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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 9, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> it is very sad when a country goes through this action because of one person, they don't want him on the ballot. and that is all the time we have left this evening, thank you for making the show possible, please never miss an episode of hannity. but don't worry, don't fear, laura ingram is next. >> thank you, sean hannity. that was the best appearance i have seen on any form since 2010. >> this is not how such a republic acts and 30 dossiers, nobody is held accountable.
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laura: you're going to steal my thunder. [laughter] all right, we will see you tomorrow. i am laura ingram and this is "the igraham angle." and the web they weave. that is the focus of tonight's show, here on "the igraham angle." we learned how petty attorney general merrick garland is. he would send agents to a home over a document dispute. it came months after the legal team had voluntarily met with the government investigators at mar-a-lago in june. the extensible reason for the visit was the concern that documents were retained by donald trump when he left
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office. >> the doj official spent some time looking through the material. the justice department officials commented that they did not believe that the storage unit of these storage boxes were kept secured. so they out of the lock to the facility. so they broke through. >> if this is the basis that garland operated on, that he should resign. this is obviously a search
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warrant in search of a legal justification. and there is not just one at work here, it took a colony of rats burrowed into make this kind of abuse against donald trump standard operating procedure. just like the michaely flynn interview and just like a disgruntled alexander lindeman, do you remember him? and now suppose it classified documents as well and again, on bogus grounds. it's like a bad movie being produced. and no one in the white house was aware that this was going to be executed until it was reported in the media?
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>> a reminder the white house has insisted as we have been reporting that it had no prior knowledge of the search in florida yesterday. >> nice try, kids, go back to acting school. of course they are going to claim that they didn't know about it, but they didn't have to know about the search as it was happening, because as was pointed out last night in a leak last spring, the white house said the joe biden was unhappy with merrick garland and wanted him to be more aggressive, like a prosecutor, professor or judge. he is not a dumb guy. and he got the message. and his marching orders, yes, he got those as well. it was time to punish donald trump and by the way, others as well issue being a security warning. just as the angle anticipated
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last night they would seize upon conservative justifiable outrage as the predicate to taking away more freedom. listening closely to the language here. >> it is them screaming bloodied murder right here 3 there is fallout from the search online, including growing concerns over the reaction from possible right wing extremists. >> these folks are often inspired to plan violence or conduct violence, so i think that this is violent rhetoric 2 i think violent rhetoric is more loud than ever. >> bad acting and terrible writing. the same doj that is reclassifying run-of-the-mill crimes as domestic terror, and wanting parents to oppose attending school board meetings,
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and the same doj that now wants to criminalize political opposition. to intimidate them speaking out or aligning themselves in any way with donald trump or in america first agenda. this is the entire point of this exercise, if these people get their way, china will not have to worry about censorship of american voices, heaven forbid, the democrats will have already done their job for them and one thing that is patently obvious is the current regime is clearly surprised at the backlash for this political stunt including criticism from numerous high-profile republicans like marco rubio that i just mentioned and mike pence as well, and the regime media is essentially reduced to asking everyone to trust the process and see how it plays out. because he would never do anything untoward. they don't even bother doing
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rudimentary reporting anymore. they reduce to asking everyone to trust the process to see what happens. they are so desperate to trash donald trump that they go to the guy that they have trashed for years. >> today i received about two dozen comments. i think everyone should allow the process to go forward and including some information from vladimir putin or some photos of missus trump. >> it sounds like a casting call reject. and they made a miscalculation here. the organization is going to be used in the same abusive and
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corrupt manner as the fbi and the doj. this is a powerful powerful argument that they handed to every republican running across the country in house or senate. and it took the focus off of the new spending bill emphasizing that the democrats care more about hurting political opponents than actually fixing the economy and the damage that the joe biden administration has gone to our government. including the pentagon, the cia, the dhs, much of the civil service, i think it is impossible to calculate at this time, but it seems likely that many of these agencies will never recover. at least not the reputations in our lifetime. join me now is steven miller who is the former senior advisor for the washington examiner and fox news contributor.
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stephen, obviously we talked about this in january 2017, but this is a pattern of trying to get anything you can, throw the dragnet, start the witchhunt see where it all goes. >> yes, that is right, it is good to see it as a never sobbing situation that begins with the russian collusion hoax and ukraine and the effort to paint the hunter biden laptop, russian bounty before the election and of course the kidnapping plot as an october surprise all the way to present day. the key to understanding all this stuff is that the president trolls authority. blatantly, unlawful, unconstitutional, to suggest that the archivist would be able to say, this is entirely a
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pretextual basis for the fbi. and it would not matter either way. and it is all pretextual. this is only about the fbi going after the political enemies scream on the more that we are looking at as far as the risk. what a bad job that they did for their clients which is joe biden. but we had a back and forth about the briefing today about the president and his suppose and respect for the rule of law. >> peter, the presidents believe in the rule of law, the president believes in the department of justice. [inaudible]
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it's not a yes or no for you, you may not like it, but i'm also answering a question. >> the media briefing just says like this, okay, ask and answer, you don't have to go any further and of course joe biden has not gone to that level. >> and this is getting even even crazier. >> this unprecedented action over a document handling dispute and it's got to be something really big and it appears to be that the fbi did conduct this raid on behalf of the national
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archives. including the disputed classification. the disproportion between power and the size and the small potatoes of this issue is really quite incredible. >> what he says. >> i have the highest security clearance and government, it's classified information, getting to the bar where you are going to the residents of the former president, classified documents don't get you there. i had them in my house and my house inappropriately at times, it happens all the time. >> not surprised at all. >> the bottom line is common
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sense, the president is not the one. you think that donald trump is sitting there? the decision just made by aides and things of that nature, the normal course of things and what place it out. there's a lot that is engulfed in crime and that includes cracking down on donald trump for the sole reason that he is there political enemy. >> this is just so obvious at this point. the doj at this point, if they are going to be forced to come out and come clean on what they have and show their cards given how this is ripping apart the country. >> first of all, they really
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should. because secrecy is what creates a lot of confusion as well as ill will. go back to the two years of the trump and russia matter. you will have a snippet of information and then some commentators in the media would also send crazy conspiracy theories based upon it. after a while you have reasonable people saying that the president of the united states was a russian asset, and all of it was because the full information was being kept secret at the time and it was not until more than two-year special counsel investigation had found that collusion could not even be established. so the secrecy said the speculation, that is what we are in right now, and it can all happen again unless the justice department has some transparency about what they have done. >> meanwhile the country is being invaded.
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laura: it is great to see you both. thank you. tomorrow, congressman jim banks and other individuals wrapped a meeting with the president. and now congressman banks is joining us now. you say that despite everything that donald trump has been through, that there is a new level of outrage he is expressing tonight? you pray tell. >> well, i have never seen president trump as fired up is what he was tonight, he has not deterred at all and not at all explaining to the american people, there were a dozen of us
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that visited tonight, we wanted to say that we stand with him and when kevin mccarthy, the speaker of the house, at the right time, the right place, chairman of the house judiciary committee to hold the department of justice responsible, we are unified with president trump to save the country. everyone in the room encouraged him to run for president again and the sooner that he gets out and starts campaigning, the better. he helps republicans in the midterm election to get out his voters, to support the growing historic republican majority over the next two years that have paved the way for winning back the white house in 2024. laura: there was some concern that i have heard expressed about when the president would announce that he was running again. some people thought that he should wait until after the midterms, others said that it did not matter. but does this change the
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calculation in your estimation and what would be gained by an earlier announcement? >> i think that the raid unifies republicans in the outrage and e are hearing it from constituents in the districts, we are hearing it from every republican colleague of the house that i have talked to today. and i have talked to the dozens about what have happened. it unifies us to fight back and if anything it paves the way for donald trump to unify the party once again. i really believe that if he gets out and hits the campaign trail, he is going to fire up republicans and nontraditional republicans to come out to the polls in november and fight the corruption, what they have done to tear america apart, to weaponize the department of justice in an un-american way, to go after the political, the chief and primary political
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opponent at the current president of the united states, something we have never seen before in american history and that is going to lead to a massive turnout who say we are not going to do it anymore. we are going to take back the country from the radical democrats and joe biden and those that abuse their power in that way. >> how concerned is president trump about this predicate being laid. you can hear it in the media, other networks, other commentators, are we going to watch what is being set online, we have to anticipate that violence, and they are setting this up as conservative outrage, maybe needing to have their rights curtailed. and that includes the aftermath of this race. >> well, of course, the president is concerned about what the left is trying to do to republicans around the country who have stood with him and he
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is not deterred, the american people are more skeptical of the mainstream media than they have ever been before. the narratives that they have tried to use, taking merrick garland as you mentioned, parents showing up to the school board meeting, paving the way to what you have seen them do today, seizing cell phones of colleagues as well, these activities are highly politically motivated, the american people see it for what it is, the american people get it, they know what is going on here, that is why the outrage is larger than i have ever felt before. >> the country has open borders, food is still skyhigh. the whole thing is one disaster after another one. congressman, i am glad you are up there, thank you so much. and newt gingrich is here, attempting to bar trump from
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running for office. bragging to to journalists about an attempted military coup against president trump in 2020, the shocking details of that tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪
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did how i put
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>> i think that we have gonefron to a condition marked by a rabid desire by retribution. >> this gop represents under the current leadership is now increasingly more dangerous than it has been. >> this is why we have law enforcement, to actually bring fascism to justice. >> that was actually just too dumb to arrive at the truth. but it might've been an accident there. it's important to understand that outside the united states, everyone understands the joe biden and the democrats are using the state to attack their political opponents. and so diplomats, lobbyists, all over washington, they know what is really going on, they know
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that the fbi has become an appendage of the democratic party. they know the irs will be used to audit people who disagree with their liberal international order. and now joe biden is proving them right. here now is newt gingrich, author of his new book on socialism. i saw this weekend that this warmonger said that you cannot call america first conservative republicans anymore, you have to call them the new fascists. that passes as intellectual discourse from this scarborough blue crowd. >> well, first of all, if you want to talk about it, there would be 30 fbi agents entering the home with no particular reason, picking up a college professor at the airport and deliberately walking him in
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chains to the airport to humiliate him. it would be basically replacing the fbi with the german secret police as the appropriate title when i am happy to have a debate with people like max who are apologists for a field anti-american establishment which has year after year failed the american people, failed to defend our interest, failed to win wars or reform to bureaucracies, failed to educate our children, people like this, like max, are the representatives of a dying system, as it starts to diet grows more disparate. and you saw last night is the desperation of a regime that knows they are on the edge of being eliminated. and i think that we will see more of this in the weeks to come. laura: in a statement exclusively to fox, our
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congressman said three fbi agents visited me and sees my phone, they made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would've made arrangements for them to have my phone. i am outrage, i am not surprised that the fbi under the doj of merrick garland received a phone of a sitting member of congress. the tactics for them to throw around, fascism, he reminds me of the days that i lived in the soviet union as a student. they could take anything, a book, a backpack, anything. >> i think that they are actually more like bolshevism than fascists. but under the constitution and the idea of separation of powers, by what right, and i say this is a former speaker of the house, by what right does a member of the executive branch
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come into a legislative branch of elected officials into his home and take his phone. i mean, that is act of destroying the american constitution right there, and i increasingly agree with mark who says that we are edge at the post-constitutional america. and i cannot overstate for viewers as a historian and speaker of the house and somebody who has watched this for my entire lifetime, we are on the precipice of a group of truly evil people who are prepared to destroy the constitution and the rule of law, and we are approving it every day and we have to quit applying to them the kind of questions that would apply to normal people. they are liars, they are bad people, doing bad things, and they are going to do more bad things until they are stopped, the way to stop them is the election this fall. the constitution will work if the american people will show up and throw out all the people who are trying to establish what is
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basically a dictatorship of the state against the american people. laura: it is so great to see you tonight, newt gingrich. a cautionary tale. even before yesterday's raid, peter baker and susan dropped a passage from their upcoming book reviewing just how terrified the deep state had always been. and talking about that trump marched across the street and defiance, well, the general talked about how far he was willing to go, telling his staff that he would not quit, he reportedly remarked, i will just fight him. he goes on to write that what he saw as a challenge to stop donald trump from doing any more damage, at one point adding that if they want to court-martial me or put me in prison, have at it, but i will fight from the inside. here now is our retired former
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defense secretary advisor. sir, this is an indictment of the character of tom, but how is it not looked at subversion of presidential authority, it is a military coup. >> yes, it is. it is also destruction of civil military relations we have enjoyed, almost unbroken for the last 100 years at least. unfortunately, i would like to say that the general is an isolated case, but i don't think he is, and i think he's a product of the selection process that favors the sycophant, and really does not focus on demonstrated character with intelligence, but we've now made another step from just picking sycophants to actually insisting that they assimilate and internalize this that policies
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that are currently destroying the military establishment, and he is a perfect example of it and calling it a deep state, i call it the military-industrial complex, i think that he doesn't believe that anyone can come into this city and try to change it. >> trump had kind of a romantic vision and he said this on my podcast, he had a romantic vision of the general on the world war ii era. >> the only general that he ever mention in my presence were patton, perhaps eisenhower, grant and lee. i didn't know about this allegation of german generals. i think that he thought that he was dealing with men in uniform who were of the same character and cut of the men i just mentioned like macarthur, patton, eisenhower. obviously that is not the case at all. there was no integrity, there is no understanding of their
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duties. i cannot imagine any general officer coming out of the oval office and then picking up the phone and talking to a journalist about what he discussed with the president. i don't know of any chiefs of staff who behaved in that way. >> the credentials, whether or not he's on the board of a defense contract or another corporate board, this is laying the path for him and not america. >> precisely, and we have too many of these people. someone has to get in there and change it. >> republicans have got to defund the nonsense and not just fall back on the we love our troops motto. until we say no, we are not funding this, they are going to keep doing this. >> somebody said tierney like hell is not easily overcome, well, we have had too many sunshine patriots and we need the real thing now, somebody needs to say that we will not fund you anymore until you change these things, frankly me know that they are not going to
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change it, and it doesn't matter, we should do everything in our power to obstruct them. and i don't think we could fight her way in a wet paper bag right now. the armed forces are probably the worst shape since the 70s. sweep on colonel mcgregor, this is a sobering conversation but we needed to have it, everybody needs to know what to say. and thank you. we have some new details about what the fbi did and did not do, the former acting attorney general matt dillon and harmony are also here to react coming up next
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laura: we just learned new details of yesterday's raid. the "new york post" has also reported that fbi agents scoured the wardrobe of melania, and also spent time combing through his private office.
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joining us now, matt and harmony. thank you for being with us. so you think that there are a couple of other objectionable things that happen? >> yes, first of all, it's not the least disruptive way, obviously a subpoena or continued negotiation. i believe a fives in the chair as attorney general i would've tried to have found every way to continue to have them at the table to negotiate and find a way to get there so we didn't have to execute a search warrant, i think it's draconian to have a former president of the united states treated like this. laura: i don't know, were they looking in the pockets, trying on the close? i mean, this is just obviously grasping at straws after liz cheney gave everybody there marching orders the week before and all those other people down the line.
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>> this is just embarrassing, and we are taught us kids to respect the police and to respect the operation of our system, and then you see this bizarre behavior, at that point not only is it the last resort to have a search warrant, it should be a last resort for any citizen, particularly one whose lawyers are engaging with the law enforcement agency. and what should have been done here is a subpoena and then having the president hashed out with the doj, but instead they chose this disgusting display and i think it's going to have a long-lasting impact the credibility of the institution. laura: can you tell us about this case? >> well, we have seen a lot come out. representing epstein and others in the situation in florida. some believe that he had a
7:42 pm
bright legal team that had promoted them to as high as the supreme court. >> the scuttlebutt among the biden administration? >> yes, they don't publish them like president trump dead. but the people that know that he was on a path, possibly, at an earlier time, to either see an article prejudge or serve much higher level. >> that is kind of a great thing for these democrats for anybody who wants to get this guy. >> in west palm beach, if they decided that's where they are going to do the casework. >> it does. >> every choice they made. >> we found out tonight that they had met with the investigators back in june when
7:43 pm
they had been told to put a block on their storage room, so they locked of the boxes, they put a lock on it and then they broke through it whenever they came for the search warrant. so i guess they found nothing in the safe. i mean, this is like the inspector. >> well, i think it's actually made for television stuff, so how you have the drama that you need for the january 6 hearing, without these types of dramatic incidents like that, you know, to the point of this magistrate of judge, including that he recused himself from the trump versus clinton lawsuit this year and also that he has these very
7:44 pm
negative facebook posts in 2017 that has come out this evening as well, and so he was able to on this one. and there is a lot about this particular judge being on the case. >> making a big point of saying that folks need to avoid the appearance of bias or lack of objectivity. >> not working out at all, members of congress complaining about the political bias of the fbi. >> well, we need to hear from more whistleblowers, we need patriots who are inside these agencies to explain to the american people how the will of the president in some cases and also how the lack of objectivity is par for the course. >> and how the law is supposed
7:45 pm
to be enforced as well. >> great to see you. >> we will see what the facts lead us in whatever angle.
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>> sometimes in life what is important is what isn't said is what is said. the complaints about the gop establishment being overblown, 27 hours after we first learned about the fbi raid of the home of president trump and the top republican leaders in the senate, they still kind of seem unsure how to react. the senate minority leaders seemed bothered not by the raid but the question of the raid. >> i'm here to talk about the flood and to recover from the flood. >> then at 7:00 p.m., 24 hours after this, and a barrage of complaints from the conservative base, mcconnell finally offered
7:51 pm
the bare minimum of what should've been said all along. >> it already should have provided answers to the american people and must do so immediately. john thune said he was talking about what was happening. the senate gop had a mild observation saying it's unprecedented and the justice department need to quickly and transiently tell the american people and if they believe that this newly mild response is a way to keep our and win back
7:52 pm
power, they are solely could not wait for them to have his come office. and they realize if they don't stand up for them now, this is not standing up for the middle class. and remember, these same geniuses of legislative maneuvering are fresh off of a massive legislative screwup on the tax and irs and climate change bill. they gave the democrats a pass to the big win by voting for the $1.2 trillion so-called infrastructure bill earlier this year. >> my goodness, why wouldn't you
7:53 pm
want in this. we met why not do what nancy pelosi did and said show us your hand first, let's see the full text of the reconciliation bill and tax increases, all of the nightmares that we already delineated. let them show their hand and you guys got played on this. you had to vote first or agree first. they still had not shown the text of their legislation. >> the ironic thing is that you are agreeing with this, with pelosi. >> coming back on the show, what do you say, wrong or right? >> well, it somehow still happen with someone to blame. look at the logic if you know that. laura: maybe not the 3.5 trillion.
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>> these fools gave him a bipartisan victory another democrats will unleash an army of agents against conservative americans from every corner of the country. these republicans, and they don't have the decency to state the obvious remark and the joe biden people are exacting revenge. but because they are afraid that if he wins in 2024 he will finally join the swamp that the bipartisan cabal has been happy to luxuriate in for decades. well, my friends, those days are coming to an end. and did you really think that the wicked witch of westchester wouldn't try to capitalize on the trump raid? we have thatin explained using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas.
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it's good medicine.
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>> you may not be surprised to
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hear that hillary clinton is trying to profit off of mar-a-lago and the raid. she had words to say, just saying. well, that's it for us tonight, that your dvr, always stay connected and thank you for watching. it is america now and forever, greg is going to take it over now on "gutfeld." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ greg: happy tuesday, everyone. well, it's official, i


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