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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 12, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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we will see what happens on the 'bill. >> griff: thank you for being here. great insight. carley, it's been great to be with you as well with todd on a much deserved day off. >> carley: yeah, it's great to see -- we do this split screen thing we have to see each other in person again. meanwhile "fox & friends" is going to start right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ living each day one day at a time ♪ ain't making no worry any bigger than it is >> ainsley: that is joe nichols or the stage is getting ready for joe nicoles. he was getting micked up yesterday for the show. >> brian: what do you think?
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>> ainsley: i think he is very cute but is he a married man. he has children. i have been listening to all these interviews about him. he is so humble. my gosh, he seems like a great guy. he has been on our show before. he has so many wonderful songs. he has been around for like 20 years in nashville. good friends with blake shelton they started together early days in nashville. >> brian: up and down. joe nicoles was really hot and dined of down and really hot again. one line we are going to focus on is tequila. going to answer does tequila make your clothes fall off. >> steve: i'm hoping that's a song. okay. >> brian: yep. them panty whose ain't going to last too long if the j.j. putz bon jovi on. somehow country. there you go. continue to postulate that. >> steve: any way he is our featured performer today. what we have got out on the
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square. got plaque will he mores from master built. we always see you jumping. are you jumping? >> what we have a little bit of naughty and nice. the naughty side is we are going to be sending you all in at 7:00 a camp fire more dill i can't. take a tortilla shell, your chocolate, your marshmallow, your gram cracker and griddle that off on the master built grill. then, we are going to bring you a glizzy. a bite size little french toast bite on a stick and then bring it around to the nice, we have got you some smoked salmon and tuna. >> ainsley: delicious. healthy dish for us.
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brian likes that. >> brian: i'm pro-tuna. >> you are saying we will get brian to eat. >> brian: making maybe in the break. >> 13 weeks coming. brian is going to eat before we get out of here. [laughter] >> ainsley: off camera. he prefers not to chew with his mouth open or talk with his mouth open with food in it. >> we have a couple of surprises today, too. i think we might have a little birthday surprise coming up i think some time in the 8:00 hour. steve, we have got a gift for you because you were not here last week. >> steve: fantastic. >> we will be sending that in to you so we don't let will take your gift from last week. >> steve: always a pleasure and gift to have you as you took for america. by the way, all the recipes are at master also check out the smokers and grills and whole shebang as they jump up and down and smoke outside. >> mclemore boys. woo! >> ainsley: father and son duo. >> steve: they are absolutely sober.
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>> ainsley: we think. i have hung out with you too long. it's 6:03 on the east coast on friday and overnight former president donald trump calling for the immediate release of all the documents related to the fbi's raid on his mar-a-lago home. >> steve: yes. he is encouraging that the former president now firing back at merrick garland, the attorney general, after he said he personally signed off on the search, which was something we had not heard from the a.g. >> brian: very interesting. kevin corke has the latest developments from washington. kevin, this changes every 15 minutes. >> yeah, it certainly does. what a big day in washington. i think there is more to this story. we will all find out together fairly soon. as you said former president trump says bring it on. he is urging the doj to go ahead and disclose all the documents related to the raid on his home over at mar-a-lago. that's despite the fact that warrants, as you know, are not the same as affidavits. warrants can be written in such a way that really doesn't offer a lot of clarity or context which is why the former
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president is saying let's release everything so we know exactly how you got to where you got to before you came and brought dozens of people over to my home over in florida. he also said this on social media. this on truth social quote. not only will i not oppose the release of documents related to the unamerican, unwarranted and unnecessary raid, i am going to step of further by encouraging the immediate release of those documents. they say they have new docs. let's see it meantime in rare remarks yesterday the a.g. merrick garland took responsibility for trampling on hundreds of years of tradition all on what critics called a fishing expedition. >> i personally approved the to seek a search warrant in this matter. the department does not take such decision lightly. where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search. >> garland insists no one is above the law. that's despite numerous examples
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of democrats getting a pass for obvious violations from hunter biden to hillary clinton, to eric holder, to kevin clinesmith to andy mccabe to james clapper, the list goes on and on. trump's lawyers are calling the a.g.'s claims dubious. >> they are not on solid ground. so they had to come up with something that would potentially terrify the american public into freely giving up their constitutional freedoms. you know, if we are on the verge of nuclear war, giving up the nuclear codes. maybe it's acceptable that they violated the president's constitutional rights. >> now, sources tell fox news that the probable cause for the warrant likely came from a secret service agent who had been serving on trump's detail over there in florida. an inside job if you will, guys. >> brian: all right. thanks so much, kevin. you are all over it. six minutes after the top of the hour. jonathan turley all over this too. fox news contributor constitutional law attorney. jonathan, if you look at what we know now, we did not know last night the president was not
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going to block the warrant being released. even could have done it without him perhaps. okay. let it all out. let it go. including the list of stuff you have taken. and now we get the play-by-play also of what really happened in june the last time they met face to face. what do you take from what both sides have done to this point? >> well, what we are really looking for in this warrant is specificity. >> last night sean hannity said his sources told him the warrant contained basic tbloi categories. material that should have been turned over under the presidential records act. and then unspecified potential classified information. now, you have to move those presidential records to the side. because the presidential records act is not a criminal statute. i can't imagine ever conducting a raid of this kind for that. but, it's really that classified material that we're going to be looking most closely at. we had assumed that this warrant would be very specific as to documents that were of great
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national security concern. and also had very high classification levels. but, also, that they knew those documents were there and could identify them. so, we're going to look for that type of specificity. if it's not there, i think it's going to fuel concerns about why you had to do this. and, when the attorney general said look, there was just -- we look whether any other means is possible and we didn't see that, has left a lot of us rather confused. i mean, there is a thing called a subpoena. you used it before. but, also, somebody. >> brian: in the spring. >> treat mar-a-lago like -- also, someone decided to treat mar-a-lago like the did i individualian compound. why would you need two dozen agents descending upon this residence? >> ainsley: they went through and ransacked her closet and left it a relative mess. the doj will be releasing a warrant and property receipt. tell us what the property receipt is don't we get the
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majority of the information from the affidavits? will those be released as well? >> that's the problem when the attorney general said that, many of us threw a flag on the play and said hold it warrant basically the conclusion. basically the directions. here are the parameters of your search. it's the affidavit that would contain the answers to these concerns. what was the court told? was the court informed that a subpoena had been complied with previously? was the court told according to the trump team that no communications have occurred since june? all of that is going to be in the affidavit, now, that list of materials will be interesting. they may have found classified material. the government has every right to get that material back. the president does not have the authority to retain creafd material after he left office. but this is a fairly common type of dispute between former
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presidents returning material that are protected we had heard through the week. maybe there was a menu from a state dinner or napkin or something like that. is this case the part you are talking about that is scary both "the washington post" and the "new york times" have sources in, it sounds like, the department of justice speaking namesly talking about that apparently they are not just classified. they are not just top secret but they are from the special access program which is the top of the top. the biggest secrets. and apparently they involve nuclear weapons. we don't know if they're ours. they don't know if they're theirs. but it is pretty terrifying to thing that the secret, the very biggest secrets for the country were down in the basement of that resort. so the question is, jonathan, if they can't find it, you know, there are only a certain number of these documents. if they can't find it, but they
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know they gave it to the president. they know it was in his custody. then what happens? >> that's what a lot of us are beginning to noodles on this morning. those accounts are troubling. >> that would be really the apex of classified information. it's something that should never be held if true at a location like mar-a-lago. mar-a-lago is not what's called a scif. it's not a secure facility for the discussion of material. it's also not particularly secure for the holding of material even with the special lock. so that's what the list could potentially show us. if those documents are missing, then that is a serious breach. this is the type of material that just doesn't go people shrug and say well somebody probably had it. this is a chain of custody documents that you trace every step of its progress. >> brian: couple of things real quick. evidently on june 8th they met and everybody was cordial.
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president trump walks in hi, guys, i appreciate everything you do. and there were two separate sources that said he said that. this guy jay brunt said do me a favor, counter-terrorism official. could you put another lock on that door because we're going to come back again. we will discuss this and he said sure and they did it june 22nd they get word about more documents that may be major developments they have got to go back. they don't communicate with the trump team again. the next time they deal with the trump team, nobody is there. everybody is in new jersey or new york city and they go into the compound and on monday night and they go for diana hours. whoever gave that great tip on exactly where that information was wasn't such a great tip unless they like mar-a-lago so much they wanted to lounge by the pool a little bit longer. something is going on here. i will tell new talking to the trump team. i have seem then in tense situations. they think that the administration is way over its skis. they have no idea what they were getting into. and they actually thought they
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could do this and not cause a big stir because they didn't wear wind breakers. >> the problem is i get more confused with the more information they give us. if this was apex material. if this was the top national security material dealing with nuclear weapons, then they certainly took a rather lackadaisical approach getting it back. got the warrant, waited days to execute it. really didn't take any steps in june. all of that seems inherently inconsistent which is why we need to see that affidavit. both the department of justice and the trump people have said they want full disclosure. let's have at it somebody is not telling the truth here. >> steve: real quit exit question. we don't know what they were able to find in the search. if the stuff is there, does a federal government just go okay. we got it, thank you very much. that's what we really wanted? or is there a punishment for having it down there?
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statute can be used. three years potential imprisonment. that is a specific intent crime. intentional concealment which they will perhaps allege. very uncommon to see prosecution under these types of circumstances and and when they occurred in cases like sandy berger there has not been significant punishment. in his case you had the most serious possible type of breach and it resulted in a misdemeanor plea, no jail time. >> brian: 30 million documents obama has 30 million documents. >> ainsley: imagine if they had raided michelle's closet and gone through her personal items. what they would have done then. hillary clinton took furniture and classified information other countries were able to hack into. nothing. no raid on them.
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jonathan, thank you so much for coming on with us. >> thank you. steve: all right. meanwhile, other news on this friday. actress anne hetchy sadly is not expected to survive following that fiery car wreck in los angeles. >> brian: got new blood tests also revealing it wasn't alcohol that was in her system the day she crashed into her home and you are seeing the video. >> carley: carley shimkus joins us with more. >> carley: actress anne heche remains on life support. representative for the actress says hetch is suffering a severe brain injury and being kept on life support to determine if any of her organs can be donated. law enforcement sources telling tmz that heche was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the high speed crash. not alcohol. in contrast to earlier reporting. heche crashed her car into the garage of an apartment complex in los angeles and then again into a nearby home.
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officials say she suffered major injuries and severe burns. the lapd was reportedly investigating heche for a felony dui after a woman inside the home claimed she was also injured. heche's representative says she wants to remember the actress for her, quote: huge heart and she touched everyone she met with her generous spirit. she will be remembered for her courageous honesty and dearly missed for her light. fellow actors and loved ones have also been sharing condolences and fond memories with the actress who is just 53 years old. what a tragedy, guys. >> steve: just awful. >> ainsley: really is she is a beautiful lady. my gosh. >> carley: she is. >> ainsley: sad to know this could be the end at such an early age. coming up more than 10,000 acres are burning in raging hawaii brush fire. the wild video of the big island plays. >> brian: plus, bad news for president biden. three quarters of americans say things are not going well exclamation point. where is the president?
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♪ vacation, all i ever wanted ♪ vacation, had to get away ♪ vacation ♪ ♪ >> steve: yeah, you are listening to the go gos singing about vacation as you look at folly beach in south carolina, and ainsley earhardt who grew up in that neck of the woods knows that folly beach is the island just slightly north
3:22 am
of kiawah island which is where our current president is on vacation with his family, including hunter biden and his family. the bidenst are staying for free at a $20 million south carolina mansion on kiawah island. it has nine bedrooms. it is owned by maria alwyn the widow of a hedge fund -- there is the house right there. look how pretty that is. 20 million bucks. 9 bedrooms. it is opened by the widow of a hedge fund founder. the biden administration have stayed there before. according to the "new york post" they have never paid. they are just friends. going to stay there sounds like they are going to be staying there at least through tuesday night. the limited v.i.p. restrictions for air access by the faa expire at 9:15 on tuesday night. >> ainsley: i can guarantee so many south koreans are like why are they here? we don't want people to know about kiawah island. we don't know people to know about our beaches there. >> steve: it is so pretty there.
3:23 am
>> brian: top secret to me until now. >> ainsley: they say traffic is getting so bad all these northerners moving down there. stop talking about it on air. >> brian: how we feel when people keep showing fire island. people keep showing it. no more kiawah if you lay off fire island, okay? president the united states is thinking about a victory tour. the chip act is ready to role. he got bipartisan legislation when it comes to guns. he got bipartisan legislation when it comes to infrastructure. and now he is about to pass on pure party line vote the inflation -- the inflation reduction act which is nothing do with inflation but he feels as though his people are going to after he is done vacationing and tests -- and he can stay negative on covid. is he going to go around the country and say look how great i am. >> ainsley: inflation didn't change month over month zero percent. but we still have inflation. because gas prices went down but food costs went up. rent costs went up. so they balance each other out.
3:24 am
there was no change in the inflation rate. they are trying to make you believe zero percent inflation. they actually mentioned that here. listen. >> it has been a very good week for president biden and the democrats but it's also been a good week for american families. i mean, we are on the cusp of passing the inflation reduction act and having it come to the president's desk. a month where we had zero percent inflation this month. this month 500,000 jobs. we are seeing jobs up. costs coming down. so, president biden's economic agenda is working. >> this is what this president has been focused on. this is why he ran to make sure that we build the economy from the bottom up and the middle out and don't leave anyone behind. >> steve: well, anyone who hears that would think that sounds great. we are finally turning the corner. but if you have been to the grocery store lately, you know the prices are going up and the prices continue go up. >> ainsley: no. it's zero inflation. >> steve: no, no, no. >> ainsley: not really happening. >> steve: i'm going to give the white house the facts not the white house spin.
3:25 am
85% of americans saying grocery prices are still going to go up. hard telling how much that steak right there is going to be in a week or two. but, here's the thing. year over year. the inflation rate is 8.5%. but, month-to-month it's just zero. so what are they doing? i used the expression yesterday, lies, damn lies, and statistics. they found in the statistics one good fact they could hang their hat on that's why they are going go on. while a lot of the republicans are talking about donald trump and the raid and the certain and all that stuff the democrats are going to focus on november because, you know, we had heard in the past that it sounded like the republicans are going to take the house. seems like things are tightening up. and now they are just trying to say hey, happy days are here again even though you don't feel that way. >> ainsley: they can say whatever they want. the americans, if you look at the polls we have been citing lately americans are not happy with the direction of this
3:26 am
country. fox news poll how do you feel things are going in the u.s., 24% are satisfied. that means 75% are dissatisfied. >> steve: yeah. >> brian: on the economy 19% say excellent. 19%? are you kidding? steve: people don't have cars. >> brian: most important issue for every american has always been inflation, 41%. it remains that way. abortion is second. that kind of moved up. border security, i can't believe it's just 7. climate change also 7. it was at 5 in june. guns at 7% now, of course june had the shooting. uvalde and buffalo and voting rights 6%. and 4% was in june. a couple of things. what's about to be jammed down our throats today is 6.5 billion is on a tax on emergency companies. 1.2 billion on imported oil that includes 124 million stock buy backs are going to be banned now going to effect the 401 k. 200 billion for the irs. for the irs is going to ruin -- go out of their ruin to
3:27 am
everybody's lives. some people on the energy side. on the fossil fuel side say hey, joe manchin got a lot here. allow the streamline the permitting process. allow his pipeline to be redone. it turns out of the parliamentarian says it has nothing to do with finances so we will put that on the side. excuse me, put that on the side. so the thing that joe manchin got as an acquiescence to sign off on all this green legislation is not even in the bill and the republicans goes i don't even believe it's going to work now the democrats are going to tie that to something else. so, what joe manchin seems to have got be the rug pulled out from under him. i have a great analogy which critics are calling brilliant. >> steve: let's hear it. it better be brilliant just saying. >> brian: when you talk about inflation and you said hey, inflation is still high but he goes it's zero. technically zero. to me giving up 11 runs in the next inning. next 4 innings you give now runs. look the i have given up no runs
3:28 am
over the last four innings but are still losing 11-nothing. >> steve: that's it? >> ainsley: that was a good one. [laughter] >> brian: eventually tied to the field of dreams. still losing by the same score just because you haven't given up any runs later that to me is the emphasis. that's why critics are calling it brilliant. >> steve: which critics? >> brian: they are there. [laughter] >> ainsley: well, so, brian, it's ainsley and i who do the sports on this show. so next time you make that analogy. >> ainsley: stay in your lane. >> carley: we will give you permission but you have to ask. >> ainsley: do you know what i learned? if you need to prove your point to your husband or significant one, do sports analogy then they are like oh, okay. >> steve: today though will cain is the sports guy because he is at the field of dreams. we are going to see him in a little bit. >> carley: i heard that the ratings were amaze. a lot of people watched and had
3:29 am
a great time doing it should i give some headlines now? turning with this very important one at that. political leaders pay their respects to jackie walorski during her funeral in granger on thursday. her washington colleagues honoring her for her tireless dedication to her work. republican house minority leader kevin mccarthy saying, quote: tell you the truth, jacqui never had a job. she always had a purpose and a mission. walorski was killed along two members of her staff when her car collided head on with another vehicle. congresswoman jackie walorski was 58 years old. fox weather wildfire alert. fast moving brush fire charring more than 10,000 acres on the big island of hawaii. the blaze started at an army training area. members of the military are working to help firefighters dowfs the flames that topped a major highway. wow. and sincere congratulations are in order for fox's own shannon
3:30 am
bream who has just been named anchor of "fox news sunday." shannon will be the first woman to anchor the show full time in the program's 26-year history and she is pulling double duty and will remain in her position as fox chief legal correspondent. shannon takes on the role starting on sunday september 11th. and what -- no one deserves that job more than her. >> brian: going to be great. >> ainsley: she is such a nice person. a class act. and so brilliant. >> carley: so beautiful. >> ainsley: knows the supreme court like the back of her hand. beautiful in every way. congratulations, shannon. >> ainsley: i bet she is not watching she was up arrest night pretty late. >> carley: we will tell you about this moment. >> ainsley: text her after the show. >> brian: she will be on radio show later. band of comedians, make it more of a variety show. >> steve: it runs at 9:00 in the morning. why would she do that? >> brian: it's an idea. she might want to take it.
3:31 am
>> steve: congratulations, shannon. in other news, an armed man with a nail gun and actual gun tried to breach the fbi field office is now dead other that i am not doing a good job on this. the fbi field office is where he tried to enter the building. he is now dead following a six hour stand off with police. a live report straight ahead. >> ainsley: plus, keep moving. the message from a georgia sheriff who claims texas buses filled with illegal migrants filled d.c. tried to unload in his town. why he says small towns like his can't support them. >> brian: no joke. or sharp, stabbing pains. ♪♪ this painful, blistering rash can disrupt your life for weeks. a pain so intense, you could miss out on family time. the virus that causes shingles is likely already inside of you.
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ohio investigators reporting the motivated by the raid on former president trump's home. griff jenkins has been following it in washington with the details. griff? >> griff: good morning. a terrifying situation at that fbi office in cincinnati. the armed suspect, identified as ricky sheferred jr. attempted to lead that field office before leading police on a chase some 60 miles northwest. now shiffer was shot and killed in exchange of gunfire. listen here. [shouting] >> multiple shots fired. >> shots fired.
3:36 am
>> griff: brian, we learned more details about the kind of weapons shiffer had from that call. >> he tried to break into the fbi building in cincinnati. >> can we get some other units started this way too, then. >> 6 is behind it. of there is about six or seven trying to catch up. northbound from the 32. >> 547:11. guy did confirm he had a nail gun as well as an ar-15. >> we are maintaining right lane and 70 miles per hour. he has not made any movement. >> griff: afterwards ohio state police lt. recapped went went down when they encountered shiffer the officers tried to negotiate with the suspect over time they failed and were unself. at that time the officers tried to move in using best legal tactics to take the suspect into custody. the suspect [inaudible] shots were fired at the suspect.
3:37 am
>> officials say shiver may have been motivated by the recent raid mar-a-lago. he took to now deleted truth social page calling on his followers to use quote force and attack federal agents responsible. this, after the fbi director chris wray wrote to his employees about threats to the agency saying as always, the way we maintain the trust and confidence of the american people isn't by joining in the public commentary. we do it through our work by showing when all the facts come out we stuck to the process. we don't cut corners. we don't play favorites. our focus must remain, as always, on our mission and on doing the right thing in the right way, no matter how loud the noise gets. finally brian, fox has reached out to that field office in cincinnati to get more information from the fbi, we'll bring it to you if and when we get it, brian? >> brian: all right, griff, pretty perilous stuff. thanks so much. steve? >> steve: thank you, brian. don't stop here, keep moving.
3:38 am
that's the message one georgia sheriff give a bus load of migrants bound to d.c. the sheriff says he heard tour buss from texas were stopping to drop migrants at a local gas station. drop them off there. so he personally went to convince them to stay on the bus and go to d.c. sergeant chad payne is with that dade county georgia sheriff's department. he joins us right now. sergeant, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: okay. so this took place a couple days ago. you hear a report that out at along the highway, half the migrants on the bus are trying to get off. pick up the story from there. >> yeah. we had actually been receiving information for several weeks now that buss were dropping off at the truck stop and we got a call from the store that day and they said hey, they are down here right now doing it so the sheriff, he loaded up. it's about from the sheriff's department about a probably a
3:39 am
10, 11, 12-mile ride down there. he got there almost about the time that the bus is trying to pull off the lot, he noticed several what appeared to be migrants just standing in the parking lot. >> steve: you know, sergeant, these bus rides are now famous because they would go from texas up to the district of columbia or new york city. we hadn't heard about any stops in the middle. do we have any idea hose idea it was hey, look, we are in georgia. who wants to get off? >> well, based off the conversation the sheriff had with the bus driver, the bus driver was in the sheriff's opinion encouraging them to get off by telling them they were close enough to chattanooga to walk from there which is absolutely not the truth. it was at least 20 miles, it would have been a 0-mile walk from chattanooga from where they were at. they just dropped them off in essentially the middle of the country. you know, there is nothing down there except a truck stop and
3:40 am
farmhouses and farmland. so, leaving them there would have essentially been establishing a homeless camp. >> steve: yeah no, kidding. the sheriff showed up. looked for a translator and convinced everybody to continue on to d.c. is the sheriff's office going to now contact the state of texas and say, hey, listen, if you are driving people to d.c., don't stop here? >> yeah. you know, the sheriff has called -- he has called our state legislators, we had our state legislators, excuse me, we have had them involved in this, the sheriff has spoken to the governor. the governor said he was making a phone call to the owner of the bus line to ask him not to stop here. you know, it's not -- it's not essentially humane to drop somebody off in the middle of nowhere and just expect them to fend for themselves. you know, and we are not so sure, steve, that these are the buses. they said they were going to d.c. we also noticed that yesterday they had some paperwork that specified that they were to be dropped off in chattanooga.
3:41 am
and also they have the cell phones. the government is supposed to be giving them. >> steve: we did not know about this story. thank you very much for bringing it to our attention. sergeant chad payne, dade county sheriff's department down in georgia. sir, thank you very much for your service and dropping by today. >> >> all right. thank you all. >> steve: you bet have. a good weekend. coming up on this friday. last night was a night to remember at the field of dreams in iowa. will cain was on site and look at that he is up with the roosters. good morning to you. >> will: good morning, steve. women back to the field of dreams. as the cubs and the reds were taking to the cornfield i took to the stands. i talked to a few actors. a few baseball legends. a lot of fans who were having a catch. have a cup of coffee. hang out here on "fox & friends." i will take you to iowa. ♪ ♪ from prom dresses
3:42 am
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3:46 am
steve the 18 u9 classic movie "fields of dreams" came to life last night in iowa. >> ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain was there. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ >> i'm watching you out here watching you play catch with your son. what does that mean. >> it's everything. it's a story of fathers and sons and baseball and that's very important part of our lives. >> the chance to pass the game down from my dad to him. >> he just recently watched it. >> did you like the movie? >> yeah. they came out of like the corn. >> people will come, ray. people will most definitely come. >> have they been reciting lines from the movie throughout the day? >> oh my goodness. memories so thick. [laughter] >> will: how many times have you
3:47 am
seen it. >> a lot. >> what's your movie review? >> 10 out of 10. >> will: 10 out of 10 it holds up. >> if you have two sons like i do you have to be a fan. >> will: one chicago walk out of the corn. >> no big a deal. >> is this heaven? >> will: and what does kevin costner say in response. >> no. this is washington. [laughter] >> will: no, iowa. >> will: one of the things you learn about working on "fox & friends" is don't worry about what you look like when you are eating. >> both of my boys have played games on the movie set. >> we are on vacation and this was our main goal to see this game. >> one up the middle for a base hit. cubs with two gone. >> will: rose, another fan who wants to another signature. >> the team, baseball. it's bringing baseball back.
3:48 am
♪ at the old ballgame ♪ hey. >> steve: that's harry carrie as a hologram. >> ainsley: hey, will. >> will: it was harry carrie. it was a hologram. one of the mayor star appearances yesterday in iowa i run into bus field who was an actor in the 1989 field of dreams movie. of course, ken griffey jr. and his father ken griffey had a catch right there at the start of the game. i got talk to them for a moment after that. special moment for stars. but, not just for stars. as you walk around here ainsley, brian, steve, what's really, really special is to see all of the fathers and sons and some fathers and daughters having a catch, spending some time together. last year when i was with you, it was all about the movie coming to life it really resonated for me this year to
3:49 am
see the theme come to life. the theme of fathers and sons of parents and (. i got have a special moment which we will play for you a little bit later with the legend john smollett about a moment yesterday with his father. i hope you will stick around and listen to that later on "fox & friends." >> ainsley: do you know what brian learned from that piece? >> ainsley: you can eat and do tv. [laughter] >> steve: very nicely done. >> will: doing the show 25 years. we have been doing this show 25 years. and i have eaten more in two. >> brian: he always flosses. he is will cain. >> ainsley: is he eating corn? >> brian: you gotta with corn. >> ainsley: you were really in there with the audience, with the fans. that was cool. >> brian: great job, will. we will check in with you again. >> will: thank you, guys. >> steve: straight ahead congresswoman elise stefanik is going to join us come up. freshman disorientation. most public universities are skipping free speech in freshman
3:50 am
materials. how that could impact your college kid. >> ainsley: not free to speak. >> steve: come up on "fox & friends." ♪
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> carley: warning to all parents with college-aged kids. placing a great inif a famous on woke curriculum than free speech. freshman orientation materials from 50 public universities while only one third mentioned free speech more than 90% included defendant, equity and inclusion. speech first sharice joins us now. >> nice to be with you. >> ainsley: so good to have you on here. do these results surprise you. >> honestly, they don't surprise us. we were primarily curious how much they talked about diversity, equity and inclusion in it compare ton so free speech why are students reporting each other to bias reporting systems. why are they reporting it harassment for merely saying an offensive joke? this is something that we wondered are the students aware of what their free speech rights are? are they aware of the fact that they are reporting each other for constitutionally protected speech? that's primarily the reason we launched this study. we found as you mentioned some
3:55 am
really, really astonishing results. we hope that the public can understand that this is something that is just scratching the surface here. this is not something that, you know, i'm sure it's all over the country and there are so many more schools that are guilty of this that we weren't able to look at. >> ainsley: really sets the groundwork if they're learning this freshman year orientation next four years what will that look like. what was the most surprising thing you found? >> we found some really, really terrible examples. the university of nevada, las vegas actually uses the phrase white people in their definition of racism. and the sunni and uc you are bine have students take bias assessment examine or survey that actually has them match skin colors to positive and negative words and to weapons. this is something that afterwards it will tell you whether you are implicitly bias certain race. if you don't click quick enough. students are really concerned. it's planting seeds of insecurity where there were none before.
3:56 am
they are looking around and wondering if all their classmates are racist or bigoted now and willing to report each other. >> ainsley: scared to talk in class as retaliation. what schools did you find were the biggest advocates for free speech there. >> were schools laudable examples george mason university and louisiana state. these schools had students mandatorily read a handout that talks about the university's dedication to free speech and the first amendment and why it's so important in to the university experience. this is something we encourage all universities to do. and let students know that you know, this is something that you -- it's important to open discourse is very important. we launched a tip line also so students can let us know what's going on on their campus. this is something we think is super important. we want to know what else is going on. the tip line is something we encourage them to reach out to us on. >> ainsley: she is the executive director of speech first. if you want more information, you can find that online. cher his, thank you. still ahead country star joe nichols will rock the
3:57 am
all-american concert series. it is friday.
3:58 am
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and save at this isn't just freight. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you and me on a beach chair ♪ every time i look in your eyes. >> steve: live from new york
4:01 am
city as you look at the concert stage for the all-american summer concert series one hour from now our buddy joe nicoles is going to tatake the stage as you listen to him sing about sunny and 75. so, maybe in addition to being a great musician he is a frustrated weather guy because sunny and 75 sounds like the weather. and he is going to be with us very, very shortly. we will go down and talk to him. he grew up, his dad was playing base in a local band. and then when he got a little older, joe was d.j. at night and during the day he was a mechanic. >> ainsley: that's really cool. he was nominated for four grammys he said i was watching a interview with him so humble. i'm glad i didn't win them because i would have tripped on stage i wouldn't have known what to say on speech. johnny cash and clint black. just to be nominated look around saw these celebrities i'm not supposed to be here. >> steve: how cool is this. >> ainsley: sang at the grand ole appear prix green bra from a
4:02 am
girl from van der built. i was excited at first then i thought i'm at the grand ole opry. covet the spot. everyone makes fun of him for it. >> brian: get a green bra thrown at you. >> she got it back brine brian she this to prove identity. just one of the chore rureses i'm somewhere, somewhere where it's sun in and 75. and me on a beach chair. it's a couples song. >> steve: sounds like a great friday in the summer. all summer long the mclemores have been joining us. they are smoking barbecue on fox square as you can see right there. they have got all their master built here as they. >> did you detective your food inside? >> ainsley: we did looks awesome. >> naughty and nice. are you don't have to have a
4:03 am
camp fire. glizy, normally hot dog bun and bacon wrapped sausage, we decided to do it in some bite sizes on the little secures for you all to make it easier to eat. that's french toast. nothing goes better than french toast and some bacon. and then got you taken care of with the tuna and the smoked salmon. >> all the vips are getting georgia pulled pork. smoked mac and cheese. our signature recipe and baked beans with the rolls. >> brian: tuna is the catch of the day. >> i want to see you eat, brian. >> brian: i can't eat before noon. >> i want to do a "fox & friends" show at noon. >> brian: i'm coming back. >> steve: tuna from the hudson river? >> i do in the think it's from the hudson river. we do have a guest tore steve. steve, you got a gift?
4:04 am
>> ainsley: knife set. >> steve tried cut one of our recipes with a plastic knife. >> steve: i did. >> see sawing for 30 seconds. i promise you it wasn't that bad of a recipe. we got you a winco knife set. >> ainsley: they gave us a knife set last friday when you were on vacation. >> steve: fantastic. >> ainsley: so southeast y'all. >> brian: check in with you again. joe nicoles shortly four minutes after the hour. moments ago former president donald trump issuing a new statement moving this tore saturday to ripping federal authorities over the raid at his florida home. >> ainsley: trump also slamming attorney general merrick garland who announced he personally signed off on the raid. >> steve: peter doocy has the latest developments. is he on the north lawn of the white house. peter, good morning. >> peter: good morning. the attorney general did not answer any questions from reporters. but we do still know a lot more about who at the justice department thought it was appropriate to go and execute a search warrant at mar-a-lago and
4:05 am
it went all the way to the top. >> i permanently approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. the department does not take such decision lightly. where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search. >> the only reason the information garland says he wants released wouldn't come out today is if former president trump blocks it. and trump claims that's not going to happen. he writes on truth social not only will i not oppose the release of documents related to the unwarranted raid i'm going a step further by encouraging the immediate release of those documents. a trump lawyer also now responding to reporting in the "the washington post" that the justice department was searching with that warrant for materials that are related to nuclear weapons. trump himself just posted again on his social media website he says nuclear weapons issue is a
4:06 am
hoax. just like russia, russia, russia was a hoax. two impeachments were a hoax. the mueller investigation was a hoax and much more. some sleazy people involved. why wouldn't the fbi allow inspection of areas at mar-a-lago with our lawyers or others present? made them wait outside in the heat. wouldn't even let them get close. said absolutely not. planting information anyone reminds me of a christopher steele dossier. >> not on solid ground. so they had to come up with something that would potentially terrify the american public into freely giving up their constitutional freedoms. you know, if we are on the verge of nuclear war. giving up the nuclear codes. maybe it's acceptable that they violated the president's constitutional rights. >> so, president trump is making a very serious accusation there when he is suggesting that evidence could have been planted at mar-a-lago. but, by 3:00 today, there should be, down in florida, at a
4:07 am
courthouse, decision and a formal proceeding about releasing the search warrant so we will know exactly what the justice department thinks the president has. it may or may not reveal exactly what they -- a picture, a broader picture but he is making some very, very serious accusations there towards fbi agents. as for people at the white house here, they claim that they didn't even know garland was going to come out and talk until we did. they say they have no advance notice. >> brian: this is a long shot but do you have any idea what the delay was yesterday? it was the simplest address ever. i mean, what was so complex about it that they had everyone just waiting? >> peter: we don't know specifically because the justice department is going bit by bit with this. but it seems like they wanted to make sure and we saw that there was some sealed motions that were added to the search warrant, to this case right before garland came out. so it seems like they were
4:08 am
trying to make sure that they had everything firmly on legal ground. and, again today, we should know a lot about what happened. so far, the only person making any public accusations here is donald trump. he is saying the justice department and the fbi, they are in there planting evidence. they had no reason to be there our team wasn't there. we don't know exactly what the justice department was specifically doing. but, if trump sticks to his word today, and does not oppose the release of this search warrant, we should at least have some more clues about what they were doing there. >> steve: all right. >> ainsley: thank you, peter. let's bring in congresswoman elise stefanik, member of the house intel committee. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: here is the problem the doj and fbi have. they had access to trump's mar-a-lago on june 3rd.
4:09 am
then they said put a padlock on that room so that no one else can see this information. everyone thought or he thought, his staff thought they are in the clear. what happened between -- and then they go to this obama donor magistrate judge, they go to extreme measures to go into mar-a-lago in the cover of the night at 6:30 in the morning on monday. what happened between june 3rd and the beginning of this week on monday? >> well, i will tell you, ainsley, house republicans are going to follow the facts and demand accountability and transparency. the statement by attorney general merrick garland is not nearly enough. the american people deserve to know all aspects and all details. let's take a step back. this is joe biden's department of justice and fbi targeting his most likely presidential opponent in 2024. it is not news to the american people that president trump is very likely to run for president. this was incredibly an overreach. it's unamerican. and there is going to be a lot more questions from the fbi that the american people deserve.
4:10 am
i will tell you this is systemic. this is the same agency that perpetuated the russia hoax for years. that tried to undermine this administration. and this is just blatant politicization and it should concern every american. i will tell you my constituents are deeply, deeply concerned about the politicization of the fbi biden's doj. >> steve: well, of course, the fbi director was appointed by donald trump, the former president. congresswoman, if, you know, and they are just allegations and we just had a little taste of the story from the "new york times" and "the washington post." they say as peter talked a moment ago, that apparently there was a national security concern about some of the documents allegedly at mar-a-lago that they were materials from -- they were higher than top secret. they were classified higher than that as you know, they are called special access programs. and, apparently they are related to nuclear weapons. we don't know if they are our weapons. we don't know if they are another country's weapons.
4:11 am
but, if that is true. and they were just in the basement at mar-a-lago, that's kind of a big deal. >> well, certainly, steve. there has been a lot of, again, guesses as to and media reporting. we do not know the facts. which is why it is important to follow the facts wherever they lead. and that's why it's important in our oversight role on the house intelligence committee, we continue to see the fbi refuse to answer questions. when they create controversies and they overreach. and this should never be the case. congress has oversight over these agencies. we will ask those tough questions. but what i have found with director wray, even related to fbi controversies in my district, which led to the loss of life in a very deadly limousine crash. they are refusing to respond to basic congressional outreach. that is not okay. these agencies are paid for by hard-working taxpayer dollars. and if you can do this to a former president of the united states, every american is fearful. but, of course, we will always protect national security and classified information. that is important.
4:12 am
but the president has said and it's important to note, steve, that the president, when he was a sitting president, he has the right to declassify any information. >> steve: absolutely. >> there is going to be a lot mover information here that comes out when we focus on the facts. >> brian: i will say they are extremely confident that merrick garland and company are way over their skis on this. >> absolutely. >> brian: politicized it and willing to cooperate and proved it again saying hey at 3:00, open up the warrant. open up the itinerary. if you wonder by trump's distrustful. think about clapper, clinesmith, strzok, case number, comey, think about jim baker. they have all been disgraced. and basically going after him. so, if you look at the other big news today and normally would be bigger than life news. is the biggest climate change bill in the history of our nation is going to be jammed down our throats on a simply sie party line ballot. inflation reduction act. no proof it does anything to
4:13 am
inflation. is there there anything that you guys in the house can do to stop it? any democrats thinking about defecting? >> well, we are going to adamantly oppose this legislation. you are exactly right, brian. it does nothing to reduce inflation. in fact, it's going to expand inflation. it should be called the inflation expansion act. there is more focus on green new deal than any other issue in the bill. over $350 billion spent on green new deal additions. what is most co-worker to me is the 87,000 irs agents and let me tell you those agents aren't helping the american people get their tax refunds. they are focused on, again, increasing their overreach. and constituency in my district, the vast majority of the audits are for those under $70,000 for a household income. that is a significant expansion of government. that is exactly what we do not need right now. we need to absolutely stop the spending and we are going to hold democrats accountable this november. democrats who voted for the trillion dollars of spending and are now voting when we are facing 40-year high inflation.
4:14 am
they are voting for this inflation expansion act that is trying to hide the green new deal priorities that are so out of touch with the american people. and it's going to make gas prices go up. just when the american people cannot afford that. >> ainsley: if republicans take over in november would you all be able to reverse what's happening with the irs? >> we are going to do everything to reverse it. absolutely. having oversight. reducing the absolute growth. the numbers that we are talking about here, ainsley that would make the irs bigger than the staff of the pentagon, the fbi, the border patrol and state department combined. it is an army of irs agents. it is bloated government at its worst. and this is at the same time we are talking about fbi's politicization and overreach. it is unamerican. it's not the direction that the vast majority of the american people want to be seeing in this country. >> brian: 85 billion being added to the budget. 1960s technologically wise and only putting 5 billion towards moving us -- moving the technology forward.
4:15 am
$5 billion. instead they are just going to give a bunch of people who 97% are unionized and vote democrat, they are going to give them huge salaries to go out and harass the american people. it is incredible that joe manchin signed off on this. >> we will adamantly oppose it and the american people need to hold democrats accountable this november. pelosi is going to force her moderate members to vote yes. house republicans will be unified in opposition. and we will continue to make sure the american people know what democrats are trying to hide in these big legislative bloated packages. >> steve: congresswoman elise stefanik we thank you very much for telling us how you are going to vote later on today. >> ainsley: elise is my sister's name. >> thank you. >> ainsley: 50 senators who voted for this it wasn't just joe manchin. i know he changed his mind at the last minute. >> brian: he was the only one who gave me hope. senator kyrsten sinema over the last year and a half. you have promised to hopefully
4:16 am
give you was the news. >> i certainly have. i'm going to start with this. thank you, brian, so much. attorneys for scott peterson, the man convicted of killing his wife lacy and unborn child in 2002, pushing for a new trial. yesterday the 49-year-old appeared before a judge as his team argued he was not given a fair trial. and a juror was biased in 2020 the california supreme court overturned peterson's original death sentence. a superior court judge was appointed to decide if he did, in fact, receive a fair trial. a decision is expected in less than 90 days. the las vegas police department releasing body cam footage showing the arrest of marshawn lynch. the former seattle seahawks running back found sleeping in badge damaged sports car on tuesday. police say he reeked of alcohol. not only does lynch fail to comply with orders. take a look at the damage to his mustang. the left front tire is completely ripped off this is not lynch's first run in with
4:17 am
the law he was arrested in 2012 with drunk driving. the cdc easing covid-19 guidance. the new recommendation shifts away from mandates and pivot to personal choice on issues like masking. the previous guidance of 6 feet of social distancing is now optional. quarantining after covid exposure. the cdc still recommends isolation for at least five days after testing positive for the virus. and steve martin sounds like he is ready to call it a career. the actor and comedian telling the hollywood reporter current julio project only murders in the building might be his last. saying quote when this television show is done i'm not going to seek others. i'm not going to seek other movies. i don't want to do cameos. this is weirdly it. well, "fox & friends" wants to hear your favorite steve martin film. send us an email with your picks at we love to hear from the viewers especially about movies this week. >> steve: i loved the jerk and,
4:18 am
of course, the father of the bride movie. >> carley: that's a good one. cheaper by the dozen. >> ainsley: hot dogs in the grocery store i just need two gun buns, why do i have to buy six? >> steve: best movie was parenthood. that was excellent. >> brian: i will say this. i used to just sit and listen to his comedy albums i was lone little and friendless. i would put it on. >> steve: because you were lonely and he was a wild and crazy guy. >> brian: every single time he would make me laugh. will cain every single time we toss to him he gives us new information. >> ainsley: look at that shirt. >> will: thank you, ainsley, you like it. maybe i will take the tag off. [laughter] >> ainsley: mini pearl. you guys, real quickly. this has been a wonderful experience here in iowa. hiv a flight nightmare getting here. i got about 30 minutes sleep and
4:19 am
they lost my luggage. so, this is one of the shirts the producers bought me. and i have been debating whether or not i should keep it. >> ainsley: you are already wearing it take the tag off. >> brian: i thought your producers liked you. >> will: brian, you disagree with ainsley on this shirt? i don't understand. you don't like it. >> brian: it looks fantastic. >> ainsley: cute because it's so out of character for you so i like it. >> will: for me? okay. wow, now you got me thinking what is my character? i'm going to tell you this by the way the answer to the trivia question is the jerk. steve is right it is the jerk. best steve martin movie. and while we are talking about movies, here i am in iowa standing on the site of the set for field of dreams. last night the cubs and the reds took the field. cubs won 4-2 we will take you behind the scenes a little bit later. we had an awesome, amazing conversation. you do not want to miss with a baseball legend coming up a little bit later, guys. >> steve: all right. we will look for that from the field of dreams. thank you, will. >> ainsley: thank you, william.
4:20 am
>> brian: if you have seen will's luggage and not his size. >> ainsley: if you are his side just keep it. >> brian: original will cain. >> steve: he will get it eventually. coming up on this friday u.n. chief sounding the alarm after fresh russian shelling on ukraine's largest power plant general jack keane reporting for duty on the dangers coming up next. ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. what do we want delivered every month? clumping litter? salmon pate?
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♪ >> brian: massive shelling attacks at nuclear power plant largest one in europe prompting to push for demilitarized zone. the facility must not be used as part of any military operation instead urge an agreement as needed as technical level on a safe perimeter demilitarization to ensure the safety of the
4:25 am
area. here to react fox news strategic analyst retired four star general jack keane. the russians don't listen to anyone. control the plant, the ukrainians are working in it. are you concerned? >> you can't help but be concerned. several reactors added. absolutely fortunate and blessed that we haven't had a major incident given the facts that war is taking place around this very large nuclear power plant. makes a lot of sense here. create a demilitarized zone around it i would go one step further and also bring somebody in independently who is neutral to oversee the plant itself. obviously with ukrainian workforce there as well. using it as a base of operation. headquarters for them. that's why the ukrainians have interest in it. and the russians have been
4:26 am
shelling the ukrainians from the plant. obviously inducing the ukrainians to fire back. but, more importantly, being able to render casualties on the ukrainians and the ukrainians by and large are disciplining themselves in not firing back most of the time. although at times they do. this is a very dangerous situation. and we -- it should get resolved. >> brian: i want to get to the iranian deal. before we leave ukraine. i saw the explosion in crimea and at least nine aircraft, russian aircraft were destroyed. senior ukrainian military official told the "new york times" the explosions were, in fact, part of a counter attack. if that, in fact is true, what does it mean for this war? >> yeah, well, first of all, the counter attack that's taking place in north of crimea, that has gun on a very modest scale. a lot of preparation taking place in doing that. this will turn out to be a
4:27 am
turning point in the war. can ukrainians take back territory that the russians have seized and will the international community continue to support them as a result of that. if they fail to take the territory back, the ukrainians are very concerned can that the international community will begin to walk away. i mean, not precipitously, immediately, but over time. that is their fundamental concern. here, it's very interesting. i mean, the russians, first of all, denied no aircraft were damaged at this airfield, which is hundreds of miles from the battle lines. and the reality is though all the satellite photos show there is 9 or 10 airplanes that have been -- that have been destroyed. it could be as a result of ammunition plant blowing up. the ukrainians do not have weapon systems that can range that. so it could be espionage and sabotage taking place here. they obviously said that at the beginning that this is part of their counter offensive but they have provided no specifications as to what took place there.
4:28 am
the institute for the study of war has not been age to confirm that this was indeed a ukrainian attack. >> brian: let's hope it was. if you steal somebody's land you will not have one restful night. meanwhile, let's -- everybody who follows you and what you believe about this iranian deal knows you are against it. and so is any clear-thinking american. that doesn't include anyone at the white house. they are still trying to revive this nuclear deal. and now you point out the eu as proposed a major concession if in fact what is the concession, what does it mean for this deal? >> yeah, well when netanyahu seized all the documents from an iranian warehouse in tehran in 2018 and exposed it to the world it was absolutely confirmed that iran was building a nuclear weapon. he also identified a couple of sites where secret the development was taking place. something we always believed the iranians were doing. they had parallel systems. one for civil development the other for military development.
4:29 am
and the iae inspected one of those sites and found nuclear material at those sites and began much larger investigation which is ongoing. the eu is working out a deal where they will present to the iranians, they already have, that that investigation will be shut down if you'll sign the nuclear deal with the united states. another major concession. and this is the fundamental concern we all have. whether we have a nuclear deal or not, the iranians are going it pursue nuclear weapons. and we have the evidence that they have been doing that clandestinely. and here is the evidence of it and what we want to do is wash our hands of that evidence. makes another issue here surrounding this deal that makes no sense whatsoever. >> brian: as bad as the domestic policy is the foreign policy is even more concerning and almost coming up to a year since the biggest disaster in american military history and that is our evacuation from afghanistan. general jack keane, have a nice weekend. >> yeah. you too, brian. always great talking to you.
4:30 am
>> brian: same here. always educational. meanwhile, coming up on one nation over the weekend 8 and again at 11. bray onto this week. dr. oz on campaign to get that the senate seat in pennsylvania and woman named carley shimkus is going to be there. we go to grace land. 45 years since the death of elvis. why is he still hot and why is that movie so great? we'll discuss it. and because i went there and i brought a video camera, still ahead on this show, joe nicoles will rock the all-american summer concert series. but, first, he will join us live on fox square to discuss his new album and what is it like being in new york city? nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette.
4:31 am
which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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4:34 am
>> carley: we are back with a fox weather alert. flooding soaking folks in las vegas inside and outside of the casinos. rain pouring from the ceiling of planet hollywood and caesar's palace got hit bad, too. meanwhile out on the strip the streets looking more like rivers. >> this is the second time sin city has been hit with torrential rain fall in just two weeks. in the region is going to get more rain through the weekend.
4:35 am
yikes. well, it's all sunshine for the massapequa coast who are on the coast of little league history. one win away from clinching the spot in the little league world series. this would be the first time the long island program would make the tournament in its 72 year existence. massapequa faces a rematch today against tom rivers east for the decisive winner take all game. guys, outside to you. >> brian: great news in my town. >> ainsley: massapequa. >> brian: good to hear. >> steve: country singer bridging the gap between the genre's old school roots and temporary era. >> ainsley: now his new album good day tore living ushers upbeat classic influence country making it his first full length project in four years. >> brian: next year get a teleprompter out here. three time grammy award nominee joe nichols. good to see you. [cheers] >> thank you, guys.
4:36 am
>> brian: we just thank you at the end. the rest sun scripted. so what is it like to be here in new york? >> it's great, man. it's great to see the city again. i haven't been here in a few years. good to see the fans that came out today and i feel good. still the same old noises. >> ainsley: i listened to all these interviews this morning of you. i was prepping for the show. and you are so humble. i mean, you have been nominated for four grammies or more than that now? >> it's four. stuck on four for a while. >> ainsley: you deserve it you were so humble. you said if i won what would i do? i might trip when i go up on stage. memorize a speech. looking around sitting with all these celebrities. you have come so far. 20 years in nashville good friends with blake shelton. >> good friends with blake 23, 24 years. to the grammy thing, you know, i don't know, i thought about that since, if i ever won one i would rub it in everybody's face i won, you didn't.
4:37 am
i wouldn't do that. >> ainsley: you definitely will. >> steve: i am sure your family is proud. your dad played bass. when you grew up d.j. at nice. >> yes. >> during the day you fun job mechanic. >> did i all kinds of crazy stuff looking back. i was d.j. at a radio station high school midnight to 6:00 shift. >> steve: during high school? when did you sleep. >> i didn't. that's the beauty of being young back in the day. >> ainsley: during the pandemic you spent a lot of time with the girls? >> sorry? >> ainsley: you spent a lot of time with your children? >> i did. >> ainsley: those girls. >> did i what? sorry. we live? no, i did. that's one of the blessings, you know, from the pandemic i got to stay home a lot more than i usually do. i got play dad. i got go to basketball practices and do things like normal things take them to school. i was so happy to get to fall in life again. we don't spend a lot of time
4:38 am
around each over. >> brian: a lot of times can be bad. >> first six weeks she is like can you please find something to do? >> steve: was she always wearing a mask around the house? >> no. >> ainsley: she started her business during the pandemic. >> she started selling britches as she would say. she started selling athletic wear called zya she is doing really well at that. >> brian: have you been really high up. times when you felt like you hit a slump and up high again. did you change your goals along the way? >> i don't think i changed my goals. i think i changed my perspective. i'm grateful today for anything. if it ended today i would be grateful for everything that's happened. i think that changed the way i feel about everything. it changed the way i think. that's kind of what this new song good day for living is all about. seeing life from a grateful perspective no matter what the circumstance is. so, that's the one thing i think that has changed for me most from winning awards or having
4:39 am
big successful numbers with doing this or that. i think you can appreciate that if you are grateful to matter what. >> steve: sure. you are a very grounded man. explain for the folks what you have got right there. >> this is a cuff that says isaiah 11:11. i got that from a fan and matches my tattoo over here isaiah 11:11 bible verse prophecy that fits me. >> steve: you got it on the other arm, too. >> i got it on the other one psalm 91 one of my favorite verses. i like to keen connected to that big guy up there and these things remind me of when things get a little fast. i need to stop, take a break. and think about where my rest is at. and remember that no matter how many pieces i'm scattered in, he will pull me back together. >> brian: just looking at. [applause] >> brian: looking at set list going to sing all these songs. >> we're going to try. we're going to try. >> brian: all right. joe nichols, everybody.
4:40 am
[cheers] >> brian: says here i'm supposed to thank joe nichols did. i do that? i did that. plus, hearing joe perform "good day tore living" as you mentioned in the next hour and playing throughout fox nation will be able to stream the whole thing. >> we will do a whole lot. >> ainsley: thank you, joe. >> steve: all-american summer concert series hour kicks off in 20 minutes and 20 seconds. are you guys ready? [cheers] >> steve: "fox & friends" continues live from new york right after this. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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♪ >> steve: quarter before the top of the hour and another fox news alert. ohio investigators are now reporting the armed suspect who tried to storm an fbi field office with a gun and a nail gun and then let authorities on a chase was motivated by the raid on former president trump's florida home earlier this week. >> ainsley: it was a six-hour standoff ending in a hail of bullets.
4:45 am
>> brian: amazing how much stuff is going on this week,including this griff jenkins is live in washington. >> griff: it was a terrifying situation yesterday. an armed suspect identified now as ricky shiver jr. attempted to breach the visitor um screening facility at the fbi's field office before leading police on a 60-mile chase north. he was shot and killed in exchange of gunfire. listen here. >> shots fired. >> griff: we learned more details about the weapons shiffer had from that dispatcher call. >> he tried to break into the fbi building in cincinnati 96 is behind it. about 6 or 7 trying to catch up. northbound from the 32. >> fbi did confirm that he had a nail gun as well as an ar-15. >> we're maintaining right lane and 70 miles per hour. >> he has not made any movement.
4:46 am
>> ohio state police say attempts to negotiate with shiffer failed and they were left with no choice but to shoot and kill him after he fired shots at law enforcement. officials also say that shiffer may have been motivated by the recent raid at mar-a-lago. on his now deleted truth social page you can see here he is calling on followers to attack federal agents to hold them responsible. this comes after fbi director chris wray warned about threats to agents in a bureau wide email saying, quote as always, the way we maintain the trust and confidence of the american people isn't by joining in the public commentary. we do it through our work, by showing when all the facts come out, we stuck to the process, we don't cut corners or play favorites, our focus must remain on our mission and doing things in the right way no matter how loud the noise gets. finally, guys, the cincinnati fbi field office says that this
4:47 am
shooting is currently under investigation. brian, ainsley and steve? >> steve: i bet. griff, thank you very much. also nbc is reporting apparently this guy was at the january 6th riot at the capitol and they are exploring whether or not he has got ties to the proud boys. more on that later. in the meantime, a fox news alert, and the former president now lashing out at federal authorities over the raid at mar-a-lago, including a.g. garland who he -- who admits he personally signed off on the execution of that search warrant. on monday. >> ainsley: the former president demanding the immediate release of all the documents related to the raid, which could be released as soon as today. >> brian: former federal prosecutor bred tolman joins us now. he had his bluff called. what do you think we are going to see today when we look at this warrant and look possibly at what items were taken?
4:48 am
>> look they say a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich another phrase out there there is a judge for every search warrant. what we are going to see is the justification for a search warrant that was put together by the department of justice and then presented to a judge that was friendly. they have son-in-law complete control over which judge they are going to present it to. they just wait for the one that's up at that moment and then present it. >> steve: so we will probably see the search warrant sooner than later. the big question is how much it may be redacted if anything. what we really want to see. what we really need to see is the affidavit. because that's like a menu. that's where the department of justice says okay. this, this, this, and this is what is prompting us to ask for this search warrant. given the fact that there are a couple of big stories out there that it sounds like these documents involve nuclear weapons, a lot of people would like to see it but there is a possibility we never will. >> yeah.
4:49 am
there's definitely going to be redactions. both in the warrant as well as, you know, with respect to any of the justification given to the judge. the documents that were actually sought after. keep in mind, i go back to 2020 when attorney general barr was asked whether or not he was going to investigate and prosecute obama and biden for their vosmght in the russia collusion hoax that was revealed during his time as a.g. and he said not while i'm attorney general. i will not politicize the department of justice. and how -- what a short period of time between then and now when we see the department of justice lose all credibility in pursuing the former president on an issue they could have received all the documents, they could have worked with them, with their lawyers. and had no reason to go this route. >> ainsley: i want to talk about the judge, this magistrate judge. he recused himself in a case earlier with trump and hillary clinton. why didn't he recuse himself in this? because he said he had bias. he has given money to barack
4:50 am
obama. did they shop around to different judges, you think, until they found the one that would sign off on this? >> you know, typically, ainsley, the judges will have a rotation. it's predictable rotation. so, the agents and the assistant u.s. attorneys, the department of justice, they know which judge is up at which time. they would have presented it at the time that they believed that they had a favorable judge that would have reviewed it and was willing to grant the department's request. i think the biggest issue here is what people aren't talking about in the department of justice. is that they operate in a vacuum. they don't have somebody on the inside saying to the attorney general just because we can should we? and, instead, they operate with yes people around them, who simply want to pursue these because they think that the ends justify the means. >> brian: brett, i appreciate that inside information. but there is also a logic. there is a reason why this has never been done before.
4:51 am
and merrick garland either is taking the fall or decided that i want to make news like this and i think it's going to blow up in his face. brett tolman, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: all right. meanwhile, check this out. go to the authority something been doing for overrer day last two weeks watch illegal immigrants cross in texas, get on a bus, sign a waiver, and then let the -- get out at the port authority in new york city. >> ainsley: this is the second bus this morning that has come in to the port authority from texas. >> steve: it is. of course, famously you have seen over the last couple of months the buses that were shipping migrants courtesy of the state of texas first wound up going to the district of columbia and then the district of yum i can't mayor a few weeks ago was complaining about what was going on and saying that the people on the buses were tricked into getting on and watch these migrants get off. >> brian: look at them. got their little bags. >> steve: this time going to new
4:52 am
york city. >> steve: doesn't look like anybody is tricked. happy to be there those are probably city officials. people who are going to try to help process them and try to find a place for them to stay although i was reading in one of the local papers this morning that apparently people at some of the other shelters who are trying to be processed either because the migrants are coming in, they don't have room. or the migrants can't find room as well, so there are a number of people who are coming to new york city and immediately saying, you know what? i'm going to go some place else. it's not just for the crime. although that was a story we were talking about earlier this week. they didn't feel it was safe. >> ainsley: the governor of texas and mayor of new york have had sparring words exchanged between the two of them. because the governor of texas says we can't handle this many migrants so i'm going to ship them off to these sanctuary cities cities that have encouraged these migrants to come across the border. once they get to these cities like here in new york city, our mayor, eric adams is saying don't send them here. we don't have the resources. we want fema money.
4:53 am
we -- some of them are calling in the national guard like muriel bowser down in d.c. and our mayor here in new york said i'm going to send a bus down to texas to campaign against the governor there, governor abbott and he says bring it on. he says i don't think the people in texas will appreciate having new yorkers come and tell them who to vote for. >> brian: the buses aren't usually packed we see between 20 and 60 people. >> ainsley: mostly men. >> brian: they are here because they want to be here. they don't seem to be somebody in the middle of adversity. they wouldn't normally fit the criteria of people who need sanctuary. they think our country is better than theirs. they are probably right. we can't do it with everyone. we can't take on other country's populations and have no immigration system. there is not another country in the world that would allow thousands of people up to 4 million over the next two years and put into their social welfare system. i don't care how great they are. how smart they are. how hard they are willing to work. this is not the way it's supposed to work.
4:54 am
and you have an administration and a president who will fully ignore this which is going to be so interesting is the mayor of new york city and the mayor bowser of d.c. have asked for federal help. it is out there. somehow the white house has got to answer. are they going to answer and give federal help to these little inconveniences these cities get including the one we are in right now and ignore whether a to do in small town america in arizona, new mexico, and california and especially in texas? we have the audacity to do that? >> steve: well, the city -- rather, the district of columbia asked for national guard again yesterday. and they were denied. will they get cash? don't know. the danger for the new yorkers though that are going to be sent to texas though to campaign against governor abbott is they will probably love texas. they may never come back to new york city. >> ainsley: yeah, right? the taxes there are a lot better. who wants to go on a bus campaign to a state you don't live in. hand it over to adam klotz he
4:55 am
has a special guest with him. >> adam: i have a very special guest out here owen luke. the best dressed man in rockway. best dressed man at all-american concert series all summer long. >> thank you. >> adam: you have a book called the best dressed man in rockway. you have known for this. absolutely. can you tell me a little bit about your style and your fashion and what it takes? >> you know, it has been a growing process, right? and i just go and it just jumps out at me, right? walk into a store and this blazer just jumped out and i bought it. >> adam: you never wear the same thing twice. >> of course not. you couldn't do that how could you wear the same thing twice? >> adam: i have worn this before. people at home have seen this suit before. how would you tell me to dress? any ideas? >> that suit is conservative. >> adam: conservative. >> it looks good. we can add a little bling to it, i think. and this would make it a little better, yes.
4:56 am
>> adam: a little bit of bling. >> little bit of bling never hurts. >> adam: people ask for advice how to look sharper when they are planning anything special. >> all my friends come up to me all the time ask me to take them shopping, yes. happens all the time. >> adam: it's your birthday we have a little birthday surprise for you. >> happy birthday. >> adam: happy birthday, owen. we are celebrating out here. we are tossing it back in to you guys. >> steve: thank you and all my wishes always come true. >> adam: steve, throwing it in to you. steve all right, adam thank you very much. a lot of fun outside. be out there in four minutes. critics have been calling out the "new york times" liberal bias for years. but this my actually take the cake. former opinion editor bari weiss now revealing a behind the scenes fight at the paper that took place over an op-ed pitched by senator tim scott who at the time was one of the leading lawmakers working on a police reform bill. listen to this.
4:57 am
>> there was a discussion about the piece and whether or not we should run it and one colleague, a more senior colleague said to a more junior colleague pushing for the piece: do you think the republicans really care about minority rights? >> wow. >> and the more junior colleague said i think tim scott cares about minority rights. and then and here is the pretty shocking part. the more senior colleague said: let's check with senator schumer before we run it. and the colleague, the younger one refused. >> steve: and that op-ed by tim scott never got published. what's up with that? fox news contributor joe concha joins us right now. joe, i think the scariest thing in that whole passage is the fact that before we run it we have to call up chuck schumer and he will give us the green light. who is running the paper. >> disturbing but not surprising, steve. yeah, who is running the paper. we hear from the times a lot
4:58 am
about diversity and we can all get in front of it in numerous. the most important kind of diversity is the diversity of thought and ideas. we are both old enough to remember the violent summer of 2020, right when senator tom cotton, republican, former military. wrote an op-ed in the "new york times" regarding using the national guard, if riots get out of control. if you look at polling at the time, this proposal was like a 50/50 toss-up worthy debate writer at the "new york times" revolt the against the editor. james bennett he only won a pulitzer shown the door a couple days later showing the audacity publishing this piece from cotton. tim scott, the only black republican senator writing about police reform in this editor saying we should check with chuck schumer shows so many decision makers at the "new york times" are not there to serve the public but serve at the pleasure of the democratic party. that ain't journalism, steve, it's activism. >> steve: it sure is. here is from the same podcast. senator tim scott in the
4:59 am
discussion about that. he just heard what she had to say about how they had to check with chuck schumer first. here's what he said. >> i am disappointed to hear that. i am not surprised to hear that. there is something in national media that wants to frame any conservative, particularly black conservatives, as being disingenuous or insincere or a tool for the conservatives. when, in fact, the black community is consistently as conservative as any community. >> steve: joe? >> just ask clarence thomas, right, the way he is portrayed or dr. ben carson. bears repeating i will be quick here, steve, the "new york times" has not endorsed a republican presidential candidate since dwight d. eisenhower. we are talking 14 straight presidential elections which means endorsing mcgovern, carter, mondale, decaucus and kerry. the "new york times" is called
5:00 am
the paper of record. it's really not. what they did to tim scott is deplorable and i'm glad that bari weiss who used to work to the "new york times" and not going to be invited to cpac any time soon was quite to the left able to call it out and expose it for what it was. >> steve: i have a feeling the "new york times" could actually endorse a republican for president if chuck schumer tells them to. [laughter] >> probably. >> steve: joe, thank you very much. >> have a good weekend. >> steve: you too. i will see you over at the market basket, the grocery store in our town. by the way we did reach out to the "new york times" for a statement. they have not gotten back to us. all right. hour three of "fox & friends" ed"13 seconds ago.
5:01 am
♪ ♪ whatever you are drinking, that's what i'm drinking, girl, you are calling the shots tonight ♪ whatever you are thinking ♪ that's what i'm thinking ♪ tell me what you got ♪ so i can say yeah, yeah ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ she brought me a cup ♪ and i tried a little groovy she asked if i liked it ♪ so i said yeah >> brian: there are some singers who sound totally different when they speak as opposed to when they sing. he sounds exactly the same joe nichols. we interviewed him a few minutes ago and now out playing for an
5:02 am
hour straight. cover it on fox nation. bump in and out and complete song at the end. joe nichols. very positive upbeat guy. ible it would be joe nichols no controversy. age. >> ainsley: funny, very real. family guy, has kids. he has a beautiful wife. he talked a little bit about the pandemic and spending time with his kids and being able to go to all these games and fall more in love with his wife. and he has scriptured tattooed on both arms. >> steve: part of that could be so he shows you his biceps. we talked about that earlier. >> ainsley: we don't mind. >> steve: that could be part of the equation. anyway, a great guy, and he is our featured performer in the all-american summer concert series. >> brian: you are saying if you have a good body and watching us right now, get a tattoo. >> ainsley: and then show off your body? >> brian: that's the message. >> steve: geraldo is coming up. he has a number of tattoos. >> brian: how many do you think? want to bet?
5:03 am
>> steve: over 10. >> brian: i say six. six tattoos. >> steve: plus 10. let's see. >> brian: when was the last tattoo. >> ainsley: i'm doing that interview. how do i ask him? steve: we ask him in the green room. >> ainsley: all right. >> steve: in the meantime, if you would like to watch joe nichols go to fox because it is streaming live and at in the meantime. in the last couple minutes donald trump issued new statement ripping accusations that he smuggled classified documents about nuclear weapons out of the oval office and into mar-a-lago. >> brian: that came across in the "the washington post" about 8:00 last night, eastern. trump also slamming attorney general merrick garland who announced he personally signed off on the raid. >> ainsley: peter doocy has the latest development from the white house. peter, will we see these warrants today, you think? >> peter: we might. that is because a court in florida is ordering that by 3:00 p.m. today, the justice department and the trump team both need to agree, both need to
5:04 am
sign off on unsealing this search warrant and trump claims that he is not going to block it. he said online, quote: not only will i not oppose the release the of documents related to the unamerican, unwarranted and unnecessary raid, i'm going a step further by encouraging the immediate release of those documents. we know the trump team was in contact for months with the justice department about documents. and some were turned over. "the washington post" is reporting that the justice department thought he was holding out on them and keeping documents related to nuclear weapons. so, to that allegation, trump writes: nuclear weapons issue is a hoax. just like russia, russia, russia was a hoax. two impeachments were a hoax. the mueller investigation was a hoax. and much more. some sleazy people involved. why wouldn't the fbi allow the inspection of areas at mar-a-lago with our lawyers or others present? made them wait outside in the heat. wouldn't let them get even close. said absolutely not.
5:05 am
planting information anyone? reminds me of a christopher steele dossier. the white house claims they are not involved with any of this. the attorney general says he is the one pulling the strings. >> i personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. the department does not take such decision lightly. where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search. >> peter: so, the president trump, former president trump is alleging that fbi was at his house planting evidence but if this search warrant is released today. unsealed today then we will see exactly what evidence the justice department thinks he had and what evidence they went in thank you for that. it doesn't necessarily mean that they released it at 3:00 today.
5:06 am
that's for that judge. it's just amazing because if you look, let's say there is a top secret intelligence tab of the president took out. no doubt about it compared to hillary clinton and her emails, running for president no one rated her house. she took her time handing over the emails. if anthony wasn't such a mutant on his laptop we wouldn't even know what else hillary clinton did irresponsibly. she was still favored to win back the presidency until the last day. they wait for this former president to leave and they rate his compound and we still don't know >> although there are a coupleoe relating to nuclear weapons. let's bring in >> matt, good morning to you. so the nuclear weapon changes.
5:07 am
and it's not like they didn't turn over a menu from the state dinner or a napkin or note from kim jong un. this apparently is alleged to be . >> we can't talk about that, steve. >> you can, absolutely right. its way can expect to see today. of the deadline was 3:00, donald trump is now encouraging the department of justice to release the subpoena. when are we going to see it and will we ever see the affidavit which is a road map to why they wound up there? >> you are right and good morning and greetings from iowa. this is subpoena and the search warrant together with the inventory is going to tell us a little bit. what is going to be a really frustrating i think for a lot of us that are following very closely is that the inventory is going to be redacted. we saw that in the department of justice motion yesterday.
5:08 am
so anything that is going to be classified or name will be described in a very generic fashion. i'm not sure that just the cover page of the warrant in the inventory will get us what you want. to your point what we really want to see and what i think most people that have law enforcement experience want to see is the sworn affidavit that actually lays the probable cause. and the reason for this search of more lago. it could include statements from individuals who had recent knowledge of what is that more lago and thus most important thing that i'm not sure we will ever see that or if we do it won't be until a case is charged a federal law enforcement told
5:09 am
her that it came from a secret service member. we obviously don't know if that is the case, but that is what wt the forces are telling him or. can you imagine or his family or members of mar-a-lago? >> so i know the judge has been controversial but the standard is typically that you want the probable cause and the information that supports probable cause issue warrant to be fresh and so they will have to have had someone with recent knowledge of where the semblance was and the crime allegedly committed would be. and so, there has been a lot of speculation who or if, but it seems to me that would be typical situation you would have in a person with recent knowledge that had talked to the fbi about this confidential or classified information. >> brian: so mad, the way we
5:10 am
understand it june 6th, is there anything that you need, i appreciate what you do but june 2nd someone comes forward and it might have been secret service who said he has top-secret stuff that you should take a look at and here is where it is located. so they decided to cut off information. they get the warrant but they still hold onto the warrant for a couple of days and at such an emergency. they have to wait until we leave so he doesn't cause a scene to new york city. they rated his place in the way not to create a firestorm. how is it that they can slide up with guards, take over a compound for nine hours with the fbi along with a real -- i think aerial airplanes and think it will not create a firestorm? how much of an emergency to hold onto a warrant for a couple of days and don't do anything? >> brian, you are absolutely
5:11 am
right. this is a complete firestorm. it does demonstrate how on the fifth floor of the department of justice, merrick garland said one thing that i disagree with. obviously doj policy, they need to use the least obtrusive to obtain the evidence. and they went in with dozens of agents to execute a search warrant. there had to be away to not cause a firestorm. they didn't want to do it but they wanted this attention. i think they wanted to demonstrate... >> brian: really, they wanted this attention, they wanted this attention you think? >> brian, they were so many other ways to get this information. they could have negotiated or turned up the heat with a second subpoena. they took this step and they crossed the line and intentionally did and knew it would cause this firestorm and now they have it. it seems to me they didn't get
5:12 am
what they wanted so they issued a search warrant and they tried to walk it back. it will be interesting in the coming days, days what we learn. >> steve: january 6, did they try to pull out things for an investigation? matt, thank you for joining us from iowa but why are you in iowa? field of dreams? >> i was at the field of dreams and i'm going to the iowa state fair. >> ainsley: really? >> of course, working at the corn dog stand. >> steve: out of curiosity are you wearing bermuda shorts right now? >> i don't want to talk about what is on my lower half. you are a professional. you know how this works. >> ainsley: we don't want to tell that classified information either. at the iowa state fair, they have those jars and you can put -- but that is uc don't back usually a election year.
5:13 am
>> steve: still have something wrapped in bacon. >> it will be fried for sure. >> brian: from iowa, exactly. meanwhile, breaking news from the last hour or so ago, the last time we sell buses from texas that showed up in new york city was on wednesday. and just within the last half hour two or three more buses showed up, as you can see the my parents from texas are streaming out into new york city. where they go next, we don't know. they didn't know until those people who are shaking their hands read, okay, we have an address right here. go to this address and we will take care of you. >> ainsley: evidence sending them to new york city and the mayor is not happy. they are trying to get fema money but fema is denying the money. we will see. the homeless shelters are apparently filling up and the two mayors calling abbott two
5:14 am
stops in them. meanwhile, they were for this and love the sanctuary cities. they encourage them to come across but now they are complaining once they are in their city. >> brian: let's think about this you have governor abbott trying to take attention at the border and all his texas rangers but he has to pay for his own national guard to wrinkle people. when you don't build the wall, he's got to build his own wall and higher bus drivers to both people away from his state because they are overrun in small-town america is is overrun. because new york city, which prides itself to be able to absorb swats of people around the world is complaining. get this, some of the illegals are complaining about the combination so they are taking some of the charity money and going to washington, d.c. some of the homeless people are saying, how come the illegals are getting priority and being treated better than me?
5:15 am
total chaos! >> ainsley: remember a few days ago we were talking about the bus pulling in and the mayor went to greet migrants off of the bus. he said, where are all the migrants? there are only 14 of them and i thought there were dozens of them. apparently, the bus stopped along the way and let people off. i don't know if that's where they wanted to be dropped off but stopping along the way and letting them go where they want to go. we interviewed a share from dade county, georgia, that said that is what happens. some of the buses going to new york city stop in his county in georgia and some of the migrants wanted to go there. gleason. >> we've received information that buses are dropping off at the truck stop we've got a call from the store that they are down here doing it. based off the conversation, the bus driver and the sheriff's opinion to get off that they were close enough to chattanooga to walk which is absolutely not
5:16 am
true. and they just dropped them off in the middle of the country. there was nothing down there except the truck stop, farmhouses and farmland. leaving them there is stable essentially establishing a homeless camp. he made a phone call to the bus driver asking them not to drop them off. it is not essentially you made to drop somebody off in the middle of nowhere and expect them to fend for themselves. >> steve: with the sheriff told us was, you know, about to start in texas and end up in new york or washington, d.c., but a lot can happen between here and there because apparently people on the bus communicating with the driver. we want to go to chattanooga, tennessee. why don't we get off here? not walking distance of taking that advice, they would be in for a short surprise. ultimately, of texas is hiring the buses to send them to new york or washington, they probably should have the same number of people at the end as they do at the beginning.
5:17 am
>> brian: try to go to canada and they don't do that an end there are people kicked off going to baseball games. they have the proper i.d. going into canada and mexico is much stricter. in america, we let everybody in and don't seem to care. it overruns our social welfare system. nowhere in the country would we do this. >> ainsley: we are americans and in order to get back into our country, we have to show our passport and i.d. >> steve: so maybe 100 people in new york city courtesy of the state of texas. now, where will they go? stay tuned. >> brian: meanwhile charlie carley shimkus had to show her i.d. to get into work. >> a tragic update on ann heche is not expected to survive her injuries as crashing mini cooper into los angeles home last week sparking a fire.
5:18 am
the representative for the the representative, kept on life support to see if her organs can be donated. the l.a.p.d. reportedly investigating ann heche for felony dui after a woman inside the home told authorities she suffered injuries. nancy pelosi san who joined the house speaker on her controversial trip to taiwan is the second largest investor in $22 million chinese telecom company. a new report revealed served as a consultant at one point and he was awarded 700,000 shares of stock for his services making him the company's fifth largest shareholder. the speaker claims joined her as an export and her son had no business dealings during the trip. listen to this, 5,000 sailors and marines that san diego seven months ago on the u.s. set abraham lincoln aircraft carrier in 20 of them returned home as fathers, meeting their babies
5:19 am
for the first time and reporting for dad duty. >> how does it feel? >> pretty good. i've been holding her the whole time. >> i been looking forward for this moment. and so to have this moment right here. >> the little ones, you saw, her name reagan and maverick and may be a "top gun" reference. how cute is that guy? >> steve: i was actually born when my father was stationed in germany and given the way the u.s. army worked back then, they immediately sent my dad home when i was 18 months old. >> brian: wow! >> steve: the first time when i was a year and a half old and my mom was delighted to see him because there was a big bug in the bathrooms that that needed killing. >> ainsley: that is what she said? >> steve: no. >> ainsley: tell the audience.
5:20 am
>> steve: anyway thank you, carley. >> ainsley: coming up geraldo rivera would join us but first, here performing "hawaii on me." ♪ ♪
5:21 am
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>> ainsley: it is one of america's most infamous murder cases, new now scott peterson the man accused of killing his wife lacey an unborn child 20 years ago is pushing for a new trial. as his legal team get a fair wir to geraldo rivera has covered the case extensively from the beginning and joins us to react, good morning, geraldo. >> look, we match. >> ainsley: we do. we didn't even call each other or text each other and we look at it. tell us why he wants a new trial and he thinks he deserves it? >> he believes this malignant, narcissist no doubt whatsoever in my heart of hearts killed his pregnant wife lacey and unborn son, connor. this selfish man who wanted to have an affair with amber frei and play golf. he is claiming now that one of the 12 jurors who convicted him -- i remember initially he was convicted and sentenced to
5:26 am
death, but then later when they put the death penalty on hold in california and his sentence retried in life without parole. he is suggesting that one of the 12 jurors that convicted him, rachel by name was a liar and she lied when she was question by mark guerra goes as to her background in terms of domestic violence and she filled out the form, she did not mention the fact that the juror, rachel, had an incident with the boyfriend and had protected border and had some history of domestic violence in her life and was not frank about her experience, her history. and then came to the trial, the defense now alleges, and because of her prejudiced and the fact she herself had been abused and
5:27 am
biased against scott peterson. i call bogus on that. i think she made an honest mistake. in any case, this guy is 100% guilty. >> ainsley: she said no when asked by his attorney if she could bank her decision entirely on evidence in court and not outside pre-existing opinions or attitudes. peterson no longer has the attorney working the case but it is strange, geraldo because she sent a series of letters to him in prison as well which i found to be odd but what do you think the judge will decide and how long does the judge have? >> that is a great question. i think we will hear eminently but rachel has been a real attention seeker. she had flaming, red hair at the time of the trial. they had various nicknames for her. she was someone who complained bitterly that other jurors had gotten rich off of this case where she did not.
5:28 am
but to me, all of that is irrelevant. the fact of the matter, today, a man who killed his pregnant wife and then took her out on his fishing vote, dumped her into te bay where her body washed ashore along with the fetus, washed ashore. he is a guy captured heading to the mexico border and he has $15,000. he had camping equipment, he had cell phones, he dyed his hair blonde and he had a goatee with his driver's license -- give me a break. this guy is exactly, ainsley, where he deserves to be with the rest of his rotten light behind bars. >> ainsley: laci's family agrees with the jury. the mlb built and the fans came here the iconic field of dreams
5:29 am
for a second season. will cain is on deck to wrap up the coverage there. but first here is joe nichols performing on the fox square. ♪ ♪ you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ shingles. some describe it as an intense burning sensation or an unbearable itch. this painful, blistering rash can disrupt your life for weeks.
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>> steve: last night was the night to remember at the field of dreams in dyer's field, iowa where the cubs beat the reds 4-2. >> ainsley: checking in with will cain following last night's big game, hey, bill, you changed. >> hey, ainsley, i did. it is a little cold here in august in iowa but still a long sleeves, but it was a warm. and most of the action early in the game, the first couple of innings. but steve, ainsley, brian i had one of the most unique experiences in my career. i'm here standing on the set of
5:34 am
field of dreams with a movie about fathers and sons. and the cy young award winner and hall of famer john. we are talking about the movie. we are talking about fathers and sons, and then john turns to me and really says something to me throughout my career and i don't know i've ever been this floored. this is what he said. i lost my dad this morning and it is the memories and i met so much peace because he will be at peace. he is a guy loved life, loved people, love to laugh, love to learn. i learned through all the things he had taught me and the most competitive guy. he taught me the game of baseball that i grew to love. my dad never missed a little league game. and the efforts he went about to be in the stands cheering as loud as anybody. and then the big leagues come about and i can't imagine what that was like for him sitting in the stands watching me pitch
5:35 am
game 7 until i had a daughter plaguing or a sun plaguing sitting they were going "that is ten times more unbelievable." i have such predation for his passion. it plays out for everything i do, his faith in everything he taught me. >> so we did that interview moments after we wrapped up "fox & friends" and it was about 8:30 a.m. central time and he had lost his dad hours before. i was so floored that he sat there with me for 20 minutes. we had a long conversation and i encourage you to check it out on the will cain podcast the 20 minute conversation on youtube. he told me this, guys, my dad would have wanted me to be here. he was big on showing up. on the call for the game last night for fox. i was just so warmed that he showed up not just for me but for fox and shared all of that with us. it really does represent, "yes, this game, baseball, yes this
5:36 am
field of dreams, but also with the theme was come about us, fathers and sons in america." it was a special moment and i wanted to share it with you three on one "fox & friends." >> steve: it gave us chills when we heard him say that. we were wondering, how can you go on? but you are absolutely right. it is what is dad would want him to do. i know you have been there two years and deeply impacted by the dad and son plaguing catch, which i used to do with my son. i got a feeling you would love to take your kids back there next year, but i don't think they are going to play next year. >> no, they will take a year off, steve. they will try to build this up into a permanent stadium. hopefully, baseball returns on an annual basis. i think it is time for baseball. i think it is healthy for america. steve, i lost my dad in 2001, so it is true those relationships mean a lot to me.
5:37 am
and i have two of my own son and i hope to bring that back here, major league baseball returns. i hope that i return. >> steve: it is a beautiful place, it is heaven. >> ainsley: you have to take your sons if you go back. you can take them fishing, so cute, they would love that game. really special, thank you so much, will. >> brian: this is video and audio will podcast video, right? >> thank you, brian. it is up on youtube, the podcast you can look at the will cain podcast. >> steve: 's great work thank you very much. come on back home. i bet your luggage beat you home. >> who knows, ainsley don't make ainsley come i will be wearing this on "fox & friends." >> ainsley: in new york now, don't miss your flight. >> steve: we will be watching tomorrow. will, great job. you bet. coming up on this friday,
5:38 am
president biden says inflation zip, zero, zilch. >> zero. our economy had 0% inflation in the month of july. >> steve: okay, why is he still pushing the massive bill called the inflation reduction act? we will talk to congressman chip roy on the irony coming up but first be 15 reporting live on the fox square. ♪ ♪
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ask your health care provider about the ozempic® tri-zone. announcer: you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ♪ ♪ >> i personally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. the department does not take such decision lightly. where possible, it is standard process to seek less intrusive means to an alternative search. unbelievable fox news alert attorney general personally signed off on the fbi raid at mar-a-lago is the former president demands to release the documents to it. he is not standing in the way but the opposite to it. chip roy joins us now. i want to see everything and let the public see everything. is that a good move? >> good morning, brian. the attorney general nominee of
5:44 am
the current president and former president sagging he personally approved all of this is a little troubling. but yesterday, oh, we are even for the hinted application of the law. give me a break. he says in essence, trust us, the doj going after parents for simply showing up at school board meetings. trust the federal government that has the dhs leaving the borders wide open going after the border patrol agents to secure the border. trust him with the cdc, who came out and said don't worry that stuff about quarantines and vaccines, forget all of that even though your kids shoved in a corner wearing a mask and have health issues. it trust the government destroying ukraine and doesn't know where it's going. give me a break, they asked us to trust this department of justice and debates of the american people. should they understand sick and tired of bureaucrats. that is why the republican party needs to make a strong commitment to the american people that we will defund the tierney, defined the bureaucrats attacking the american people on a daily basis. >> brian: the fbi do they have
5:45 am
a choice of told to go into any compound, do they have to do it? do you fault the agents who went in? >> i will never fold the line of the men and women serving law enforcement community whether the police on the streets in texas or fbi agents. listen i was a former government prosecutor and i worked with the fbi, atf and the line shares are great patriots. i fault the politicians and the head of the department of justice. the head of department of security and the president of the united states for politicizing, politicizing law enforcement agencies. i do not fulfilling people doing their job and following orders. that is true the department of defense as well and messing it up from the top. >> brian: let's talk about what will be happening, you are the minority by four or five votes and the house will pass the $700,000,000,000.000000000 reduction bill. it doesn't reduce the deficit. what it does manchin/omer greenville and what can you do
5:46 am
to stop this? >> this bill is terrible and hiring this to target americans will not target the rich but have disproportionate impact on the poor and middle-income families. you have this green new deal which is chasing in the energy tennessee policies trying to power our country with wind and solar on the cloud the cloud of the winless days and absolutely absurd in china in the process. what they ought to do, we should deny them physical and i wouldn't play their game lying in the area with 175 people by proxy. if this passes today and i assume it will, they don't give a whit about the american people doing the right thing. we should defined all of these entities and commit to repealing this bill on day one if the american people give us the power and the control into the house. we should buy this with everything we have. no more speeches, no more hearings, coming day one, we
5:47 am
will shut this government down, shut it down and until they stop going after the american people. stop screwing them with high gas prices and stops handing the fbi and going after parents when they want to fix their schools and republicans show up to the party and actually fight. >> brian: congressman, i hear you and only will the democrats welcome that fight, they think they will win it because american people they think will like it that much. they want to get the other $2 trillion that joe manchin left on the table. so, we will see what happens in november and i think it will be a clear-cut decision. chip roy, think you. >> thanks, brent god bless. >> brian: a good day for living on fox square but first, dana perino. >> i will be listening. i love joe nichols, we made it to party but a big show up ahead. before we get to the weekend. on mar-a-lago today, president trump is fine with that in andy mccarthy,
5:48 am
shannon bream, on the latest in florida. there was a vote in congress that will raise taxes on all of us and increase your chances of getting audited by 87,000 new irs agents but how many members in congress will hide behind the rules and cast their vote by proxy question market is ridiculous. republican jason's minutes will be here in the cdc relaxes covid rules and they should help everyone get back to normal but will the new rules allow to play in the u.s. open? we will see you at 9:00. high cholesterol. heart disease. 17 fad diets... 5 kids... 3 grandkids... 1 heart attack. and 18 passwords that seem to change daily. with leqvio, john can lower his cholesterol— and so can you. when taken with a statin, leqvio is proven to lower bad cholesterol by over 50%
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>> all right, how much did you enjoy that? [cheers and applause] we know that you've been singing for the last hour. i cannot wait. [laughter] >> we have you covered. >> where can we find out about your tour? >> it is called "good day for a living." you can find me in baton rouge tonight. tomorrow, texas.
6:00 am
just outside of austin, texas. minnesota, wisconsin. >> wow, look at that. do you know how busy you are? do you mind taking all of these people with you to baton rouge tonight? [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much. download some of his music to show your appreciation. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you guys. ♪ ♪ >> dana: former president trump backs of the unsealing of the search warrant on his florida home, and we could see you later today. good morning. i am dana perino. bill has the day off. >> i'm sandra smith. this is "america's newsroom." cam last night, gave the thumbs up on releasing those documents after merrick garland's of the doj had moved to unseal that warrant. in the list of items seized by


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