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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 18, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the passing system. you can stream our latest s documenter on something very strange going on livestock populations around the world, cattle mutilations or we'll be back tomorrow night, four p.m.. so this is a sworn enemy of lying. pomposity, smugness and groupthink havee best dealt with the ones you love.e. ladiesnk and gentlemen, the gret sean hannity right now han thats called funny as about humpday ,but cold. that was that was served up rightly so. he's kind of like a fox stalker. i think so. well, all of our comments coming up. tucker, thank you. best of less than fauci should rest in peace hunting. all right. welcome to "hannity" tonight. coming up,p, we'll talk aboutig humpty dumpty is a great fall. hiss time of to see an officially over. we have the inside scoop tonight. meanwhile, a teacher'sscoo union new jersey is calling parents extremists in a brand a new political ad. first, it'sd. the biden doj and of course, domestic terrorist investigations.
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now teachers unions are attacking parents. also tonight, we'll show you some shocking new video from another unprovoked attack in new york city. inand finland's thirty six year old socialist prime minister living on high life while millions of europeans are suffering from war and millions more suffer from a bad economy in ruins. is that a problem? we'll talk about it. but first tonight, america is now facingrs a dire problem from within the seat of political power in the u.s.. sw the washington swamp is completely, totally hostilele to allll republicans, all conservatives and especially anybody that dares support donald trump as we speak, our nation's capital is now the most liberal part of the country. than anywhere else in america. and that would include places like california, new york andy. new york city. in twenty 20, biden carried the district of columbiar by over ninety two percentage points. look at that, over 92%.ha
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thatt never happens. all neighboring counties, meanwhile, voted for biden by at least 80%. in other words, almost every single career bureaucrat public servants supposedly in the swamp in d.c. is a democrata or a trump t hater. and of course, that includes almost every official, the doj and the upper echelon, not rank and file. ethe upper echelon of the fbi. so naturally, the unprecedented raid on mar a lago was conducted not by the nearby miami fbi field office. no, no, no, but by an fbi counterintelligence division from washington, d.c.. now, get this. it is the very same division of the fbi that spent all thoseng years perpetrating the russia hoax t and a bogus political investigation that they proudly named crossfire hurricane. great job directory for cleaning this up prior to obtaining a warrant to raid mar a lago, the doj went judge shopping. of course, they picked thiss guy a low level magistrate not
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approved by the senate. his a name is bruce reinhardt. he made political donations to barack obama. he expressed hatred for donald trump on social media and even once recused himself from a suit involving trump and hillary because he hates trump. today, this very same judge wasm tasked with deciding whether or not that the affidavit in other words, the doj justification i for raiding mar a lago in this case will be released too the public. the affidavit could reveal ouonbasis for the investigationn and the search warrant. and donald trump, he said he's open book. he wants it released. so naturally, judge reinhardt, he's kicking the decision back to the washington swamp and he's giving it to biden's doj so they can make the redactions. oh, that meansth probably everything will be redacted. so we are clear the same anti trump washington based fbi agents, the same exact department that conductedde
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the russia collusion witch huntu just raided the president's home with a warrant from a judge who also hates donald trump, obtained by thena democrats in the doj who alsold hate donald trump. nwho have been anonymously leaking salacious rumors about the investigation to the anti trump democrats and the mediaia who are also based. you've got itls in washington,ot d.c. this is beyond horrendous. it is corrupt. i it is an abuse of power. but wait, attorney general merrick garland, he promised that the dojpr is not political and that hee will speak through his court filings, courcourt filings and w flurry of anti trump leaksit and there are rumblings, by thew way, tonight thatay the doj absolute positively kept d the biden house inlo the loop the entire time. it this way. we're watching this very closelyng. garland is a disgrace, frankly. so is thee fbi director , chris . ay cleaned upe the mess he inherited. he did not. and unfortunatesnd it's gottenn worse under his reign this year.
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republican senator chuck grassley, he's issued now three letters to director wraych detailing what a serious allegations of political bias from whistleblowers, brave whistleblowers, not hearsay whistleblowers, from inside the fbi. now, accordingg to the whistleblowers inside the fbi, the fbi approved investigations into donald trump based on questionable evidence while attempting time after time after time to squashs an investigation into hunter bidenh despite a trove ofer verified material on the laptop from , which, by the way, we need to remember implicates the big guy joe and his k knowledge of things thatno he said he had no knowledge of. grassley is now seeking a comprehensive organizational breakdown of the washington field officempnae further investigation. but guess what? the fbi doesn'tatio care. they're refusing to address any of senator grassley concerns. and now, according to a brand new rasmussen poll, a majority a
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. and this is sad to me. i mean, i had two fbi agentsow when i was growing up in my family. , they were they were d'haiti. they were revered in my family. but, you know. 53% of americans believe that the upper echelon of the fbig is acting as joe biden's personal gestapo. now, not words i would use, butw that's what they're saying tonight. t there is little doubt that the fbi and the doj have been politicized and now they're being weaponizes beyond belief, rank and file again the upper echelon people just like comey and struckpe who said they would stop donald trump from ever becoming president in 2016. and of16 course, they had a plan and then they had an insurance policycy if their plan failed. so make no mistake, the deep state is real. if you are a trump supporter, if you are a conservative, know that they doea hate you. retired general michael hayden, who served as america's cia director after 9/11, actually tweeted that republicans11 are more dangerous and contemptible than any violent extremist d organization
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on earth. democratic strategist, our good friend james carville echoed the same sentiment. if youko rewound the tape from, let's say 1992 or ninety ninety one , he'd be saying the same thing like a broken record overr and over. listen, huge majorities of the voting party don't believe in evolution by huge majorities of the republican party followed donald trump and whatever that percentage, the problem the republican party has is they got really stupidarty people that vote in their primaries. and when you have that, you'rego going to get inin really stupid people demand to have really stupid leaders. and that's where the republican party is now. now, carville went on to call republicans racist and evil.ty of course, we're used to this u kind of rhetoric from democratse in the media everyed electionn cycle. in theory, humpty dumpty, he was hired a fake new cnn to hold the media accountable when in reality we told you he was nothing but jeff zucker, cnn's
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head at the time stenographer who at the request of zucker made it hisiswi life's work to p stalk and harass people like meo and anyone else that worked for fox news. n now, with zucker gone forit humpty dumpty has beenh officially dumped all the liberal hacks of fake news. cnn will never put humptyu on the air again. they can't put themet back together again. always lacking self-awareness, humpty once accused yours truly of eroding democracy and using, quote, nasty little words to spread poisonous propaganda. at the same time, he t was breathlessly pushing lies, conspiracy theories and hoaxes like a russian hoax t and dismissed the hunter biden laptop story as a manufactured scandal. now, despite allw of this may surprise some of you, something i don't like seeing anyone get fired. i wish you the very best in your future endeavors. probably at media matters and like all the other on airr host ofli cnn, i do havee some advice. stop being dishonesttop.
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stop the journalist charade. you're nothe a journalist. justou admit you're what i am. a you're a member of the press. you're a talk show host. admit to your truth and your reality in terms so youre understand it. you're not a journalist. you're a talk show host. now, by the way, humpday needs to own his truth that he is a liberal who is obsessed with fox and hates fox. but we still wish him the best. weno know he'll be watching obsessively anyway. joining us now with our top storyy is fox news contributor jonathan turley. i'm not dragging you into the humpty mess. don't worry. let not your heart trouble want to get here and it's friendly banter between rivals. not a big deal and not that they're a rival to their rival to the cartoon network. for them, it's unfortunate. my main question is judge reinhardt here and judge reinhardt, who recused himself in one case involving trump has spoken out against trump o
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on social mediaut and donated te barack obama. he's free to do all these, things, but it doesn't makee sense that he would recuse himself once but not twice. why o kick it back to the doj fr their redactions when we knowo they're going to redact anything of value? well, you know, i was not that troubled by theri political contributions because that does happen with with judgeses and magistrates. i i butwa i was concerned about the statements he made on social media and the earlier recusal. s this is an incredibly important and divisive matter. i'm a little surprised that he felt that he should be the one to sign off on a warrant and review the affidavit as we're sending it back to the doj. i think that was an appropriate orderr. many of us expected that he would just defer to the department of justiceefer. a lot of judges do that evenas though the department of justice has a long record of using these arguments to prevent disclosures even to
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criminal defendants. the problem is that the department d d of justiceat is rather notorious for usinghe redactions and they have sort of a perverse incentive here if they overreachiv, it's more likely the judge will disagree, which means thatj they can go on appeal and delay any release furtherap. so h they have a rather odd incentive that the moree they redact, the more likely they can get more time. but we will have to see if this judge is willing to go monotremes with thet department of justice and say, look, this is excessive. i've said all along that o i believe portions of this affidavit could be releasedff that undermine the investigation, not because i've seen the affidavithe n, but i've seen lots of othervi affidavits, much of ants affidavit involves material that will not necessarily compromise the investigation. and one of the things we'ree most interested in is the information already known to the trump team. thatat is that period of
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communications between from june until that raid. r what did they tell the court? what happened in those communications? did they faithfully report that there was cooperation, according to the trump teamoo, h that all other avenues had been exhausted? that's the type of informationto you should be able to give in a redacted affidavit. yeah, all of the the section cited from the espionage act ina the warrant thatct they put out they all have to show some level of intent on the part of president trump. now, that's a very high legal bar from my perspective, because they're not really going to know the intent or maybe the intention was that he really believed that was ec classified or maybela the intention was that's a personal document that they don't have a right to. that seems to me like a very high bar. but again, thiss would be a case that would be brought to a grand jury in washington, d.c..
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yeah, and obviously that's not an ideal jury pool fore the president. but the other thingth that'sca troubling is that youn can be charged under thesend provisions, even if this was not classified information, evenprov if it had been declassified. but it will be a rather untenable case inill my view. and you would have to really create some new law. the president's role in declassification. itit has not really been litigated that much. i mean, presidents have always asserted they have the ultimate and immediate power to declassify. and usually if you talk about t pursuing a former president, you're talking about pursuingsu a case where you've gotry everything you need and more here you would be litigating in a fairly unknown areas, which is which is rather surprising. all right. jonathan turley, as always, thank you. we appreciate you being with us here. or now with more, the author of the price of principle, harvard law professor alan dershowitz, along with the attorney for former president donald ilina
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harbor is with us anden the co-host of the five geraldo rivera. let me start with you as the president's attorney. let's talk specifically aboute the very same issues that were j brought up with jonathan turley as it relates to send it back to the doj. they get it they get to redact whatever they want out of it. i'm pretty certain it's not going to come back favorable in any way to transfer to the side of transparency. i agree with you. i think that there won'tve be very much transparency. i would expect that we'll get a lot of black ink all overof that piece of p paper. if i was the doj, abidin doj, ly i'd probably be redacting everything other than the word and o the so we're going to have to see what they kick back the one good thing that this judge did say is that heil will take a look at if it's too heavily redacted, he will do so himselfi . sosng he's encouraging them to y and give us some sort of clarity. i thinkomio , though, there's a lott of people here that are just
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waiting, including the trumpe team, to see what the basis was when you have a coordinating president, i mean, any person, but let alone a president, it just doesn't make sense. you know, s professor, it'sen the same office>> the same peopd involved in an operation s crossfire hurricane. i would t think thathe director wray might have cleaned up that officer , but apparently he has not. i think. whatever justification he gave this magistrate who had a clear bias against donald trump, i've got i've got to t believe they want it redactedo for other reasons. that's what my gut tells me. what does your gut tell you? well, first of all, i predictedi exactly what p the judge would o this morning in an op ed in "newsweek" magazine that he would split the baby, that he would say, yes, it has to be disclosed, but with relaxium. but i have a different view fromav your two previous guestsi from john .ll i think they're beingly deliberately not redact a lot of unfavorable materialea
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regarding donald trump. they're going to leave that in t because there certainly is going to be material on the table both if there was an affidavit foror a search warrant, then they're going to redact material that might be favorable to him. so itll won't have anything to o with what's classified, what's unclassified, what's necessary. the investigation will have much more to do with howo they can redact and unredacted in a way that's favorable to the doj. and the doj doesn't want to they don't want this out in the public. donald trump doesn't not tell you a lot. it certainly does. but i i bet the doj wants different things out in the public and donald trump does not already of as they are. but it's stronger. it actually can show it. look, i agree with you along with jonathan turley. i've seen w dozens of dozens of these redacted the affidavits and they just redact redactedre deck.
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and i alsoo a agree that the jut will overrule them and then they'll have a right tohehe appa the next question, will they get a stay pending appeal or i will be information have to be disclosed? this is the beginning ofd?d? a process and the justice department has too much control over it. although let's get your legaler hat on your talk show hostal han on and get your show and your h take. well, i'll leave the redacting the the non redacting to your previous guests, including my other dear friend, professor alan dershowitz, my big beef with the justice department behavior today in court waseh the fact that they made the claim that their investigation was inha the early stages and that they fearedt that if they did not redact that their witnesses or their confidential informants might be exposed. now they said it was in the early stages. my question is if indeed t the investigation is in
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the early stages, then how in the world did they get the search warrants that there was probable cause that a crime had been committed and justifying this extraordinary raid for the firstrd time in american history, an american president's residence of former president residents in this unprecedented act was invaded by 30 fbi agents. a soge it's either in the early stages or they had probable cause that crime had been committed. it seems to me that you can't have both, but you'veo got to pick a variable that that's 100% accurate. and i00 think you brought up a good point in your monologue on this. is the russia hoax team the same people that are involved there struck lisa page all these individuals havent tainted the fbi and these areed the same individuals that havep been going after donald trump since the day he camee down that escalator. and it will not stop as long as he's leading a in the polls last.
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thirty five year old professor, you get the last thirty five seconds. yeah. let's remember everybody out there predicteds r that rhinehat would just affirm the justice department and not disclose . ything i predicted that he would do exactly this, that he would redact part. so i'm going to give them a presumption of credibility and expect that he will actually accurately transcribe trump in social media and in questions of morality. professor, it doesn't get any more personal than that. i agree, but i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. he did a very good thing today.g i'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that he hates trump. it's's obviously he writing he but look, everybody predicted that he would not disclose and he did that you have to give him the benefit of the doubt for that. let's wait because have the only reason in my view, he's put the baby to use your term because he needed an out because he should have never taken the case because he previously recused himself from the other case.
11:20 pm
i want an r a plus in this clas, if that's what i give you a plus. thank you enough. i appreciate it. all right. thank you all. coming up, we're going to highlight pennsylvania senate candidate, the radicalig bernie sanders wannabe john fetterman, all his radicalt views, all his controversial past. dr. an important state must win state for republicans is next. allergies just try to stop being the greatest versions of ourselves, 11:00 a.m. to six times longer than ben-israel citris. you won't take us down. legris starts working two times faster than clairton. so dust you won't wipe us out. and unlike geotech, allegra will make us drowsy. so far you won't faze us . take allegra before your allergy symptoms take over. you live your greatness and new . unlike rajiv's works from the inside to relieve itching and reduce size for twenty four hours. hi , i'm mike huckabee, former
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that's eight hundred five one four nine five one six right far left. pennsylvania senate candidate john fetterman returns to m the campaign trail last friday, making his first public appearance since suffering a stroke back in may.n sadly, fetterman at times appeared to be struggling a lotl speaking. but as always, s we'll let you decide and watch yourself. one of those counties more votes. twenty five of those fifty fifty four red counties, more votes, more votes than dr. in those counties as well, too. i gave away the lieutenant governor , governor in pennsylvania, the only lieutenant governor in the history to do that. nsutenand you can count on us to eliminate the filibuster, in eliminate the filibuster.
11:27 pm
and let's let's get some stuff done for america now. we sent our prayers which fetterman and everyone else good health in their lifend and on the road of recovery.ov buter meanwhile, we are learning so much more about vitamins, really extreme far left positions on crime, anti fracking p o, on new green deal socialism, ending the legislative filibusternd, packing the court, legalizingco drug dens, legalizing heroinur and everything in between. here's a small samplee i don't support fracking. i think it's something that f hg eventually go away. li and i would like to see it transition out. i was on aut panel with secretay wetsel earlier before the pandemic hit and he said something remarkable that i agree with . you said we could reduce our prison population by a third and not make anyone lessou in pennsylvania. and that's a profound statement. we do need to reimagine how we
11:28 pm
to the scenes in terms of what's the best tool to bring. s i think the public safety needsf to be part of that. but could this be handled by somebody else? it's like, wait a second, what are you talking about?t do you want to legalize heroin and why are you talking youar know why you care about theseha things? and i think it's important that we as a society havee all the options on the table, including netflix change, which is only technically legal inlp philadelphia and pittsburghin and even safe injection sites that are being considered like, . y, in philadelphiaje now, this is a must hold gop senate race in pennsylvania. fetterman has already madesy itm very clear he will abolishub the filibuster. he will double downfe on the failingel far left biden and burning manifesto and their agenda endorsed bernie sandersfe over biden in the primary. that meansst crime will go up, costs will go up, taxes will go up. your quality of life ino pennsylvania d will go downhe and all around the country and control of the senate may
11:29 pm
very well come down to this race in pennsylvania. now, fetterman is a spoiled socialist trust fund brad in a hoodie who's lived off his parents for decades. forty nine to forty nine years old, salena zitoo wrote a great column about this earlierar and she laid it out in all its detail. now he's nothing more than a tax eating far left radical democrat. r he wants to raise your taxes, destroy your life to the left. bernie sanders is pretty far left and destroy american energy independence, which, by the way, fracking is big in pennsylvania. and he'sd he on board with the democrats defund, dismantle and cash bail criminal agenda, for example, back in 2020 p onen while on the pennsylvania parole board, fetterman reportedly voted to releasevi a manct convicted of killing an 18 year old kid for money to buy heroin. and back in i 2013 armed with aot shotgun, he literally chased d down an unarmed black jogger,ly
11:30 pm
falsely believing this man was involved in a shooting, a shooting that hadn't taken place. this man should be nowherepl near the u.s. senate. pennsylvania is way out ofuc touch with your values and the c country cannot afford . hn fetterman with reaction republican pennsylvania senate candidate dr. mehmet oz is with us . dr. oz, abortion up to the last minute he supports. no, no, absolutely no restrictions at all. ending fracking endorse bernie w sanders. ay by the way, the murder rate as lieutenant governor went0% around 60% since he's been lieutenant governor in pennsylvania. chased down this jogger, this african-american jogger. as i understand it, a shooting hadn't even taken place, voted free this convicted murderer. and once the legalize heroin and fun safe injection sites. how is this guy even running a campaign where he's only appeared once since after r
11:31 pm
a stroke? ? is that true? you've got the numbers right. you got the data on him, right?e he's the most radical left candidate for a contested us senateate seat in the countri this year.s i think he's probably the most radical candidate pennsylvania has ever put forward forever a statewide. y it just shows you how far left the democratic party has gone that they actuallyon nominatednd him. and the reality is he doesn't want to leave his home. we don't think and he didn't campaign all that much during the primary. s i've a been one hundred and sixty events already in the last month and a half. pennsylvaniaa right you know, ben. and how many campaigning, how many he won. you showed a little clip from one oh one oh oh he did. won eleven minutes. soso campaign wow. and here's why it's a problem, d by the way. i've also asked him to accept one of the five debates that we've accepted t at major media companies have offered. he's not responded.
11:32 pm
here's the real challenge forer america when it wasn't focused on this, he's basically a hologram. the voters of pennsylvania ylvat know much about john fettermanh because they don't see him. o, he's out there listening toou him, which is the first thing you should was a candidate. and as a doctor is here, what constituents saying he's not talking, not answering questions from media is not offering responseses that can be heard. so we'rerely actually witnessing intensive money flowing into his campaign from california, new york , from the coast because they desperately want to have the fifty first seat int the senate, but they're note, letting him out of the door. they're creating a brand around him. that's why i please if you're a listening and you're upset about this, go to dr. oz .com and donate to my campaign. just the only way for us to keep up. o my real crisis because if he pulls thiscl off, what basically joe biden did but steroids by never leaving the house except maybe once a month or atleast had to say something, then we're going to see a whole new era where candidates never go out because, you know, when youec go out and you get tiredau
11:33 pm
working 18 hours days like i do, you know, mistakes happen. people ask awkward questions,s but folks challenge c youth and then they start to make media outey that my opponent's not out there. i'm dancing by myself and it's o a lot better tout have both candidates out doing what they're supposed to do in a democracyre t, be seen, be hed and articulate why you believeou what you believe he has to defend his radical ideology. as you pointed it out. way to the left of it was bernie sanders and he have endorsed each othererve and they call each other the two most so that most populous candidates in the country. he's like alsi on steroids. he'd be the center of that team if they had to. squad got together. you know, it's interesting. i mean, you talk about joe biden's basman bunker campaign that he ran in 2020. om then you talk about all this money coming from new york and california. t this great piece written by salena zito about apparently never worked. and i know you've been attacked for living outside the state.
11:34 pm
you had something called a job that paid money and apparently to use selena's words, he was sponging off his parents forrs all these years. i mean, has he ever had anyes real job besides being a mayorin and apparently never showed for a lot of council meetings and now lieutenant governor and under his watch, crime is soaring. let's clean up pointed out in the article the mayor is a parts time job, gets paid a couple hundred dollars a year. it didn't really show up for y that, hasn't shown up for much of the lieutenant governor's job. he's known for hiding a potf flag out t of the window is only while campaigning was to get marijuana legalized. i'm the son of an immigrantmm and i knew from day one when i was a kid, you work hard. you you you challenge yourself to achieve greatness, tove support america. you achieveca the american drea. that's not been john fetterman life story. youeder grew up, as senior points out in privilege did not work. his parents funded his life
11:35 pm
and until recently that's all he had to doo was just sort of back his way through life. soth that's why i don'tt understand what his real goals h are with these radical positions. appreciatess he the damage they would tota taxpaying citizens of pennsylvania. the folks who have to do the heavy lifting to keep the machinery of america running. when you callin a fracking a stn on the commonwealth, you're attackinghe an entire industry, hardworking people who do their best to makeedo a living r their families, keeping actually the environment as clean as you can if you're harvestingng ass natural gas frm beneath my feet here, because that's what we need to douse to take care of this country. he doesn't'tot understand thatew the green new deal is a dishonest narrative. but again, if you're upset about this man and how much he's getting funded, go to dr. oz. .com is supporting you. help me take him out. otherwise, he's threatening tome become the fifty first democrat senator . all right, dr. oz, we're going to watch this closely. i hopeat people aroundou the country understand how important this race is . thank you. now yetntstanan again tonight, e more sickening new york city . olent crime caught on tape
11:36 pm
remember this video that weas showed you last night? a career criminalt sucker punching a man unconscious outside of a bronx restaurant last week? well, get this. we're now w learning tonight tht the far left bronx district attorney has now charged that guy with a mere misdemeanor fora harassmentno and assault. th this is a 55 year old repeat violent criminal who's also a offender and now he's been released without bail. b and justai the latest example of far left lawlessness. but unfortunately, that lawlessnesst doesn't stop in major cities because once again tonight we have footage of biden's open borders in action. take a look at your screen. new video showing border patrol agents literally opening upngby a gate previously locked by the texas national guard in order to allow illegal immigrants to come into the u.s.. so as texas authorities try to secure our southern border, team bidencu, they're right thee
11:37 pm
to invite them in illegally and they get involved in all human trafficking and it's just one of the many reasons why a new poll is finding that a majority of americans i seesi this as an invasionon of our southern border. and meanwhile, int new york city, officials are getting just a small little glimpse of what border communities are suffering from every single day. new york city is now begging for an extra 5000 hotel rooms to house the migrants being bused to the city by the texas governor greg abbott. great move, governor , with reaction. border patrol union president brandon judd, along with fox news contributorsiju sarah carta sarah , let's start with your report first. you've been down there foryome us many times reporting. nd oh, yes. sean and i just returned this week from a week actually inca central america. and the situation is becoming.. very grave. i got information from sources both in el salvador as well as guatemala that many people are pouring in from acrossd
11:38 pm
the globe into honduras. i spoke with peopleon actually along the border as well as senior officials inge both government and spoke to these folks that were coming across and asked them why were they willing to take suchit a risk even with childrenh as young as one year old babies coming across three different nations. and they said, well, biden has o the border wide open. we've talked to our familytu members. we've talked toalal friends who have actually made . eir way and so when you look at that video of the border patrol agentspa opening that gate, seat this is not just a one time thing. this is kind of an overallll picture of whatpi is happening t our border and people fromld across the world are actually hearing it loud and clear. and if you think it's bad now, just wait until the next fiscal year because they're expecting millions of people to make thisa trek into the united states . thiste beg is just the beginninf something really terrible. brandon, what are the rank t and file on the ground saying that they're dealing with every day? no, we haven't evennit broughtvy
11:39 pm
into the equation 90% of america's heroin crossingor border. 95% of fentanyl crossing thatof border or the fact that we lose about three hundred american kids each week because of these drugs, one of those one of t the rank and file saying they're not allowed to t dob. their job. they have to offer preferential treatment to people entering this country illegally. o obreaking our laws, not respecting our border or sovereigntyct. then they get a free biden phone and transportation to the stateon, their choice. and on top of it, you know,is there's no covid testing is nora vaccine mandate for these illegal immigrants. what is going on herentgo? every single one of us are>> beyond upset when e you look back at president trump's administration, he not only gavee us the t infrastructure, but he also gave us the policy. when you look atd that video and when you see that gate, those those fences were made top stop people from evading apprehension. unfortunately, those people were in the united states . they already made an illegal
11:40 pm
entry. they already committed a crime. so we had to take them into custody. that's why you're seeing icust m open the gate to take them intod custody because they already committed that crimelrea and tht stuff that didn't happen under president trump because he gavem us the policy as well. when you see that, that clearly shows how bad the biden administration's policies are that we take people into custodyy and then they're able to congregate behind that fence becausee they know thatte ultimately they're going to be released to the united states even though we took him into custodyoo. we're going to take him back to the border patrol station. we're going to process them pss and ultimately release them or give them a reward. and that's what we have to have both. bo have to have bothog the technology i'm sorry, the infrastructurey,tr and a policy. and that's what trump gave us . and biden has gotten rid of all of and that's the problem. and that's why we're so demoralized right now in this time. and one of the things you've been able to highlight with your investigative reportingighlyour is the fact tu know, this perilous journey is resulting in a lot of people dying, a lot of young girls
11:41 pm
being, a lot of crime, a lot ofi all ofng it's being run by the cartels that seems to get overlooked by everybody. >> well, it does shine. and i've got to tell and we're d going to be bringing those reports to you exclusively fromi central america where i was able to speak with human smugglers. i spoke to people that took that perilous journey, the losse of lifen of children along that journey, childrendren who have t disappeared completely, other childrenre who have been rescued and the families that are a facing perils. the families that we saw thathe died and perished in the back of an b 18-wheeler in one hundred and seventy degree heat just burning up, being locked in by these cartels. but we also have to look atli the national security implications. just like you said, sean, we'reu seeing just over the weekend 600 no one got away. those are people that just disappeared into our country over one weekendre from one area that we know now have disappeared into our nation.
11:42 pm
sentinel coming across. a and i don'tcr know if people hae seen these reports, but now they are seeing fentanyl coming across. that looks like candy. so the pills actually look like candy. so if your children see them,li they might think that there is skittles or something like that. they're very colorful rainbowng colors. they're getting those at t the border. this is an extremely dangerousur situation for our nation. it's an extremely dangerous situation for those in poverty that are taking this route intoo the united states . tand the only people that are particularly benefiting are these drugbe cartels and these human traffickers who are amassing hundreds of billions of dollars off of the death of our children and also the deaths of these migrants. so i think the biton administration should truly assess what it is doing here because its policy is just perpetuating this behavior. all right. investigative reporter sars-cov-2 brennan, thank yourt as well. when we come back , controversy after videos of the finnish prime minister partying have surfaced. l
11:43 pm
it is blowing up in finland. we'll tell you about it. also, a disturbing new ad from the new jersey teachers union taking aim n at parents once again. first, off course,of was the bin doj looking into parents being domestic terrorists. now it's the teachers union. pam bondi, leo 2.0.on weigh? in rei served in the army for 27 years. today i'm retired and living on a pension instead of lowering our costs and tackling inflation. congress is going after american technology. this was its agenda will threaten the technology we use every day, but it could cost public pension plans over one hundred billion dollars. seniors like me will pay a heavy price. tell congress to leave our technology alone. attention medicare recipients. the energy in one portable oxygen concentrator may now be available at little or no
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all right, take a look at your screen. a bizarre story out a finlandre where their prime minister salah marin is under fire apparently for partying too hard, prompting criticism from political opponents that t she's slacking on the job. now, the thirty six euro primeim minister said in a response, quote, i have a family, i have a work life and i have free time to spend a with myti friends, pretty much the same as many people my age. also tonight, more left wing attacks on parents. this timee the new jersey teachers union condemning momsom and dads as extremists in a new ad. >> take a look. a wegr don't agree on everything n new jersey, but we all agree that our kids deserve a world class education. so when extremists start attacking our schools, that's not who we are. people who only want to fight to score political points should take that somewhere else. hit with reaction. former florida attorney general
11:50 pm
pam bondi. liow to point out, well, you know, the prime minister i mean, there are videos out there of me and leo singing karaoke that i don't thinkto the world would want to see. pam bondi, i'm surprised the people in finland are thatat uptight, that the prime minister's, you know, hangingds out with her friends and acting crazy. so what? well, sean, i think the problem is when you're a prime ministerd and when you're a neighboring country of russia, wgh it's at r with ukraine. and when you are desperately t trying to get your country in nato and when you are required y to have your cell phone with you at all times, all becae you have such a serious job, she seems a little out of sorts . and i don'thi know, i just think i have a problem with that. if you accept that job, you got to accept the responsibility. you and leo on the otherr. hand, you've got a lot of free time to go to your karaoke. >> i don't s have a lot of free tie and leo's awful at it. i'm bad, but he's awful. all right. first, leo, it was the doj investigating parents thatt
11:51 pm
broke out at school board meetings as potentially being domestic terrorists. now we have teachers unions, you know, parents dare sayay they want age appropriate materials. they don't want crt. they don't want gender identity. talk to their kids inta school. they want reading, writing, math , science, history and computers. somehow they're extremists. yeah, let's be clear. the union l is a it's a arm of the democratic party. they are a propaganda machine for the extreme. you are an extremist if you believe in reedit right. and mathematics for your school age children. i used to be a school teacher. you were an extremist. if you are opposed to critical race theory or if you do notnd believe in gender identification classes for third gradern, i think this is just pure extremism on the left and they're are trying to useme the kids. those commercials? the kids are being used as a prop. these unions do not care about
11:52 pm
school children. they care about power control and they are their social influencers for the democraticoa left. but i'm you right now. i i'm proud to be an extremist ifi i believe in quality educationn and keeping critical race theoryry, which is nothing more than racism out of public schools, you pam, i look at what's happening to parents and why are they under assault ? we pay more per capita per student on education than any other industrialized country and parents, i think havehe a right to say they don't want their kids indoctrinated into value kindo systems that they disagree with , especially the worst getting results of the worst bang for our buck than any country on education for our kids. why oy don't they stick to the basics of this after class? let kids opt in if the parentsth want it? that's exactly right. sean e and i come from a family of educators. look what they did in new jersey. excuse me. look what they did in virginia.t with glenn young. and that helped propel him to
11:53 pm
the governor's mansion. and that's what's going toey happen in new jersey if they're not careful, they are extremists. and as leo said, you know, not only that parents have a rightir ,of course, to know what their children are being taught. they have a right too c know wht their children are reading, that they're not reading about critical racein theory. it's unbelievable now. but parents also have the rightc to school choice ifre their educational needs are not being met in the school and which they are placed,ar they have a right to change schools for their student. and that's whatuden and that's t conservatives believe in school choice. justhe democrats havesc lost sight of that. a they used tos be known as the party of education and that's just gone because all they care about are the teachers unions and not uni the students. all right, leo, are you going to release your karaoke tapes? r yes, a song i do with seanha hannity. and we're going to be singing reunited. we're goingn to revitalize the pieces herself. are you peaches? oh, i'm her reunited song.
11:54 pm
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the time we have left this evening. as always, thank youor for beind with us. thank making this showou possible. please set your dvr so you y never miss an episode of hannity. don't forget for news any time r ne g, hannity, .com and in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. the great laura ingraham is up a next with another kick . she had one last night the night before she is alwaysys having killed. so you're just you're justnd being nice that you got a haircut. i can barely see you. bei i seee. cutt they say no. whatat they said that they curld the hair tonight. that's the big excitement here later tonight. ei did a little a little greast you know, it really ever put that in. so and by the way, i saw i saw f a screenshot of from election e night twenty . funny don't show me. s and letay me just say we both look really good.d. still