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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 14, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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ask your doctor about jardiance. >> breaking news this hour, bipartisan group of lawmakers on an announced trip to taiwan. delegation by massachusetts senator ed marky and include four house members. they are scheduling today meet with senior leaders in taipei. hello and welcome to fox news live, i'm anita vogul filling in for arthel neville today. eric: thank you for joining us. i'm eric sean, the surprise visit after house speaker nancy
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pelosi's visit to taiwan. man, did that anger china and seeing the self-governing independent democratic island nation as its own territory. and the response beijing launched military drills in the taiwan strait and they will have more drills coming up. but the defiance of american officials against china demonstrating yet again this country's commitment to democracy and the government in they taipei. alexandria hoff. alex: although china announced more drills, china show of force hasn't let up since exercise of force. china launched 25 fighter jets per day for two weeks following nancy pelosi's visit. part of this delegation, democrat senator ed marky joined by house democrat john geramendi and represent don beyer by
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virginia and delegate from american samoa, they reported landed 7:00 p.m. local time today. taiwan's minister foreign affairs accompanied photos, quote, we thank the light-minded u.s. lawmakers for support. lawmakers have visited taiwan in recent history without a whole lot of attention to follow pelosi's visit could be pretext for aggression as u.s. officials put it during last visit most recently this month. while that trip owned significant bipartisan support, the white house did not offer backing. president biden said it concern over china's republican. republican congresswoman said she wished that this visit was more than one republican. >> i'm part of the china task force and i didn't get an invitation. it would look a whole lot better just like the speaker didn't take any republicans if they had advised us, we would have been
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willing to go and talk with them and talk to their leadership about the trip. alex: this delegation will depart tomorrow to continue that is onto their larger visit into the indo-pacifico region. eric: poking china right in the eye basically for freedom and democracy, thank you. there's no word yet on the white house from latest congressional trip to taiwan. meantime president biden, well, he's vacationing in south carolina with the family after inflation reduction act passed on friday on his desk awaiting signature when he comes back. republicans, though, insisted will worsen inflation now at 9.1%, the highest since 1981 and increased and jacqui heinrich where the president is
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vacationing, hey, jacqui. jacqui: we just saw president biden and heard from him for the first time since wednesday. he was in celebratory mood on his vacation as he looks to sign the bill next week and hold a celebration at the white house on september 6th. he said he spent a lot of his vacation time working the phones. white house officials have been trying to build goo will saying inflation reduction act as it's called will bring down cost of living even though experts agree it won't directly impact inflation for a year or more and congressional democrats have been trying to connect the recent drop in gas prices to this bill that is still not even signed. >> well, we are already feeling the effects because we have seen gas prices come down.
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jackie: administration officials say americans should feel impact because medicare negotiations will bring down cost of prescription costs and energy with climate investments like tax credits, solar panels. >> people will be able to lower fuel costs in their home. 30% tax credit that you can claim in 2022 for installing energy efficient windows, heat pumps, energy efficient appliances, that is right away and on top of that, of course, if citizens want to install solar panels on their roofs so that they can generate their own power. that's another 30% tax credit. jacqui: inflation remaining at 40-year highs, eric. eric: hello, jacqui, lovely
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spot, thank you, anita. anita: breaking news from capitol a man is dead after driving into a barricade after driving into the capitol building this morning. as he got out of the car it burst into flames and fired several shots into the air and then shot and killed himself as officers approached. thankfully no one else was hurt. capitol police say the man had a criminal history but nothing to link him to the capitol. fallout continues from the unprecedented fbi search of former president trump's florida home as we learn exclusive new details, sources tell fox news that records covered by attorney-client privilege were were manage what agents took last monday. lucas tomlinson is live in washington with more on this developing story. lucas, what can you tell us? lucas: republicans took to
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sunday talk shows demanding more information on what the fbi seized from palm beach club. >> congress is saying show us the goods and we want to know what did the department of justice and the fbi tell the judge that they were going to find and what did they find. >> we still have unanswered questions and we will continue until people understand more. >> i think it brings more questions and i think it's important that we recognize that there are -- that there's more information to be released yet. i think releasing the affidavit would help. luke luck democrats fired back. >> we don't know exactly what's in those documents but what we do know is it rose to a level of a search warrant that a federal judge approved and we do know that they were searching for classified material, things that fell under one of the statutes they used in that search warrant was the espionage act. >> former president trump responding to the fox report,
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quote, by copy of this truth i respect the request of these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken, thank you. republican governor who doesn't think trump should one in 2024 said the following. >> a win for donald trump. it seem today motivate his base and people are rush to go his defense and feeling as if he was being picked upon and martyred. >> white house secretary jean-pierre, president biden will speak for himself. anita. anita: a lot more to learn on this story. lucas tomlinson, thank you, lucas. eric: the search was prompted by federal grand jury that's been investigating former president trump's possession of the highly classified material. intelligence officials were told either the material was being mishandled or possibly illegally transferred say reports to others and more questions are
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being raised this morning. did former president trump try to sell, share the highly classified material to the russians or to the saudis or others or were the documents innocently mishandled and he thought he had a legal right to have them. russian state material claim they have seen material and has been leak that officials could feel cause a grave danger to the united states security. president of consultant, she was a russian strategy expert at the defense intelligence agency. the author of the book putin's play book, russia's secret plan to defeat america. so what would putin try to do to get hands on classified materials to defeat america? >> the real question, eric, is what russian president putin has already possibly done. the truth is the united states is the top target for kgb
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operative and mar-a-lago, former president trump's estate is a counterintelligence nightmare, meaning that spying from all over the world, russia, china and beyond are always on the hunt to lay their hands on top secret information especially something related to nuclear warfare documents and nuclear systems and beyond. eric: how would they get this if it was in lock and key or it wasn't because they told him back in june you have to put a padlock. we don't know where the stuff was floating around. >> exactly, the fact that those boxes were not secure is a really grave concern. the classified information, anything, you know, from confidential to secret and apparently the -- some of the documents that were laying
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around there also were top secret and code word, that is a huge concern. there are various ways that intelligence trade craft envisions that could set out all information, electronic interrogation, there's close proximity operations and third-party type of operations, you know, russian spies didn't even have to be in mar-a-lago to get their hands on those documents. there's all kinds of tricks that they have. that is not just -- that has actually happen but the risk is grave. eric: and the president himself has been accused of leaking classified information in the past, the famous meeting in 2017 in 2017 he's meeting with prime miner lavrov and there's the photo of him with lavrov and at
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the meeting reports said that the president leaked a highly-classified information about islamic al-qaeda threats that reportedly were from israel and israel was furious that he gave out classified information at the meeting. that's prompted speculation this morning over the weekend about what else may have gone out. here is columnist, quote, the first and last thing on his mind has ever been money, he may have wanted to sell the nuclear information to the highest bidder, who might that be, vladimir putin, of course, we won't even know what putin -- trump and putin talked about. it would be useful to desire by vladimir putin, russia or iran or any other enemy state. if you think that's possible, what is the value to putin of this information? >> well, first, i don't think it's possible that former president trump sold information or gave it to putin. i think that is absurd.
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that being said, it doesn't negate the fact that this information would be of high value to putin and he would do anything to lay his hands on the top secret information that would help russia to continue developing its antiu.s. strategy including nuclear warfare strategy on putin's orders, a doctrine was developed called control instability or control chaos and this is why we see russian media exploding today with this coverage of this issue and siding with president trump but that is because they want to divide our society. they understand that president trump is a hot button for us and by amplifying this type of issue, they know that they could rip our country apart and
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eventually what they are hoping to do get information so much to the point where it's putin's goal. eric: the former president has said that this is a hoax, that the nuclear material is a hoax and this sort of thing. one classified information that's kind of curious has to do with emanuel macron. why there could be material on those boxes and what interest that would be to the russians of the french president? >> well, russians are highly interested in macron. look at it this way, eric, in the run-up to putin's invasion of crimea on february 24th, french president macron speak with putin 11 times and in one day he spoke twice. president macron is considered to be someone soft on russia and
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the russian intelligent services are always interested in information that would help them to manipulate somebody like macron who is -- whose country is part of nato because putin's ultimate goal is also to fracture and weaken nato. so there are many, many reasons why intelligent services would be interested in classified information on macron and way that is they could exploit it as well. eric: we don't know if any of the russians do have information even though state media has been claiming that. none of that has been confirmed. congressional investigations being called into all of this, rebecca koffler, russian expert as you can tell. rebecca, good to see you, thank you so much. >> likewise, good to see you, eric. eric: of course, anita. anita: interesting conversation. well, author salman rushdie off of ventilator and able to talk
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after being attacked on friday and suspect pleading not guilty to attempted murder and assault charges. nate foy with information. nate: he's on road to recovery and you mentioned being off ventilator, he's talking and joking and the agent also cautions the recovery would be a long one. he had serious injuries and this comes after the horrific attack on his life in western new york on friday. you just saw some pictures. take a look at this video just after the attack rushdie was ready to give a lecture when a 24 attacked him. rushdie says he had damaged liver and severed arm and eye
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and airlifted after this. we have the mug shot of 24-year-old, hadi matar without bail. part of the reason why is rushdie's life has been in danger for years. take a look at this timeline, anita. in 1988 he wrote the book satanic verses and some muslims believe he insulted the prophet mohamed and one year ayatollah calling for his death which is still in effect and rushdie survived first attack the same year, a translator for his book was murdered in 1991 and while put on al-qaeda's hit list in 2010. reactions to the attack, of course, are pouring in including from president biden and the first lady. they released a statement that reads part, salman rushdie insights of humanity with unmatched sense for story with
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refusal to be intimidated or silenced, stands for essential universal ideals, truth, courage and resilience. as for the 24-year-old accused in the attack, he anticipates in court next on friday. we will send it back to you. anita: good to hear he's talking and joking, that's good news, nate foy, thanks so much. eric: 17 injured after after a car raised into the event. suspect now in custody and not determined whether the crash was intentional. anita: as surge of the southern border gets worse by the day, greg abbott sending more migrants to new york city with a
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new bus arriving. government employees in tijuana were instructed to shelter in place and avoid traveling to the city. we will have a live report coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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anita: welcome back, another bus of migrants from texas arriving in new york city's port authority terminal this morning. 40 people were on the bus and this comes as feud between texas governor greg abbott and the mayors of washington, d.c. and new york city keep growing. both pleading for more federal help to handle the migrants. eric: as more migrants arrive by bus in new york city, the surge continues 1,900 miles away down at the southern word near texas. new migrants have been arriving, they could be brought buses up north thanks to texas governor greg abbott. bill melugin, live in eagle pass, texas. we see groups from the drone there, what's going on? bill: eric, good morning to you, i can tell you that new york city and dc are probably going to have a lot more buses heading
9:24 am
their way soon because we have seen more than 500 people crossing illegally this morning in just about a 90-minute span. take a look at piece of video we shot this morning. this was single massive group of approximately 290 who came across all at the exact same time almost all of them single adults, most of the people crossing here are from venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. those countries for the most part not subject to title 42 so they are released into the u.s. the migrants know that and they continue to show up in these massive numbers. you'll see many of them appear to be dressed very well. they've got smartphones, some of them are listening to airpods as they are waiting for border patrol to pick them up and group of 290 splintering off and walking toward the highway, almost getting on the highway before texas dps troopers stopped them. that wasn't the only group we saw today. take a look at second video, two separate groups totaling more than 200 migrants this morning as well. again, predominantly single adults. we are no longer seeing those
9:25 am
mass family units like we saw last summer. just to give you an idea of how busy it's been out here in the del rio sector just since october this border patrol sector has seen 400,000 illegal crossings that is bigger than the population of the city of new orleans and it's not just looking people looking to turn themselves in. take a look at this, homicide suspect that was arrested in arizona in tucson sector, mexican national pedro flores arrested by border patrol, he's got a conviction for first-degree manslaughter in new york city. so just goes to show there are criminals attempting to sneak across the border as well and back out here live the video we showed you of mass crossings in eagle pass area, a majority of the people who are being sent on buses to dc and new york city are crossing illegally right here in eagle pass, some of the people you saw in the video may very well end up in dc or new york in the coming days.
9:26 am
eric: you do point out not just him but the others that you show up, bill, groups of single men versus the family units that we saw earlier this summer. what's is significant of that? bill: well, what's remarkable that's not something border patrol is used to seeing. what hasn't happened before mass release of single adult men. that's what's happening in this case, venezuelans, cubans and nicaraguans aren't subject to 42, mexico won't take them back but the u.s. is forced to release them into the u.s. and that's what we are seeing day in and day out. they are released in ngo's by the mass and they continue showing up in huge numbers. they give themselves up to border patrol. sometimes they ask us where is border patrol, can you call them for us, they know they will be released into the country, they are not worried about being sent back and as you can see, it's
9:27 am
nonchalant, they line up very orderly just to be processed and then they hope and they are likely going to be sent elsewhere in the country to meet up with relatives or settle elsewhere. back to you. eric: quick second. you said they come up to you and ask you where is the border patrol? >> that's right, just a couple of days ago, yes, when there is no border patrol around, they'll come up to us, sometimes they think we are border patrol and we have to say no, we are with the news and they have asked us if we can call border patrol for them because border patrol isn't around. what we end up doing is telling them, no, they are right down the road, you to walk that way. yes, that does happen multiple times when we are down here. eric: wow, bill melugin, that's what's happening in the border, bill, great reporting, thank you. >> someone who is unvaccinated and been unprotected thus far and now we have polio in waste water it's likely that poll will spread and we need to educate something when you see something
9:28 am
it's real to you. the paralysis is permanent. we can do a vaccine rollout and people will reconsider if they were unvaccinated from polio. anita: doctors are raising the alarm after new york city department the polio virus was found in city's waste water after weeks in rockland county north of the city came down with polio and is now reportedly paralyzed, all this renewing concern about the disease for the first time in almost a decade. meantime the cdc is easing covid restrictions ahead of the new school year. dr. marty makary, professor of medicine in nyu and fox news contributor. always great to see you, dr. makary, thanks for coming on this sunday. >> good to see you. anita: they found polio virus in waste water of new york and officials found it in jerusalem and london, that was earlier this year. now health experts in california specifically here in los angeles are talking about tracking the
9:29 am
virus here in the waste water and that's because of the high number of travelers between new york and los angeles. so i want to ask you how quickly can it spread? >> well, first of all, i'm still at john hopkins, i don't want to create conversations behind the scene. anita: okay. doctor: what we are seeing more cities are now going to look at waste water because they have seen the live virus now circulating and this individual case is concerning because we eradicated polio from the united states probably around 1979. the case that we see in the united states was probably somebody who was exposed to somebody overseas who got polio from the live vaccination. there's two types of vaccinations, one is a live virus which can actually give you mild polio type symptoms on rare ultra rare occasions and the other is the inactivated virus, that's the kind we use in the united states and that's the kind we all should have and
9:30 am
that's the kind that this individual may not have had in contracting it. anita: okay, we heard dr. fisher at the top of the segment talking about perhaps we should have a vaccination campaign for people, the vaccine is so effective. what do you think about that? i mean, we had the covid campaign and it was available for people all over the united states. should we do that for the polio vaccine? >> yes. anyone who is not vaccinated from polio and it is maybe 5 to 10% of people in the united states that just do not get routine childhood vaccines, they need to know right now that there is the live polio virus that is circulating in very select parts of the country right now and it's an entire preventible disease, debilitating horrible disease and commit people to lung machine in order to breathe. people should get a vaccine. it's safe vaccine and been around for a long time and, yes, unfortunately trust in public health and in vaccinations in
9:31 am
general is low right now because the cdc has lost a lot of credibility from several missteps during covid. anita: no doubt. i want to talk to you quickly about change in good daylines from the cdc going back to this fall, easing social distancing and quarantining and schools recommending test to stay and kids can stay in close even if they have been exposed as long as they test negative. listen to this, dr. nina, she writes quote, press guidance from center disease criminal and prevent it is out of step with the situation today and reference social distancing and separating kids in cohort which is pose practical difficulties for many schools. the cdc is shifting away from a symptomatic screening and suggest overall change in approach to covid, so your thoughts on this, doctor makary. dr. wen was somebody who was fairly strict and like today
9:32 am
follow all of the guidelines for the last time around but now she's saying something different. doctor: well, i know dr. wen well and i agree with herment we knew even long before, even during last school year, even last year that covid would be ubiquitous and inevitable and we needed to change strategy from covid zero strategy to one that embraces high population immunity and the mitigation of policies ignited a mental health crisis and canceled milestone events for children and that has helped consequences as well. they have been long outdated. we don't do this for any pathogen, people get influenza, we don't do this rigid policy, we need to move to common sense strategies like when you have symptoms stay at home. anita: yeah, well, it sounds like the guidelines are a little bit more laxed this time around. kids are going back to school so all good news there.
9:33 am
dr. marty makary, thank you very much, really appreciate your thoughts today. >> thanks, anita. anita: eric. eric: thanks, doctor and anita, tomorrow marks one year since the u.s. began our withdrawal from afghanistan. have the lives of taliban been exposed for the groups extreme intense. well, the state of afghanistan now and if we can still kill the terrorists who want to kill us, a live report from kabul next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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anita: fox news alert, several americans among the 8 people wounded in mass shooting near western wall in jerusalem last night, two of the victims including a pregnant woman are in serious condition. kitty log anticipate live in london with more on this developing story. kitty. kitty: hi, yes, we learned that five u.s. nationals were amongst those wounded in this attack
9:38 am
which happened in the early hours of sunday morning. the shooter targeted a bus transporting jewish worshipers from the old city in jerusalem, the vehicle was stationery at the time outside of old city walls. the suspect who is being named is amir, palestinians from jerusalem who authorities say was a lone attacker. police also say the individual turned himself in. the u.s. ambassador to israel confirmed that americans were caught up in the shooting tweeting that he was deeply saddened to confirm that americans were injured in this attack and i've spoken to the families he said and i will keep them in my prayers, continues to monitor the situation. two of the victims are said to be in serious condition and as you say one of those is a pregnant woman and, of course, this attack comes just a week after violence flared up in gaza, after israel targeted
9:39 am
militants with air strikes and the situation remains tense between israel and palestinians. back to you. >> all right, kitty logan for us live in london, thank you so much, kitty. eric: tomorrow marks one year of withdrawal in afghanistan, ending the longest war in american history. the taliban now has full control of the country as the international community wonders what is next for afghanistan, well, trey i didn't knows is tr. trey: taliban declares tomorrow will be national holiday marking one year since the group took over the country. the wounds from that day and the time period still fresh in the minds of the afghan people especially those american allies who were at the airport in kabul
9:40 am
trying to get to safety. now the population left behind has to adjust the life under taliban control. protests erupted over the weekend in kabul as women here call for work, bread and freedom. you can see in this video dozens of demonstrators, though they were quickly disperse bid the taliban who shot fires into the air and used sticks to beat people. women here must be covered when they go into public and not allowed to go out at night alone. most teenage girls are unable to study in secondary education. one of the organizers of saturday's event did speak to fox news. we are is her response when asked how many times she's been threatened by the taliban? >> many and more times. not one or two time. more than ten times. their voice messages, the sounds and all the proof. last time when they called me, they sent a picture of my son and told me if you don't stop your practice, we will target your son. trey: despite taliban members patrolling the streets, the
9:41 am
security situation remains tense. yesterday there was a bombing and there are groups operating around like isis-k and for civilians, they remain fearful of what comes next. they understand their country has been set back decades, eric. eric: trey yingst live in kabul, terrific to see you, terrific to see you back in kabul, afghanistan reporting on the situation there. good to see you. and we will be back in just a moment.
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eric: well, two incumbent republican lawmakers face tough races after defying president trump. in wyoming congresswoman liz cheney, she knew political career was in jeopardy the moment she voted to impeach president trump. in alaska, senator lisa
9:46 am
markowski faces another backed candidate. hey, liz, sorry, hey, rich. rich: hey, eric, congresswoman liz cheney political future in the house is very much in jeopardy. she's down significantly in the polls. wyoming poll has her down near 30 percentage points and much of this has to do arguments around vice chairing the january 6th committee, former president trump and her belief that he's a domestic threat to the united states. cheney's opponent is hageman and accuses of abandoning trump in wyoming and supporters told us the same. >> half of the time she's never
9:47 am
even here, you know, daddy lives out here. rich: there are out of staters here, republicans and democrats from colorado, florida, michigan who are knocking on doors to boost liz cheney. >> this transcends wyoming politics. this is about america, this is about the integrity of our nation and it's about the future of our country and the rule of law. rich: part of being getting chain yes renominated to convince democrats and independents to register as republicans to participate in the primary, voters can do that here. numbers from the wyoming secretary of state suggest that some of that might be happening. go back to january, there were more than 45,000 registered democrats and 196,000 republicans. this month, 6600 fewer democrats, 11,000 more republicans. absentee voting began about 6 weeks ago in the state as for campaigning, cheney and hageman neither have public events to speak of just a cum of days
9:48 am
before primary day. >> eric: it's a beautiful state as we can see. good to see you. anita. anita: well, eric, now to alaska primary. let's go live to jonathan hunt who is live in anchorage and jonathan, this looks to be a tight race there, right? jonathan: yeah, in the matchup which is the senate race, lisa murkowski has been in the senate for 20 years but she faces a real fight this time around. part of the reason for that her long-time feud with and criticism of former president donald trump. you will remember that lisa murkowski voted for president trump's impeachment after the january 6th riot, that led to president trump coming here to campaign against her just last month saying, quote, liz, lisa
9:49 am
murkowski is the worst. this was her response to this. >> former president trump is going the say what he will say. >> will you prefer that he remained a former president rather a future president? >> i would. >> why? >> i would. the problem that we have is that donald trump, when he was in office, failed to uphold the constitution of the united states. for me it's pretty simple. jonathan: senator murkowski to this, closest is kelly, she's something of a political novice but she has a ringing endorse endorsement for president trump and she said it's simple of 20 years after a senator murkowski it's time for change. listen here to kelly shabaka. >> you can either vote for the senator that joe biden wants to be the next senator of alaska,
9:50 am
his best friend lisa murkowski or vote for the senator that represents alaska values. jonathan: now, there is also a special election for the house seat vacated after the death of congressman don young, former alaska sarah palin among those running for that, nick, another republican in the race and democrat mary and governor mike endorsed by president trump is hoping to become the first incumbent alaska governor to win a second consecutive term in more than a quarter of a century. all across the board, alaska will be a very important test on tuesday of the power of the endorsement of president trump. anita. anita: yeah, no question about that. it is going to be a big tuesday there in alaska. jonathan hunt thank you so much for that live report. anita: and we will be right
9:51 am
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anita: jury selection start tomorrow in chicago in the federal conspiracy case against r&b singer and convicted sex offender r kelly, he's already serving time in prison for racketeering and sexual
9:55 am
misconduct. christina coleman live in los angeles with the latest, christina. christina: hi, anita, another trail for disgraced ra.b star r kelly, the convicted sex offender has long been trailed of accusations for using fame to systemically sexually abuse some fans including some children. do-over trial of his 2008 state childhood pornography case in chicago and his 2008 trial r kelly accused of having sex on video with a girl no older than 14. she did not testify during that case, now kelly was acquitted. the big difference in the new chicago trial that's going to be happening and this trial, that girl is now in her 30's and she's expected to take the stand. >> trial is really about setting right something that had been wrong. it goes all the way back to 2000 and the story that this indictment tells effort, orchestrated of him and
9:56 am
co-defendants to lie and obstruct and secure an acquittal where there should have been an acquittal way back in 2008. christina: based on court filings, and paying them off not to do so. in this case, r kelly faces two conspiracy counts including obstruction of justice in the meantime and including r kelly maintains innocence. anita: could be explosive testimony on the stand. eric: anita and i will be back at 4:00 p.m., 3 hours from now and kevin corke, kevin corke is next here filling for mike emanuel in the fox news channel. anita, good to have you, anita will be back next week. anita: always great to be with you. here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar
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and go out in the sun where i would have never done that before. try golo. it works. kevin: this is fox news alert, bipartisan congressional delegation has arrived in taiwan to discuss relations between the two countries, now this visit comes 12 days after house speaker nancy pelosi's controversial trip that drove tensions with china sky high, welcome to fox news live i'm kevin corke in washington. group of 25 lawmakers touching down in taipei for surprise two-day visit. alexandria hoff has the latest for us,


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