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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 21, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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mike: former president trump's lawyer says they plan to file a fourth amendment legal challenge to the fbi search of mr. trump's mar-a-lago property earlier this month. this comes as the doj prepares a redacted version of the affidavit leading to the search for potential release. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel, as for the former president, he's pushing for the full unredacted release of the affidavit. the doj's suggested redactions are due to the judge next
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tuesday. mark meredith in palm beach, florida with more. mark: hey, good afternoon from hot and humid palm beach, florida as we await any potential motion that former president trump's lawyers may file and we are also looking for those redactions may be like because, again, the former president's legal team is giving claiming that the search here at mar-a-lago was a violation of trump's fourth amendment rights and while we await the motion we are looking to see when it may be filed or justice department response will be to this and we will be looking to see what happens on thursday, that's when federal prosecutors have to submit to a judge proposed redactions to criminal affidavit detailing what led up to search in mar-a-lago, we are also hearing from tennessee senator marsha blackburn. >> we still do not know exactly what they are up to and we know it's broad and far-teaching, going for documents anywhere
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between 2017 and 2021. it wasn't a focused raid, if you will. mark: we are also hearing from congressional democrats who claim the search and recovery of classified an top secret materials essential to protecting national security. congressman adam chief says congress is demanding more information from the feds about not only what was recovered here but what potential fallout there may be. >> we haven't received damage assessment yet. i assume it's being undertaken and i have every expectation that it will shared with us. i'm confident that motherric -- mark: they have seen huge upticks of number of threats being made online to various law enforcement agencies not just in florida but all over the country. we also know that members of congress have spoken out saying that they are worried this could only get worse as we get closer
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to midterm elections, they are calling on the social media companies to crack down the content that is being spread and make sure that users who pose inappropriate material may be held accountable but, of course, the debate continues to drag on as this case has no end in sight. mike. mike: mark meredith live in palm beach, florida, many thanks. the biden administration is touting recent legislative accomplishments as midterm elections draw closer despite crippling inflation and high prices still plaguing everyday americans. peter doocy where the president has spent weekend away from washington, hello, peter. peter: mike, good afternoon, only 26% of voters polled by nbc news in survey that just came out today think the inflation reduction act is going to make things better for them. so republican lawmakers hit the sunday shows to argue that there was another way. >> only in joe biden's america is the solution to an
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inflation-induced -- spending induced inflation crisis more spending. the way to fix inflation is to lower taxes, to repair our supply chains and to produce more energy to lower prices. that's the solution and that's the republican solution. peter: it's not clear the inflation reduction act will help democrats in the midterms. the washington post reports candidates in key races in battleground races are either not asking him to come or actively avoiding him when he does according to washington post survey. more than 60 candidates in the most competitive gubernatorial u.s. senate and congressional campaigns in the country. so the white house may be looking for something to get the biden base excited and it may be a big announcement about forgiving student loan debt. >> i don't have a decision for you today but i will tell you that daily we are having conversations about this and the american folks will hear before the end of the month.
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peter: so that's coming within the next ten days or so. president biden remains here in beach and doesn't have anything on the scheduling but he will be reunited with the first lady who tested negative back to back. mike: thanks a lot. wyoming congresswoman liz cheney leading to republican leadership and voters alike after her 37-point loss to trump-backed challenger calling large portions of the gop, quote, very sick. lucas tomlinson has the latest term here in our nation's capitol. lucas: two years ago liz cheney won her primary with 73% of the vote. last week she could only manage 29% and that included democrats that switched party registration to vote for her. today she took aim at donald trump in her interview with abc. >> we really have got to decide whether we are going to be party
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based on substance or policy or whether we are going to remain as so many of our party are today in the grips of -- of a dangerous former president. lucas: cheney had words for kevin mccarthy, the favorite to take over the speaker of the house if republicans win the majority in the fall. >> he's been completely unfaithful to the constitution. and demonstrated a total lack of understanding of significance and importance of role of speaker. i don't believe he should be speaker of the house. lucas: trump-backed candidates have won 95% of primary elections, senate minority mitchell mcconnell isn't celebrating. here is new hampshire's governor on fox news sunday. >> you have to have good candidates, quality candidates at the end of the day.
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you have to get quality candidates that can cross the line. with winning in a primary is nothing. means nothing. you can't govern if you don't win in november and that's all that matters. >> witch lowery, chief of national review thinks 2024 cheney run will help donald trump. mike. mike: lucas tomlinson live in washington, lucas, thanks a lot. let's bring in our political panel, matthew basset and richard fowler, fox news contributor and american radio host. >> good to see you, mike. >> good morning, mike. mike: fox poll has sitting republican senator ron johnson down 4 points to democratic challenger barnes, what do you make of that, richard? >> look, i think it says this, we like to skip chapters and in this particular election, we need to slow it down a bit and go page by page, word by word because this election has been fascinating. republicans have decided to make the run on immigration and inflation.
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a recent nbc poll, the poll that peter doocy just talked about found that number 1 issue to voters is threats to democracy. doesn't mean that democrats are going to win both chambers, what it means that the american voters are still making up their mind and anybody making predictions of what's happening to midterm elections, forget the fact that we are 70 days left and the race is still very dynamic in all the states across the country which is why earlier this week minority leader mitch mcconnell said, it's going to come down the candidate quality and in many states where democrats would not have had a chance, the reason they will have a chance in the upcoming election is because the quality of the candidate is not as good as it used to be for the republicans. just take the state of pennsylvania, memet oz but he doesn't live in pennsylvania, he lives in new jersey. mike: top issues there in wisconsin, inflation, boxer and election integrity. matthew, how do you assess that race? >> i think like all races, mike, i think the american people have
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seen disastrous policies over the last two years and i don't think they are waiting to make up their mind. i think their minds are pretty much made up. i don't agree with downplaying republicans' chances. i think republicans will have historic pickups in the congress. i think in excess of 50 seats. i do believe that we will win back the senate. i don't think now is the time to lower expectations. the party in power has used the power to make the lives of everyday americans demonstrably worse in every day, inflation, crime or the border. i think people are licking their chops to vote in 78 days and i think republican wills have a good night on primary night on the election night. mike: to battleground arizona, fox poll has democratic senator mark kelly up 8 over republican masters even though inflation and immigration are the top issues there. richard, how do you read that race? >> well, it's the same as the race previously. here is the truth, if
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republicans are deciding to run on inflation which i think is a valuable argument, it was more valuable a couple months ago but as inflation start to go down, just like you mentioned in wisconsin and arizona, for many americans, for many american women their abortion rights are getting worse, their access to re productive health is getting worse. there's no voter, we have been in a long time, there's no voter that votes on one singular issue or two singular issues. they think about all the things happening, they also look at washington and realize washington has -- while joe biden and legislative successful, many of the issues that they have battling have not been fixed yet. they will send people to congress that will fix that which is why you see mandela barnes and gabby gifford. it's fluid. mike: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell sounding a little bit concerned.
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we don't have it so now i'm teasing it too. [laughter] mike: he's basically saying he's concerned about candidate quality in terms of winning back the senate majority. thinks perhaps that some of the nominees may not be able to win in november. matthew, finish off the point on that. >> well, let's go back to arizona, mike. the number 1 issue for voters in arizona is the border. we just e clipped the mark of 2 million people entering our country illegally. we are on track for this year for 2.3. that's an addition to the 1.7 that enter our country illegally last year with a million known got aways, that's 5 million people. that is what number one in the minds of arizona voters. so i think senator kelly will have a lot of problems. mike: all right, so the wild card in all of this is how does this mar-a-lago raid/document controversy play out in november? >> we will see what gets
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redacted from the federal magistrate in florida and how it plays with the voters. if you look at the races even in a world where people think immigration is the number 1 voting problem, what they don't want to see buses moving to and from texas to washington, d.c. they want washington, d.c. -- representatives from all 50 states to come up with a real tangible solution and that solution is one border security but it also requires dealing with those folks who are living in this country in the shadows, how do we bring them out a shadows and create pathway to citizenship and how do we modernize immigration system because the laws were written before the year i was born. they don't want the political football anymore, they don't want to have a conversation about the border unless the candidates are willing to talk about real solutions on how to fix it and not just the border but the entirety of our immigration system including the fact that a majority of folks come to the country illegally are visa overstays through major airports. mike: let me give matthew a response. does mar-a-lago move the ned
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needle for republicans? >> i think it does, by all accounts it was overly broad and ridiculous searching. i think we have a real problem with institutions losing credibility. we see it with the fbi and we see wit the cdc and failed response to the pandemic and i think that's a concern to all voters. i think that the raid of mar-a-lago clearly riled up the republican base and trump's base and i think those people are very excited to have an opportunity to vote in just 78 days. mike: matt, to follow up, you're predicting republican house and republican senate? >> absolutely. >> we have to wait and see and like governor said a couple of moments ago prior to the senate, this will come down to candidate quality and how voters turn out. anybody making predictions today are neglecting the fact that these races are still very dynamic. mike: i think richard has been in the business long enough to tease, stay with us. all right, richard fowler, matt
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bassett, gentlemen, thank you very much. he speaks to new hampshire republican chris sanonu and the exclusive interviews coming up right after the show here on fox news channel. stay with us. somali military officials say they have ended 30-hour seeming at hotel in capital city that killed at least 21 people and left 100 more wounded. trey yingst has the latest disturbing and tragic story, hey, trey. trey: mike, good afternoon, after more than 30 hours a siege in the somalian capital of mogadishu is over, at least 21 people killed and dozens more injured after gunmen stormed the hyatt hotel, the al-shabab militants took hostages as local security forces work today rescue civilians inside. there were explosions and exchanges of gunfire with one
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eyewitness saying stairwell was blunt up to prevent people from escaping. many of them had locked themselves in rooms in upper floors of the hotel, though it's still one of the worst hotel attacks in somalia's history. >> there have been many innocent civilian deaths in this attack but number of victims will be shared by the administer of health but we share the family of the families. trey: continued threat of terrorism in somalia the united states routinely operates against al-shabab in the country. americans carried out 3 separate drone strikes, in may president biden redeployed hundreds of american troops to somalia to help local military with efforts to help fight al-shabab. now following the hotel attack in somalia over the weekend, it's important to remember that al-shabab is now operating and attacking in neighboring ethiopia, the group is trying to
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capitalize on internal turmoil there, mike. mike: trey yingst live in the middle east, thanks so much. more buses of migrants from the southern border arriving in liberal east coast cities, more on that after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: to our southern border as fentanyl seizures are on the rise and the number of illegal migrants continue to strain border officials. senior correspondent casey steigel live in eagle pass, texas with the latest, hello, casey. >> mike good to be with you, another sunday and another large group early this morning. this one about 250 in size, possibly larger spotted by the fox flight team drone crossing across the rio grande river this morning and the rio grande is very low right now because of record heat and little rainfall and then we caught them entering the u.s. illegally before they were processed by national guard and federal border agents. records are not just being broken in terms of apprehensions and drug seizures out here but search and rescues too. close to 19,000 of those for fiscal year cbp says that's 47%
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increase from all of 2021 for searching and rescue operations and in just the del rio sector agents have recovered the bodies of more than two hundred migrants this year, a body pulled from the river not far from here earlier today. >> and that's why we are so frustrated right now. we don't understand why the biden administration doesn't recognize that what they are doing is they are putting vulnerable women and children in harm's way with their reckless policies. when you have open-border policies -- reporter: agents meantime in nogales, arizona stopped vehicle containing 104 pounds of methamphetamine and nearly 5 pounds of cocaine this past week. not only that, as you can see from the pictures, the drugs were tented, the cocaine was pink and the meth blue almost as if it were to resemble sugary candy of some sort. we have seen fentanyl smuggled
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across this border designed to look like candy. now other drugs appear to be showing up as well. mike. mike: casey stigell, casey, many thanks. buses of migrants continue to be sent to big eastern cities like new york city by texas governor greg abbott like this bus arriving in manhattan earlier this morning, for more on all of this new york republican congresswoman and member of the house transportation and infrastructure and foreign affairs committees nicole, congresswoman, welcome. >> great to be with you, mike. mike: so now the border crisis has reached new york city after governor greg abbott has shifted more than 900 migrants to your city. how should your governor and the mayor of the big apple respond? >> well, the mayor and the governor should be joining our pleas for president biden to security the southern border as was mentioned in the report. we have fentanyl streaming over, you've had dozens of people caught on the terrorist watch list attempt to go cross over and there are so many got aways
10:23 am
that we don't know what their intentions are. we have a process in place if people want to apply for asylum, they should be doing that and they should be remaining in mexico waiting fir their court date as was the policy under president trump. but this president seems to want to put the drug cartels who are profiting billions of dollars for human smuggling, for sex trafficking, for drug trafficking ahead of the cbp agents, ahead of the american people and quite frankly ahead of the migrants who don't always come safely. they are raped along the journey and assaulted and some of them die along the journey. i don't know why this president continues this policy and i don't know why my mayor and governor continue to incentivize illegal immigration. if you look at some of the incentives that they've put in place over the years, just this year alone, our governor, $220 billion and they put 200 billion in last year's budgets to give stimulus checks to those in the country
10:24 am
illegally, how is that fair for senior citizens who are struggling to pay medication and how is it fair for those who didn't receive any stimulus payment such as single mother that earned $90,000 and that is three kids and they received nothing and the government continues to give those entering the country illegally and incentivized. mike: cartel members captured with $2.2 million of crystal meth on them, what about that? >> yeah, that is also a really terrible situation and should be eye-opening for the people in new york to elect a new governor because the governor's bail reform policy that is releasing people back on to the streets including those individuals. and new york city has a sanctuary policy that protects people in this country illegally committing crimes. now, look, i represent a community that's diverse. we had a large immigrant population, including my own
10:25 am
parents but they were never incentivized with, you know, free hotel rooms and now the taxpayers are paying, free college, free education and also what you're seeing, the things that i mentioned before, they were never incentivizing the matter, they were given the opportunity to come here and work hard and i don't know why this mayor is rolling out the red carpet and offering to pay for people to be placed in hotel rooms when new yorkers are having a really struggling right now with cost of living, with inflation, they are leaving because they can't afford to lever here and they want them to foot the bill for all the other expense it is the mayor and governor are incentivizing. mike: at the situation at the border in july, nearly 200,000 border encounters, 199.976, 134,362 single adults. do you understand the frustration border state governors, mayors an fellow members of congress have feeling? congresswoman: i absolutely do and, you know, my mayor actually
10:26 am
said that this was going to be a large burden on new york city taxpayers on our infrastructure, on our city services. yet he refuses to join our calls on the president to call president of his own to secure our border. it's just common sense. we have a process in place. we have immigration laws, they just need to be followed. look, first-term congress member i was leap to help 65 people become united states citizens from different countries. what's happening at the southern border is a disaster for everybody involved except for the drug cartels. they are the only ones who are doing well and the question is to president biden and my colleagues in government on the democratic side why do you keep incentivizing this and putting the drug cartels ahead of the american people. mike: you made reference to being first-term member of congress, you're running for a second term and looking ahead to
10:27 am
the midterms and after months of speculation that democrats could be heading to a wipeout, it appears their confidence is up, what do you make of it? congresswoman: well, look, there's no doubt that people have to come out in droves this year to make sure that we take back the house and that involves keeping seats like mine. we flipped the seat from a democratic seethe to a republican seat and it was one of the 15 that we flipped. in order for us to take back the house, we have to hold onto seats like mine. i have a republican primary on tuesday because we had to fight to preserve this district because the democrats try today gerrymander us out. our election was push today august 23rd, this tuesday, i urge people to come out and vote and those who want to help me keep this seat visit the reality is i think we will take the house, how big of a margin, i don't know the answer to that but it comes down to the american people. you're sick and tired of what's happening at the border and if you're tired of lawlessness in america's cities that are run by democrats, if you are tired of
10:28 am
the skyrocketing inflation due to president biden's policies, his antienergy agenda, if you want to go back to the days of secure border that we had under president trump and making sure that we have a house of representatives that actually supports our police and not looks to defund the police, they need to get out and vote republican this year. i hope they will and i believe we will take back the house and have more leverage to push back against the president's agenda. mike: republicans could win back the house, democrats may hold on to the senate, could a republican house could really have an impact in terms of the momentum here in washington, what's being done here in washington? congresswoman: absolutely. absolutely. and i will tell you why. we have been in minority and we have exposed the president's policies and rallied americans, the people support behind us. we were able to stop their radical election law changes, their attempt to use taxpayer money to fund campaigns. they want today ban voter id
10:29 am
laws, they want today pack the supreme court. they want today pass 5 trillion-dollar boondoggle, at the end of the day, we are doing what we can to expose these bad policies and -- and really put the democrats in a box, particularly those moderate ones so that way these bills get killed. also the antipolice measures. they wanted to strip qualified immunity from every police officer and take resources and we were able to push back on that. in the majority we will have more majority and hold the majority accountable and all of the agencies where they have failed to do their job. mike: congresswoman nicole malliotakis from the great state of new york. thank you for your time. >> thank you. mike: the suspect in the video who sucker-punched a man on the street is back in custody, we will have story and update on the victim after the break.
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mike: the new york city sex offender who walked free without bail after getting caught on cam sucker-punching a stranger into a coma is back in jail and preliminary hearing has been set for tuesday. alexis mcadams is live in new york with more as outrage grows of new york's controversial bail reform laws, hello, alexis. alex: a lot of controversy, the victim is still in critical condition. so this weekend in court prosecutors described the excon as eminent threat to the community and police say he's a member of a gang and should not be let out of bail or let out of jail or out on bail. only back behind bars after new york's governor stepped in but critics say he should have never been out in the first place. >> prosecutors who tried to downplay every case and give us judges who don't want to put people behind bars. they are responsible. kathy hochul is responsible for the problem and not the solution here.
10:35 am
alex: 55-year-old was caught on camera punching jesus cortez in the back of the head last week. here you can see the suspect walk up right behind the innocent man, they said nobody talked, they didn't know each other, puts on gloves and hits cortez so hard he collapses and lifeless on the ground. he's in a coma and fractured skull. the nypd charge filed with attempted murder but bronx prosecutor decide today reduce charges to assault and harassment, mike, so those are misdemeanors so that allowed to walk free back around new york. a new state law gives judges discretion to set bail or holds someone who is a violent criminal or repeat offender, it didn't happen in this case. new york senator books cofounded and discretion is key but acknowledges this was a mistake. >> somebody should have recognized, they should have used discretion but at the same point the governor, i think, is
10:36 am
responding to what we see a trend in some areas and we have to adjust. alex: this isn't the first time fud has been in trouble. rap sheet dates back to 90's, first-degree sex abuse in the bronx, he was in prison for that more than 20 years and got out in 2019 on patrol. he's a registerle level-tree sex offender, the most serious of the charges and being held in ricers island and the da says more charges could be filed. we will keep an eye on that. mike: alexis mcadams, thanks so much. moscow opening an investigation into the car bomb that killed daughter of key putin ally. alexandria hoff live with the latest, hello, alex. alex: russian state media reporting that the toyota land cruiser that darii belong today her father and there was expectation that he would be in it last night. officials in moscow watching the
10:37 am
murder investigation after they say the vehicle exploded in the outskirts of moscow caused by bomb planted and violent conquest that her father alexander rose to prominence in promoting. political theorist has been refer today putin's brain for reported role in shaping the russian president foreign policy. exact ties to putin currently are unclear. while no suspect has been named, russian officials have been quick to place blame, the foreign ministry spokesperson wrote on telegram that ukraine is found to be behind the plot, quote, we should talk about the policy of state terrorism implemented by the kyiv regime. rt tweeted the russian decision-making centers 3 times. seemingly calling for strikes on ukrainian government buildings. officials in kyiv have denied
10:38 am
any involvement in the attack. house intelligence chairman, congressman adam schiff said today. >> we have not yet been briefed on it and i couldn't say who is behind it. there are so many factions and warfare within russian system, within the russian government, anything is possible. i certainly hope that if it was an attack on either one of those people, that it was an internal russian affair oring in not emanating from ukraine. alex: both dugan and daughter had been sanctioned by the united states. mike: alexandria hoff, thanks so much. ♪ ♪ ♪ mike: leaders in ukraine are preparing for possibility of a nuclear disaster of fears of potential attack on europe's largest nuclear power plant grow. alex hogan in kyiv, ukraine with the latest. alex: wednesday will march the
10:39 am
official six-month mark since the war broke out and it's a very important day in ukraine, ukraine's independence day. >> it is essential never for a single moment to give into this enemy pressure, not to wine yourself up and show weakness. alex: large crowds in kyiv to take a look at the destroyed russian tanks that line the capital's main street, there will be no military parade taken this year for independence day and this is a chance for people to come out and see destruction and support the troops that continue to fight on the front lines. >> i think that we should be proud of what our warriors have done and they keep on doing. alex: half a year into the war people in kyiv are used to the sound of sirens. it's become all too familiar. in the hard-hit areas in donbas region, some residents have gotten the sound of shelling so
10:40 am
much so that it's the silence that's most terrifying of all. >> when they don't shell us, we are even more scared because when they shell, okay, they are shelling us but when they shoot, it's the calm before the storm and we wait for something to happen any moment. alex: more shelling taking place in the deny because over the weekend, increased shelling in the eastern side of the country in kyiv and southern part of the country in nikolaiv. mike: alex, many thanks. for those scoring at home in that block we had alexis, alexandria and alex. alex mardaugh accused of stealing from his own broke, we will break it down coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> new updates on prominent attorney faces charges of murders of wife and son. >> this is, again, got-you prosecution. it's trial by ambush. give us the stuff. you went to a grand jury and said you have enough evidence to convict alec murdoch and
10:46 am
convince the jury beyond all reasonable doubt. where is it, i don't have a shred of paper. mike: criminal defense attorney brian, welcome. >> hi, mike, great to see you again. mike: let's talk about trial by ambush claim by the defense, what do you make of it? >> well, look in a criminal proceeding the prosecutor has to share all of the evidence with the defense. that's not the same in the civil case. his lawyers make a great point. the prosecutors have to turn over the evidence because they need to allow the defense, for example, to hire expert witnesses to refute it and if the prosecution hasn't turned over the evidence, it can lead to two things, a, it can lead to do charges potentially being dropped and secondly it can also lead to what's called an appeal. prosecutors, mike, always want to be turning over the evidence to avoid something like this that could lead to an appeal after the verdict. that's a waste of taxpayer money. mike: south carolina attorney
10:47 am
general response to defense motion asking to release evidence against alex mardaugh, quote, motion is not unfortunately unexpected but complete blatant attempt to create drama where formerly there was none. how do you assess that point, brian? >> yeah, i think the prosecutors don't have good traction here with these comments, mike. here is why. this case is going to center on forensic testing, right? prosecution has to prove two things, mardaugh was there, you will have gps evidence, his watch, for example, his phone. prosecutors have to turn that over. secondly most importantly the testing done, the blood spatter testing on the clothing of mardaugh and here is another thing, was there testing done for soot and that's black powder from up close shooting, that can prove that mardaugh shot the weapon and close range. how else is the prosecution
10:48 am
going to claim that mardaugh shot the weapon. what if there are no fingerprints of mardaugh on the weapon. we need to see the testing for soot and sticking, that would be on clothes and put him in scene of the crime. mike: what should defense do? >> this is not an easy case for the prosecution. now the optics when you and i talk about it, oh, there's 30 charges, more than 30, i think there's more than 80, right, a bunch of financial fraud charges probably close to 100 charges so the optics to you and me look like, wow, this is a slam dunk but this is not a slam dunk and the reason why is for what i just said, that they've got to prove mardaugh time of death, 9:00 o'clock, i didn't get there to 9:30, how do you prove he's there, gps or phone and you have to prove he shot both weapons. do you have fingerprint from both and that's challenging.
10:49 am
one other quick point, mike, i think prosecutors are overcharging with all of these financial crimes. why? because if he's convicted of all of the financial fraud crimes he can go to jail for a 100 years. why is that important? if they don't get guilty on murder charges, they still send him to jail for the rest of his life. mike: interesting. is it your sense when you consider financial crime charges and also the allegations charges of killing his wife and son that this guy's life was unraveling? >> there's no question about it. the prosecutors also have evidence of him being involved in a drug ring that he was dealing drugs and channeling money through different bank accounts to divert tracing back to the drugs. he had this faint suicide attempt that was a scam and stole money for years from clients, mike, he settled cases, he was a lawyer, he settled cases for clients and then steal
10:50 am
that money. that is poster child evidence of a drug addict, that's somebody who is on drugs who is trying to pay for drugs and cover their trail. so this guy was unraveling for years, the question you and i have to ask, how did this not get picked up years ago, how did this law firm not see it. that's for another day. there were red flags everywhere that this guy was a train wreck. mike: criminal defense attorney brian claypool, thank you very much for your time and analysis today. >> you bet, thanks for having me, mike. mike: facing sex offense charges after attending a convention in new jersey. the details after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: actor has been charged with multiple counts of sexual offenses at the monster mania horror convention. christina coleman has the latest developments from los angeles. hi, christina. christina: according to fox affiliate police source says 3 women reported that the 78-year-old actor touched them inappropriately during an autograph signing meet and greet at the convention. it was held in new jersey at the doubletree hotel last weekend. according to fox affiliate, he was removed from the convention
10:55 am
after reported groping women and i reached out to authorities to condition firm details and have not confirmed yet but police state on twitter that as a result of investigation, busey was charged friday with two counts of four degrees of criminal sexual conduct and one count of harassment and police expect more women to come forward now that the charges are public. busey is widely known for supporting role in a number of films and performance in the 1978 movie the buddy holy story, he's been open about struggles with cocaine and alcohol and work to remain sobber and attorney representing monster mania released statement confirming that there was alleged incident involving attendees and celebrity guests. immediately upon receiving a complaint from the attendee the celebrity guest was removed from the convention and instructed
10:56 am
not to return. monster mania also encouraged attendees to contact the police to file a report. the attorney also stated that monster mania be continue to assist authorities in any and every way possible, mike. mike: christina coleman reporting, thanks very much. jennifer lopez and ben affleck sealing the deal for a second time. lavish and star-studded ceremony. lopez and affleck second wed feature fox news sunday with grace gallagher, thanks for watching. have an awesome day. ♪ ♪ ♪ it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ...who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best -
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i am trace gallagher. headwinds on multiple fronts. ♪ >> the white house celebrates as the inflation reduction act becomes law. >> the promise of america is real and just beginning. >> the president climbing to travel the u.s. suit to sell the bill to voters with this as governors across the country prepare for back-to-school season facing a teacher shortage. more changes to cdc


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