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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  August 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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latest on search warrant, the legal back and forth. details on the raid. also talk to colorado republican senate nominee john o'day. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. been a busy news day. thanks for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is right now. jesse, just down the hall. >> jesse: i will see you after the show, bret. >> bret: all right. ♪ fox news alert. after 72 hours of silence, attorney general merrick garland came out of hiding and confessed that he okayed the raid. >> there are, however, certain points i want you to know, first, i personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. >> jesse: gathered may have pulled the trigger but it he got the go ahead from joe. how far do we know? biden told aides he wanted trump prude. quote: mr. biden confided to his inner circle that he
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believed former president donald trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted. he has said privately that he wanted mr. garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over the events of january 6th. garland got the message and did what the big guy wanted. but the raid was a replay of the mueller investigation. remember when trump handed over thousands and thousands of documents, showed the special counsel everything and they still tried to charge him with obstructing a crime that he didn't commit? the same thing happened this summer. trump's team cooperated. it was friendly. they handed over boxes that the liberal librarian wanted over at the archives the feds still slapped trump with a subpoena in june. and trump kept cooperating. a team flew down to mar-a-lago, trump's lawyers showed them what was in boxes. they said whatever you are looking for, here, just take it. they all had a nice lunch by the pool, probably. trump poked his head in at one
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point and said hey, guys, whatever you need, have at it, no problems. the feds said okay. just keep this stuff secured in here and told them to throw an extra lock on it real tight. and they did. they threw some extra locks on the room. everything seemed fine. you know how lawyers are. process. they bill by the hour. and some of the stuff wasn't even documents it was like golf balls and oval office rain coats. you know, trump's memento guy. you have seen inside his office. there is a lot of clutter. memorabilia. trump's team thought they had given them everything they asked for. but the next thing you know 30 guys show up with guns and want to look in melania's close clos? changed? >> the department does not take such decision the lightly. where possible seek less intrusive means as alternative to that search and narrowly scope any search that is undertaken. >> jesse: the search was narrow?
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three dozen dudes spent 12 hours in your house? 12 hours? i mean i know it's a big house, but, if they knew what they were looking for, and they just been there a couple weeks before, why did they turn the place inside out? why are you snooping through the first lady's walk-in closet? you think trump is hiding classified documents in melania's clothes? when he has a safe downstairs? oh, yeah, and they cracked the safe open, too. and it was empty. how dumb does that look? 'and then they say they had a mole on the inside. and the mole told them where trump was hiding documents. so why the search take all day? well, either the mole is an idiot or the mole doesn't exist. this was just a fishing expedition to dig up anything they could use to hurt the guy with. i mean, they might charge him with something. they obviously want to charge him or they wouldn't have gone in so heavy. if they found out what they wanted, why did they wait three days to talk about it?
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why did garland show up 45 minutes late to his own press conference? did they have to wait for joe to go on vacation with hunter so he doesn't have to answer any questions? what a middle finger to america by the way? you raid your opponent's house and then fly to the beach with your crooked son? while your impish attorney general covers up your crime and dirty up your political enemy? garland, no, no, no. he says this isn't political at all. they would raid the home of any president over bad bookkeeping. >> upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor. under my watch, that is precisely what the justice department is doing. all americans are entitled to the even-handed application of the law, due process of the law, and to the presumption of innocence jess jes when has trump ever been presumed innocent? the man has never been convicted
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of a crime in his life but he has been wiretapped and raided more than any politician in history. hillary had four years of classified docs at her house. she didn't get raided. due process? they judge-shopped to a guy who hates trump so much he had to recuse himself from a trump case because he admitted he couldn't be fair. that's the judge that signed off on the warrant. applying the law evenly? both trump's lawyers had their homes raided. his campaign manager had his home raided. his adviser had his home raided. his other adviser was illegally wiretapped. his other a adviser was shackled and strip searched. can you guys name a democrat that that's happened to? no. just one? can you name one democrat? that any of that has happened to? they better have had more than cocktail napkins and dinner menus and love letters from little rocket man. i don't want to hear they found some small ball piece of paper like a memo about madagascar.
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the attorney general has to use discretion, right? when you come at the ding you -- king,you best not miss. carlin better find the nuclear football from or this thing is a major scandal. he says we are going to file a motion and make the warrant public. so what? what does that prove? you guys cook up phoney warrants all the time. what's that going to tell us? we need to see what you thought trump had and we need to see what you got. and how are we supposed to trust you? i mean, after you have been caught planning evidence and rigging investigations for years on the guy. we're trusting the same guys that framed him the last time around? look at rudy, raided rudy's house took six computers and none of his phones. a year later they never charged him all right, we are good. the strategy is basically raid first, ask questions later. on second thought, don't ask questions. lindsey halligan is an attorney for president trump and she joins me now.
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so, lindsey, you were there on premises when this went down. >> hi, mr. waters, yes, i was there. i arrived at around 11:00 a.m. >> jesse: this must have been shocking since you guys were cooperating. how did it go down? >> yeah. that's what was shocking to everyone on board. trump's team has painstakingly gone through every single document at mar-a-lago in the storage room, put had a padlock on the storage room. did everything that the department of justice asked them to do. and they didn't care. they still went in with a search warrant. and just swarmed all over the property. i was banned from going in. i told them that i'm his attorney. there was another attorney at the property as well. we weren't even allowed inside the building at all, not even an in areas where they weren't searching. >> jesse: when you guys were dealing with him in the months prior, they were coming down and
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looking into boxes and you guys were saying, what? like take whatever you want? this is what is in here, this is what is in here? what are you looking for? what is the conversation? >> right, it was an open door policy, pretty much. there was no issue with document compliance whatsoever. we had a good rapport, a good working relationship with the department of justice. and they still executed the search warrant. >> jesse: so now they are saying we are going to make the warrant public. we are going to make this stuff public. what do you expect to see? >> well, they are actually kicking it to president trump's team to evaluate, you know, whether president trump's team will be objecting to the motion to unseal the records or not. we didn't get much information from merrick garland other than his proud announcement that he personally signed off on this raid. but he did also allude to the fact that under the
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constitution, no one is above the law; however, the power to prosecute people criminally rests exclusively with the executive branch. that means it's up to the sitting president to ensure that our criminal system does not unravel into retaliatory or political prosecutions it of former presidents and other government officials. just imagine what if it is now protocol for a new president of the united states to prosecute his or her predecessor. gets elected in 2024 and sends in agents to jill's closet. vacation house goes into hunter's house with some gloves on obviously because you never know what you are going to find. they have opened up a whole pandora's box. it's sick, it's sad. this should have never happened. thank you so much for joining us and just keep us posted on what the latest developments are.
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thank you. >> will do. thank you. >> jesse: let's turn it over to john soleman editor and chief of just the news. were you involved at all in dealing with these justice department officials as you were going through documents for for trump. >> i didn't go through documents. i asked for permission to find the collusion that's it. as a journalist and researcher clearly identifying myself as a journalist i asked to see the russia collusion documents can which the president said he declassified he did i learned it now. national archives told me they didn't have them because mark meadows the chief of staff was asked them to send them to the justice department. that's all i did. i'm not part of president trump's team. i'm a journalist. that's why i was able to break the story last night on hannity's show that there was a subpoena delivered to the former president of the united states on june 3rd. that wasn't known before. a grand jury subpoena went to a former president from the
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current president's administration these are significant facts. i had nothing to do with searching documents, being involved. i had a narrow request to the president. you said you declassified documents, nobody can find them. will you give me permission to go to your archives and look for them? i did. here's what i found. they never got to the archives. the justice department, joe biden's justice department has been holding those documents for the american people even though the president -- president trump declassified them lawfully on january 19th, 2021. that's it. i'm not an advocate for the president. i'm a journalist. >> jesse: right. you are looking for documents that a lot of people believed would show egregious corruption among fbi officials. the president says he declassified them. >> he did. >> jesse: they are nowhere to be found. i guess no one knows where they are. no one has them. it's just very, very suspicious. more lost documents. who knows if they were destroyed or not. what do you read into this back and forth? if you are in a relationship with another lawyer, that's
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cordial and you are going step-by-step and you are just trying to get documents retrieved, how does it go from you are flying with a subpoena to guys with guns showing up? >> that's a great question, and, first, let me give you a little news that i'm able to report tonight. i have confirmed the two statutes that were cited in the search warrant. the legal predicate for why they're searching. the first is a statute that covers theft of documents that are covered by the presidential records act. so they're looking for documents that they believe belong at the archives covered by the presidential records act. that's the first crime. normally that's a misdemeanor or a fine. somebody could go to prison but not really ever done. second information. possibility of classified information mishandled. we now know this thing only involves classified document searches and presidential records. that's it. no january 6th. no other conspiracy. that's what they spent 12 hours inside mar-a-lago doing. that's a piece of news that definitely confirmed six people have confirmed that for me.
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let me just tell you one thing. there is a precedent for this. president trump got a grand jury subpoena. he turned over stuff. the justice department didn't think they had them. hillary clinton was subpoenaed when she was the first lady. they ended up after the subpoena, two years after the subpoena finding materials that belonged to the grand jury. because a stuart found them she clearly had them in the white house residence. you know what happened? 30 agents didn't storm in the white house and search that compound. a couple years ago when hillary clinton did the same thing on her classified emails, they let david kendall gather and put them in a safe and they worked. they didn't treat the president the same way as they treated hillary clinton on two specific instances. >> jesse: they treat the guy like a criminal and no one gets treated like this. and i have ever seen it before. and hillary just gets special treatment. we all understand what the deal is and it can't continue to happen. all right, john, thanks so much for joining us and breaking that with us. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: coming up, the department of justice wants you to know that they're the real
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victims. the fbi is the real victim in this case. and, later, who do americans want to be the next president? >> who should run for president if not joe biden? >> tupac
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4:20 pm
>> let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the fbi and the justice department agents and prosecutors. i will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked. the men and women of the fbi and the justice department are dedicated, patriotic public servants. every day they protect the american people from violent crime, terrorism, and other threats to their safety. >> jesse: so you can smear cops, call trump voters racist, show up outside the justices' homes but you can't say the fbi looks corrupt? they can't take that? after they got caught forging documents and planting evidence and framing the president as a traitor? whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork saying the fbi covered up for hunter to help joe win the white house. but, that's unfair to talk about? you can't ask questions about that? like where was the fbi when
4:21 pm
epstein was molesting kids? they let him live free and clear for 15 years. and then they go in and seize all of his cameras and his documents and his computers but still haven't arrested any of his associates? any? except the madam? what about all the other guys he had on tape? where was the fbi when the gymnastics doctor larry nassar was abusing girls, huh? how many mass shootings has the fbi missed? they were tipped off to the parkland school shooter, remember? they didn't follow up. what about the pulse nightclub terrorists that killed almost 50 people? his father worked for the fbi. and where was the fbi when black lives matter and antifa set our cities on fire, huh? the fbi is focused on all the wrong things like politics, like silencing parents who don't want crt in schools. where are they on real stuff? but if you ask what's going on, the fbi director will say they
4:22 pm
are the real victims. >> always concerned about violence and threats of violence against law enforcement. any threats made against law enforcement including the men and women of the fbi as with any law enforcement agency are deplorable and dangerous. >> jesse: no one should threaten violence against the fbi. that's obvious. i mean, but we can't ask a question? i mean, do you know how many threats i get each day? go online right now probably like 100 death threats. i don't say you can't criticize me i'm going to get death threats. the fbi is one of the most ineffective departments in government or effective for the democrats depending on how you look at it. a lot of these guys are boring guys in suits perfectly knotted, hair perfect, kind of square, perfect penmanship, you know, they bring the teacher the apple, when you behind closed doors, not good. something weird is going on. i mean, these are the guys that
4:23 pm
are carrying around pistols. they are supposed to be infiltrating, i don't know, al-qaeda, ms-13 here. and they are going through melania's wardrobe? why were they in her closet? what were they going to find there? i hope they weren't trying anything on. what would everybody say if they went through michelle obama's closet, right? the media would go crazy. where is the respect? stop going through her stuff. and why were they in trump's bedroom? this is a violation of privacy. over a document? this has politics written all over it. but they have always been a political organization. we're going to do a report in a week when i get back. you are going to see how bad it's been. the former fbi deputy assistant director and he joins me now. so, obviously, i admire a lot of the fbi agents.
4:24 pm
i have always admired them but i think a lot of people don't anymore and it's the fault of the people that are running the bureau and they have destroyed it. they have destroyed its reputation and do you think they could ever get that back? >> no. it's going to take years, if they can get it back, jesse. and the sad thing is, we use those initials fbi but the problem with this is that the fbi that we know of that i worked for, the fbi that existed as recently as 20 years ago has been itself transformed. it is no longer independent at all. and it no longer has agents who will speak up, even if they are talking to the fbi director and say, look, that may not be a good path or a good decision. perhaps we should consider something different. the fbi i was in was highly agitated when decisions like this came along and everybody had a voice. and fortunately we worked at a time when people listened to each other. that's not happening now. and i have never said this
4:25 pm
publicly, but i will just tell you right now because it just sickens me to watch and listen to merrick garland because merrick garland was in charge of the prosecution at doj of the unabomber. i have to tell you something, he would not recommend to the a.g. that our search warrant to get into theodore kaczynski's cabin be approved. he and his attorneys had us working until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning of april 3rd and finally the a.g., janet reno along with lloyd free they stepped in. they approved the search warrant anyway. that was a case where we had bombs on airplanes. we had threats to blow up airplanes in mid-air. we had people killed with bombs for 18 years. he wouldn't do anything. he would not recommend to the a.g. that we get into that cabin on april 3rd. he didn't see the urgency then and he didn't seem to care about agents being up all night trying to get ride for that but, on this, this is how he handles
4:26 pm
this? we have what was the last count 75, perhaps? i'm sure that's real low ball of potential people who are terrorists. they were on the terror watch list. they are in america somewhere. the fbi has no idea where they are. christopher wray could not tell us last week where the hunter biden atlanta is or if the fbi still has it. but, we might have and i say this very passionately because i also work counterintelligence for years on the fbi. we may very well have our own highest level of government penetrated by chinese agents. and the evidence is certainly on the surface. and the patterns are there. i have worked this stuff. i know what it looks like. and many agents feel this way. and, yet, we're going to re -- we are going to go after record retention violations, which are misdemeanors. it really makes you ill and it's really made many of us feel very
4:27 pm
passionate and very sick about what's going on with the bureau. >> jesse: terry, you were an agent that did the unabomber case you are saying merrick garland wouldn't sign off on a warrant to raid the unabomber but signed off on a warrant to raid trump? is that what you are saying? >> that's exactly what i'm saying. i was there. i was leading the unabomb task force. we couldn't -- we fought all night on april 2nd with the group of attorneys that were included in making recommendations based on what they were leading of all the hundreds of pages we were sending them. and they would not recommend to janet reno that she should sign off on this search warrant. she did that on her own. merrick garland, i don't know exactly what he was voicing, but he has all over his literature don't believe me, just look at the bio. i was in charge of the unabomb prosecution from doj. >> jesse: wow. >> i can tell you this. i can tell you this. he never spoke to me once. i have never met the man. but i was on a plane all day.
4:28 pm
up all night and there that morning with the judge to get that warrant signed. so, i'm sickened by this. and what this is, and i want to make sure i make this quick, i know you have got to go, but, people need to sit back and not look so much at this as an isolated event. this is the -- this is the revolution. the real revolution that is going on in america. it's been going on for several years. the people in power are moving america towards the communist ideology type place. people today were all really concerned. there is no precedent in america for this. well, no, there isn't. they are looking in the wrong place. the president is in the cuban revolution. the russian revolution. and everywhere communist government has eventually taken over. they go after the political enemies and they use the police state mentality to do it. and i am really ripped about this. and i hope and pray over the next weeks that many other fbi agents who used to be there will come out and add their voices to it. i know a lot of people are. but not near enough, jesse.
4:29 pm
>> jesse: yeah. they want to defund the police but not the police state. >> exactly. >> jesse: thank you so much for your service. especially on that unabomber case. we really respect you. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: why the media is no different from a bunch of 3-year-olds. wait until you see this. >> tech: cracked windshield? trust safelite. we'll replace your glass and recalibrate your vehicle's camera, so automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning work properly. don't wait--schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i think i changed my mind about these glasses. yeah, it happens. that's why visionworks gives you 100 days to change your mind. it's simple. anything else i can help you with? like what? visionworks. see the difference. i recommend nature made vitamins because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp... independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards.
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4:35 pm
everything can he to address the pain americans are feeling at the pump as a result of president putin's price hike. >> president biden has been calling it a putin price hike. >> putin price hike is a great way to message it. >> jesse: same goes for inflation. >> we need to pass the inflation reduction act right away. >> it's also been a good week for american families. we are on the cusp of passing the inflation reduction act. >> inflation is flattening, the president is about the sign the inflation reduction act. >> jesse: if inflation is flattening why do we need the inflation reduction act? never mind. the white house is talking point memos already giving advice to democrats and the media about what to say they are supposed to say they are defeating special interest. you are going to be hearing a lot of that what happens when you take away the cheat sheet? they have been a little quiet about the mar-a-lago raid. why is that? because they haven't been told what to say. so they have had to come up with their own ideas and it's not
4:36 pm
really going well. >> this is a trump world talking point. >> come out of the bubble. come out of the bubble. >> wide swath of americans are concerned about historical precedent. >> i don't think that's true. >> this is a presidential records act. >> >> he is [inaudible] president. >> are you kidding me, nancy? are you kidding me? >> no. precedent. >> can i finish? >> sure. >> top secret information, i'm not sure if you are familiar with how a scif works essie. you can't put top secret. >> you don't need to be condescending, david. >> jesse: there with one thing they can all agree on whatever happened at mar-a-lago wasn't a raid. >> wasn't a raid on his house. >> donald trump is saying it was a raid. gross exaggeration. >> be careful not to adopt the term raid. >> jesse: joining me now kellyanne former white house -- kayleigh mcenanyand co-host" i have never seen the media not
4:37 pm
know what to say about a trump story. usually they have russian collusion, putin, they have the whole thing down. they don't know whether to call it a raid or not. they don't know what merrick garland was doing. no one is telling them what to say, kayleigh and they can't say it. >> they are all over the map. it's interesting. i was asking a friend of mine, former colleague, you know, what's the media saying about this? occasionally i will tune in and see what cnn and the others are saying. and we couldn't really define it this time because they are clueless. the raid talking point you are exactly right. let me clue you in mainstream media, yeah, it's a raid. nine and a half to 12 hours in the president's home, through melania's closet with a ryder truck. you bring a guy who can open safes. it is a raid. and then the other talking point they are going to oh what does this mean for 2024, trump is back. this feels like 2016. oh no. it's all the electoral political implications. it's crazy. >> so, they went into melania's
4:38 pm
closet. that seems a little perverted but i don't know. what do i know about aides are? i mean, search warrants. they bring a safe cracker. they are there for almost, what, 12 hours? it seems a little invasive, kayleigh. what are they doing? are they planting evidence? are they fishing? this is insane. this is not by the book. >> it's insanity because, of course, hidden in melania's christian louis vitton shoe tucked away in her chanel purse is some state secret that could turn this world into chaos never mind that's exactly what biden has done is a smash and grab robbery for russia, for afghanistan, for the taliban in afghanistan. but hidden in melania's shoe is the key to our state secrets. that is -- tells you, again, all you need to know about what they are after. and it is trying to incriminate someone who is a political
4:39 pm
opponent and very likely could be the opponent of president biden. >> so a.g. didn't really seem like he had it today. at first he was in hiding for almost three days. then he comes out late to his own press conference. is he reading the teleprompter. he starts sweating. and then he runs off and doesn't take any questions. he says he can't say anything. but you are not allowed to say anything about the fbi because they are not crooked even though they fudge warrants and plant evidence. i think the silence is making everything worse. you can speak about investigations if you are the head of the department of justice. they have done that for decades, kayleigh. the silent treatment is not going to fly. >> right. 72 hours and no response from the justice department. let's be very clear. there's no law. there is no regulation. there is nothing official barring the attorney general from transparency. >> jesse: right. >> what is happening at the end
4:40 pm
of all of this. remember when the media, i was at cnn at the time. i could barely walk out of the green room and get to the set without someone telling me oh, if trump is president, the doj is going to go after political opponents. the doj is going to protect his family members. oh, wait, guys, everyone at cnn. wake up call. that's exactly what biden's doj is doing. protecting his son hunter with what looks like a generous pardon deal that looks like could be on the horizon and going after political enemies so everything that cnn hacks were wailing about and shrieking about is exactly what biden is doing. >> jesse: i don't think anything is going to happen to hunter at all especially because is he going to the wedding at the white house in the fall, you know, you can't indict the father of the bride. you have got to wait until afterwards. thank you so much, too. >> got his feet up on some south carolina mansion enjoying life. >> jesse: fresh off air force one. unbelievable. thanks, kelly. >> thanks. >> jesse: pauly p. jr.
4:41 pm
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>> jesse: nothing ever phases the pelosis, drunk driving, insider trading, numerous federal investigations. they don't worry about any of it. why would they? when you are royalty, do whatever you want that's why nanc didn't blink when we asked why she brought pauly jr. to asia. >> what was his role. >> his role was to be my escort. usually we invite spouses not all could come. i had him come. i was proud he was there and i'm thrilled and it was nice for me. >> jesse: i bet that was nice. besides, things really went off the rails last time nancy left the fresh prince home alone. remember? >> and amusing himself with little jokes. he thought she would appreciate. >> except for the hair. >> and with his mother gone, it was nice to get a chance to use the sewing machine. still, he found ways to feel good about himself. >> you always come through. >> maybe it's better for everybody that mommy brings her
4:47 pm
little special boy on work trips. special when paul jr. gets mixed business with pleasure. you see littley pauly p. just landed a pretty sweet gig in china. he is now the second largest shareholder of a $22 million chinese telecom company. he owns a whopping 700,000 sherels of it all he has to do is sit on the board. literally, just sit there. you may be asking, what is the fresh prince of san fran know about chinese 5g? nothing. but he is the son of nancy. that's not all. he has other ties to asia. listen. is he on the payroll of two, count them two lithium mining companies and taiwan just happens to be a lithium capital. another company fresh off battery deal in south korea. where he went missing where was nancy's asian escort in south korea?
4:48 pm
still don't know. he is also tied to a company invested in singapore's energy sector. that's right, nancy took him to singapore, too. for pbj constant stream of insider deals. is he like a pg 13 hunter biden so far. well, we haven't seen the laptop. that's what happens when mommy is the speaker. you can get sweet foreign gigs and even front row seats ♪ ♪ down in front, dude. look at those moves. the fbi should be looking at him. but, in all seriousness, life is good for little pauly p., 53, still a bachelor, heir to a fortune. how come he has never been married? maybe things are just better that he is not married. why settle down when you can fly around on mommy's jet and rub
4:49 pm
elbows with rich foreigners? miranda devine is a "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor. we are just getting started, miranda, digging down into paul jr. we have just scratched the surface with this guy. this is a weird dude. we just don't know how weird. he seems corrupt. he is under investigation. most of his companies are. how bad does it get? >> look, jesse, the shamelessness of this when we have had now, you know, over a year of publicity about hunter biden's laptop and the influence peddling scheme that his family was running, particularly with china and russia and ukraine. to hear that paul pelosi jr. is similar to hunter biden on, you know, having a lucrative board seated on a chinese company, this -- china is doing this because they want influence very top level of our government.
4:50 pm
they're our adversary. there should be no politician who allows any family member to do this. and, you know, nancy pelosi has posed as a china hawk for much of her career. and, yet, here she is, her son, would not be getting these jobs without her. he has nothing to recommend him other than he is the son of the third most powerful person in the country. >> jesse: so the fbi is fixated on a piece of paper and mansion in palm beach, right? this is like a national security code red, right? all their resources, 30 men. they have been doing this for month now? yet, ukraine just gives politician children board seats where they sit there and collect money. they give them hundreds of thousands of shares in companies. if you are nancy's son, oh, here, sit on a reasonable doubt boo. take some money. and the fbi doesn't see that as having to do with national security?
4:51 pm
that doesn't cross their radar that, like, wait a second. are these countries bribing the families of politicians? they don't see that as all, miranda? >> they see it, christopher wray was in london two weeks ago, the fbi director, you know, talking about the malign influence of china on all of our western governments. and, yet, he is turning a blind eye to this because he is a coward, frankly. and he's not doing his job. and i think what we see here is i think it's a bipartisan disease in washington, d.c. the democrats we're seeing probably the most flagrant but i think it goes on on both sides. it's trickle down corruption and in third world countries they know what it is. you don't give the bribe to the principal, to the important official. you give it to their family member. >> jesse: right. it's a simply a book and we keep looking down at these third
4:52 pm
world countries it's happening here. i would be surprised if someonens son or daughter didn't sit on the board of some foreign company that was paying them millions of dollars. all right. miranda, thanks so much. especially for your investigative work. over the last couple months. >> thanks, jesse, you too. >> jesse: don't go anywhere. we have got some hot texts, next. ♪ ♪
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4:58 pm
napa, we have sources coming out of the woodwork in napa. napa loves us. obviously, who wouldn't? the people have been confirming a lot of the hunches we've had, a lot of our gut instincts about this case. i think you know what they are. i think the situation is about to get pretty embarrassing for the entire pelosi family. >> here's the window. i just want to thank our summer college associates. i don't think we're allowed to call them college interns anymore. college associates. so sophisticated. in san diego, they worked hard for us all summer. we wish them the best of luck. these guys were the best interns we've ever had. i mean, it's the first time i've ever been on "primetime." the first summer. but they were the best interns so far for "jesse watters primetime." they are bilingual. they are experts in computer analytics.
4:59 pm
you should have seen the leads these guys tracked down. i mean, do we even pay these guys? i don't even know. they were worth it. thank you guys so much. let's do some texts. eric from florida, do you think it's a coincidence that ray went on vacation right before they raided mar-a-lago? i mean his life is a vacation, right? he doesn't say anything. ray from ohio, where was was wray when police were attacked the country in the summer of 2020? i can't recall one news conference where he spoke up on their behalf. i can't recall, maybe he did, so i'm not going to say it. we needed more out of our guy wray. mark from virginia, jesse, my father was 30-year fbi agent. i can only imagine what his thoughts would be. so sad to see the state of the bureau right now. it is sad. we like the bureau. you know, we liked a lot of the people in the bureau. just not the guys running it.
5:00 pm
jim from arizona, could you imagine merrick garland on the supreme court? we dodged a bullet there. we sure did. susan from arizona. love you, jesse. hope the irs doesn't assign you your personal agent. i'm definitely getting audited and the guy is definitely having a fun. "tucker" is up next. i'm watters. this is my world. >> brian: i'm brian kilmeade. i'm in for tucker carlson. >> there are, however, certain points i want you to know.


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