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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 21, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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goodwin will be on this week. and follow this show like kayleigh does. and follow me on facebook, instagram and rumble. i realize it's time for dan bongino. i hope are ready. [♪♪♪] dan: joe biden is doing great, he's great, the economy is great, rainbows and unicorns. that's what the mainstream media wants you to believe. but we have eyes and ears. the motive behind the fbi raid on mar-a-lago is clear. i will tell you how the doj
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stepped in it again. and how they can blow their case against trump. the dems told us walls wouldn't solve the border crisis. biden makes plans to built a wall of his own. it's not at our border and you are paying for it. it's serious time now. things are bad right now. i know that, you know that, the republicans know it, biden knows it, the dems know it. democrat voters know it too. so why do some voters still support this administration. when i was in the secret service we stayed in hot zones.
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that was me with obama. i got sick there, that was trinidad. i think i had like 101 fever. there was no place on earth i would rather not -- be than there. here is me, too, tooking miserable in indonesia. i got that eating grit. but i was embracing the sock. that's accepting the circumstances around you sometimes operating within them with no expectations things will get better until it's over. does that feel like the american economy? i think some non-conservative voters are starting to just embrace the suck. how bad does this economy suck?
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here is a look at the facts. i know facts drive you crazy, but these are objective truths. the facts, it doesn't matter if you looked them or not. but they are facts. let's start with gas prices. when trump left office the national average was $2.39 a gal. the average price under joe biden peaked at $5.01 per gallon. prices tick down and the biden administration is throwing itself a victory parade? >> we have good news. gas prices are coming down. they have fallen every day this summer for 38 days in a row. >> this is the fastest decline in gas prices in a decade. he promised to address the price
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at the pump and he has. dan: you are still paying dramatically more than when trump left office. the dems demanded me defund the police. and now police are quitting and retiring, leaving states unable to do law enforcement. police will no longer investigate misdemeanor retail theft, criminal damage to property unless there is an identifiable suspect. stolen vehicles, trespassing and burglaries of homes, garages, businesses and cars? there is a burglar in your house? can you identify the suspect? no, i can't. >> just let it happen, we don't have enough cops. dan: i live in a relatively red
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area, we are good. are you embracing the suck? it seems like it. anyone else notice the labor force participation rate? that's a whole lot of sublg right there. you don't participate in the labor force, you don't produce stuff. if you don't proaf dues stuff, there is no stuff to have. every democrat in the senate and the house voted to raise your taxes with the hilariously named inflation reduction act. even the liberal media out of the bullpen embracing the suck. >> don't look now people but all of a sudden sleepy joe has a fast stack of accomplishments. >> this has been an extraordinarily successful two years legislatively. >> if you look at it, it's a
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slimmed down version of the built back better version but it has a new name. democrats should be aware that inflation is a concern. this is a big bill. this is a huge. dan: you knead one of those doggy bags for the show. my g.i. track gets irritated by all this spin. they are spinning this as a win for joe biden. and many voters on the left clapped and cheered about this. thought it was great. joe biden's approval rating even ticked up. i think we have a clip of the moment the media -- just when i think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do
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something like this. totally reveal yourself. dan: fact checkers, that's a joke. that's not really the media, calm down. the spin is embarrassing. the left will do anything to keep you from the truth. you know the hard truth, just how bad the current suck is. you deal with 8% inflation, $4 a gallon gas, and the media is gush over the return are of a comic book character, aviator joe. he's back. even obama tweeted, this is a bfd. remember the last time we got one of those bfds?
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a hard pass on that one. last time we got a bfd from joe and barack obama at least 6.7 million -- 4.7 million americans lost their health insurance under obamacare. but to show you how effective the media spin is, americans are terrified to say publicly what they believe privately. showing the difference in public opinion versus private opinion on the same topic. 59% of americans believed wearing a mask was an effective way of stopping covid. you are telling me people know these things suck and they have to say publicly how great they
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are? that's the power of the media. they want you to forget how things were before the dems took over. forget the good ole days. take a mass brainwashing experiment. congressman said we have a likability problem. yes, because you suck. now they need you to embrace the sublg, too. d embrace the suck, too. they will take every failure and frame it as a success until you do. but what really sucks is being lied to. i don't like that. it's time to start doing.
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and overcome the gas lighting. overcoming the massive suck on a one-way ticket back to the district in this upcoming election. joining us is joe concha. you have been analyzing the media for a very long time. what power they have. if these same conditions were under trump, he would be at 2% approval because they would be hammering him every day. >> i just checked the record and you just broke the cable news record for you using the word suck. the most in the a with block in any medium going back 42 years. i see this differently than other folks in media who think if you pass a bad bill that
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somehow that means a victory. the american people, the sane and sober ones, don't want bigger government, they don't want additional agents. i'm an optimist and i think there are sane and sober voters out there in this country. some would think the majority don't appreciate being lied to in this administration. it's like calling steak wrapped in bacon the heart attack reduction combo meal. as far as media influence, they keep pushing these their toughs that somehow people at home will forget when they look at their paychecks and balance sheets and bank accounts. when they look at what they are still paying for gas. when they see television screens
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when they hear that this man who attacked someone just got out and attacked someone and put him in a coma. the analysis that looked at endorsements for each candidate. hillary clinton got 57 out of 59 endorsements. that got her a concession speech instead of steak knives. maybe people think fentanyl and an open border is a good thing. but i think clear-eyed people care about their families can't embrace this suck because it's the suckiest suck. dan: i hope and ray you are right. but i can't take any more of this suck.
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>> happy saturday, dan. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." the motive us behind the raid on mar-a-lago critical clear. a decade old case involving the former president could blow their case against trump wide open.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." the latest complaint about trump is he had classified documents at mar-a-lago. they sued the national archives to force the release of audio recordings that clinton kept in his sock drawer. a u. * district judge said the designatures to segregate personal materials from presidential records is made by the president during the president's term and in his sole discretion.
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that's a quote. kind of strange, huh? joining me now is pete hegseth to talk about this. that you sounds dispositive to me. it's the sole discretion, they can do what they want. can the case get any uglier for the doj at this point? pete: bill clinton's sock drawer we already knew was a dangerous place. he had 70 hours of recordings with a reporter and the national archives wants it back. judicial watch said. the judge said they have wide discretion. george w. bush and obama signed sweeping executive orders to give inmore latitude to
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presidents to declassify in their own way in their own terms which was after bill clinton had the authority. that was bill clinton a democrat and this is donald trump. dan: judge jackson said the doj was the defendant in this case and the doj said asking us to go get records from bill clinton a former president is quote an extraordinary request. it's right there. this thing cannot get any worse. you would think unfounded. and contrary to the presidential record act. you would think professional lawyers at the doj would have read this case and said fellas, this don't look too good for us.
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>> but trump. as a result this is their last chance to dig and dig. not in bill clinton's sock drawer and melania's closet and trump's desk to get access to his personal quarters to find something to charge him with a crime. this is not about presidential records. this is about whether it's january 6 or whatever they want to charge him with. merrick garland has been angry since he wasn't put on the supreme court and he's willing to do whatever the left wants him to do. this is an out in the open brazen example of that. dan: the left is trying to
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rebrand the fbi and the defund the police. joining me, heather mcdonald. as you well know, no serious conservative is calling to defund any serious law enforcement activity. our concern with the fbi is political targeting over law enforcement. this is the media trying to pollute the argument. >> there is no comparison. i will believe the right is engaged in the same smearing when i see the graffiti, "all agents are bastards." i believe the conservatives are responsible for delegit.
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when fbi agents have feces and europe bags then at them. what conservatives are saying is we need a concerted effort to look at whether the highest reaches of the federal law enforcement agencies have been politicized. if that happens, any hope for the rule of law and for living in a non-totalitarian state is over. but i'm not going to cop to the charge that we are engaged in the same type of corrosive discourse that says every single police officer by definition, simply by definition of being a police officer is a biased racist. that's what the left tells us
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all the time and that's not what the right is saying about the fbi. dan require was conservatives calling for president trump to use law enforcement when the left engaged in the george floyd riots. >> absolutely. we still have credibility as the law and order party. the left is engaged in the same, saying law enforcement is great. that's when don lemon was crying on camera at video of a capitol police officer being squished in a door at the capitol riot. never before has don lemon cared about police officers and never since. dan: such a great point. it's a great book, "war on
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cops." dan: coming up on "unfiltered" if you listen to the left, everything is racist. this week it's the rosary. we'll look at another example of alleged racism.
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[♪♪♪] dan: if you listen to the left almost anything can be racist on any given day. the atlantic wrote an article that the rosary is an extremist symbol on the right. that's real. we are going to do a little quiz show. we are going to do, racist or not. so question one. get ready. it's a real mind bender. in the past or any time in the recent future has the media and the left declared racist or not roads. the floor is yours. >> man, i don't know one black person on planet that thinks the roads are racist.
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that's something pete buttigieg said. he has lost his everlasting mind. dan: we'll go to the tape. is terrance right that it's only pete buttigieg who believes roads are racist. let's go to videotape. >> if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a black or white neighborhood or an underpass is constructed so a bus carrying puerto rican and black kids was designed too low for to it pass by, it obviously reflects racism that went into those choices. dan: question two. racists or not? are master bedrooms racist? >> i am at a loss for words. a master bedroom being racist. absolutely not.
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people should just be happy they have a bedroom to sleep in. dan: you are wrong, we need a buzzer. you are 1-1. of course, that's racist. the left, the biggest bedroom, the "new york times." it's right there on the screen. i want to get to question 3. you can redeem yourself. racist or not. aunt jemima syrup and uncle ben's rice? racist or not. >> absolutely not. actually it was race dwrift that they took their faces off of the boxes. dan: you would be wrong because the left believes uncle ben and aunt jemima need to be retired.
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you since mix is not racist. one last one. you can finish up even 2-2. racist or not. black and white photos. >> absolutely not. dan: on the screen now we have a black and white photo of you and donald trump. we had to throw one in there the media hasn't gotten to yet. get ready. after this show this black and white picture of you and president trump will call that racist, i promise you. harris williams, thanks for your time. i appreciate you playing along with us. thanks a lot. dan: i have some serious
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questions for the doj and fbi. why don't they care about a pipe bomb suspect on the loose.
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dan: welcome to my favorite part of the show, the teleprompter
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free. first, about the mar-a-lago raid. when "newsweek" is reporting the fbi may have went in there look for russia gait documents, you mean the kinds that may have exonerated donald trump? when "newsweek" is telling you that, that's a houston, we have got a problem. we know trump was spied on. cnn reported in 2017 that british intelligence passed trump communications. they admitted to it. maybe some of those documents were somewhere around mar-a-lago that were declassified that could have exonerateddon and
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made the fbi look bad so they goth went and got them? one more quick point. january 6 case. remember there was a person who planted two pipe bombs in front of the dnc and rnc january 5 and 6? remember that? you may have forgotten about it because nobody is talking about it. the january 6 committee told us it's the worst insurrection in american history. but a man or woman placed two bombs in front of the dnc. a pipe with an egg timer? you know what's extra special strange? it timer was sent with 20 minutes to go. and it was found 20 minutes before 1:00 p.m. on january 6 despite being there for hours as
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the electoral votes were about to be counted. what a coincidence. joining me now to discuss. fox us in contributor and explosive expert. you have seen the picture of this device. it's something out of a movie prop. it's a pipe with an el timer. this isn't the kind of device some professional looking to set off an insurrection in your experience would be planting? >> i don't propagate conspiracy theories, i just ask questions. we have an investigative human intelligence mechanism in this country that thwarts terrorism almost daily. of all the things we don't do well in law enforcement. one thing we do well is
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counter-terrorism work. it makes it hard to believe something like this could go this long without any explanation and understanding. we could take it apart and analyze the chemicals tonight and almost trace it back to the company they were sold from. we do reverse tracing so well in this country. one thing that bothers me is the only thing that does look like is a training device used in law enforcement and law enforcement. almost a cartoon version of what you would see. if someone had enough training to put together something that looked like a bomb or was not very good and used a picture they saw on the internet but didn't know what they were doing. dan: in your expertise, do you see it as likely a trained
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e.o.d. tech would miss something like that sitting next to a park bench in a sweep? >> not in the pictures i saw. your eye goes right to it. they did nothing to conceal or camouflage this whatsoever. it looks like something that someone with training on identifying bombs would do. >> i'm with you, buddy, i don't do conspiracy theories either. but it's an appropriate question nobody is asking except me and you on saturday night. as always, thanks for your service to the country. >> same to you, dan. dan: coming up on "unfiltered," we reached the 2 million milestone on migrants crossing the border just this year. what's joe biden doing? he's building a wall, but not at
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the border, somewhere else.
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our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> i hate to tell you this. but border crossing hit a major
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milestone. but let's put some meat on the bone. more than 1.9 million migrants have crossed the southern border this year. sources tell fox the actual number is well over 2 million. here is some meat on the bone for you. that's more than two sold out crowds at lambeau feel. that's a lot of people. joining me is former acting i.c.e. director tom homan. that video that came out this week of the texas national guard locking the gate and then the cbp coming up and unlocking the gate and letting them in. it's harder to get into jfk than an illegal migrant at the
12:48 am
border. >> we handed this person the most secure border in our lifetime. this is the first president in this nation who cop into office and intentional unsecured the border. up to 70% of border patrol have been pull off line. a huge amount of fentanyl is coming across the border. how know how many of them are suspected terrorist. it's killing migrants. since joe biden has become president. when president trump had illegal immigration down 80% and eight was at a 4-year low. how many known suspected
12:49 am
terrorists crossed the border. what this president has done is almost treasonous. >> when i was putting together this segment. the questions i get from my audience on the podcast radio show. okay, we have the my grants here. what do we do? is it logistically possible to deport the millions of people who are not here legally? >> no, never going to happen. to even take a bite out of this, the administration made it impossible. at the same type they opened the border up, they decapitated i.c.e. the secretary has been on national tv saying being in the country illegally alone isn't enough for i.c.e. to make an arrest.
12:50 am
he testified if they don't qualified to be removed, he's lying. i.c.e. can arrest them but can't remove them. dan: they keep telling us, why is biden on the $500,000 wall that the taxpayers have to pay for. >> walls work, that's why joe biden as a senator voted for border walls. dan: that's a good point about that vote, too. coming up on "unfiltered." from defund the police to climate change, the price of going woke could soon cost the left more than they must pay.
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an rpg came through the belly of the aircraft. i'm not sure i would still be here if i didn't find the friends in wounded warrior project that i did. we don't talk about the female combat wounded. these are our daughters and our sisters and our mothers.
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being on the recumbent, it felt a lot like flight and i felt like i got a piece of me back. the truth is i think we all have this strength inside of us, but until you're tested, you just don't know it's there.
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>> welcome back to "unfiltered" so left demands woke but conservatives are now embracing an using their anti-woke message to make them look insane like they are. >> she trains at 6 a.m. every morning. she's spent years working she's the captain of her school's team. he's just a mid-finisher but not today. unfortunately this competition was over before it even began. woke left wing politicians are destroying girl sports, telebiden and radical allies no men in girl sports. [laughter] dan: that was a political ad from citizens for sanity that's a real name showing how absurd left ideology has become plus
12:56 am
scathing new report claims black rock big, big financial farm pushing woke agenda on american businesses joining me now is cofounder at strive asset management, i know you saw that ad. conservatives -- trying to, you know, finally figuring out that using the left rules against them really work. ridicule is a potent weapon for this kind of stuff. j i call it transparency dan it is simple and one of the things i remembered is that one of the is that the sex of the person you're attracted to is somehow fix at birth if you question that that means you're hob phobic and your gender identity is fluid over the course of the lifer team and both realities at the same time and seeing whether logical consistency stands on two feet and in so many ways it
12:57 am
doesn't it was in favor of title ix of sanctity of women sports and saying might have said something like they can't compete in the same way then girls shouldn't be competing but they said this back had the 90s that's full circle to say if they can't compete against those in sports then they aren't worth preserving that is notice how tables have turned over course of the 30 years. >> that's a great, great point audience take that to heart when it is so true how that flipped full circle you have strive asset management and you've been piloting for parallel economy for a long time epght i want you to listen larry he runs black rock they have millions in assets talking about how much they love authoritarianism and how they have behaviors. >> this is one thing we're asking companies, you have to
12:58 am
force behaviors and black rock we are forcing behaviors. markets don't like uncertainty but markets like totalitarian governments where you have an understanding of what is out there and, obviously, we're whole dimension is changing. dan: they're forcing behaviors with other people's money they're investing. >> that's right the way this game is played is they aggregate trillions a ten trillion complex using money of everyday as thes to create a totalitarian form of government going to corporate america and mandating to adopt environmental and social and cultural policies that most of those everyday americans probably most of the viewers of the program do not agree with and i think that is a breach i think it is largest scale scam of the 21st century, and i do not say that lightly, dan. but at the end of the day i got sick of complaining about it i wrote a book and next one coming out next month and writing is fine we have to solve the problem that's why i decided to
12:59 am
do it through competition. >> thanks for taking this on this project it is superimportant we start to get economy back to a free speech economy and capitalism. capitalism not -- we appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: before we go, remember you can catch my show every day on fox nation. here's a clip from this week's show. >> liz cheney lost by 742 points last nights in wyoming a blood red state where -- [laughter] exaggerating but not by much she gets crushed and proceeds to give a speech two relatives included and in this speech compares herself to lincoln. not joe lincoln not tony lincoln abraham lincoln which i find absolutely -- liz cheney is with a god complex and believes she's invaluable indispensable piece of the united states government. >> stream the show fox nation
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week days 12 to 3 eastern follow "unfiltered" at "unfiltered" on fox that does it for us at "unfiltered" see you back here next saturday set your dvr if you can't make it live. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: welcome to cross country buck up we begin with a fox news alert. let's head to mcdonald county missouri a center of a multistate man hunt for an armed and dangerous woman accused of killing her husband. authorities believe don shot her husband lee wynn in the head while he slept back in november. thanks to recent moisture supreme court decision she was let out on bond against wishes of the prosecution and her own


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