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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 12, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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acrimonious time, once again the dog show was head of even when we come from different perspectives. >> okay, that is my zoe and her friendly nemesis neighbor nikki. they always make me laugh and that is it for us tonight. gurfled is next. >> attorney merrick garland after admitted that he personally signed off on the fbi's raid on the former presidents florida home. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: good morning, carley, i am griff jenkins and for todd piro and the stage un-american and unnecessary with the justice department to release documents now. that includes how authorities
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came when the crime was committed in the first place which the biden administration is not planning to make public appearance because the wanting to self is not where to be where the meat is pure the meat is the affidavit that underlines the warrant. >> we are not trusting in the warrant as we are the affidavit. that is where we would find out what the court was told. what we want to know is why the search was ordered. >> carley: congresswoman claudia tenney up with us this morning to react to the breaking news but we began with brooke singman covering the story from the beginning, brooke, good morning. >> hey, good morning that is right. attorney merrick garland breaking a silence in a statement with personally signed off on the push with former president trumps mar-a-lago home. >> i approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. the apartment does not take a
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decision lately. where possible is standard practice with less intrusive means as an alternative to a search. >> the attorney general also revealing his emotions to make the search warrant public. >> the department filed a motion to make public the warrant in the seat in light of the former president's public confirmation the search, their surrounding circumstances, and substantial public interest in this matter. >> and trump is on board writing not only will i not oppose the release of the documents related to unwarranted, unnecessary rate, but i expect biden by encouraging the immediate release of the documents. late last night "the washington post" reporting the fbi was searching for classified documents on nuclear weapons allegedly subpoenaed trump back in the spring but the former president's attorney thing the mainstream media is grasping at straws.
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listen. >> they are not on solid ground so they had to come up with something to terrify the american public into fully giving up their freedom. if we are on the verge of nuclear war giving up the nuclear host, maybe it is acceptable they violated the president's constitutional rights. >> wisconsin senator ron johnson is calling for whistle-blowers to expose corruption at the doj. >> i do not trust the fbi or upper echelons in texas. again, the rank and file, those individuals if you want to see integrity restored to your agencies, you need to come forward. >> guys, we can see a copy of the search warrant and a copy of the property receipt from monday's rate as early as this afternoon, carley. >> carley: more information to come, brooke, thank you. let's bring a new york congresswoman claudia tenney. congresswoman, great to have you on the show this morning. what are your thoughts on
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"the washington post" reporting the fbi was looking for documents related to nuclear weapons? >> this seems outrageous. why isn't this known about and why didn't we know about it long ago when allegedly the fbi and others had been searching and cooperating with the trump administration. suddenly, they just buy the raid. the question to me that i have as lawyers, where is the motion to compel before you take this extreme action to do this sensational type of rate to try to embarrass and humiliate the president, yet again? i look at this this raid is the fourth impeachment pure to be pad two impeachments which were show trials and out a show trial that is for the american people because they see it doesn't look like something they can trust. and i think senators johnson and grassley are right. the undermining of the own credibility to do this raid. it was once a law enforcement agency with respect.
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it now looks like counterintelligence operation that uses political reasons for going against people. i just never seen the fbi -- this has had bad days but today and yesterday, this raid this week on the president's home resident is unprecedented. the fbi has undermined and the department of justice including merrick garland undermined their own credibility i haven't seen in a modern era. >> griff: you have a point there in the most aggressive ever action taken against a former president, lara trump had this to say after the attorney general's remark, take a listen. up until this point over the past seven years donald trump has been harassed, and investigators come if there is anything to find on donald trump, don't you think it would have been found by now? it wasn't just a rate of former mar-a-lago home but this change the way the american people see our country.
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we cannot operate in a civilized society and not trust their department of justice. >> griff: congresswoman says obviously speaking to the sentiment you were just making. i want to ask you this. is there a larger concern, not just specifically with former president trump, but with the trust of the american people and fundamental law enforcement agency, the fbi, going forward now? >> i believe so. because one of the many things people are not talking about is the judge who signed this warrant. the underlined affidavit. this judge recused himself from a recent case. president trump versus hillary clinton on the russia collusion hoax where they are talking about federal crimes committed by hillary clinton and her operatives during the 2016 election. and what they put the president through. so, the people are looking to distrust what the fbi is up to. why does this judge recused
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himself based on biased and prejudiced in the statue and why did he decide a few months later this case is one he could take? maybe they couldn't find another judge to execute the warrant other than someone who exhibited this bias and actually recused himself? i think everyone in america should be concerned about the fact we have a partisan judge who didn't feel he could weigh in on hillary clinton and donald trump's long-standing collusion problem, which by the way, the fbi lied to the pfizer report to get the warrant in the last case russia collusion to bring this entire operation against president trump and now here we are again. everything they have tried against president trump has failed so far. this seems to be another last ditch effort. at the word nuclear documents, nuclear problem or some kind of nuclear code, everybody has access and the closest circles to what that nuclear situation is. why would president trump have classified documents?
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these would be top-secret and they would not know mike definitely not be at mar-a-lago. >> carley: he will definitely unseal that warrant later today now that the president has given the green light. what do you think we will learn? will we get answers later today? >> we will see, merrick garland did not offer anything other than justify the action and he admitted he authorize this action. he has already been a highly politicized doj attorney general. this is a guy went after parents protesting at the school board who called them domestic terrorists. this is the same guy who has been involved in weaponize use of the fbi during this pessimist regimen where people were mocked up, peter navarro was taken out in leg irons. this is not a person a threat to society or even a threat to the security of the nation. this is the kind of stuff we will see how they weaponize the irs. we are heading and fbi that
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looks dangerous and also looks like it will be politically partisan and attack anyone. if the president united states are former president can be searched in this manner, every american should fear they could be next on the list. they have no recourse, especially if they are not in the right political party. that means part of the democratic operation in washington. >> griff: let's talk about that, congresswoman. they are calling the inflation reduction act strangely because it doesn't do that. it would dump billions of dollars to be exact into the irs, and of course, you are talking about the weaponization. they are even advertising for the website, we can show you for a criminal investigation as you described major duties such as "carrying a firearm and being willing to use deadly force if necessary as well as being willing and able to participate
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in arrests, executions and search warrants and other dangerous assignments." your thoughts. >> wealth, how many people do you know may owe a couple thousand $500 to the irs and they need to weaponize 87,000 new officers on top of the officers they already have. just for context, the irs decides the u.s. marine corps and now the u.s. marine corps. most people have issues with the irs so they usually use an account or a lawyer. the poor people who can't afford a lawyer or accountant asked to go to sometimes the u.s. representative like my office where we have been handling hundreds of claims with the irs backlog after the pandemic. people are not receiving their refunds. the tax returns are not being completed. a lot of this is happening. and the taxpayer for the american people instead of another weaponized agency and a huge bureaucracy where we will not have rights and the rights
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will be blotted out by this agency? we see accounts every single day and we are helping people with the irs. i'm sure everyone, all my colleagues are as well. >> carley: congresswoman 2021, 50% of irs audits were people making $75,000 or less. whether a republican or democrat, you don't want to be audited, especially if you are paying your taxes. the house will take up inflation reduction act today. have you heard from democrats that said they would be willing to split across party lines on this issue? it is a foregone conclusion that this will pass? >> you know, i'm so concerned so many colleagues on the other side of the aisle will not reach out for what it is. this is exactly the prophecy of disaster. so this so-called reduction inflation act is the exact opposite in terms of energy. it shows great illiteracy but
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enough grown in west virginia and possibly arizona to course senator manchin and senator sinema not to this bill. use binning and subsidies when a negligible impact on our environment. again the other 87,000 irs agent spinning to this level when still inflationary times, recessionary time and least afford it. this will make inflation worse and opposite of what it pretends to do. and i think so many colleagues are so afraid of the far left, the bernie sanders wing poll they will not stand up for the energy issues. guess what is coming on the heels of this winter day? winter in upstate new york is cold and energy is already through the roof. we are also dependent on natural gas which is a little cheaper, cleaner definitely an oil and propane and some of these other modes we use. we will see even in upstate new york and california and across the rest of the country. this will be painful for the
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american people after this is passed. i'm just hoping some of my reasonable colleagues will know enough to say "no." >> carley: this bill would target low income taxpayers to pay for electric vehicles for rich people. we will see if it passes, claudia tenney, thank you for breaking everything down and joining us this morning. >> thank you so much, have a great day. >> carley: you too appear at the police killing a suspect accused of attempting to break o an fbi office in ohio. the authorities say the arm suspect tried to enter cincinnati field office before leaving mike leaving the police on a tree 60 miles north. the suspect was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire after six hour standoff. no other injuries were reported. officials say he may have been booked motivated by the recent raid at mar-a-lago. he called for his -- to kill federal agents responsible for the search in a now deleted social media post.
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>> >> and the democrats on the verge of unilaterally passing massive tech spending bill during a recession before getting all the facts on how it will impact the country. as americans struggle, president biden is back on vacation this time $20 million oceanfront mansion free of charge. >> carley: the latest for us, kevin corke, good morning. >> good morning to you a dissatisfaction as no sign of economic rebound. that is according to the latest survey with large majorities with the economy negative tivoli and have five democrats joining republicans and independents and being dissatisfied. so while president biden spends his weekend on a luxury island inside of $20 million mansion, a whopping 75% of americans are not happy with the direction of the nation. that is not stopping the white house from taking a
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victory lap. >> all of the things that this president has done in 19 months, the most effective transformative legislation policies since lbj. >> what we are going to do is to continue happy the president make a case. a lot of the things that we are seeing congress pass in the last couple of weeks are things that the president campaigned on. >> this is an extraordinary successful 18 months of joe biden's presidency. what is notable about it is the number of things done in a bipartisan way as well as those bills like the inflation reduction act and the republicans refused to vote for. >> griff: , they say things are great. what are you complaining about? democrats to push through their massive spending agenda today, even though a third of lawmakers won't show up for the vote. and democrats don't even really know what the impact the bill will have on the economy, but don't take my word for it.
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check this out, cbo "given the scope of the amendments title i, cbo expects it will be a few weeks before we can fully analyze and estimate those budgetary effects at which point we will provide a complete cost estimate for the legislation. " we have to pass it to find out what is and it appeared that spending spree is flat out reckless. >> this is ridiculous, unnecessary spending. when the government spends more money unnecessarily, it will lead to more inflation. a percent is still a lot of inflation but better than 10%. but this bill to funnel unnecessary more money into the economy and inflation will again rise. >> texas congressman chip roy agrees. the vast majority if not all members of congressman and democrats signing this letter to vote by proxy or lying. there is no way to describe it, and they are lying to vote on a
1:17 am
massively harmful bill for the comfort of a home vacation or otherwise also they don't have to show up to work. this is all happening as the biden approved [boos] disapproval ratings over 65%, independents, 73% is satisfied. not good, guys. >> carley: got to pass it to find out what is and it is always the case and it so backwards. kevin, thank you so much. nancy mace will be here to talk about the biden's lavish vacation in her home state of south carolina. as they get ready to raise taxes with massive spending bill. you definitely don't want to miss what she has to save before today's vote. >> meanwhile, hunter biden involved in more shady business dealings. this time former biden aid meant to his house campaigned back in 2016 and advisor to then biden person and announced he was seeking a house eaten
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south carolina. when day later, hunter began working to drum up nations including friends on emails with potential ventures and meetings with chinese executives with ties to the communist party. writing, "they would host us and they are a great family with great respect and relationships in china. and also, his father at the white house at least 30 times and often just days after returning home from overseas business trip. >> nancy pelosi son who joins the mom on a controversial tripn for the second largest investor in $22 million telecom company. a new report says paul pelosi jr. served as a consultant at one point. he was awarded 700,000 shares of stock for services making him the company's fifth largest shareholder. his ties to the firm, speaker pelosi's campaign to tackle the chinese government aggression abroad. the speaker claims the sun joined her as an export in the
1:19 am
sun had no business dealings during the trip. miranda devine between the parallel between paul pelosi jr. and hunter biden. >> when we have now had over a year of publicity about hunter biden's laptop and the influence peddling scheme that his family was running, particularly with china, russia and ukraine. to hear that paul pelosi jr. is similar to hunter biden on having a lucrative board with a chinese company, china is doing this because they want influence, top level of our government. they are our adversary and there should be no politician within the family or to do this. nancy pelosi has posed as a china hoax for much of her career. and yet, here she is, her son, would not be getting these jobs
1:20 am
without her. he has nothing to recommend here other than he's the son of the third most powerful person in the country. >> carley: turning to the crime crisis, a 70-year-old employee is forced to defend his life after a criminal tried to rob him and bashed him over the head with a hammer. >> griff: joins us live from the laundry mat where it happened. stick with us. trail. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was. find new style. find new roads.
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♪ ♪ >> griff: not expected to survive her injuries after crashing her mini cooper into a los angeles home igniting a fire. a representative tells fox, she has been kept on life support to determine if any of her organs can be donated. law enforcement sources telling tmc under the influence of cocaine at the time of the high-speed crash, not alcohol in contrast with the earlier reporting. >> in the las vegas police reported body cam footage showing the rest of nfl star marchand lynch. the seahawks running back was found in a sports car tuesday. he reeked of alcohol. >> >> you do smell like alcohol.
1:26 am
>> you are under arrest for dui. >> griff: not only did he fail to comply with orders, his mustang, the front tire is ripped off and this is not his first run in with the law, he was arrested in 2012 for drunk driving. >> a former new york time domain controversial details with op-ed on police report and scott, on the podcast and said the times staff wanted to clear his speed with chuck schumer before publishing it. >> there was a discussion about the piece and whether or not they should run it. and one colleague, a senior
1:27 am
colleagues said to a more junior colleague pushing for the peas, do you think the republicans really care about minority rights? >> wow! >> the more junior colleague said i think he cares about minorities. here is the pretty shocking part the more senior colleague said, "let's check with senator schumer before we rented. the younger one refused. >> griff: well met, the op-ed in question was never published. it is unclear if the internal discussions were the determining factor and resigned from the times in 2020. carley. >> carley: for a moment caught on camera, take a look at this the suspect attempting to steal from behind the counter of a new york city laundromat. an employee steps in to stop him. the man pulls out a hammer and strikes the employee over the head multiple times before running out the door. and stepped in to defend his business and joins me now,
1:28 am
good morning to you, first of all, we are glad you were okay. tell us about that moment from your perspective. >> i heard a rumbling. i approached him and we had a little scuffle. and i had a hammer and grabbed a hammer from behind. so he picked it up. and we started to scuffle and i slide. when i slide, he was trying to hit me in the head. he was trying to block me. not one but two blows in my head. you know?
1:29 am
but then he run away. speed to what is going through your mind as the sole was happe? you didn't think twice about stepping in to stop him, why? >> [indistinct] >> carley: how are you feeling? >> i'm okay. >> carley: i assume you called the police after he ran away, but what did the police say when they came to the laundromat? >> they were happy but then kind of sad, you know and i should have let him run because i could have been killed, but you know. i'm not going to let him get away like that. >> carley: you are not going to let him get away because it is your business and you have to defend your business.
1:30 am
crime skyrockets in new york city, assaults up 19%, robberies up 19%, tele-crime up 36%. unfortunately, you are not the only victim in new york city these days. a lot of people point to the bail reform law. do you have any thoughts on that? >> you know, sometimes, i don't agree, especially with these criminals and okay, go home and no bail or monetary bail or anything. >> carley: yeah, i understand that the police are still searching for the person responsible. see his face in the surveillance video. we showed it a couple of times and hopefully, this guy can get caught. importantly because of the bail reform laws, we will see if he stays behind bars or not. at the top, we are so glad you are okay.
1:31 am
in that you didn't get hurt any more. thank you so much for joining us this morning and we wish you the best of luck. a hard worker. >> thank you. >> carley: you are very welcome. governor kathy hochul taking heat for derailing holocaust remembrance event to attack governor ron desantis? >> i just want to say to the 1.77 that call new york home, florida is over rated. i shouldn't say this, look at the governor, i will get in trouble. speed to the former new york assemblyman joins us with his reaction. >> griff: plus the fbi raid on president trump's home sending shock waves throughout the g.o.p. republican joe can't off of the incumbent and the heated congressional primary will be here to tell us before the midterms.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: sanctuary cities seemingly overwhelmed by look busloads of the illegal immigrants as washington, d.c., mayor request national guard assistance for the second time. mayor mariel belzer calling for 150 members to help prevent a humanitarian crisis at the nation's capital. meanwhile manhattan similar immigrants fleeing the city because shelters are full. they are using charity money to head to washington. kathy hochul appears to be encouraging the influx of migrants, and baking for workers to help wanted signs all over the city. the governor urging president biden and federal officials to overhaul the immigration system to make it
1:38 am
easier for noncitizens to access jobs in new york. spray went to new york's governor kathy hochul taking heat after derailing a holocaust education event to make this partisan political attack. watch. >> i just want to say to the 1.77 jews that call new york their home, thinking for calling new york your home. florida is overrated. i shouldn't say this but look at the governor. i will get in trouble. i have to stay on track. >> carley: former assemblyman dov hikind, how to get the feel about those comments? >> i think it was absolutely pathetic. the governor of new york needs to be defeated. you are doing the holocaust event, your own event, and you are busy attacking the governor of florida? who is probably one of the best friends of the jewish people in this great country.
1:39 am
you know, how many people are leaving florida to come to new york? hardly anyone! hardly anyone! the opposite, tens and tens of thousands of new yorkers are leaving new york because things are out of control in this city and this date. crime is out of control. anti-semitism is at levels never seen before. at this event when she talks about never forgetting, she is busy attacking the governor of florida who has done an amazing job while she has failed -- how pathetic. she owes everyone an apology! i mean, this is not the kind of behavior we expect from a leader of our state. and as someone who is, i am a child of survivors and my mom in 1944, what in gods name is wrong
1:40 am
with this governor? she invokes desantis for no reason. again, i want to repeat no one's leaving florida to come to the governor's new york, no one! but new yorkers are leaving to go to florida. that is an absolute fact. what in gods name is the governor doing to deal with anti-semitism? the fact that people are arrested for acts of hate against these people? nothing happens! there is no consequences, for god's sakes! but she is busy attacking the governor of florida. how pathetic. >> griff: let me tell you also what she is busy doing and that is signing a bill passed by the democratic-controlled legislature that changes the word "inmate" to incarcerated individuals because she says the term is dehumanizing. we can show you a quote here "to
1:41 am
reduce harmful stigma against incarcerated people by correcting outdated terminology used to refer to incarcerated individuals in state law to make the communities and streets safer by giving justice with involving individuals to complete their rehabilitation program and work at the same time with dignity and respect and improve public safety while ensuring the workers have a fair shot at a second chance. doug, your reaction? >> you noticed dehumanizing with elected officials have more compassion with the perpetrators of crimes than they have for the victims of crime. that is exactly what is going on. you know, the governor of new york... can remove the date from manhattan. desantis, she can learn a thing or two from desantis. you have a d.a. manhattan who is out of control. he cares more for criminal then he does for the victims of our
1:42 am
city, of our state? it is really out of control, this woke culture is destroying new york. if we do not elect lee zeldin, who is the republican, but we are living in reality. there is no future for new york if we reelect democrats. i say to democrats, hey, you don't have to change allegiance. just vote for the republican this time. if you want to save new york, there is no choice. >> griff: speaking of elections, one of the reasons congresswoman ilhan omar just narrowly won her primary races because of crime. she almost lost to a pro-police moderate candidate. some people are wondering what this means for the progressive movement, including congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez's future. take a look at what aocs constituents and when it comes
1:43 am
to defining the police, watch this. >> no, you cannot be you cannot defund the police. it is a good idea if crime is going up, we need more police in the area. god bless them. i was a military police in vietnam. i know how tough it is to be a cop. >> carley: dov, what do you think about that? >> the idea of defining the police, when you called the police and you have an emergency, you want the police officer to be at your doorstep as fast as possible. the idea of defining the police, aoc and the rest of the radicals and the democratic party, i hope what happened to omar is the beginning of the end for individuals, again, more compassionate for the criminals, for the perpetrators than they are for the citizens of our communities. that is exactly what omar to leave, aoc. we need to defeat these people to the benefit of our city, our
1:44 am
state, and our country and i hope this is the beginning. this was a shocker. no one expected this. omar was 25 points ahead of her opponent two weeks before. the people are waking up that these radicals are dangerous to the well-being of the people of our country. >> carley: dov, thank you for joining us this morning as always, we appreciated. >> thank you so much. >> carley: absolutely. parents in north dakota firing back after the school board to cancel the pledge of allegiance. speak with the word god in the text of the pledge of allegiance is capitalized and clearly refeg to the judeo god and therefore makes the pledge of allegiance a -- act periods be when you heard that correct and we will talk to to parents in that district who are standing up for the pledge coming up
1:45 am
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comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> griff: check this out. fargo, north dakota, board of education voting to stop saying the pledge of allegiance before meetings. speak with clearly referring to
1:50 am
the judeo god and therefore does not include any other faith such as islam, buddhism, hinduism. the exclusion of these faiths at or lack thereof in the pledge automatically makes the pledge of allegiance a noninclusionary act. >> griff: so that guy was the vice president of the fargo school board jake smith and a father of two kids in in the school district and a mom and military veteran born and raised in fargo, north dakota. they join us now. wow um i don't know where to begin with this, jake, why don't you weigh in on reaction to hearing that. >> well, knowing and being involved in the school board in the past, it doesn't surprise that he takes this position because he is an atheist. that is his perspective. he is taking this position and actually commonplace for him. that is exactly what i would expect. but the thing that he said were
1:51 am
absolutely is not even the right word but flat wrong so making some of the comments about liberty and justice and not everybody gets liberty and justice. that is perpetuating critical race theory which is against the law in north dakota. >> griff: what is your reaction to, again, to be clear this is not removing the pledge in the school classrooms, as i understand it, but certainly from the meetings and the school board. >> yeah, thank you, griff. ultimately with of the school board says the pledge of allegiance at the meeting is doesn't move the needle for me but what bothers me about the situation is the board of education is concerned with petty politics more than doing their job of ensuring the education of our kids. clearly is a military veteran, disrespectful of disgusting monologue is heartbreaking. and you know, is a parent of two kids in the district, it is
1:52 am
important to our history and civics and the reason our country was founded with the classrooms with duff using the note dni policy to remove the pledge and concerns me greatly he will come after our classrooms next. >> griff: jake, you have a fifth grader and a first grader in these classrooms. now, he points to the fact that it hasn't effect the classroom yet, but are you concerned this is a slippery slope? >> absolutely spirit in his monologue, what he said his is heading resetting the pledge of the board meeting goes against board policy. how do you go against board policy when it doesn't go against board policy to recite in the schools? so that doesn't even make sense. of course, the next logical step in progression, he will want to remove it from schools because of noninclusionary act.
1:53 am
>> griff: i want to give you the last word, this past 7-2 on the board. so my question is, how are you going to resist this and stop about what is coming next? >> you know, i think in the situation we have north decatur state on our side. for every student to graduate from public school, they need to pass a civics test which includes the pledge of allegiance. one way or another to go after changing north dakota state law, the pledge will stay in the classrooms and be a part of the curriculum taught to our children for the future. >> griff: allie olenburger and jake smith, keep us posted as we will follow this story across the country, thank you very muc. we reached out to the district for a comment but did not hear back, carley.
1:54 am
>> carley: north dakota, my goodness, what is next? this is a happy story, 5,000 sailors and marines in san diego on the uss abraham lincoln and 20 returned home as fathers. meeting their babies for the first time and reporting for dad duty. >> the whole time, being able to be off and have them right here. speed to the little wench you just saw our dragon and maveric. patriotic names. the 2022 game between the cubs and the reds, chicago came out on top 4-2 and $0.04 and added before a sellout crowd. and again, the catch between ken griffey jr. and senior who quoted the iconic movie "the game."
1:55 am
>> hey there. and field of dreams kevin costner honoring the late actor with a touching tribute. >> they will live forever in our hearts whenever he steps out of the cornfield. long live shoeless joe and long live. speak to the cubs, the reds read showdown and a big hit reportedly drawing 6 million viewers. the largest regular-season tv audience since 2005. success there. all right, talk about out of touch, it turns out joe and hunter biden are vacationing in a $20 million mansion for free. we have a jam-packed hour ahead. >> griff: you want to stick
1:56 am
around for the all-american summer concert series with country music star joe nichols live on fox square. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ >> carley: president biden spending his weekend inside a $20 million mansion on a luxury island in south carolina free of charge. on the other hand, americans are struggling to get by with a


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