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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tomorrow on "special report," the latest information about the raid on that compound down in florida another looking bat afghanistan withdrawal and what has happened since. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is next. and jesse, they asked speaker pelosi that question up on capitol hill today. >> jesse: yeah, i would have liked a follow-up but i will have to go down there myself. thanks, very much, bret. >> jesse: president and the attorney general go into hiding after the raid on mar-a-lago blow up in their face. biden fled d.c. this afternoon on air force 1, taking hunter with him on another vacation and merrick garland, no one knows where he is. he can't be found. and now the fbi is doing what it
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does best is leaking and lying and trying to clean it all up. the bureau told "newsweek" they had under covers inside mar-a-lago. the fbi had a mole at mar-a-lago. "newsweek" says, quote: the raid on mar-a-lago was based largely on information from an fbi confidential human source one who was able to identify what classified documents former president trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents. so the fbi had a mole and the trump campaign had moles in the trump administration and now they have a mole in mar-a-lago. the guy who is running the fbi field office in d.c. is the same guy who had moles in the gretchen whitmer fake kidnapping are not r. plot. and you wonder why the fbi can't stop a single mass shooting. can't protect supreme court justices. can't stop chinese supplies from sleeping with eric swalwell. can't sniff out chinese spies
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driving dianne feinstein around can't stop chinese from stealing our secrets and hacking our pipeline. can't stop epstein. they can president trump's palm beach estate. the guy that runs the national archives, an obama appointee, david ferraro, this little liberal librarian it started with him so he was watching tv on inauguration day, saw trump's entourage carrying some boxes into marine one as he left the white house. and he says this. i can remember watching the trumps leaving the white house and getting off on the helicopter that day and someone carrying a white banker box and saying to myself what the hell is in that box? so this liberal librarian called the department of justice and said hey, guys, can you get my
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stuff back? that belongs to me i wanted to know what's in that box how do i know this guy is a lib? he added a trigger warning to the declaration of independence at the archives. the librarian. we hold these truths to be anxiety attack. hillary had millions of documents in her country home. shoe he didn't try to get them back. he didn't lift a finger. classified documents about al-qaeda, benghazi, russia. he didn't care. when hillary bleached her server with all her precious documents that needed to be archived, did the librarian say anything? no. he didn't say anything. that's who this guy is. and the guy retired in april, perfect timing before he left he told joe biden, ready? just don't hire a white male to replace me. you guys get the picture? not a trump guy.
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he said january 6th was the worst day of his life. he watched it on tv like you and me. he wasn't in the capitol or even across the street like aoc. this time the whistleblower is a persnickety librarian who misses barack obama. obama took 30 million documents back to chicago for his library. the librarian 4r06d it you can't even see these documents. obama said he was going to digitize them. did that ever happen? have they even built a library yet? and then there is biden, all of his v.p. documents are at the university of delaware but when he gets accused of rape, you are not allowed to see it librarian is fine with that. so this librarian gets the feds involved and they are working with trump all year to get boxes back to the archives. trump is cooperating. they even visited mar-a-lago. he poked his head in and said hi to the feds. the feds said lock it up and keep it secure. next thing you know 30 guys with
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guns show up. show trump's lawyer the warrant, don't let him keep the warrant, and spend 12 hours turning his mansion upside down. they wouldn't let the lawyers watch what they were doing. did they bugs the place? well, they bugged the campaign. and if they knew the archivists had told them what was missing, why didn't they go in and grab what the archivist said was missing? why did they take all day, go into every room? grab box after box after box of stuff? see, now there is no chain of custody on the boxes. and if they plant evidence, trump can't prove it. they planted evidence last time on the campaign. remember the dossier, the moles, they doctored it, too. remember? that's how they got the warrant to spy. and by the way, the fbi lawyer who doctored evidence to get the warrant? just got his law license restored in d.c. no jail time. so he can go back to doctoring search warrants. i mean, practicing law. so, they are all over the mansion. they are in melania's closet.
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you think trump is sewing classified documents into the back of melania's chanel dress? what a bunch of perverts. again, trump better sweep for bugs in the bedroom. like a sick obsession. are they still looking for the pee tape? and what's with the democrats' sudden obsession with securing documents? obama got hacked by snowden and chelsea manning, they took everything. the dnc got hacked by the russians, they say. hillary's server was just wide open for business. pretty much every enemy penetrated it. ashley biden leaves her diary in a halfway house. hunter leaves computer with a blind guy. throwing secret documents all over the world wily nilly and we are worried what's in a locked storage unit in mar-a-lago guarded by the secret service? they are worried about a love
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letter from little rocket man? and a cocktail napkin and a dinner menu? if trump is not allowed to keep all this stuff, fine. get a subpoena, he will give it back. it's not like trump won't cooperate. his campaign literally gave robert mueller millions of documents. every email they ever sent during the campaign they handed over. he is not going to burn it like crooked. is that why they raided the house they thought he was going to start burning documents? is that what their fake mole told them in the media knows how bad this looks. they don't even want you to call it a raid. >> a quick but i want to say important note for our audience. we keep hearing a lot of people call what the fbi did at mar-a-lago a raid. words matter. and calling a court authorized search a raid suggests some sort of degree of aggression and lawlessness. that is simply inconsistent with the facts and the law and those are the facts.
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chuck, do i have that right? >> you got that right. >> jesse: defining raid like a recession now. this looks biden really scared of frump. he says he doesn't know anything about the raid but he also said he doesn't know anything about hunter's business. there is like 15 pictures of him with hunter's business partners. plufers the emails, the phone calls, the voice mails, the text messages, and the bank records. people cheat when they are scared. and the republicans are rallying to trump bigger than 2016. everyone has his back now. he looks like he is the biggest threat to the corrupt washington machine. biden is so stupid that he tried to take trump out and ended up nominating him instead. are a meet dillon is the chair of the lawyers association and joins me now. this the is stupidest things i are ever ever seen the librarian triggered a raid on the president's house. and the president flies to vacation with hunter on air force 1? how stupid is this? >> well, i'm laughing but it's
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actually a very serious matter, jesse, that these people have somehow hijacked the entire federal bureaucracy and police forces to violate all of these norms. i mean, as it has been said many times, this has never happened before to a former president. in living memory, barack obama had 30 million pages of documents truck directly from the white house to chicago promising these archivists who were jumping up and down, probably. that he would digitize them and put them online for all to see. and several years later not a single page has been handled. are there swat teams descending on chicago to get those documents? no. and so, the double standard and triple standard here is very apparent. but, you know, it isn't just about president trump. what is happening here is the american public confidence in the doj and the fbi is being shredded by these people and that's not a good thing for our
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country. >> jesse: doesn't the fbi have anything better to do? we are in a crime wave, harmeet, we have nothing better to do? china is breathing down our back. the russians are up to no good. they have wired palm beach? that's ground zero for national security threats palm beach? a storage unit? and a mansion? >> well, jesse, i would -- you would think they have nothing better to do but what i have seen over the last few years would they have sent swat teams of fbi agent to raid journalists homes, project veritas. they have engaged in elaborate meddling and multiple elections now over the last couple of elections. and so i have to say the top layer, at least, of the fbi is thoroughly corrupt. it doesn't matter which party is in power. it's the same people in charge. so, that's got to change. and i'm so sick and tired of republicans saying fundraising, by the way, off of this terrible stunt on monday, and then saying when we get back into power we are going to hold hearings and change it there better be a lot
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more than hearings happening out of republicans. i say that as a republican. we really need some reform of the fbi and, by the way, seeing liberal politicians go out -- not politicians but journalists go out and there say oh, you know, search warrants. that's authorized search warrant. i feel like in upside down world it used to be the left in this country that insisted on the fourth amendment. insisted on due process. insisted on the first amendment. insisted these things be respected and now they're the ones tearing up these gowned dries and we conservatives are insisting that people have privacy rights and this cannot be the way we handle things. >> if donald trump sent armed agents to rifle through michelle obama's bedroom, are you kidding me right now? chuck schumer would probably tackle donald trump at the white house if that happened. republicans better step up. harmeet, thank you. >> thank you. >> jesse: the judge who approved the raid on trump's home is the most corrupt judge in america. an investigation ahead. ♪
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i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> jesse: tonight learning more details on the crooked judge who signed off on the raid at trump's house. the "primetime" team did a little digging and turns out bruce rinehart not only a corrupt left winger but he also hates donald trump as much as the liberal librarian. in 2017 he wrote this, quote: john lewis, the conscience of america, donald trump doesn't have the moral stature to kiss john lewis' feet. and then he added at long last he left no sense of decency. so the judge who gave the go ahead to ransack the president's house is an obama donor with trump derangement syndrome. and he has so little integrity
4:18 pm
he just puts this all out there on facebook. so the fbi judge shopped for this guy who spends all day online shaming you for your white privilege. here is another thing he posted. >> take two steps forward. if you grew up in a father figure in a home. take two steps forward if you had access to a private education. i want you guys up here in the front just to turn around and look. we don't want to recognize that we have been given a head start but the reality is we have. >> jesse: you have the liberal librarian working with the corrupts fbi to get some radical fanatic crt loving judge to sign off on a warrant. to just raid the president's house. the president that they all hate. oh, and the judges, he took lois lerner's side when she deleted all those emails.
4:19 pm
yeah, he acted like she was an angel. watch this. >> competence doesn't necessarily lead to criminality which, which, which, out of those two scenarios out there seems more likely to you at this point. >> within the irs, probably incompetence. the irs has one of the most antiquated computer systems in the world. and the fact that emails could have disappeared without ms. learner knowing about it or ms. learner being involved is entirely credible to me. at the end of the day, what originally happened here is probably not a crime and to the extent there is concerns about the non-production of the emails, i think she has enough insulation between her and those production issues that barring some other real smoking gun i don't see it. >> jesse: aren't you glad the irs is adding 87,000 more lois lerners. this whole guy unethical. he was team epstein. even after he was a convicted pedophile and he cheated the system to get there. rinehart worked for the south florida's u.s. attorney's office during the beginning of the epstein investigation. he was on the prosecution side
4:20 pm
and then after epstein was given like that mysterious sweetheart deal rinehart switched sides and went on the defense and represented all of epstein's employees like pilot and scheduler. usually when a person helps facilitate a child rape they get in trouble but this rinehart guy got his friends out of trouble. they didn't even flip on epstein. you know, usually when you fly kids to get raped at an island, you usually get punished for that or schedule the rape. usually you go jail. this trump hating judge made sure these guys didn't go to jail. i mean, you can't even look into this judge because his biohas been scrubbed from the official government website. josh hawley is a missouri senator and member of the judiciary committee and he joins me now. this is disgusting what is going on here. you couldn't have a more disgusting little plot to hatch this raid.
4:21 pm
>> well, jesse, this judge seems like is he a rabid part. i lay the real blame for this at the feet of the fbi, the doj, merrick garland and joe biden. speaking of merrick garland where is he by the way? is he even alive? this guy needs to come forward right now. he needs to publish the warrant. he needs to publish the list of everything they took from the president. he needs to explain how in the world he authorized this because i can tell you, jesse, this is a serious, serious breech of the rule of law which is why garland needs to go. if he won't resign he ought to be impeached. >> if you seize boxes from a guy's private house and you don't let any lawyers watch what you are doing, isn't that tainted evidence? i mean, couldn't they just say oh, look, what i found. oh, look what i found. trump had this in the box. i mean, there's no chain of custody, right? you toss that. >> yeah. and i would like to know what it was they were looking for in the
4:22 pm
first place. this is what garland owes the american people an explanation and, frankly so does joe biden because i don't believe for a minute, not for a minute that the white house was totally in the dark on this. this is joe biden's fbi it is joe biden's. they sent him called them domestic terrorists. set up a disinformation board to police the speech of americans who question the vaccine, who had questions about masks. this is an administration that is totally, totally out of control. i del you it will take a long time to repair the basic constitutional norms and democratic norms here that this administration is trampling. jesse, what this makes clear to me above all, though our constitutional framework of government is strong, and i believe that we have deep, deep corruption in our government. deep corruption. >> jesse: have you got to pull it out from the roots. i'm glad you're on the show and
4:23 pm
i haven't seen a lot of other republicans out there saying anything. are you guys on vacation? i feel like you guys are missing a huge opportunity to really stand up against this injustice. >> you know, i agree that this is a time to stand and be heard. listen, what the administration wants to do here, clearly, is they want this to just all be swept under the rug. that's why they won't answer questions. that's why the president is off on vacation. that's why garland hasn't been seen in public. that's why they won't say anything. there needs to be real accountability here. that's why i say not just a slap on the wrist. not just another hearing. we have those. they come and lie and obfuscate. garland needs to be impeached and removed. we will have to look at the fbi top to bottom and that's just the beginning. >> jesse: you can't send fbi agents into michelle obama's bedroom and say nothing and go on vacation for two weeks and act like everything is normal. it cannot happen if that was the other way. all right, senator, thanks for joining us. >> thank you.
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>> jesse: coming up, we asked nancy pelosi why she brought her son to asia. she gave us a really weird answer. >> tech: cracked windshield? trust safelite. we'll replace your glass and recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning work properly. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i think i changed my mind about these glasses. yeah, it happens. that's why visionworks gives you
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4:30 pm
doing in asia? nancy obviously doesn't want us to know. she tried to scrub any evidence of it. but today we confronted her. watch. >> there are some reports that your son was on this trip with you. >> yes, he was. yes, he was. >> what was his role. >> his role was to be my escort. usually we invited spouses, not all could come but i had him come and i was very proud of i was there and i'm thrill and it was nice to me. >> did he have any business dealings while he was there in taiwan. >> no he did not. of course he didn't. >> jesse: of course he didn't. how dare you assume he had business while escorting nancy around asia. not like he has any business interest in the region, right? turns out on the payroll of not one but two lithium mining companies and taiwan just happens to be a semiconductor gold mine dependent on lithium. his other company is fresh off a massive ev battery deal in south korea. funny thing about the south korean leg of the trip is that
4:31 pm
pauly, her escort went missing. where was he? was nancy left unattended? was this payback for pappa's lost weekend in napa? we don't know. and by the way indianapolis' shipville going to have business booming in both countries and pauly jr. is also tied in a country invested in singapore's energy sector. don't worry nancy says nothing to see here. pauly knows nothing about clean energy. fraudster looking to make a quick buck that's why there are five, five federal investigations into his shady ventures we barely hear anything about them though because they have been dragging on for years instead of raiding his house. they don't call him the fresh prince of san francisco for no reason. he is washington royalty and they will do anything to protect him. josh boswell has been investigating pauly jr. he is a senior reporter for the daily mail who joins us now. pretty big development.
4:32 pm
went over to asia as an escort, josh. what do you make of that? >> yeah, i mean, the thing that really doesn't tally for me is if he was there in an official capacity supporting his mother, then why was he not on the list. why was his name cut out of the transcript her team put together of the meetings that they had over there. i mean, it doesn't square. and, it makes you wonder when he is doing these business deals when he is on the board of two lithium mining companies and turns up to the lithium mining capital of asia, you have got to ask was he doing business dealings there? he has also been tied to many other companies where presidents, members of both companies have been involved in federal investigations. some of them even convicted of fraud. there is this long string of individuals that he is tied to that we have to ask some serious questions about. >> jesse: do you think nancy maybe isn't proud of her escort
4:33 pm
son. there were no photos of him by b y the american press. we only got the photos from the foreign press. and when he was mentioned by the leader of taiwan, they scrubbed that section of the transcript off the nancy's website. not proud of her son? you think if she was proud they would be posing together smiling photos he is at the other end of the long line of officials in all of those photos that you see there. he is hidden in the back in some of them. makes you ask the question why was he there for an alternative reason? >> jesse: nancy needs to learn from hunter about how to treat escorts because he treats them right. josh, thanks so much. we know tony fauci loves the spotlight the man has yet to find a magazine cover he won't pose for or documentary he won't star in. no surprise the good doctor has quite a big opinion of himself. >> so if they get up and criticize science, nobody is
4:34 pm
going to know what they are talking about. but if they get up and really aim their bullets at tony fauci, well, people can recognize there is a person there. so it's easy to criticize. but they are really criticizing science because i represent science. >> jesse: since fauci is science he is immune to criticism. he has been wrong on everything from vaccines to masks. truth hasn't really been fauci's strong point but don't tell him that. >> what i symbolize in a -- in an era of the normalization on truths and lies, and all the things you are seeing going on in society from january 6th to everything else that goes on, people are craving for consistency, for integrity, for truth. >> jesse: got it. so fauci is both truth and science. he thinks he is superman and he has got those cool shoes.
4:35 pm
thanks for clearing that up, doc, but if he is becoming honest, anthony all of the sudden i guess we can take him at his words about the origins of covid. >> we are at the at the epicenter of the initial outbreak, wa 1, washington 1. is considered the ancestral model strength. >> i developed the ancestorial -- i created it. >> that's right. you let it loose. >> i was in my kitchen. >> jesse: fauci is funny. he jokes about killing people. it sounds like a hell of a kitchen there fauci. meatballs on one burner. cooking up covid on the other. a little italian style. looks like he will have to pass on the dinner invitation. coming up, bernie sanders sticks another knife in joe biden's back. and the "new york times" says taking care of your lawn is racist girls trip.
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> today president biden walked up to the podium and lied to you. >> i just want to say a number,
4:41 pm
zero. today we received news that our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of july. zero percent. >> jesse: inflation wasn't zero in july it was 8.5%. biden is like the guy who gives you a black eye and says oh, look, the swelling is going down a little. we went from a 41-year record rate of inflation to a 40 year record rate of inflation and joe calls that zero. not even bernie is buying that. he said biden hasn't done anything for working families and doesn't deserve another term. watch. >> you want to see president biden, senator, run for a second term? >> well, what i want to see right now is that the coming of the united states working with president biden next year. >> will let me rephrase the question do you want to see him run for re-election? >> look, right now my concern is electing more democrats in this
4:42 pm
midterm election so we can finally address the needs of working families. that's where my mind is right now. >> jesse: remember those two heavy weights in the democratic party? i'm not talking about their weight. i'm just talking about their seniority. they didn't really like joe biden last week. well, wow, did they change their tune after that. remember? >> should president biden run again in 2024? >> too early to say. doesn't serve the purpose of the democratic party to -- to deal with that until after the midterms. >> ms. malone? >> i don't believe he is running for re-election. >> jesse: well, things changed. here's what they said last night. >> i am supporting joe biden. he has announced that he is running and i am really going to be supporting him this friday when we vote for the inflation reduction act. >> absolutely he should-be the democratic nominee and he should be reelected president. he has done imagine if i any ma.
4:43 pm
>> joining me is karl rove. turns out the president just threatened to raid their homes that's why they changed their tune, karl. >> this shows how out of step both nadler and malone are with the democratic base. and if you don't believe me, let's take a look at two very interesting sources of information. the "new york times" asked democrats do you think joe biden should be your nominee again? 26 percent said yes last month. 74% no. nobody was -- you know, up in the air about this question. cnn followed it, a week or so later. 25 percent said of democrats said yeah. let's renominate him again. 75 percent said no. so, nadler and malone are sucking up to the man in the oval office and breaking with the base of the democratic party, which recognizes that he should not be the nominee of their party in 2024. >> jesse: biden just raided mar-a-lago, does that fire up
4:44 pm
the left wing radical base? >> no. that's not going to change these numbers. here is why. here is a fundamental reason why democrats don't want him to run again. on the 20th of january, 202 234-rbgs he were to be reelected he would be 82. 82. you know, they know that he is not up to the job. they know that if he runs in 2024, the republicans have got a good shot at beating him and they know that if he were to get reelected it ain't going to get better. even democrats are concerned a little bit about the country and realize better to have an effective democrat than to have one who can't string together two sentences. jess joe, -- karl,. >> i'm karl. he is joe. >> you are not 82. chalking up wins like muhammed ali. spending money on green stuff. this guy can't stop winning. he can't put his blazer on but
4:45 pm
he is on fire. >> well, i know the democrat are saying that they have got a turning point here. in fact there is a column tomorrow on "the wall street journal" on this very subject. >> jesse: really? >> well-written. very well researched. very well done. i think i have done an magnificent job on it they are nuts. they are kidding themselves. the inflation reduction act is not going to reduce inflation. that's according to the cbo. bipartisan. the penn wharton model. nobody says this is going to reduce inflation. it's going to run counter to the experience that people have having every day when they try to go out and buy something. it's going to have benefits way off in the future. we are going to put price controls on 10 drugs. but it's going to take us five years before we start doing that but the bad stuff starts right away. >> jesse: karl, i don't know why you need to reduce inflation because according to joe it's zero. >> brilliant. 8.5 equals zero. hey, speaking of zero. this is his chance at being reelected president of the
4:46 pm
united states. zero. and i did it in biden green. a little irish biden green going there for you. >> jesse: he would argue math is racist and would dispute that thank you so much, karl rove. we will be looking forward to your column tomorrow which we hear is really brilliant. >> i think so, maybe. >> jesse: there is nothing more satisfying than having a freshly cut lawn. >> gus, gus. >> i can't hear. >> oh, god. >> jesse: that hurts. usually taking care of the lawn is an activity we enjoy. it can be relaxing. some people even do it for a living. that he was what i would be doing if i got fired because i have no other skills. like frank, moved the president's lawn in 2017 when he was 11. remember the guy pushing the lawn mower to help grow his lawn mowing business. looks like frank might be out of a job soon because the "new york times" wants all of us to murder our lawns.
4:47 pm
>> the perfect lawn. a bright green flag that tells the world and the neighbors you've achieved the american dream. [chanting u.s.a.] >> but there is an ugly truth hiding behind america's glorification of grass. lawns are damaging our planet. ruining our health and wasting our time. >> jesse: is that a knife? the "new york times" hates your backyard, why? they say it's elitist and bad for the environment and how dare you spend every weekend working on it. >> the obsession has its roots in the manicured lawns of the european aristocracy the fashion caught on with the elites on both side of the pond before it was reinvented for the white middle class in suburb i can't. when all of this lawn treatment is done attacking the planet
4:48 pm
guess what it attacks next, you. you have to cut your lawn with, you guessed it a gas powered mower, americans in some cities can spend up to 50 days of their lives looking after lawns. that's still 50 days they will never get back. thanks, lawn. >> jesse: listen, i know mowing the lawn kind of takes a lot of time, but i'm not going to ditch my kentucky blue grass just because the "times" says so. you shouldn't either. up next, is your wife trying to poison you? ♪ ♪ in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life.
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♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ >> let's do a little water cooler, we cap sean duffy in the house. we all seen our fair share of toxic relationships but none is toxic at this one. a california doctor decided she had enough of her husband and
4:54 pm
she tried to kill him by spiking his lemonade. but she made a mistake, there were cameras and her husband caught her on tape when he got back from the hospital and he filed from divorce. can you patch things up after she tries to kill you? >> i don't think so but my motto is happy wife, happy life. don't marry crazy because this is what you get to. him i married a latino woman, mexican woman, they don't build up resentment. they yell at you right away. you don't get the drano treatment you get the immediate treatment with we get crushed when she's angry. [laughter] >> jesse: never poured rain on your coffee. up next, tony fauci has done a lot of bad stuff but nothing worse than this. ♪ ♪
4:55 pm
no one was in the stands to watch that because of the covid thing but two years later fans are back and he has been practicing. was it any better? ♪ ♪ let this be a reminder, there should only be one dock allowed on the mound, that is dock good end. that is a mets reference. >> did you notice he overcorrected, it went far left and then he went far right, did you call that a rainbow? he got to home plate but donald trump said after that first pitch he said actually his pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostications. meanwhile he got onto the mound when you sought on the first pitch, it was a seattle mariners game and a new york yankees game, they booed him in liberal seattle? there is no coming back from
4:56 pm
that. >> jesse: i'm never going to throughout the first pitch of the game because -- if they are going to rerun that footage every day for the rest of my life, also won't be driving drunk ever again. finally, the great state of florida. >> i got the visual, he is naked, yelling at people in the parking lots. very animated, middle of traffic -- yelling at people. doing push-ups at the entrance here. >> jesse: i have to tell the audience, duffy wanted us to not pixelate the footage but we insisted, you are really sick. >> i think he got hunter biden here. this isn't florida, the pavement
4:57 pm
is hot. they arrest him, he's laying flat, he's burning more than his feet and hands as he lays down at get arrested. >> jesse: what did they call him, a muscular build? the cops are like that guy is looking good down there. >> where did he stash the loot? >> jesse: they will have to do a full body cavity search. >> thank god the cops wore gloves. >> jesse: a florida man always living up to his reputation, thank you very much. in sadder news to report, one of the founding anchors at the fox news channel died this week at the age of 64. she was born in india, moved to texas and worked in local news before joining our team back in 2003. she was a very talented journalist, very nice person.
4:58 pm
we always saw her on the 17th floor, she had a beautiful family and our prayers are with her tonight. victoria from ohio said the biden white house had no advanced knowledge of the fbi raid on trump -- who is running this country? i think we know who it is and it's not joe biden. chris from jackson, michigan, trump should've put a copy of hunter's laptop, the fbi wouldn't have touched a thing. that reminds me of the rudy rate, they took his electronic devices except for hunter biden's laptop. two weeks overdue on my library book, should i expect the fbi to show up at my door? in my day, librarians had their hair up with long needles. it's wonderful to see an old white guy shatter the library ceiling.
4:59 pm
he recommended afterwards the higher not a white male and they didn't, they hired a white female. now she's in charge of the library. darlene from ohio -- if there is zero inflation, why do we need the inflation reduction act? exactly, cancel the spending. i didn't realize take your child to work today extended into adult hood for college. it's true, hunter is on air force one but as an escort. usually when you think asian escort you don't think of jr. but apparently that's what he does. laurie from alabama, didn't sarah palin have to pay thousands back to the government for taking the children on government trips? the difference is she's a republican, she doesn't have liberal privilege, that only extends to jr. and a senior. allen from lakewood new jersey -- i missed the ceremony were hunter passed the
5:00 pm
baton to paul jr. they are not actually on the same team, they are actually competing. remember, it's the five families. is only so much pride to go around. i just wanted to know if you have a single brother or maybe your dad is single. dad is taken! tucker is up next. always remember i am at watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm brian kilmeade infer tucker taken the vacation he deserves. the latest inflation report shows consumer prices were more than 8% higher compared to last year but joe biden celebrated this news as zero inflation. >> i want to say a word about news that came out today relative to the economy. i just want to


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