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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 11, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to. prevagen keeps my brain working right. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> explosive new details now surrounding the unprecedented raid of former president donald trump's florida estate. from orders to unseal the warrant that led to the search to reports of an fbi informant lurking within president trump's inner circles. this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone. i'm caylee macanyoneny. joining me today is dagen mcdowell, brooke goldstein, kennedy and david webb.
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in what led to that aggressive unprecedented action taken by the fbi? we know former president trump seemed to be corporating with the feds regarding his presidential records. his team had already transferred 15 boxes earlier this year but the "wall street journal" reports things started to escalate earlier in the summer. what changed? "newsweek" claims there was someone inside mar-a-lago that told them exactly where they could find more documents. the magazine writing this, the raid in mar-a-lago was based largely from information from an fbi confidential human source, one who was able to identify what classified documents former president trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents, meanwhile, attorney general merrick garland is under growing pressure after the judge who approved the raid is refusing to let the d.o.j. stay silent.
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he's not giving the department until monday to answer requests to unseal the search warrant. that sounds like a call for transparency. in fact, maybe the judge is concerned about the optics of all of this. he should be. the white house certainly isn't. the president setting off on vacation -- get is this -- with his family including his son hunter biden who himself is under federal investigation giving not a flying flip about how that ascension up the stairs of air force 1 looked. kennedy, the new details. there's a department of justice, national security individual who goes to mar-a-lago on june 3rd. he's accompanied by three fbi agents. they're voluntarily by the trump team led into a basement. they're allowed to look through the documents. in fact, president trump has said to have come down during that search and president trump said "i appreciate the job you're doing. anything you need, let us know." fbi sent an e-mail back. fbi in the e-mail said, according to the "wall street journal," thank you, very
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truly yours, jay bratt, chief of intelligence." sounds amicable. two months later, you have two dozen fbi agents and 9 1/2-hour search rummaging through melania's closet. how'd this happen? >> kennedy: that's what i want to know. you can't take things from the white house? well, that may be true but there had already been a process in place. maybe there was a back-and-forth? we don't know. the context or the details of those discussions. we do know as you pointed out, they handed over 15 boxes, so there's someone within the compound and so i -- if you want to know, it sounded too two people for me -- it sounded two people for me. federal law enforcement, a lot of them know each other. a lot go within branches and know each other. the secret service let the fbi in. they were plain clothed, cargo shorts, t-shirts, trying to roll in on the down low. i think it was a secret
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service agent. i think it's someone in the president's detail who knows exactly what he's doing and someone who has worked for the federal government for a long time and has knowledge. it's either that or -- and bear with me here, you'll have teenagers soon -- it's barren. >> kayleigh: my vote is with barren. joking. the fbi asked for several things including to a person familiar including the diagram of the sprawling building. clearly they were looking at one place they wanted to diagram and the surveillance cameras be turned off-siting officer safety. why are you asking them to turn off surveillance cameras? that makes no sense! >> eric trump said in an interview with "the daily mail" they didn't turn the cameras off. >> they didn't. >> that's a point of a back-and-forth. >> kayleigh: they didn't but they were asked to. >> is their reporting. i read through -- reading the "wall street journal" article you were just quoting from, the thing that jumped out at me -- and again, we're fishing.
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i fully acknowledge this is speculation, because we don't know anything. i do know that a search warrant -- it's criminal procedure, the search warrant and an inventory of what was was taken would have been handed over to somebody, and their acknowledgement from christina bob, one of the attorneys that -- for president trump -- that indicates that they have a copy of the search warrant. the warrant refers to presidential records and possible violation of law over handling of classified information. that's according to christina bob. president trump and his attorneys could release that to give us some insight into what was going on, but the journal writes this, "after this back-and-forth of the e-mails between jay bratt in the government and the attorneys for trump, it says it was the last communication between the men until monday's search but on june 22nd, the
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trump organization received a subpoena for surveillance footage from cameras at mar-a-lago. that footage was turned over according to an official" if the government saw something on that video, that could have been the impetus. if they saw anything being moved within the property, within the home, because there was supposed to be a lock on this room in the basement where the records were kept. i just raised that issue not knowing anything else, but i guarantee you that garland nor christopher ray come out and say anything about this because if you're a democrat, it's certainly to their best interest voters -- that everyone is just talking about president trump and not about the pocket book issues that are crushing all americans. >> kayleigh: david, but what it says to me unless the d.o.j. wants to give us other information is this is corporation. they were -- cooperation. they were asked to put a lock on the basement. trump team put a lock on the basement. they were asked to turn over
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surveillance footage. trump team turned over surveillance footage. what is happening? as hunter ascends the staircase of air force 1 as a raid happens at mar-a-lago, in the following day, a republican congressman's phone is seized. no wonder half of america says we want answers now from a silent government who happens to be the political opponent of donald trump. >> david: paul pelosi jr. has business with chinese companies and those businesses under investigations by the federal government. something dagen said makes sense. keep it open. keep the questions out there. keep it under seal, but i want to add this to your point about releasing the warrant. it's not the warrant that matters as much. it's the affidavit that supports the warrant. so while the judge may say release the warrant, america, the affidavit is what matters. that's what is in there. i've spoken to a couple of people about this work -- and also the president.
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i have spoken to the president. there are a couple of things that are troublesome. the informant could be -- all joking aside -- someone he had contact with within the last couple of weeks. could this be a one-time use informant? something else, the lock on the door, the lock on the safe no one had a key to that they had to bring in a safe cracker, how would an informant know what? a safe, for example, that no one has a key to? there's a lot of this that leaves open more questions but that's to the benefit of the democrats when you have questions, people can assign any value to it, and expect not to hear anything from christopher ray who has never run from a camera in his entire career who is now absolutely silent because if they start having to release -- release the affidavit! the warrant? ok, you want to see it? fine. because that is what someone has to sign and certify. >> dagen: if ray starts talking, he's pulling a jim comey. no one wants to be jim comey. >> kayleigh: that didn't go
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over well. very true. brooke, you know, i think you've got to put this in the broader context of the fbi generally where larry nasser who sexually assaulted young girls, the fbi slow walked and investigated him and holding him accountable. the tea party groups, lois lerner, they had to be called kicking and screaming, the d.o.j., in looking at pro-life facilities. all of these questions people say where are the priorities? 1/3 of portland rioters, the case is dropped. we're going to go after a former president. >> brooke: yes! absolutely. the weaponizization of all forms of government right now, we have the d.o.j. who used the patriot act to go after parents but there's two words to describe this, it's not only unprecedented, it's completely unnecessary. all they have to do is issue a subpoena. you mentioned they met in june. we said he turned over 15 boxes. we said the room was under padlocks but also the national
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archives themselves had issued a letter that was made public stating that the former president was, indeed, cooperating with everyone. and this type of force is normally reserved when you're raiding to look for a dead body, ok? not under the presidential records act which is, you know, an administrative error and don't forget that all of these documents could have been unilaterally declassified by trump himself. there is no urgency. the show of force is clearly meant to basically paint trump and others as an illusion of criminality here. one last point which i find so puzzling is that the democrats just don't understand the precedent that they're setting here. if this is how we behave now, are we going to now see the raid of biden? biden's home if he loses the election?
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no party behaves like this unless they intend not to give up power. that is the sign they are -- the signal they're sending right now. >> david: we've covered a lot of issues together, you and i, over the years. they do know what they're doing. they're doing this to set it up. they're doing this to set up the fear, right, the stigma of whatever you do, we're now willing to come after you. i was part of that original tea party movement. they went after us. they go after their opponents. democrats, look, republicans claimed victories and win races. democrats exercise power. they don't just sit around. they exercise power. >> any association with trump is so toxic right now. they want to deter people from voting for him because of the solution of criminality. >> dagen: the goal here is the january 6th investigation. it's not records. when you talk about
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congressman scott perry, jeffrey clarke, search warrant on him in june and then john eastman same day, jeffrey clarke was brought to the white house before christmas and was introduced to president trump by congressman perry. that's how you -- and then you have additional subpoenas for pat cipollone, so they could go in under the pretense of looking for information for the national archives but whatever they -- >> it's a gross abuse of power. >> dagen: it is but it's like in plain sight, it's like if you have a robbery suspect and you think he's a small-time drug dealer, you send them in to look for drugs. if they're in, say, a chainsaw used for robbery, you can collect that. >> going into melania's closet to get her clothes? >> attorney general merrick garland claims nobody is above the law. really? what about them? more on this next.
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>> no person is above the law in this country. i can't see it any more clearly than that. >> kayleigh: well not really. that doesn't seem to apply to the sons of at least two top democrats, hunter biden now off on vacation with his dad, the president, even though he's under federal investigation and that probe has recently been said to have reached a critical stage and now he seems to have the company in the liberal privilege department, paul pelosi jr., who just accompanied his mother on the house speaker's recent trip to
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taiwan is facing new questions about his own business dealings. as new reports have emerged connecting him to five shady companies that at times have been under federal investigation, but the speaker defended her decision to take him along when she was pressed by our own aisha. watch this. >> there are reports your son was on the trip with you. >> yes, he was. yes he was. >> what was his role? >> his role was to be my escort. usually we invited spouses. not all could come. i was very proud he was there. it was nice for me. >> did he have business dealings while in taiwan? >> of course he did not. of course he did not. >> dagen: of course he did not. he's on the board two of lithium mining companies and of course, asian nations produce three quarters of all the lithium that now will be snapped up by the electric vehicle makers that have been propped up and funded by the democrats. >> that's right! how is it that the children of
9:19 am
these national political figures all seem to have these similar, obscure interests? whether it's hunter biden who somehow loves ukrainian oil and gas industry but we know his real passion is being an artist and you have paul pelosi jr., you mentioned the lithium. he's also invested in singapore as well. he's invested in a singapore energy sector company. then you have paul pelosi sr. who is the greatest stock picker in the world, it seems. "new york post" reporting he bought 5 million in stock options on a computer chip company ahead of a vote on legislation that would deliver billions to boost the chip manufacturing industry, but it's a trend. i want to know why was he on the trip? was it just a vacation or taxpayer fundle? -- funded? it would be a great answer to have. >> david: remember the time we heard about biden and hunter and i never spoke to his business partners, devin archer and others? then the picture from -- what
9:20 am
was that? the shinnecock golf club pictures came out. we saw the lies. we now know. we have voicemails. powerful people put their sons in place. they benefit without experience. that's not new. by the way, if nobody is above the law, then why are there millions of illegal aliens running around america being let in by the chief law enforcement officers in this country and the president? it's b.s.! who is above the law? they're democrat funders and donors. i'm going to blame the republicans, in part, for this. when the stock act was passed which was supposed to prevent some of this, the voting -- remember nanci pelosi got to vote that got her visa stock and all of these other things. the republicans didn't enforce enforcement when they had the majorities. washington as an establishment protects washington. period. end of story. they all benefit. look at the republican side
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and the democrat side, the third-year politicians. their kids are all magnificent experts in lithium and energy and -- by the way, hunter's favorite thing is russian hookers, not ukrainian business. >> a different kind of escort. >> david: exactly. there you go! >> kayleigh: we don't know that but, you know. >> david: video. >> he's not paying for escorts. it's not -- hey, man, when you have a lot of money, you don't pay for much. >> i talk about all politicians this way that it's fear equals control. control equals power. that's why they get into this con in the first place. my dad told me when i graduated from college, you're on your own, honey. here's $20. don't call me if you're getting married. go elope. i don't know anyone who could
9:22 am
get you a job, because he's not a politician and he didn't know any. >> remember not too long ago becoming a politician, serving this country was a thankless job? you were doing it not because you wanted to enrich yourself, the question is why taiwan, ok? not just why did she bring hernon but why is she there in the first place? we still don't have why was she there? we still don't have an answer to that. obviously, it irked china. it actually created a national security issue for a hot minute, and why was her son not listed as part of the delegation when we would have obviously found out that he was there? and we have a major problem in this country. we have career politicians who are serving this country for longer than any of us have been alive who are enriching themselves, enriching their children, enriching their grandchildren and it is degrading this country and the optics of this are so
9:23 am
horrible. we look terrible. >> david: we have politicians. [indiscernible] than a chocolate chip cookie. >> kennedy: we have a game show on "kennedy" week nights at 7:00 p.m. -- the evil eye. the signal for you to go. we have a game called biden times. what's older? the tennis ball or joe biden? it's almost always joe biden. if you ever play, you know. these unremarkable people, you know, you talk about the graph, these are people that never had to work for anything. especially politicians like nanci pelosi never really reached the level of scrutiny a president or a presidential candidate would achieve. she's protected in california, so god knows what kind of insider trading and shady deals and deals with law enforcement have gone on to protect her family and the past? but at some point, you gotta
9:24 am
get sick of it from both parties, because we are held hostage by them and their kids are enriching themselves and they're not doing the world any service. >> dagen: why are journalists more interested in this? all the people i work with, everybody wanted to be the next wood warner burnstein. what's more exciting than like on the hunter biden base? you're hanging out and traveling overseas, hanging out in, like, strip clubs and crack depths. who would want to be on that feed? >> i would routinely get texts on air force 1, who is this person? who is that person? where were the text from reporters asking who was there? >> he looks just like his dad in that picture. >> david: do their girlfriends look-alike? .>> coming up, biden administration is pushing with
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and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. >> the biden administration is still trying to strike a deal with iran despite shocking reports of assassination plots on former trump officials. they say a member of iran's military tried to hire an assassin to kill former national security adviser john bolten and also revealed a $1 million bounty on former secretary of state mike pompeo. dagen, this is extraordinary reporting and on the brink of that, we know the eu has a final draft text they would like to finalize the nuclear deal with iran that includes $100 billion in sanctions relief. amazing. the "wall street journal" saying this, the white house said the alleged plot on the trump officials wouldn't
9:30 am
derail negotiations in vienna in restoring the 2015 nuclear pact. it's time to presupposes paws on it. >> dagen: -- it's time to press pause on it. >> dagen: iran was firing missiles with death to israel, death to america written on the side of them. somehow president biden has done one better by trying to revive this deal by taking a chainsaw to our energy industry from moment one. one of the nations that was empowered and enriched and emboldened by that energy policy that put our prosperous industry on its knees was iran, so we enriched vladimir putin and he went into ukraine. we're ultimately responsible for that or the biden administration is and now the same with iran and iran has one over on us. we need the oil.
9:31 am
biden went over to saudi arabia. he might as well have just made a pit stop in iran for the same thing. so, again, we have already enriched that terrorist nation. >> it's true! kennedy, reminds me of the smash-and-grab robberies we've seen where 25 people swarm a department store and have at it. that's the world stage right now. this is biden smash-and-grab world. it was russia going into ukraine. it is china circling taiwan. it is now iran apparently. it's afghanistan being taken by the taliban. it's a smash-and-grab free for all for all. >> that's a great description of it. that's why so many people were worried about the botched withdrawal of afghanistan, because you can be -- you can have feelings and be conflicted about, you know, this long-term two decades war that was utterly senseless -- that's one of the things that president trump ran on was, you know, not engaging in the forever wars and trying to get out of them but you have to
9:32 am
get out of them appropriately in a way that doesn't signal to the rest of the world that louis vuitton is open for sledgehammers and so it did do that, and this emboldened retaliation is frightening. whenever someone like that at that level is targeted for assassination, the secret service and the fbi let them know. i thought it was interesting that, you know, people who leave high-profile jobs in the white house, they don't have secret service and john bolten wasn't given the detail until he -- you know, there was an assassination plot and he got some in december of last year. >> amazing. this is not unprecedented during the obama administration. we remember the saudi ambassador to the u.s. was targeted at cafe milano by the iranian government. they were criticized by -- obama's team was, by mad dog for not being tough enough on iran. four years later comes the nuclear deal and 1.7 billion
9:33 am
in u.s. cash. >> we went from being a world super power to basically placating and playing footsy with the number one largest state sponsor of terror and attempting to assassinate high-level american officials, if that's not going to derail this deal, i don't know what is. this deal has nothing to do with iranian nuclear disarmament. it is so flawed. from the fact that in 2025, less than three years from now, a sunset provision will take into effect which will allow them to enrich. the deal has nothing to do with ballistic missiles. ballistic missiles are what carry nuclear weapons. they're absolutely free to produce them. and the other thing that is so insane to me, ok, is that it's delusional to think iran is going to voluntarily give up its program, number one and number two, i'm so happy that we only mentioned israel a little bit here because this has nothing do with israel. this has everything to do with the national security of the united states and the security
9:34 am
frankly of the entire free world. >> david, of course, the predecessor, president trump, got rid of that deal. >> david: look, where we are right now is no matter what, biden will keep pushing on this, from the original jcpoa to now to carries environmental policies. all of this is about coalescing power. you talked about smash-and-grab. we don't want to be the world's policemen but we're a policemen in a sense of what is right on the world's stage. when we withdraw the vacuum exists and everyone else is going to step into this vacuum. they already are. don't forget al qaeda now operating out of kabul and working with the isi in pakistan. start adding this together and now add an open southern border where if you're iran and want to get terroristes into america, you send a ghost flight to venezuela, mix yourself with the population and come across the border. that's why it opened. >> you want to talk about biden's foreign policy doctrine, seems to be
9:35 am
america's enemies have at it. coming up an elite all girls' school who alumni include singer amy grant and actress reese witherspoon makes the controversial move to remove applications for anyone who identify as females. we'll react next.
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>> an elite all girls' school in nashville changing its gender policy to allow anyone who identifies as female to enroll. reese witherspoon and amy grant are among its alumni. the school alerted parents of the new policy this week. it said any student who identifies as a girl may apply. students who join and remain
9:40 am
do so because our mission as a school for girls resonates with them. so this is interesting. does this mean this is the end of boys' schools and girls' schools and single gendered schools? >> seems like it. the team consulted with field experts, read educational articles and spoke with other all girls' schools. my question is, did you speak with the girls? poll the student body! when it came to the swim team, nearly half of those on the team came out with the letter saying this isn't fair. this is not fair for women's sports. for women's locker room. i went to an all girls' school! i had fun there. poll the women instead of reading academic journal articles. >> that's a good idea. a lot of the academic journal articles aren't necessarily rooted in science. there's a lot of personal opinion that goes into
9:41 am
crafting these things. and there really shouldn't be. at this age, i don't have a problem with this in high school. i think people -- their gender identity is more settled as opposed to second and third grade. that's when it gets aggressive to talk about these things. you know teenage boys? i identify as a lady! i want to go in there. >> david: seriously! to your point about starting young, it's to get these kids in by the time they get to high school, their minds are so twisted, their socialization on what is right and what is wrong -- this is a breakdown of culture! this is what the hard-core left does, not just in america but around the world. class warfare, "race war." this is about that and now, of course, the gender issue. we're a very diverse nation. i've said it on this couch and
9:42 am
on everywhere i have talked, we're so diverse already, they need to make us object to each other's existence. these kids are being perverted, young ages. they get to high school -- by the way, these are a bunch of elites that go to schools that cost tens of thousands of dollars a year plus you got to wear the right louis vuitton or the right, whatever, designer clothes and they're going to only object when the boy with the rudder walks into the girls' bathroom or leah thomas gets on the swim team and beats them all only when it's their girl. they're h hypocrites. >> it's interesting. we talk about these things and the indoctrination, especially very progressive indoctrination in public schools but it's not just public schools. >> dagen: this is a private school. cost $33,000 a year. you are north of $130,000 if you go. this is a financial decision. all girls' schools struggle with enrollment.
9:43 am
they're just trying to get more bodies in the door. i don't think that this is just a way to boost enrollment. >> they don't allow born females who transition to male -- they don't allow them that the school! >> dagen: right, but that's how they -- we're still an all girls' school but i think that's all it is. i think this is purely a financial decision and also nashville is the people's republic of nashville. it is very left. it's very liberal. so that would fit right in in this little island within the entire state. >> that's interesting. i wonder if parents will push back like they have in places like virginia but i have to tell you, brooke, i was a tomboy. i was pretty butch growing up but i was also boy crazy. if i could have done this and gone to an all boys' school, yes! i will drop my voice and go! >> david: we were looking for girls like you at our school. >> it's amazing we're told to follow the science, follow the
9:44 am
science when it comes to everything covid when it comes to everything gender, science doesn't matter, we're rewriting the rules. it's the same people saying that. you know, what is so sad to me is the all girls' schools which are founded and meant to empower girls are now overtly openly victimizing young girls. it's very, very clear. and you know, to your point earlier, what is to stop a man who just decides one day i want to enter the women's bathroom if i'm just declaring he's momentarily changed his gender? there's no police outside, no verifying if this is true or not true. it's impossible. >> remember what happened in virginia by the way. >> brooke: it was an important point to poll the girls we need to hear from the young girls and the effects
9:45 am
and the stories on how it makes them feel and what are the real effects of these policies on women? >> if the parents are on board, have at it. >> dagen: it's a private school, they'll leave and take their money elsewhere. >> david: a rich person's kid comes home pregnant because the self--identified girls, like it happened in a new jersey prison -- >> i have to break with you. the girls will find ways. coming up. the note from a passive-aggressive driver that will have you double checking your car next time you dare to park in public! that's next!
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>> closing arguments on the case on whether scott petersen will get the trial set for 1:00 p.m. eastern time from we hadwoods, california. plus brand-new numbers on the economy and what it means for you and your wallet, steve moore on the impact democrats' massive taxing spend plans will have on inflation. whole foods ceo john mackie says, "i feel like the socialists are taking over?" come join us as america reports live at the top of the
9:50 am
hour. >> welcome back! passive-aggressive driver in the uk reportedly left a parking diagram on a neighbor's car, not just a note. it shows how to correctly park a car as well as a diagram showing how that person had used up two spots in the parking lot. the note also gives 2 out of 10 for effort. some were saying the anonymous note was man slamming. others say whoever did this should be given a medal. parking spaces is a big no-no. dagen, you can't have it both ways. i think a chic wrote it if you look at the handwriting. a chic wrote that. how much time do you have on your hands, number one? >> dagen: i don't leave a note. i will key your car and you'll never know who did it. >> david: that's hard! >> dagen: if you take up two
9:51 am
spaces or even parallel parking, if you take up more space than generally allotted for your automobile, i will definitely key your car. >> brooke: the person that parked the car probably did it on purpose because they don't want their car door being smashed. >> dagen: you don't want anyone to bump your car? i will crawl up on the hood and leave a dent. >> let's say you have a lambo, can you take up two spaces? >> david: then you can afford to have it keyed. >> dagen: i'm joking by the way! >> dagen mcdowell, silence! >> david: try to park in london! try to find a parking space. there is no sparking space -- parking space. they park the lambos and ferraris and then there's a mini cooper.
9:52 am
the f150 raptor, big, diamond plate bumpers, no one will mess with you. >> dagen: i'll still key your car. your pickup. >> how happy do you think this comic is right now his diagram made national news media? >> that took so much time! if you get mad enough to write a note, you're thinking about it, you're doing it, like, there's so many actions, so many modalities, but that person used their stampy illustrator script. it was impressive. >> this doesn't have to be about gender. whether you have a lamb greenny or golf cart, don't take up two spots. my husband has a massive f250. it's enormous. i can't drive it. we manage to get it in one
9:53 am
spot. my husband backs into the spot and manages to get it there. who takes the time to do this? that was my thought. you're upset. move on with your life, my friend. you don't need to draw a diagram. >> dagen: people who take up so much time backing into a parking space irritates me. >> i don't understand why backing into a spot -- i got see what is coming at all times. >> i spent too much time at the cancer hospital with momma and daddy. we're just trying to park and get in the hospital. stop backing into your space. sorry, kayleigh. >> the newer trucks, it is all four wheels move. so much easier. old ones, it was impossible. i hit the side of the bus in seattle. >> can't wait to hear that story! >> it was during the day. i was caffeinated. there was no whew. but i have to say i can see both sides of this story. i did have a neighbor write to
9:54 am
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♪♪♪ >> last but not least, they are among the most famous words in cinematic history. >> if you build it, he will come. >> last year, major league baseball recreated that iconic movie moment as the chicago white sox and the new york yankees battled it out in the
9:59 am
corn field. and tonight, baseball fans are coming back. cincinnati reds and the chicago cubs will square off in dyersville, iowa, with coverage kicking off at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox broadcast network. david, i know you love "field of dreams." >> i do, reference in the movie, shoeless joe jackson, get rid of the politics, the purity of baseball, hot dogs, having a good time, all i want. >> two division rivals, the cubs and the rivals, they will be wearing the jerseys, iconic, historic. >> shoe less joe jackson and pete rose should be in the hall of fame, i wonder how many will think of kevin costner in the liz cheney t-shirt.
10:00 am
>> if they broadcast it, i will watch. very -- i love baseball. >> huge baseball fan. >> and it's really cool, like in a corn field there, is corn -- >> i've always wanted to walk out of a corn field or run through a corn field. >> we can make that happen. we need this, americans totally are you can recognizable. we need to, you know, come back. >> tune in tonight. >> we are watching rally on wall street, potentially inflation may be peaking, while prices remain at historic highs. wholesale prices coming in at 9.8%, consumer costs 8.5%. that is year over year, and that is the tally for the month, mike. >> all of this, sandra, as democrats gear up for a vote on the


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