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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  August 7, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us, welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. today, the amendments are flying this morning as the democrats try to secure 50 votes in the senate for their climate change reconciliation package. jamming in the vote right before the august recess as the progressive left manufactures an imminent emergency. >> the world is is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. the biggest issue is how are we
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going to pay for it. maria: coming up, texas senator ted cruz on the bill moving through the senate this morning and fresh off of his committee testimony of fbi director christopher wray. >> so do you agree the allegation of secret collusion between president trump and russia was a hoax? yes or no? >> i, i don't think that's the terminology i would use. >> do you agree that the hunter biden laptop was not russia disinformation? >> now you're asking about an ongoing investigation that i expect our folks to pursue aggressively, and i can't comment on that. >> okay. maria: yes, a fake russia collusion investigation, a potential made-up attack on michigan's governor while putting ordinary, honest americans many jail. what happened to the nbi? --
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fbi? plus, more buses are moving illegal migrants right to washington d.c. now you're catching ire from the mayor of new york, mayor of d.c. they want federal funding, they want the national guard. tell us about that. >> it's making my day. it's pure hypocrisy. i've got news for hem, they haven't yet seen the fullness of what we're busing up there. we're going to be adding thousands upon thousands more to washington, d.c. and to new york. maria: coming up, exclusive new video from my trip to the southern border this week as the texas department of public safety analyzes and tests thousands of pounds of illegal drugs that were seized at the wide open border and are now killing americans. former trumped a visor steven miller on the politics -- stephen miller on the politics of the fbi and the dereliction of duty at the border. then, the crime spiking on our streets. >> savage criminals are being
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released on cashless bail to continue their violent rampages against the united states of america. entire communities are being torn to. >> reds with stabbings -- sleds with with stabbings, shootings, stanking s, rapes and murders. maria: president trump discussing the crime spike, even an attack on gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin two weeks ago. the congressman is here joining me with his plans to unseat governor kathy hochul and end the cashless bail. plus, january 6th, hunter biden, merrick garland and two systems of justice with harvard law professor alan dershowitz all coming up right here. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: but first this morning, breaking news in washington. the democrats are this close to getting their climate change
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agenda passed with with senators up all night in the so-called voterama this morning where senators are offering amendments to elements of biden's build back better agenda that had been stalled for a year. the senate voting 51-50 last night to move the bill forward with vice president kamala harris to decide -- the deciding vote to pass the package, largely to pay for obamacare subsidies and climate change new rules. texas senator ted cruz is on judiciary committee. he voted against this bill, and he joins me now with the very latest. senator, thanks very much for being here morning. >> well, good morning, maria. good to be with you. maria: can you tell the us about the amendments and the happenings right now in the senate? will bill pass? >> well, sure. we've been up all night, voting all night, i just ran other from the senate floor to join you for discussion, but the democrats to are on the verge of ramming through what really is a terrible bill. this bill will hammer
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manufacturing, it are kill manufacturing jobs in -- it will kill manufacturing jobs in this country. this bill will drive up gas prices. it has billions in new taxes on u.s. oil and gas production. we introduced amendments trying to take those new taxes out, so all the democrats say they're worried and want to lower gas prices, they all just voted to raise gas taxes and to raise your price at the pump. this bill creates 87,000 new irs agents. it doubles the size of the irs. those irs agents are designed to come after you. they're not designed to come after the billionaires and the big corporations, they're designed to come after small businesses and working families across this country. the democrats are making the irs bigger than the pentagon plus the department of state, plus the fbi, plus the border patrol combined. the irs is going to be bigger. maria: wow. >> this is a massive power grab, and i've got to say it's
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amazing, maria, watching these democrats amendment after amendment, common sense amendments they vote against. i introduced an amendment to say don't create 87,000 new irs agents, every democrat voted no. i just introduced an amendment to say that joe biden and the federal government should not be able to sell oil from our strategic petroleum reserve to the chinese communists. biden's sold over 2 million barrels of oil to the chinese communists. every democrat but 4 votes no. they are bound and determined to try and ram this terrible bill through. maria: if i want to get your take on the so-called wrap-around amendment. i know there were also amendments to try to get the democrats to acknowledge that there is a wide open border. will any of those amendments stick, and what about a wrap-around amendment at the end of the day that deletes all the other amendments that you were trying to get through? >> well, right now it may be that the democrats don't even need to force through a wrap-around amendment, because they've managed to keep hair side -- they've kept party
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discipline where all of even the supposed moderates have been willing to vote against common sense bills. for example, as i said, every single democrat, all of them voted to increase gas taxes. so the next time you see a mark kelly in arizona or raphael warnock in georgia with or a maggie hassan in new hampshire or a michael bennett in colorado say, hey, we want gas prices to be lower, you know they are lying because they stood up and voted raise the gas taxes, stick it to the producers, make our consumers pay more at the pump. that's the end result they want, and their voting record proves it. maria: well, it looks like her going to be successful in this, and do you believe that taxes will go higher on most americans? what about that promise that taxes would not be impacted for anybody making $400,000 or less? >> well, it's a flat out lie. the congressional budget office analyzed this bill, and it
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concluded a very large portion of it would be borne by people making under $400,000 a year with, that just about every group of taxpayers would see their taxes go up. the democrats know this. and, by the way, we had amendments to say let's not have any of these taxes fall on people making under $400,000. the democrats all voted no. they are lying, and you know what they're counting on? they're counting on the corporate media just carrying their water for them and saying, oh, your taxes are not going up. maria: wow. >> it's not the truth, they know it's not the truth, but they expect the corporate media not to tell people. so unless they're watching your show or a handful of others, they're not hearing what's actually in this terrible bill. maria: that is absolutely extraordinary. i want to turn to the fbi and your committee's testimony with christopher wray testifying in front of your committee. -- in front of your committee. let's run clip, watch this. >> the fbi -- how many fbi agents were disciplined or reprimanded after that
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disastrous case and the misconduct that led to every defendant being acquitted or having a mistrial many -- on every charge? >> senator, i can't comment on any person, but i can tell you that that case, as a i understand it, is now pending a retrial, as i understand. >> well, the special agent in charge of that case has now been sent to d.c., to the washington, d.c. office, and now leads the investigation regarding january 6th, is that correct? >> that doesn't sound right to me. >> so the guy in charge got promoted ask is now in charge of the january 6th investigation. >> the guy in charge of the whole detroit field office is now in charge of the whole washington field office. that is astonishing. maria: senator, what were you saying will? what did the fbi do in terms of the gretchen whitmer situation in michigan? was that entrapment? >> it was. and look, unfortunately, one of the worst outcomes we've seen both from the barack obama administration and now the joe biden administration has been
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the depoliticization and weaponization of the department of justice and the fbi. they've turned the machinery of government and law enforcement into a weapon to attack their political enemies. and in the case of gretchen whitmer, we all remember in the fall of 2020 right before the presidential election, big announcement that they were prosecuting people involved in a plot to kidnap and murder the democratic governor of michigan. and everyone who heard that was horrified and said, wow, these guys should go to jail for a long time. well, they took them to trial, four defendants. two of them were acquitted on every count, the other two got mistrials, so not a single defendant got convicted on a single count, and the principal defense for all four of them was entrapment, that it was the fbi who had suggested the plot. when the shafts said we didn't want to do it, the fbi said, no, you must go through. it is an incredible dereliction of duty.
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and the fact that the guy in charge of the whole thing was literally transferred to washington, was promoted after the case was thrown out as a complete failure and was put in charge of the january 6th investigation, that is astonishing as i said at the hearing. and in the fbi, this department of justice is content to remain horrowly political and part star deny thoroughly political and partisan, and it's deeply concerning. maria: that is incredible. what can you do about this? this is on top of the russia collusion lie and then the impeachment trial while the fbi sat on hunter biden's laptop. >> that's exactly right. what we've got to do is win control of the house and senate so that we have the authority own gauge in oversight. you know, it's interesting, the director of the fbi was there for one round of questions. at end of the round of questions, we were supposed to have a second round, he said, no, i've got a plane to catch, i'm sorry, i've got to go. he didn't want another round of
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questions. as chuck grassley observed, wait a second, you've got your own plane. the fbi has a private jet just for you, you just don't want to have any more investigation. we need serious oversight, we need accountability. the people who have been political and partisan need to be fired, and if they've broken the law, they need to be prosecuted. and, unfortunately, the democrats in the senate have zero interest in doing that. maria: wow. >> and the biden administration has, if possible, less than zero interest in doing that. but the rule of law matters, and this is not meant to be the enforcement arm of the democratic national committee. if. maria: all incredibly astonishing, senator. thanks very much for being here. when you come back, we will talk china. we did not get into it this morning, but we've been watching the breaking news out of the senator. senator ted cruz in washington. thank you, sir. >> thank you, maria. maria: quick break -- all right, thank you. president trump's border czar, steven miller, is here on how biden's border crisis is
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impacting every section of the country. now not only is the white house missing in action, but he says many republicans are as well as it could cost them the majority in november. his warning to the gop right aftete
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the vice president boats in the affirmative the bill as amended is passed. [cheering] [cheering] [applause] [cheering] [applause] [cheering] [cheering] chat, or not sure if they are cheering for the passage of the bill or they can go home. it has a past. vice president harris there,
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casting that tiebreaker. chad, as you are pointing out moments ago, reconciliation rules the roost in modern times. what does that say about the dysfunction or functionality of the senate, of the house of representatives, of congress in general? >> the budget reconciliation process is in since 1974 peters called the budget act of 1974. it was never intended for these purposes part of member bob was the senate parliamentarian said years later, he passed on a couple of years ago. he said when he wrote that provision as a junior parliamentarian, he never expected it to be used for all sorts of in his term ghastly things both democrats and republicans has turned to, why? they cannot get around the filibuster. this started to be used in the 1980s , 90s, democrats there was no way they're going to be able to get obamacare past and 2010 when they went from 60 votes to 59 votes for this is really the way it is done paid i
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should point out something widely like the merits or the deep merits of this bill, the fact you have a 50/50 senate the senate majority leader chuck schumer was able to thread this needle and eventually get joe manchin on board, eventually after couple of days of negotiations, kyrsten sinema the democrat from arizona as well. and the thread this needle, breaking the tie 51 -- 50 with the vice president. that is high parliamentary art right there to that of the 50/50 senate. whether you like the bill or not you give a lot of style points politically for getting that done. >> watching senator chuck schumer discussing this 48 democrats voted for, to independence bernie sanders and of course senator king from maine, let's listen to the senator. >> my staff is, i'm so dedicated to them. the best in the business. of course every center thanks their staff is the best on capitol hill. but in my case it happens to be
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true. to mike lynch who has been with me all of these years and is so strong and steadfast and steady. to his deputy chief and my deputy chief, another person who has been here a very long time and is just amazing. we pricer for her eq among other talents. she told me that. [laughter] to merchant brandon another like mike lynch and mark brennan have been with me just about since i started being senator. and they are just such rocks in our office. incredible, probably the team of husband and wife who have done more to save the earth this year than just about anybody else. that is gerry and megan, they met, got married on my staff. they have a beautiful little boy george. and when you have two people so important, policy director and legislator. sue point of course you hearing
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senator schumer given the thank you spray let's bring chad back. "build back better" it was torpedoed at $2 trillion. this is about $430 billion. senator schumer just alluded to climate change and those types of incentives. what else is in this? and for those folks watching what does this mean to our wallets? >> this is resuscitated from the dead. as recently as july 18 we thought in the last ditch effort to pass any sort of the slimmed-down version of bill >> better or whatever they want to call this bill they called the inflation reduction act. without that was dead in its tracks but something i had reported on multiple occasions even dating back to last year when they were trying to put this together last summer. i said you don't build one of these reconciliation packages. you have to have a budget even if it's just a shell budget. you do not let that go. so even if they did not pass it right away i thought as you get closer to the end of the fiscal year or potentially after the
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fiscal year there is some debate as to whether or not you can still do this after september 30, it has never really been challenged, they would not let that go by the wayside. so the closer you got to that deadline at the end of september the more it likely was they would come to some sort of agreement. as for the particulars, republicans watch this very closely. see if it changes inflation at all pretty special if you to the midterms of president biden signed this into law in the next week or two things that look they pass that big bill are you seeing a difference in your gas bill? are you seeing a difference were to go to the grocery store? i will hang around the democrats annexes they get closer to the midterms. now, the other thing is going to take longer to bear out and sometimes this is hard to figure out is what it does for deficit reduction. we talk about budget reconciliation, by rule it must be budget neutral. it cannot add to the deficit over a ten year window. the democrats tactic care and republicans would call this a
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gimmick is to have this enhanced irs enforcement. democrats call enhanced irs informant enforcement. this is where they came up with this idea there's going to be almost 100,000 new tax agents coming after your wallet here. everybody hates the irs. for the most hated agency and the federal government. they consider republicans to say the democrats embolden that agency, all they want to do is tax-and-spend. it is always the republican argument they will get address at the midterms. five chatter going to have you standing by erica knight i will return at 4:00 p.m. eastern grid right now i want to say the inflation reduction act of passes 51 -- 50 votes. we'll have more on this, and "fox news live" at 4:00 p.m. eastern print hope you can join us then. eric and i will back at that time but right now stay tuned we are going to resume "sunday morning futures" with maria
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bartiromo. thank you. >> it's going to be a very tighe now, we have a 50-foo nation, and i think when this race smoke clears, we're likely to have a very, very close senate still with either us up to slightly or the democrats up slightly. maria: that was senate minority leader membership mitch mcconnell -- mitch mcconnell on wednesday tempering expectations for republicans to take back the senate in the november elections with the midterms now 93 days away. meanwhile, joe biden's approval rating bounced back to 44% on friday despite democrats trying to ram through the social spending bill which is continuing right now in the senate. it is accounting, according to the joint committee on taxation, that will increase taxes on 97%
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of taxpayers earning urn $200,000 a year -- under $200,000 a year. yeah, this is what we are seeing being voted on. we're back with stephen miller, founder of america first legal. steven, i want to know who you are endorsing in the current races, but let's look at biden's approval rating because it is continuing to bounce back and forth around record lows. you've got fires to put out everywhere you look whether it's foreign policy or or economic policy, now, of course, we are in a recession. two quarters of contraction largely due to all of this spending, and they're going to spend more right now approving another major package. why are the republicans not winning more? >> that's a great question. perhaps the most important question. let's break that down. so our nation is in the midst of a historic series of crises; an innation crisis, a labor force dropout crisis, a crime crisis in our cities, an energy crisis,
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one foreign policy crisis after another, a radical ideology crisis in our schools and a border crisis that that has no comparison point in the history of nations. so why aren't we forecast to win a massive majority in the senate? put aside the fact that some of these are more purple states. we should be on track to be the picking up an enormous number of seats notwithstanding that. i submit to you the reason why is to too great an extent the republican strategy -- but more specifically, the strategy of senate republican leadership -- has been to try to lay back and just watch as these crises unfold rather than make a stance, make a statement that says we are going to, if you give us power in november, shut all these crises down. how would you establish that referendum? let me be very specific. the way that you would do it -- yes, i know we're in the minority now so we can't fix these crises, but we can establish with the american people that we will fix them.
12:28 pm
government funding expires in september. the current plan from senate leadership will be to do a short-term government funding bill to december, then a long-term omnibus spending bill for 12 months. that would be a strategic catastrophe. republicans should say we will oppose to any government funding bill that in any way perpetuates the ongoing border crisis. the only fallback we will accept is a funding bill that expires in the new congress in february so a new majority can shut down the border crisis, and we will then pass this off to the american people. if you want us to secure the border, if you want us to end the misery, anguish, heart ache and human suffering playing out on our southern border, then elect a massive republican majority. give us arizona, give us georgia, give us nevada, washington state, and everywhere else, and we will come in in february, and we will pass a funding bill that shuts this nightmare down.
12:29 pm
maria: yeah. >> that's how you do it, maria. maria: but you know that's not happening because you've got giveaways to certain senators and lawmakers that are getting things for their states. why did joe manchin sign on to this? why did so many republicans vote for the chips act? there were a number of republicans -- marsha blackburn said this is a total corporate with fare giveaway, don't do it -- welfare, don't do it, and yet they did it. republicans got something for their states. >> that's what you're fighting against. what you're fighting against is prevailing leadership orthodoxy that says, look, we're in the minority, we can't do anything, just not rock the boat and wait until november. and that's the reason why this is a razor-thin election in the senate, and it doesn't have to be. rather than saying, for the love of god, this has to end. what's happening on our border, in our cities, in our communities, the drugs, the destruction of so many families at the hands of fentanyl has
12:30 pm
owning! so give us -- has to end. give us a spending bill until january, and we'll end it. we'll either break this president or he'll break under pressure. maria: let me get who you are endorsing right now because we've got races like many arizona where senator mark kelly has recently been talking about border. you've got katherineing cortez mastro in nevada, senator pat toomey in pennsylvania is retiring and, of course, wisconsin senator ron johnson. tell me about the most important races we need to be watching this 93 days before the midterm. >> i obviously love all of our candidates, and president trump has endorsed and has gotten a huge victory recently in ohio and arizona. with vance and masters. but what i'd say to you is we have a slate of republicans up and down who are populist, america first senators. they need help from senate leadership to frame up election
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in the way that i said and go to the american people and say give us the majority in the senate, give us the majority in the house. we won't do any long-term funding bill. this thing is going to expire many february, and we will send to joe biden's desk a bill that ends the border calamity once and for all. and joe biden vetoes it, his presidency will break and crumble into pieces. because he can't defend if -- and the way to get this issue onto the front of our radar screen is by doing exactly what i said. don't be afraid, don't back down, don't cower. courage is contagious. lead and fight and you'll be rewarded with a massive majority, a massive majority inaugurated in january. maria: wow. we will be watching. it is a really incredible point to make about the border. i've seen it up close, firsthand. stephen, thanks very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. maria: great to talk with you.
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stephen miller. we will take a break, and then we are looking at crime. coddling the criminals with district attorneys at the helm in major cities across the country, criminals know they will face little, if any, accountability. new york congressman and gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin himself will join me live on democrats doubling down on their failed soft on crime policies as we head into those elections in november. elections in november. back in a moment. only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership. i'm mark can hand i live inhere. vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children.
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>> this is all because of bad policy. they always say it bad policy equals bad outcomes. these policies have made our streets less safe. tell me about the incident you are at the podium, you are at the microphone at a campaign event your team immediately thrust into action you are so courageous to take on this guy who had a blunt object in his hand trying to stab you. i was really glad there were six, seven, eight people very quickly subdued this guy. and within five or six hours he is released back out on the street because of new york's cashless and bale laws. we have this incident about a
12:40 pm
month ago. i was on that stage talking about the need to repeal comment to remove district attorneys like alvin bragg refusing to enforce the law across the board. i just put out our first campaign ad for the general election talking about the need to repeal cashless and bail pretty been talking about the josé alba case gets stabbed, law-abiding citizen pretty ends up in rikers island with a murder charge of the person who stabbed him and not getting charged with anything. but in my case when that attacker came to me on stage, released right back up on the street for the old reason why the u.s. attorney was able to jump in and charge him federally was because i am a member of congress. but if i am not a member of congress, that person isn't detained. and on top of that, because thankfully where the campaign event had a lot of people taking video. just like in the josé case there is surveillance video or you end up with much less desired
12:41 pm
outcomes as far as a criminal justice system goes. >> while we just looked at the video. absolute unbelievable what happened to you. that video is really striking. all of this going on, you have made it very clear that should you when the new york governor's race and cashless bail, he said that to meet many times. shouldn't you be pulling better in new york city? look at these numbers congressman. the new york governor poll among women voters, you are actually trailing. you also have an issue trailing her among hispanic voters. what do you think you try to close the gap. why do you think you're trailing her with these two groups? >> outside of derek city, the rest of the state went upstate we are winning independent voters for the top two issues crime and the economy come inside new york city we have to keep campaigning hard these last three months to get our numbers up. we like where we are but we cannot take anything for granted. we have to work hard.
12:42 pm
this is not just in new york it's across the country. people out there think there's going to be a red wave were just going to write it. no you have to create the way of coming up to work hard taking nothing for granted as we are battling for the heart and soul of the future and our state capitals. we are going to win hispanic votes but we are going to do much better with the asian american votes, with the black vote, jewish vote. we are working with these communities closely this past week. from bronx, to queens, to new york city and manhattan to brooklyn. those of four burros which are heavily blue with them with all of these communities that care about crime and public safe which is have to work hard to get our message out. and for women voters out there, they care about the safety and security of themselves and their family. they care about economic opportunity and preserving freedom and having a government they can be proud of and their kids education for it is just important for all of us everywhere taking nothing for granted, working hard for this.
12:43 pm
six women voters also care about schools for their children and that new york teachers union has been getting real political in terms of politics and elections. what do you want to say about the unions and ensuring you can get some support there? >> lesson the people running the teachers union our democratic operatives in new york where we have a lot of great teachers. we have people, thank god they're willing to take on the assignment of teaching some of the poorest performing schools in new york. we have a lot of kids stuck in multigenerational poverty and poor performing schools. that is why we need school choice, with the cap on charter schools. tax credits for school choice for you to picture technical education inside our schools. write out albany attacks on nonpublic education. you see with the substantial equivalent flea push. kathy's is not speaking up on behalf of our kids.
12:44 pm
instead she's in with the teachers union is demanding of her. republicans versus democrats read the rest of us as new yorkers especially new york. i am one of them. we have to fight for the future orchids education. physics all right congressman did have you this morning. he said you're number one priority is what should you become governor of new york? >> well public safety, we have to fight this the first thing i would do after taking the oath is telling the district attorney alvin bragg that he is getting fired. we have to have zero tolerance for this push that's turning our streets over too criminals. we need to put law enforcement and law-abiding new yorkers back in control of our streets in our future. maria: congress been good to see this morning thank you very much but will be watching the developments. thank you sir. quick break and that it is the question that democrats cannot give a straight answer too. should president biden be their nominee in 2024?
12:45 pm
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>> should president bi quick should president biden running in 2024? mr. nadler question are. >> too early to say but he does the perfect of the democratic party to deal with that until after the midterms. >> i don't believe he's running for reelection for. >> focus on when the majority right now. and preserving a majority this year in 2022. we'll cross that bridge and we get to it. >> i am not talking by the 2022 election and 2024. i have no control over those elections but not going to talk. >> i'm working on my own election that's all and focus on right now. >> yes it is the question that is tying democrats and not when confronted with the reality of supporting one of the lowest pulling president ever for a
12:49 pm
second term in 2024. my next guess is author of a new book the price of principle. by integrity is worth the consequences but harvard law professor joining us right now. alan is good to see a congrats on the latest book pretty going to get to that at a moments. first though, assess what you just heard. obviously president biden's approval in his support among his own party is eroding. >> well, he has to make a decision now. he has to decide whether to run or get out and make room for other people. if he doesn't run the field is very, very wide. there is no obvious candidate. if trumpet wins biden can beat him again. but if desantis were to run, probably biden couldn't beatem him. the democrats have to make sure the same mistakes that ruth m bader ginsburg made, not retiring on time and allowing her place to be filled by a conservative republican, that mistake cannot bens made. president biden has been the
12:50 pm
president ofng modern day priest calm things down, stabilize thingsgs, perhaps the best thing for the democrats wouldld be if biden was a one term president. maria: let me ask you about all of these approval ratings. if there is an issue in every corner of his agenda, even though they approve the spending bill this morning on washington. what is the need deed to do to regain support or is this over and 80s a stepon down? >> he's done great things. he has done good things on domestic policy, got some very good things past. is not an exciting dynamic candidate who's going to get things done. he will restore formality. if trump is going to run, i think that even a low ranking candidate who is essentially views, he won't win.y' but trump will lose. so nobody is going to win this
12:51 pm
next election and if it is trump versus biden. it is who has the most in negatives and who loses the election. nobody's going to win. maria: i want to ask about that. you supported trump and were trashed for it in the public. you wrote a book will get back to that. talking about integrity and what is going on in the two systems of justice in today's department of justice. stay with us.
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
i do not know what you are talking about for this is not a moderate president. we have another spending bill that's negotiating right now which will likely stoke inflation. and on ukraine he offered zelenskyy a flight out of their on week one so that russia would just take over. i do not know what you're talking about in terms of joe biden being moderate. >> compared to who? compared to president trump who i did not vote for. i defended him against an unconstitutional impeachment but i did not vote for him. but compared to president trump, the current president biden is a moderate so is his attorney general a moderate. maria: he is not a moderate that's just not true. i know that's the line the democrats been trying to sell us since day one during the campaign. but his actions and his policies are indicative he is not a moderate. but let's move on you wrote a book about integrity. this morning were talking all about it integrity into systems
12:56 pm
of justice. not only is he not a moderate but his son has been that influence hunter biden the investigation is continuing there. what do you want to say invited to write this book? what about the hunter biden investigation? what's it should go forward with this is my 50th book and part of the facts of written 50 books in my career. this is the most important book i have written. i am a neutral principal person pete i defended president trump. i voted for president biden. and i am being attacked by both sides because principal does not exist today in america. everything is partisanship. i continue to live a principled life even if the vibrate won't allow me too speak if the jewish democratic association will not invite me too its events i'm going to continue to be principled and going to continue to say what want. going to continue to assess presidentt biden fairly and not in a partisan way as i continue
12:57 pm
to assess any republican candidate. that is not something in america today that highly desired. which is why i wrote my book, the price of principle. maria: is what we all went alan, thank you for writing about it. good to see you this morning. that will be up for "sunday morning futures". i'll see it next week on foxbusiness and mornings with maria. catch this program again today at 3:00 p.m. eastern right fox news but have a great sunday everybody for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage... choose safelite. find your relief we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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