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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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approved for a long period of writing and comee here. i started to a serious allergic reactions may occurur to fire ,. may increase the risk of may increase the risk of infections and your tell your doctor if you have an infection, no symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to emerge trendspotting which via ask your doctor about rimfirere today. well, good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. i'm will cain in for tucker. a day after the fbi's raid on former president donalder trump, we're starting to see what a permanent national w splt looks like. a nobody wants to say it out loud. nobut it's true. and this is not simply a break between democrats s and republicans. no, that's that's too simple., what we're seeing is divide
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between people who are willing to use the power of the state to silence their opponents and those who are unwillingng what's held this country together since the civil war. it's not c the federal code. it's not even the bill of rights. as important as that document is . remember, the soviet union i had a bill of rights guaranteed freedom of speech and equal rights. but in practice,free the bolshes assassinated their political opponents and sent their dissidents to the gulagsoa as veria boasted. showst me t the man. i'llan show you the crime. now, what's kept us functioning through the centuries were failed is thatha our constitution separatedt powers and prevented a unified party. also had an unwritten understanding. the state power will not be youu shall not be used for improper political purposes. the law must be enforced equally without political considerations. once you lose that common understanding, it's mutually assuredn destruction.
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no one has any reason to upholdn the system. so this system will collapse. the late antonin scalia made this point back inth october of 2011, speaking before the senate judiciary committee. it's one of the most important2e videos you can watch. >> and here it is , the response i will get and yous will get this from almost any american, including the woman that he was talking to at the supermarket. the answer would be freedom of speech, freedom of the press, bl no unreasonable searches and seizures, no quartering of troopse, those marvelous provisions of the bill of rights. but then i tell them, if you think that a bill of rights is what sets us apart, you're crazy. haevery banana republic in the world has a bill of rights. just words on paper. what what our framers would called a parchment guarantee. and the reason is that the reals constitution of the soviet uniontu, we think of the word
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constitution. it doesn't mean a bill. itnk means struct say a person has a sound constitution, has m a sound structure. av the real constitution ofe. the soviet union, which whatur our framers debated that that whole summer in philadelphia in 1787, they didn't talk about the bill of rights. that was an afterthought, wasn't it? that constitution of the soviet union did not prevent the centralization of power in one person or in one party and when that happens, the game is over.he the bill of rights b is just who our framers would call a parchment guarantee. t >> the game is over, a parchment guarantee. most americans now, by the way, in both parties believe we're living in a banana republic that was just described by scaliavepu. the trafalgar group recently found that 79% of americans believe the justice system protects political insiders. two thirds democrats believe
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that. and it's not hard to see why the president's son can commit multiple felonies,, corruption,, and the federal authorities will just ignore them. call themhey'll russian disinformation. a sitting member of congress can share bodily fluids and potentially classified materialsluid, presumably not one in the same with a chinese spy and no one in the fbi or the media will say a word. millions of migrants can illegally cross the border and you're not supposed to noticeceanos. but when the president's home is raided for the first time in americannt history, those very same cable news propagandists will celebrate it as a win for the rule of law. what's in that warrant that authorized this raid? exactly. and why was a low level magistrate judge an obama donor who defended jeffrey epstein's associates, the one who approved odei the warrant? they don't carehe about any of this. they're just happy that donald trump was targeted. attorney general merrick garland hasmp said in recentha
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weeks more than once that nots one is above the law, including anyone who happens toap be president. an ex-president is above the law. la >> there is no person in this country who is above the law in america. nobody is above the law. no one is above the law. no one is above the law. no one is above the law. not even a presidential or former president of the united states . no one isve t above the law exct for swalwell and clinton and hunter biden. they're mocking you just as varya s mocked his victims. we've been building to this moment for quitemome some time o the last four years. anyone who challenged permanenta washington has been targeted f by the fbi. they've been waking up to prebi dawn swat team raids with cnn r in they're getting criminally charged and bankrupted not because they committed any crimes, but because the fbi wanted them silenced before the fbi's interview, you remember the story ofnt michael flynn athe s the white house in 2017, the fbi
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director of counterintelligence bill pef, he authored a handwritten note about his plan to entrapout flynn, quotew what is our goal?ha priest taproom truth admissionsi or get him to lie so we cane prosecute him or get himso fired ? we all know then what happened next, according to a partisan fbi agent nameded namedtr peter strock,zo he's not the mot impartial of sources. flynn told agents he wasn't sure if he talked about sanctions with the russian ambassador. that's h a now keep in mind, talking about sanctions with a foreign country is legalnc and expected when you're the national security adviser w but for that, the fbi ruined michael flynn f. he had to sell his home. and where's bill pre stop collecting a government pensiono . no record , no jail. the same is true, by the way, for kevin kleinsmith. you remember him? he's the fbi.. lawyer who falsified a fisa warrant application to secure the wiretap on flynn. he admitted it. it it's 90 days in jail, nots
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one day in jail. he wasn't even disbarred fromro being an attorney. and asmor forne jim comey, the i director at the time, well, he bragged about the fbi. k at you look at this white house now and it's hard to imagine two fbi agents ending up inin the same room. how did that happen?st i sent them something we probably wouldn't have done or maybe gotten away with in a more organized investigation, more organized i administration. i thought it'sdm early let's just send a couple of guys over. and so we placed a call to t flynn said, hey, we're sending a couple of guys over. i hope you'll talk to them. he said, sure, nobody else was there. they interviewed him in a conference room at the white house situation,n room and he h lied to them and that's what w he's now pled guilty to. d what did he think they were coming out of there for? i don't think he knew .
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i know we didn't tell them to them. it's comedy to americans. a banana republic declassified documents, of course, proved thatoubli the fbi knew the clinn campaign invented many of c the russia collusion allegations. that wasn a pretext c for entire probe.obe.etet james comey went ahead with that comedy with that banana republic action anyway. that's because what we've had for years is an fbi that's interested in really one mission and that is eliminatingng rivals ofhe the unit party and permanent washington. as as with the bolsheviks, they use pretext to get what t they want. n lastig night's raid of the formr president's home had nothing to do with the retention of classified materials you can handle missing records with a subpoena. you don't come kicking theheyo doors in and blowicki opening safes. and that's why the feds never f raided the home of sandy bergerw ,who literally shoved classified documents in his socks orssif hillary clinton's home, or david petraeus, who shared military intel
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it with his lover. read the "wall street journal" t by the way, is nowhe reporting the feds claim this raid had something to do with cocktail napkins and notes from kim jong un right. er everyone knows what this was really about. finding somethings, anything they can use to keep donald t trump from runningo for president. now, here is the interesting question. why he's a threat to powertrenched unelected in washington, the biggest threat ever faced. from the beginning. donald trump was an outsider, but not just an outsider. an bid outsiderer declared warf on the military industrial complex. he stopped buying their weaponsw and sending them to ukraine so they impeach trump as axios reported just two weeks ago,ee donald trump plans toks gut the federal bureaucracy if he's reelected in 2020 fourcr, taking a butcher knife k to the administrative state. that means eliminating career government employees installed by barack obamama.
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and nothing terrifies a career bureaucrat more than losing their grip on power. p a look on the one hand , some politicians in both parties do appear to recognize this threat. florida governor ron desantis, for example, is calling this raid fo a sign that we're now living in, quote, a banana republic. and andrew n cuomo, a democrat who's no stranger to the damage of open ended investigations, an just called the raid a majorgeat threat to the credibilityio ofy the fbi. on the other hand , t the republicanshe leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, waited twenty four hours before he demanded answers from the fbi. tim scott of south carolina says we need to wait and let the process play out. john cornyn sent out a few tweets. kevin mccarthyorny calling for reforms. really, how do you reform this? this is the fbi director on august 4th.gust do you agree to the allegation of secret collusionle betweenga president trump and russia wasre
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a hoax?si a yes or no?nd but i don't think that's the terminology i would use. but i think there's been a lot written on this subject and both in the special counsel's report, the inspector general's report nowct. so that's not a term i would use.. okay, do you agree that the hunter biden laptop was not russia disinformation? now you're asking about anin ongoing investigation that i expect our folksg to pursue aggressively. and i just i can'tag comment,mm on the case. and you possesst. the laptop, right? again, i can't discuss an ongoing investigation. you know, many people like to point out that christopher wrayo was appointed by trump. christopher is a memberin of m permanent washington who doesn't like to discuss anything, including why his agents concocted a plan to kidnap the governor of michigant or how many fbi agents were active on january 6th. the fbi gets away with all this because they are a permanent fixture in washington as is i
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your national media. andy mccains is always on cnn these days. peter struck and john brennan and james clapper regular fixtures on msnbc. sonn with former fbi counterintelligence official frank fogel. lizzie, watch this revealing moment from last night figure izzy informs msnbc producers that the term raid is a little strong. so msnbc changed the kyron in real time to obey his command agents, by the way, don't like the word raid. they don't like it. itit sounds like it's some kind of, you know, extra judicial nonlegal thing. it's the execution of a search warrant. it's a court authorized search warrant. the take away herel: is not that the media is biased. you know that or that the fbi should prosecute hunter biden for as the famous words of stephen a. smith smoking crackno that as well. w we're not calling on the fbi to raid eric swalwell even thoughen
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he's been sleeping with fang thing, the chinese spy. what we're saying is that ifn the biden administration doesn't immediately take stepsps to dismantle this unit party to stop the fbi's corruption, to take down permanent washington to terminate christopher ryan , merrick garland, for starters, then these kind ofst raids will not end. republicans will eventually take power and then they'll dowt the same thing 10 times over. they'll raid swalwell and garland and hunterth biden and that'll be just the beginning. and will that be goodleg forint the country? probably not, but it will beot inevitable. victor.. davis hanson, a senior fellow at the hooveroo institution, and he joins us nowve. o have you victor, always great to have you at moments like this. why why has what we've watched over the last twenty four hours taken placeat? why has they targeted donald trump? they're afraid in the short term and long term, they believe they're morally superior to america and therefore any means necessaryo are justifiable for their morally superior ends. butjust right now we don't havef
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the rule of law in washington, whether you're l targeted ords exempt depends on your ideology. so in the past when there was a there was a dispute over the archives of presidential papers, barack obama just said, i'm not going toves, turn them r the freedom of information. he spent 30 million dollars resistinged efforts to do that. george bush had an executive order and said, you know what, i'm not going to do and that was adjudicated and now we go afteran a presidet and go to his house with 30 agents. in the past when a high official was called for a congressional subpoena, eric holder just said,gr i'm nog going and i'm not turning over any of this fast and furious. the idea that you would put him in shackles or you confront himh with his family and grab his phone is just ridiculous. but this is whaticul we're doing on ideological basis. and when youog start to do that, you don't have a democracy anymore and i don't think wend do. the second thing t is this january 6th committee will is sort of like a frenchee
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robespierre committee on public safety. to be on that committee, youc have to s have one criteria and you have to vote to impeachu donald trump. if you're a republican have, the was one other qualification. ono you had tof the be politically t with no future. and ite. was deductive. ittive started with the premise that we're going to destroy donald trump and then we're going to bring in witnesses and we're going to allow narrative for that end. there's going to be no cross-examination. there's going to be no disinterested counsel. we know that when dick cheney himself made a commercial and he bragged about his daughter, that she was the oneou power that could stop donald trump. butldal that's not what her job is on that committee. it's to be disinterested. it's to be inducted. ve it's, to find out what happened on january 6th, not start w with a boast that you're going to destroy donald trumpmp t and make the witnesseso and the testimony fit that. and finally, i never thought i would say the fbie is beyond the dimension . it is all of its bureaus and its institutionsl have to
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be farmed out and broken up. if you have a warrant, an fbi warrant, there's no guarantee that that has not been altered a .nd if you subpoena and you want fbi records on phones with themo ,they will be wiped clean.rdl if you want disinterestedly legal counsel, look at lisa page and peter struck. if you're the fbi and you want to find out why hillary clinton is hired a foreign national to find dirt on aen political opponent, then you will hire that same foreign national. t and you look at the last four directors we just saw christopher wraysa and he just stonewalled every question and then he flew on an fbi plane, our plane, a luxury jet because he had to go to his own vacation spot. he took over. remember, from andrew mccabe. d whatid did he do? he lied four times to federal investigators and his wife was running for an officeor with clinton related pac money t while he was investigating hillary clinton's email
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scandal. he took t over from james comey who leaked confidential memos written on fbi devices to the media. and then when he was called t before congress on two hundred forty five occasions, he saidsa he didn't know or didn't remember anybody listening to this cries out with the irs and they're going to go to jail. and he tookre over from robert mueller, whose entire special counsel case t was based on two premises, the information that wased false and the steele dossier and the shenanigans of the clinton hired disinformation firm. and whengp he was asked a specificallynd, he said under oath he knew nothing about either entity. and so this is very ironic because all of this is destroying this country and it comes from the peopleuntr who warned us democracy dies and darkness and they have descended upon the greatest cloud of autocracy and liberality in the history of this republic. and we're going to have that. we're going to have to doo
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something and hope and praydo that the house is under new leadership and that it will be up to kevin mccarthy and republicans, as you say,thyc right to replyan in kind. i don't want to live in a country where kevin mccarthy tears up the state of the unions address as soon as joe biden gives it. i don't want to live n necessarily in a country when kevin mccarthyec has no squad member, is going to be on any house committee or mitch mcconnell is going to go to the supreme court and yell about supreme court justices. butt that's what we're about. and let's pray to god that republicans can savor. you're, of course, referring to the actions by nancy pelosi, the democratssre o over the past several years. it's hard to seera forward, isna it, victor? a path for national unity. but you have to start with diagnosing the president and he did so well thank you, victor. it's always great to hear from you. thank you. >>yesterday's rate is just one part of the government's legal assault on donald trump . today, a federal appeals court ruled that the democratic partyt lawmakers can gain access to donald trump's tax returns. tom'ss is the president of
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judicial watch. judicial watch just filed a motion to unseal the warrants used in the raid on donald trump's home. and tom fitton joins us now. tom , thank you so much for being with us. what are your thoughts on not only donald trump's tax returns but the motion you have filed to see the warrantax that led to this fbi raid? well, you know, to me it's two sides of the same coin, right? you have this unprecedented attack on the former president with this raid thates is inherently controversial and necessarily demands disclosures about how it happened. who's responsibleis? so we're asking a federal court to release it as quickly as possible with doj. silence on it is deafening and we hope that doj doesn't oppose us there. the biden doj, to be clear. buthe on the other hand , you have the democrats in congresshe use their so-called overthoughto oversight abilities to target
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the president personally, again asking for confidential taxki information, taxes from before he was president, taxes from when he was president, his tax returns from after he's president and unfortunately the courts here in the district of columbia ratified that abuse, pretended that there's no politics here worth worryingyi about. and so the president, civil rights, practically speaking,pe get thrown out the window. and again, , the courts also nes to need to step up and act to a protect the structure of our government that's under attack. is under attack from within. you have congress trying to u blow up our systems of government and the courts have almost been bisan in large measure. we're just rubber stamping them. in the case ofju the fisastber- warrants and in this case, the unprecedented effort to gain our confidential tax information. and as we see with the irs getting eighty seven thousand new employees obviously trumpsee
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just number one . the number one target inav the rest of us can or will all have to worry as well. that is certainly terrifying. tom , i don't know if you're familiar with the comedian andrew schultz, but he said hesc now judges presidents under the ability to moveab merchandise, the magic hat being all time great seller. apparently hillary clinton has decided to enterth the fray, tom . she, ofar course,y who kept classified materials on her private server at home but was never raided, is now gloating about that and the raid on donald trump. and she's going to sell merch. she's going to sell merch that reads. but her emails to markn. the occasion. what do youou m make of this, t? well, it's consistent with her mockery of the rule of law.rulel remember whataw you joked wipe with a cloth when they talked about deleting emails. et this person, on the otherer hand , isn't president because of her emails. so and she's also out there in many ways helpfully reminding
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americans that she's a o beneficiary of the same type of corruption that helped that led to the fbi raiding trump. remember, she worked with the fbi, her campaign did to target trump in 2006. n well, we will see exactly you know, to take the lighter side of the note, tom . we'll see exactly how many hatsi she canll move with .s but her emails out there in. the economy. tom fitton, thanks so much.thuc it's always great toh, hear from you. ou >>, thank you, will . all right. shocking new details emerging about the fbi's raid on donaldai trump. it turnsls out the person who signed off on the raidff is linked to jeffrey epstein. i'm serious. who obviously didn't kill himself. i'm serious. that's straight ahead. did i'm serious. that not one the and savitar's donated blood over the past 40 years, more than 10,000
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don'tl: teaten permanentum washington. and of course, we know what happened next. months ago, former trump white house official cash patelhe refuted the idea that classified materials were located michelago cash. patel was chief of staff tore the secr the trump administration and he joins us no we actualhe deeper question of whether or not thiss is truly about classified materials. were there classified materials in maralinga it's great to be wh you. youwhatel tell defini trump was a transparency president and time and time again, lead investigator u so my of the documents were buried w tried to get all of it on president trump on multiple occasions. the white house declassified whole sets of documents, includingecla i remind you and r audience that around octou 2020 he issued a statement from the ite house declassifying every document related to notus just
10:29 pm
also the hillary clinton email scandal. so that is a wide ranging set of documents that the mainstream mediaha is ignoring that order, not to mention h, i believe in fore he left, where he issued the white house. od when the president says nt it. at's he's a unilateral chief, commander in chief and the sole and that point hasnderbed and ie argued in the future. n declassify, but cash get to to the crux of the issue. is this about in your estimation, classified materials? now, thisia is an invasion of r constitution by government gangsters. and you have al capone sitting of justice talking to his the corner. this is about the continuation tmp to prevent the worst being president ever again. they failed during the rush to get home. theyhmento ukraine six and mueller, they're run me on june six . now whatry a night or daytime
10:30 pm
home to see if they can stop him.i highh and i highlight to the person pushing this the 4 f1 apply to the president of a constitutional fight while he wouldon be campre.ny it's real i world practicality o keep him from being president of the united states capitol. great to see you. thanksee so all right. we're learning much more about the magistrate judge who signed off oudge beamruce rhinehart. nowmaor who also get this defended a associates of convicted jeffrey epstein, who definitelye d notid kill himself. sean davis is ceo of the fe youight. coincidence? s ie a coincidence, isn't it, that, this derangedp judtri ge-t who quit his jobru as a federal
10:31 pm
pr office literally inve i've seen magically the next dayof started representing a bunch of jeffrey airstreams closestleagues, including he set up his office in the exact same office suite in south florida as jeffreyep epstein's criminal defender f. so, yeah, you just got toststelj marvel atus the coincidence yesn and we've talked about with others, but you have reported on this deeply. on what we have talked about tonight, the in washington. mationesr is the true motivation about what we watched happened last night? a declaration of war against the american public if irynt nom more . that doesn't want toores be ruln a bunch of corrupts. oligarchs. it's easy to look at what en i, justt about it's just about, you know, donrump and youou know, he's kind of different. a this is about the ruling elitesu
10:32 pm
want to call it, the oligarchy deciding that it is up to them to pick it'sp to them to deciballthhen republicans vote . this is a declara against the american public for having soc t to think t they get to decide who represents them becausehihit there's obvious what this was about. this was about disqualifnald trg again. is th kill shot to take out donald trump's political career. and unfortunately for them, i think it's going to backfire but te that's not going to it's not going to undo the damage with these stazi tactics. no. and the damage won't require a conviction. it will simply requirely reqrell a di t hear from you. thank you. stst. a sofo for the last 24 hours on msnbc, a parade legal analysts and former fbi officials have been chirping about the rule of law, says ample is the principle at stake. an publicans understand this
10:33 pm
is a question about the rule of law. it's going to the rule of lawaw is going to prevail because it has to. and t ews yesterday thatartmen is returning to its historical position as a law enforcement agency above politics trying tot do the right thing. vladimir putin, he't believe in t she doesn't. yeah,, the rule of law. they all systematicallyk toaw break down the rule of law, just like donald is fascinating. law, can you have the rule of law trr the law? ee s ,joy never r an for spying on americans and lying to congress. they never even raised the idead of raiding hillary clinton for storing classified materials on a server and wiping herer iano igas s a retired fbi supervisorecsp agent
10:34 pm
and he joins us now. james , thank you for being with in that montage. y you heard a lot about t over pae there's raid coming for eric swalwell and hunter biden right. >> so will the rule of law is not a bumper sticker. and ii know that seemso be applied on everything today because people are gleeful that hatiksl cg to them. the problem is what you laid out at the top of the show, fact tate treatment o. start with general flynn. wct aasog employed and thatan in 1799 nevd been prosecuted yet the, they ended up charging him and getting to plead a to a thousand and one thato is lying to an fbi agent. twenty five years in the fbi. and i'll tell you this, will i gers, k many times inneys tong n
10:35 pm
twenty five years, zero. you talked about hillary clinton. wow. what a diffe handle things. we took her atittedchet emails e under subpoena, 30000 of them ug on details for her daughter'ss wedding, but they were under subpoena and we took her at her word and we didn't kick her door in chappaqua, new york . go to comey, director comey, he's tne a the time surrogate, not even on his own to the new york times memorandums that were fbi property, federalew records act. yes, some ofstctri confidentialt would have been top secretut ono it. will that's the rulehe of law has to t be applied equally, not separately. so therefore, why is it not you have those three lette to your name,hose the fbi is not
10:36 pm
the only corrupted federal e nithe cia.from the cdc t we could look at every american instit and wonder what has gone wrong. bu one in the spotlighthtith te fbi? w a statement. push back on corrupt. what the problems are is is theo toanr the attorneyns general are political appointees. the vast majority of fbi agents. there's twelve thousand thirty six thousand employees in totalgent greood, decent people. they're working to follow the evid of fear or favor. the topopple att will they got to g wlil say thisll optimism. y i hope you are right. i dodo worry about a class of employees, perhaps at t the higher levels of eve a class of employees that party tr in is for themselves to remainpose
10:37 pm
employed and in power. i hope, though, i'm optimistic that you are right.ou james gagliano, thank you so or having me.. will . all right. werand new information about the fbi raid on mayor longo this hour. we've learned federal agents even went after melaniaal trumpu and spent hours at the former president's home. you've got t these shocking details. we'll share them with you ht ahead. whether t fuel tank cap, a more complex sensor or anything else, rock , auto, .com has the parts you ed todo. ever wonder how much and comparen you think.rly.comv visit ownerly .com today w don't
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10:43 pm
us now with the latest details. miranda, good for being with us. what have you learned pledge of will and what we've heard from fmeor president from legal sourceses and we've pieced together what happened in this raid and it's quite shockingg. . we had over 30 fbi agents from0 bothfb the southern district of who arrived fthey whe tereru'smp lawyers who were local lawyerss were not there. they didn't arrive for another hour. so these fbi agents and about three doj attorneys managed toig the search warrant to, we believe, to the secret service agents outside once inside this palatial property. they had access to everything slunc the vesi bedroom, living rooms
10:44 pm
and dining rooms. and soin on .a and they s also had access to a separate part of t donald true was. own, wntwee'rey told, to the sort of basement storage room which had been locked with these 15 boxes of presidential documents had been much of 2020 and shippedservicp them to maraja lago, where th and in fact, in june, trump's attorneys, two ofs e fbi, gave them full access to that room, to those documents, those and they spent several hours then looking through them. donald trump w a time in stopped by the basement and saidd hello to a
10:45 pm
and butt now, of course, tope bedminster in new jersey. and so maralinga is closed up. for the summer. there wasnly a skeleton staff anyet the fbiing groundskeepersl doj attorneys would not let donald trump's lawyers shelterrs inside out of s the sun in condb they were not allowedny par of arch that went on for nine sorry. yeah, about nine hours over nine hours from about 9:00 a.m. till aboutfr till aboutm. six thirty p. and att dys was, i'm told, arrogant.nt and they continually repeated that we have access to everything and everywh to every single room and you trueras sait
10:46 pm
they ripped acked closets, including, we're told, melania trump's closet. also donald trump's pri in tht o open his safe just rifled through material. . someone who has seen the warrant that has said t predentialpr records and classified informationes. so, you know, boxesere that storage room. they'd lr only justuspicis that they we on a fishing expedition. yeah,ti except obviously you caw hold or hide classifiedif documents in the winter coatsiei of the former first lady buried somewhere deep in hern closet. arch tough the wardrobe,
10:47 pm
rrowe tailored. it is supposed toupd intrusive as possible. that does not sound what it wass like was accomplished. wewe just saw the cover, the net your reporting". thank you,usr the implications of the fbi's raidden itargeting his main rival before the midterm will it have the opposite of intended effect? will mak trump's strong opponentst in 14 families place and in the meantimee, how long you say, you know,r. a little . i am pat cipollone filling our house with confiden ready. that's n life doors open and heart attack giving out life insurance. no, but we have life insurance.
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now eight hundred nine zero one five nine nine seven . severalal republi includingnt rhonda santurce and kevin mccarthy, haveis condemned the andrew cuomo criticized the doj. donald trump says the raid is a sign joe biden is failing as ang president and he knows that he's o to be crushed. sohi ally improve and ld trump's chances o,ut kaym joins us now. clay, greatw. to see you. what doo you political fallout? i think this works in donaldut trump's favor. t i thinkru it's a massive havin fksg me. well, good job. aks flast ne eabr news, i belie that i haven s donaldev
10:53 pm
trump have this much support from so many people in the republican party. ndents beyondple you mentioned andrew cuomo, ented act that has been undertaken bve it's i rallying people behind donald trump who have a lot of issues potentially with choices he made as president. but s is beyond the pale by joe biden'sbi gawray. and as a result,ju i think this all immensely benefits donald trump. everybody's rallying behind him. and really quickly, the keys lae icans, not necessarily the trumpag fan and not theon'ty doubt, will .here and i think the answer's any tht doesn't really end well for joe biden. inflation'sone percent. we've got probablystasedea b on traditional definitionthmue g
10:54 pm
all overit the country. nd and this t is what the biden department of justicent is focusing on . thisis is not what americans want. this is unprecedented bananace republic style leadership. it's another reason whydeub joe biden shouldn't be running bviousst' to o people regardlessbv they vote. all right. great toot seee. you as always. thank you so much in tonight. appreciate it, man. a all right. had a fascinating conversation lonyoith one ofhe the brightest legal minds inds the country, and just filling the supreme thanks america. and also you're. we alrea know r lucky day as you're watching e people. what they want is andre carson . we know people screw up weeknights only on fox news
10:55 pm
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totally. and dtor a twenty nine cylinders focus and energy to help you compete like a champ with zero sugar and. try to focus back to tha focus on sharing focus better. knew that breaking news alert subpenafavoou shows are available any time it's free , it's fun.o all things. but he's right in the palewsox d today. ut for us tonight. hadre we go , we justt a brand new in-depthh conversation on the will cain podcast with law professorcoon jonathan turley about the fbi's raid on mayor longo. it warson ating. >> here's a bit. well, in the past, records violations not been prosecuted or prosecuted lightly. to the media., of course, wasrdt
11:00 pm
he was not prosecuted or sanctioned in any way. you can listen to that full conversation tomorrow r you get youre podcasts and of course, tune inr each night at 8:00 to the show. that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and groupthink. havess a a great day. next up, the great sean hannity who takes it fromit here on . s it. watch your podcastre g interview, smart man. r pogreat show tonight. thank you. thanks. hafor the full hour. by the way, our cov the fbi is alarmingng raid at mr a lago. the mainstream mediafrom will go through it slowly. he wwel ch in with senatorna marco rubio, paul manafort, who went throughto predawn raidd guns drawn, noaw knock


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