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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 13, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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book. and don't forget to follow one nation, and fall me on twitter, facebook. dan bongino starts right now. dan: fox news learned from lawyers that trump's lawyers certified there were no classified documents at mar-a-lago. i will give you my game plan how conservatives can clean house and salvage what is left of our broken republic. is the left trying to frame trump again?
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first, fox news alert. brand-new information tonight confirming trump did not have classified information at his mar-a-lago residence. lucas tom lynn on has the latest live from washington, d.c. >> two sources confirmed to fox a lawyer for the former president certified no classified material remains at his mar-a-lago club. the raid took place after weeks of negotiations between the fbi and trump's lawyers. one set labeled tssci, the last one the most concerning because it contained some of the highest levels. the former president said in a new post about the raid, does anybody believe the white house didn't know about this?
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witch hunt. trump's lawyers say he can declassify items. "the washington post" reported the fbi agents were look for documents related to nuclear weapons. trump called that information a hoax suggesting the fbi planted information. this is james comey in 2016 concerning hillary clinton. >> the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. reporter: john bolton told cbs trump would often ask intelligence briefers if he could keep sensitive documents. the fbi is lost, it's broken, irredeemably corrupt.
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the inexcusable raid on trump's home. it's time to clean up the fbi house. they have burned every last shred of faith and trust the american people had. libs out there, no one has been a stauncher defender of the fbi than me. i was the one defending them all the time. i have been a federal agent and put my butt on the line. but what the fbi did to donald trump wasn't law enforcement, it's tyranny. i use that word specifically. i use my words deliberately on this show. we were warned about fbi
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corruption decades ago. >> most of the time in our country we didn't have these institutions. woodrow wilson used the fbi to spy on american citizens and arrest them if they disagreed with the war in europe. it seems like the fbi was designed to spy on americans who disagreed with foreign policy. dan: it's not like the democrats haven't warned us. remember his gem from chuck schumer right before trump took office in. >> the intelligence community has six ways of sunday to get back at you. even for a hard nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this. >> what do you think the intelligence community would do. >> i don't know, but what from what i am told, they are upset
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about the way he has treated them and talked about them. dan: i'm upset about a lot of things. but i don't go spy on them and raid their compound. the constitution doesn't guarantee our rights. it merely acknowledges our natural-born rights from god. just because the fbi can abuse its power doesn't mean it should abuse its power. it's a glue that hold us together. together.. justice scalia said it all. the bill of rights. the disgraceful abuse of power by the fbi isn't new. it's been going on for decades. here is a quick refresher of the
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fbi history here. these stories are what the fbi wasn't busy were biz are you working to erode the trust of the american people. no one has been a bigger defender of the guys i worked with. then there is spygate. we have the names of the spies. but they knew the steele dossier was fake and proceeded to draght americans through the russian scam for years. here is james comey. he thinks he's funny about evading white house protocol to tramp the trump team. >> how did two fbi agents send up with the same room? how did that happen? >> i sent them. something i probably wouldn't have done or probably gotten away with in a more organized
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administration. the fbi wanted to send agents into the white house itself to interview a senior official you would work through the white house counsel and there would be discussions and approvals. i thought it's early enough, let's just send a couple guys over. dan: he's hilarious. a smart ass. the fbi director. the fbi's abuse of power is nothing new. then there is the ongoing hunter biden laptop probe that the fbi downplayed before the 2020 election. on behalf of millions of americans, let me say of course it was real. doesn't that seem a tad bit politically created.
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it was turned over by hunter biden and signed a signature that looks like hunter biden's because it was hunter biden and he has an address that was hunter biden's. it's just the latest example of the fbi betraying us. us. hunter biden goes on vacation with jill and joe. >> if we do not defend it, democracy simply will not stand. >> my former political party is fully anti-democracy it's a fascist political party. >> the threat trump poses to democracy. >> now the left sees no problem with the fbi's abuse of power
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against them. we can all complain and condemn the fbi, but that doesn't fix anything. the freedom of information act. you have got to get documents under foia. no big deal. except they will stonewall you until you give them up. abolish the fisa court. it's goose for one thing, spying on donald trump. we have been there and seen it. you want a warrant, there is a process for that. it's called getting a warrant. it's in that thing called the constitution. there is an app for that. fire director of the fbi wray. here is how many craps i give about the fact that trump appointed him.
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zero. the fbi is acting with blatant bias. >> i communicated consistently since i started as director that our folks need to make sure they are not just doing the right thing, but they are doing it in the right way, and they avoid even the appearance of bias or objectivity. is there a laugh track in the studio? can you pull that up? fire anyone involved in the raid. i don't want to hear any more rank and file. i saw stuff i didn't like i left. you swore an oath to the constitution. if you played any role in this raid you should be gone. time to clean house. draining the swamp has to be a top priority, whoever the gop puts in the white house. it's hard to stand by and watch the fbi erode trust and trample our constitutional rights.
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polls are showing 77% of likely voters are -- are motivated to vote after the raid on trump's home. i am talking to conservatives. don't get bad it into this violence nonsense. we can't afford to get complacent and just coast to victory in november. if i wasn't stuck in my regular studio i would genuflect and get down on my knees. get it together, man, you have guns, you have badges, people trust you. there have been tv series written about you and movies. you have a see something-say something thing. if you see something in the fbi, damn it, say something. the most powerful law
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enforcement agency in the history of the cosmos. do the right thing. i'm not talking about the spike lee. joining me is a former fbi agent. you joined me on my podcast the other day. one of the first things you brought up. you and i were both federal agents it's unusual for them to not have allowed donald trump's lawyers in during the search warrant. can the lawyers be one of your best friends on the search warrant? >> no, absolutely. for your viewers i wanted to give them facts, not rumors or conjecture. i would welcome having an attorney show up at the scene for which i am executing a search warrant because it may make my life a lot easier.
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i will tell the attorney what we are looking for. hopefully the attorney will make my job a lot easier, he or she will show me where it is, what we are looking for and i will collect it and be on my way. the concern i have which is front and center and has never happened in my experience since i have been a lawyer since 1989 and since i was an fbi agent. i would never ever shun or restrict or keep out counsel or the target of the search warrant because hopefully it would make my life easier for me to get cooperation from that attorney to his clients. when the lawyer shows you have -- by the way just so we know we are talking facts and not rumor. we know the lawyers were there because she signed the inventory sheet. we know it's christina bobb.
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so that's a fact. if she was allowed to come in, she would have said what are you looking for. here are the documents, here are the boxes, be on your way and leave. i can only conclude one thing, dan. the fact that they would prevent a counsel or lawyer or target of a search warrant to be prevented from watching just as a bird's eye view. i understand officer safety. we don't want anybody to impede or obstruct the search. but it would only be one reason because they came in there not knowing what they were looking for. it was a fishing expedition. they rifled through everybody and they were hoping they have were going to find some smoking gun. that's the reality, that's the optic, that's the perception and the divisiveness. dan: you have some fascinating
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thoughts about what was behind the see kret service change out the lock that these alleged classified documents were behind the door. >> i think obviously there is a potential they enlisted a secret service agent to utilize that or let him be used as a confidential human source so in the affidavit they could freshen up more recent information and have their ruse to come in and search that safe. dan: that's fascinating. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. coming up on "unfiltered." house democrats cheering as they pass their inflation reduction act. >> the motion is adopted. dan: it will pay for 87,000 additional irs acts coming after
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dan: democrats got their wish passing the inflation reduction act. i call it the inflation production act. it will super size the irs. they get to hire 87,000 new employees and special agents who can carry firearms. what could go wrong with that. joining me, pete hegseth. >> a cold winter at the bowling alley. dan: 87,000 new employees. we know they are elitists. can you think of a dumber decision right now when people are struggling? pete: there are not enough billionaires and millionaires to tax or audit to pay for our
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federal government. 34,100 millionaires. you could tax every millionaire in america at 100% and you would only run our government for six months. you go to middle america, that's where the money is. they can lie and say it won't be below $400,000. maybe they can start with al sharpton, he didn't pay taxes. dan: you don't know this is coming but i have been impressed lately, you perform under pressure like no one else on tv. i want the audience to see peter forming under pressure on live tv. >> oh, yes, sir.
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oh, yes, sir. >> i'm impressed. >> yes, sir. >> there he is! dan: i see need my primetime audience to see. "fox and friends" is ready to cut him. even the professional bowlers didn't beat you. >> rachel and i were down the middle. i know every time i come on your show i am in the zone. tonight was a friendly episode. >> there is you. did someone catch that? >> brian kilmeade caught it. under pressure i got you. but not all the time. great monologue, by the way,
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marianne: welcome to fox news live. russian forces pounding russian forces. russia's defense ministry claims they took control outside of donetsk. ukrainian forces struck back hitting the last working bridge over a river in the krauson region. two of the wound are in serious condition. israeli security forces caught up with the gunman in the plan* neighborhood. nts in and around
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donald trump january 6 and elsewhere. are you kidding me? do you know how hard it is to get people to go to the protection division in. my kid used to cry as i brought the suitcases downstairs and i was leaving. now you are going to tell people going into the details, your personal cell phones are public information? who is going to wants to go into
9:29 pm
the detail then. that -- how stupid these people are. joining me. jeff james. this is damaging on people in the presidential protective division saying the personal cell phones are fair game. >> the job you and i did comes with a tremendous amount of pressure. people ask me what i miss the most. really it was the tension and pressure. but being retired i realize how much pressure it was. your home was your refuge. you could go home and be with your family and friends. now if everything at home is up for grabs. you could have an agent going through a divorce. you could have an the who is having trouble with their boss and they are communicating that
9:30 pm
with their friend and family. nobody is going to want to do it. dan: nobody is a victim. i loved to do it and i volunteered. you are an expert and targeted political violence. salman rushdie who was brutally attacked years and decades after the initial threat on his life. doesn't that go back to the political assassinations, you have the watches, we have the time. >> the saying i have is for the determined there is always time and opportunity. september 11 we found out those terrorists were in the united states for years and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars being patient and training for that attack. if someone is going to get you they will sit back and wait for their opportunity and they will get you. dan: are the irish republican army saying you have to be lucky
9:31 pm
every day, we only have to be lucky once. that's why the threat against bolton and pompeo is so serious. >> we can go back to may when it was uncovered there was a plot to assassinate former president bush. it only takes that one lucky shot in the right spot. i am a pittsburgh guy. i wish it was like the penguins where we would win 3 out of five. but we have to be right every day. dan: jeff, thanks a lot. glad you put those comments out there. it's creating a dangerous situation. they have to be free to do their
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." sources tell fox news a lawyer for former president trump certified months ago that nothing classified is being stored at mar-a-lago. this despite the fine taking boxes of classified documents out. so what is it? if trump's lawyers certified nothing at mar-a-lago was classified, how does that square with the fbi warrant? >> it doesn't square. it's inconsistent with what's going on. there wasn't enough urgency for them to swarm in like they have months ago fit was compelling enough. instead they engaged in discussion with the lawyers. that's routine in cases like this. they will ask for the lawyers' representations.
9:38 pm
and if they are not satisfied they can verify. my guess is they did. you can go as far as a grand jury subpoena. but there is nothing that justified what went on at mar-a-lago. dan: it's unprecedented. this is something that happens in bad movies where the scripts get rejected. this is the kind of battle that could wind up in the supreme court. if the president says he declassified it. this could wind up in the supreme court, couldn't it? >> it could wind up in the supreme court. it's ironic the democrats have been screaming at republican presidents to have an independent attorney general. you remember when they accused barr or ashcroft. we have an attorney general who is a patsy for the white house doing exactly what they want so their narrative is maintained.
9:39 pm
i know the supreme court if they want to rule on this saying what are they doing? you don't have a clear chase that donald trump did anything with intent that was wrong. dan: big tech playing big brother. twitter announced new content guidelines right ahead of the mid-term elections. from twitter quote, people on twitter will see a prompt prior to like or sharing a tweet. joining me now is the host of tim pool. you have been fighting this fight for a long time against censorship. what is twitter doing
9:40 pm
interfering in yet another election? >> they are willfully interfering in an election. it was several years ago i appeared on joe rogan's podcast with the ceo and their top lawyer. it wasn't some story about you banned this guy and you band that guy. it was baked into your rules are left ideology. we know they are biased and likely to do it again, and we know where their bias lies, favoring democrats. dan: i think the beef with twitter and news guard, it's this rating agency i say with air quotes. the question is who gets the clearest information. they put a red flag on timcast
9:41 pm
while buzz pool god the green light. >> we actually have a good rating from news guard. but they give us one ding, we have a bunch of checkmarks. they gave us one strike tore irresponsible built. they first emailed me questioning why i reported on the hunter biden emails. my response was your agency verified two agencies that claimed they were. they said donald trump's quotes are proveably false. >> i said we are not fact check check what he said.
9:42 pm
we said he responded with a statement. i said will you fact check them all? they inserted words into my quote to change the context of what i said, and it took me three tries saying you have to remove those words. i think it's a joablg. they gave us a good rating, but it's not a legitimate agency, and i will say that. dan: you have seen both sides of the political aisle. having worked in outlets that are left leaning and right leaning. did you ever think you would see the day when the free love kids of the 50s and 60s would be this. >> the left liberals have become the authoritarian censorship
9:43 pm
machine. dan: your podcast is one of the most popular in the country. i saw your face on the times square billboard. coming up object "unfiltered." no from recession to zero inflation. you can't make it up. the democrats are trying to defend thed about * *'s latest spin job in the rebuttal.
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9:48 pm
we always appreciate democrats coming on the show. most of them tell us no. the inflation rate is zero it's 8.5%, which means if it sticks at 8.5%, prices will double. >> first all, thanks for having me on. there is not enough of this in this country of genuine back and forth and debate. the truth of the matter is in july for just that month the numbers looked good in the sense everything is going down. gas prices going down. that in isolation a good thing. is this time to spike the football? absolutely not. when you look at it in the
9:49 pm
aggregate? absolutely not. but i would ask you in return looking in july, what you want things to be different? would you want gas prices to go up? dan: anybody that listens to my show knows that absurd. i don't want to see the country burn. but i say it all the time. i have neighbored. i don't want to see them suffer. but don't you think there is a penalty for this? cpi was actually up. gas prices are down. but corn is up and meat prices are up. when you say the number is zero, there is a penalty. >> i do think the democratic party with regards to inflation
9:50 pm
has had a problem in terms of how it's talking bit. if you look back a year ago, the democratic party was trying to explain away the problem, saying it was temporarily or this or that. we should come together to talk about an proximate, how can he increase energy supplies. dan: they cut off anwar, the slope, they cut off leases in the gulf. the per hitting on federal land is at a trickle. what are they doing to increase the pricep supply of gas. >> whether it's in opposition of defunding the police or the ridiculous bail laws passed in new york state where i have opposed the democratic party. certainly there is much more democratic party candidates should be doing in and around immediate carbon based energy
9:51 pm
sources. but in the longterm i think you and i would both agree if we want true energy independence and stability we need to be look at alternative sears of energy and increasing in a green economy. dan: in the longterm, we are all dead. i have got a kid and a wife now. if i can't afford gas. luckily i'm okay now. i grew up in glendale queens. you note area, around new york guy. i don't want to hear about zero inflation with it's 8.5%. >> i still serve in the military. i served active duty as an infantry officer. you have to be constantly be investing against the threat and adversary you are facing. i hate it when politicians do not have intensity about the
9:52 pm
problems that are being fixed. we have to have intensity about the healthcare prices as well. medicare shouldn't negotiating the prices of prescription drugs. >> i come from a long line of businessmen. you have got to negotiate. dan: coming up, thousands of migrants flood texas but democrats don't care. when migrants arrive in new york city, they lose their minds.
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>> there were ways of understanding they were going to locations they wanted to go to. placing people on the bus without adequate water and food. in many cases they don't understand the language. dan: yeah. joining me now is new york city councilwoman inavernakof. the mayor is claiming the migrants were forced on to the buses. let's hear what the migrants had to say. >> they did not force me. they offered to us for free to help us.
9:58 pm
>> i just want to say i peak as an immigrant. i'm an immigration southern and i understand the hurdles that immigrants go through, learning the language, accepting public benefits. i think that is a bit of a mischaracterization by the mayor. i don't think anybody is being forced. new york city is a right to shelter city. immigrants without status, with status. homeless people, they are obligated to get shelter in our state. we are overcrowded. we .not have the resources to house these people. it's not right to be getting these migrants. the problem stems from president joe biden who reduces to secure
9:59 pm
the border. dan: the people in southern texas, they can't afford this stuff either. you don't want them but you expect us to take on millions of people? >> i think it's unfair to our country. and we need to stop blaming each other, take responsibility and do something about the crisis. dan: thanks for your time. we appreciate that. folks, i have got a special announcement. i don't fake it with you. i love the ratings game. because it doesn't matter what i think. if the ratings are no good, the ratings have been great. we have a new motto for the show. it was ricky bobby. but i crossed it out and but the dan bongino in there. i declare the official motto of
10:00 pm
unfiltered signs, 8-13-2022, dan bongino. on a serious note. pointing here, the other guy is pointing there. thanks so much. i will see you week. >> the secretary of state the form policy and national security had information from the most are not protected is not a crime? that is outrageous to remem


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