiz her. that would be helpful. have i won the duel?
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brian: don't forget to watch "fox and friends," and follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. meanwhile, check your watch. bongino starts now. [♪♪♪] dan: there is nothing the radical left hates more than black conservatives. their target this week, herschel walker. the radical left is the party of blatant operatism.


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