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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 7, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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brian: don't forget to watch "fox and friends," and follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. meanwhile, check your watch. bongino starts now. [♪♪♪] dan: there is nothing the radical left hates more than black conservatives. their target this week, herschel walker. the radical left is the party of blatant operatism. racism.
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joe biden's track record on the economy is a disaster. but they want to spend millions more of your money to fix the problem they created. nfl quarterback aaron rodgers made headlines this week seeking psychedelics for mental health. we'll take a glimpse into what that future could look like. there is no sugar coating it. democrats are the party of racism. not some of the core racism. i mean open hard-core racism. radical leftists aren't our friends. the same radical leftists reserve a special form of hatred
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for black conservatives. it was on full display this week. the actual comments that actually aired on a cable news channel this week. >> you ask why are republicans backing a ban who clearly isn't intelligent without independent thought. but that's the reason. wearing is going to do what he's told. that's what republicans want from their negros. to do what they are told. dan: he just said that, right? it's not like a mistake to the control room crew? he actually said that. he said that. you know what that is? it's filth. it's disgusting racism in its purest form. i am disgusted that i have to show you that clip.
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the zero in that clip was talking about herschel walker, a strong conservative who is also black which really bothers them. >> i want to pray for msnbc and the gentleman because they seem to need jesus. but they want everyone to think this country is a terrible place full of racist people. but i want everyone to know this is a good place. we have our problems but we can solve them together. dan: classy. this blatant operatism by these radicals isn't anything new.
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another reminder as i said, they reserve a special place of hatred for black conservatives. even in the kays before herman cain's death, leftists mocked his hospitalization saying things like quote this is the man who smiled at maga rallies. he's not smiling now. then there is winsome sears, virginia's first lieutenant governor who is also conservative. that's why the left hates her. this is what a radical leftist said when winsome sears got elected. >> they want white supremacy by byventriloquist effect.
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it legit mates the white supremacist legacy is nothing new. dan: is that even sane? that's what democrats think of winsome sears, the black conservative from virginia. is he a black face dude or the kkk robes guy? nobody knows for sure. but ralph northam knows which one he is. the democrat party is the party open racists. they are note hiding it. what are the chances. supreme court justice clarence thomas played a hero in
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overturning roe versus wade. the left's racism was on full blast culling him uncle thomas. and he's worse than the kkk. this is sick. this is deranged sociopathic lunacy. it's not just how they talk, it's how they act, too. they claim black lives matter. but do they really? the democrats are the party of blatant open racism by their actions and their words. their soft on crime policies aren't just destroying black constituencies like l.a. and baltimore. their policies have been spreading like a cancer in cities in middle america for years. these were the cities with the highest murder rates in 2019.
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they have one thing in common, democrat mayors. the fbi numbers aren't available yet. 40% failed or delayed their reporting. it could mean the current crime rate could be higher than we know. do you think the blacks who live in these cities matter? they don't matter, not one bit. the liberals and the left, they are the real racists. washington, d.c. schools are requiring all kids 15 and up to be vaccinated. guess which demographic will be impacted the most. 85% of students between 12-15 have been vaccinated against the
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virus. do you think the education and lives of those black students matter to the leftists setting those policies? no. not one bit because democrats are the party of racism. the democrats show their true colors by what they say and what they do, we should believe them. look no deeper into the party of racism than the man in charge. joe biden. >> if you have a problem figuring out if you for me or trump you ain't black. >> maya angelo said when somebody shows you what they are, believe them. dan: they are who they show us they are. the party of hard-core racism. joining me now is north carolina's lieutenant governor mark robinson. thanks so much for joining us. i find this phenomenon on the left so troubling.
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people like yourself, strong, black conservatives with a compelling black story. they reserve a special degree of hatred for men and women like you. >> you look back throughout the history of america, democrats despise black people who don't go along to get along, who push back glens falls their tifs and dangerous ideologies. it is true democrats have switched and the democratic party has not changed their ideology towards black people. it's always been an ideology of control. when they cannot crawl, which -t
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control you, they hate you. they have done it to me and it's nothing new. dan: this is a decades long war against the black community. their war on the nuclear black family is generational. the results of that war have been devastating. it's been destroyed in areas run by liberals. your thoughts on that. >> it started with the great society program and the machinations of the democratic politicians who thought they could get more from black folks if they give handouts. one of the most damaging things they have done is when they replaced the black father with a welfare check and the rise of single parent households.
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i believe the black community would do so much better with a mother and father in the home. one thing that's been very damaging to our community. dan: i have got about a minute left. is the d is the grift coming teen end. is this coming to an end, their monopoly over black voters? >> absolutely. i'm glad you brought that up. that's a great example to end on. when i made communities in a white church they went viral and the news media attacked me. i was speaking to black people and they agreed overwhelmingly, and that ideology they can't tolerate. they don't want to see black
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people push against their narrative. dan: watch that speech it's amazing and it's powerful. we appreciate your time. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." crime spiraled out of control. show me the importance of being able to defend yourself several times on the show. when an mma fighter put it to the test on the streets of new york this week.
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dan: we are digging into a story of a 12-year-old kidnapped girl clued out of her restraints. and she led police officers to a home where there were two people who were murdered. it turns out the kidnapper is an illegal immigrant.
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this is a troubling case. i heard from someone on a cable that there may not be someone following the case? >> it's true that there was not an accomplice report. there had not been a report reported on her. but there could be several reasons for that. it could be quite possibly that there was a language barrier that existed. sometimes when you deal with the hispanic communities they will take matters into their own hand. the victim in this case was another victim of mr. reyes. the 12-year-old's mother was also a murder victim in this case. that could be why there wasn't a
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report filed. dan: i was a police officer, typically the kidnapping cases, if somebody is close to the family or close to the person, is that your experience? >> yes. most kids have to have intricate knowledge of the victim and how they move. that knowledge is sometimes necessary. sometimes it's a required aspect. if you are going to be a kidnapper you have to learn more about your victim. we in law enforcement look at that and take that into account when we are investigating cases. dan: thanks a lot for your time, i appreciate it. you probably saw this amazing takedown. an mma fighter stopped a
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homeless man from attacking random people in new york city. i committed my show from the beginning to bring you practical tips to help you save your own life. >> less than 22. hand unversion, shoulder dip, then isolate the arm. from here we can use joint manipulation. once we break the spirit we don't have to break their bodies. dan: . mma fighter, roe, you demonstrated tremendous brave are you. demonstrated bravery.
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>> you need to take seriously and take your time and commit this is something you want to do so you can protect yourself and your loved one. dan: one of the things that attracted me to brazilian jujitsu. it looks rough, but the hard reality is it's one of the few fight sports where you use leverage. you don't have to bash anyone's face in. you use their body's mechanics against them. you have this guy mounted. you are using your body weight over his hips which keeps him from moving. you are so patient, you are even videotaping it to protect yourself. >> initially i wanted to
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confront him, but i knew it would turn into a fight. i wanted to subdue hip as quickly as possible, that's why i used my jujitsu where i was able to take his back and he tried to sling we me off of him. but i had the seat belt position and i was able to use my weight against his and pin him to the ground in 30 seconds. dan: last question for you. when i started training up in new york, he told us, i remember he said listen, you spend your first year in jujitsu learning how to win street fights. then you spend the rest of your life learning how to fight that one guy who knows more than you. >> my beginner student can
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probably give a better more resistance than this guy who thought he was a tough guy in the streets. dan: thanks a lot for getting involved. a lot of people get scared and they kept walking. but you didn't. thanks for coming on. coming up. remember when joe biden acted tough on the campaign trail? >> you are a damn liar, man. that's not true. let's do pushups together. let's run. let's do whatever you want to do. dan: he as wants to fight someone. we'll break down the appearance of macho joe biden on the world stage coming up. r.r.
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i'm ashley strohmier. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." remember when joe biden wanted to be president so bad he wanted to sound hike a tough guy on the campaign trail? >> [bleep]. you are a damn liar, man. that's not true.
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if you want to check the shape i'm in, let's do pushups or whatever you want to do. you are getting nervous, man. i said no, if we were in high school i would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. dan: sure. now that he's president, he's back down from nearly every challenge, especially on the world stage. aaron, thanks for your time. who does this guy think he's kidding. we just had an mma fighter on, an actual tough guy. he's causing a national security threat by backing down everywhere on the world stage. robert gates was right when he said joe biden has been on the wrong side of almost every
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national security and foreign policy issue of the last four decades. we see china on the rise and threatening nancy pelosi because of joe biden. there is a war in ukraine because of joe biden's failure to stop the nord stream pipeline and emboldening vladimir putin. being president means making the tough decisions and actually standing up. there was no question under president trump what he would do. he would tell you and he would follow up. joe biden is a pathetic president. dan: moving on to this next topic. you are a communications specialist. republicans are finally getting it. florida governor ron desantis declined an appearance on the view.
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one of the things i learned early on is you get nothing from talking to these people. they have already written the story. it doesn't matter what you say, the story is already written. >> i can't tell you how many times a day reporters ask questions but they already know the outcome. i'm glad to see his team pushing back on "the view." in the 90s there used to be a purpose of going on different format shows to get your message to different audiences. people web bill clinton on arsenio hall. the women on "the view" are the queens of gotcha. republicans are not served by
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engaging in these conversations. they are served by going around the media and getting their message to the american people. florida is one of the strongest states in america because of him. i agree with him. don't go on "the view." no republican should. dan: he said i don't need to be involved with some of the partisan corporate media. and it's working. his approval ratings are sky high. clearly the evidence is there, you don't need to talk to these people when they are going to hammer you anyway. >> why play the media's game when they make up all these lies and stories all the time. headlines will be democrats did this, but republicans are pouncing. no, the headline is democrats did this. this is a message to every republican. you don't need to play the
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media's game. get your message out and push back. it will work better. dan: thanks a lot, i really appreciate it. coming up, what is the democrat solution to surging inflation? of course raising taxes and spending more money. the rebuttal is coming up next.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." democrats in congress are desperate to pass their inflation reduction bill. look at the public polling. joining me for rebuttal. jose, why is biden raising taxes on the middle class in the middle of a recession. >> if you look at the inflation reduction act. you can see any american making less than $400,000 a year is not getting their taxes raised. all of a sudden republicans are concerned that we are spending money. donald trump spent in four years more than obama did in 8.
12:38 am
so you have zero credibility when it comes to deficit reduction. dan: time out. when you say you guys, i don't appreciate that. on my podcast and radio show i condemned deficit spending whether it was bush, reagan, trump or obama. so if you are going to say you guys, you can talk about the swamp. but don't say it to me on my show. you just said it. so we don't agree spending money you don't have is not a good thing. correct? you just said that. >> well done. dan: wait, wait, wait. now you are change your story. >> it's not black and white, brother. dan: you just basically dug your
12:39 am
own rhetorical grave on that one. blaming republicans for deficit spending. >> i never said spending money was a bad thing. i just said republicans in general have no credit when they come and debate joe biden and say you guys increasing the deficit and we are reducing the deficits. dan: how does spending $700 billion we don't have and taxing the middle class, and that's not true he's not going to raise taxes. it's raising taxes for a bunch of people understood $400,000. how is spending $700 billion you don't have, then taxing people five years out the horizon and corporations will pass it on to their customers, how does that
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reduce inflation and cut the deficit. >> don't look at just the inflation. look at the chips act the president is going to sign. republicans are all about america first, producing things at home. building here in america. republicans don't want to do it. obama is starting to sounds like a republican. made in america and republicans don't want to do it. dan: you are doing it again and this bothers me. i have been consistent on this show, deficit spending is bad. nower telling me deficit spending is good and republicans are good for doing it. now you are saying let's do corporate welfare for a semi
12:41 am
conductor business around the globe. something republicans like me have objected to, corporate welfare forever. now you are celebrating it because democrats are doing? it is it bad or not. stick to a principle. >> you are one of the few republicans that actually calls out your own parties which i think it's a good thing. but you need to spend money to make things better in america. you have to invest in america for the longterm. dan: i appreciate you coming on. you are brave to come on. but you are not talking you need to spend money to make money. you are talking about spending my money. why don't you let the semi conductor industry business. we are running out of time.
12:42 am
how does spending my money on a private company that makes computer chips and makes billions of dollars. how does that benefit me? >> if you look at america where we rate in signs and technology. it doesn't look good, man. we are the greatest country on earth with the best mathematicians and entrepreneurs. we have to walk the walk. to do that we have to invest in the future of this country whether you are republican or democrat. dan: i get it. but you can't tell me a single industry that the government has gotten its tentacles into and made it better. it hasn't happened. the government doesn't make anything better. i have got to run. i appreciate your time.
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we got a little bit over. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." if we don't have farms, we don't have food. there is more to the dutch farmers protesting than meets the eye. aaron rodgers admits he used psychedelics to be a better athlete. what about potential health what about potential health benefits for you and me.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." this is a story not a lot of people are talk about but we should be talking bit. the dutch government wage an all-out war on farmers forcing them to slash their livestock numbers by a third. farmers are fighting back dumbing manure along the highways. there are concerns it could have a worldwide impact on the food supply. mark, thanks a lot for joining us. no farms, no food. i have a rule on this show, don't get dead.
12:48 am
isf what we are seeing in the netherlands a sign of things to come if the climate activists get their way? >> yes. it's happening already. sri lanka's entire government collapsed because they got rid ofma modern farming and went organic. the president bragged he was going to make his country rich. and they pulled that article. justin trudeau is implementing similar problems we saw in the netherlands. massive high-yield agriculture has fed the world for decades. but they are turning the clock back and claiming a climate crisis where none exists. they are now going after our food supply.
12:49 am
this will be devastating consequences. the told chinese proverb saying when food is on the table there are many problems. when there is no food, there is only one problem. dan: the theory i have have this reset authoritarian crowd. when you cause chaos people will clamor for order. they are trying to push everybody into the city. one of the best ways to reset is to attack the food supply. no food on the table, you have got one big problem. >> that's been their goal. first of all you have the world economic forum which bill gates is a prominent member. he's the single largest american farm owner. no one likes a monopoly.
12:50 am
china is also gobbling up american farmland. so it's a cam advertise. china versus bill gates. who do you want to win that battle. we know bill gaipts' stated goal is to get us to stop eating meat and eat lab processed meat. and insects. they are all in on this. the more they get it. that's why they go after the netherlands. they are the number one meat exporter in europe. prince charles wants to put facemasks on cows. dan: coming up on "unfiltered."
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quarterback aaron rodgers claimed he became a better athlete after going psychedelic. we have the doctor coming up next.
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watch the ceremony people in the room filled, or the court tenets of mental health is self-love. and that is what ayahuasca did for me. what better way to work my mental health an experience like that. >> welcome back to unfiltered. nfl mvp aaron rodgers said psychedelics one is best seasons in football. listen, i've been fascinated by this topic for a long time for treating conditions like depression. it's something that's been in my family. it's a tough thing to deal with. some of the treatment's becoming
12:56 am
mainstream for document series on netflix how to change your mind examines the issue the series is through the top of the netflix streaming charts. driving out his chief of psychiatry and ethics doc one health. little different subject this time with you. given your background in psychiatry, mental health obviously something you know a lot about. depression, runs in my family it's a devastating thing. it's not sadness or not sandy lawton but he lost a job, you are depressed and there's no real connection to anything tangible. is this a potential treatment ketamine, and mushrooms? >> the short answer is yes, dan. as a psychiatrist and clinical experience kind with both sides of these drugs. on the one hand i have seen psychedelics harm patients when they are used recreationally or irresponsibly use. i've also seen them help.
12:57 am
and sometimes profoundly help patients without using them medically responsible fashion with a good medical oversight. this is kind of one of those issues where it is important to see both sides of the issue. and understand and a nuanced way. but you are correct. ketamine especially is the one at this point we have the most research on. it's not to say some of the others aren't promising for there are some interesting early results. ketamine is very well studied treatment approach for severe depression. especially depression that is not responded to conventional treatments like medications and psychotherapy. if used right it can potentially be lifesaving. on the other hand, can meet is not as popular today as it was maybe back in the '90s as a recreational drug of abuse. there have been times where this drug was misused it involves a very delicate dosing, dan.
12:58 am
75-milligram dose given iv by an anesthesiologist and very controlled setting, might be right at the sweet spot. if you give 80 milligrams, he bump up the dose a little bit the patient is put to sleep you do not the beneficial effect pretty get a little less may drop down the dose by 5 milligrams, they don't get the therapeutic effect at all. it is something that has to be done in a very refined way. you could imagine someone using recreationally on the streets. it is very easy to go wrong. this type of drug something occult dissociative anesthetic. when you get intoxicated with that you can be disoriented, there are fault risks there's all kinds of potential problems. but at the same time we do not want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. because if they are used correctly they can have very profound effects from things like depression. i am starting to see promising
12:59 am
results with ptsd and trauma related disorders as well. >> i've heard that i'm out of time. i get e-mails from veterans every day who say this really help them. i'm sorry i'm out of time. i always appreciate your comments, thank you for joining us. >> thanks dan. >> you've got a pretty for, remi and catch the show every day on fox nation. here's a clip from this week's show. >> listen, i am a conservative. i believe in free speech where you are allowed to say offensive stuff appeared i enjoyed rap when i was younger. and never sat there and listened and dissected every word and said mommy i think we should cancel ice cube. i just didn't care. you didn't like it, here's a crazy trick if you don't like it, don't freak and watch it you dip wad. just don't listen to it. >> i get it, you are not supposed to laugh at yourself and producers never tell me what quickly going to use. and it's funny, check out the show weekdays fox nation
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12:00 p.m. -- 3:00 p.m. eastern time. follow and filter facebook and instrument at unfiltered on fox comment on the pages tuber that doesn't rust tonight unfiltered will see you back here next saturday night at 9:00 p.m. don't forget that your dvr if you cannot make it live. ♪ ♪ ♪. lawrence: walked across country. we got the fox news alert at a los angeles questions are swirling after a fiery car crash involved after anne heche. doctor say she has long recovery ahead of her after reportedly crashing into an apartment garage, driving off, then crashing into another home, you see right here. joins meat with what we know so far, as should be. >> it was a wild ride indeed. were going to start from the beginning. the first crash happened at apartment comp


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