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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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same team, they are actually competing. remember, it's the five families. is only so much pride to go around. i just wanted to know if you have a single brother or maybe your dad is single. dad is taken! tucker is up next. always remember i am at watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm brian kilmeade infer tucker taken the vacation he deserves. the latest inflation report shows consumer prices were more than 8% higher compared to last year but joe biden celebrated this news as zero inflation. >> i want to say a word about news that came out today relative to the economy. i just want to say a number.
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zero. today we received news of our economy 0% inflation in the month of july. 0%. >> brian: we will have more on that later, there's never bent a better day for permit watching the time that inauguration day, january 20th, a moment the voters have been waiting for for four years, none of it had to do with joe biden and possibilities the presidency could bring to them. the best part of him taking office wasn't donald trump was leaving office. all of it was made possible because somehow voters during a pandemic had accomplished what four years of witch hunts and the full force of surveillance state could not remove a donald trump from the white house despite giving 74 million votes.
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almost immediately joe biden and his installed attorney general at the department of justice began targeting hundreds of trump voters who protested the election results on january 6th. the biden administration jailed people like a 69-year-old grandmother with cancer, walked into the capital. even people who are no wonder the capital in january 6 were arrested by president biden president biden's justice department. fbi put former trump advisor peter navarro in leg irons as he tried to board a flight. they rated jeffrey clark's home at
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steve bannon turned himself into the fbi after he was indicted oo was never indicted when he was founded contempt of congress, steve bannon was later found guilty and of course earlier this week the justice department raided the home of joe biden's former and possible future opponent donald trump. the judge who signed off on the raid is an interesting character, his name is bruce reinhart -- he wrote anti-trump rants on facebook. he shared posts from a leftist account called woke folks. he's a photo from his facebook, look at that. he's drinking whiskey with an entire pack of oreos, imagine what his order looks like. fbi agents bragged about having full access to everything in the building thanks to that guy.
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they scoured former first lady melania trump's closet, demented staff turn off security cameras, they didn't. the former president's lawyers were not allowed to observe the nine hour search, that's how political they got. lawyers can't even make sure fe process. how can that be okay? it's obvious to anyone watching that joe biden has fully weaponize the doj against his political opponents and at the white house this is called following the rule of law. >> reporter: is this administration weaponizing the justice department and the fbi against political opponents? >> the president believes in the rule of law, the president believes in the independence -- >> reporter: yes or no. >> that's a "yes" or "no" for you, i'm answering the question, you may not like it but i'm answering the question. i'm answering the question and i'm telling you that we are not going to comment on a criminal
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investigation. >> brian: they said they didn't get a heads up on it. you got that? targeting your opponent is now following the rule of law, just like they told us when men can get pregnant. they said negative gdp is not a sign of recession even though we were told that is a recession. joe biden's lackeys and the media already got the memo too the very news outlets that employed intelligence agents who are disgraced, and andrew mccabe, john brennan, james clapper have already declared you're not allowed to be outraged at the rate of mar-a-lago which wasn't even arrayed to. >> it wasn't a raid on his house, no doors were kicked down. >> it's all legal, it's all lawful. >> i know donald trump is saying this is a rate but that is a gross exaggeration. >> we have to be careful not to adopt the term raid. >> of the only reason you would have a search like this and let's be polite and call it a search and not a raid to. >> talks about a raid on his
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home. >> there was no raid on your home. >> this was not a raid, we should not think of this as the fbi in the middle of the night bank down the door with someone answering in their boxer shorts. explained to us what this would have looked like because it's definitely being characterized by a lot of folks out there. >> brian: in the words of joe biden, it was a raid, jack. stephen colbert who recently orchestrated an insurrection of his own celebrated the news as if it was a religious holiday. >> it may be hot outside but in here it's christmas. because yesterday we all got the present we wanted to. fbi agents raided mar-a-lago! that is the most beautiful sentence america has ever produced. >> brian: does he know he's not supposed to use the word raid? the raid isn't the end of the democratic party's war against donald trump and his voters.
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it's the beginning. if you can embark on a crusade of never ending witch hunts to remove a sitting president from office and then raided his home more than a year after he left, it's clear you can do anything. there are no limits to your power. yesterday we saw one example of how the department of justice is unleashing the power on regime dissidents. a day after federal agents raided his palm beach home, fbi agents approached the republican congressmen and freedom conference chair scott perry while he was traveling with his wife and children. they seized his cell phone before he could consult an attorney. republicans in congress must put a stop to this abuse of power immediately, find some way to do it. they should stop all order of business in the house and the senate so democrats call off their dogs at the doj. can't wait until the mid terms, that might be too late. scott perry the effort mentioned congressman from pennsylvania joins us right now for his first exclusive interview since the fbi confiscated his phone.
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thanks for joining us, can you bring us through what happened? >> you're absolutely right, i got a knock on the door in the morning and went to the door, there are three fbi agents, i'm traveling with my family. we have two young daughters and my elderly in-laws. they want to take my cell phone. i said could you contact my attorney, why does this have to happen out on the street and how did you find me? they want answer that question, they said they would return it sometime later and this is my personal cell phone. i have an official cell phone, they don't want that. it's my personal cell phone i talked to my wife on, my children on, my constituents -- none of the government's business. immediately the story blows up i'm sure you know.
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what is interesting is while that story blew up i heard from my attorneys who talked directly to the department of justice who said that i come other client, and not a target of this investigation. think about that, if i'm not a target, why did they find me when i'm traveling with my family, they don't come to my house or contact my attorney, why did they come and seize my cell phone to image it in that fashion? if they would have contacted my attorney certainly we would've provided the information necessary as required by law and that would've been the end of it but they want the spectacle, they wanted the show, they want the intimidation and the media is not saying anything about the fact that reported today that i'm not a target of this investigation. this is the doj run amok and i think what people really need to think about is in about a day we are going to vote on a package and it will probably pass where they are going to employ 87,000 new irs agents -- what you think
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they are going to be doing? they will be coming for all of you. yesterday was my cell phone, tomorrow it is going to be average, hardworking americans who are trying to make it through their day. >> brian: when did they confront you? >> yesterday, tuesday morning. >> brian: the president's house was raided monday, do you think they are linked? >> i think all of this is linked, of course it is. >> brian: what do you think they are looking for? >> i don't know, we asked -- i'm not a target of the investigation so i can't really speculate. i don't know what they are looking for but they came and took my cell phone even though i'm not a target. >> brian: this is what i'm getting at. the fbi said even though the trump family has not seen the warrant yet, the fbi said we are here on behalf of the national archives. okay, so the national archives
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or was this about january 6th, what do you think? >> here's what i think: i think they are scared to death that president donald trump is going to come back in 2024 and win reelection and they are going to do every single thing they can to make sure that doesn't happen, including make up some kind of charges from the national archives. quite honestly it's absurd if it's a national archives. the president is the ultimate classification authority, they are saying he declassified information -- he's a classifier. james comey leaked classified information to get a special counsel, hillary clinton -- we don't know the extent of the classified information she had on her private server. no accountability whatsoever. do they think president trump packed the boxes at the white house to take the mar-a-lago? i think this is all about 2024 and their disdain for president trump and the fact they know he's coming back and
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likely to beat their candidates joe biden. >> brian: did you get your phone back? did you get your phone back? i guess we might have lost them. congressman scott perry, thanks. watch play this back you'll see i did thank you, i wasn't rude. democrats are doing everything they can to take out donald trump as their own party crumbles, just today the president was deposed by the new york state attorney general's office, these tactics are not working. trump endorsed candidates continue to win their primaries ahead of their midterms. joe kent is one of the examples he just defeated an establishment encumbered in the state of washington and joins us now. congratulations, what is it you like to win? >> feels great, hasn't really sunk in. and i'm still in campaign mode but i feel grateful for all the support i gotten all the hard work my campaign team put in. >> brian: what did the trump
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endorsement do? >> with the most powerful endorsement in the history of politics, and helped us coalesce the america first movement behind us. i couldn't be more grateful and honored to have president trump's endorsement. >> brian: the incumbent you succeeded voted to impeach donald trump come to think that made a difference? >> it put her in play and expose the full scope of her record, she voted for the january 6th commission which has turned the tools of the national security state against president trump president trump, against congressman perry and against americans who are dissenting against what the regime is putting out. even parents who show up at school board meetings to protest crt being taught terrorism in our school. we are seeing the full scope of the weaponization of the national security state and it all starts with the impeachment vote and this january 6 the narrative. >> brian: every single one of the trump picked candidates won, he's won 93% of his primaries,
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many against the odds like yourself. a lot of people think it really puts steroids to tuesday's vote when this raid became public. are you one of those people who agree with that? i was speaking with a member of the trump family and he believes it really got people out to vote, do you believe so? >> i think if the left was trying to intimidate people or trying to make donald trump less powerful, it blew up in their face. the american people even if they didn't care for president trump, they see the way the national security state is going after a former president, a private citizen going and raiding his house. that is going to alarm a lot of folks and it's going to galvanize the america first movement. wedo he fought hard for us and now it's time for us to unify and fight for his movements, fight for the america first movement to put our country first. >> brian: you don't intimidate easy, you have the training.
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now you are doing it in a suit but it's not good to be easy should you win the general. straight ahead, there are a lot of weird stories we come across every day but this show has never seen anything quite like this -- there's a series of bizarre cattle mutilations happening across the united states. no one has been able to solve these attacks. tucker investigates the strange mystery for a brand-new episode of the documentary series tucker carlson original, take a look. >> we found a dead bull. it's missing its reproductive organs. it's missing its tongue and i said what? >> nothing on the ground and the scavengers won't eat it and it doesn't rot. >> at least 10,000 cases in the
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united states. >> derby county sheriff told people to be on alert, someone removed organs from a bowl. >> we haven't solved any of them. there is no evidence. speak of the sheriff's department doesn't have any leads at the time. >> if you asked us to go replicate that process and not leave evidence, i don't think that would be possible. >> it freaks a lot of people out. aliens come in and taking our animals. >> with the greatest unsolved serial crime spree in history. >> brian: you cannot not watch the episode, the title says it all. it's out tomorrow, extended
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preview, free memberships are available at it's not just the fbi that has weaponized under jill biden, democrats in congress now plan to do something with the irs. they just passed a bill that would empower the agency to target everyday americans like us. we'll tell you how and why next.
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♪ ♪ >> brian: it's not just the doj that has been weaponized to target the biden administration's political enemies come i want to tell you about the irs. the inflation reduction act that democrats just pass to the senate will hire 87,000 new irs agents. to put that number in perspective the irs now has about 90,000 employees. the irs will soon have more agents in the fbi, state department and border patrol combined. those agencies employ more than 150,000 agents in total, the irs will now employ 170,000. how does that make sense? this is among other things a backdoor fund-raiser for democrats, here's what i mean. the national treasury employees union represents about 70,000 irs employees, they found at the union's clinical action committee and donated more than
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$600,000 in a recent campaign cycle. 97% of all that money went to democrats. that unions about a double in size, what are all those agents going to do? they are going to collect new taxes on the country. that would never happen back in march. >> nobody earning less than $400,000 a year will pay an additional penny in new taxes. not a single penny. >> brian: and the crowd roared. according to congresses joint committee on taxation the bill the democrats just past will raise taxes for more than 90% of taxpayers making between 75100000.97% of americans making between $10,200,000 will get a tax hike. some of the tax hike comes in form of the 401(k) you might
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have. americans for tax reform reports there is a $124 billion tax on stock buybacks in the bill which will hurt americans in retirement accounts. according to congresses joint committee on taxation, there is also a $12 billion tax on crude oil along with a $1.2 billion tax on coal. that means more expensive energy for individuals and small businesses. remember joe biden denying this would ever happen. >> will taxes on their small businesses go up under your administration? >> no. >> brian: whatever he meant, that was also untrue. including the bill is $50 billion pass-through businesses, small businesses that take operating losses at the same time nothing in the legislation closes the so-called
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carried interest loophole for private equity thanks to senator kyrsten sinema. this is a tax increase on the middle class, it has to be there. not enough rich people taxed at 100% to fund the great leap forward we are about to get jammed down our throats friday when the house votes. according to the joint committee on taxation, 90% of the money raised under this new bill will come from americans under $20,000 a year. that's why democrats voted down an amendment that would ensure americans making under $400,000 a year wouldn't get targeted by the new irs agents. why would they not do that? we now live in a country that has vilified border enforcement as racist, defunded the police and pursued criminals that beefed up enforcement on middle-class workers. they are not just coming for donald trump, they are coming for you and coming for me. what will that look like
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exactly. thanks for the live job posting, we know irs agents have a license to kill. the irs tried to take the posting down after it went viral but we managed to get a copy looking at it, here's what it said. irs special agents have to "carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary. be willing and able to participate in arrests. execution of search warrants and other dangerous assignments." really? tulsi gabbard is a former congresswoman and presidential candidate, she joins us to react. this is your party, i understand it but does this help americans to put the irs on steroids and double their personnel? >> it doesn't. you look at those numbers you broke out and the messaging that's coming out of the democrats in congress saying that this will only apply to the wealthy, we are only taxing the wealthy, that's only 1 to 2% of all taxpayers. why do they need $80,000,000,000.87000 new hires in order to go after 1 to 2% of
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taxpayers. their math absently does not add up which should be frightening and concerning because this means exactly what you said. they're coming after us, coming after entrepreneurs, coming after a small business owners, middle-class hardworking americans. there is no question about that and then you layer on top of that what you just mentioned. the criminal division with the power of enforcement of a gun and how we have already seen -- it's not a theory that the irs has like many of these other federal agencies abuse their power to go after political opponents. we have seen them do this under the obama administration. there was no consequences there and she was directly targeting blatantly conservative organizations. this dangerous trend that we are seeing that has been gradually over years but everything from the irs to the department of homeland security,
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counterterrorism division, fbi, the department of justice, we are seeing how they are more blatantly in broad daylight been weaponized to target political opponents of those in power and anyone who dares to dissent or question or challenge their actions and policies. >> brian: do you realize the system is so antiquated, they can't keep up with the amount of calls. 1200 calls around the country with people who are confused about our complex tax system which keeps changing. out of all the money earmarked for the irs, only five of the $87 billion is for improving the technology. how dumb is that? >> it's worse than dogma. this is government bureaucracy at its worst rather than actually identifying the problems and say how do we more efficiently serve the needs of the american people and increase our ability to deliver and serve them? they are taking our money, money that's coming out of our pockets
5:29 pm
and paychecks to plus up their force and their ability to take more money from us rather than actually fixing the inefficiencies in their antiquated systems. >> brian: 51% of the audits last year went after taxpayers who made less than $75,000. unless they have to change their doctor and all of a sudden i'm pretty sure the average american is going to feel the scrutiny of the irs in a way they are not prepared for, nor do we have the accounting firms to fight for us and must turbotax is going to help us out. it's always good to see you. guess what? don't make plans for friday night, you're going to be hosting tucker, 8:00 eastern time. >> that's what i hear. >> brian: you can't get out of it. thanks so much for joining us, we look forward to seeing you. meanwhile democrats in the senate just voted to raise taxes for everyday americans as we just told you, also doubling the size of the irs. the biden administration claimed
5:30 pm
none of this will affect the middle class. >> will not add to audits for households under 400,000 and those same households will not see 1 penny increase in their taxes based on proposals in the inflation reduction act. let's make sure the record is clear on that point. >> brian: we tape to that, we'll make sure. and one person who does not believe that is the host of fox across america and he said he was audited when he worked as a cabdriver over a decade ago. i can't verified this story and putting my best people on it but bryan llenas and verified your paperwork, i'm going to go with your story, why were you audited to? >> let me jump in here because i have a lot to say about the irs and if they have an issue with any of it you can message me on twitter -- i have to stick up for you. at the time my son lincoln was born, as you know we have one
5:31 pm
kid the state would never let us have two. i was doing stand-up comedy and i had pretty high fuel expenses between driving on the road as a comic and the caddy. the irs called me and a guy who declared about $20,000 with of income and said there's no way you're surviving on this little money. you must be working some type of an end around with these receipts but i actually had the receipts and didn't wind up owing them a lot of money. the point is yes they are always going to go after the little guy because we are a pinata. if you hit us with a letter in the mail money is going to come out because we can't fight back. if you had a rich person a lawyer is going to come out, an accountant is going to come out and that's why they are always going to come after us. that's why most of the audience liens this way. >> brian: for their own political survival, why would they target a number of people that would never vote for them again if they were ever audited to. you know how brutal it is to be audited he got to be able to produce these things and go back to restaurants, go back to all of these things that are career expenses and set up your own
5:32 pm
categories. i get it, i do it. why would they be alienated? are they going for the short, quick hit? >> what i think is we have a big spending problem and they are in a desperate spot where they can't continue to fund any of this stuff that they don't start raising money fast. that is the issue. if you cared about the country, simply for the tax code and give us a flat tax on consumption. they won't do that because they can't flatten spending. god love anybody who says 87,000 agents isn't good to lead to more middle-class audits -- hello? it's like saying i bought 87 bombs but i don't plan on smoking marijuana, what else are you going to use the agents for? >> brian: who was the first club to hire you and pay you to do stand-up? >> gotham comedy club, my main man on 23rd street although i'm probably going to get audited for mentioning the act. >> brian: so is he because you brought him into it.
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he is the best, i've known him forever, he does a great job. it's also seinfeld's favorite comedy club, he's almost as funny as you. >> i'll take it i will give you the 20 bucks later, don't forget to declare it on your taxes. >> brian: get some rest you have a big show tomorrow. a lifelong democrat make a donor who has given millions to the party says he's just about seen enough, what pushed him to finally jump ship? he joins is next to explain, you're going to love this.
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>> brian: for many years steve kirsch was a democratic party make a donor, he's given more than $20 million and he might just be jumping ship. he joins us now to explain his reasoning. when did the democratic party start going south with you? >> when they violated my trust.
5:39 pm
they told the agency's, the fda, the cdc these vaccines were safe and effective and when i started seeing my friends die and be injured and i started looking at the data, there was no question this vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man end. it is a thousand times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine, that's too unsafe for people to use. i cannot get a single minute in front of him any democratic congressman, the best i got was ro khanna gave me a staff member who took two months to get back to me and when i asked if she had read what i had sent her she said no i disagreed with the cdc. it's not right, i didn't really read it. if that is as far as i ever got. >> brian: you did your own research, what did you find was effective and what was the reaction when you put it out there?
5:40 pm
>> what i found was hundreds of thousands of americans have been killed by this vaccine and millions have been injured. clearly you are more likely to be injured or dead from the vaccine than if you were unvaccinated. what they are saying and the reality is completely opposite, there is a conservative radio show commentator his name is wayne root. he had a wedding eight months ago and he had about half conservatives and -- they're all pretty much conservatives but half were vaccinated and half were not vaccinated. he found of the 100 people that were vaccinated, he had 26 people who were seriously injured and he had seven people who died to. in the unvaccinated group he had zero and a zero. that is statistically impossible if the vaccines are safe. >> brian: we can't verify those numbers, these are numbers
5:41 pm
that you have but in turn democrats who you funded won't even return your call including your own congresswoman. you believe senator ron johnson, that's somebody you fully support in a fight to get six more years in wisconsin, what about ron johnson? >> ron johnson is the only person in congress who cares at all about the millions of people who are vaccine injured to. my estimates are there are tens of millions of vaccine injured in america, members of congress will meet with these people. they meet with them and 30 minutes later they say they look at their watch and say got to go and that is the end of it. whereas ron johnson has been very consistent about bringing this problem to the attention of the american public. >> brian: it figures, he's a very successful businessman like you. thanks so much, appreciate it.
5:42 pm
meanwhile, joe biden has led to millions of new migrants into the united states every day, every minute. it's clear americans don't support this. a brand-new gallup poll shows americans with less immigration, even democrats admitted we have an immigration crisis. >> we need help also, we are reaching out to the federal government to tell them we need help. we will be on the phone with the white house, they are willing to speak with us and communicate so we can resolve this humanitarian issue and crisis that we are facing. >> brian: really mr. mayor? those flights into westchester and newburgh and long island aren't paying off? it's not just a humanitarian crisis, immigration is affecting our elections. newly uncovered documents show hundreds of illegal aliens are on the voter rolls in north carolina, how is this possible? russell vote is the president for the center of renewing
5:43 pm
america, what can you tell me about this? >> we've identified these documents with our sister organization the american accountability foundation, the extent to which there is systemic and voter fraud being done in north carolina at the state board of election level and the dmv to incentivize illegal immigrants voting in the election which they are not supposed to do. what we have is documents and email traffic from the u.s. attorney in the eastern district of north carolina to the state board of education saying you have this problem, you're not taking the illegal immigrants off of the roles. you're not taking people convicted of voter fraud off the roles and what is worse and gets to the extent of it, the dmv is prepopulating the applications for a driver's license ensure those people are citizens. those go through, the individuals themselves never have to assert that they in fact are citizens.
5:44 pm
not only does it impact the elections, we know that. it's hard to go back and prosecute because they have never asserted otherwise, they have been part of a system of intentionality to ensure this result is occurring. systemic voter fraud, this is the type of thing we're finally across the country that states need to weed out and ensure elections are honest, fair and have integrity. >> brian: do think this is limited to north carolina? >> no, the reality is north carolina is a state that donald trump won and we know there are other states that went in a different direction even though this election selection had overwhelming turnout compared to the previous one. these things are happening, the left is so incredibly organized, they swap notes, they tell their organizations how this should be done. they spent $400 million outsourcing the running of local elections to the
5:45 pm
democratic party operatives -- these types of standard operating procedures are not just being done in north carolina, they are being done in every state in which these dollars are flowing. >> brian: we welcome immigrants to the contrary, we know that is our great strength but legal immigration, you earn the right to vote. it's something that people that do with the right way take great pride in and do stuff like this ruins it for everyone. it's y27% of the american people in the u.s. believe immigration should be increased. the rest of the country is not on board to. that is down from 38% a few years ago. thanks so much. the latest inflation numbers, consumer prices are still nearly 9% higher than a year ago and in joe biden math, that means zero. no joke, jack -- how does that make sense? is straight-ahead.
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>> brian: the latest inflation numbers released "the today show" prices increased by 8.5% year-over-year. joe biden is the only american who heard that news and thought
5:51 pm
this is great. >> i want to say a word about the news that came out today relative to the economy. actually i just want to say a number. zero. today we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of july. 0%. here's what that means. while the price of some things went up last month, the price of other things went down by the same amount. the result, zero inflation last month. people are still hurting but zero inflation last month. >> brian: what he didn't tell you is that a zero inflation is only from june to july of this year, he ignored all the price increases from last year -- you haven't. if inflation is zero, why do we need the inflation reduction act, remember that? it's good to pass friday. charlie, your reaction to zero.
5:52 pm
>> that's not the babylon be doing tv. that's real, that's the scary part. it's obviously absurd and stupid and i don't know why he said it. we don't have zero inflation. we have a little less inflation that is very high. the markets were up today, they like the fact that it has gone down so they were up 500 points. there's some thinking that maybe jerome powell will stop at the rate increases. here's what i hear from people, folks in the fed and these are major financial players, the fed definitely wants to get inflation down to its 2% target, we are still a long way from 2%. for get about zero, it's 8.5% today. if that is going to happen there's going to be many more rate increases and we are probably going to enter a recession at some point. you can't spin your way out of that. >> brian: people like you told me the way to get out of it is you cut spending, you have to
5:53 pm
raise rates short-term. we are about to put $700 billion into the spending pot, three had a $69 billion in the climate change. when the house passes this on friday, what is the effect on inflation and everyday americans? >> don't listen to me, listen to the cbo and all of these experts, they will say it's almost zero. the smart thing to do would be to do nothing, not to spend more money, not issue more debt because when you issue more debt your interest rates will go up because you're issuing more bonds, prices go down, interest rates go up. it would be do nothing and cut some regulations. that might be the smart way at this. boost to the supply side while the fed is tightening and try to get our economic house in order. one thing i do know, it's not zero. >> brian: you said regulations, no one did better than the trump administration i think you would back me up on that. i think the trump family and the
5:54 pm
candidacy to run again is about 40 to 50% stronger since the raid on monday. you have been talking to the trump family, what do you know? >> their fund raising money is coming in unless they have some wicked smoking gun, it looks like one of the worst abuses of justice that we've ever seen in a long time. literally they could have asked for the stuff, they could have subpoenaed the stuff but they came with fbi agents, guns out, rifling through -- i wouldn't want to be the fbi agent on this call. it's horrible. we don't know did they give them a warrant or not? there's a disagreement. >> brian: it's a cliffhanger, the family hasn't seen it yet. thank you, more right after this break.
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>> brian: that's it for us tonight. before we go i want you to see me on tour on albany new york, brandon mississippi on
6:00 pm
november 12th, tulsa, and newark new jersey. we're taking back america's story a thousand people at a time. go to brian kill and we'll have a great time in person. don't forget brand new episode of one nation saturday at 8:00 right here. amongst our great features will be a visit to grace land 45 years from the death of elvis and that great movies. now my privilege to see if sean hannity's able to take the reigns. >> sean: every location i'll be there with brian. kidding. >> brian: i know you. >> sean: great to see you in the morning and evening. thank you >> welcome to hannity tonight and we're going to take you inside the fbi's egregious raid at mar-a-lago and president trump's attorney who was physically blocked by the fbi from observing the whole search will join us from florida. we'll get the inside scoop. also former trump advisor peter navarro will also be here tonight, remember he was ambushed by the fbi at an


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