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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 10, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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you can see the numbers from when trump was in office to where we are now. obviously the biden administration wants illegal immigration and they are working with the cartels hand in hand to make sure it happens. >> carley: 5,500 illegal immigrants in mexico will be allowed into the united states. attorney general ken paxton, thanks for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> fallout continues over the fbi raid on donald trump. >> he is not deterred. he is to the phased at all. >> they went in when he was not even there and told his attorneys to leave. >> makes you more suspicious they were on a fishing expedition. >> is this administration weaponizing the justice department? >> the president believes in the rule of law. >> that's a yes or no. >> it's a yes or no for you. i'm answering the question. >> a winner was declared in the republican gubernatorial primary that put former running mates at odds. >> you are now going to have a governor that is going to stand up for the hard-working,
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law-abiding citizen of wisconsin. >> for the good of america we have to get him out of office. >> new york city mayor eric adams calls governor abbott anti-american. this is the same mayor who initially was supportive of giving all of these illegal people the right to vote. >> what i want to see right now -- >> senator bernie sanders skirts multiple questions about president biden. >> let me me rephrase the question do you want to see him run for re-election. >> right now my concern is electing more democrats. >> hey, cowboy, keep slinging that rope, eating that dirt, it break a leg rodeo. >> brian: is that. >> ainsley: eating that dirt. >> brian: does something something like a cowboy would do. >> ainsley: or a child. mud pies. >> brian: my dog eats dirt he dots not know the food we give her the little one, the puppy.
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>> ainsley: willow. >> brian: looking at virginia beach mayor dyer is control of. rules with a eye iron fist. the vibe creative district most of all navy. >> ainsley: the navy, the seals. it. >> brian: oyster farming. if you want to go see oysters being farmed which is a verb. go to new york. >> todd: i'm a huge proponent of oyster farming. try get down to virginia beach whenever i can. >> brian: when you order a farm-fresh or nonfarm salmon, how do you know? >> ainsley: they can't lie on the menu. whatever they say on the menu that's what they have. >> brian: i'm pretty sure you can lie on the menu. >> todd: inspect the fish. >> brian: i want to see until natural environment farm or free. >> ainsley: own a restaurant and say you have farm salmon on the
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it menu do you fix it or run to the grocery store and grab more salmon and people don't know. >> brian: goal is wild salmon unencumbered. salmon needs to have unencumbered. >> ainsley: steve is on assignment. you are filling in. big news day. >> brian: of course talking about it now. can we use the word raid? >> ainsley: we are allowed to use it. >> todd: despite what msnbc says. fallout continues over the fbi raid on former president donald trump mar-a-lago's home. >> ainsley: we know how trump lawyers were treated during the search and what this means for 2024. >> brian: kevin corke all over it. latest from washington as we get more details on the raid. >> good morning, guys. another layer indeed to this ongoing outrage surrounding the unprecedented fbi raid on former president trump's home in mar-a-lago. word that the fbi's agents wouldn't even allow his lawyers
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to watch as they rifle through his belongings and that has observers aghast and looking for answers. president at his home in new york city while his mommy home was being raided by the feds. box loads of materials the former president took with him to florida when he left the white house. including notes from north korean dictator kim jong un, a letter from barack obama. a cocktail napkin, a birthday menu. who knew? this whole exercise was unprecedented. unwarranted and uncalled for said the president's lawyers. >> i can tell you that he was not only working with them, he was cooperating. there was nothing to hide. and he was working in tandem. allowed them into mar-a-lago. the point is they went in when he wasn't even there and told his attorneys to leave. they couldn't even be on premises. >> meanwhile, the 39, who is also facing calls for his taxes to be released and is also facing upcoming deposition in
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new york by the a.g. there, well, despite all of that he is battle ready according to house republicans. >> i have never seen president trump as fired up as what he was tonight. he is not deterred. he is not phased at all by what the doj has done to him. it unifies us in our outrage to fight back. and, if anything, it paves the way for donald trump to unify the party once again and run for president. >> now, i think it's important to point this out, guys. former president barack obama also battled with the archive folks about material that he kept but no one raided his home. guys? >> brian: right, kev, thank you very much. we will see what details we get. now we find out they were all over the house. see the front page of "the new york post." they were in melania's closet. >> ainsley: i know. >> brian: they went to where the president keeps the beach chairs and umbrellas. they spent a lot of time there they went to his second floor. cracked his safe there was nothing in there according to
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two sources along with the "new york times" said the same thing. they went up to his residence and spent a lot of time. they already gave them 15 poxes. so what are they doing? i think for one thing i think the president seems pretty confident they got nothing but just astounded that it's gone this far. >> ainsley: eric trump has been on the last few days how president trumps that collected birthday cards and clippings and mementos. we don't know what they found. we know they walked away 10 boxes. 12 boxes. specifically 10. here's the timeline. january of this year, trump team voluntarily gives the national archives those 15 missing boxes. then in june the doj officials meet at mar-a-lago with the trump lawyers and he stopped in that meeting to say hello and then between june and august they were trying to negotiate the breakdown after the doj is allegedly saying there was a lack of cooperation from trump's team. so that's why days ago they had the affidavit submitted. the warrant signed and the fbi
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executed the search. >> todd: as for more what was discovered, what was found, what was looked for in donald trump's home. here is meranda divine on what she has heard. >> they had access to everything. to the trump's private quarters. they went counsel, we are told to sort of basement storage room which had been locked where 15 boxes of presidential documents had been held since the general services administration packed them up in january of 2020 and ships them to mar-a-lago where they have been kept under lock and key. eric trump said they ripped through closets. ransacked closets where we are told neal's closet also donald trump's private office. they spent hours in there they brought a safe cracker to open his safe.
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they were told that those boxes were in that storage room. they had already seen it only makes you more suspicious that they were on a fishing expedition. >> ainsley: todd, some legal perspective because you are a lawyer. you heard from trump's attorneys. alina said the country should be terrified because they wouldn't allow the lawyers there. it doesn't sound good to me they came in with backpacks. 100 percent politically motivated. if he wasn't ahead in the polls this wouldn't be happening. from a legal perspective, should the lawyers have been allowed to stay? >> todd: absolutely, i have never heard of any situation like this. especially in a private residence where some governmental authority comes in and one says you can't have your lawyers present in a private residence. it's your home. you can have anybody in there you want. and just because the fbi is conducting a search, vis-a-vis a search warrant doesn't mean can you dick out the lawyers. second they told them they have to turn the cameras off. absolutely not. you don't have to turn the cameras off in the fbi tells you to do it in a private place or
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in your own home. you can have one camera. you can have 100 cameras. this is wrong. >> brian: they did. the cameras rolled. they have the tape. they watched the whole thing. and they watched it -- and they rolled 'it back. >> ainsley: nine hours, i believe. >> brian: watched everything. watched going through it and i think it's interesting because if you -- "the washington post" says any mishandling of these archives could result in a criminal charge and make him ineligible to run for the presidency. so, if he is charged for taking national -- archived material, could this be a way for him not to run? a lot of people think it's to the democrats 7 advantage to have him run he is the most out of all of the republican candidates he would be the easiest one to beat. some say the hardest to beat they just want him out. >> ainsley: that might be changing after, this right? >> brian: number one, i have a great source that sets the local fbi bureau was not alerted to
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this. >> todd: right. >> brian: number two is there is almost no way the president of the united states was not alerted that they are going into the 45th president's residence and they say the white house says they did not learn about it ahead of time. here's the press secretary. >> is this administration weaponizing the justice department and the fbi against political opponents? >> peter, the president believes in the rule of law. the president believes in the independence of the department of justice. >> peter: that's a yes or no. >> no. it's a yes or no for you. i'm answering the question. you may not like it, but i'm answering the question. no, no. i'm answering the question and i'm telling you that we are not going to comment on a criminal investigation. >> ainsley: trump on truth social says biden knew all about this just like he knew all about hunter's deals. we are awful wondering if president biden signed off on this and knew about it the white
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house is saying no. he found out like we all did. if he did know ahead of time and maybe we will never have that answer. then messing with a future political opponent, that is extremely dangerous. >> todd: brian, to that point of disqualification, that story in the "the washington post," definitely goes along the libraries of what marc elias the democratic operative who calls himself a lawyer has said. jonathan turley and other legal lawyers have said you don't get disqualified for this. it's going to be an open -- >> brian: i'm wondering you go through there i don't need this for the national archives will investigation this could help january 6th. letitia james are are you cross-examining the president today? this might help you here other properties inflated. could you help the southern district of new york and fan out anything that you pick up that has nothing to do with what you allegedly went into the residence for, which was because you had to get that letter from kim jong un and put it in the national archives at the smithsonian. >> ainsley: you have a lot of republicans calling out the doj
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buts are some democrats andrew cuomo and andrew yang were talking about this and saying -- andrew yang said i'm no trump fan i want him as far away from the white house as possible. it's him against the corrupt government establishment. this sets precedent for millions of americans who sees this as unjust persecution. >> todd: more buses filled with illegal immigrants headed to no, at any moment as the dhs lifts even more border restriction. how the city's mayor is responding. >> ainsley: twitter fight continues why he is selling off billions in tesla shares ♪ ♪ breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur.
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♪ >> brian: all right. we are back with a look at some of the primary results last night. you might have nodded off early. last night was a good one for candidates endorsed by former president trump. start in wisconsin where trump backed businessman tim michels defeated rebecca kleefisch for the republican nomination for governor there. so she is not going to be in this as she has been -- she was endorsed by vice president mike pence. wisconsin's lieutenant governor mandela barnes winning this primary. can i get music for this? shouldn't i have music? thanks for that ♪ ♪ >> brian: setting up a matchup for senator ron johnson in november. >> ainsley: meanwhile in minnesota, democratic socialist congresswoman ilhan omar narrowly wins her primary against pro-police centrist don samuels in a statement omar credited her progressive ideas for the victory. >> she should not have trouble in the primary. >> dr. scott jensen taking the
3:18 am
republican primary for governor. in connecticut. levy carrying her republican senate primary. she said her candidacy is the culmination of her american dream after her family cuba to escape communism. she is going to face richard blumenthal in november. >> todd: gerald malloy takes the senate primary there set to face peter welch crews to victory in his primary yesterday primary in washington state. congresswoman butler concedes defeat in her race against touch backed race. joining the growing list of republicans impeach former president trump to lose their primary. could i talk about this race and what a shocker this is? when entered the rails it was assumed she'd would be the nominee. only one with any name recognition. hartford state house for decades. then levy comes in and she gets the endorsement of donald trump
3:19 am
and she wins by a shocking 10,000 votes. in connecticut. in blue connecticut. which stood out to me which i think is going to be the harbinger for the rest of the nation. levy won in small towns. america made of small towns. if you think that trump is going to have a problem in the general, the trump-backed candidates in the general, look at connecticut, trump won the small towns. there are a lot of small towns throughout the country. he is going to win those. going to be interesting to see if they carry trump backed candidates to victory. >> ainsley: she has a remarkable story. her family is escaping communism. you will hear from many people there were so many people down at mar-a-lago over the last two nights and i was watching some of our coverage of it. and you heard from many of those people who came from cuba. they said this is what we do in cuba. i don't expect that in america. these stories resonate like south texas. you know, very democratic area you have mayra flores. her story is incredible. 6 years old came over to america
3:20 am
first congressman or woman born in mexico and is now a lawmaker here in america. >> brian: so, believe it or not, even though the raid happened about 48 hours ago, sean duffy says that's the reason why so many trump-backed candidates were able to pull out these victories. >> donald trump endorsed tim michels won the race the power of the trump endorsement. rebecca kleefisch lieutenant governor, nice person. lieutenant governor under scott walker i should say. she was endorsed by walker. kind pence as well. had the pence-walker endorsement vs. the trump endorsement with michels. what i think happened here, this race would have been much closer, i think two to three point race. i think think mychals would have won. there were a lot of republican voters in wisconsin who were angry about what happened in mar-a-lago with that search warrant. >> and the thought that michaels would be more conservative and might have a harder time waiting in the general but got trump backing for now. we will see. donald trump seems to have
3:21 am
gotten -- everyone has weighed in almost on his side saying this raid is over the top. they must be fearing you. and donald trump using the most of it. the biggest shocker for me is to see hillary clinton weigh in. because it's like someone who has got convicted of drunk driving mocking somebody who is convicted of drunk driving. wait a second. do you want more scrutiny on the scandal and what you got away with the bleach bit and '3,000 emails that just evaporated and the whole dossier which you financed? she came out basically as raising money off donald trump's problem. >> ainsley: reminding all of us of her email scandal by selling hats and t-shirts that say "but her emails" she broke the law. she is reminding us of it and trying to make money for, what, her campaign? >> todd: part of the microcosm the left doesn't think there are consequences. hillary clinton comes out with a stones statement like this. >> ainsley: almost laughing at
3:22 am
him i didn't get my house raided. i did the same thing if not worse. we don't really know what they found in donald trump's house. but she -- we know what they found on her house and in her servers. she is reminding all of us of it and almost laughing and trying to profit off of it is strange. >> brian: it is. to a woman whose house has not been raided. >> ainsley: one who has not had her house raided. >> the election music makes all the difference >> carley: extra boost of confidence. >> brian: that's all i need. >> carley: to get through the tough names. toba is very important that's why you are the best. ♪ >> carley: he just pressed that button. i have got headlines here, starting with this awful story in new mexico. police have arrested an immigrant from afghanistan. they are calling the primary suspect in the murders of four muslim men in albuquerque, mohammed syed faces two counts of murder. still looking whether he was behind two other killings.
3:23 am
they believe he knew the victims and they, quote, intrapersonal conflict led to the shootings that occurred over the past nine months. at least one person is dead after a double-decker bus overturns on the new jersey turnpike yesterday. the bus driver and four others were seriously injured. 20 people were on board the crash taking place on the entrance ramp to a rest stop. police haven't said what caused that bus crash. elon musk is selling more tesla shares. enough filings confirm the ceo sold close to 8 million shares worth nearly $7 billion. this is just a few months after he said he would not be selling any more. it comes as the lawsuit between twitter and musk rages on over the $44 billion purchase of the platform. musk says he sold the stock in case twitter forces the teal to go through. good show of sportsmanship after a little leaguer is hit by a
3:24 am
pitch southwestern tournament game in waco, texas. the batter who was knocked down shakes it off. then actually consoles the distraught pitcher who plunked him. watch. >> such great sportsmanship. he wanted him to know that it's okay. that he will be fine. >> i love that. >> gosh, what a great example there, that pep talk between opposing players actually inspiring the rest of the infield to descend on the mound to show support for their teammate. those were your headlines. that's such a feel good story. little kids doing the right thing playing baseball. >> carley: that is really sweet. since he walked off first base. is he out? >> that will be the ultimate. sorry you are being a good kid but you are out. >> brian: now go to the dugout. >> ainsley: i'm kidding. was that his mom who was crying? >> ainsley: she was getty teary eyed. number 17. next time we play we will have to see if that was number 17.
3:25 am
>> brian: david portnoy trending on this play. he thought that was a bad move for the runner to go over. he said you had him on the ropes. you have got to get to the -- [laughter] >> todd: you are 12. >> ainsley: such a dad comment. >> brian: that's the barstool. created a little bit of a uproar. >> ainsley: take advantage of him crying. is he upset do you want to get to williamsport or not? >> ainsley: we turned this into most cynical conversation. >> todd: not portnoy's fault it's kilmeade's fault. >> brian: you have got to see some of the stuff. just go on twitter. >> ainsley: oh, will. >> look at kilmeade's computer the next three hours. >> brian: tell you what is still ahead. details about the raid at mar-a-lago and the drug who green lit the whole thing. florida's top law enforcement officers demanding transparency from the department of justice.
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an amusement park is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids. >> brian: welcome back. we are learning more about the judge no issued the search warrant for the fbi raid of donald trump's property and his financial political ties to the left although he did support jeb bush. fox business correspondent ashley webster is live at mar-a-lago to tell us more. ashley? >> yes. as we look into the record of
3:30 am
bruce rinehart, he is the magistrate judge here in florida who ima, as you said, the green light for that massive fbi raid on monday. we know he worked for the south florida u.s. attorney's office until he resigned on new year's day in 2008. that's when he raised a lot of eyebrows because he went to work representing employees of jeffrey epstein who, as we know, would later be convicted in a sex trafficking case. the records show that the judge, epstein represented epstein's pilots and schedulers, among others, also interesting that in 2011, the judge, rinehart, was named in a lawsuit and accused of violating justice department policy because he represented epstein's employees. that went nowhere. at one point we know that rinehart worked at the u.s. department of treasury and interestingly, he also worked at the department of justice's public integrity section. whatever that is. as you say on the political side, we do know that records
3:31 am
show that rinehart donated thousands of dollars to former president barack obama's campaign and so-called victory fund back in 2008. and, as you mentioned, he also donated 500 bucks to jeb bush's failed presidential campaign in 2016. what we don't know, frustratingly for everyone, wanting to know the details is what caused the judge to sign off? what was the probable cause that led to the judge agreeing to the fbi's request to raid mar-a-lago right behind me on monday? not just raid but substantial, dozens of agents and dozens of vehicles screaming up to the property and rifle ling through the property of donald trump and melania trump's wardrobe remarkably took nine and a half hours to do it. we know about the judge we don't know why he agreed to the warrant.
3:32 am
brian? >> brian: ashley, from one ashley to another. the fbi staying quiet on the raid mar-a-lago. they didn't know they say. top law enforcement officers calling for fbi director wray and attorney general garland to be more transparent. how about transparent at all. florida attorney general ashley moody joins us now. attorney general, thanks for joining us. you were never alerted by this. you told me in the break that's not -- that's not unusual. so what is unusual about this? >> well, this is unprecedented by the fbi to raid a former president's home, someone that was making noise about potentially running again against the current sitting president. i can tell you as a former prosecutor and judge myself, this tactic seemed overwhelming in terms of what was actually being disputed or sought in terms of the document. and i think that shocked the nation. i don't care what political party you are from, seeing an fbi contingent raid of former
3:33 am
president's home put everyone on alert. is this administration or is the doj particularly weaponizing a criminal investigation to suppress political opposition? and i think it's incumbent upon this president. you know, this is no time in the history of our nation, to cower behind a cough, come out, speak with the american people, assure them that the doj and the fbi particularly is not being weaponized or assure them that you will direct the department of justice to explain why this overwhelming tactic was used. i think it's important to the strength and stability of this nation. >> brian: here's what the white house said. we did not have notice that the reported action and we refer you to the justice department for any information. they did go through melania's wardrobe. they spent hours there. i don't know if they were shopping or searching. fbi agents scoured her wardrobe, they looked through a storage unit. some people sensed there was
3:34 am
somebody on the inside of the trump team that told them where to go. and can you actually raid an apartment because you took archives or do you remember that this could be part of helping an investigation, for example, letitia james in new york, helping an investigation januare investigation of the georgia investigation. so could all of this stuff be the center and could they be farming things out left and right to these other investigations? >> well, presumably the copy of the warrant would have left the charges that were backed up or that the affidavit supported in the search warrant. that would have had to have been left at the residence and along with an inventory of what was taken that will be generalized, of course, however many boxes, miscellaneous documents. i think what is important and what everyone should note is yesterdayed when white house came out and the first press briefing after this raid took place, five reporters asked
3:35 am
different ways 12 questions regarding whether the doj or fbi were being weaponized to suppress political opposition the question was never answered. it was even put yes or no. that's unacceptable at this moment in time we need someone to come out, assure the american public we are not some, you know, dictatorship. we are not a nation that is going to suppress political opposition. we are going to assure that our institutions of criminal investigation remain independent. and fair and that was not done. and i think that was a huge missed opportunity. >> brian: right not dropping illegal immigrants into jacksonville in the middle of the night not telling you raiding a former president's house in your state without telling you. the federal government has got to communicate i would think. attorney general moody, thank you. >> thank you, brian. will. >> brian: still ahead on this show. a lot. from the great resignation to the great regret. why workers who changed jobs during the pandemic are second-guessing their choices
3:36 am
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♪ >> todd: from the great resignation to the great regret. a new survey shows about 26% of people who quit their job during the so-called great resignation already wish they hadn't while 42% of people who found a new job said it did not live up to expectations. joining me to discuss is ramsey solutions. ken, great to have you here. your focus really is on this first part of worker needs not being met. what do you mean by that? what's a worker need? what do they need? >> well, you know, i feel like leaders forget, sometimes, that they are leading and hiring humans. and so we spend more of our time
3:41 am
at work than we do anything else in our lives. so there are three primary needs very large gallup study found. the first is that we want to find purpose in our work by doing work that matters to us. second, we want to be recognized. just like little kids all of us are grown up little kids and we can't forget that recognized for our unique contribution in the workplace. third need that must be met people want an actual relationship with heir leader. these are the human elements that if leaders people aren't meeting these needs people will look as we saw during the great resignation they will leave you. >> todd: look at in the sports context players love having that relationship with their coach. they love having a guy to go to war with. bill belichick but that's a different story. let's talk about pay, most people leave for better pay that's obvious. you say it's not always what it seems it should be. >> well, let's just look at the data that you led with. 26% of americans who did leave
3:42 am
for a bigger paycheck. a lot of people leveled up. but then the paycheck wears off. that's an initial high. we sit a little taller, we feel better about ourselves and looks better in the bank account. the relate is when we get in the job where we don't have those three needs met, all of the sudden we have transitioned from oh, wow, this is a great move for my bank account wow, this was not a good move for me, the person. >> todd: you say going forward, people need to have a purpose statement. what should that statement contain? >> yeah. so, your purpose statement is a compass and a filter. it helps us with direction on where we want to go. then it becomes a filter as we kind of look through opportunities. and a purpose statement is something we created through the get clear assessment at ken a purpose statement tells me what i do best. that's my talent. it tells me what work i love to do, that's passion. and then it shows me what motivates me. what results i want to put in
3:43 am
the world. that's mission. so, when you spend most of your day, let's just call it 75% of your day using what you do best, your talent, doing work you love, passion, and producing results that matter to you, mission. you are on purpose. you are doing what you were created to do and watch your pay and your meaning, so income and impact watch those increase. listen, this affects your personal life as well. if you are in an unhappy place most of your day, you are dragging that stuff home with you. so we can't separate the work us and the personal us. it's impossible to do. >> todd: good advice, ken coleman, thanks for giving it to us straight. we appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. >> todd: all right. let's go to a lady i believe her name is carley shimkus. i believe i met her once before. >> carley: todd, good morning. starting with this the woman charged with killing six people in a fiery colorado car cash has been involved in 13 previous car accidents according to
3:44 am
prosecutors. nicole was charged with six counts of murder and five counts of vehicular manslaughter in court on monday. a pregnant mother and her 11 mold baby were among the six people who died in the crash. if convicted. linton could be sentenced to life in prison. a massive water main break flooding streets in northern new jersey yesterday. residents in newark and bellevue were told to boil water until further notice due to the break. thought break left residents with low water pressure or no water at all. the incident also opening a sinkhole that swallowed a car leaving only the front tires exposed. check that out. senator bernie sanders skirts multiple questions about whether he would support president biden in 2024. >> do you want to see president biden, senator, run for a second term? >> well, what i want to see right now is that the congress of the united states working with president biden next year. >> let me rephrase the question. do you want to see him run for
3:45 am
re-election? >> look, right now, my concern is electing more democrats in this midterm election. >> carley: he tried. two dodges there sanders joins the growing list of lawmakers on the left dodging the question of whether biden should go for four more years in office. the white house continues to maintain that president biden intends to run again in 2024. and a federal judge in california ruling three liv golf players are unable to compete in the pga tour fedex cup playoffs this week. matt jones, gooch and swa ford all filing a temporary restraining order against the pga last week arguing they qualified for the tour before joining liv golf. the ruling comes after cammeron smith declined to speak on reports he is joining liv golf for $100 million. smith is competing in the fedex cup playoffs as the number two
3:46 am
ranked player in the world. those are your headlines. adam outside to you. >> adam: good morning, carley. big changes out here on fox square as finally cooler, finally a little less humid and you know what? that will be the case early here on this wednesday morning. cooler air ushering its way in. a lot of spots still hovering in the 70s. the cooler air is just kind of funneling in across interior new england. you see 61 in chicago. cooler in kansas city. there is a cold front sweeping the country and it's right along that frontal boundary where we will see the temperatures change but also where you will see more shower activity as we are ultimately seeing cooler air funnel in. right along that boundary, unfortunately, a whole lot of heavy rain again, again for folks in eastern kentucky and across the appalachian mountains places where you can see flooding because the ground is sat temperature rated ultimately today the temperatures running back up into the 80's, again, yesterday it was the middle 90's for a lot of these folks, cooler air, funneling in, feeling a little more pleasant out here this morning on a wednesday morning.
3:47 am
todd, forcing it back in to you. >> todd: dehumidifier the mvp of august: star sharing his path to success living in jim crow north carolina to playing basketball. breaks down how faith and hard work changed his life. later, we are standing by for a major inflation report. what the numbers could mean for you and your family coming up. ♪ ♪ a little bit closer ♪ every day is a fading sign ♪ get a little bit closer ♪ h pick is in the new all-american club. that's a “club” i want to join! let's hear from simone. chuck, that's a club i want to join! i literally just said that. i like her better than you the new subway series. what's your pick?
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3:52 am
couple quick sports headlines a pittsburgh pirates prospect called up from the minors dropping a call in major league district attorney debut watch as castro loses phone head first slide into first base. >> astro slides into third. his phone comes out of his pocket. dude your phone is dead. right there. [laughter] i can honestly say i have never seen that before. >> that's so funny. the third base umpire immediately seeing the phone pointing at it in the dirt. castro claims he put his oven mitt sliding gloves in his back pocket and forgot about the phone. don't call it a comeback former new york mets pitcher figure are a are a called to action for the staten island. is he a pitching coach for the atlantic league team when he wept the distance minor league baseball took the lock. still impressive to see 4 #-year-old make unexpected to return to the mound. ainsley, over to you.
3:53 am
>> carley: brian is very jealous because move over, brian. carley and i are handling the sports today. [laughter] >> brian: incredible. >> ainsley: you are going to love this next story. thank you, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> ainsley: story of faith hard work and determines. next guest grew up in rural, north carolina during the jim crow era where he became the first to desegregate baseball team went on to it play michigan and nba. fulfilling the dream he recounts that journey and what helped him get there good morning to you wayman. >> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning. i'm doing great. congratulations new book you titled it "fulfilling the dream" what is your dream. >> my dream i would grow up and be like julius irving or george irving. my hope is i would one day be able to use those gifts and to
3:54 am
build a life for myself. absent my farm experience. so, i am so happy how life turned out for me. my whole life journey, it's amazing. the fact that i was able to do that at a time where most people didn't think that would be possible. >> ainsley: right. i mean, your story is incredible. you grew up in north carolina in the 50's and 60's. you have older brothers and you all would do out and chop wood and make posts for your basketball hoop out of basketball twine. will plank. you used resources to become really just to excel in the game. how did this teach you to be inspired even if you had these disadvantages? >> yeah. no excuses. my dad always taught us that, never to complain, never to whine about your circumstance. always find a way to overcome them. and like my brother jimmy and i and we would do those basketball courts in the backyard.
3:55 am
we would take tobacco twine as you talked about. we would make the basketball courts out of the plywood or wood, whatever we could find. and life is like that. you know, we oftentimes settle for what life comes at you rather than dealing with what life throws at you. i hope that my life is an inspiration for other people. >> ainsley: yes, sir. >> who are maybe upset with what has happened in their life that doesn't give them the potential to meet their dreams. and so, yeah, that whole experience taught me a lot growing up in north carolina. >> ainsley: you were the captain. that says a lot about your character of the university of michigan basketball team. you led the team to the national championship game in 1976. and you were drafted after that by the lakers and went on to play for the pistons for a short time. then you became manager of one of the largest office manufacturers called steel case in america for 24 years. then you became the administrator for kent county. you and your wife have seven
3:56 am
children today together. and i love the story that you write about when the coach penciled you in as a guard. there was another player that actually went in as the guard. the coach put you in as power forward. this says a lot about you because you are 6'2", you had to be really tough. how did that change your life? >> that forced me to use whatever skills or talents i had because i did not want to sit the bench. i wanted to make sure that i was playing in that -- on that team. and regardless of my size, and as it turned out, i became one of the best forwards in the big 10. in fact, became one of the guys that was key to our success. >> ainsley: all right. wayman. >> i look at that. >> ainsley: we are going to run out of time. i'm so sorry. everyone this book is worth reading buy it nor your sons or daughters because his story is incredible. "fulfilling the dream"
3:57 am
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>> another bus full of migrants expected this morning. >> i just think it's unfair. >> irony of it is amazing he is fully encouraging illegal immigration. >> fallout in theory continues over the fbi raid over former president donald trump. >> these people are obsessed. the far left they will stop at nothing. >> i don't care what political party you are from, i think that shocked the nation. >> this is not about folks who make less than $400,000. >> analysis from house republican showing that middle class americans will face the worst of the new irs audits.
4:01 am
>> it is supposed to be for the rich? let me tell you the rich have a bunch of lawyers. >> we are waiting the latest consumer price index. >> this is the biggest report of the report and it has been every month this year. >> we are going to have an inflation problem for quite some time. >> castro slides into third. his phone comes out of his pocket. dude, your phone is down, hey, right there. [laughter] i can honestly say i have never seen that before. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: beautiful shop of the intrepid located here in new york city. that's the hudson river. on the intrepid. >> brian: i take it out on weekends. >> ainsley: you do. you had a great idea. [buzzer] >> brian: south china sea use everything we have because they are using everything they have.
4:02 am
ains this is beautiful shot of news corps. we are inside this building right here. they are turning the cameras around and there we are on the curvey couch and todd piro is sitting in for steve this morning. >> todd: in case you are waking up thinking i see this guy at 4:00 in the morning what's he doing there. i'm pulling like a full kilmeade today my goal is to do every show. doing my show and next show. hemmer, if you want off i will i couldn't know upstairs. >> brian: outnumbered needs a man. >> brian: i'm doing tucker tonight. 7 hour gap. >> ainsley: you have a lot to talk about. >> brian: we do. >> ainsley: that's brings us to a fox news alert. we are awaiting the arrival of three more buses full of illegal immigrants from texas coming here to new york city. >> brian: buses are arriving as mayor eric adams vows to sends buses of new yorkers to texas to campaign against their governor greg abbott? >> ainsley: they are going to say come on new yorkers come over. >> brian: honey, i don't know how to vote let's see what the new yorkers want at our door.
4:03 am
>> brian: nice bus. >> good morning. we are still awaiting the arrival of those buses. i am standing right outside the port authority bus terminal which is the main bus terminal in new york city. you can see the city is prepared for their arrival. there is an emergency response vehicle there from the fdny. you have port authority and nypd police here as well as nonprofit organizations, as well as also the office of immigrant affairs. so far we have seen 68 immigrants have been bused from the border to new york city directly from texas since friday. we still do not know how many will be arriving today or if and when those buses will arrive at all. what we do expect them this morning. this has obviously launched a war of words between governor greg abbott and the city of new york. abbott had been accused of sending migrants here a arrived illegally to new york city.
4:04 am
essentially without any of their consent. sending them here even though they don't want to be here. in a statement, abbott actually responded to that accusation saying these migrants willingly chose to go to new york city. having signed a voluntary consent waiver available in multiple languages upon boarding that they agreed on the destination. but new york city, the mayor as well as the commissioner of immigrant affairs, castro said these migrants are arriving here without sometimes even knowing or wanting to come to new york city. they contend that some migrants wanted to go to wisconsin or portland, oregon. i asked castro this morning about the governor saying look, that these migrants are coming here voluntarily. this is what he had to say. >> the individuals that we are receiving, welcoming tell us different. you know, again, we cannot trust governor abbott. is he clearly using this as a political ploy.
4:05 am
this is behavior of someone who is clearly morally corrupt. >> again, new york city has seen about 4,000 asylum seekers arrive here to the city since may. that is a 10% increase in the total homeless shelter population in this city. they are seeing about 100 asylum seekers every single day from venezuela, colombia and ecuador. we actually spoke to a man who is awaiting the arrival of these buses. his name is john torres from maryland. he came with $300 in his pocket. he says he plans on giving 20 or $30 to each of the migrants to help them get a leg up here. is he colombian and says ultimately that this is an issue that needs to be resolved. statewide and federally. but, in the meantime, is he going to do everything he can to help them. guys? >> brian: that's incredible. bryan, break in, as soon as you see the buses arrive. see how it goes and see if new york can take any more people. bill melugin tweeted out. he pointed out this 4,000
4:06 am
migrants have arrived in new york city over the last three months. texas averages 4,000 migrants crossing its border every single day. and they are illegal immigrants. here best people in the world or the worse. that's not how you do it. the administration doesn't pay attention. i have a sense that if this continues with mayor bowser and mayor adams continuing to have a war at the border and calling a federal government for more funding you, that's one of the few things he could get the president's attention, i hope. >> ainsley: bill melugin also says that so far, not including these buses that could be coming today, only 100 -- he has only sent 100 of these illegal immigrants here to new york. and they are building different shelters for them to live n this area in the city, three in queens. two in brooklyn and two in the bronx. we were talking about how if adams, mayor adams sends bus loads of people to go down there and campaign against the governor in new york, people are going to be like are you serious? >> todd: has he met a texan? >> ainsley: they are not huge
4:07 am
fans of new yorkers or new york city. they love texas. they love the policies in texas. and we were law officering. it reminds us of the it sauce new york city? >> todd: key points. texans aren't going to love the liberal new yorkers knocking on their door telling them how they need to vote. second, i thought you wanted to be a sanctuary city. isn't part of that providing sanctuary and not complaining when you are forced to be a sanctuary city? the best part of this eric adams asked about these individuals coming here basically said it's not safe for these immigrants to come to knox. really? new york city is not safe? we have all been experiencing that for, i don't know, the last two years. welcome to the party, adam. >> i would think that he should run his city and by the way if i'm going to go to texas to do what he wants me to do. can i fly? you want to hop on a bus for like 18 hours? go to texas and land there and go hey, how are you doing? i vote for beto o'rourke.
4:08 am
sorry i will come back. no, i can't do that. >> ainsley: here is the mayor speaking yesterday. listen. >> i just think it's unfair that new york city we are saying we are going to do our part. we are taking on this awesome responsibility. federal government and the state should assist them in this as well. because it's more than housing. it's unimaginable to come to a country and your first visit here someone is throwing you out as the governor of texas is doing. and then try to navigate this complex country delivery of services. i'm deeply contemplating taking a bus load of new yorkers to go to texas and do some good old fashioned door-knocking because we -- we have to -- for the good of america, we have to get him out of offers. >> brian: go to texas, plenty of doors. >> ainsley: take one bus load. going to make an impact. >> brian: just amazing to me is we have -- people visiting new york for the first time. you are coming to the country illegally. if you marry someone from another country, it takes years
4:09 am
to get the permits, the fees, the tests. they ask you questions. are you getting married? just get citizenship? these people cross illegally. and he is saying he is complaining that they are staying in his city that is a sanctuary city for anyone who comes here illegally. you can't think -- you can't get your head around such idiocy. >> todd: having actually been there on friday when this first bus load came. these individuals speak zero english. i was talking to you about the language barrier i h they are not going to be able to assimilate. that's your point. you can't do it. you can't come here. >> brian: do it the right way. >> ainsley: asking for federal dollars. he wants fema to help. i guess to help them assimilate into the society. into the community, maybe get translators for them. >> todd: here's a thought. tell biden close the darn border. >> brian: stay in your own country and come here legally. we definitely could use the workers. there is definitely positions, work visas. there is a process to doing it instead, the president sits there and takes covid tests
4:10 am
every kay and pretends he doesn't have a persisting cough. >> ainsley: they all got socks and flip-flops? >> todd: this presumably. >> brian: not a good combination. >> todd: ngo welcomes individuals and giving them guidance as to what to do. my question is how did they know that that bus load was coming? how were they tipped off? because they were there ready with welcome and open arms to help these individuals basically and distribute them out to the rest of the country. rest of the city, rest of the country. and nobody knows where those individuals on friday are. >> ainsley: i don't know if that was adams that would send those individuals or would it be governor abbott that would notify the ngos? >> todd: i don't think it's abbott but we will see. >> brian: it's a calamity that it has come to this. meanwhile, 10 minutes after the hour. the fallout continues over the fbi raid on former president trump's mar-a-lago home. >> todd: we now know how trump lawyers were treated during that search. >> ainsley: griff jenkins has the latest from the white house. kentucky good morning, todd
4:11 am
ainsley and brian. president trump's lawyers still in shock this was, as sources tell us, about a national archives issue to collect records and materials the president took to mar-a-lago with him after he left office. yet, after the most aggressive law enforcement action ever taken against a former president, his lawyers say he was not only unprecedented and uncalled for but it was unwarranted. watch. >> tell you that he was not only working with them. he was cooperating. there was nothing to hide. and he was working in tandem allowed them into mar-a-lago. the point is they went in when he wasn't even there and then told his attorneys to leave. they couldn't even be on premises. >> trump was in new york city while the fbi scoured his florida home as his attorneys were reportedly not allowed to be present during the raid agents seizing some 12 boxes of materials. including notes from north korean dictator kim jong un. a letter from barack obama. a cocktail napkin and a birthday dinner menu.
4:12 am
meanwhile as trump also faces new scrutiny over his personal taxes, a group of g.o.p. house members huddled with him and say the former president is ready for a fight. >> i have never seen president trump as fired up as what he was tonight. he is not deterred. he is not phased at all by what the doj has done. unifies us in our outrage to fight back. and, if anything, it paves the way for donald trump to unify the party once again and to run for president. >> griff: yesterday also saw mentions of the trump's 2016 opponent the fbi never raided mishandled emails as she appeared to fund raise. look at this tweet you can see her simply saying wearing that hat but her emails saying every hat or shirt sold helps her partners build a progressive bench and fight for our values just saying. later today, trump will sit for a deposition with new york
4:13 am
attorney general letitia james lawyers trump previewed saying in new york city tonight racist new york state attorney general general tomorrow for a continuation of the greatest witch-hunt in u.s. history. migrate company and myself are being attacked from all sides banana republic. finally as for what they are saying here at the white house about yesterday's raid, well, they are not talking about it. attorney general pierre says they won't comment on criminal investigation. >> brian: doesn't marry matter. they knew nothing about it at the white house why would they? >> griff: they say that the president was not aware. we will find out. as this sort of trickles out. but one thing is for sure. what everyone wants to know, brian, that we have not yet answered is how did we even get here and what was the probable cause for such a heavy handed approach. there are no shortage of lawyers saying this could have been accomplished with a subpoena. >> ainsley: all right. thank you so much, griff.
4:14 am
what's interesting the florida federal magistrate judge that signed off on this, he has given money in the past to barack obama. in 2008 he gave him $1,000. then in 2008 for the obama victory fund he gave him another $1,000. he did give 500 to jeb bush for his presidential campaign. he also represented employees, as a lawyer, of convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein and his clients received immunity. senator marco rubio was on with sean last night and talked about this. >> i actually don't think they went in looking for documents. i think that was probably their excuse that they found some obama judge it ruse. they found some obama judge not even a judge a magistrate to write and give them the search warrant. i think they went in to look to see whatever they could find. argue. is we were here looking for documents we didn't find those but look at what we did find. who knows what they found when
4:15 am
they went in there because the lawyers weren't allowed to see it these people are obsessed. the far left will stop at nothing. people don't understand this is playbook from all over the world. the far left believes that their cause is so worthy that nobody against it must be evil must be a criminal and must be punished and put away. >> brian: tell everyone what you were doing. is it really for the national archives? is that what the -- is that what the pressroom mills of all of this is because they have been negotiating really since january of 2022 to get boxes back. they got about 15 back. they got some other stuff back. in june they were talking again. next thing you know they are raiding in august. so, when they got the warrant, we don't know. when they decided to go in, we do know. that was august 8th. in the meantime, the administration -- i think the white house had to have known this. no way christopher wray doesn't sign off on this and no way the white house doesn't know about this. if you think about this, they have done the impossible. they have begun to galvanize the republican party around donald trump. >> ainsley: i know.
4:16 am
>> brian: mitch mcconnell said something we need answers about this. >> todd: by brian to the point joe biden being in the dark presumably with everything going on in quote, unquote, his administration. we just saw video the other day of him taking 20 minutes to put on a freakin' jacket. do we think that maybe joe biden, himself, the man did not know but other people in the white house did because they are calling the shots? >> ainsley: amazing how this could make more people go to the polls oand vote for trump or support him running again because of this kind of thing. congressman jody hice from georgia says this motivates the american people to push more towards supporting him. he said the american people are horrified by what they have seen. even democrats are weighing in on this, calling out the doj. you have andrew cuomo and andrew yang. he said i'm no trump fan. i want him as far as away from the white house as possible. part of fundamental appeal him against a corrupt government establishment. this raid strengthens that case for millions of americans who will see this as unjust
4:17 am
persecution. >> brian: then he went and took a nap on his friend's couch. >> ainsley: and gave him $10,000. all right. let's hand it over to carley she has headlines for us. >> carley: i certainly do. starting out in california the search for a missing teenage girl in northern california is intensifying. carley rodney was last seen saturday night at campground party but she never made home. her silver honda crv still missing as well. rodney's mother is not sure if she left the party willingly with someone she knew or taken by a stranger. but she was too inebriated to drive herself. carley last seen at surveillance camera wearing a black tank top and blue jeans. protesters were arrested after chaos erupted at los angeles city council still meeting yesterday. measure to prevent homeless people setting up camps within 500 feet of schools. one protester even trying to climb over the bench in front of
4:18 am
the council after returning for a brief recess the council passed the measure 11 to 3. oh boy, ford is raising the prices of its electric f-150 lightning by up to 8500 bucks. the automaker blaming the price hike on, quote: significant material cost increases to making -- to the making of its electric batteries. it won't impact those lucky customers who have already already ordered the f-150. the price of those trucks are now ranging between 47 and $97,000. and in tennis u.s. open ticket prices are soaring after serena williams announced that she is retiring. the 23-time grand slam champion says she and her husband are trying to another child and she doesn't want to be pregnant as an athlete. retail tickets upper deck for opening night cost as much as $7,000. get this tickets usually run $35 for those seats. organizers say they sold more than 13,000 tickets after
4:19 am
williams announced she was, quote: evolving away from tennis. everyone wants to see her play in her last match. >> brian: think about how much attention she would have had on her had will smith not punched chris rock. it was the movie of the year. >> carley: he was depicting serena's father. >> brian: great story and next thing you know talking about the slap. >> todd: she is the best. no one will ever match her accomplishments. >> ainsley: it you ever get a chance to go it's so much fun. i hate that tickets are that expensive now. it's great. have you all ever been? >> brian: evan there. a lot of people have a better time in the bestibular bull area rather than go to the match. >> ainsley: you feel like you are right on top of them. very close. watch their families in the boxes. >> todd: 7,000 buck also get you there. meantime fox news alert now. buses of illegal immigrants set to arrive in new york city. giving a taste of biden's open
4:20 am
borders. ice director who couldn't stomach the drivers any longer reacts next. >> carley: plus the food we may eat may be compromised because of the climate initiatives. life in tennessee with the look at the toll being taken on the supply. >> brian: i don't want a look at that cow ♪ strawberry champagne all night ♪ lucky for you that's what i like ♪ that's what i like ♪ lucky for you that's what i like ♪ that's what i like ♪ for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor.
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4:24 am
>> brian: fox news alert now. this morning more buses full of illegal immigrants set to arrive in new york city adding to the hundreds already sent from texas. this happening as temporary facilities are being set up to house them. our next guest resigned over the border crisis after 30 years of service. former director of ice in new
4:25 am
york state tom feeley joins us. tom, what do you think about the latest showdown between the governor of texas and the mayor of new york city? >> good morning, brian. thanks for having me. and i retired. i didn't resign. >> brian: okay. >> it's interesting that this administration can fly illegal aliens to no, are new york state in the middle of the night and it's okay if they show up during the day on a bus the mayor has an issue with that. that's really odd. >> brian: what are we going to do with them? he is acting like it's a problem when new york makes it clear if you are illegal, it's a sanctuary so we are not i can quickingyou out anyway. flying them or bus them what's the problem? he should be embracing them. >> right. when i was the director. i tried to work with sanctuary cities in new york and tried to help then guide through this process and why it's not a good roads to go down. new york state provides illegal aliens with free attorneys that cost us $10 million a year in
4:26 am
taxpayer funded benefits. we provide medicare here for people who are over 65 years and older. that's like $200 million i believe new york state taxpayers pay because the federal government can't do it because they are illegal aliens. and texas is being overrun thousands and thousands and thousands. new york city gets 100 people and now it's a problem. >> brian: so, what would it take to get the administration's attention? they feel as though by ignoring it will go away or do they want more illegals here in this country, somehow to dilute the population from american citizens? i don't understand their mindset. >> it's really a crazy time, brian. i mean it will take you about 10 minutes on the internet to figure out how to defeat the asylum questions at the border. and then you are here. and then the agency responsible for interior enforcement of immigration laws in the united states, ice ero is forbidden by policy with this administration that they cannot go look for, talk to, or remove anybody who has applied for asylum.
4:27 am
so, once you are here, you are here forever, kids. >> brian: would you do your job today? >> you wouldn't be able. to say that's why i retired. you know, i took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states, to enforce the laws passed by congress. the laws that are currently on the books were passed in 1996 and signed by president clinton. obviously a democrat, right? and we are ignoring those law us. this country is supposed to work. you follow the laws passed by congress. if you don't like the laws, you change them, with the will of the people and move on. if you don't have the will of the people, you are violating the constitution, and you are making the united states a very dangerous place. >> brian: absolutely. tom, it's a slow moving car wreck. the administration does not care that these cars are going to smash into each other. tom, thank you very much. >> thanks, brian. i would just like to give a shoutout to henry a good friend of mine who recently retired from ice had a brilliant career. kept his integrity and his honor.
4:28 am
good for him. >> brian: what's his last name? >> henry lucero. >> brian: good job, henry. straight ahead on this show. learning new details about the fbi's raid on mar-a-lago. agents spending nine hours scouring the place even reportedly going through melania's wardrobe. is that the most important thing for the administration for the fbi to do? texas congressman dan crenshaw next. ♪ i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. only pay for what you need. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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4:32 am
>> ainsley: this morning growing concerns about the safety of fbi agents directors christopher wray and attorney general merrick garland after the raid on mar-a-lago. as the doj faces growing pressure for some answers fox news is learning members of the federal law enforcement community are getting more frustrated by the attorney general's silence. g.o.p. congressman and former navy seal dan crenshaw join us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley, thank you for having me. >> thank you for coming on. we just got this news that there are growing concerns of the safety of fbi agents at the a.g. and the fbi director because of social media posts where they are spotting a significant increase in death threats, which is unfortunate how do you feel about this? what's your response? >> i think that's unacceptable. it was also unacceptable that the a.g. refused to provide
4:33 am
protection for our supreme court justices when they were not only receiving threats but someone actually showed up near brett kavanaugh's house with the intent to kill him with a weapon. that's a little bit frustrating there people are really angry about this entire thing. they have seen a pattern with the department of justice and it didn't just start with biden. it started with obama. remember, obama or a.g. holden said that he was obama's wing man, right? that was an overt statement that they would politicize the department of justice they used the irs conservative nonprofit group and fast forward to the biden administration heck you don't even have to. look at what happened with the fbi and their false evidence that they used for fisa warrants to start russia gate, the mueller report. so you see this pattern and moving along you see them start to target parents who are protesting their school board and then this happens. and this happens at a time when
4:34 am
there is already immense distrust in this institution. and what that institution needs to do more than anything else is to try to regain that trust. when do you something like this, it feels like the opposite. because over documents. over classified documents that were improperly handled that's easy to resolve via a subpoena. can you subpoena trump, ask him to return the documents. he has already cooperated with, i think, 15 other boxes of documents that were taken from the white house. this isn't something that requires fanciful dramatic raid that they know will get a lot of attention. it feels extremely politicized and people are right to be upset about it. >> ainsley: especially when you know in the past taken things from the white house and their houses have not been raided. do you think we will have transparency and know what was found pretty soon. do you think the a.g. will speak
4:35 am
out. many republicans and even democrats online are call for him to talk. kevin mccarthy is saying attorney general garland preserve your documents and clear your calendar. stunning move by the doj and fbi. the same doj labeled parents in loudoun county as terrorists and failed to enforce federal law to protect justices and their homes. selective politically motivated have no place in our democracy. >> they are completely right. this is a different time. this is different circumstances. usually during an investigation, they would stay silent. but this is not usually. this is not normal. you just raided a former president's home under shady circumstances. and you need to tell people why. you need to assure the public that there was some serious evidence and serious evidence of wrongdoing here that required this search. now, i'm not sure they are going to be able to do that, but kevin mccarthy is right. when we retake the house in november, this is the kind of
4:36 am
oversight that we will be doing. that's why he said clear your calendar merrick garland because you are coming and you better have your documents ready and better have explanations ready for the american people. you cannot weaponize our sniewtions for political gain. >> that is the destruction of democracy. for all the talk we hear about democrats being worried about the fall of our democracy and trying to prevent threats to our democracy, this is a threat to our democracy when you threaten the sanctity of our institutions and make people lose faith in them. that is one of the worst things you can do. we do need our institutions and we need to be able to trust them. >> ainsley: congressman, let's talk about inaptly named inflation reduction act. because i know the house will vote on that this week. i believe it's on friday. when it comes to these electric cars, the democrats are pushing us to buy these. but they are expensive. and even the automakers, even though in this bill there is a tax credit of up to $4,000 if you buy one of these. the automakers are complaining saying that that credit would only allow for a narrow slice of vehicles, if they are even
4:37 am
available. what do you know about the electric car wording in this bill? >> yeah. so, first of all, i don't feel sorry for any rich people who can't get their tax credit when they go buy their tesla. let's get that off the table. but if we are going to have tax credits, do i like -- this is a republican amendment into the bill that said, look, if you are going to have these tax credits in there. >> then the car manufacturer should at least be manufacturing batteries were majority american materials and by 2029100 percent american materials. that is pretty difficult to do. and it -- what it does though is exposes the hypocrisy of and frankly the lack of thinking and analytical problem-solving that the democrats engage. in because what they do is say, look, we want everybody to have electric vehicles. we should be using electrified grid and solar panels and wind and everything will be
4:38 am
wonderful. okay. guess what. that takes materials and rare earth minerals and takes a lot of them and a lot more than they would for normal cars and oil and gas. do you want to say permit mines in the united states allow to us do that? no, no; we will bog those down in environmental lawsuits and make sure they never happen. this happened in the last six months and the biden administration closed down the twin city mines copper and nickel. things we need if they want to have the goals they have. they want all the things but they don't want the things that make the thing. that's a real problem when you are talking about these issues. >> ainsley: you can't make the things if you shut down the other things. >> ainsley: thank you so much, congressman, we appreciate you coming on. >> good to be with you, thanks. >> ainsley: you are welcome. the left climate crusade might cause americans to go hungry we are being told. we are live at a dairy farm in tennessee to explain the impact their initiatives are having on our food supply. ♪
4:39 am
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is >> todd: we are back now with a fox news alert. you are taking a live look at new york city where several buses filled with illegal immigrants are arriving right now from texas. you can see the scene right there on your screen. this is happening at or around port authority. the key thing to remember is oftentimes when these buses come, they do not have a stall in which to go to. and so they have to circle the block often. once they get to a stall there is confusion with the commuter buses from new york and new jersey. trying to figure out where they go. but right now you are looking at your screen the disembarking of that bus. >> ainsley: we were notified yesterday they were coming in. bryan llenas is out there. bryan, what are you seeing. >> hey, ainsley, good morning. the doors on the bus just arrived here at port authority opening up. this is not -- migrants are now starting to come out. there is one waving now. there are volunteers from the city who are welcoming them.
4:44 am
as they come out right now i'm counting 1, 2, all of them seem to be single adult males thus far. we are try to go speak to them but there are people who are blocking us here, essentially volunteers which leaving the bus and going directly into the port authority where they will be processed. again, all of these people appear to be young men or single adult males. no families yet. this is the first of what we now see are two buses. and there is our first female migrant who has come here from texas. they are being welcomed byes commissioner of migrant affairs manuel castro. you can see that they are smiling, there is somebody who is passing out cash to these migrants. that is a good samaritan we told you about. that came here from maryland to give them. and now these migrants. look over here, they are being moved over and brought inside the port authority where, again, the city as well as the city as
4:45 am
well as volunteer organizations will be helping them to get processed. they will get sent to four shelters, where they will be processed in the city and then they will be sent from there once they get their ids. they will get medically checked and vaccinated for covid and monkeypox. from there sent to different shelters throughout the city. that is something that is being coordinated with the city as well as volunteer organizations. we now -- if we turn around this way we will show you there is a second bus that's here. and that's -- sorry that's ny port authority police keeping us against the wall. that second bus is now turning in this way. we will walk over to it now. but if you guys have any questions as i'm walking here, guys, go ahead and ask away. >> brian: bryan, i'm just wondering, roughly, do you think these buses are full because originally when they started landing in washington, we didn't see many people on them. are you getting the sense that they are pretty packed? >> no, i mean that first bus was
4:46 am
probably, what, i would say two dozen people? yeah. about two dozen folks. and that first bus, so, yeah, it's not packed at all. in terms of what we see. now, we have heard that people have been getting off of the buses before they have arrived here. that is what the city has said. in fact, new york city has said that many of these people didn't even want to come to new york city, which is something that the governor of texas said is not true that they signed a voluntary. >> ainsley: they were all doing thumbs up and high fiving or raising their hand in the air and doing thumbs up. bryan, you made a good point, originally. you said these look like all males. i might have seen one female. all males. i thought that males were not allowed to to stay in the country. >> yeah. that's something that we see in our reporting with bill melugin obviously with catch and release. once they are caught at the border they have been allowed to stay and go through the asylum process. >> back up against the wall. >> sorry, guys, we are being
4:47 am
told to back up against the wall here. obviously we have been seeing. they have been seeing 4,000 asylum seekers arrive at the city since may. they have been single abullet males. they have been family units. in fact the city says there are a lot of children in their shelter system right now. but we have yet to see any of them come off of these buses directly from texas. i think it's also important to note here this is just the third day that we have seen buses directly come from texas. the city says they have 4,000 people in their shelter system since may. but the buses have only been directly coming from texas really since last week. so, a lot of these buses have been coming, essentially from washington, d.c. where thousands of migrants have been sent there from texas and arizona. they have been hopping on buses to come to the city and they have been sent here by plane as we have seen from the border to the state of new york. so, again, we are still waiting to see if people are going to be coming off of this second bus. we do expect them to
4:48 am
momentarily. >> ainsley: what does that tell you. >> ainsley: brian, when our mayor says there are 4,000 in our shelters but before these buses arrived this morning, only governor abbott only sent 100 people. so the rest of them were sent here either on their own accord or joe biden. >> brian: yep. >> yeah. i mean, they were talking about a situation we know in d.c. they have 7200 migrants roughly that were sent there from arizona and texas and elsewhere. but, according to the city, they believe a lot of these people that have come here since may have made their way also from commercial buses. now, those are tickets that are bought through volunteer organizations as well for instance. here in new york city, when they get off of these buses, the port authority they are greeted by volunteer organizations who will then send them to these shelter centers where they will be processed and then from there they have about 11 hotels that they have rented out or leased to provide shelter. >> brian: great. >> that's what they are going to do. no, says that they have to do this by law, that they are a
4:49 am
right-to-shelter state and that is why the mayor says that they need federal help because, according to their laws, they have to do something about this. and that's why they -- you know, they say the resources are strained. and so we will see. but ultimately, again, these direct buses from texas and arizona have only been arriving in new york city for the last week and up until today, we counted 68 this weekend. >> brian: hey, brian, is any other press covering this? >> this is the most cameras we have ever seen, actually. if you zoom out you can see. this is the most press we have ever seen at these stations. i know we have had other crews and colleagues who have come here before that, yeah, this is much more press than what we have seen in the last two times that this has happened. the word is out, obviously. >> todd: in the same vein as kilmeade's question there was the fox camera crew and a group before six middle aged women
4:50 am
part of an ngo there are a lot more people greeting these two buses today. can you estimate how many people, camera, media, ngos and of course port authority police are there to greet. >> oh, no doubt about it. there are dozens of people here, dozens of volunteers here and more than a dozen camera crews that have been here all morning waiting for this arrival. frankly, this has become a political point for both mayor eric adams for greg abbott. adams is just said yesterday that he wants to take a bus load of new yorkers, perhaps and start knocking on doors to help greg abbott not be elected and you have abbott who has -- is doing what he is doing and some people see at least the mayor here sees that as a political ploy as he looks for re-election in november. no doubt about it as the new york press crew has gotten its feet into, this adams by answering questions of the press and going word for word shot for shot with the governor of texas. as we can wait to see this
4:51 am
second bus open. new york city says they are working on multi front effort here with volunteer organizations in the city but they still don't know how much it's ultimately going to cost them and how much they are going to bill the federal government. they are asking the federal government to pick up the tab for these shelters and everything else. we will move over here as the buses move this way. >> brian, for people just tuning in that first bus that looked like there were about 20, 24, two dozen people on this. all men for except maybe one woman. one person had her hair back in a ponytail or bun. this is the second bus. they haven't opened these doors yet, right? >> no. they have not. and they are about to right now. these coach buses by the way have been charted through texas private company. the city says that they have not been able to have any contact with these buses. they are not allowed to contact these buses. and the city says that texas has not had any communication with them about when these buses are arriving. and, again, so that has led to
4:52 am
some of the confusion here and obviously from the frustration from the city. now, manuel castro is the person up front as the port authority is pushing us back here. sorry, guys. give me one second here. >> please pull back, please. that's manuel there i don't think they were expecting this many people, exactly. but, manuel castro is the guy who we spoke to this morning. had a press conference. he is not holding anything back, either. is he calling this disgusting from the governor. he says that this is a ploy from governor abbott. and that this is some part of like. >> brian: sure he is desperate. he is desperate. no one is paying attention. >> ainsley: hey, brian. bryan, we were wondering the ngos who are there taking these migrants off the buses where do they go? who is responsible for notifying the ngos to say they are coming please take them to one
4:53 am
of the shelters because our governor is saying -- our mayor is saying he is not being notified when these buses are coming in. >> right. he is not being notified when they are coming in. once they arrive, make no mistake about it, this is a city coordinated effort with those ngos. once they get into the system, it is the city's responsibility by law to provide shelter and resources and whatnot. i'm going to try to get in here to try to speak to some of these people if i can. give me one second. so now we see the first family. we see the first family right now with children. that's the first family that we have seen. just asking them where they are from. [speaking spanish] >> other cameras are here.
4:54 am
we are allowed to be here. please, sir. we are allowed to be here. thank you. every other camera here is doing it. we are with the press, sir. please let us -- sorry, guys. >> ainsley: no. >> brian: don't be sorry. i mean, you are being signaled out because of your mic cube? >> yeah, probably. but it's okay. we are used to that it's fine. >> it's okay. all right. so, i lost count here. >> ainsley: i'm counting. >> two dozen people i would say as well. yeah. okay. all right. so. >> 10, 25, 26, it looks like 30 people on that bus, maybe. >> brian: so we have 55 more people in new york city. and not the only ones who don't belong here. >> ainsley: how many monthlies did you we have a baby. we saw that one lady stepping off with infant. >> i saw the one mother with i believe three children. and again what we have been
4:55 am
seeing here these are people from venezuela, colombia, haiti, some from russia and ukraine. that's what we have been seeing here and that checked out with what they have been seeing at the border as well. especially and haitians. >> ainsley: thank you so much. we are learning more about the judge who issued that search warrant for the fbi to go down and to raid the property of donald trump and his financial, political ties to trump adversaries. >> brian: here even more disturbing could be the judge's reported ties to jeffrey epstein's associate which is has really complicated this phil keating is live at mar-a-lago with the latest, phil? good morning, brian, all is quiet at the mar-a-lago compound. trump is back in new york city. he was not here at the property on palm beach monday morning when the dozen or so fbi agents showed up with search warrant. the justice department to get that search warrant, a federal magistrate had to sign off on it we now know who this judge is.
4:56 am
bruce rinehart who worked for the u.s. attorney's office until 2000 when he went into private practice before returning to the bench. according to the federal elections commission he was an active political donor giving $1,000 to barack obama's 2008 campaign. another $1,000 to the obama foundation and in 2016 contributing $500 to jeb bush's 2016 presidential campaign. and, of course, as you mentioned, he also had represented privately several associates of the accused pedophile jeffrey epstein who also lived on the island. back to you. >> ainsley: all right. thank you so much, phil. all right, todd, over to you. >> todd: right around the corner can be the perfect time to take on a new land scang project. home contractor skip bedell take down the custom solutions. >> i'm here with everlawn.
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4:58 am
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4:59 am
perform. it's great for sports playing. they can make any type of field you want with this. >> todd: i will do golf while do you that. >> obviously putting greens. t box. another thing can you do in your yard. they come in custom sizes and fold up t box and putting green to go. custom made or affordable solutions like you see here. >> todd: take us home we have an earnhardt. >> we do jeffrey earnhardt son of the legendary dale earnhardt is here with us today. thank you for being with us. he drives the forever lawn race car circuit. represent forever lawn. we have a great deal going for people go on forever lawn. >> todd: one will be nascar experience sponsored by forever lawn the link to enter is at. >> skip >> that's right. >> thank you. >> also go to forever and check out jeffrey earnhardt
5:00 am
and his whole story there. >> todd: got anything else. >> you did it you ran it off. >> todd: "fox & friends" 8 a.m. on the east coast starts now. ♪ >> we cannot weaponize our institutions for political gain. >> a winner was declared. >> you're going to have a good night it's going to stand up for the hardworking law-abiding citizens of wisconsin. we are awaiting the latest
5:01 am
inflation index. who are going to it inflated problem for quite some time. ♪ ♪ >> you are looking at south carolina in the ainsley knows nothing about this area. so what if you done here? >> i swim in this water. when we tried to take the boat out -- it's in the marsh and our intercoastal. i've grown up on those beaches. listen, it's an amazing place. if you are watching you are looking for a vacation spot go there. it's so beautiful.
5:02 am
it's a fun place to go. really good restaurant. it's isle of palms in the it's easy to get to downtown charleston if you want to go to dinners and then you can get to a house out there. as kids we would get in that mother. >> i'm not questioning it. >> there are fiddler crabs underneath the mud and you can dig down and pull them out. >> what are the big stories? it's a bunch of starts to stuff pulled out of mar-a-lago because 30 fbi agents showed up and went through every bit of the grounded teams of mar-a-lago and since that time the former president and many others are scrambling to find out answers. while they pulled out this raid. and one of the questions, we can't seem to be able to answer, why weren't trump lawyers are allowed inside during that
5:03 am
search? >> the lawyers say they showed up with bad back. good morning, former president trump's attorneys are not happy at all about what transpired. they are demanding to know what was the probable cause to execute the most aggressive action ever taken against a former president that they say was unwarranted. watch. >> then told his attorneys to leave if they couldn't even be on premises. >> trump was a new york city police covered his florida home and his attorneys were not allowed to be present. agents see zig boxes of materials, a letter from barack obama come a cocktail napkin commanded birthday dinner
5:04 am
menu. meanwhile as trump faces new scrutiny over his personal taxes g.o.p. house members who huddled within last night that he's ready for a fight. >> i've never seen president trump's fired up as he was tonight. is not deterred. he's not fazed at all by what the doj has done to them. it unifies us and are average to fight back and if anything it paves the way for donald trump to unify the party once again. meanwhile drums 2016 opponent for the fbi never rated or charged for mishandling classified emails fought to raise funds you see here wearing a but -- saying every adult he shared but helps preserve our democracy. later today former president trump all set for a deposition with new york attorney general's lawyers which he previewed in this social policy angus new york city to 19
5:05 am
races new york state attorney general tomorrow for a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in u.s. history. my great company and myself are being attacked by all sides. banana republic. as to what they are saying at the white house about the raid, and jean-pierre thing though, because it's an ongoing criminal investigation. those consumer price index numbers are coming out in half an hour. we'll see if the president has anything to say it after a questions about his raid. >> griff jenkins, thank you. >> let's bring in rand paul. kentucky senator good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. to the white house is saying -- thanks for coming on. they believe the president learned about it, or they know that president learned about it when we all dead when reported in the news. trump wrote this. biden knew all about this.
5:06 am
you think if the ag is involved. >> i think this is an attack on the rule of law. this is the fbi being used as a political weapon against your opponents. do i think the director of the fbi knew? it wouldn't be surprised if the white house no. i can tell you i'm not surprised with christopher wray pit i've challenged him before on whether or not it's constitutional to allow foreign intelligence warrants to be used against americans. you remember and they spied on to begin with. this is not really the same constitutional center is the fourth amendment so they don't have to prove probable cause. it's a terrible thing we allowed to happen in our country.
5:07 am
he allowed that and agrees with that so i'm not surprised he would also allow something like this to happen. this is demoralizing for the country and it takes away so much faith in our law enforcement to say that they're going to use the fbi to go after people they disagree with politically. this is a sad moment for our country. >> no doubt about it. i like to know what the warrant size. number two i would like to know if past is the department of justice understand it's in their best interest to start speaking out? this is smothering everything. do you think it's incumbent on them -- not helpful, but do you think it's incumbent on them to speak out today or tomorrow and say what were you doing? >> without question. the order to allow the raid on mar-a-lago on trump's house has to be revealed. we have to know under what pretense they think this is red.
5:08 am
i think it's going to have to until november until there is a full investigation. i've never been a fan of overusing impeachment, but i think there has to be an investigation. if it warrants that this can have to be a look at whether or not the attorney general has misused his office for political purposes. at the gun after a political opponent? this is beyond the pale. nobody would've imagined before we would be using -- or one political would be using the fbi to attack their political opponents. this is something that's going to require investigation. i would not be surprised if the investigation leads to abuse of power, that this lead to an beach meant of the attorney general. >> in the meantime the white house is set to admit more migrants after dhs and trump remain in mexico policy has cried gag but continues to bus migrants to blue cities. what's left to deter these migrants from entering our country illegally? it seems like there's nothing
5:09 am
left. >> you know i think it draws attention to it by sending them to new york. attention is drawn to all of these people flooding into the country but ultimately we have to change our laws and court opinion to get to the point where if you come in illegally you are sent immediately back. i think the system should be such that if you are caught illegally crossing your picked up and immediately deposited on the other side. we don't have them come in, we don't have all of these long court process. if you're caught in the commission of entering the country illegally should be sent back. combined with that -- i'm not anti-lawful immigration. i'm for more work permits. i'm for more lawful immigration. i have many good friends who came here -- my town is for great people who take came here who immigrated lawfully. i'm for more of that. we could have more of that lawfully. but i would send everybody back. right now they will not let you. even under the trump
5:10 am
administration we had remain in mexico which is something we agreed to with mexico but still people crossing the border were not remaining in mexico and we were not able to send people back. i would send everybody back 100% until they get the 88 cannot come in illegally. if you do it lawfully i think we can actually admit even more lawful people than we do now. >> you know, senator comeau are so sorry for everything your folks have gone through with the recent flooding that is affected eastern kentucky and western kentucky they were affected by last winter's tornadoes and you are asking to use -- for these wafers to use money from covid to help these individuals and will they allow you to do that? >> those hundreds of billions of dollars allocated. it was way too much for covid. nobody wants more masks, don't send these people who cannot live in their house anymore, they don't want 100 home tests for covid. by that money could be more
5:11 am
wisely spent on infrastructure. that's reallocate that money toward something more you useful. but i am proposing is by disney just give them a waiver? we should also give them a waiver -- they've been filling up ditches and creeks for back it up upon decade and they wanted deep in their creeks by dredging them and then because of some crazy environmental alarmist when dredging the creek's would provide safety for
5:12 am
these people. because the ditches are already full of water and silk there filled with -- >> all right. senator this is perilous times. would you say but the amount of people who were -- to think this might be a good time for them to declare if he's going to run? >> we need to win the midterm elections based on their candidates and i think presidential election should wait until after the midterms. i do think though they are making a martyr of the former president and if anything elevating his chances. the thing vast majority it will make him even more popular.
5:13 am
like it looks like criminal activity. people distrust so much so much the government that we've gotten to the point where for example doing all the boxes of material they took from mar-a-lago, that they will not put things in those boxes to entrap them? how do we know? thousands of documents were taken. do we know if the lawyers were not allowed to see anything. they've lost a great amount of trust and that's a sad day for the country because this is an attack and a constitutional republic. >> we were wondering illegally if the lawyer wants to be there they have a right to be there. the fbi quite frankly it boils down to they have the guns and that there's a guy with a gun many of them you're going to listen to them. >> lawyer said they brought in backpacks. did they bring those into filled
5:14 am
up? >> i suspect there will also be more litigation on this. there will be an attempt to say did they have a warrant that said they could break into a safe? do they have a warrant to go into the president's wife's chambers? this is an abuse of power and this is not over by any means. we have the fbi now going after republican congressman engel and through phones. they have taken january 6th and they are now saying while this -- these are crimes. look, there are political opinions about who should be electors, whether they should be appointed by governors or state legislators. this has been going on a long time and we will address this in legislation. just because you have an opinion on this does not make it a crime be they have criminalized the whole active having a debate over how we seat electors. this is from somebody who didn't
5:15 am
agree with president trump's argument. i ended up voting to seat the electors because i don't think congress should at the last minute try to change elections. that's where i am. but i have no sympathy for the government come up for the fbi to come in and take a congressman's phone. i think it's an incredible abuse of power. the real crime, not some made-up political crime. this is a very nerve worrisome where we are coming to predict the fbi's going after political targets we have a real problem in our country. >> rand paul thank you so much. tragic story here. two u.s. army soldiers stationed at fort redding. the army says the troops were killed during the weather-related incident.
5:16 am
three other they were all participating in a training program. a look at last year's primary results were tim michael's defeated mike pence. -- >> we are going to do everything we can do stand in the way of the tearing down of america. the america that we know and love. >> meanwhile in minnesota democratic socialist ilhan omar narrowly won her primary against don samuels. she dedicated her victory to her progressive ideas. she said she is living at the american dream after emigrating from cuba to escape coming to some, she's going to face incumbent senator richard blumenthal in november. circling back to last week's primary in washington state
5:17 am
congresswoman jaime herrera butler concedes the seat in her race against trump backed challenger joke end. she joins the growing list voting to impeach the former president. to lose their primaries. those are your headlines, guys come over to you. >> but see how do the general. not too far away. coming up, teachers union had randi weingarten makes seven times more than the average teacher says this to blame for staff shortages. >> the politics and politicians heavily polluted what goes on with teachers right now. >> what the numbers mean for you and your wallet. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis.
5:18 am
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>> you have fewer people going into the profession, you have a hot labor market where teachers can get 20% more for the skills and knowledge they have teaching in nonteaching jobs. you have all of the pandemic stress and strain, then you have all the politics, the culture wars, the shaming and blaming come of the banning of books, the censoring of curriculum. >> the head of americas second-highest teachers union finding plenty of -- critics say it's her agenda to use the critical race theory will keeping kids masked up.
5:23 am
he blames politics and isn't she the net literally number one -- >> yes commits amazing. as the head of the aft she takes in the salary of about half a million dollars per year. she blames, among other things, the 20% more than she says teachers who could make if they weren't teaching. among other things she said covid restriction, when the schools consistently against them reopening. the thing to do with her of course. and then there is what she describes as the politics and culture war of stuff. this is really rich.
5:24 am
for a figure that was said in this interview if a child is in the republican state -- this is what ryan weingarten said. if a child is in a republican state like texas or florida they would not be able to ask their teacher about a mass shooting because they wouldn't be allowed to discuss white supremacy. apparently white supremacy is banned in american schools according to randi weingarten, from ever being mentioned. this is disgraceful. this is somebody who always politicize this teaching and classroom blaming everybody else for politicization of the classroom. >> douglas i talked to a parent who said her district is having so many teachers the teachers themselves don't want to teach the woke materials that these teachers unions are trying to force down their throats. if the unions are not representing the kids to the parents, which we know for years, they are not representing the teachers that pay their fees and salaries, who do the unions
5:25 am
represent? >> represent that she certainly is repeatedly. such things such as standardized testing. why would a teacher go into a professional raven testing is criticized by the head of the teachers union? i'm afraid weingarten is a failure to stop her form of radical left politics infiltrating the classroom. the failure of american students in children. it's appalling but the way in which he blames everybody else. she thinks nothing to do with her, nothing to do with her politics. nothing to do with her politicization. nothing to do with her shutting down of the classrooms in the losing of two years of some
5:26 am
american students education. blames everybody but herself. randi weingarten represents herself. i wish he actually had the interest of american students at heart but she clearly does not. >> she's borrowing from the big city democratic mayor playbook. he's practicing it pretty well. coming up a must to sell. elin off-loading billions in tesla stock as is twitter battle rages on. ♪ ♪
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ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. ♪♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick? we are back with the fox news alert. we are taking seeing a live look at new york city with the third and final boss with illegal immigrants is arriving today from texas. >> i can't be just single men be they are supposed to be turned around. they are all single men. is this plus more crowded? >> were talking about more than
5:31 am
200 people. it seems to be more crowded than other buses. we've seen about five children, we've seen more women. it's important to know that many venice wetlands and cubans have been crossing the border and they are not part of -- they're not sent back. a lot of times what we are seeing a single adult men who turn out to be venezuelans and given to not can be titled fortitude and therefore have to stay here for their silent process, which could explain why we are seeing so many males here but that was the third bus. we don't expect any more buses today. we've been seeing a slew of volunteers. they put up barricades here this is far different from what we saw last week when those buses came in. we were among the only press
5:32 am
here. this is far different. we have barricades that are been set up. so be checked into their i.d. centers. bill be sent to 1 of 4 centers throughout. they are also got space and 11 hotels for the city says they are forced to underlie to provide shelter to these immigration immigrants. people here will see. >> the big difference as well is you speak spanish, i did not. i had a lot of trouble with the language barrier. what are you hearing about where these -- >> they won't let them speak to me. but the difference here, you are at least able to attempt to make contact.
5:33 am
i've been wanting to speak to them, obviously from what we understand from the city most are from venezuela some from russia as well. there is -- you guys aren't happy with what adams are doing? what do you want him to do? if science speak to themselves. they are not happy with the mayor here. activists want them to do more and obviously others believe him calling it a crisis with 4,000 asylum speakers here is a bit hypocritical according to what the governor of texas gray babbitt has said to come up 4,000 illegal migrants cross the border every single day and are trying to handle it there. we'll see the point situation. thanks so much, brian come appreciate it. 27 minutes till the top of the hour. we are learning more about the
5:34 am
just wish you the search warrant for the fbi raid of donald trump's property and its political ties to trump advocate series. even more disturbing ship could be the ties to jeffrey epstein's up associate. >> good morning, just a couple of secret service agents and property managers this morning at the mar-a-lago compound, former president trump is back in new york city. remember a monday morning trump was not here when a dozen or so fbi agents showed up with a search warrant for the justice department and now know who that judges. florida magistrate bruce lionheart when he went into private practice before returning to the bench. according to the federal elected committee it was an act of political thought or giving a dollars to obama's campaign.
5:35 am
and in $215,500 to jeb bush is 2016 presidential campaign. during his years in private practice he also represented several associates of disgraced financier and accused serial jeffrey epstein. now the state attorney for palm beach county here, dave ehrenberg is a democrat, but he was quoted yesterday describing judge reinhardt as meticulous and whatnot make a snap judgment. back to you guys in new york. >> now i feel better. thank you. >> thank you. elon musk twitter fight showed no sign of letting up. now selling close to $7 billion for of tesla stock as his legal battle with twitter rages on. >> strive asset management founder biotech entrepreneur. my gosh you should see is vic.
5:36 am
why do you think is doing this? >> i think pretty clear. as a possibility that he is going to be forced to close on the steel. he signed a binding merger contract. they are in delaware court right now and it's a possibility he has to be forced to close out the deals which means you have to pay up. raising cash from selling stock, it would mean he would own twitter. >> he doesn't want to be forced into it in an emergency situation where people are going to hold them to the fire. now when you're not under as much pressure. >> that's just best practice. nobody wants to be in an emergency fire sale under the boot of a legal mandate to buy something you are committed to buying. so absolutely. he said that in his own statement as well. it is in the legal dispute and is unprecedented. but if somebody's going to be forced to close on it i think he wants to be ready. >> do you think he really didn't
5:37 am
think this through or did he think it was -- or did he just find out what the real value of it is? do you think this whole bot thing is a ruse? >> i think there's been a massive change in marketing commission tech stocks have crashed and stein. i think that change in market if we are being honest, it has to at least a little bit. he did say he want to save twitter from its pot problem. i can't speak to whether or not he had a change of heart on that issue. >> he wanted to know the number of bots from twitter but he still has to buy the company even if those numbers they originally gave him were not verified or real? >> that's what the case in court is gonna be all about. does not constitute an out from the agreement? there are very few outs the question is whether or not that one counts. the thing is i think elon musk will have made a contribution by making this bed he is paved the path freezing shareholder power to change industries. whether or not he follows
5:38 am
three -- frankly that's what i'm doing today starting with the energy -- >> what is -- to dab when meet ringing the bell at the new york stock exchange. we are listing our first exchange traded fund, drill, which is undue exchange traded fund that mandates the u.s. energy structure to do whatever allows these companies to be more successful over the long run. what that might sound natural terms of the largest shareholders of these countries have mandated them to cut production that is actually made u.s. energy companies less successful. i spoke yesterday to open one of the large and the difference between twitter and the u.s. energy sector is the employees actually want that fresh shareholder mandate. they want to be contributing to human prosperity through what they do. >> but the board has been taken over by -- to take these huge
5:39 am
companies and steer them to green. >> take exxon for example bid the management and board were against these new -- vanguard voted in favor of them anyway. these are climate activists on exxonmobil's board and have changed the oil -- i think that's contributed to the energy security crisis and contributed to this oil and gas crisis but the good news is american energy companies have the potential to capture the opportunity and fill out the boyd if new shareholders show up at the table and use shareholder mandates. that's what i'm doing. drl altama drought. the listing of new york stock exchange today. elon musk has a tough task at twitter. i think they are waiting for deliverance. that's what we hope to provide. >> 9:30 you be ringing the bell.
5:40 am
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. >> fox news alert. tumor prices increased 8.5% year-over-year here that's down just a little bit from june 40 year record high of 9.1%. here to react as fox business anchor and host of american dream home, cheryl casone. how does this make you feel and how are the markets responding? >> the market jumped on this one. it was the core number we were looking at. that headline number, everything that affects your life. that's still a .5%. it's better than june, but still pretty painful. on that regards the market like
5:45 am
that to the core number which means you take with the food and energy components. but that was 5.9% of the market because we are helping the federal reserve is not going to push those interest rates higher. that could help your credit card if the fed doesn't act as rough as we think they will in november that i could help mortgage. that could help your auto loan. but a lot of these prices are still high. airlines shall give you some good news. 7.8% down month-to-month, but food is still almost 11% higher and gasoline is still 44% higher over last year. we focus on the month-to-month and the downward data we dig into these reports but for folks at home you care about -- it's
5:46 am
costing you $100. that's a choice people should not have to make. as a shelter number i was looking at this before we sat down. the shelter number still half a percent higher month-to-month. it still almost 6% higher versus last year. a little bit of good news, but overall we are still in the high inflation. speak of this measure is good, gasoline, health care, groceries. even though these numbers are better this month and they were the previous month, it still an elevated cost for everything. >> it is everything. what's been contributing to this high inflation besides oil and gasoline prices is the supply chain. i think that's a piece of this right now but there is another component called service inflation. that's housing and labor cost.
5:47 am
still elevated. a company -- like for home construction that still an issue. >> everybody i talk to i do not see it getting better. people i know that are trying to buy furniture delayed for months trying to find a contractor delayed for months. materials delayed. in that still happening. on the housing sector and small businesses all the beach bar is looking to try to hire teenagers and couldn't find them, they still can't find them. it's hard to find people to actually come in and work on the home, construction jobs, things like that. it's a mixed bag on this report. i can come of market likes it. i would talk a lot about the inflation reduction act. a little bit of good news today but overall we're still dealing with high prices.
5:48 am
i just got back, hawaii, montana, florida. it's not bad. i cannot wait for -- >> that's amazing. you're doing a great job and that's why they are sending you on all these wonderful assignments. thank you so much. that's handed over to carly he/she has some -- place in mexico have arrested an immigrant from afghanistan that are calling the primary suspect in the murders of four muslim men in albuquerque. investigators to looking at whether he was behind the two other killings. they believe he knew the victims and the interpersonal conflicts may have led to the shooting that occurred over the past nine months. incredible footage close single engine plane crash landing and going up in flames on a southern california freeway. the aircraft began experiencing engine issues on the way to a
5:49 am
nearby airport. firefighters quickly experience the blaze and the freeway. remarkably the pilot and another passenger escaped unharmed. sources tell fox news that actor johnny depp signed a multiyear veneer endorsement deal. began working with drl in 2015. beth was awarded more than $10 million in that case. and governor mike dewine declares august 9th honorary dolly parton day. the country music queen attending hawaii's luncheon to celebrate and promote the success of her imagination library. the program males children one high-quality age-appropriate book each month for the time they were born until they turned
5:50 am
five years old. but dolly herself explains it best. the cool the governor's office says it's because of dolly that 327,000 books are mailed the kids in ohio each month. amazing stuff there. let's check in with meteorologist alan mcclurg for our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, carly, it feels really nice out here after a stretch of really warm days. let's dive in to it. we see still some mid-70s along the southeast. that's where it still hot and humid but fallback just behind it. that's going to be sweeping through this area as it makes a move. i'm gonna leave you with this
5:51 am
graphic. those are your weather headlines. ansley, tossing it back to you. former president of donald trump's ß-letter estate. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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because we are 36 hours from the rate of former president trump's home in florida. will they break their silence today? tim scott will be here with us. inflation that your income give the government's sensational appetite means more debt. of being eased as noncitizens? larry kudlow will be here as well. nancy grace will update us on the search 16-year-old girl and a mother who lost her son to one fentanyl billet. she's seeking justice to get it? we will see you at nine. speak a moment to go former president donald trump leaving trump tower in new york city like the old times of outrage grows over his fbi raid at mar-a-lago. worries: today the attorney general is going to grill him about his business practices. meanwhile the doj under pressure to provide some answers as fox news learns federal
5:56 am
law enforcement birds are getting increasingly fed up by the attorney general's silence. what's going on? our next guest -- clay. i don't know if the fbi dissipated this type of backlash. do you? because i should have. this is the unprecedented and defensible i don't by the fact that they were not aware of what's going on. but allow this to occur is a next level attack upon not only the former president, but i think the future top presidential candidate against whoever the democratic and a put forward in 2024. it's third ward banana republic like an in an attempt to take out one of your top contenders.
5:57 am
just imagine this, brian. what would happen then what would the reaction have been if during the 2020 presidential election donald trump had had the fbi come his department of justice raid joe biden and hunter biden's houses? there is ample evidence those guys were involved in a bevy of felonies based on the laptop which the fbi's had for over two years now. imagine the reaction they would've said trump was staging a coup is i would've the immediate reaction. the bias here is people not putting up what is the reality, which is joe biden is far more of a dictator than trump ever dreamed he could be. this is an indefensible, outlandish, and totally unprecedented act taken with this grade. i think it strengthens trump immensely with many independents out there. >> play out your scenario. it turns out he know about
5:58 am
burisma you know it's going on with him during the possible links to the big guy. it's what, they impeached him. >> yeah, they would've impeached him again but could you imagine that was just based on the phone call with ukrainian president. imagine what their reaction would've been if 30 fbi agents in a predawn raid had shown up at hunter and joe biden's houses and stormed into those facilities. there would've been another impeachment of donald trump and it would've been considered to be outrageous behavior. an awful lot of silence from the same people would've said this is the side of america descending into an authoritarian dictatorship. that's talk about little league and watch this, this pitch goes in, hits its other pay player right in the head. he goes down to watch the video.
5:59 am
he was screaming in pain. the picture walks to the side but side but eventually the picture gets really upset when he goes and takes his first base the pitcher can control himself and is still upset because he was hurt the other kid and he walks to the amount and to give the opposing picture of a hug. is this good sportsmanship. >> i think is incredible sportsmanship you have been on the sideline third base coach in the situation like this were a player hit the better in the head. her picture was totally unable to continue pitching and in fact when we played that team again the next time we got both of them together. so that the pitcher can see the kid was okay. bye travis thanks much.
6:00 am
it was a great move of booking and i fully support it. you know you have an apartment announcement on the couch, don't you? >> we do country music star bill nichols is set to take the all american summer concert series. can't wait for >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." stunning, 36 hours since that event the d.o.j. have said nothing. republicans are calling on garland to explain the raid on former president trump. unprecedented operations raising new questions about the d.o.j.'s independence. >> this administration, are they weaponizing the justice department and


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