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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 21, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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ask your doctor about enbrel. eric: the suspect in the vicious sucker-punch attack ordered back to jail after bail reform laws pushback progressive legislators and critics say it has only fueled crimes letting criminals back on the streets. hello, everyone, welcome to fox news, i'm eric sean. arthel: welcome back, i'm arthel
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neville. militants stormed a popular hotel into dozens, hostage for 30 hours before they counted end the siege. eric: president biden pushing accomplishments a little more ahead of midterms but even though gas prices have been dropping for more than two months now, nagging inflation, that continues to put a bite in our wallets. arthel: we have fox team coverage on all of this. alexis mcadams is live in new york city with the latest on the career criminal in sucker-punch case. first, we will start with peter doocy, live in delaware with the president. peter. peter: and, arthel, it's been interesting today to see how the administration is selling inflation reduction act. they did not book for the sunday shows any economists or members of the president's econ team to talk about mechanisms on how inflation is going to come down and when.
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instead they sent out other kinds of experts to talk about the other kinds of impacts, the major kinds of impact that is the inflation reduction action is going to have on things like climate change. >> this inflation reduction act provides credits to businesses to incentivize them to resure in america. former governor of michigan, the notion of creating and enhancing our manufacturing base, our measuring backbone is huge. it would be in solar panels, it would be in wind turbines, it'll be in transmission, electric vehicles and the battle for electric vehicles. peter: president biden heightens inflation reduction act that democracy still works. that doesn't mean that campaigns think that voters will give them credit in midterms. battleground states are either not asking him to come or actively avoiding him when he does according to washington post survey but more than 60 candidates in the most
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competitive gubernatorial campaigns in the country but there are some bright spots for the biden political team. were would you want president biden to come to arizona and campaign with you? >> hey, i welcome anybody to come to arizona, travel around the state at any time as long as i'm here. peter: president biden has been flying solo on delaware leg of his summer vacation but he's going to be joined today by the first lady who finally tested negative for covid. arthel. arthel: we are glad the first lady is doing better. peter doocy reporting from delaware, thanks, peter. eric. eric: 20 people have been killed, dozens more injured in the terrorist attack in upscale hotel in somalia, security forces there say they have rescued more than 100 hostages after islamic militants stormed the popular hotel in the capital on friday night.
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starting that siege and did not end for 30 hours. trey yingst for more on this attack. trey: after 30 hours a siege in somalian capital is over, at least 20 people were killed and dozens more injured after gunmen stormed the popular hotel. militants took hostages as local security forces worked to rescue civilians inside. there were explosions and exchange of gunfire with one eyewitness saying stairwell was blown up. 100 people were freed and many locked themselves in room in upper floors of the hotel. this is one of the worst hotel attacks in somalia's history. >> there have been many innocent civil deaths in this attack but we will share in detail of administer of health. we share the pain of the great
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families. trey: with continued threat of terrorist in somalia, the united states against al shaabab, 3 separate drone strikes killing militants and in may president biden redeployed hundreds of american troops to somalia to help the local military with efforts to fight al shaabab and other groups. now following the hotel attack over the weekend, it is important to remember that al shaabab has started to attack neighboring ethiopia trying to capitalize on internal turmoil, eric. arthel: well, the suspect in the senseless new york city sucker-punch attack that left its victim in a coma is back behind bars an due in court on tuesday. the case sparked outrage over new york's bail reform laws when charges were downgraded last week and the suspect walked free. alexis mcadams is live in new
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york city with the very latest, alexis. alex: in report yesterday prosecutors described the excon as eminent threat to the community pointing out he's a member of a gang in new york and should not be let out on bail. only back behind bars after new york's governor stepped in but critics say this guy should never have been let out in the first place, listen. >> well, the governor is absolutely delusional if she thinks she deserves some kind of pat in the back or victory lap for putting this guy in jail. alex: 55-year-old was caught punching luis cortez and he put on gloves and he hit the ground and he collapsed and he's in a coma with a fractured skull. prosecutors decide today reduce the charges to misdemeanor of
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assault and harassment which allowed this guy to still walk free again in new york. new state law gives judges discretion to hold bail. new york senator john brooks who cosponsored the bill tell miss that he discretion is key for the judges but does acknowledge that this release was a mistake. >> somebody should have recognized, they should have used discretion but at the same point the governor, i think, is responding to what we see a trend in some areas and we have to adjust. alex: a trend that critics say need to be addressed immediately. the rap sheet dates back to the 90's, first-degree sex abuse in the bronx and in prison for more than 20 years and got out on parole in 2019. he's a registered level 3-sex offender, that's the most serious and that was also discussed yesterday when they were talking about they remand
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him and will be in court after few days and after dropped to misdemeanors they are saying more charges could be filed. arthel: alexis mcadams, thank, alec us. eric: legal developments the fbi search for unauthorized searching for classified documents in mar-a-lago and the lawyers for former president trump say they will file a fourth amendment challenging claim to the doj's actions that were approved by a federal judge. meantime another federal judge has given the justice department until thursday to decide what it wants redacted from that criminal complaint that prompted the searching in the first place. this is growing concern as to why highly-classified documents were apparently taken and for what purpose. mark meredith from mar-a-lago. eric. mark: we are still wait to go wo
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see what former president trump lawyers will do. trump's legal team is expected to argue that the search at mar-a-lago was violation of fourth amendment and if you ask third-party to review the documents the fbi seized but those documents that we've already seen show that the fbi recovered multiple cases of classified an top-secret material. we have been reaching out to trump's legal yesterday and today so far have not heard back but we are hearing today from governor chris from new hampshire. >> clearly biden and garland, they had no strategy, no anticipation, we will take unprecedented action so we better have unprecedented plan for disclosure and the fact that we are weeks in now and not showing any cars, they are not showing anything, the lack of transparency is infuriating. mark: the former president feels embolden by the search, polts ps
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indicate that i'm the candidate they least want to run against. trump on social media. this week could be consequential week for ongoing case. the federal judge has given federal prosecutors until thursday to decide which items in criminal affidavit should be redacted and what can be disclosed. the judge ruled on this document. the prosecutors have been saying all along that this is still very much an ongoing investigation, still in the early stages and that they fear too much information coming out here could actually compromise the case as well as witnesses cooperating with the government and we heard from the former president that he wants to see the entire affidavit released and seems he has not filed a motion to do that yet. eric. eric: thanks so much. arthel: all right, mark and eric, another bus of migrants pulling into the port authority terminal in manhattan this morning as the battle over busing between mayor eric adams and texas governor greg abbott
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continues. mr. abbott says he wants north eastern cities like new york and dc to get a sense of the burden placed on towns on our southern border. eric: coming up, we will have exclusive interview with kanye west, he's mad at the media over false claims that he was selling clothes from his fashion line at the gap, selling them out of garbage bags and kanye tells us how we should treat those who think out of the box. >> you want to make all of these jokes, but, you know, god has a bigger plan and i know that we can revitalize our economy, i know we can revitalize our industry and i know that we are, you know, we are the leaders and it's going to take innovation and bravery to do it. those whot more energy in just two weeks. uhh...
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. arthel: democrats are celebrating inflation reduction act that president biden signed last week but prices of everyday products are still high and analysts are warning that other economic indicators are flashing red. american families telling us they are feeling the pinch in their pockets. >> our family is struggling and
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millions of other families like ours are struggling under this pay more get less economy. >> i voted for biden in 2020 and i'm very disappointed. more action needs to be taken and it needs to be done quickly. >> we had bad times before, there always seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel that it was going to be better and that light simply isn't there right now. arthel: joining us right now jon hilsenrath, fox news contributor. jon, hi, nice to see you. we do know they are still high but gas prices have gone down a bit. you have baby formula back on the shelves, still rent that is high and many people struggling to make ends meet like you heard this women, the two guests or three guests. will inflation reduction act, though, have a measurable impact on inflation? >> well, i think there's two answers to that question, one is the inflation reduction act.
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frankly it's in the really about reducing inflation, there was a political term slapped on top of a bill that was really about addressing climate issues, deficit reduction, some changes to the tax code, some healthcare changes, it wasn't on its face about reducing inflation. on the issue of inflation, we have had some good news lately, gasoline prices have come off very high levels. so there are some signs of improvement but we still have a ways to go. and i think the next six months are going to be really important in dictating what kind of bumps the economy faces as we try to get inflation down. if we get some of the supply chains issues worked out that have caused the inflation maybe it comes down without much pain but it's still possible we could have more problems down the road. arthel: and having chips produced here in the country would help that as well.
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now let me just point out one of the benefits that you mentioned in the inflation reduction act, jon, the capping insulin prices, beneficial to many americans, you have approximately 7.4 million people in our country rely on insulin and according to yale study, i looked at the study that says 14% of those insulin users spend 40% of their income to pay for it and now medicare patients will pay $35 at most so that's definitely something that is positive. again, you are not allen and there are critics that the inflation reduction act is not going to be to break the inflation fever but is there anything else in the legislation that will provide some level of relief? jon: you know, i think your point about the insulin example is a good one. there are things in this
9:19 am
legislation around also semiconductor bill that was passed separately that will help specific parts of the economy. certainly the investments that are laid out in the inflation reduction act that aimed at spurring more investment in -- in renewable energy will help move the country further along the path of kind getting off its oil addictions. so i'm not trying to knock the bill itself. i just don't think if you look add it from a macro perspective it was designed to address overall inflation. that's really the job of the federal reserve and basically what happens the federal reserve and the froth basically overstimulated the economy in 2020 and 2021. we had too much demand and now it's the federal reserve's job by raising interest rates to slow overall economic growth and we are seeing that happen. we certainly saw that happen in
9:20 am
the first part of the year and that's going to bring inflation down. it's not bill per se, there bill itself isn't going to tackle the problem, it's the federal reserve by slowing economic growth that's on the hook to solve the problem. arthel: in the democrats, they definitely have problems with messaging, this might be another one of the examples, calling the inflation reduction act. maybe they could have called it something else. the party affiliation aside, i think all americans would like to reduce this current inflation rate or i think it's 8.6%. you pointed out some of the things that it would take. do you feel as you said maybe between now and six months there's a possibility to avoid this recession that we keep hearing about from some economists? jon: yeah, and this is why the next six months so critical. in the month of july we did see some good news not only did gasoline prices come down but the labor department reported that overall consumer prices, if
9:21 am
you look at everything, airline prices and gasoline prices and the price of a hospital visit and dining out and you put it altogether overall prices were flat, some things went up and some things went down. airline prices went down, grocery prices went up. but overall it was flat. that's a step in the right direction. but it doesn't retrace all the ground we have to trace on inflation. so we need to see more improvement in the next six months. now, if the federal reserve sees more improvement like we saw in july, then maybe they won't have to raise interest rates so much and we can get out of this situation without a recession. if the federal reserve -- if we don't see inflation slowing down, the federal reserve has to push rates even more, then we are into this conversation about inflation -- about a recession. and, you know, i think a really big story we are going to be talking about for the next six months is what's going on in russia and ukraine because, you know, russia has the capacity to
9:22 am
cut off natural gas, oil supplies to europe, -- >> arthel: food supplies. jon: yes, that can push prices up as we get into the winter and i think vladimir putin will be playing this card and we have to watch that part of the global landscape carefully. the united states interestingly is right now in a race to get liquefied natural gas to europe before the winter hits and they -- and their heating prices go up. arthel: yeah, there are definitely factors that are perhaps in the control of the people who run things and sometimes maybe perhaps not in the control, so let's hope for the best for the sake of all of us, jon hilsenrath from the wall street journal, thanks, jon. take care. eric: it's been one year since chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan but the fallout continues beyond the borders of that country because one florida
9:23 am
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eric: one year later the botched withdrawal from afghanistan is being used against president biden for political purposes. the pelate dark cloud over the administration starting decline in the president's approval ratings that, well, haven't fully recovered since. republicans like florida republican congressman michael wltza well, he's campaigning on that issue. and we had a part of his ad that he's buying in florida but we don't have it now so we will bring in the congressman instead. he's a member of the house armed
9:28 am
services committee former green beret commander. thank you for your service to our country. you saw combat firsthand. you served multiple tours in afghanistan. why have you decided in your campaign for reelection are you highlighting this issue? >> well, because joe biden as commander in chief in the middle of this crisis stood before the american people and lied to them. he -- yeah, he said that his military advisers never told him to leave 2500 troops behind and continue support the afghan military and prop up the government yet the very military commanders that he said never advised him that have testified that no, in fact, they did. he said that this wouldn't be a sigh gone with helicopters and that's exactly what happened.
9:29 am
our nato allies agreed. we know that not to be true and i think the most damaging to our national security now for the entire world to see is he said that al-qaeda would not be back in afghanistan and yet we have the leader of al-qaeda living in the taliban's number two guest house and the un saying thousands of foreign fighters are moving back into what is now become kind of the mecca of jihaddism that has the taliban have realized the dream of osama bin laden which is to have a caliphate. for all of those reasons we will hold biden accountable. he says the buck stops with him. we will get to the bottom on what he advised and the decisions that he made and the thing that was a slap in the face to every veteran out there and myself included and so many others that are still trying to get americans and allies out behind taliban line is that biden stood before the nation, stood before the world and said this was an outstanding success, an extraordinary success.
9:30 am
so i just don't know if that's utter dangers incompetence or malicious misleading of the american people but either way, i promise you, i'm not going to let this go and we will get to bottom of it especially 13 gold star families that deserve answers. eric: that sacrifice we will never forget. what could the administration have done and handled it better? >> i want to be clear, those 2500 soldiers and intelligence professionals were not out there in the trenches with the afghan military, they were providing the air support, the logistic support, the maintenance support and we had contractors helping in those back-office type activities while the afghan military was out doing the fighting. secondly, we should have never given up bagram air base, the
9:31 am
only base in the world that we had drones that continued to conduct counterterrorism but two is sandwich between china, russia and iran. it's closer to the chinese border than mexico city is to -- to the texas border and i don't think the chinese would have ever given up that kind of a major air base so it also has great power competition and finally, you know, we are talking about green new energy and green new deal and at alternatives. afghanistan was silling dollar dollars worth of lithium, cobalt and guess what is sitting at bagram air base a chinese geological team to explore those teams that the afghan government was working with it. eric: the chinese have been kissing up to the taliban, they
9:32 am
want to go in there and get them themselves. they blame president trump. mike pompeo, the secretary of state at the time with the taliban leaders negotiated their agreement that called for removal of the troops by may of 2021. biden pushed that to august. the u.s. released part of the deal, 5,000 taliban prisoners and here is president trump at the time praising the deal that was cemented under his administration. >> i would like to congratulate for all of those incredible people that have worked for so long on our endless war, in afghanistan, 19 years going on 20 years and there hasn't been a moment like this. we've had very successful negotiations. we think they'll be successful in the end but it's time after all these years to go and -- to bring our people back home. eric: what is your reaction to
9:33 am
the biden folks who say, well, they were handcuffed by the deal cemented agreed to the by president trump? >> two key points. absolutely president trump want today get all of our troops out but at the end of the day he he didn't. when his advisers went in said taliban have not honored the deal, they have not entered into serious negotiations for a political sentiment with the afghan government and when they went down the list of what the taliban wasn't doing, president trump at the end of the day left the troops in and here is the thing with the biden administration that i just shake my head at, they have no problem erasing all kinds of other trump deals, keystone pipeline remain in mexico, the iran deal, i mean, we can go down the list of trump policies that they tore up on day one but suddenly we are to believe that they were handcuffed by this one, no, biden has since admitted that he was going to find a way to do
9:34 am
this regardless. that's just, again, that is just political spin and the american people see through it. that's why biden's credibility and his numbers tanked in the middle of this withdrawal and have never recovered. eric: congressman michael waltz, thank you for your service. we will be talking at 4:00 p.m. eastern talking about the iran deal and the fact that they are targeting americans, tehran, they want to kill americans, several plots. >> and we are going to give them billions, unreal. eric: yeah, wow, congressman, good to see you, thank you. >> all right, thank you. eric: arthel. arthel: president volodymyr zelenksyy calling for strength ahead of ukraine independence day which is wednesday. it's a day that will mark exactly 6 months since russia's invasion concerned about russian escalation is growing after the daughter of a top putin ally is killed in a car bombing near moscow and russia has reportedly moved equipment into europe's
9:35 am
biggest nuclear plant sparking fears of a false flag attack. alex hogan is in kyiv with the very latest, alex. alex: hi, arthel. it is a quite a symbolic week ahead. ukrainian independence day is on wednesday, the day before that tuesday is flag day and ukrainian president volodymyr zelenksyy acknowledged the very real likelihood of new possible attacks. >> we must be aware that russia may do something distressing or something cruel. alex: there will be no military parade and ukrainians are told to stay home and avoid large gatherings but leading up to independence day the capital's main street is live with destroyed russian tanks. >> we see that this equipment which is standing here which can kill us, wanting to capture us is -- we see equipment that is
9:36 am
disfigured that is broken and did not achieve the goals. alex: as the crowds walk-through the city center, there's a deep sense of pride and gratitude for the troops that are protecting the border. russian forces in recent weeks have made consistent territorial advancements but there have have been no concrete gains in recent days but the attacks have not stopped. in the last day russian shelling hit everywhere in highly contested donbas region has suffered yet another weekend of intense air strikes. now in counter defense ukrainian forces are specifically targeting more russian ammunition hubs in the last 24 hours. arthel. arthel: a little bit of a shift in strategy for sure. alex hogan in kyiv, ukraine, thank you, alex, stay safe. eric. eric: we know getting kids back to school after covid, well, it's been a real concern for parents across the country and now there's a new challenge, the
9:37 am
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learn how abbvie could help you save on botox®. >> let's face it, the teacher shortage is a symptom of something that's been going on longer than the pandemic and that's teacher respect issue and unless we are serious about providing competitive salary for educators, better working conditions so that they can continue to grow. >> is it really just about salaries? >> it's definitely not just about salaries. arthel: that was education secretary michael cardona this morning on the massive teacher shortage as kids head back to school. the national association, largest teachers union report shortage of 300,000 teachers and staff and the florida education association says that sunshine state has nearly 14 thaw 14,000
9:42 am
vacancies and i want to talk about teacher respect issue that cardona spoke on. can you expound on that? >> absolutely. this is the most important issue facing the state of florida, it's facing our country. that's the education of our children. as a parent myself, i want my daughter to have highly qualified well-trained and well supported and respected teachers and staff working with her and i think every parent wants that but they are going around the state and others and talking things that don't happen in public schools and demeaning the teacher profession, it makes it really hard for people who take money out of their own pockets to support their children to continue to put up with that day in and day out.
9:43 am
>> the governor of state of florida said he was underwhelmed. teach asking hard and it's very difficult, you need the appropriate training and you need the desire and skill set to do the job and you need the support, the resources, the energy and the time to make sure that every child gets the education that they deserve and every child comes to school and every parent sends child to school to get high-quality education and we should be supporting and working as a team because publish schools are parents, teachers, administrator, staff and community all working together to educate every child. arthel: well, the secretary mentioned, this is not just about salary and you just said how we need to have quality people in these jobs quality educators, guess what, any job where you're going to attract quality, you need to pay them for starters but we will come back to that. i'm on your side here, unfortunately -- i love
9:44 am
educators. unfortunately there were indicators leading to this point. what were the signs. why are we still here despite the warnings? >> in florida we have been dealing with a lot of bad policy almost two decades now and put teachers in very difficult situations and trying to limit what the teachers teach and the meaning of teachers and staff in schools and we are seeing people leaving. this year is worst than ever. we have 2,000 more teacher vacancies. arthel: let me jump in first, andrew, you said i'm not clear. you said the meaning of teacher? >> demeaning. arthel: i beg your pardon. >> we have 2,000 teacher vacancies, 2,000 support vacancies compared to last year. we have seen an acceleration of --
9:45 am
>> arthel: right. but how do we stop this? i'm tight on time, i'm trying to get answers out, at least someone who can perhaps help you and i'm not sure if it's your federal or state government, what -- listen, the bell is about the ring for so many students in a few weeks, what can be done now, you have a shortage of bus drivers, cafeteria workers and the rest, what can be done now perhaps to make it easy, i'm not sure what that is but maybe you know something? >> well let me say this, we have a lot of teachers and staff who have left our public schools. we can get them to back, by investing in publish schools and florida schools by the way have already started so we literally have teachers like my daughter last year who didn't have a science teacher for half a year because science teacher left midway through the year and couldn't find someone. hundreds of thousands of kids are missing on the education that they deserve, need and
9:46 am
parents want. we have to come together and tone down the rhetoric. arthel: what does that mean tone down the rhetoric? >> stop bashing teachers and blaming teachers for everything and what i encourage, go out to local public school and ask how you can help and provide support so teachers aren't having to pull money out of their own pockets and tutor students and show that as a community we are there for teachers and staff and our students because it does take all of us. arthel: now let me ask you this because i already told you i'm a fan of teachers but we know that there are bad apples in all bunches. are there some teachers who are perhaps making it bad for your argument here who may not be as excited and enthusiastic as you still have about educating our kids? >> i think what -- what we want and what i want as a parent, i'm going to talk from a parent perspective. i want in front of my child teachers who are highly trained,
9:47 am
well -- fully certified and well supported and have the resources they need to educate every child and here is the thing, people who goes into teaching like i did because from a time i was a kid i wanted to share my love of music. i'm a music teacher. arthel: andrew, i get that, what can we do right now, we have 3 weeks before kids go to school. you said some teachers that would come back, what can you do right now to get them to come back, give me 20 seconds, i'm way over here? >> yeah, absolutely. go into our schools, help and support teachers, send them a thank you note, let them know that you care and encourage every elected official, every candidate running for office to answer what they are going to do to address teacher shortage, we can't let it go on anymore. arthel: sounds like it's not going to get involved in 3 weeks, we do wish you well. we want the best for our
9:48 am
students. andrew spar from the florida education association, thank you so much. eric: kanye west speaking out in an exclusive interview with me and is pushing back against criticisms that his new clothing line mocks homeless people. find out why he says his message is being misrepresented and what kanye wants you to know. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years.
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eric: kanye west that goes by the name ye is speaking out giving me an exclusive fox news interview on the claims that he was selling clothes from garbage bags at the gap. he and his friends were watching fox news last week and reporting on criticism that was spread on social media and his message is resonating about how the media and society sometimes reacts to those who have creative ideas that challenge society's norms. eric: kanye west answering and responding those who think he's mocking homeless speaker selling joggers and hoodies. the bags are not trash bags but
9:53 am
large construction bags and he says his message has been misrepresented. do you understand some people have felt that putting clothes in bag is insensitive perhaps to homeless and other people? >> look, man, i'm an innovator and i'm not here to sit up and apologize my ideas. that's exactly what the media tries to do, make me apologize for any idea that doesn't fall under exactly the way they want us to think. eric: he says his goal is to confront conventional traditions and make fashion more informal and accessible and his intent he says to ditch what he considers waste, the plastic hangers and tags on clothing rack that is he considers unnecessary. >> my idea is to create a type of wardrobe where you can get dress in the dark, it's one less thing to think about. the process is simpler because
9:54 am
every time that you take it off a hanger than a sales representative has to put it back on a hanger, has to fold it perfectly for you to think that it has value. why do we place value on things just because it's hanging up or just because it's in a traditional way. this is a nontraditional approach. eric: ye says criticism will only stifle creativity and innovation of other artists. >> if you try to clown the innovators, you will make the other innovators less brave. we are not going the want to step out on a limb and do anything that is exciting or do anything that changes anything. that's what we are here to do, step out on a limb and change the world. eric: the gap store we met also includes wall size avatar where people can play a individual go game with a version of ye. fox news and others who were so quick to question him, should
9:55 am
instead understand what a creative process can accomplish. >> this is like not a joke, this is not a game, this is not just celebrity collaboration, i'm ready for apology. we are creating, i thought, i lost my best friend, i lost my family and i'm here still creating. we have to treat each other better. we have to respect our mavericks, we have to respect the people that are the heads of the industry that are attempting to do something that are doing something to bring -- to bring our country back. eric: well, ye said he knew he had to address what was wrong on social media and by the way the gap says that the yeezy line of clothes, well, they have been selling out, so, arthel, seems like you don't need all of the hangers and tags in the first place, those things, all the plastic and everything else that he says is just unnecessary, quite an interesting sensitive and insightful person, not what
9:56 am
i initially expected. i found him fascinating, he thinks outside of the box and say that is we have to as a country respect artists and respect as he says innovators who have sometimes get criticized when they try to think differently or change the status quo as he says he's trying to do. arthel: i think his motives are often misinterpreted. i think that he is often misunderstood. if you watch genius, it's a 3-part documentary on netflix about his life and just how he got to where he is and a little bit of how he thinks and what shapes his thinking, i think you'll have a better appreciation for his, you know, what seems to be corky and somehow off-putting to some. eric: you know, i liked him and maybe we will follow up with more news about him. thank you for watching, we are back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: former president trump's lawyer says they plan to file a fourth amendment legal challenge to the fbi search of mr. trump's mar-a-lago property earlier this month. this comes as the doj prepares a redacted version of the affidavit leading to the search for potential release. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel, as for the former president, he's pushing for the full unredacted release of the affidavit. the doj's suggested redactions are due to the judge


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